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Athleta: Clothing & Wellness App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Athleta: Clothing & Wellness app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Athleta: Clothing & Wellness? Can you share your negative thoughts about athleta: clothing & wellness?

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Athleta: Clothing & Wellness for Negative User Reviews

Crashes like a sloth with narcolepsyOk guys, I LOVE Athleta and I love the layout and feel of this app, but seriously, I cannot even scroll down an inch without it crashing repeatedly. Like, ALL THE TIME. I keep it up to date, I reinstall, I clear data, but to no avail. It never remembers my thumbprint or password even though I tell it to literally every time I log in. It’s extremely frustrating for an app that is supposed to make browsing easier. I have started going back to the website to browse because I am so done with all the bugs and glitches. I wanna give you a second chance though because I love everything else, so please fix the issues! <3.Version: 4.0.0

Be careful of hidden shipping charges10+ year customer of Athleta here. IF you use the latest version that they annoyingly force you to upgrade to, and want to use Apple Pay or any other option, they will ADD $7 shipping fee AFTER you check out and you won’t even know it, because the purchase will NOT be in your history. On the phone they will claim you checked out as a guest - not possible, have screenshots that I spent over $100 and shipping is $0.Trashy and sneaky way to lose a customer. Improve integration with Apple Pay, PayPal or don’t offer them. Scammers..Version: 3.28.3

The New Plus sizesHello , I shop a lot from Athleta’s website and I am finding that the new Plus size options are lack luster at best. Why is it you change the options and give the plus size consumers only a few items to choose from. When there are obviously better, more stylish options for the “regular” sizes? I don’t like the change, sorry. Plus size women like to look cute too and we also appreciate lots of options as well. As one of Athleta’s loyal consumers , I would advise to have some plus size people in the room when making these types of decisions..Version: 3.21.0

Uff version 3.28.2 is hurtingI love this app and it usually functions very well for me, but for this version, I’m not sure what’s going on… pages not loading, the main page is blank, getting several “something went wrong” errors. In the cart it keeps getting frozen on the pop up telling me how to slide left to delete or save items for later, can’t get past it. Have tried restarting the app and using WiFi and cell data to make sure it wasn’t my connection. Going to need to go to the website to checkout instead..Version: 3.28.2

Glitchy glitchy glitchyI have tolerated the glitchiness on this app because I love Athleta, the look, the quality, the price, the frequency of sale. However, I am reaching a breaking point. The app signs me out every time I close it, regardless of having FaceID activated. I have to sign in with my email and password, which I and probably most people have not taken the time to memorize. This is a minor inconvenience, but with this being an app and the ease of use being a prominent feature of apps, this is a big problem..Version: 3.28.5

Apple Pay doesn’t work wellYou can use Apple Pay to pay for an order through the app, but you’ll be charged for shipping even if you qualify for free shipping and your order won’t qualify for rewards points. I had to call customer service to have the shipping charges reversed and was told over the phone that rather than choosing Apple Pay when first prompted I needed to continue on in the purchasing process and would be able to choose Apple Pay again later. That is not true..Version: 8.3.0

I love Athleta. Hate their app.This is one of the worst shopping apps I have used. I am giving up on it and will just use the website. I have so many problems logging in because of the user interface on my iPhone. I finally figured out that the app doesn’t display or work properly on the smaller iPhones. It displays fine on iPads or iPhone Max phones. I enter my username/email but there is no place to enter my password and it won’t let me advance without the password. So basically I can’t use the app on my phone. So frustrating. The app has had glitches like this for the past year. I wish Athleta would fix this since normally it is so much easier to shop on an app rather than logging into the website..Version: 3.28.4

Stop logging me outI would give this app 5 stars if you guys just stop friggin logging me out of the app, it’s so annoying. There’s also no save or remember email option on the log in screen. It’s obnoxious to have to constantly log in every time i want to browse the app. Retype my email, and then guess my password (I mean come on who ever remembers their password anymore). I can’t even log in using facial recognition even tho I’ve enabled it. If I’ve enabled it, I shouldn’t have to type in my password. Might as well just use the mobile website..Version: 3.25.3

BEWARETried this app for the first time and will never use it again. My order shipped to an old address in a city I no longer live in (user error, sure) but when I tried to cancel it via phone I was cautioned that the cancelation was only a request and that my order could still ship there. I have no way of reordering the items as I used rewards that are no longer in my account. All in all - I’m currently out the rewards, money spent, and the items I selected. With no course of action aside from waiting to see if my request is approved. I couldn’t be more disappointed..Version: 3.25.4

Prepare to refresh over and over and overI keep hoping this app will improve; it used to work so well before about fall 2019. But since then, it’s riddled with bugs that seem to get worse and worse instead of better. The first and most frustrating problem is that I get the “Something Went Wrong” error message and prompt to refresh seemingly at random throughout several sections of the app. It’s constantly needing to be refreshed, and when it does, it either reloads the page entirely or makes me re-scroll through items I’ve already seen. I can’t get through probably 2 minutes in the app without running into this message — and it happens over and over and over again. The second problem is that the “Favorites” section has become unusable. While the icon is still shown on items (in the feed - for the most part? - but not on an item page), it’s impossible to get to your own Favorites section because of the aforementioned “Something Went Wrong” endless cycle. I’ve had to resort to putting all my “favorites” into my cart, then moving them to “Saved For Later” just to keep track of the things I like. I love Athleta and their products, but this app needs some serious love. It’s incredibly frustrating to use!.Version: 3.24.0

Unable to login for 2 MonthsIt’s been more than 2 months since the app logged me out and I have been unable to login again since then. I have deleted it and reloaded several times but I see this is an issue with many users. I just launched the most recent update and still no go. This is so frustrating as it’s the easiest way for me to shop and there’s been 2-3 App exclusive launches and promos during that time. Why drive traffic to a program you can’t support? Ihaven’t made a purchase across this or any of their brands since the app failed..Version: 8.4.1

Terrible glitchesI love the athleta & BR brands but I’m getting so fed up with their apps. They jump around all the time and refresh when you are scrolling through, and you can’t find where you left off which is aggravating. It logs me out all the time also which is quite irritating to have to log in all the time even after I saved my password about a hundred times. These issues need to be fixed, it was happening when I had an iPhone 8 and it evens happens with my new 12. Website online does the same thing sometimes. Need consistency and better reliability..Version: 3.27.1

Great concept, but needs tweakingThe app is constantly showing me how to use each button, like it is the first time I am using the app. I cannot complete a single session without multiple notifications that “something went wrong” and I have to refresh. I love that the app links to all the brands, and it makes it really easy to shop. I just wish those kinks mentioned above could be worked out..Version: 3.29.0

Great until it starts signing you out.Love these brands and how easy it is to shop all four in one app. Thing go downhill fast when you start getting signed out. I’ve had my whole cart and wishlist deleted, had orders go to the confirmation page only for me to be promptly signed out with no record of the order going through and then been kicked out for hours on end with an “uh oh!” message when I try to log back in. I really wish they’d fix this problem, it’s been happening for years..Version: 8.5.0

Loss of functionalityVery disappointing!!! The one thing that made up for how glitchy the app could be was the ability to switch between the 4 that feature is gone. Like many others who have reviewed the app, I have had the issue of the app jump around when you are scrolling through items. You lose your place and can’t get to where you were. This also happens on their website. Search phrases are hit or miss. You can search for the exact name of an item and it will not appear. They have to invest in fixing this as it gives the impression that you do not have it. I have had sizes appear (tall) on the website, but they don’t show up on the app. Now with the loss of being able to switch through brands...the app really becomes useless. In a time when online shopping and virtual abilities are so vital...they are really missing the boat. Absolutely love the clothes...BUT not the technical challenges. Please resolve!.Version: 3.27.0

A+ navigation & shopping, D- app advantages & purchasingThis app is easy to navigate and switch between brands. However, I gave it a low rating because there’s literally no advantage to using this than going to the website. I would actually say it’s worse. Every single time I open the app (even if I was just looking at it 5 minutes before), it takes me through this annoying navigation tutorial. It also makes me sign in every time I want to do anything! For example, if I sign in to checkout, I have to sign in AGAIN to redeem any rewards and then half the time I have to sign in again to complete the purchase! It’s ridiculous. I use it just to keep track of my shopping bag so I don’t have another tab open in my browser, but 9 times out of 10 I go to the website to finish my purchase because it’s much faster..Version: 4.3.0

Always a problemI’ve used this app for a few years now and shop Athleta very often. This is by far the worst shopping app I use (and I wouldn’t keep trying but many times special deals are “app only”). It never keeps you logged in, it always takes 2+ tries to even log in, it crashes constantly, it can no longer track your reward points, etc. I could keep going, but probably no use. I see many others have left similar reviews and it’s not made a difference on getting anything fixed..Version: 4.5.0

Too many glitches lately:/This app used to be a 5 Stars in functionality. Not sure what changes were made a couple of months ago that cause it to spin when adding items to the cart. I had saved/favorite items for later & they all vanished. The app requires signing in EVERY time I open it. Even though it’s facial recognition it’s still annoying. Yes, I did delete it & reinstall it, but nothing changed..Version: 8.7.0

Sign in is always an issueThe navigation on the app is good, and it’s nice and smooth to toggle between the different stores. Great that you can combine your cart and shipping. But sign in is always an issue. The app logs me out randomly and repeatedly, and it’s weirdly tough to get it signed back in. I get a spinning wheel until it times out, even when I uninstall and reinstall the app. This has happened intermittently for the entire time I’ve owned the app, which is more than a year. I wish I could give more stars because this is the only issue I have because it’s excellent for browsing. But it’s completely prohibitive to completing a purchase. Which… is the whole point of having the app..Version: 8.0.0

No FaceID for VisaThe new update a few days ago now requires a password entry for each login into the Athleta credit card aspect of the app. This was not the case previously and is super inconvenient to have to enter a password each time. I have enough passwords to have to remember and specifically have used the Athleta app to access my credit card account because it allowed for biometric access. Very disappointing. Please change it back ASAP! I hop on every 1-2 days and this is a huge bother now. Annoying the developers didn’t take into account their loyal card holders and ease of access..Version: 4.1.0

Not as good as beforeI loved using the app. It is easy to use, holds my info, remembers my favorites, and easy to navigate. However, with the last few updates every 30 seconds (no matter what store I’m shopping on) I get a screen that says “Something went wrong. Uh oh… we weren’t able to process your request. Refresh to try again.” I was hoping this would be fixed with the last three updates, but it seems to be popping up faster. Started at every 5 minutes, then two minutes, now it’s every 30 seconds it seems. Please find this issue and solve it. I am losing interest in using the app because of this..Version: 4.2.1

Sale page never loads properlyI have the same issue with both the website and the app… when scrolling through items in the sale page, the page will just refresh and lose several of the items that were previously there. It just jumps around constantly, and even if I close the app and reload, it still happens. And I’ve also encountered the exact same issue with the website. It’s becoming such a problem that shopping online or through the app is virtually impossible. I also had my daughter try it on her phone, and the same thing happened. It’s super frustrating… to the point where it’s not worth shopping on your site or app..Version: 3.27.0

Love Athleta, but the App Is TERRIBLEThe app is slow. It resets frequently so you loose where you were browsing. It asks you to log in to your account multiple times in a session. It walks you through how to navigate the app almost every time you log in. I keep hoping that these basic functions will be fixed with app updates. Alas, I fear they never will be. It’s so bad that I have to pull out a good old desktop browser anytime I want to do some online shopping at Athleta. Even shopping in Safari is better than the app. I have an iPhone 13, so I don’t think it’s an issue with unsupported technology….Version: 8.8.1

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