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IMDb: Movies & TV Shows App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

IMDb: Movies & TV Shows app received 97 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IMDb: Movies & TV Shows? Can you share your negative thoughts about imdb: movies & tv shows?

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IMDb: Movies & TV Shows for Negative User Reviews

Loved this app before the updateI loved and used this app so much but after the update it’s so messy and I can’t find what I’m looking for without scrolling up and down multiple times. The past format was so simple to use and the guides were much better. Please consider moving back to a similar format bcuz this makes it unusable..Version: 12.4.2

Careful High data use!! Beware!I came here to advise this ap chees through data. But it seems I'd already said that previously- this month - I've used the ap maybe 4 times, watched maybe 5 previews- and it's used a massive 2.3 gigs of data?! And remember kids it's "not a streaming service" - that's the equivalent of about 1.5hrs worth of a movie, no chance I watched 90mins of previews- fix it! Unlimited phone data plans don't exist in Australia. I watched about 20mins of previews today, to find later it had consumed 1.5GIGS!!! Of my data!!! Didn’t even watch all of each 2min vid- which may also be an issue, either way, it couldn’t have been more 15 that I scrolled past. 1.5gigs! That’s half my monthly data allocation!.Version: 11.1

Basic QoL fixes needed1) Put clearing storage/cache into a single button. 2) Allow the hiding of sections on the Home Screen - e.g. disable the ‘most popular celebrities’ or ‘popular interests’ sections. 3) Be able to mark content as watched and it have a ‘watched’ symbol on the thumbnail across the app wherever it might appear..Version: 14.6

Confusing user interfaceIt used to be so simple and clear. Now everything is deep hidden in different parts of the app. I don't like it anymore..Version: 10.3

Been using IMDB since the beginning of time but....Excellent app, I use it daily, and always on the fly for a quick search. However with the last update you made the default load page not ‘Search’ but ‘Home’. This is a huge problem for me. First, the ‘Home’ page by design is cool, but because it’s loading content it’s slower to load. Instinctively I expect the home page to have a search bar but it doesn’t. So by the time the page loads I realize I have to manually click the ‘Search’ option in the lower bar. While this isn’t a huge problem, it adds the extra step of me having to having to click the search icon, which is counter-intuitive. This wasn’t the design in all previous IMDB updates, why the change now? This would be a 5 star review but because of the un-intuitive design I’m giving it 3. Not going to lie, I’ve used IMDB less and Google more for quick searches. Please either allow for a ‘Default’ setting where the user can choose what loads on startup or put a search bar on the ‘Home’ page. Even the latter, quick searches mean fast results, and having to wait for a ‘Home’ page to load and cache content every time I start the app doesn’t allow for rapid results..Version: 10.0

Used to be better, now has extreme reviews and is slowGreat resource, ultimately. But the app seems very slow at times. I know I'm using it on an old iPad but other apps aren't as slow. It is also full of extreme reviews. Some people seem to just give 1 or 10. The same problem apparently hit Netflix, people just did 1 or 5 so they scrapped numbers and switched to thumbs up/down. I fear IMDb will do he same because I guess the latest people to join IMDb can't figure out a nuanced rating..Version: 9.2

Good, bad, & ugly.——-WHAT’S GOOD? 1. Hands down, this app provides access to the largest and most thorough database of media information known to man. 2. Regarding said information, its integration and linking is superb; app flows very well; very little lag. 3. Landscape support for tablets. 4. Dark mode. 5. Able to set preferred streaming services and then filter any watchlist with those preferences (helps to find where to watch a title). 6. Able to create and manage personal (or public) lists. 7. Keyboard is activated by tapping “Search”; this eliminates the need to tap the search field (it’s a small, but nice perk). 8. Disney+ “where to watch” filter is currently not working, but I appreciate IMDb for making that clear in the filter settings. At least this keeps the users informed. ——-WHAT’S BAD? 1. No uniform way to mark, view and manage “not interested” titles. 2. No series tracking interface to monitor progress in a series. There are workarounds, but all are cumbersome and not user-friendly. 3. No multitasking support or split screen support for tablets. 4. While I praise the “Where To Watch” streaming interface, the information provided is often wrong. 5. No way to report bugs or provide feedback within the app. There are methods that often require multiple steps outside the app. This likely hurts IMDb because it doesn’t utilize the full strength of the IMDb user army. 6. No way to multiple-select items for an action. This is inconvenient for power-users..Version: 14.3

Better database prior to Amazon owning it..Wish it was IMDB pre Amazon, again. Cheerio..Version: 13.11

It’s getting worse!!Another update and more “improvements” which are anything but. Now you have made the pictures of actors and films bigger, so you can see fewer at a time, necessitating more scrolling If you look at the filmography of any actor (surely one of the most common searches) you now have an additional submenu for actor, director, etc, meaning that the most likely searches need an extra click. And you STILL haven’t corrected the search function; click on the magnifying glass and then enter search terms, when once you could just search directly PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fire your developer and go back about three versions- the app was really good then, now it is awful.Version: 10.2.1

Your app is killing my battery!?You app has lately been sucking the life out my smart phone’s battery power!?!?!?.Version: 9.17

Lost information in recent updateSince a recent update, IMDB no longer displays the year of a movie or television show in lists for actors and other crew. This really makes it less easy to use. Please bring date display back The categorization of the watchlist is ok, but it forces extra clicks to access the list. It would be better if this could be disabled or different display default options were available. Hate it when redesigns reduce functionality!!!.Version: 9.18

Needs fixing..Broken. I’ve noticed that in the Trivia section of late, often times names of people (eg. Cast; Crew) and titles (movies; shows) are not displaying correctly (substituted with a reference to “nm…” for a Name and “tt…” for a Title. Annoying..Version: 13.17

What happened?What happened to the review system? It used to be decent. Now it’s terrible at best, toxic and racist at worst..Version: 13.14

Hate updateI use the app almost everyday or every other day to check user reviews and ratings (avid tv show and movie guy). I hate this new update hence 3 stars. Now it’s an extra step to search something..Version: 9.17

NahAll you can see is trailers or pictures, no movies, you can’t watch any of them.Version: 10.4

Bad AppDoesn’t let you download the movies to watch offline App is very slow and glitchy, don’t recommend it.Version: 9.9

Needs workWatching trailers on this app is a headache each time. Serious work is needed to improve this piece - trailer go black at random moments with audio continuing, and selecting trailers out of their headline scroll brings you back to a random spot, no memory of where you were..Version: 13.4

They just can’t stop messing with a good thing!Wow! You guys at IMDb just can’t help screwing up this app can you? The developers obviously aren’t film lovers or at least don’t do much film research. I’ve barely, but begrudgingly, gotten used to the user ‘unfriendly’ search bar they devilishly concocted at the end of last year and now, as of today’s update they’ve decided, for no apparent reason that I can see, to put the artists credits under separate tabs for acting, writing, directing, etc. So we can’t run down the list to check an artists multiple credits, but have to go back and forth, and back and forth, and (you get the idea) .... between tabs. Maybe consider hiring developers who know something about film research???? I’ve used IMDb for at least 15 years and probably 20 years. As film lover and reviewer IMDb is indispensable to me. Please stop making it harder to use..Version: 10.2.1

Safe space for the liarsUntrustworthy app. When shows that are made by any company owned by Jeff Bezos are getting bad reviews, they delete all the negative ones. Absolutely pathetic! No wonder the world laughs at the weak.Version: 13.15

Fix thisI rate this a two because I can’t actually see the movie or the series I want.Version: 9.1

Ads are getting out of handHaving to watch an ad before a trailer (essentially an ad before a movie ad) was already ridiculous. Now they’ve somehow added more ads all over the place..Version: 13.11

It’s decent but……It’s s an overall decent app, but they will adjust the overall ratings of a film ect… if they do not think it matches what the “mob” feels it should be so you can’t necessarily go by the ratings at all for a given film. If they did not do this then they’d get 5 stars from me..Version: 13.11

ProblematicThis app is broken. iPhone can’t use it because of some DNS warning. Was it happening 5 minutes ago? No. But it’s useless now. And this is one of a non-stop series of problems. Don’t use this app..Version: 12.3

Checking in, But...When browsing movie titles, I would like there to be a very obvious way of seeing what I have checked in. (I am using 'checked in' as a way of determining what I have seen - either recently or long ago in the past) For example, it is obvious what I have added to my ‘watch list’ as I will either see a green + symbol in top left of cover picture or it will say 'added to watchlist'. I could use 'ratings' as an indication of what I have seen But I do not want to or think it would be wise rating something I may have watched many years ago. Without this feature, the app is not useful for me, hence the low rating. I would really love to see a feature like this be developed please. I suggest a Green Tick in top right corner..Version: 9.7

Horrible streaming platform. Just the worst.Every part of your streaming service for movies and TV shows is awful. You should be able to pause it then come back and have it actually start from where you left it off. Not make me watch 5 minutes of commercials then start the whole show over again. It’s slow to load, too many commercials, and just looks awful. I’m not talking about picture quality either, I’m talking about the layout. It’s like you took as little time and effort as possible to put this thing together. You’re the only place I can freely stream one of my favorite TV shows - Fringe - and it’s getting to the point where I’d rather just not watch the show than deal with your horrible app. It’s seriously awful. I’d rather spend the day at the DMV then try to use your app to watch a show. I’d rather call my mother than use your app to watch a movie. Judging by the quality of your app I’d say you don’t have the highest quality employees so I’ll just put it in a way you will have an easier time understanding: YOUR APP=BAD. APP IS BIG BAD. NO NO GOOD. MAKE BETTER. MAKE APP WORK GOOD..Version: 10.3

PLEASE FIXI absolutely love this app. Despite the dated appearance and format of the App's homepage, this app is a must-have for movie-goers, providing a vast database of all info regarding actors, films, TV and upcoming projects. Frustratingly though, this app crashes repeatedly - I'm not sure if this is an issue regarding comparability with my iPhone 5C or with the app itself. Either way, it's such a shame that the app is not as proficient at its job as it could be and I think with further funding this could be a brilliant application, a must-have..Version: 8.11.1

I have used this app for years BUTThe most recent update is the worst thing to ever happen to this app. I've probably had this app since 2012 and use it almost everyday and while minor updates have lead to improvements, this newest update is awful. It seems like I'm meant to be using it on an ipad and not an iphone. Everything requires so much extra scrolling and navigating to get not even half as much information as you could get before. Please stop trying to be trendy and don't fix things that weren't broken..Version: 9.18

App is Good but needs improvementsI’m a lifelong IMDB fan, I have found myself going to this site almost everyday for the past near 10 years. That won’t change. The app is good and I do expect it to get better. I did have a recommendation, something that I find personally annoying. When watching trailers, it is hard to capture the time ticker with finger to rewind or fast forward, and also you have the screen set up to swipe to the next trailer and what is annoying is that if we don’t catch the ticker then it just swipes to the next trailer. I find myself having to go back repeatedly, wait for it to load then try to go back to where I was and it’s just a big hassle because the same thing happens over and over. I would recommend getting rid of the easy swipe to next trailer or at least give us an option to turn it off..Version: 8.3

RuinedNew filtering system is horrible.Version: 12.13

Frustrating Horrible RedesignI’ve tried hard but can’t anymore. The “second” recent redesign is too frustrating for me to bother with. I used to read the “News” daily or a couple times when bored and now I have to scroll 9 screen lengths past a ton of movie placements and “topics” I don’t care about just to get to the news section. I quickly got used to the search feature clicking on the bottom and then the text box being right above it - now it’s back on top. So click at the very bottom of the screen but the next thing you want to do, type the actual search, is not then a giant thumb reach to the top of the phone - last all of the “suggested”/paid placements. My two local theaters don’t even use a compatible source for IMDb ticketing. I’ll just use Google for my movie searches now. Maybe Google will direct me back now and again, or maybe not. I guess it depends who is paying Google to appear above IMDb in the results..Version: 9.18.2

Latest update won’t, er, update!Latest update issued on Friday 13th (oh, yes!) August 2021 doesn’t update on iPad 8OS 12.5.4. Goes through the motions of downloading then the button reverts to Update again. Compatibility says it works with this iPad, but specs say iOS 14.1. My iPad is an older 1st generation iPad Air which is running the latest iOS available, currently 12.5.4. Seems like a bad decision to exclude a huge audience that can’t update beyond iOS 12. Exactly what features in the app require iOS 14.1 as a minimum? I suspect it’s just an arbitrary decision by developers without considering the market share that can’t run the latest iOS. And why is the App Store even offering this update if it’s not compatible with iOS 12.5.4? Someone messed up, either the app developers or a bug in the App Store in iOS 12.5.4.Version: 11.15.1

Kinda BadIf it weren’t for the fact that it is the only streaming service that has the show I’m looking for and offers it for free, I wouldn’t use it. I’ll leave the app for a minute and it will completely lose my spot in what I was watching. This is unfortunate especially considering the episodes are on the longer side so it can be hard to find my way back to where I was. Additionally, when I try to skip too far ahead in an episode after it has inevitably lost my place after I close the app for a second, it also tends to freeze up(yes I mean freeze, not buffer). As far as I know, this is not due too my connection as my internet is fine when using any other application. On several occasions, it has frozen when an ad is supposed to play. The ads are short and didn’t seem like a problem until I found myself constantly having to skip around looking for where I was after it loses my place; needless to say, this wasted a lot of time I’d rather be spending just enjoying the show. I appreciate the wide variety of shows offered here for free but the aforementioned problems really prevent me from enjoying it to the fullest..Version: 10.2

Add Arabic languageFor all details and description.Version: 9.8.1

The start of the endThis app used to be a brilliant resource for all movie buffs. However I am seeing the insipid growth of advertising pop-ups banners, to the point where it’s starting to become highly distracting and annoying. Where I understand the need for the developers to make some money, it has now reached the point that advertising is rammed down your throat at every opportunity. ENOUGH! Exit stage left..Version: 10.8

UnfortunateI’ve long looked to IMDB for most, if not all of my pop culture news... and unfortunately with the last update I’m forced to use google news instead... The news topic list drones on without a seeming end and in order for me to switch topics (Top, Movies, Tv, Celeb) I either have to scroll all the way back to the top or I have to back out of the news and then open it again and switch. There was a similar issue a few updates back but it was resolved. It’s too clunky now and really like it if they streamlined it again. Until then I’m left giving it a 3 star review... 😞 (Update: I had known about tapping the top of the screen, as I said it’s just a clunky design. Before the update, the topics were at the top and immediately accessible for switching with just a tap. It just felt more streamlined. I am understanding of change and I accept it freely, especially when it makes things easier and functions better. I’m a big fan of the bug fixes that were addressed like when the app would restart as I was changing back and forth between this and other apps. Or when it would close the page I was on when my screen would lock.... Those fixes were great, and I thank you for them.).Version: 8.6.1

Bug report/user unfriendlyI use this app regularly & would give it 5 stars BUT it’s extremely annoying when you look at a feature via the upper banner slides (the top half of the screen on mobile) - when you go back, it bumps you back to the first slide & you have to swipe over many times to get back to see the rest. Please fix this!! Thanks.Version: 12.3

Too ClutteredThe app is so cluttered by useless recommendations that is has become difficult to find the main touch points that I use the app for. They changed the homepage to include a lot more things to interact with but didn’t think about what people actually want to interact with. To find the sections on the home page that say what’s out now and coming soon (which used to be near the top) you have to scroll past ten carousels titled something like “More from Bradley Cooper.” You can still find this info if you go to the search section but they’ve added more steps that don’t need to be there. I appreciate the integration of finding showtimes, showing trailers and news articles, or highlighting how you can watch a title BUT when you have that much going on it’s best to streamline and cut the excess.Version: 13.12

SpammyGood content but sends way too many push notifications..Version: 8.11

Most annoying featureOn the main screen. If I swipe through the trailers, why is the selection always jumping back to the first trailer after watching one?! I then have to swipe again through multiple trailers to check the next trailer. This is so annoying! How can this be of any help if the selection always jumps back to the first one?!.Version: 10.6

Love this app but…My husband and I use this app very often to look up movie stuff, mostly to try and prove the other wrong in something lol. I would go on the app every night to look at all the headlines for top news, movies, tv and celeb to see what’s going on. Lately there are soooo many articles it takes forever to scroll through them all to read the headlines and see if there is anything I would like to read up on. The problem is most of it is just repetitive headlines just from different sources. I honestly don’t go on and look anymore because it’s too much now. If it was all different story subjects I wouldn’t mind but seeing the same ones over and over and over and over again it just annoying. Wish there was a way that the headline shows once and when you click on it it will show all the different choices for sources for you to chose from. At least then it wouldn’t be so much to scroll through. Also what happened to being able to rate reviews on the app? Please bring that back..Version: 8.5.1

No longer what it once wasThis app used to be so good but it’s been ruined by greed. Pop ups and surveys and predictions are counterproductive and just add to the intrusive background “noise”. There was a time when one could spend hours browsing the database, reading the biogs of favourite actors and directors and discovering the other films they were involved in. Now, alongside the repellent pop ups, the reviews of new films are polarised by shills scoring either one or ten stars; the database is a ghastly mess; not helped by the lack of proper librarianship, which leads to the same people being listed more than once, amongst other inconsistencies. I’d happily PAY for a well curated database free from all the nonsense that I don’t want to be subjected to..Version: 12.2

What a messUsed to be a really good app for seeing what’s playing, trailers and coming soon films. Now it’s a jumbled mess.. throwing way too much content at you… like a frenzy.. Movies you might like, Movies with dogs in them, movies that start with the letter T… god awful… next….Version: 13.8.1

Searching the movie lists constant going backAnytime i look up the ‘known for..’ list. especislly when choosing a title thats far back when i come back it reverses all the way back to the start which is frustrating to the point of just closing the app..Version: 13.13.1

Dumb!!You can’t even watch movies I thought this was a movie app not a movie information app :(.Version: 9.12.1

Great app, now leave me aloneThe only reason I’m reading this review is so IMDb will stop asking me to write one. Ok now, are you satisfied?.Version: 13.14

Another essential app crippled by user manipulationI’ve been using IMDB since the 90s - such a fabulous resource, built up by its users. Imagine my delight when the mobile app emerged with the advent of smartphones. Happy days! And yet now I find myself using the website again. Why? Because the app has been so degraded over successive ‘upgrades’, in an attempt to force users away from using the central database and towards using the revenue generating features, that it’s practically useless for what I want: information about movies. Another one bites the dust; brought down by over zealous commercial exploitation..Version: 9.18

Awful interface. Latency issues are assured.Is 229 mbps not enough bandwith to spur this app to complete a search request? Apparently not. The app has suffered alzheimers like latency since the beginning. I appreciate its consistency in that regard. It smooths your expectations. In contrast, Safari gives an instantaneous search result to my film inquiries. And when you get their the ADHD vomit culture design of each page reminds you, the trip was not worth starting..Version: 11.15

Terrible updateI’ve been using the IMDB app for years. It used to be great but now it’s just frustrating. For example, I wanted to find the top box office numbers for the week. Can’t find it. I want to check movie news and now I have to keep scrolling down past stuff I don’t wanna see. Previous versions, you would tap “movies” and then check out whatever you wanted. Now it’s like pulling teeth. Been stressfully exploring the app now for a half hour. I still don’t know the box office numbers for this week. It is still fairly easy to find a movie. Search option is now down on the bottom. Click that and a search bar appears at the top. Kind of annoying but it’s fine. The “What To Watch” and “Top Picks” is a huge waste of time. The top picks we’re Saving Private Ryan, Up, and the 24 tv show movie from 11 years ago. Please bring back some of the past options and make it more user friendly. The app was very focused before. Now it’s all over the place and filled with fluff I don’t want to see..Version: 9.18

I use Wikipedia insteadI put up with a lot to use this app, and now the ads have destroyed scrolling and loading times. It’s practically unusable at this point..Version: 12.2

Too much addsToo much adds.Version: 13.16

Garbage new update for previously flawless appIMDb was an app I used a lot. It was extremely easy to use, with a UI that helped make finding things quick and efficient. The design of the app was lovely. Most of all, the thing that most people use the app for, the search bar, was a single tap away. Now, unfortunately, a lot of the intuitive design and user-friendly interface has been ruined, instead replaced by a tab system that many other apps have adopted but simply does not work here. The search bar, the most important feature of this app, has now been moved to the second tab, and to the bottom of the screen, thus removing a lot of the efficiency the app was useful for. The main feature of IMDb has been set as a second priority in favour of celebrity news. It’s a simple little flaw but it makes a huge difference in the usability of the app..Version: 9.17

Cannot log in anymoreEarlier versions of IOS 11 cannot login anymore. I hope keep updating app with earlier iOS versions as well..Version: 9.10

Terrible UpdateThe new update makes finding recent films and upcoming films a nightmare. It is brutal and unusable!!.Version: 12.5.1

Overrun with adsThis app use to be good now they have even squeezed advertisements into the search bar screen…pathetic.Version: 13.4

Doesn’t hold previously watchedThe new update doesn’t hold the place in the TV series’s that I’m watching. So now when I go to keep watching something I can’t find which episode I watched last. It’s very frustrating..Version: 8.15

The app design is breaking bad bigtime.When you look at an actor’s page, the years of the movies/shows they’ve done are removed. When you look at a movie/show page some of the actor’s role names are removed. What’s up with that? All you‘ve really done is turn the app into something less useful than it was before, degraded it. I don’t understand why people do that, it’s just stupid. I’m sure there’s a reason behind IMDb’s app design breaking bad, I just wish I knew what it is, because you can’t go so wrong by accident. This bad design is by design but why? Crucial information removed from the pages (title’s year, actor’s role names), UI’s main function (search) removed from the main page. iOS has search box literally on each and every screen, I wonder now if it would be faster and easier to search IMDb from iOS search without opening the app first, or with 3D touch on the app icon. Now when I think about it, it must be. That still doesn’t bring back the missing info misteriously removed from the pages. Maybe the web interface proves itself better than the app..Version: 9.18.2

Newest UpdateI loved the app up until this new feature was added. When clicking on shows I want to watch and checking the seasons and the episode ratings I get this massive screencap for each episode shoved in my face and it just leaves me open to spoilers and the ability to infer things about what’s going to happen through these photos. Definitely hope that feature is going to be getting rid of soon..Version: 9.9

Racist?I've been using imdb for 11 years, overall its a good website, i've added many Chinese movie info to help them complete their pages, although my contributions are often ignored or questioned by Americans who's never seen an Asian movie before. They ask me to prove it, but it's their job to make their sites accurate, no? The lists keep screwing up, and worst of all, in memoriam of 2023, they had 85 celebrities who died, including some of the tiniest names, yet they didn't add CoCo Lee, whose death was extremely shocking for the chinese folks for MONTHS. But imdb don't care, she's not worthy because she's chinese Even though she once performed in the Oscar. Kathy Chow is another name that got overlooked, she was a goddess for 70-80s generation, but imdb don't care because they dont know who she is. Two mega stars in china, yet imdb has no knowledge of. imdb needs to have employees who actually know something about movies, care for movies, pay attention to news, and good at their jobs. Before that, Letterboxd will be the new go-to..Version: 14.3

There’s no way to pause or stop a video once you start it!This is so horribly irritating! Why did you take all the transport controls, especially the pause button, away from videos (trailers, etc.)? I had to quit the app, and I was ready to delete it from my iPad after this. This is not the only time it happened, either. Also, as everyone else is complaining about, changing the search button to the bottom of the page but making us go back up to the top and tapping on the search bar, when it’s obvious that’s what we want to do when we tap on the search button at the bottom of the screen, is horrible! Another terrible thing that other people are also complaining about is the fact that there is no more back button and there never was a forward button. Please add those..Version: 10.1

Problem to reportAny other way takes 1,000 unnecessary steps to simply report a problem.. The IMDB App/Website incorrectly stated that the tv show StartUp has all 3 seasons available for streaming on Prime, when in fact the show isn’t even available at ALL on Prime??? Not in Australia, not in the US, not anywhere, and there’s literally no where else to report this. The developer website has no information. You click another thing to try to report the issue but it takes you through 1,000 steps and then to create an account which is ridiculous! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ We’re trying to let you know there’s an issue to fix why would you make that so incredibly difficult and inconvenient for everyone that’s just trying to alert you and help?.Version: 13.16

Not what it once wasAt this stage, in 2022, no one expects an entity like IMDB to be quite what it was when it began: an information repository used mostly the industry, scholars and major film fans. That said… it has since become cluttered with the same common-level, attention-demanding crap that is the main diet of every commercial site. Yes, I expect to find trailers and featurettes here, but just put ‘em in a list; believe me, I’m smart enough to find them! The homegrown content consisting of vapid, moments-long “interviews” and blurbs is just so boring and exactly the same as Entertainment Tonight etc. I mean.. why? I’ve always used IMDB as a reliable database and for news stories. Well, the news sections are corrupted by topics that have zero to do with its category, mainly the inclusion of political content and product reviews. Gone are the days when “Movie News” showed only those stories about… um… movies. There’s no quality control here. Once all the “hey, look at this!” stuff took over the top half of the site and the news got pushed way down below the “if you like those movies…” and birthdays sections, it was over. I now use IMDB grudgingly: find what I need, then I’m out. I can find all the other dumb content it offers literally anywhere else..Version: 13.0

Not a fanEveryone is like "wow this is a great app!" While me, I didn't have the best experience. I thought the movies would be free! But it turns out that I had to pay money to watch it. I waited until the trailers ended because I thought that the movie would come after the trailer. But guess what! THERE WAS ANOTHER TRAILER AFTER THAT ONE! Other than that, it's a good app. It tells you all of the movies coming soon and it tells you the actors as well! I just have no idea on how to watch a movie....Version: 9.6.1

I love this appI visit this app on a daily basis, I fact several times a day, I use it more than any other app I have. In terms of content for tv and movies the information is very comprehensive and second to non, plus there is always news on up and coming video, the whole site is very informative even about the actors, directors etc. the reason I only gave it 3 ⭐️ is because since the iOS 13 update the widgets don’t work any more, they just say unable to load, I waited for an update but that didn’t fix it, also there is no email or link to alert them to this, at least it’s not easy to find if there is, they are the reasons I marked it down, if they fix the issues I will re-rate..Version: 9.15

Past it’s best. ( like me)Long time user, increasingly annoying with movie trailers and adverts, click bait, shoved in front of anything you might be searching for. And then it shows trailer without sound, says tap to hear sound, you tap it and guess what it goes off to an advert or a different trailer, probably for something you’ve already seen. Update: early adopter, ads now taking up maybe 20%of phone screen, it’s the most annoying app I still use. Every time I open the app it asks for a review, so here it is. Updated..Version: 11.12

ImdbI’ve been with IMDb for years. Great, but now not so much. I liked the constant previews on the home page but now have to scroll through avoiding the extra bits. Possibly a solution is to enable a setting where only previews available along the top?.Version: 9.15

No subtitles for trailers for hearing impairedVery angry that subtitles aren’t available for trailers played in the IMDb app, when ADA laws require that streaming apps that play videos have the option to display subtitles. Of course IMDb has made it so there’s no way to contact them, it just directs you to the community forum, which has tens of thousands of posts just related to adding subtitles, going back years! So obviously IMDb doesn’t care about those of us who are hearing impaired, and they ACTIVELY choose to not follow ADA laws. I am so disgusted with IMDb and I hope they change their viewpoint to help those of us with disabilities, as we are largely forgotten or thought of as “less than, not important, etc”, and add subtitles. Also, many people who aren’t hearing impaired like to have subtitles so they want it added as well. Maybe if enough people who aren’t hearing impaired write negative reviews and say they want subtitles, then IMDb will add them, because there have been thousands of posts by those of us who are deaf or hard of hearing and they couldn’t care less about us..Version: 12.4.2

🤢Worst app ever. never download this. it’s really useless I don't see the use of the app. I can't even watch an episode.Version: 13.9

Let me watch full movies !!!!This a bad app because I can’t watch full movies only trailers.Version: 9.13.1

Terrible Layout Hard To Navigate IntuitivelyTerrible layout which makes it extremely unintuitive to navigate. Worst thing the app developers have done is remove the search bar from the home screen. Worst user experience for an expensive looking app ever, congrats..Version: 12.5

Like everything :(“Used” to be the most reliable app to get information add free and no dramas. Of course it’s come to a end and the app will slowly die now cause of “greed” I know you all get paid depending on the amount of people using app so I hope it works out for yous. Also messed up the search bar, really why even change that? Good luck.Version: 13.1

Good stuff buried in a cluttered appA once-stellar app has devolved into a complete mess of forced ads, cherry-picked movies, and useless-to-users clickbait, and with each new update, navigation only gets worse due to all the clutter. The user and critic reviews are buried underneath layers of useless garbage. Why? We aren’t sheep. We are people very capable of making our own choices if provided the opportunity. This app used to be chock-full of great, easy-to-find and easy-to-read information on all things movie/TV/Hollywood industry. Not any longer. That information has been buried under an avalanche of lousy ads that cannot be switched off, poor site navigation, and other useless “suggestions.” If you must continue to junk up the app, please provide users a bullet-point list of categories so we can get to exactly what we want on the site (movies, streaming, clickbait crap, etc. to help in quickly navigating the site. Allow us to think for ourselves. Judging from the “most critical” reviews here, I am not alone in my thinking. The preference is to go back to the app you once were before greed took over. If enough of your users leave the site/delete the app, your precious ad dollars will dwindle accordingly. Do the math..Version: 13.15

Broken and unusable filteringWhen opening up an actor or producers page and tapping on “see all” or “full filmography” you’re presented a page of credits organized into bins that are presented in a long list. For the most popular or successful people, you have to scroll endlessly and attempt to find their “producer” or “actor” bins pushed so far below the fold by endless credits. This should be based on date not by role type. If someone has produced twenty films over a few years and directed one in a year you shouldn’t have to scroll through twenty producer credits to get to one director credit. Use case: Steven Spielberg - scroll endlessly to get to a director credit when he’s credited to hundreds of producer roles. BAD UX. It wasn’t always this way. Or maybe the ability to view the page in alternate filtering is so buried I’m naive. Also: bought and paid for reviews. It’s impossible that every single Marvel film gets 10/10 the first week and then immediately drops off by honest reviews EVERY SINGLE TIME. IMDB used to be honest and fair. Now it’s dominated by “bots.”.Version: 13.2.1

Love the info, hate the search featureOkay, so, iOS devices all have search bars at the top (albeit, after pulling down). We are used to it. And we are used to having a cursor in the search bar, ready to go. Now you’ve gotten rid of the search bar on the main page (searching, of course, is probably at least 85% of the reason users have the app), moved the search feature to a button tap way at the bottom, but with the search bar itself being back at the top. I know we are to “touch search again to pull up the keyboard,” but it is seriously clunky. If I touched search, it should be obvious I am trying to type my query. Since this specific app is for iOS, why not match the gestures of the operating system and have users pull down on the home page to open search *with a keyboard up? Would be such a streamlined search to appease the iPhone crowd, and the home page and its articles would still be present to those browsing. IMDB is my go-to service for movies and celebrity info, but every time I open the app makes me regret it. Please change it!.Version: 9.18

Update FailLatest update is buggy and hangs. Gives me a message that my internet speed is too slow. Deleted the app as it is annoying to navigate. Worked flawlessly for my up until the latest update. As far as content goes, lots of interesting information - my go-to movie database. Now… fix the app please!.Version: 12.1.1

Well....It’s great but really slow + there should be an option where you can pick your theme and colours for the app that would be a 5 star.Version: 9.4.1

Recent disappointmentBefore I just re installed it on my phone I would have given it 5 stars. Now??? I'm very sorry to knock my rating down to a 3. Just the other day, I deleted a bunch of apps because I'm running out of memory on my iPhone. I really missed IMBD! So tonight I uploaded it again. It couldn't look more different. It looks like a full web page instead of what most apps look like; a manageable size and construction for an iPhone. (I have a decent sized screen, too. It's an iPhone 6s+.) The words are too small for me to see and I'm unable to view the whole page at once and must move it around in order to see only part of the page at a time. I sure hope you have a suggestion for me. I loved looking and searching and learning about movies, tv shows and celebrities. Now I doubt I can use it. Is there any way you can revert this to the previous set up?.Version: 8.6.1

ConfusedCan you watch shows on this? If so how!.Version: 9.11.1

BRING BACK THE THREADSI miss when IMDB had user threads and had different topics for different discussions. Please bring it back!.Version: 9.18.1

Unable to add to my WatchList...?I’m not sure what the issue is, but I’m not able to add any more movies, TV shows, etc. to my WatchList...? Every time I attempt to add anything to my WatchList, this insanely long error message pops up, basically saying I’m unable to add items at this time...? The odd thing is, that I went on the Website and tried adding from a “separate” account, i.e. different email address, and I didn’t have a problem; however, when I signed back in with my original account, i.e. my primary email address, it wouldn’t allow me to add anything to my original WatchList, again... So, I’m not sure what the problem is, I’ve never had anything but positive experiences with the IMDb App, and I’ve been using IMDb from the beginning... I’m a longtime, frequent IMDb user, and I’m becoming concerned because I don’t want, nor do I have the kind of time to completely redo my IMDb account. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve saved, added, etc... Please help... ☹️😥🤯🥵.Version: 9.13.1

Used to be goodGone are the days when you could open the app, type in the movie and have your answer straight away. Now you have a UI that is overly complicated adding additional steps and info that aren’t necessary. Half the information is missing, pictures no longer appear for the actors unless they’re an a-lister. The app its self now drains the battery unless you restrict the background data which it needs to constantly spam you with adverts. Pointless notification system- who needs it?! Go back to doing what you were good at. In the meantime, uninstall app and just google the answer it’s a lot quicker and easier..Version: 8.1

Please fix the menu function from auto-playingThe recent iPhone version has changed behaviour of the menu (3 little dots) for each video on the main home page feed. It used to open a menu all the time so you could save to watch later. Now it seems like they are testing something where 50% of the time it starts autoplaying the video, and then you have save for watch later This is extremely annoying for those (like me) who want to browse the feed, and quickly save to watch later anything interesting ‘without’ playing any videos. Please make this a setting you can choose either option if you insist in autoplaying so it can be turned off..Version: 8.14

Adverts galore!Was a pretty fabulous app and now everywhere I look there’s adverts. In the trivia, episode lists, cast lists. Even when flicking through photos there’s multiple adverts. It’s a joke. Might have to find a new app to use now.Version: 10.7

Ads everywhereI get it, ads support developers but having the same one plastered all over the page using up half the screen repeatedly is terrible. This used to be such a good app but now it is barely usable..Version: 11.5

Wrong move...I’ve been using the IMDB app for years, and it’s been amazing, being able to find information really quickly by using the search bar — accessible on every page — and now they’ve gone and hidden it behind its own page, and even when you click on the search icon you still have to reach up to the top of the page (would be so bad if it auto focused). This change of functionality is really bad for usability and should be reverted or auto focus the search field when clicking the search icon..Version: 9.17

Completely user unfriendly on every level nowI can no longer rely in any way on the principle reason I became a member of IMDB. I found it extremely useful many years back, and informative in researching facts on motion pictures, television series , actors, directors etc. etc. Now all of that detail is cut off completely via iOS Safari mobile access in favor of a crappy, piece meal, substandard, user unfriendly mobile site with no longer any way to access the full desktop version of IMDB - if indeed that even still exists in the reasonably thorough and succinct format it always had. I was outraged with these brain dead idiots in charge of IMDB when they dumped all the user comment forums for every actor, director, movie, television series, etc. etc. etc. a few years back. l found the maneuver absolutely despicable, and extremely irresponsible. Clearly a bunch of self serving, infantile, stupid to the inth degree morons have gotten their filthy rotten, brain dead empowered hands on this site. I am fed up, and will no longer subject myself to such underhanded, childish, self serving manipulations. You people can go stuff it as far as I am concerned!.Version: 11.14

Used to love it. Now I hate it - because of ads and terrible UIX.Every action that I value is now filled with unwelcome intrusions and extras, like tips that can't be turned off, trailers that cannot go full screen and ads, ads, ads everywhere. Screw you, Amazon..Version: 13.5

Hateful Review bombing a serious issueIMDB, you seriously need to figure out a wait to combat hate-motivated review bombing. It is happening more frequently and it is quite disturbing..Version: 13.12

Fix RequiredFirst of all I’d like to state that the app is excellent in providing information about movies, 5 Stars unreservedly. However, my 1 Star in this review is given because the app seems to intrude and interrupt other open music streaming or radio apps. Worse, when the imdb app is closed down the other interrupted apps are not restored. I understand that within imdb there are videos available but only when these videos are selected by the user that imdb should interrupt the other streaming apps which must be restored once the imdb video or the app itself are exited..Version: 11.4

Lots of info, but a cluttered mess.It used to be a great app, 5 stars easy, and it’s still a very good one in terms of the vast content. But, after being forced to update, the new version naturally is a hot mess. There are so many recommendations and crap I don’t need, and that just take up space, it makes it a chore to find what I DO need. Of course there are more ads than ever before, as well. It’s not enjoyable to browse any more, and is now strictly for finding specific information at any given time. Another issue is the “featured reviews” from users. Why aren’t the most helpful reviews featured? More often than not, the featured ones are ones that aren’t especially helpful, and that’s based on IMDb’s own “helpful” counts. Like so many things these days, it’s an app we’ve come to rely on and so bo matter how badly they “improve” it, we still need it..Version: 13.15

Stop letting stupid people add triviaI miss the early days of IMDB when it was run and only run by those who worked at IMDb or in the entertainment business. Instead you decided to open it up to anyone who signs up and allowed them to add trivia items that are quite literally trivial. The trivia of IMDb used to be my favorite part of the site. Behind the scenes tidbits that enhanced what I was watching. Now? It’s either inane tidbits, inaccurate one liners, grasps at any kind of connection, made up crap to say they got something approved, plot spoilers in the wrong location (you know instead of actually going into the spoiler section), notes by people who were obviously not born when the movie/tv show came out and therefore do not get that for their time was the norm, or just plain stupid. I’ve seen everything from people being offended at old 1930’s movies because they didn’t realize that movies were made then and it was a different era to such things a character name in an episode vaguely resembling a previous character name in an episode that aired two years prior. Why are these things approved? Want to make it “social” or interactive? Create a message board or Game Center and leave the actual trivia and fact section to the pros. (Which reminds me, double check your facts on stars as I keep finding inaccurate ‘facts’ on dates of birth, birth/death locations and more. The only thing this site is good for anymore is finding out who’s in the cast..Version: 13.12

This app could be amazing if it wanted toThe information here on IMDb is absolutely essential these days when watching almost anything. Being able to look up the names of factors, and figure out where we’ve seen them before, or where some thing was filmed, or any of that is really pretty great. My complaint is that, it could be much better organized, would love to see it integrated with rotten tomatoes, as well as some very annoying interface issues like the title of a film, never displaying completely, and not having the option for landscape viewing. It just feels a little sloppy and unruly and I’m certain I’m not the first person to suggest that they fix some of these interface issues. Honestly? It is such an essential database that I would be more than happy to even pay an annual fee for the app if they could just clean it up a bit more..Version: 13.3.1

Good app for users, not for contributorsIt’s a good enough app for anonymous browsing. The problem is as an IMDB user account holder, it makes you log in all over again after updating, and moreover the iPhone fingerprint ID doesn’t work at all. In addition, I’ve made countless contributions to IMDB database over the years which go completely unappreciated. Most of them have been deleted without any notice why, and the rest don’t even show up against my account, although I have email evidence I submitted them. As a platform for user contribution it’s really the worst I’ve ever used..Version: 9.15.1

Search not PlayThe reason I use IMDB is to search for something specific. Now the search bar is no longer automatically available at the top but must be first selected at the bottom! Why the preview video has a Play symbol in the middle of it when it plays automatically is beyond me. As if I'm incapable of selecting Play if I ever wanted the video to play - which I almost NEVER do..Version: 11.13

Don’t like as much as desktopApp works ok, but it is not as nice to use as on desktop. Too many suggestions and stuff I don’t want to see. Information that I want to see i.e. trivia, filmography, budget etc. is not so clear and detailed. Basically, the phone app is more of a film publicity type pf device..Version: 11.15

Watch an ad to watch an adYou have to watch ads in order to watch another ad (the movie trailer) this is just ridiculous..Version: 11.16

Junky looking appThere is garbage all over the page, some of it relevant, lots of it not. There’s no focus at all to the layout. I’ll go back to accessing it through a web page. At least I can block a lot of the crap with Ab Block Plus..Version: 13.7.1

Unreliable IMDB-liteI’m afraid this is now an extremely disappointing and unreliable app. All search results are not returned as they are on the website. Certain titles/names that appear on the website are not even searchable in the app at all, which is a baffling limitation since they must be using the same data source. This makes it unreliable and frustrating to use. It also lacks many of the features of the website - an absolutely cardinal sin for any app and completely inexcusable in this day and age. The interface is cluttered, overly ad-heavy and a pain to use. Despite the good reviews, don’t be fooled: this is a poor website-lite version of the IMDb website; the devs should go back to the drawing board and do a complete ground-up redesign..Version: 11.8.1

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