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Athleta: Clothing & Wellness Positive Reviews

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Athleta: Clothing & Wellness App User Positive Comments 2022

Athleta: Clothing & Wellness app received 26 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about athleta: clothing & wellness?

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Athleta: Clothing & Wellness for Positive User Reviews

Love Athleta!!!I am never disappointed in any part of my Athleta experiences. The products are the beat quality, most durable, and comfortable workout clothes I’ve ever used! The styles are fun and flattering as well!! I love having a store close by. They have the best customer service and care!! Another plus is hat so many things come in a petite, and for my 5’1” it means I get a better fit! Can’t say enough about Athleta!! I tell everyone!!.Version: 3.10.0

Smooth AppThis app makes it so much more smooth to shop my favorite Athleta gear. I’m used to shopping online using the Athleta website, and this app is so much easier. I can easily apply filters, edit my cart, jump between all the Gap brands (without losing the items in my cart), and my rewards are always right there when I open the app. Even if I’m shopping in store, I just open the app and have my rewards ready to apply. I won’t have to wait to login & click around several times before getting to my rewards (and holding up the line). Love the new app!.Version: 3.21.0

A few hiccups but overall fineMostly I like the app. It’s easy to use. There are a couple of things that are annoying - not a reason not to use it but mentioning here as a request to development: 1. It never remembers me. It makes me sign in almost every time, and it doesn’t remember my ID even so I have to go into Passwords in my phone and scroll down to find it. 2. It frequently decides I’m an idiot and tries to teach me (again) how to use the app. “Tap here to save for later” or whatever, and forces me to acknowledge, and then goes on for several screens showing me how to do things that I’ve a. done a zillion times already and b. should be clear anyway to anyone who’s ever shopped online. I have not found a way to escape until it is done showing me all the things. I’m not refusing cookies or anything like that so no reason for it to think I’ve never been there before. 3. It would be nice to be able to search for something and have it show up once with all the color options listed, rather than showing up individually for each color such that you have to scroll through a jillion items when there are really only seven distinct things but in different colors..Version: 8.2.0

LOVE it but my bank account doesn’t!I love the ease of use in ALL aspects of the app and I’m not good with these things at all. I truly tend to do all my shopping this way now and I used to never shop online. This company truly has everything to offer even when you go to the store everyone is so kind and helpful. Can’t say enough good things. 1st review EVER on an app. That says a lot..Version: 3.20.1

Can’t sign in anymoreEver since the new version came out this week, I can’t sign in anymore. It forces me to do the fingerprint sign in over and over, and won’t let me manually type in my account username/passcode. Bummer, it was great before, now full of bugs!! I had to delete it.Version: 3.26.2

Over the phone and online purchasesI love your clothes!! But the fact that you don’t allow fit people card discounts online and now cannot use a cc over the phone makes it super difficult to spend money in your stores. I understand it’s for customer security but also think of the side of the honest people trying to purchase clothes when there’s no store physically close.Version: 3.22.2

5 Star App for a 5 Star storeWhether using the Athleta app to shop online where I am able to easily apply Athleta card rewards to my purchase, or using the app in store with Touch ID to quickly and easily pull up Athleta card rewards to pay for my purchase, I am always impressed with the versatility and reliability of this app. It’s a must-have for all Athleta card holders. It’s so much easier to track rewards this way..Version: 3.15.0

Please allow more search optionsI think I like the app more than the website because it’s easier to scroll through reviews. One thing I wish the review area had was an option to show pictures. When searching for clothing, I like to see how it fits on others (especially if they share the same height/weight as me)..Version: 3.23.2

Love Love Love Athleta!There’s something for all ages and most body types. Be patient and find the styles and sizes that work for you and your wardrobe will be so comfortable and versatile. Many pieces dress up or dress casually. Athleta is my first choice for shopping. I am an active 70 year old, size medium Gramma living in Florida! Hint: If you have a store nearby, stop in to browse and try items on. It’s an easy way to see what works for you. The staff is super helpful. After that, the online app is your next best friend..Version: 3.11.0

Handy to use.So far I’ve just used the app. It was easy to navigate and review your cart. I liked being able to go back through products and see other color choices available. Also my saved items were easily available to go back through and look at..Version: 3.25.4

App that pairs well with shopping easeOnly issues I’ve ever had with the Athleta/Gal all in one app is occasionally getting logged out and having to log in alllll the time. Would love it if they added facial recognition to the app for that reason. (Unless they have and I missed it.) I also wish they had a full-sized/real app for iPad, not just an enlarged phone version. But again, with password saving and how well the website version works also, I feel like Gap Inc., made shopping as buttery smooth as their Athleta tights for us online shopping warriors. My only regret is buying a ton to try at home and torturing the store staff with occasional returns. All in all. Well done..Version: 3.28.5

Athlete app sooo much betterI took an Athleta survey. Like I always do. They took my advise. Revise app and website. When I look at Athleta, it’s 99% done on my phone. Like now. It was the worse. But looking at it all this week. It is soooo much better. Thank you. I’m not frustrated now from trying to go to next page and freezing. Now if I can get the items I need in my size. 😀.Version: 3.13.0

Order HistoryThe app itself is pretty friendly and easy to order/find items. The low rating is because how is it possible the Gap corporation has still NOT figured out how to list all of your orders under the “my orders” tab which is ALWAYS empty no matter how many orders are in process!! This is pretty ridiculous for a company this big. Please fix ASAP!!.Version: 3.26.2

The next level of Athleta service!I am obsessed with Athleta for their clothes. But I also think the app is an underrated superstar. It works seamlessly from ordering, checking stock in stores to reserving that last coveted item to snag after work! If that wasn’t enough, you can shop the other Gap family brands without having to download 5 other apps. Athleta and the Gap family give me inspiration and hope that a corporation can do business right and care for their customers needs..Version: 3.18.0

IntuitiveThis app is easy to use and intuitive. You can easily maneuver through different categories (tops, costs, buttons, etc.) with various sub categories. The produce images are easy to view and most details are featured in up close photos. It reminds me of the Nordstrom app. Checkout is quick and my card is remembered and I can use the same login for all Gap brands. I would like to be able to search or filter reviews. The search feature requires exact matches. For example, if I search “petite four pink” I get no results for the correctly spelled color “petit four pink”..Version: 3.25.4

Making it easy to get what you love!This app is pretty great! I love that I can browse sale items or new items and put them in the cart for a sale or reward or check to see if they have it in the store to reserve and try on or buy. I love that it keeps my card info and reward info and I can shop the whole family of brands from the same app and apply my rewards or promos to it. I have had trouble applying promo codes occasionally and not had success with contacting the company to resolve those issues..Version: 3.23.0

Needs ImprovingWhile it’s easy to navigate and switch between brands, it needs some improvements. I have to re-sign in constantly and each time it forces a tutorial on me of how the app works. Super annoying. Also, when an item is out of stock it should no longer appear as an option..Version: 8.6.1

Love this app — one annoying featureLove this app—it’s absolutely the best retail app I use! It makes it so easy to shop all of the Gap brands. The one flaw I’ve been encountering lately is that I have to sign in every time I open it and even though I enable the fingerprint sign in, it never works. It’s a small bug, but frustrating nonetheless..Version: 3.26.5

PotentialEver since I’ve used the app (over 2 years) it always times-out and says “something went wrong” and request a “refresh” which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. It happens probably every 15 seconds in the app. 2 stars because if the app operated correctly it would be great. But the glitches are unbearable..Version: 3.29.0

The best retail appI couldn’t believe my eyes when I first opened the app and saw that I already had three things in my cart. I was puzzled, but after tapping the icon I saw three things from my Gap cart. Then I noticed if I tapped ATHLETA at the bottom I could switch between any of the four brands. It’s wonderful and effortless. I can quickly see how much rewards I have at any brand, pull them up to use in store, and even pay my bill on the app. Browsing for clothes is easy and I can refine the search to just show what’s at my local store. I love this app..Version: 3.16.1

Love this appI love everything about Athleta. The app is definitely included. It is probably the best shopping app I've used. It's easy, simple to find and view products. It's seamless. And, as a side note, I love Athleta marketing. The models are realistic looking, healthy women. It makes me want to buy more of their products because I can more easily visualize them on myself. Keep it up, Athleta!.Version: 3.12.0

I love you Athleta! This app is top notch like YOU! ⭐️I have loved this company for over a decade. But I am especially in love with the ease of the app. Their dresses are designed with the most gorgeous designs and fabric and I do not mind spending over one hundred bucks a piece even though I am a bargain hunter! I know their clothing will continue to look good wash after wash so they are worth the price in my opinion 😊.Version: 3.22.1

I love AthletaI would like to make some product recommendations 1) a tank that is higher on the chest with straps that are flattering with a longer length that doesn’t fly up during burpees but doesn’t add perceive girth.. speedlight was close and the chi tank in plain colors was also great. 2) a sports bra that’s made for high impact that has molded cups and a bit of padding for figure enhancement... 3) bring back Capri/ crop lengths in decorative styles/ mesh.. prefer petites.. some longer tights are just too hot for HIIT workouts...Version: 3.22.2

Keepings getting worseI’ve had the app for years and the past year or so the app is constantly getting an error message that it is unable to refresh. With every new update (which is pretty constant) I hope it fixes it but it doesn’t. Very frustrating. I usually give up my shopping..Version: 4.2.0

Love Everything About AthletaI not only love the quality of the clothes, I think the application is great too. It’s easy to navigate and allows me to easily save items for later. My favorite feature is being able to scan the magazine to find an item I’m looking at. Also, when in the store and can’t find my size, I can easily scan the item to see if they have my size online. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 3.24.0

Something went wrongWhen using the app for anything, browsing, buying, scanning a page from the catalog, it ALWAYS gives me a Something Went Wrong error message. It’s so frustrating that I’m deleting the app. Second grievance, it’s so hard to save items to my Favorites! It should be easier! I love Athleta (wear it 95% of the time at the gym and in real life), but the app is not ok..Version: 3.24.0

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