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Old Navy: Shop For New Clothes Negative Reviews

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Old Navy: Shop for New Clothes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Old Navy: Shop for New Clothes app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Old Navy: Shop for New Clothes? Can you share your negative thoughts about old navy: shop for new clothes?

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Old Navy: Shop for New Clothes for Negative User Reviews

Worst shipping ever!Will never buy online from old navy again! They work with this shady company called lasership. How does such a big professional company work with such people?? I haven’t received my package and it’s over the promised day of delivery, the shipping company has yet to update me on where my package is, last update was 2 days after I did the initial order and they just stopped updating. When looking up this company they have a total of 1.6 stars and people accusing them of never delivering their stuff and even stealing them! I don’t understand how a big company that a good amount of the money from online orders deals with such shipping people. Guess they are looking for something cheap. Ups, Usps, and fedex are all perfectly capable of delivering for one of the biggest companies world wide. 🤦‍♀️ never buying online. And the stores barely have the sizes we need to even do a store pickup smh!.Version: 4.26.9

App needs MAJOR improvements. STILL.I’ve been shopping Old Navy for years and while I love the store, the app is a problem. It constantly stops working mid shopping leaving you with the “Oops, something went wrong” message which then prompts you to “refresh.” Hit refresh only to not have it work so you have to back out of the app and hope what you put in your shopping bag is still in there. A lot of the times it not. And I’m on WiFi when this happens. This has been going on with this app for sometime and still not fixed. Another issue was that my info is saved in my old navy app. Yet I had still had to enter it every time. Not too big of a deal but if you are going to offer a feature make sure it works. I mainly got rid of the app because I got tired of it kicking me out multiple times while shopping. Fix that and it would be great..Version: 4.21.0

Where did the model size selector go?I agree with everyone else about all the issues with logging in, getting logged out, face recognition turning off again and again… the app resetting or refreshing too frequently, losing your place, etc. But I mostly came here to ask where the feature went when browsing or searching where you could pick the model size you wanted to see (I think it was S, L, or XL). That feature is pretty much the whole reason I’ve shopping with Old Navy recently. It makes them stand out among other brands! I still appreciate the size diversity in models (can always have more diversity though…) but now I’m stuck looking at page after page of skinny ladies, and it makes it so I have no interest in clicking on any of the items and potentially purchasing them. It’s a huge shopping turn off for me! If the feature is still there and I just can’t find it anymore… that is also a problem. It needs to be there AND be easily accessible..Version: 5.7.0

Not fixed anything!This app has not been streamlined or fixed any bugs I still haven't been able to sign in since day one!! It's beyond annoying and frustrating!! All it does is spin and spin and spin that's it even when you try to rest your password but here's the kicker it tells you we are deleting all your bank card info etc so omg!! Now you have to renter all that info well guess what you don't because you'll never be able to get into your app!!😡 I've done everything restart phone delete app reinstall app I even called customer service well of course you can see where that got me or I wouldn't be complaining!! This has been beyond stupid ! Whose working on these issues five year olds? Oh wait no because they'd probably have it fixed within an hour or less! Personally I'm done with the app and I'm almost to the point of being done with old navy I'm so sick of all the shirts having some cute kindness etc saying on them like a two year would wear the dresses fall in a pile around me because they're made for six feet and over collars that strangle because they're almost Victorian looking I wouldn't be seen being buried in them. ! If I could have given this review a no star rating I would have because it's not worth even a half a star these days. !.Version: 9.1.0

Eternally glitchyI love Old Navy, but this app is terrible. For as long as I’ve had it, it constantly has some bug or another. Updates are infrequent and with each version that is supposed to resolve one issue, another glitch is created. First, it never remembers my login information; even with TouchID enabled, I have to type in my login, and it doesn’t do the Keychain autofill/suggest either. And then after entering my credentials, it insists on showing me how to use the app - like a tap-through tour. The second most frustrating issue is related to browsing items. In the search results page, at some point in scrollling (typically toward the bottom of the page), it’s like the page refreshes and suddenly returns only 2-5 results, resetting my search and location on the page. I also wish there were more specific filter options, like by materials or inseam style or length. I won’t be continuing to shop at Old Navy via this app, but hey- maybe that means I’ll stop giving them all my money!.Version: 4.26.6

Terrible AppI love Old Navy, but this has to be the worst app I’ve ever used. It’s constantly crashing. It gets stuck while scrolling and crashes then reopens. Since the last update it has been doing this thing where you are adding an item to your bag and it makes you log in. I’ve also been having an issue if I had something to my bag it automatically takes me back to the search page. It makes shopping on the app so frustrating. It also drives me crazy when I see a model wearing something with a matching top or bottom and I cannot find the match anywhere. It would be great if you made the matching set on the same page where you show similar items. Also, I noticed the website has a section down below a clothing item that shows outfits you can put together. Why isn’t this on the app also?.Version: 8.9.1

Never remembers me!!!I LOVE OLD NAVY but the application needs lots of work. Like boat loads of work. The buying, browsing, shopping aspect is ok. Most times. If you’re like me when you shop you browse, save and come back. Well, when you returns to your favs only to find their gone. Need to manage your account? Too bad! No cards to show. Past order you need to check on? No past orders to show. I JUST ordered a $175 worth of merchandise 4 days ago and I have no past orders?? What gives Old Navy? I’ve had this card for 5+ years and I always shop and pay my bill via the app. Why is it always losing my information?? Constantly having to change my password like another reviewer said. So over this frustration! I’m a busy mom of 3 kiddos all under 4 years old. Give me convenience or I’ll delete my app and shop somewhere else!!!.Version: 4.12.1

Worst Shopping AppI have many many many different brands of clothing apps on my phone. The Old Navy one is by far the worst one. It seems like it’s 5 years behind the other brands. It constantly freezes and asks for me to sign in. Now every time I open the app and sometimes when I’ve been on the app for 5 minutes it asks me to sign in. Then, it says I have to verify my log in on the website. So I do, then it still continues to ask my to verify my sign on like someone is just really out here trying to hack my old navy app. I don’t mind having a verification, but have one that actually works. This app makes me never want to shop online here because every time I do I get frustrated with the app bugging out and asking me to login and verify my account every 5 seconds. They added the Face ID to log on, but it’s also a joke because it will scan my face and log in then guess what.. it asks me to verify my account for the 100th time today. Really disappointing because I do love Old Navy..Version: 8.9.2

Worst shopping app everI have purchased a lot from ON and Gap over the years—half my closet is from one of these stores. But the app has consistently been the worst shopping experience of any app I have used. It never remembers my login credentials even with Face ID saved, I have to go through the tutorial on how to use the app every time I log in, and it randomly crashes with a screen saying “something is wrong” multiple times, sometimes 3 or 4 in succession. I’ve had this experience for years and years with this app and can’t believe the developers aren’t aware of it by now. I don’t know anything about app development, but the only other app I have even remotely similar issues with has multiple brands within the same app so maybe putting the four brands together on one app just doesn’t work. I would gladly have BR and Athleta as separate apps to make the ON and Gap shopping experience more seamless. To me, those two are each in a different category anyway and should be separate..Version: 4.28.3

Doesn’t Get The Job DoneThis app is absolutely abysmal considering it is supposed to be supporting four different retailers. Your most recent order is no longer appear in the order history within the app. Making it impossible to know the status of your orders. Additionally the login page seems to be having issues. The Face ID rarely ever works, and it seems to not be able to remember your password and or enter the credentials from a password manager sufficiently. This is incredibly disappointing considering that none of the Old Navy stores actually carry stock and inventory anymore. So essentially ordering online is the only option you have. However with the inability to be able to look at my order status and the inconvenience of having to login, I’m starting to find other places to shop..Version: 4.28.2

AWFULThis app is garbage. It constantly logs me out even though I select the option to stay logged in. When I try and log back in, I always have to change my password because it won’t recognize my login information. On the rare occasion I decide to shop on the app, it’s super slow and every few seconds I’ll get a “something went wrong” pop-up and I’ll refresh and it pops up again. This will happen whether I’m on WiFi or using my phone data. Shopping is not worth the hassle of this awful app. Forget about trying to view your favorites or your order history. It’ll display for a few seconds and then show a white screen. Making a credit card payment is impossible, I typically give up on trying to make the app work and will have to log in through the desktop site. I’ve been a cardholder for 3 years and using this app has made me decide to close my account because it’s consistently a bad experience..Version: 8.4.0

WorthlessI seriously give up on this app. I’ve given it so many chances and it never improves. The Face ID option never works. I will open my phone using Face ID and be in the exact same position and it says my face is not recognized. Then, when I finally log into the app, I always get error messages. Either something can’t load and I have to refresh, or the app is unavailable at that time. Every time I navigate to a new screen, I get a new error message. The app will reload while I’m scrolling through items so I lose my place. Half of the items I click on say “sorry, this item is sold out.” My favorite is that they’ll run a “sale,” but will mark the majority of their items as new or best sellers so they don’t qualify. Sorry, your clothes are not worth $50. Finally, nothing is ever in stock for buy online and pick up in store. Yet, when I go into the store they have plenty of the items in my size they claim were not available. Clearly they do this so you can’t get the online sale prices they offer when you choose pickup. The only good thing is the rewards system..Version: 4.29.0

Love the clothes but SO HARD to buy!!Im a new old navy CC holder, 3 months approx. I’m a busy working 31 year old toddler Mom. I don’t have a lot of time to go out shopping so I like to order Christmas online on my lunch break. Every other time I go to log in it makes me change my password. Every time you change your password it tells you for your convenience we’ve erased all your credit card information... I know for a fact my password is correct. I even screen shot what I changed it to and made sure I re-entered correctly and it still told me it was wrong! How annoying to re-type all of your credit card and billing info each time you want to buy something! I don’t bring every single one of my credit cards to work with me so this time I could not check out. I’ve never had so many problems trying to buy online ever except with this site and app. I cannot stand how much work this is to try to give old navy my money so I’m considering canceling my card and giving up on them altogether at this point..Version: 4.9.0

Why is there a time limit on items in Carts and Save For Later?Why can’t we just keep items in our shopping cart without it expiring and deleting on its own after a certain amount of time? It’s nothing to help me remember what I once put in there, so I thought I could count on the save for later but my stuff gets deleted from there after a certain amount of time too. The favorites would be helpful so I can keep track of what I like, but it’s glitchy now and nothing ever shows up when I try to go to it. So just how is a customer supposed to keep track of what they want to buy? Like I really don’t understand, y’all are really not helping customers spend more money at your store, instead you’re making it way harder than it has to be with useless rules about the shopping cart and save for later. The favorites isn’t working, how do you expect customers to buy anything with this buggy app. I’m going to delete it soon, the perk of the app was the favorites but that’s not even working so what’s the point of it anymore?.Version: 9.1.4

Horrible customer serviceI have been an old navy shopper for many years. I usually just go to my local store and have never had an issue. But due to Covid the store was closed so I decided to order online. I ordered 7 things. 1 of the things I received in my shipment was the wrong thing. I called old navy customer service after ONE HOUR of being on hold. I FINALLY got through to someone. They told me they were going to send everything again and that they would also send me a postal sticker to return the items I had received. Fast forward 2 weeks I get the new shipment of stuff (IT IS STILL WRONG) fast forward a month and I STILL HAVE YET TO RECEIVE a postal sticker to return my Original order. It has now been 8 weeks. No sticker in the mail. Very very frustrating customer service, it is virtually impossible to get ahold Of anyone to fix this and now I have double Of everything . Cool. I’ll be canceling my old navy card because of the lack of customer service..Version: 4.24.2

Can’t use Apple Pay and get free shippingI placed an order a couple weeks ago, my fiancé didn’t end up liking the sleep pants or jacket I got him so I returned everything only to realize I was charged shipping. I figured I made a mistake. Shrugged it off. Then placed an order this morning. I was logged in to my account, went to checkout, chose Apple Pay, made sure I chose 3-5 day free shipping, double clicked to pay, order placed. Then go review my order in the email and see I was charged more, I went back to see what changed. I was charged shipping again, so now I know it wasn’t me a couple weeks ago. I called customer service and the lady told me that because I used “guest checkout” with Apple Pay, that’s why I was charged for shipping. I told her I was logged into my account. She gave me some attitude but ultimately refunded shipping for both. So you can use Apple Pay and pay for shipping, or you can use a CC on file and get free shipping. But you can’t use Apple Pay and get free shipping..Version: 8.9.2

Unable to sign in through appSo before this new issue (within the past 4 days of not being able to even sign in), I previously had to sign in 2x in a row each time to shop. Annoying yes, but sometimes I didn’t mind since I was so excited for the deals. However now, forget it. I can’t even ‘sign in’ into the app. I put all my info in, and it just stays idle, waiting for the app to load (but never does). After patiently trying several times, I re-start my phone thinking it would help, nope. I then delete and re-download the app, same problem. It will at times tell me my attempted log in session expired. I give up. I went ahead and went directly through the Old Navy website through my phone, but everything takes much longer. Everything is much faster and quicker on the app (usually), so I gave up on searching what I was looking for through webpage and didn’t buy anything. I’m an Icon member, so I’m a very frequent shopper, but this current issue has me avoiding Old Navy all together. Please fix the bugs. Thank you!.Version: 5.7.1

Search, sign in and tracking need workWhen I search I can filter to “women” and something like “jeans” but then I see regular, maternity, and plus. I would like to choose which one to see. Those are 3 very different lines and they should be filter-able. I can filter by size but then I will miss out on seeing items that are currently out of stock in my size, which happens often. I do not want to sign in every single time that I make a purchase or especially to just look at or track an order. It’s a hassle. Speaking of tracking, it’s awkward to have order tracking and order details on two separate pages. Worse, clicking on the tracking number only copies the number. I don’t want to leave the app to track an order. It should be in the app..Version: 4.15.0

App allowed me to create 2 identical accountsLike many others - I have felt nothing burning rage towards this app. It logs you out constantly, doesn’t allow you to log back in half of the time. The amount of times I have to had to use, “Forgot Password” function is unreal. Most recently, I was able to login - but it required me to “Verify My Identity” by logging into the web browser version. Fine. HOWEVER, the ONLY option I was given to “Login” was to create a new account. I attempted to create a literally identical account in hopes that it would register and notify me of an existing account and hopefully allowing me to actually sign in. That was, however, NOT the case. It created an identical account and will now ONLY allow me to login using this account. My Old Navy card, Rewards, and personal account information are all gone. I’m unable to login to Barclay’s now to pay my credit card bill. And that’s literally ONLY login issues. Don’t get me started on the app functionality. You can be browsing, casually scrolling and then loose your progress. Or they remove large chunks of selections to view. The app crashes regularly and is, overall, complete trash. -10/10, would not recommend..Version: 8.7.0

Constantly Logging In AgainThis app logs me out after a few minutes of inactivity, with no option to stay signed in, which is frustrating; most apps/websites have a “keep me signed in” option, or wait an hour before signing out. I’ve accidentally purchased items as a guest because I didn’t realize I had been logged out so quickly. I’m sure this is a safety feature but it’s annoying more than helpful. Also, this app requires me to fully type my email address and password every single time, also annoying as both are long. It never saves either, or finishes the typing with a prompt, and does not prompt my face ID to make signing in fast or easy. It will occasionally prompt my face ID to sign me in AFTER I have already typed my email and password and hit “submit,” but at that point I’m often not looking at my phone and then it will not sign me in and I have to type everything again. I do not have these issues with any other app or website. Fixing either one of these issues would help a lot. Lastly, very often I will place an order and it never appears in my account, even when I was signed in to place the order. Currently, my most recent order (placed four days ago) shows up in my account on the website, but still not in the app..Version: 4.29.0

Not so greatI’m disappointed with this app. When it comes to linking your old navy credit card with the shopping part of the app, it’s not happening. I have to log into the credit card thru the app, but then when I shop on the app it doesn’t recognize, or give me the option to use, the old navy card without me having to manual enter it. Using rewards is even more difficult when you check out, it chose a 20% coupon over my 50$ reward and would let me change it. Rewards are useless I guess, unless you go into the store. I got so frustrated that I cancelled my order. I paid off my balance and will probably cancel the card as well. I work hard for my money and I am not going to wrestle an app to use rewards I earn when I use this card. My last order I did pick up in store and was confirmed by email it was received and everything was in stock. When I arrived the 2 most important items they didn’t have. I walked back and picked them off the rack myself. I know that’s probably a store issue but the order was made on the app, and there wasn’t a place to leave feedback on the app itself. When I tried talking to the manager I was dismissed like A child. So all in all, I am not happy with old navy, their stores, their credit cards, or their app..Version: 4.25.4

It could use some workI love shopping at old navy and when I realized they have an app I was like perfect (maybe not for my bank account but def for me!). So I was a little disappointed to see that the app is not pleasant to use. I don’t understand having to sign in after leaving the app for 2 minutes. There should at least be a box you can click so you can opt to stay logged in because after awhile it just gets annoying. Another thing that is infuriating is the shopping cart. It won’t save my cart items the way that it should. If I decided to start shopping but want to pay later so I leave the app…if I’m signed into my account why is my shopping cart empty?? It should be filled with the items I put in my cart. I’m just not understanding the point of signing in if I don’t get the perks (and bare minimum) of a saved cart. There could be so much potential but the fact that the basics are lacking is really concerning. Hope this is is something that can be remedied soon. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost bought something and then got too frustrated and just left it alone completely..Version: 9.1.4

Major bug issues on the App.Created an account and placed an order, exited the app, got back on day later to check shipping, tried to log into my account, it said my account didn’t exist and had no existing order, so basically the app lost it, I called customer support they found the order, so I mean, it’s whatever. It was delivered, just had no tracking and no History the order ever existed. Would also like to include that, everytime I open the app it instantly says “uh oh unable to connect please try to refresh” like it didn’t even try loading it just instantly says that when opening the app. Also, when logging in to my account, it takes 2 try’s every time, like that’s so inconvenient to enter my email and password TWICE just to check on an order. After the first attempt, it says “uh oh! We weren’t able to complete your request! Please try again” EVERY SINGLE TIME, but After the second attempt it works, of course lol, that’s literally annoying. I love shopping online for old navy but the app is so inconvenient. Would like to know who even rated this a 5 star..Version: 4.28.5

WORST APP OF ALL TIME.Constantly signing you out. Even when you haven’t erased the app from your app history. If you go check a message and then get back on the app, POOF you’re signed out and god forbid you made a cart because that’s gone too. I always get messages saying “this item is out of stock and has been removed from your favorites” what favorites?? I don’t even favorite items anymore because of the wackiness of the app, whose favorites are y’all talking about? ALL other clothing apps are SO easy to use, I have no idea why Old Navy is so far behind. Unfortunately I love Old Navy clothes so it’s a shame this app is infuriating. If they actually made a decent app I’d buy so much more than I do now. This app actually makes me dread buying clothes and I’ve had to divert to other companies whose websites don’t make me want to rip my hair out signing me out and sending me messages that I can’t dismiss every 10 seconds. Honestly I have to believe Old Navy is intentionally trying to drive customers away, it is really that bad. FIX THE APP!! ITS UNUSABLE Also, it wouldn’t kill you to list the measurements of the model and the size that they’re wearing like literally EVERY other clothing company on the planet..Version: 8.8.1

Glitching currently which is super annoying!I’ve loved this app for a while but there are two issues: -the app has been glitching a lot despite updating it. When I search something such as baby clothes and I am scrolling down to look at all the items, it will glitch and move me to another spot but also remove items which I can view and cuts the inventory down big time. So annoying. - you can’t write review on the app. I love to give feedback and read feedback as well! Also it is likely that people who have the app are frequent Old Navy shoppers like myself so it would make sense to let us write reviews in the app ourselves. I’m hoping the developers will read this and make improvements!.Version: 4.26.10

Old Navy App reviewI like the UI, the menu placement and tabs are neat and user friendly. I dislike the UX, the functionality and app performance is very frustrating. I’m constantly signed out of my account, which wouldn’t be the most annoying thing except for the fact when you sign back into the app you’re forced into “learning” how to use the app which you’ve been using for months before you can proceed with what you were trying to do. Either allow longer auth or remove the app tutorial, it’s 2022, people know how to use apps. “Something went wrong” type pop-ups come up dozens of times while I shop. Luckily a refresh does fix it. But what is the refresh doing that “fixes” the crash? Focus efforts on performance fixes for app improvements instead of UI changes..Version: 5.3.0

So glitchy you may as well use the websiteI want to like this app because i like old navy so much….but it’s so frustrating! It’s constantly refreshing and than bonks and crashes. It always says “oops something went wrong” and says to refresh but you just keep getting that message after trying to load any page. It also doesn’t scroll properly to the next page backs up to where you already browsed. Lastly it doesn’t allow you to add the rewards to your checkout here. You have to go to the actual website to check out and than if you want to use the app you can go back there and thankfully the rewards stay in the cart from when you added them on the website. Honestly I think I would just rather use the website for shopping at old navy. At least it doesn’t crash constantly and you can add cc rewards there without issue. No sense having this app. No sense at all..Version: 5.2.1

Horrible and AnnoyingThis app started crashing for me a while ago but this is the last straw. I could get over the fact that it kept signing me out only because I had Face ID on so it was quick, but a few months ago ALL of my favorites were cleared out and I was so upset. Not only were they cleared, I could not (and still can’t) add anything to my favorites anymore. When I try to I get a message saying they removed the item because they’re out of stock?? which they obviously aren’t. I began “saving” my items by putting them in the shopping cart then moving them to the “saved” section which was going fine. Well today, not only was my shopping cart cleared but so was my Saved items 🤦🏻‍♀️ So frustrating! I tried logging out hoping that would fix it (Face ID feature was on) but it didn’t. My email was not saved as it usually was so i had to reenter all my info, how annoying. FIX THESE PROBLEMS OLD NAVY.Version: 9.1.4

App has issuesFirst I was having the same problem others were reporting — it wouldn’t let me stay signed in, kept signing me out, would ask if I wanted to enable Touch ID and then wouldn’t give a prompt for it, etc. I updated the app and that issue seems to have been resolved for the time being. Now I keep trying to checkout and keep getting a “something went wrong” page, no matter how many times I refresh it. I gave it a few hours, came back, and it was the same thing. Also my “bag” (aka cart) is emptied every time I leave the app. All my items waiting in the bag either get deleted or moved to saved items. Finally had enough and tried to complete my purchase through browser on my phone and though I signed in, it again told me my bag was empty. I gave up..Version: 8.2.0

Can’t check out or sign inI love old navy. But this app could be the thing that makes me quit shopping there altogether. It’s SO dang hard to check out. I’m always signed out when I go to checkout, and when i try to sign in, the “sign in” button covers the password section. I have to click a million times to be able to type there. And now, when I try to checkout or sign in, the app just keeps loading and loading. I didn’t buy sale items yesterday that i was really looking forward to because the app wouldn’t let me checkout. Now I can’t find those items in my favorites to see if they’re still on sale, because I’m logged out and get stuck on the loading screen when i try to log back in. I have a baby, so I only make trips to stores when I absolutely have to. Old Navy is not a “have to”; so since your app STILL doesn’t work (i emailed months ago), I think I’ll just find a new store to shop at..Version: 8.8.1

Tired of app sign-in issues!I am tired of the fact that every time I open this or the Gap app (and I download the second one trying to bypass this problem), I am asked to sign in, and when I try to do so, 9 times out of 10, it’s just not going to happen. I will eventually get an access denied message, and there are two resolution issues listed, which don’t work, and they ask you to click on a link to let them know, but that link will never open! And the one time out of 10 that I may be able to sign in, it takes countless tries and all kinds of finagling for it to eventually occur. Right now, it’s not happening, and that’s when I decided to come here to leave this review, because I’m just done! And I’m angry at them for other issues, as well. I’m not getting credit for returns I’ve sent back and Gap just sold me an item that was listed even in the title as being the luxury fabric, Modal, yet when I received it, the tag says it is 95% polyester & 5% spandex. One of the main reasons I shop with them is because there’s so many cotton (& modal) items. I don’t wear polyester; it is plastic, it is just a garbage fabric, and it is the hottest, cheapest, most unbreathable fabric there is, and I would never have purchased that item had it been listed as being polyester. Never. So I question their ethics, for sure. And I don’t understand why they’re not fixing their apps’ issues. This is ridiculous. It has been going on for too long and I’m tired of it. I’m done..Version: 8.1.0

New items and selection- and perks for cardholders are all limitedIt seems for the last couple years the clothes haven’t changed at old navy. I see the same stuff and it’s redundant. For cardholders there aren’t really enough perks to justify having the card, the sales are the same and the cash bonus bucks are more than the points given and anyone can get that- even without a card. Another issue is cardholders should have free shipping and not be expected to order 35 or 50 to get it! I’m disappointed with old navy because the clothes are generic at best with old navy emblems. There’s nothing better about the quality and I’m most likely going to close my card and shop at Burlington or Marshall’s- they have more of a selection and prices are better! The alternative is gap and they are generic also but twice the price. I see a problem in the near future for this company if they don’t step up their game..Version: 4.22.0

App is annoyingAnytime I navigate away from the app, even for a second, it takes me back home, making me have to start my search all over again! That is annoying! Please change that. Maybe if I’m away for more than 10 min it can time out but if I need to respond to a text or do anything else I shouldn’t have to be forced to start over again from the home page! Also when searching for “womens dresses” I am unable to filter the results by size or anything else and I have to figure out what is available. That is super annoying as well. Also, don’t show the item If it’s out of stock! Take it down. Nothing worse than spending 15 min browsing only to not have anything in my cart because either it’s out of stock or my size isn’t available. Big reason why I don’t shop online with old navy. It’s too much trouble for basic clothing I can order from Macys or JCPenney where their apps are more thoughtful and efficient..Version: 8.3.0

Not user friendlyEvery single time I want to log into my account (to shop or pay my bill)my password doesn’t work and I have to change it. This is on the app and through the website. Each and every time I need to get on I have to go through the whole “forgot my password” hassle. I have done this at least 10 times if not more. I will pay this card off and not use it anymore. And to top it off they lowered my credit when my overall credit usage (all my cards) was higher than even I liked. However I never once made a late payment to them, or any of my cards for that matter. My credit is good, I just received a VISA with a $10,000 limit so that says a lot about my credit. I paid off all my balances and Synchrony still won’t extend my credit. I love Old Navy’s style and pricing. But from here on out I refuse to do any business with Synchrony Bank..Version: 4.12.1

App keeps reloading while browsingMy recent experiences with this app (the past few months) have been awful with the old navy app. While browsing, the app will reload and show other clothes and not the ones that I had been previously looking at. After a few swipes down, the app reloads itself and instead of picking up where I was it loads all new clothes, and will have a limited selection. For example, if I choose to look at dresses… I will scroll down and after a few swipes going down to look at the dresses, the app will glitch and start reloading the view and I am seeing a different set of clothes and limited view (a couple of swipes and that all the clothes available, when previously there were a ton of dresses. If you are not able to support the scrolling, go back to pages of clothes to help. I won’t buy online using the app anymore because I can’t view the clothes..Version: 4.26.6

Barclays Credit Card associationDO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT GET AN OLD NAVY CREDIT CARD. They’re no longer with Synchrony. Barclay will not wave anything as a one time courtesy. I paid my account off and they’re still charging me. I called to get it waved and they still will not remove it and said I HAVE to pay it. I did not have this issue with Citi Bank when paying off my other credit card. They’ll express that they “listen” to customers but Barclays is one of the worst banking systems that I’ve been through. I will not use this account any longer while they’re with Barclays. They will not get more money out of me. I don’t appreciate being lied to when they express they “take care” of customer’s needs. Yet here we are. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and I did not get transferred instead was told why I need to pay the amount. I don’t appreciate Barclays service and to avoid problems, pay with a different credit card to get rewards. I’m truly disappointed with the banking system Old Navy chose to go with because I spend hundred of dollars every single year and never had an issue with Synchrony..Version: 8.3.0

UnusableI just want to online shop but this app is simply unusable. For months now it says “sorry an error occurred” and won’t let me see items I favorite, clears my cart, or constantly requires me to refresh causing me to lose my place when I’m looking in a search. I keep coming back hoping it’ll be fixed and it’s just as bad. I saw it updated recently and hoped things would be better but instead it’s worse. I haven’t bought from old navy in ages because I prefer mobile shopping but the experience is too frustrating. Adding an update: I thought it would be fixed, still no. It won’t let me save items unless I’m logged in but every time I try to log in it tells me the page is expired. I used to buy from old navy regularly but it’s been over a year thanks to these issues. Other apps and sites have such a better experience it simply isn’t worth it. I don’t understand how such a big company can’t afford to develop a usable app? I sorted by recent reviews and saw that not only is this a common experience but this app collects way more data from users than it needs to. That’s my last straw, I’m deleting it and not wasting anymore time with Old Navy and Gap..Version: 9.1.4

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Old Navy: Shop for New Clothes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Old Navy: Shop for New Clothes.

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