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Rockstar Wins Again!GTA is finally on iPhone and WOW! This game is amazing, the controls take a little time to get comfortable with but once you're used to it, the time melts away. I have ran my iPhone battery dead countless times playing this. My only extremely mild gripe is with the left and right steering buttons, sometimes a little tap while driving will have you plowing into a building which can be frustrating while racing or trying to evade police. The option of a steering wheel type control as seen is games like Parking Mania and iPark It! would be a nice addition for more precise steering. A very minor gripe in what is another massive, impressive GTA title..Version: 0

Awesome gameBuy this game! I spent hours just exploring and playing around. Seriously, get it!.Version: 0

2018 GTA CTW Problem!Not sure if I’m the only one that’s experiencing this problem but. Whenever I open the App. It doesn’t load. It’s stuck on the information thingy. Please fix rockstar. I don’t want to Redownload the app and start over my levels..Version: 4.4

Please make GTA 1 and GTA 2Great game a must have I just hope rockstar release a GTA 1 and 2 top down classic remaster then life will be complete :).Version: 4.4

GTA IVDo gta iv on mobile plz plz !!.Version: 4.5

GtaLe jeux fonctionne mieux dans l’iPhone x depuis la mise à jour d’hier.Version: 4.5

NiceLove it, this is now my fav iPhone game..Version: 0

Good!Is a very good game is muxh like gta1 and all the other orginals much betterthan all the other wanna-be gtas and missions are fun. Controls hard at first but you get use to them. 9/10.Version: 0

C’est super gta china townJe trouve que c’est un jeu excellent mais pour l’installer c’est long et j’aimerais que ça soit plus rapide s’il vous plaît merci.Version: 4.4

Great game overallI think this game is really cool and fun and has quite of bit of content for an iOS game. I played this on my psp and on iOS and they're great. No complains really. A few things to take into consideration to make this game a lot more fun and entertaining: It would be cool to customize your character's shirt and pants color. Although we don't see much of him, like I said, that'd be cool. One last thing is that on the psp, this game is multiplayer (I think, last time I checked). If rockstar can make the game multiplayer on iOS, this GTA Chinatown wars would be 20x better! At least 2 players, but make it multiplayer! Great game overall, add these features and you'll get 5 stars for sure!.Version: 4.4

I deleted it, but i was wrong.I deleted this game for a while as i struggled with getting enough courage to face my enemies but i have decided to reinstall it and i can wait to immerse myself into liberty city once again..Version: 4.4

Best game ever.I cant believe all these people who give this a low rating. If you are reading this and was sceptical like I was, do not hesitate and buy it! Even the DS version didnt have voices but was still a good $60, this ooowwns the ds version I cant wait to replay this game tomorrow on my 6 hour car ride (and the 6 hours back two days later) just buy it guys. Thank you rockstar, thank you. Liberal city hasnt been this fun since gta 4, and to all those who complain its not like gangstar... Im glad its not!.Version: 0

Mean gameGreat game , kills time fast.Version: 0

A great updateA REALLY (x5) good update for this game, would be the ability to steal planes and helicopters aswell as cars. Really looking forward to seeing GTA Liberty City Stories on iPhones and iPod Touches..Version: 0

Come onI played the game on my cousins iPad and I absolutely loved it. But when I bought it for iPhone 4 it stayed on the screen with the writing about the trademarks. This is very disappointing because I paid money for this game. This is also misleading because nowhere on the app description (in the details section ) does it say that iPhone 4 is not supported. I says iOS 5.3 or later and it says supported on iPad, iPhone and iPod. It's optimised for iPhone 5. So there is no warning that you are about to throw away your money. I hope u find a way to bring the game on iPhone 4 again..Version: 3.0

5 star game. 4 star programmingLove this game. However there is one particular error I am having a big problem with. The game crashes unexpectedly when being played on iPad Pro with mfi controller iOS 9.3.2 Also using the independent playlist at the time if that helps too. Either way get this fixed, and it's a five-star rating.Version: 4.4

So good!There is a great great deal, this game is around $60 on the nintendo ds and psp and you can get it for $14 on the ipod touch, iphone or ipad it truly is a bargain. The story is great and if you do not like it you can easily skip the cutscenes by holding the screen. It is not like the recent GTA games but more like the first two which is great for the ipod touch. The controls take a while (15 minute or so) to get used to them but after its really crisp. The game is long and so though it may be a bit expensive is worth all of it! It is a bargain and I think a must have!.Version: 0

Very goodThis is a very good game🎖.Version: 4.3

App has been updated for iPhone X!Great work from rockstar games and it is fantastic to see them continue supporting these legendary games for iOS. Keep up the great work rockstar!.Version: 4.5

.....Nice game. It has become my sons favourate game :) My suggestions are to be able to view the game from my charectors position instead of viewing the game from above. Why not change the view when you get into a vehicle, so you are viewing the game from inside, or behind the car/motor bike (like real racing). Some buttons might change when I am inside the car, but this way I could steer the car by tilting the phone sideways. Then when you get in a helicopter, or aeroplane the interface changes again, and I get a different choice of buttons to use. Then when I am in a boat I get to view the game from inside or just behind the boat. Aerial view could be an option in settings. I would also like to be able to enter more buildings in the city. The game might use more of my phones memory if you do these changes, but I would rather have one good game in my phone, then 20 not so very good games. I can understand that when the game was made on a CD that you have a limit to how good the game will be, because you can only fit so little on a CD, but on my iPhone I can have one great game like San Andreas thats like 5 Giga bytes in size. There really is not limit anymore to how much detail you can put into a game. On my phone I have 32 Gb, and I would have no problem allocating 5 Gb to one game if you could make the views change, and offer more buildings to enter on the map..Version: 1.1.0

Doesn’t work 😡I load up the game and it just shows a black screen with writing on and will not go to the game 😡 I paid £5 for something that doesn’t work.Version: 4.4

Best game on the App StoreAwesome game , wont regret buying it , easy to learn and keeps you playing for hours.Version: 0

Cool!I really love this game, the new graphics are good but the controls are way to small and the gps and they are now in the wrong place. Please fix that. Other than that the update was great!.Version: 4.1

Great Game!I love this game, thank you Rockstar for updating it! This game has some cooler features that should’ve been implemented in GTA V and online. Again, thank you for the updates!!.Version: 4.4

Worth every penny!This game is simply a masterpiece! Every detail is in this game, and constantly impresses me the power of the iPod Touch and it's developers. If your a fan of GTA or adventure/action games, I highly recommend you buying this! This game is easily worth $25 or $30 dollars so for $14 it's worth every penny, 5 stars!.Version: 0

It certainly is worth the moneyI have owned this game on the DS ever since the first day it came out, i now have this app and was very very surprised at the improoved graphics, they are awsome!!! Personally i like the car controls for steering because as with some ipods and my own the calibration is off center so it wuda been crappy for me, i dislike the accelerate and brake buttons where they are positioned although just leave them how they are now, its something people are just going to grow up with and it should be fine. If u had to get recommended from me on the number 1 ipod game app i would most definately say grand theft auto china town wars!! Get it now, dont steal apps ;).Version: 0

I love it but one ideaOk this game is great the story everything especially when Zhou kills Uri but anyway there should be and online mode to this that would be very cool.Version: 4.5

A truely great title - small issues.Originally a DS exclusive title, ported to the PSP with what was the biggest jump in visuals that isn’t called a remaster or remake. Added a few extra missions that were cut out of the DS version, This IOS/IPad version, is based off the PSP version. It looks great. Plays great, my only gripe I spotted immediately the multiplayer was removed entirely. The lighting has taken a knock back down from the PSP version, as that had realistic dynamic lighting. This IOS version, is the definitive version to play today. But on a IPhone X screen, due to an update rockstar had done causes a ‘graphical error’ in the pedestrians - where you can see each layer of their sprites separate due to how wide the screen is. There’s no option to play with it in a more native aspect ratio. Or even just stretch a lower but correct aspect ratio to fix the issue. If you can accept that issue, as well as dropped dynamic lighting I’d say buy it at full price. It is fun, the most fun I had with a GTA game on the PSP, I have played every version as well. Definitive version just minor issues. New IOS 13 update includes support for PS4/Xbox controllers too, so you can really enjoy it fully. A true portable GTA ‘lite’ experience. Everything the consoles did, just portably. And it’s made more pick up and play but not simplified and the story is pretty good too..Version: 4.5

THE BESTThis game is truly awesome it feels like your playing a level of difficulty compared to the ps3's and the xbox's . This is the type of game that makes you keep playing and doesn't have to have an ending you can do whatever you want or follow the mission. PLEASE APPLE LET ROCKSTAR CREATE ANOTHER ONE FOR IPOD AND IPHONE. Hey I'd rather spend $13 than $50 OR $60 for a ps3 or xbox version, at least i can take it with me. Well done once again on a great game..Version: 0

NiceI was shocked how good the graphics were in this game and how big and detailed it is, so points for that!. sadly personally i found a few problems, some of which were the controls, they were pretty fiddly and hard to use even for a die hard gamer such as myself ( maybe the lack of being able to ''feel'' the buttons ) so yea i find myself concentrating more on the controls than the game :(. Also the controls were too sensitive and sharp. a tap left to steer left and the car makes a sharp turn (more than desired) and u find urself needing to turn the other direction to compensate but then u just find urself zig zagging through the city. i also feel the cars moved too fast for the controls, it could be slowed down a little to feel more realistic. another problem was the charactors, their lack of speach in cutscenes was dissapointing. even so its a good game and well made. tho i think voices shouldbe added to cutscenes and the controls should be reviewed.. possibly add in a ''tilt to steer'' option all in all a good game but sadly lacks the oomphh of other GTA games. including 1 and 2.. still a steal at this price id recomend buying it.Version: 0

Loading ScreenThe only reason why I give this game 4 Stars is because after the IOS 12 update loading screens/ cutscenes takes longer to transition to gameplay... it makes me not wanna play the game like that anymore. But you guys can, please fix this!!!.Version: 4.4

Needs an updateI love gta Chinatown wars but when trying to play it on my iPhone X it processes very slow and sometimes don’t even boot up would appreciate an update for this game 👌.Version: 4.4

EpicHuang Lee is literally the best person in the universe best game ever.Version: 4.5

"This Game is a must have."I have to congratulate Rockstar for this game as it combines the PS3 and X-Box Games Like GTA 4 with some of the old games like san Andreas and then combined all of this on the iPhone. This game throws you into the world of Huang-Le's as he has to deliver a sword to your uncle for the family. But right at the start of the game you take a shot to the head, and left to drown in a sinking car. You work with characters like Uncle Kenny, and many more to get back this sword. If you have played any other GTA Game you whould know the deal is. Some of the cool stuff about this game is that is the control system for the iPhone is really outstanding and the missions are realy funny like in some of the old GTA games like San Andreas. The Game is top-dow and full 3-D. The cut scence are cartoon, and liberety city really fell like a living city. This is great when your either fighting of a gang in a mission or driving about Liberety City. This is one of the best games you could ever buy if you are a GTA or sandbox fan. This Game is a must have..Version: 0

Buy it!!!One of the best games in the app store. Dont listen to the reviews that say the dialogue is too long cos u can skip it by holding your finger on the screen. Perfect game.Version: 0

HECK YEAHI used to love playing the demo version about 9-10 years ago, finally bought the entire game and i have absolutely no regrets. 10/10 would recommend.Version: 4.5

A great game but some glitchesI finished The Whole game, and got the massage from Sean that I can now do the lions of fo but when I try to find them their still the blue spots going around in a circle..Version: 4.4

Don’t judge a book by its coverI orignally was going to uninstall thinking this wasn’t good because it was a top down shooter with no voice acting but then I got to the part where you can buy and sell drugs and the game got surprisingly a lot more fun It’s also pretty hard to mess up a top down game..Version: 4.5

Similiar problems anyone?Has anyone had problems with the ipod function after exiting the GTA? My iPhone 3GS 32gb's volume control for ipod refuses to change after I've had my daily dose of GTA. The volume control for ipod only returns after I've restarted the phone. Please fix this asap as having to restart your phone to listen to ipod is really cumbersome and puts off people. I might just have to remove this app from the phone until this is fixed..Version: 0

Amazing game! Endless funThis game is amazing as you would have read, worth the money, get it you will have hours of endless gameplay. All the other reviews would confirm this if you read on... ATT Rockstar App Developers- Minor issues I have encountered are as follows: -When I answer a call that comes in during mid gameplay, when I am finished with the call, I have to restart up the game & cannot go back to exactly where I was (eg halfway through a mission) and have to start from lat save point. FRUSTRATING! -This is the case with getting an SMS also. -Sometimes when a text message is displayed at the top bit of the screen only, you cannot access the buttons to continue/exit the current screen in game as the text message bar covers it. Other than these small frustrating issues, the game is my favourite on the iphone, I have a buttload of games also. DEVELOPERS please update & fix these bugs!.Version: 1.1.0

Good gameVery good game, but an update would be good for people who have clocked the game and want something else to do..Version: 1.1.0

Simply Outstanding!This has thoroughly revolutionised iPhone gaming. Prior to the release of this title, gaming apps for the iPhone were novelty gimmicky add ons that were never more than short lived, midly entertaining, casual time killers; not that there's anything wrong with that, but now the bar has been raised 100 fold. There is no other iPhone game that comes anywhere close to this in terms of depth or longevity; to have a complete gta experience on your handheld device and for it to be on a par with the 3x more expensive psp version is a staggering achievement. The game has been perfectly adapted to suit the control scheme of the ipod resulting in the Ipod/iPhone being as valid a platform as any other on which to enjoy this stellar game. It simply obliterates the competition; beautifully stylised graphics, a gripping and engaging story and above all that sandbox non linear run-shoot-drive-destoy mayhem centered gameplay that is the staple of the series. The first of it's kind on iPhone, a proper game for gaming's sake that frankly puts all other similar priced titles available through the app store to shame. QUITE SIMPLY THE BEST iPHONE GAME AVAILABLE - AN ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL PURCHASE.Version: 0

Do some research first b4 u buy thisThis is awesome game if u like gta series u should buy this 4 those who dont like this game seriously do some research first before u buy something if u think this game isnt for u dont buy it.Version: 0

AwesomeEverything is great but the price 5/5.Version: 0

Pure awesomeness!!This game is great. The only way I can comprehend that people gave it 1 star is that they completely ignored comments, screenshots, description and the media attention this received when it was released on DS/PSP and bought it because it said GTA. they then opened the game and saw it was top down view and never played it again purely because of that, because this game is amazing. Once you get used to the controls and view you will realize the absolute brilliance of this game, this is no watered down GTA experience just because it is on a phone, everything you would expect is here, the free roaming city with changing lighting/weather, the rampages, insane jumps, random side missions, cop/firetruck/ambulance and taxi missions, as well as completely new features. The touch screen implementation is great, rather than finding weapons randomly on the map you search through rubbish bins by flicking the trash aside, or smash the back window of a car after driving into the water, or hot wiring cars you steal in the carparks e.t.c. The graphics are brilliant even with the view, the screen shots dont do it justice, even on my 2nd gen ipod touch. There are even drug dealing side missions. This is the full on GTA experience, all the clones feel empty and boring in comparison, this truly is the best on the app store O yea and to the people who thought the cutscenes were boring, you can skip them by holding on the screen for about 2 secounds. For anyone considering buying this game but thinking it is too expensive, you can get the exact same game for psp and nintendo ds for $50, and the ds version does not have all the missions while the psp version lacks touch screen capability meaning all the minigames don't quite work properly, so you pay about a quater of the price for the best version of the port on the app store..Version: 0

PerfectCompare to other apps on the app store, this game is more expensive then most other games, but then this game is better then most, or even all other games!! maybe the details can increase a bit, but then the huge world compensate for it and the amount of things that happen there. Okay, the targeting system can be made better, but it isn't so bad once you get used to it. Over all, this game does worth AU$13 and I recommend this game to anyone who like games like GTA or other game of this kind!.Version: 0

Buy itIt works flawless on my 5S. One of the greatest if not the best and most fun mini-GTA ever made. Set out one year after GTA 4, it takes you back to Liberty City right before the action in GTA 5 starts. Do not miss this. Update: You can now play this with a PS4 controller which takes it to another level..Version: 4.5

FANTASTICUnderrated game that Is perfect on mobile devices love this game. 😀.Version: 4.5

AddictiveWelcome addition to the series.Version: 4.4

GreatThis game is great however you should not leave out features that were in the original GTA CTW like honking the horn and changing colours of cars in the Auto Merchant.Version: 4.3

Great gameI love this game it has to be the best on the iphone/ipod touch it is better than the ds version of the game. This can last up to hours and hours of play time. It has heaps of missions, guns and vehicles. There is just one thing that this game lacks it is the aiming system, i didnt like. I think they should have anothe aiming stick where the primary attatck button is but stil keep the one they have now but merg it with the pad idea. When they fix that up i will give it 5 stars..Version: 0

Very realisticI love just how immersive this game is the gameplay is rich and the graphics are pretty good despite being a top–down game the graphics are really good and I definitely recommend this game to you..Version: 4.4

In One Word - Freakin' SweetThis I the greatets thing to hit the idevices. Been playing it none stop. Excellent graphics and sounds. Custom radio, with your songs. Some things bug me; missing the PSP stations, no ped chatter, & when your driving your car, move the time and the suburb up at the top of the screen. So you don't have to look under your fingers, to see where your are and what time it is. But well done. So much better then the DS version. Best money spen on an app. No regrets..Version: 0

Great with a butIt doesnt have multiplayer .........Version: 0

Huge fan....Im a big fan of what rockstar has done and contiinues to do. I jus need some type of update so this game will play without headphones. Ikno thwres nothing wrong wit my speaker becaus ei listen to music everyday in my office. Please fix.Version: 4.5

Sell,sell,sell!!!!!!!!I play this game everyday and only completed 10 missions and I have 90g's. All i do is bust knocks you can come up really fast and buy alot of property. The missions are good too though dont get me wrong its GTA !!!!! Buy this game its worth money trust me!!!.Version: 4.4

IPhone's first real console quality gameThis game is spectacular (3GS). Very smooth graphics, great radio selection including own playlist, very rich and detailed city bustling with activity. I love the games currently available on the iPhone but this raises the bar. You forget you are playing on a phone and would be excused for thinking that you are playing on an arcade console. tl;dr For the price of a pub meal you are getting a fantastic console game well worth every dollar. Hours and hours of fun and replayability..Version: 0

Rockstar⭐️GTA Chinatown wars was great & all I can say is that one day they port the original grand theft auto 1 & 2 to iOS which would be awesome. Always will be a fan of the original gta.Version: 4.5

Sadly Doesn’t WorkI bought this game because to this day it’s still one of my favorite GTAs. However it would seem my iPhone 8 is just too updated for it to run properly... If we could possible get an update that allows it to run I would be eternally grateful..Version: 4.4

Best game everIt's perfect, make no hesitation of buying it. I rate it way higher then San Andreas. This is a must buy.Version: 4.4

JimmmyyyyyyhdhdjsjiaosxPlesse fix does not work.Version: 4.4

Gta Review or Gangsta ComparisonFirstly, this game isn't for everyone. This game is violent and has high high drug references. BUT that's what makes GTA awesome. First; these are probably the crispest graphics available in the app store, it will be hard to find something as good looking. Second; this is a direct port from the nintendo DS version and saying that this game is great value. Third; Gangsta and GTA: Chinatown wars are on the same kind of free roaming kill spree genre, but this doesnt mean they're the same game. The camera angles are completely different, gangsta having the 3rd person over the shoulder, and gta having a pretty slick birdseye view. I personally found the controls more clunky in gangsta, but I haven't played many iPhone games with perfect controls. Even gta is a bit clunky due to the control scheme, but it's slot easier to overlook. Overall this game is value for money, but if you have a bit more spring for th DS version, or better yet, the PSP because ultimately that's what this game was made for. But if you want your iPhone free roaming kill spree, drop your money into this game, because it is just overall more thought out and precise. Blues out..Version: 0

ChangeI am very happy to announce that rockstar has done right by us and updated thier game no longer will we have to suffer through long load times during drug dealing missions cutscenes ect and a great game has been saved from the depths for everyone to enjoy. As a fan who has played almost every installment of the gta series i am glad that rockstar does not forget about thier older games..Version: 4.5

GTA Chinatown Wars RocksI just finished playing GTA CTW for the iPhone today. I never thought I would make it through level 58 (final), and I loved every moment of it. I am looking forward to seeing it on the iPad, as it was a real strain on my eyes (I am long sighted), but I am sure most will not find that a problem. It was brilliant for the iPhone, and from screen shots I have seen of the other platforms, the iPhone version looks the best. Lots of fun, a bit of a challenge to control, but not impossible..Version: 0

It's good but one thingTheir is a new update and I have enough storage to install the new update but it won't update.Version: 4.4

Needs retina graphicsReally fun game but after awhile gets dull, all it needs to be a great games is retina graphics but otherwise good game.Version: 1.1.0

Full, amazing game.I know you're probably reading this amidst a million other shining reviews, but I make a point of reviewing really really good apps. This is defintely one. it's a full port of the psp/ds version, and the graphics are somewhre between the two, with tht touch aspects of the ds version worked in obviously. and... it's incredible! haha, seriously, there's about 25 hours of gameplay in here, which blows everything else on the iphone platform out of the water. this might not be for you if you just want a quick mess about, but it's so rewarding. my only criticisms would be that the controls are a bit fiddly and take getting used to, but once you do they're fine, even though you might feel very frustrated at the start. and it drains the battery life a lot, which is to be expected for such a complex 3d game. nevertheless, this is more the kind of thing I play at home, with the ipod plugged in anyway, than out and about. bring an adapter if you want to use it on the plane/train, I guess. the battery will last 2 to 3 hours i think. but seriously, this really made me think i don't ever need a psp or a ds, it's that accomplished a port. i hope this is the direction iphone games are going. if you get one game for the ipod, get this. if you've never been into iphone gaming, try this out, you'll be blown away at what your phone can do..Version: 0

My first review..!So so good! Enough variety to keep me entertained, great storyline, funny dialogue.. And easily controllable gameplay. Just sad when it finished! This game was worth every penny. Loved it..Version: 4.4

Update neededNeeds an update! I have to constantly back out to my home screen every time there’s a cut screen or I use the gps, etc. or it will stay frozen. Takes ages to load too but besides that couldn’t ask for more from a mobile game..Version: 4.4

Sir edward Knightsbridge IVLadies and gentlemen, I sir Edward Knightsbridge IV bring you yet another professionally written and upmost informative review. I like stringbeans. As zouh Ming rises from the ashes of his fallen foes, the city of chang xen lies in ruins... People run amuck in an array of sensless voilence and a haze of drug influenced gang bangers. In other news, I have been also collecting toenails which will one day join me and knights of the round table. In conclusion, does such senseless violence really need to find it's way in to our lives like this? For I, a mere mortal must agree, we are only human and so it shall be..Version: 0

Best GTA for mobileI've bought three of the Gtas- this one is the best. I don't say this about most apps but this one is actually worth the $$$.Version: 4.4

Great story!! ( especially at the end ) and very unique GTAGTA Chinatown Wars is one of my favorite games the story is really good it’s different from other GTA’s it’s fun trading drugs and driving is difficult at first but when you get the hang of it you’ll enjoy all the other unique things that other GTA’s don’t have. In my opinion it’s much more playable then other GTA’s for iPhone such as San Andreas it’s to annoying to shoot and walk or do anything but Chinatown wars is very playable and fun it was definitely worth it.Version: 4.4

AwesomenessAmazing game. Keep up the good work Rockstar. Hope to see Vice City Stories on iOS one day soon..Version: 4.5

The best mobile grand theft auto experienceExcellent GTA experience for on the go play. Fun touch screen mini games, easy controls, and a fantastic variety of missions ..Version: 4.5

Killer game, killer priceYou might think this game is overpriced, but it's a true new handheld Grand Theft Auto title. Not a port of an old version, not some other developer copying (ahem … Gangstar). It's the same version as on DS and PSP but better graphics and way cheaper! Amazing game, best—and biggest—iPhone game. Get it!.Version: 0

OMGThis game is extremly polished and well worth the money. 5/5.Version: 0

Finally! a new updateGreat job' with the new update! Every single thing is perfect!!.Version: 4.1

Good.. BUT!Why isn't Ammu nation working though.Version: 4.4

FantasticThis is the best game on the platform without a doubt. Whatever the home console versions do, this one does, from hailing a cab to ordering guns from AmmuNation(sadly not hiring prostitutes though!). Rampages are included as are finding cool stunt jumps and shooting 100 CCTV cams. It also has an addition of being able to jump over car bonnets or deal drugs for extra cash. Save up your money for multiple new safe houses or blow it all on scratch cards. Cars even indicate when turning which adds more realsim to help immerse you in gameplay. Hundreds of missions two complete over two big islands of Liberty city (the same as GTA4) and the ability to swim in water or get on jet skis, speed boats of yachts. Loads of cool weapons to go on a killing spree with. People in the street react to weather, as does the petrol station! If it rains, people pull out an umbrella and if it turns to lightening, the petrol stations blow up if stuck! Missions are fun and never get repetitive and allow you to be a part of it by adding the odd mini game such as hotwiring cars or disarming bombs. When in a police chase and without a car, add some adrenaline pumping action by hotwiring a car before you get busted! Before I bought, I was scepticle, I don't like Chinatown in the console versions. Don't worry if you're the same as me - that barely comes into it apart from in the small cut-scenes. The rest is set in Liberty City, a free-roaming, killing-spree heaven!.Version: 0

Ace!!Have played almost 3 hours per day. Got a headache at moment!! Perfect!! What else can I say??!! Lives up to the GTA franchise name. Love it! Explosions do stall the game a lot, and I've got the 3Gs.. Lucky there don't need to be lots of explosions.Version: 0

The bulletproof patriotWe need the assess to buy the bulletproof patriot, it’s so bad we spent full amount of money but can not experience full contexts!.Version: 4.5

Close to perfectionEasily the best game avaliable in the app store, the missions are great, graphics and sounds are some of the best i have seen, and it sure as hell lives up to the reputation of the franchise, in every way. The only problem i have is that it crashes sometimes after a minigame (I have an ipod 3G) it may just be my ipod, but it only happens very rarely so i am not complaining. BUY THIS GAME NOW! It will be the best use of your money you will ever spend on iTunes!.Version: 0

Back to it’s former glory!!!Thanks for the update, Rockstar! Just GTA 3 that needs an update, now! 😉.Version: 4.5

Best iPhone application ever!Superb! This is just one word to describe this app! Rockstar are renowned for making some of the best games out there, and to port GTA Chinatown Wars onto the iPhone is really an achievment! It has stunning graphics (for the iPhone) and sensational gameplay action! Great ideas that are custom to iPhone too! For such an incredibly low price, this is definitely worth it! I'd even go as far as saying it's set to be the best iPhone app for 2010!.Version: 0

Great memoriesTh a was the first ever gta I had ever played and while sme inputs are a little off, I don't mind as I only play the iOS versi n of it. I used to play this on my iPad gen 1 then gen 2 and finally a gen 6, I used that gen 2 a lot. Thank you rockstar for a great game.Version: 4.5

Chinatown is AWESOME!!!This game is awesome. I mean, the ds version is 6 times more expensive and doesn't even have better grafics. Actually they're a lot worse. And it's a great game. I definatly recommend it. But hey, ROCKSTAR, is the any chance you could upgade it to retina display support? The ipad one looks awesome and I know the iPhone 4 is capable of the graphics. Do that, and this game would be the best game ever made. Even better then GTA IV. Almost..Version: 1.1.0

Great game, stopped loading on ios 12Love this game however it has stopped loading on my iPad Pro on iOS 12 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 4.4

Pls make a updateIt is a very good game but make an update with new cars and drivable are crafts.Version: 4.3

Great gameThis game is fun and is full of fun missions, perfect app for phones and it’s underrated.Version: 4.5

GreatGreat game for mobile. Best version for phone..Version: 4.4

Brilliant!Probably one of the only true AAA list titles on the iPhone, GTA:CTW proves that the iPhone/iPod Touch can be great platforms for gaming. The campaign is long and there's tons of stuff to do. Well worth the meagre asking price, considering the DS and PSP versions retail for at least twice as much. If only they'd now port Vice City or similar, I'd be very happy ;) Though not very likely. To all those wishing this was GTA 4, it isn't. I can't understand why people moan about it no being a 3rd person game, It's a port of the PSP version with the added bonus of the DS touch controls..Version: 0

The cops are dumbIt’s a good game except the cops are straight up stupid. The cops are blind and we’ll drive on the sidewalk even when you driving on the street. Though I guess it evens out because there is like a billion cops in one street. It would be better if it the cops were smarter and more realistic.Version: 4.4

Help I CANNOT FINISH THE GAME pls Fix it ASAP!!!Awesome game truely the best in the app store by far but recently multiple problems formed within it.... I didn't finish the game!! I haven't finished it due to the fact that when I got to the first Mission with Lester it decides to freeze and stops responding... (That's at about 41% progress) I therefore can't continue on with the game progress :( and thefore this stops me from finishing the game.. The game recently also began crashing a lot and that began before the recent update witht the radio channels update PlS HELP ME, pls fix it!.Version: 0

Not full screenWould be a 5 star rating if rockstar update the game to fit all the iPhone XS screen.Version: 4.4

Outstanding!I'm blown away by this game! The story is great and the gameplay is amazing. I got very addicted once the trading mechanic was introduced and I have yet to find a flaw with the game!.Version: 4.4

Good but one small problemWhen I’m in a fire truck, ambulance or cop car and I turn on my sirens cars don’t move out of the way. So it’s hard to make it through traffic without crashing because your going really fast. If you are looking for a good GTA game this is a unique game. It’s 3D in a 2D view? You get what I’m saying?? Overall very good game but can you upgrade how the building and other things look. They look really blurry.Version: 4.4

Sick game love itShould have push bikes.Version: 4.4

MrVat a great game this vas.Version: 4.4

This game need full screenI live this game so much even the full Retina display was amazing and it makes the games graphics look like a console game and it just need full screen support and if you can high up the sound and make it surround sound with the iPhone X and up speakers and add GTA Vice city stories to mobile please rockstar and keep up the great work just show the same attention you do to console to mobile.Version: 4.4

AmazingAmazing! Now with controller support!.Version: 4.1

AwesomeThis game has re-kindled my love for rockstar. Just like the old school feeling about playn gta3 and 2 etc. Easy controls great gameplay, wicked story line. Glad I got it.Version: 0

HOW TO FIX SMALL BUTTONSAll you have to do is double tap the button you want to make bigger.Version: 4.1

Great game ,but...The game is great, exactly like what it was on NDS platform. And the programming is also great, very limited bugs and perfectly suits multi-task system. However, the game controlling can be terrible at times, the pedal button fails sometimes and it could drive me crazy! And the aiming system could be huge problem as well due to the natural drawbacks of using screen rather than game controllers or actual buttons. A fantastic game anyway.Version: 4.4

AwesomeI know u guys might be done with this game but can u PLEASE add a feature were I can fly planes. Anyway AMAZING GAME.Version: 4.3

Best mobile GTAThis is the best portable GTA ever!!!!! This is exactly how a GTA game should be for touch screen devices. It's perfect for playing on the go. What would be a fantastic addition to this game is if there was a game icon on the laptop in the safe house, and when you select it, you get to play GTA Advance (I actually really enjoyed playing that game back in the day, it would be great to play it again). Also what would be amazing is if there was an all new Grand Theft Auto game for iOS devices that played from the same prospective and graphics as this game, but with the GTA V map (Grand Theft Auto: Gang Territory Wars would be a good name for it). Also Rockstar games please can we have Max Payne 2 Mobile, that would be a dream come true!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!.Version: 4.5

Update please.Really needs to be updated so it doesn’t crash. Other then the slowwwww loading and crashing sometimes this is a 5 star game!.Version: 4.4

PLEASE update for iPhone XS!Best portable game of all time, hands down. I stand by that, and I’ve spend hundreds on rockstar products... please update this so I can play full screen on the latest iPhone! You guys rock!.Version: 4.4

CrashesGood game but current update crashes.Version: 3.0

GreatThis game is a great game the only problem is its a little bit to pricey other than that it is great better than gangsta more to do and bigger map .overall Awesome (except price).Version: 0

FunGood but needs fixing when stealing cars, because those minigames on the bottom left are glitching and dont work smoothly..Version: 4.1

I love this gamePros 1. Brings me back to my childhood playing GTA 1 and 2. 2. Much better graphics than the DS version. 3. No wifi or data required to play. I can literally play this game anywhere. Cons 1. Buttons are a bit small and close together. Instead of braking/reversing, sometimes I’ll shoot or jump out of the vehicle. 2. The wanted level stars are very tiny. 3. The Independence (custom) radio station keeps playing the same song from the beginning every time I exit and enter the vehicle. 4. I can’t find a way to message Rockstar Games to report bugs. Bug 1. When talking to a drug dealer there is a star if there is a special deal and a red down arrow if the price is bad or good. There is no green up arrow so you have to check every drug individually to see if there will be a profit..Version: 4.5

Good game butIt's a good game but can u guys fix the issue when u tap a pedestrian car they freak out and drive fast and everywhere and can u also add helicopters plz I rate rate it 5/5 if u do and it would be 100% worth my money.Version: 4.3

An amazing game, made by an amazing companyA little while back the game broke. It wouldn’t run, load, or do anything really. I wrote a review about it, explaining the problem and how the game was good. Skip ahead a little bit and I get a response, Rockstar fixed their game. This put a genuine smile on my face. It’s a rare sight to see a triple A company care about the fans so much. This game gets five stars for the game, and the amazing company behind it. It is well worth the price!.Version: 4.5

Very good game...excellentGood work rockstar, but fix the camera angle, that will bring the game different turn, like we play on consoles, in this game which is for iphone has the top camera angle, we have to play everthing from the top, cant see the person face, driving on roads boards comes in front of car etc. It just look a little bit small... I would say bring the camera angle adjustments and then everything will be excellent....Version: 0

Social Club UpdateThis game need to have a cloud save file. If you delete the game or transfer onto a new device, and social club needed to be added in the game too. So people can unlocked the bulletproof patriot and the heist mission from Xin Shan, before the end of the game. And couple more things that I want this game to have, is multiplayer, golden lion statues and mr wong mini game..Version: 4.4

AH-Mah-Zing!It’s literally the same game as the DS. I am playing on an iPhone XR. They added the drug dealing feature and it just wraps the game up so nicely! Literally the best $6.99 I’ve spent on a game!.Version: 4.5

A bit pricy but worth it.My first impression if this game was "just a cheap remake of the ds version" I was wrong. It is nearly or just as good as the ds version. The graphics are eceptional for iPod quality and the controls are very easy to get used to. As the title says it is a bit pricy but definately worth it. If you are a gta fan then this is definately a game for you. If you aren't then I would still buy it. One of the best games available on the app store. Only reason it isn't 5 stars is because of the price..Version: 0

GreatAwesome as, the map is HUGE, way bigger than gta 3 and gta VC on the appstore. One tiny thing that brings it down is that it is birds eye view.Version: 1.1.0

Any Chance of GTA IVI love this game: GTA Chinatown Wars. Is there any chance of you folks to have GTA IV on iPad/iPhone as I used to have GTA IV on my old PlayStation 3? I really miss GTA IV as I don’t have a PlayStation anymore..Version: 4.5

Good stuffIt is so cool you have to buy it now do it so worth it.Version: 0

Online ModeCould you add online mode and first person view please?.Version: 4.4

I know it's a great game cuz it's GTABut I haven't actually played it because it takes a long time to download for some reason, but it'll be worth the wait hopefully.Version: 4.4

BEST APP ON MY IPOD!!! ... and i love this update too :D6 NEW RADIO STATIONS! WOO soo much cool soundtracks u guys put in GTA. ive been playing this game non-stop, when ever i touch my ipod first thing comes in mind is GTA! the sounds the graphics (well its awesome but could be better with the 3-D Interface just like GTA Vice city or others etc. on gaming consoles because the graphics are full on otherwise these graphics are stull perfect! i love the minigames like rampage or racing and unlocking the cars are awesome. I think there was one glitch where i chainsawed a guy in half and the abulance dude healed him! thats a glitch orite... ANYWAYS 5 STARS! THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE, to my opinion... ;D.Version: 0

I LOVE THIS!!This game is SOOo Good because its different to the other gta games on ios plus the graphics are really good. The drug dealing aspect can't be found in any other Gta game which is what also makes it really special.Version: 4.5

Less then 5 starsI really don't understand how this game could get anything less then 5 stars. Everything about this game just reals awesomness. People complaining about the price, it's $13!! On the DS it's at least $50. Considering this is exactly the same game (except for the controls of course) it really is hard to go by. And as for the space issue, it's only 200mb, that's nothing compared to a 8gb iPod/iPhone. And really, if you did buy a 8gb, I'm assuming you'd know you would have to delete stuff. I've had this game since it's come out and I'm still playing it, this is the must own app. Don't listen to any review less then 5 stars please :).Version: 0

GTA Mint gameI had this game on ds and it cost me $50 and on iPod it's way better as in the flames and things like that and it only cost me $14 It's worth it 5/5 stars Also don't listen to the people that rate this game 1 star just coz the view aren't that great it has still got heaps of missions and is GTA.Version: 0

Pretty goodReally good game but wish u could buy and sell drugs like in the Nintendo Ds version.Version: 4.4

FIX YOUR BUG PLEASEThis is not a free app, so at least you should make this game playable on IPHONE 8 !!! Since I enjoyed your game for 10 minutes, I cannot do anything but read your copy right paper. How can you expect players to respect you, when you don’t respect them at all? Since Rockstar Game already fixs the bugs, I will give the my original grade to this game..Version: 4.5

Needs cloud saves and button mappingGreat game all around, but my this game really needs a cloud save feature as well as custom button mapping for controllers now that Xbox and Dualshock 4 support is coming in iOS 13. This would greatly improve gameplay for me personally. I want to use the triggers to drive and shoot. Also the ability to control steering sensitivity is a must. Its too sensitive at the moment on controller..Version: 4.5

Excellent, but the car controls are terribleThis game is very good, the graphics are better (in comparison to the DS version) but the car controls are terrible, the brake button should be where the attack button is, and you should have an option to steer using the iPhone's motion sensing (Like in NFS: Shift). Problems aside, this is a really good game, if the controls were fixed in an update, this could be the best game in the iPhone App Store. I have only played the first two missions and I'm already impressed..Version: 0

Great game, just one request 🙏🏼This is one of my all time favorite games and think Rockstar did a great job of porting it to iOS. With that being said, I would love to see the PSP graphics (notably the lighting effects) be implemented in this version. This would really bring the game to life when combined with the already great HD graphics 🔥.Version: 4.5

$1.29¢!!!!!!😄This game is mint, one of the best games I have ever played. I can't believe I got it for $1.29¢!!!!! If you haven't got it yet get it Well done Rockstar.Version: 1.1.0

Almost greatI love the view in this game - kind of a cross between gta3+ mixed with gta1-2. Only thing I would suggest would be making it so that you don't lose any game play since last save when you get a phone call on iPhone. Frustrating to have to do it all again. And I agree with prev comments about making planes available and making an online option.Version: 1.1.0

How to fix freezingGo to the home screen for 10 seconds or 5 seconds and go back to the game.Version: 4.4

Love it...I love this game, I am trying to complete the whole story but I can’t because there is a bug where if drive on the road right next to the park your game crashes and that keeps on happening to me👎🏻..Version: 4.5

Incredible for an iPhone game.Now I've given some harsh iPhone app reviews in my time, given 3 stars to apps which others thought were worthy of 5 stars. I've reviewed hundreds of iPhone apps and only a few have been worthy of the 5 star rating, and this is most certainly one of them. We can most certainly tell that Rockstar have worked long and hard to perfect a GTA game not big, as to fit on an iPhone, and not slow it down, but to still keep the entire fun and experience of the other platforms 'Chinatown Wars' has been released on. Some people say that the handling on the cars in this game is too responsive, but thats what you need. It's a game view from top, a good choice for this platform, and no less enjoyable than the others. There is a lot of detail, in the characters, scenery, and cars. They've used minimal graphics to ensure fast performance on both the 3GS and 1st Gen iPods. I won't go on about it too long, as you really have to experience it to know it, and as I know you'll all buy it, even if it is higher than most apps, it almost too low for a game like this. A definite 5/5. /Max/.Version: 0

GTA CTWThis is my favourite game at thd moment. It is really addicting and has a load of content. Those of you who dont like the view, Rockstar games were trying to create the view of the first few GTA games. It was obvious the view was 2.5D from the pics so your fault for buying. But in my mind it is brilliant..Version: 0

Love the new updateAnother couple of things if you guys run out of ideas: I'd love to be able to drive the tank (I know you can drive the tank in one mission but I mean anytime) and the helicopter. Also IIRC you can use the helicopter in the DS version of GTA: CTW so it shouldn't be that hard to incorporate. Also last thing I know it's unrealistic, I've designed games in the past, but online multiplayer would be amazing. I'm willing to even pay for it, I'd love to play with and against other people. Thank you Rockstar!.Version: 4.1

Really funIt's a good game but please make an option to enlarge controls. I find it hard to drive because the controls are too small.Version: 4.4

Wow!!!!I was not to keen to pay $14 but after reading the other 2 reviews i thought i would give this a try. There has been so much work put into this game it is awsome. $ well spent.Version: 0

I love this game but...I always loved the grand theft auto series and this one is probably the best for mobile, but I get very irritated, because about 80% of the time when ever I get a ammunation truck just every time, there is an smg in it, to many smg's please fix it because it's very annoying..Version: 4.4

Prend comment de place ca??Prend comment de place ca??.Version: 4.3

Great game buuuutI am 52% theough but no more messages are coming up for missions, so i have nothing to do!.Version: 1.1.0

IOS 12 updateHi it takes an extremely long time to load sometimes I do t even thing it is so please add iOS 12 support,I Got the rockstar games full bundle and I really want to complete this game.Version: 4.4

Mostly goodDrug dealings sorta broken. no one ever wants to buy weed, acid, pills, or heroin. They only want ex and coke, so i end up stock piling drugs. Also, no one ever has deals on drugs and when they do its only the ones that no one buys, so i dont sell much coke or ex..Version: 4.5

Great GameGreat game. Nothing more to say.Version: 4.5

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