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The Home Depot app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Home Depot? Can you share your negative thoughts about the home depot?

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Can’t login the credit card menu to pay?To everyone having this issue....The link this app directs you to uses Safari and you get the 404 error message. Copy that link from safari and use Google then it works. I would gladly do so, only issue is the app and apple software is fully updated. Was working now isn’t. I would give 4 stars but this issue is something that prevents me from using a feature I relied on. Old issues that were annoying but I dealt with them: simply logging in which you would have to click the password tab 3 or more times to type the password. Sometimes while making a payment you would get kicked out and be forced to login again. How you go from a working app that’s decently useful to one that is barely useful is beyond me, I’m sure it’s probably a resource issue and this little app will have to wait until someone is available to “pull out the handy dandy fly swatter to squash a few bugs”. There are many with this issue and it reflects poorly on Home Depot as a company. This combined with other problems I’ve had with HD has lead my shopping decisions to the competition. If I must go back to 2009 in how I manage payments I might as well shop the way I did back then too, Convenience plays a major role in how/where my dollars are spent, those dollars will be spent where that convenience is a priority to the company looking for me to do business with them. As of this writing the overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars is very misleading..Version: 5.23.1

Bad customer serviceI bought a deck box online on May 1st and was having it shipped to the store. I receive two emails. One saying the order was received and the second saying it was shipped and would be available on May 17th. The second email was sent May 6th. On May 17th, I called to see if my order was ready. CS said it wasn’t and to check back in a few days. I waited and checked again, no answers. I didn’t receive any other emails after May 6th and called numerous times about my order only to get advice to call back later. The last time I called was on May 25th. This time, the CS looked into it further only to find out that it may have gotten lost and now it is on back order. The resolution...cancel the order and be done or reorder and not know when it will be back in stock. I have already waited almost a month, so I canceled. I found it at another store and it will be delivered to my home free of charge, so HD lost my business. I feel they could have accommodated my inconvenience and frustration, but failed to do so. I will be giving my business to Lowe’s..Version: 6.4

Recently updates broke unfriendly interfaceIt’s used to very easy to use the app, but recently updates made it harder to navigate. The bug for viewing ads still existing for over the years, I sent feedbacks and it seemed they don’t want to fix it. Viewing as pages to page, the app auto do listing items and took half of the screen blocking the ads page, you have to close that listing in order to see the full page ads, sometimes if that page has nothing to listing, it displayed empty popup and you can’t close it to see the full page ads. This has been going on for years and it seemed they didn’t do the testing as a user with a mobile app installed, instead test at their desk. Go see Lowes app to how it’s so easy to see the ads page. Also, when 1st open the app, there should be options I can choose to see ads, top deals, recently viewed history, instead the app pushed all the viewed histories, and finding other menu options are way of the page and hard to notice it’s the links to ads or top deals.Version: 6.0.4

It used to be very good, but not anymoreI always enjoyed using this app but recently it is just terrible to use in-store. Now every time that I use the app at the store to find items I just terrible. If I open the app, a pop showed up showing the store location (not user firendly) but the real problem is when you try to search after closing the pop up, you find what you are looking for on the app (awesome) but then you put you phone away for min (without closing the app) and when you get back to the app, the same annoying pop up shows up again indicating that you are at that store, and the previous search you had before (1m ago) is gone, the same happens when you switch from the app to a different app for just a second and go back to the Home Depot app. Some time there is delay on the pop up to show up and they I start typing what I’m looking for, and suddenly the annoying pop up shows up again and I have to re-type what I was looking for. I hope developers see this review and fix this problem..Version: 7.0.3

Worst service everI ordered 3 windows from the Hercules ca store. The sales person said he was new but knew what he was doing. The windows were ordered backwards. 1 window could not close. Then I started calling the store. Leaving messages for Stanley the special order specialist. After leaving 16 calls I finally got in touch with him. He promised me a call today from him and the manufacture. Only the manufacture called after I called 4 time for Stanley. They will be our to my home just to inspect within 3 to 4 days. Then not sure how long to resolve the issue. Today Stanley would not take me call but had a female relay his message. I went to Home Depot to save money but after the wrong windows, wrong opening, non working window. I should have gone elsewhere. The worst part is you cannot get the store to answer the phones. I wish they had a 0 star for yelp. Also the manager, district manager or regional manager also will not return my calls. I guess they can’t find a female to make the call for them. Disappointed customer. I’m switching to Lowes. Day 7 still no calls from management. The window company called and set an appointment for 2 weeks out. So I have a defective window and have to wait 2 weeks to get an inspection. Then another 2 weeks to get the replacement. Again, buyer be ware. The worst service in my life..Version: 5.23.1

Typical Shopping AppFirst off peeps… Yelp is for customer service reviews not here. SMH. App is pretty straightforward: search, reviews, add to cart, and purchase. I can get most of my reviews and shopping done. Nice that it tells you what isle items are located, for most items. Yes sometimes there are discrepancies but the data world and real world aren’t always a 1:1 folks. Similarly for the UPC scanning function. Good general app for most folks I think. <- - I have two suggestions for improvement - -> 1: since users have already provided location, items shouldn’t display when they are not available for purchase in specific regions. It would help user shoppers disappointments. 2: the app doesn’t display that a user has already placed an item on “my list”. You already have the outline heart icon there and you know what’s on “my list” so just flag the icon in an “on-state” so users know they have already saved on a list..Version: 7.1.0

Their idea of "help"It's sad when the company knows their workers are so unhelpful the company tries to protect the customers from them by making this app. I wandered the aisles waiting for an associate to at least say, "hi, let me finish and I'll come back" or "hi, walk with me while I finish up" or even a "we're home depot, [email protected]$& off!". Instead, after trying to find the part myself while giving them 10 minutes, I went to the customer service desk. I waited my turn, was shown the app, they scanned my item, and then told a general aisle when the app failed to ID the part. I went back to the correct aisle (that worker told me the wrong aisle), downloaded the app myself, it still failed. I stalked a worker while they completed what they were up to and waiting my turn. The worker finally stopped and demanded to know what I needed so they could get back to doing what they were up to and not have a customer waiting for help. He assured me they had the part and it was on the section of the aisle but couldn't be bothered to show me. I went back to that spot... again. That section was a mess with more miss placed items than I was willing to organize so I could then have the "joy" of searching for the part I needed. I wrote this review, deleted the app, and went to Lowes. Maybe their workers will help..Version: 6.15

App is UnreliableI have screenshots of my entire order process for an order placed on 5/19 showing that a different bill to from the ship to was entered on the order. HD did not process it that way using the ship to address as both which obviously did not check with the credit card company and the payment did not go through. I was not contacted in any way about the issue. The tracking order on the site rarely works but the one time I was able to connect it showed my order “in process”. After not receiving my order on the scheduled day (over a week after order placement), and after 5 hours of trying off and on to connect to the track order site, I was shocked to learn my order had been cancelled! I had not been contacted as one might expect a HD Pro with a huge order to be, and after holding for 20 minutes on the phone a VERY RUDE customer service agent told me it was all MY fault the order didn’t process and my only recourse was to place it again and wait ANOTHER 11 DAYS for my supplies!!!! This is the 3rd bad experience I’ve had with HD online and I’m done!.Version: 5.9

Worst customer service EVERI ordered carpet for my living room and stairs. When they came to measure, I told him I was undecided on color but it would be one these two and I provided the samples for him. They were the same carpet just different colors. He took a photo of the labels on the back. When the quote came in, he had identified a color that was not one of the two but ok, no worries. I phoned in the order per the instructions and asked that the color be corrected to the one I decided on. It was. I paid and waited for my carpet to be installed. When the installers arrived, he asked me to verify that the carpet was correct. It was not. We had moved all our furniture and were finishing up a major remodel. I did not want to wait another month! Reluctantly, I approved the carpet they brought but not until I spoke with the manager and they assured me they’d “make it right”. Whatever that means. I got a call the next day from someone who said he was going to try to get a refund for me of some sort. Three weeks later, a different manager called to see if all was resolved and when I voiced my dissatisfaction, he said he’d get back to me ASAP. That was over 3 months ago. They could really care less and that upsets me greatly..Version: 6.10

Horribly inaccurate inventoryI’m a contractor, so I don’t have a lot of time driving around looking for material on the clients dime. I needed some 8’ 1x4 FJ trim, app shows 188 in stock, but when I get there the entire section is empty. Associate says they don’t have any. How do you “lose” 188 pieces of 8’ trim?!? OK, so I try to be more efficient with my time by placing an order through the app for curbside pickup of some shelf brackets. Again, app shows plenty in stock, so I place my order in the afternoon with the intent to pick up on my way to the job site the next morning. Except I get an email a few hours later that my order is cancelled, item not in stock. Oh, but they already charged my card for something they don’t have and it’s going to take up to 5 days for them to give me my money back. My advice is to call ahead and make sure an associate walks to the shelf and confirms it’s physically there before driving to the store. Even if it’s just a box of screws. Yeah, the employees are already overworked, and it’s going to cost HD a lot more in labor if everybody calls ahead for each item on their list, but that’s the only way to avoid wasted trips..Version: 7.3.0

Although great in concept...I use The Home Depot app frequently to set up products for will call (in store pick-up), for products not sold in the stores, and for home delivery of pallets and heavy objects. Unfortunately, it is not a seamless experience and Home Depot continues to make mistakes. Moreover, there is extreme confusion within Home Depot as to how to resolve these issues when they do make a mistake. This app is great when you get what you ordered, but a major disappointment when you don’t. Just today, I had 8x4x16 builders block delivered from my local store, but they instead delivered fence block. The driver said to call the store to get it fixed, but I needed to spend over an hour on the phone trying to resolve. The guy at HD was really trying, he just didn’t know how to resolve. Furthermore, this order was placed on Monday, but didn’t get confirmation of shipping (until I called) on Wednesday and product was finally delivered from the store today (Friday), but the wrong block was shipped. I’m not sure if I will use the app to order home delivery again — this is the third time they’ve made a mistake....Version: 5.7

Needs a lot of work.While i enjoy perusing the sales products, when im looking for specific items and know what the item is called and type it into the search engine i get almost anything and everything other than the item ive typed in. This makes my experience last much longer than i can afford and creates a very frustrating experience. One that usually deters me from purchasing anything at all. This is a major hindrance considering i am a contractor/builder and every second lost and wasted adds up to loss of earnings and project completion. One other complaint of mine is that the app is far from user friendly. When trying to organize order lists or future order lists/product lists, i am not able to remove the items from the scrolling row nor from the list itself when selected. It makes having the list counterproductive. People change their minds all the time and need the ability and freedom to do so. Just because its harder to remove the product doesnt force a person to purchase. If your company would stop trying to force sales and would let the shopper feel more at ease and have more control over their shopping experience people would be more apt to making a purchase..Version: 5.18

Air scrubberI order two units I keep only received one two weeks later something happened and they cancelled my order week later when I supiste to get the 2nd machine they could not find it at the store while I was waiting there instead off t Laing me that they cáceles the order the rep just did a new order there and told me that was all okay that they order was coming. Days later I told her let me see when will arrived that is when I saw that the order was just placed while I was there, I asked her yo cancelled then she told me not that we have to wait a week until the Oreos arrived then they could cancelled I told her you just the they order now with out me approving the new order she just told me sorry that is how things works I can’t cancel because the item is not here percent. Does not make sense this is kit the first tiñe that this get lost on miss when I order items but should not have to be like that Home Depot is loosing money not k owing how the system is working irking or when the loose the items and just put a new order no one is seeing that is was lost or stolen well I love Homedepot but don’t like to order items with the store because of those issues thanks you..Version: 5.27.1

Metza metza App/ResultThis review is both the app and the online purchase experience. App- the “text an online support person” when looking at my supremely slow order did not pull in my order information and made me enter it, just foolish given the app was in the order context... lazy programming! Next is was clearly a computerized response and was clearly a waste of my time. While it may have EVENTUALLY gotten to a person I could not deal with it. I got the same useless information on my online order that I got in the tracking. Left California on an exit scan and about two weeks later was scanned into Ohio and was languishing there although it was scanned out after roughly a month on the expected date of delivery the app saw it as in on the way to store which the online support person repeated as in process... I called the store and they had less information then I had but kindly gave me an 800 number for online orders. As soon as the person I called saw how long it had been since last scanned she said it was considered lost. She reordered it for me and it was a 3-7 day expected delivery not 28 days and lo and behold it originated out of OH where the original went missing... 2 days later it scanned into MA so seems to be progressing this time. The rest of the App seems ok but my distaste for ordering stuff from Home Depot persists. I have had numerous problems in the past when you had to order from the store. Their logistics and order fulfillment remains really poor..Version: 6.19.0

If you don’t want products or your money back, this is the app for you!Ordered curtains that supposedly had abundant stock at the local store. Soon as I placed the order I received an email cancelling the portion of the order of the curtains to pick up in store as there was no stock all of a sudden. Text their “customer support” and as told I had to go to the store to get the portion that was paid for by gift card on a new card and my bank card would be refunded. Three days later I text “customer support” again for status of my refund. I was first told the refund was put on my gift card (that they originally said they could refund) and my bank account. I checked both and immediately responded it was not refunded to either. Then I was told a supervisor looked into it and I would absolutely have them both refunded by that following Friday. Saturday, still no refund. Spent 30 min on the phone on hold for help with a liver person for customer service. After 30 min I was hung up on and will now have to start that call again. If I could give 0 stars I would. After my experience using the app, not only will I no longer use the app or website, I will be cancelling my home depot card immediately..Version: 6.13

Horrible app. Products rarely match what is actually available in store!Products/Promotions are inaccurate or non existent. Be careful when purchasing through the app or online that your order may disappear as if you never purchased an item. Also seems to be extremely limited on product selection overall. If you don’t know the exact name of the item you are looking for, good luck trying to thoroughly browse the different options or in stock items. I have a brand new phone iPhone 13 pro max with the software up to date and it says my browser needs to be updated a lot of times and that I’m viewing an outdated web version of Home Depot. I have looked through all settings I don’t know why this keeps happening. But if it’s happening to you just quit buying things online. Don’t use app for purchases or web browser. Just dedicate an entire day of your life walking through the store while being ignored or felt to be a bother when you try to get a tad bit of info from any of the wonderful HD employees. Whom by the way, know nothing on any subject relevant to home improvement, tools/ services, inventory or store layout. And don’t get me started on Lowe’s. Believe it or not the Home Depot experience is a huge upgrade. So, happy hunting!.Version: 7.6.0

15 % discountWe are new in the area and was given a 15% off coupon for a purchase up to $200. I went to a store in N Charleston, SC and purchased a medicine cabinet and when we get home it was broken. I called a store closer to us (Summerville South Carolina) to see if they could order the medicine cabinet and we could just pick it up at their store and I was told no we had to order it and have it sent to the Summerville store. I looked and looked and I cannot find anywhere to have it sent to Summerville South Carolina Home Depot store. I called customer service online 800 Home Depot )to see if they could order it and give me my 15% off the item because they kept the coupon at the store where we purchased the first medicine cabinet and they would have given us the 15% off but they wanted to charge us $55 for shipping! Shipping is free over $45. The customer service in the Summerville store and Home Depot online is awful! The person on the phone at the Summerville store was brief and didn’t want to be helpful. Even though the girl from the online Home Depot couldn’t help me at least she was polite and she was constantly talking her supervisor who I don’t think knows what she’s doing..Version: 7.6.1

App has a bugs latelyThere have been a number of times when I am unable to purchase simply because the app is “experiencing technical difficulties”. This isn’t a one off….we’re now into the the 2nd week of getting this error message when purchasing different items. It only appears when I attempt to add the items to my cart, so I can’t complete the purchase. Closing and reopening the app does not fix the issue. I’ve also had issues getting details of my online purchases to load…it just keeps loading. Unable to see online purchases.. app is stuck in “loading”. This is Day 2. Cant check status of my online purchases. Suggestions: make it easier to view customer photos in reviews by scrolling through them, instead of clicking and closing each individual photo. This is quite annoying experience. Also, please get rid of the 2nd layer of authentication upon opening app, it slows down the shopping experience and my banks and fintech apps don’t require a 2nd layer on the front end..Version: 7.6.0

Just no!I use the app to find items and locate them in the store. I went to a HD and the item was not where the app said it would be, so I asked an “associate”, she said she saw one of these items, but didn’t remember where, and that there was only one of them. The app actually showed 9 in stock so I kept looking, another “associate” walked up and I showed her the item, she went to ask a couple of other “associates”, the first lady I asked was among them, visibly upset that I kept asking, she said the information that the app shows is “wishful thinking”, I asked why, she said that the don’t have the person that updates the information for the app, “don’t have” meaning the person does not exist, no one is able to update the app info because the position is not filled. No one was helpful, they all blamed the app or the “person” that should updated it and they all just turned their backs and walked away, without offering to look for the item in another store. I just looked at them all and just walked away. This is why retail is disappearing, these workers demand high wages but can’t treat customer right, and HD can’t hire anyone to make the technology work. I bought wat I was looking for online, and got it the next day. I will never go to this HD again and I will never use this app again. I will never go to the HD again if I can order what I need online..Version: 5.26

Worst customer service in my 83 yearsI looked at Ryobi tiller on line yesterday then got an email today re a 2nd look. I decided to order today. most of my power tools are Ryobi Drill, saw, weed eater and etc. I made a mistake trying to apply for Home Depot credit card, never could figure that out so just decided just put on my American Express but could not get to work, my credit score is over 800. I finally up and called the store, but they said they could not take my order I would have to order on line have it shipped, I had planned to use it this afternoon. I told them the store, Matthews, NC shows one in stock, gave them description Ryobi tiller or cultivator 16 inch 13.5 amps the picture did not show item number. The lady said there were too many for her to look up I would have to come to purchase. I told her I was 83 and would not go in store due to virus, she was sorry but she could not help. Since I wanted to get some work done this afternoon I went back on line, did not try to get credit card to get the discount and was able to place the order. This will be my last order.Version: 6.12

Sometimes really useful. Sometimes really frustrating.Probably my favorite feature is scanning barcodes in-store to check reviews or get more information about a product. The my second favorite feature is the aisle/bay finder for locating items that I have searched for. The scanning, however, fails about 20% of the time and can’t find a match. The notifications are an annoying train-wreck. My Message Center has a perpetual “2” indicating I have 2 unread messages, but the inbox says there are no messages. Also, and this is more corporate policy than the app itself, but it pings the user WAY too much with stupid notifications about stuff that’s not relevant at all and are just trying to sell you stuff. So… notifications are disabled entirely. Finally, and this isn’t so much about the app, but Home Depot has an obscene number of trackers on their app and website that things are frequently broken because my router-level ad blocker strips out close to a dozen trackers every time a page refreshes or I add something to the cart. Chill out with the trackers guys; it’s creepy..Version: 6.22.1

Awful customer serviceSo I spend a lot of money at HD. I am a licensed plumber and also work with my father in law who is a licensed contractor. We have spent thousands of dollars in the last year alone. Last week we had ordered tile which was on a clearance sale, paid for it and you were happy to take the money. When I went to pick it up the next day, since I didn’t have my truck, there was only about 1/4 of the tile there, and it was still on the shelf. I was told when I bought it that the computer showed more than enough. Also I saw if for myself on the shelf. When I went to pick It up after waiting over an hour the manager told me they never had enough in stock. Today I opened a can of paint that I had bought about 4 months ago and stored next to identical paint, only different colors. I tried to return it or have something done. Before the customer service associate even opened it she told me it had frozen, which I know did not happen. When I told her that, she essentially called me a liar. Awful service. I am also a HD card holder and stock holder. I’m very disappointed with how I have been treated in the last month from this particular location. I have had good service at the other 3 of 4 that I deal with, but this one is beyond bad..Version: 5.16

Electrolux front load washer.Poor quality. 13 months after purchasing this expensive unit it leaked water on our wood floor. Took 1 month to get it fixed. That was in April of 2020. End of May 2020 it’s leaking again same thing. BUT now it will take at least 2 months to have someone come out to look at it and then order the parts and 2 to 3 more weeks to maybe fix it again. REALLY? Oh wait. And they are telling us that the extended warranty/contract is no longer valid. That we must comply to the new warranty and venders that may or may not fix our 15 month old washer. Does this contract sound legal?? I think not. I cannot in good conscience advice anyone to purchase A ELETROLUX. Home Depot can’t and won’t stand by the equipment they sell. They say it’s not up to us. You can only buy it from us. Then you get overseas and all they can read off their script is “ They come look at it they come fix it.” That is after 55 minutes on hold. Then overseas hands up. Great. Good job. Super customer service. Nothing has been done. Time to start over again. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Do Not Buy Any Major Appliance From Home Depot. Bad Investment!!!! No help!!!!.Version: 6.4

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