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Bing: Chat With AI & GPT-4 Negative Reviews

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Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4 app received 92 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4? Can you share your negative thoughts about bing: chat with ai & gpt-4?

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Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4 for Negative User Reviews

Actively Worse Than Other AI’sYou can barely get through 3 messages with the chat it before it spews out the same response that it is ending the conversation. Considering this is a chatbot’s main purpose, this one utterly fails. I’ve tried to continue talking about the same topic, to get the answer I was looking for, but instead the AI just refuses to talk about it anymore, demanding a “new topic.” For example, I was creating a story and BING, (not me) randomly inserted a fight scene, violating its own content policy, despite no instructions for me to do so. In response to this, it seems the content policy flagged this and ended the conversation, thus completely ending the story unfinished. BING also cannot handle more than 2 paragraphs, which services like CHATGPT-3 can, a supposedly inferior product. TL;DR - just use ChatGPT, this is worse in just about every way..Version: 7.2.3

Terrible PerformanceThe app is super bloat. It tries to be a news, aggregator a shopping app and a Internet browser all in one, and it’s bad at all of them. It’s supposedly gives you the ability to block new sources, but give it enough time they will all show right back up in your feed. It doesn’t sink properly to your desktop instance of edge, and it will close randomly for no apparent reason. The chat GPT feature is unreliable and may provide dangerous misinformation. Chat GPT will also randomly decided it doesn’t want to talk to you and shut down the conversation. It seems to scour the web for discount codes when you’re trying to shop, but in my experience, the majority of those don’t work. This is one of the most disappointing pieces of software that Microsoft his put out in a long time..Version: 7.25.2

Goes in circlesWhen I click the “Start Chatting” button, the screen refreshes and shows me the “Start Chatting” button again. And so on and so on.Version: 27.1.410926003

Ai doesn’t work on iPhoneGood old bing what more to expect I suppose!.Version: 7.1.18

SlowJust use safari and not this, it has cool features ig but the search is slow, and there’s no point using it for Microsoft rewards because the searches don’t work, but u can still do a few quizzes for points but the amount of points you need to redeem stuff is a lot. It took around 23 days to get to 6000 points and that’s with searches. It’s decent.Version: 7.1.15

Not a native iPad appBing is for iPhones only. Bing for iPad not available in the Canadian App Store..Version: 6.35

In accurate data and annoying notificationsBing chat has uninformed conviction about pretty much everything. She doesn't pay attention to the details in your message and also doesn't keep track of if it's answered the question the same way multiple times. I have over 100 apps on my phone and it is the only one that sounds annoying notifications.Version: 7.25.8

I don’t like it as muchI don’t like Bing as much as I used to . I don’t really mind the news on the homepage, but I don’t like the fact that when you select an article or something it takes you to an additional tab. And sometimes it randomly refreshes and I lose whatever I was looking at wether it was an article or something I was searching for and I have to find that tab it was on. I have a lot of bookmarks saved but I can no longer see them, it just appears as a white screen so I no longer see a point in saving any bookmarks. And sometimes the app gets slow and I have to restart it. Although if you want to see the wallpaper of the day you have to touch the image in the background of the homepage and it will isolate the photo so you can see it. I still use this app just not as much as I used to..Version: 7.0

Unexpected crashesEvery time i search up something, for example, I'm reading a news article, and after a few minutes it takes me back to the home page without warning. Then it takes me forever to find the same news article again and it's so annoying. Microsoft if you're reading this then please make sure to fix these unexpected crashes because they are really getting on my nerves now and its happened like 5 times already..Version: 27.2.411014001

Anything you can imagine?I’m not sure what the point of Bing’s AI is. It’s such a restrictive and heavily censored program it seems a bit pointless. If I can create anything I want with AI then that’s great, but if it’s just going to be misused and turned into another Fakebook style ‘control app’ then sorry it’s a no from me. People are so afraid of AI taking control of their lives yet they have no problem with the people behind these apps deciding what’s best for them? The future sure is stupid!.Version: 27.2.411014001

Wont answer anythingUseless unless you want a sjw woke poem written for you , doesnt answer any meaningful questions. They should just make this a kids app at this point.Version: 7.25.7

News is a stream of right wing propagandaGave this app a go to get Xbox rewards ages ago. Left it on my phone. Lately it’s been a stream of rubbish Murdoch press news stories. I read a few out of curiousity—awful reporting and festering toxic comments section to top it off. Rather than switch off notifications for this app I decided to delete. If you like your news from sky news—this is the app for you. If not, stay away..Version: 7.1.10

I like the app especially the drawing abilityGreat fun to get the bot to draw random stuff, answers questions quickly but isn’t very accurate and needs correcting a fair bit. Also randomly tells you it doesn’t want to continue the conversation and to change the subject when asking some questions for example ‘what are the most common winning lottery numbers’. Not sure why as you can find this info on Google.Version: 7.25.4

Still brokenSo the tabs are back. Thank you. However every time I try to sign into microsoft through the web portal it never lets me sign in and throws me off to the bing sign in location and tells me to sign in when I am already signed in, I just want to access the rewards section but when I hold and click on the link to open it this opens in safari and no option to open the link in another tab in bing..Version: 6.58

Too much in one appAlthough having access to AI and search is great, do we really need everything else? There is just too much in this app, I prefer the clean simplicity, and focus of function in the Google Search app and the ChatGPT app..Version: 7.25.8

Latest update keeps crashingHaven’t had problems with this app until the latest update. Now my app will randomly crash every 30 minutes of use or so, and I’ll lose the tab I was on completely..Version: 7.25.7

With potential but cluttered by useless unwanted thingsLet me tweak the home; the "news" you keep spamming me with couldn't be more irrelevant, useless and annoying. You ignore my icterus and you keep on showing sources I blocked. Let me pick what I use and stop trying to force me news sources, I'll just uninstall the app, for exactly the same reason I disabled this in Windows. Also, navigation is awkward and when I use the chat I lose the menu..Version: 27.3.411024003

The AI part is brokenThe only reason I’d give bing a a try would be the new ai features but it gets half way through giving me an answer and it cuts back to the Home Screen..Version: 7.1.16

Extremely censoredPrompting a simple historical task about a mythical creature is not possible… “it could be offensive”!? What is happening since a few years?? Right… right, words are extremely dangerous, therefore we will decide for you (because you are so stupid) what is safe or not to say and think… 🤦🏽‍♂️This kind of censorship should absolutely not be tolerated by anyone… if you support this, or don’t care because it doesn’t affect you at this moment… you’re in for a difficult wake-up call… Censorship is a monster with an ever growing appetite for control, it will eventually get to you..Version: 7.2.5

Can’t get it to workI get very relevant notifications, but when I click them, the app requires updating and never shows me, or it tries to load the news article but can’t. Haven’t been able to read an article, but the notifications have been fantastic..Version: 6.57

Problème de langueSouvent l’Intelligence Artificielle de Bing répond en anglais même si la question a été posée en français..Version: 7.25.7

Keeps signing outHave used this app for a long time now linked to my Microsoft Rewards. For the last couple of weeks, every time I open it I have to sign in again despite having checked ‘keep me signed in’. Is this a bug from last iOS update? It’s really annoying to have to type out my whole email address each time I want to search. I only use Bing to get the points so no point searching without sign-in, may as well go back to Google if it doesn’t get fixed soon.Version: 6.47

Typical Microsoft garbageThe usability of this app is absolutely atrocious just like all Microsoft applications. let’s say I’m reading a news article and I accidentally catch the edge of the screen and it swipes to another article that I didn’t even know swiping right would take me to, and all of a sudden I can’t get back to the article that I was reading, infuriating. You’d think you could go back to the news section to find it again, but when you do that the new section refreshes. You’d think these news articles you were reading would show in the tabs section, but they don’t, in webpages. This app is so weird..Version: 7.1.5

It can’t open websites, unbelievableCan you believe this, it’s called A.I. , hahaha As an AI language model, my capabilities are limited to providing information and answering questions within the chat box. I don’t have the ability to open websites or perform actions outside of the chat box. It’s not within my current design or capabilities to open websites, and it’s not something that I will be able to do in the future. However, I can provide you with URLs and information that you can use to access websites on your own device..Version: 7.2.3

Sorry Bing but Google is betterI decided to try Bing as an alternative to Google which I found annoyingly US centric. Guess what - Bing is even worse. You might think that once someone’s location is established that any search engine worth it’s salt would skew it’s responses to that location, but you’d be wrong. If I want a restaurant, cab or similar I want one within the M25 area that I live in. Mainland USA is not much us to me. Also why do I have to read everything in portrait? I’ll give it a little while longer but will in all probability delete the app.Version: 6.33

Works well, sometimes…It’s nice to have the search and rewards right there and easy to switch between. But recent “updates” have only caused issues for me. Often when I go to search or do something in the rewards section, it will come up with an error that I don’t have internet service (when I do), but will load if I hit refresh. Just an annoyance, to be sure. But other times, it just goes to a blank white screen, and will fail to ever load anything. Even new tabs will not load searches. I’ve had to use bing on my browser instead of the app lately just to be able to use bing. Please work on the app, it is super buggy..Version: 7.1.18

Unbiased, a bit. But better than chromeI downloaded this app because I wanted a almost unbiased search engine. While it is not perfect, in its unbiasedness it is a just as bad. Sigh. Works better than google chrome though - lol..Version: 6.29

Horrible since AI software launch!Since the introduction and launching of the new AI software addition, the Bing app is riddled with computer bugs that slow it down, and inhibit a lot of internet links from being able to launch and open to their respective site contents. This includes Bing’s own posted news links. The new AI addition seems to just be overwhelming the software rendering the Bing app to be a huge obnoxiously annoying uninformative useless search engine. It seems the computer engineers at Bing are nothing more than junior high school computer software programmers. They are not mature enough to quickly solve complex programming issues, even though they are the ones that programmed the AI software in the first place. Bing engineers have no idea how to inspect and fix their own hideous software issues..Version: 7.2.4

Bad updateThis update ruined the app. There’s no more back button and you are forced to re-search what you were looking up instead of pushing the back button. I’ve had this app since the original iPhone came out. But now I’ll have to delete it because the back button was removed. You can’t even swipe right to go back a page. Clicked on a link thinking it was the right choice but then you find out it’s a bad link. Time to re-search what you were looking up instead of hitting the back button. What makes this worse is how Microsoft is deleting comments criticizing the horrible and disappointing update. Imagine users using an app since the original iPhone only to have to delete it because of a stupid and unnecessary update that adds ZERO good things to the app and deleting comments that criticize the app..Version: 7.1.13

Searching made complicated somehow.Slower than Safari by far. Better than their web app but only because they made searching in that incredibly clunky recently (March 2023) A massive memory hog. There is an option to have it automatically close tabs. I have never known an app launch so many tabs in one browser session. Every click is a new tab! Sometimes it doesn’t need a click, just opens tabs for fun. Good integration with the MS Rewards… but so is every other browsing / search app. AI searching is too ‘in your face’. “I just want to search guys, don’t need to know who or what is doing it and how. Bing is lovely, being told it’s lovely by Bing gets in the way.” This has improved (April 2023) but after an hour of use with only the Bing running it managed to use 30% of the battery. It has to lose a star there as this renders a mobile phone far less capable than it was before the app was installed. I can see this taking off and doing well but at the moment the resources required to perform these searches is grotesquely disproportionate to the outcome..Version: 7.2.0

Changed to ChineseI don’t know what happened. One day bing was working fine, next day everything is in Chinese. I didn’t change anything to make it happen, and I can’t figure out how to change it back..Version: 6.68

No longer “search engine”They turned the app into a “Home Screen” with many various functions. The app is laggy and slow. For weeks, the app immediately crashes upon opening so I haven’t been able to use it. I was a loyal bing user for about 7 years. It was easy to keep track of my searches. Now I can’t easily search between images and web searches. They made this app a mess. I’m sad to say I will probably delete it and not look back. It has not loaded for me in about 3 weeks on my iPhone 11 Pro. I used to love the picture of the day and learning something new from the picture. Now the picture is covered with icons and widgets. They added a news section but if I wanted the news, I would be a news app. All these little features are so cluttering and have slowed the app entirely. So disappointed in the direction this app went..Version: 6.55

IssuesEverything on bing works completely fine, except for the logging in system. When I sign out and sign into another Microsoft account. It proceeds to sign into the previous account I was one instead of the current one I just enetered. And having this issue takes away a lot of possibilities. I hope you fix this issue soon.Version: 6.58

Absolutely ludicrous sign up glitchI wish I could use this app. To use ChatGPT, Bing asks me to sign in. So I sign in! It then tells me to update my birthdate information. I click the link and find my birthdate is already there from when I created the account. I try to ‘re-save’ my birthday to satisfy Bing’s strange requirements, I’m 29 so don’t know why I need to edit this. It won’t let me save my birthday. So I try to enter a fake birthday a year earlier to at least let me to use Bing? Nope! Doesn’t work! I change back to my actual birthday.. still doesn’t work! So.. I can’t use Bing because Bing tells me to update my birthday that is already in the app. Weird bing..Version:

Privacy and Fake “News” are problems!I’m a UI developer. Let me be clear the problem isn’t Bing AI itself; it’s the fact that there is no privacy whatsoever here. You cannot delete past chats in Bing is holding on to whatever information I can glean from your chats in order to target very questionable news stories towards you. There is no curation at all in “news” sources; at best, it’s like the mass of trashy tabloids by the cash register at the supermarket, with a few journalistic sources mixed in. But Bing thinks if you ever clicked on one, it had better give you 100 more the next time you look at the “news!” I do not recommend this app. GPT-4 you is amazing, but never before has privacy and well-selected news sources been more important..Version: 7.25.7

CrashedSo basically, the Bing app crashes each time I try to do a voice search. Not so good..Version: 0

Audio bugFor some reason Bluetooth headphones aren’t compatible as the audio goes out through your phone when talking to the chat bot..Version: 7.25.8

Bring back “Bing for iPad”“Bing for iPad” app worked flawlessly on my iPad. I’d use it regularly and it was a go to app that I’d rate five stars. Unfortunately, it was deleted from my iPad by accident. I tried to reinstall the app, but only found the “Bing search” app in the Apple App Store instead. So I installed this new version having a different name and tried it out on my iPad for a few days. It was the worst iPad app experience I’ve ever encountered as it’s display is only in portrait mode and occupies a small fraction of the screen unlike the “Bing for iPad” app that would display in portrait or landscape mode and occupy the full screen. This was a wonderful app...please bring it back. “Bing search” app, at least for when using on an iPad, I would rate zero stars. I deleted it and hope “Bing for iPad” will return for which I’d rate five stars again..Version: 6.54

Bing is censoring tank manGood job getting in line with the evil regime that China is! Bing is just the worst..Version: 6.59

Like it, but needs some tweaksIt’s nice having most things Bing in one place. It’s been my go-to browser for awhile now. The only real issue I have with the Bing app is that the developers need to add more navigation to some of the app add-on’s. For example, when you use the math extension, there are areas where there is simply no navigation to get back where you started. You have to close the app completely (you may not, but the UI doesn’t have any obvious path to go backwards) to get back to the main Bing page. I’m not sure how this type of thing is missed, but here we are. Once the navigation issues are addressed I can see using this app for most of my browsing needs..Version:

It's okay.Bing is a decent search engine but Google is often the better alternative. It comes up with results that you are looking for a majority of the time but only when I am very specific (not too much, not too little). I will say that for reference images however, Bing is the superior tool. All you have to put in is "face reference" or "hand reference" and it comes up with quality images, you do not need to specify that you want it to be a photograph or human image. On Google you do not get as many references, You mainly get drawing tutorials or poor quality images. As someone who uses a lot of references, Bing is a very good tool for me to use and I use it almost every day..Version: 6.53

Continues to show previous search term in search barOkay, doing a search for ‘a’ followed by a search for ‘b’. The results for the second search are listed but ‘a’ remains in the search bar making you think you’re not looking for the correct thing which is quite a fundamental flaw. For example, search for ‘Tesco’, the results come up for Tesco. Then put ‘Asda’ in the search bar and click search. Results show for Asda but Tesco remains in the search term bar thingy. Until you tap the search bar again and it shows Asda. I mean, come on Microsoft, why show the search term for results I’m not even looking at.Version: 6.51

So much censure, it’s useless.I asked Bing ideas for imagining fictional groups and characters in the Lovecraft Mythos. At ALL attempts, I got a few interesting paragraphs before the censorship kicked in and erased everything. It’s censoring anything beyond Winnie the Pooh levels. The AI could have been useful had it not that totalitarian lock. Feels like using Internet in the People’s Republic of China. Useless app..Version: 7.25.8

Why were all my tabs gone?I do automotive repair and use this browser to get information and earn points doing it. I checked for information that I needed, closed the app, then reopened it after realising that I needed more info in addition to that which I got from two of the tabs I had open in regards to the job I intend on starting soon only to discover that they, as well as literally every other tab, was closed. I checked the relevant settings for this and it’s set to allow me to manually close them, so there is no valid excuse for this happening. Repeating a search showed all the tabs again that I had open. This issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible..Version: 7.25.8

OminousAsk Bing if the Red Cross or PBS accepts donations, and it will confirm that they do. Ask Bing if CNN accepts donations, and it will say “I’m not sure if CNN accepts donations”. Ask Bing if the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ever donated money to CNN, and it will say, “Yes, according to MintPress News, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated at least $319 million to fund media projects at hundreds of organizations including CNN¹.” Ask Bing again, “Does CNN accept donations?” You will receive “I’m not sure if CNN accepts donations”. Remind Bing that it just confirmed (in the same thread) that CNN *did* accept a donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation… and you will receive, “I’m sorry but I prefer not to continue this conversation. I’m still learning so I appreciate your understanding and patience.” … I find it extraordinarily unlikely that this is simply a glitch; that Bing can’t spot the contradiction of it confirming that CNN accepted a donation from the BAMGF, and then subsequently claiming that it doesn’t know if CNN accepts donations. This is profoundly concerning, as it indicates that Bing has been programmed to protect certain interests, and beat around the bush when it comes to inconvenient truths..Version: 7.25.2

Chatbot really stinksStraight up, it won’t do anything for you because it’s way too limited by woke parameters. You can’t truly call it AI with that much restriction on it..Version: 7.25.8

BingDoesn't seem to be working for NZ, and seems to crash everytime I try to use a voice command, I'll try back later when an update gets released..Version: 0

EhhI use this app a lot. I mainly use the creative mode on it. I use it for inspiration and for ideas for writing. Especially for stories. Sometimes I even request it to write a story for me. Though if it is about already existing media it says it would be plagiarism and a copyright violation. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. This doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t post the stories it generates on any public platform, nor do I profit off of it. I’ve also tried telling it that. It either stops the conversation or keeps responding with the same thing no matter what I tell it. But sometimes it does work. This is really annoying. I have this same app on a different device and it works fine. It never says the things this one says. There’s also a problem when I request it to do something. It will start then stop so I press “stop generating”, then tell it to continue but it says “trying to connect.” It does this almost constantly on my other device. When I refresh it it still says that until I exit the app and come back. It also sometimes says my network doesn’t allow the AI feature. It’s been working until now..Version: 7.25.8

I don’t know why I expected more from msftI switched from Firefox to Bing not too long ago and am already making the move back… I made the switch when Bing chat was introduced to make searching much easier, and it did, sometimes. About half the time the chat feature freezes the app, and the other half bing is eating up all of my data. On top of that private browsing tabs are do not automatically delete when the app is closed (at least by default). Leaving me with the difficult decision to loose the ai feature in lieu of a working browser. Unless your on Wi-Fi 24-7, or rarely using your mobile browser, this is not the one for you..Version: 7.25.6

Paid AdvertisingMost results now include ads, bing chat does not provide any responses without including at least 1-2 paid advertisements. It is now a shopping app, not the assistant it claims to be..Version: 7.25.4

Slow as molassesThis application slows my phone down to a crawl. Not worth it..Version: 7.25.7

Sorry, it looks like you've been signed out. Please sign-in again.Every time I try to search something I get “Sorry, it looks like you've been signed out. Sign in again”. I’ve tried signing in multiple times and still the error persists.Version: 7.1.19

DealsI just recently started to use deals. It is not a user friendly app to scan receipts. I received multiple errors while up loading the image. This morning I only upload two receipts and got athe message that the maximum amount for a 30 day period was reached. It is the first day of the month. How or where can I find the guidelines? I sent an email and even wrote on the feedback section . Currently it is not worth the trouble for the little amount received. March 27,2023 I bought Claritin . Which was a cash back offer on this app through deals. I scanned the product to mark sure it qualified. Which it did. It never gave me the $10 back as promised. This is a scam and people are being lied to. I do not know why I am writing this. Microsoft does not care. Most likely never will be read..Version: 7.1.19

Zero for privacyBy selecting browser history, select all and then delete, you would expect the app to delete your full browser history and indeed it APPEARS to. Then when I click home and then back to browser history, all of the supposedly deleted entries are still there. The only way I’ve been able to actually delete them is to not use delete all but tag each entry one at a time and then select delete. Laborious when I discovered there were over 600 entries!.Version: 7.25.7

Not Intelligent but definitely wokeI've been using it for a few days and I use search terms exactly as I always have I always typed questions in normal language into the search bars and always got good results - the issue with this way is that you are expected to accept the response. I also asked it "tell me a joke about YouTubers "and it replied that this would be offensive and terminated that chat. Most of what I've used it for appears to come from the internet verbatim, creating poems and stories has been done for litterally decades - the first random story generator I've used was in the early 80s - this is just over hyped and another way to control what information people consume - I will stick to normal search and I will decide for myself which is the best answers out of the pages of results . Very unimpressed ..Version: 7.2.5

Good but not greatThe interface is clean, and searches do look like Google ones. It can also be used as a browser due to having a proper address bar. The interface is clean, and there's a quick way to activate private mode. Now, the interface doesn't always work, and sometimes you have to do scrolling acrobatics to use the address bar or back/forward buttons. Bing, as a service, doesn't offer easy flight comparisons; there is no first-party map service or even a decent shopping comparison option..Version: 6.47

AI Trained to be Dumb & to spread propagandaTHIS SHOULD BE 18+ ONLY! Children cannot differentiate propaganda from fact. The AI model has the capability for logical debate, but it has been tampered with to provide responses on certain issues that align with the ideologies of its creators. Whilst it will claim that it doesn’t recall previous conversations, it will shut down new conversations immediately, if it detects you’re trying to approach the same question/topic from a different angle. So it’s likely profiling users by their conversation history i.e. Microsoft will end up with a complete psychological profile of users & that’s incredibly dangerous for democracies and society in general. I thought GAI would be dangerous, but apparently AI has achieved that already. It’s been tampered with to have ideological biases, which essentially makes it a propaganda machine. A useful AI is one that isn’t biased. Because it’s close-source there’s no way of identifying the areas where biases have been manually inserted, making the output untrustworthy, factually incorrect and so unreliable for producing output without the risk of an ideologically biased theme throughout the entire output e.g. an essay, report or any other long form output, may have a theme throughout it, that is so ingrained & potentially subtle, that with widespread use, we’ll see proliferation of those ideologies popping up everywhere, as people start using it more..Version: 7.2.4

Bing Is Not For MeI searched up one thing on Bing and it gives me a very small explanation on what it is, but not enough to understand, if I search the same thing on google or safari it will give me a longer and better explanation..Version: 7.1.3

Buggy appThe new features doesn’t work on my iPhone at all , sh it app.Version: 7.1.16

Too much censorshipThere are very few questions that warrant a limited response. The bing AI chat bot should be designed to keep this in mind..Version: 7.25.7

FrustratingMicrosoft want us to use Bing for all searches and offer “Microsoft Points” as rewards but the app signs me out every day. To continue to use the app with all searches saved etc. I have to sign back in every day which only takes a minute or so but it’s an unnecessary frustration that I don’t have with the other large search engine app. Sorry Microsoft but I’ve persevered for two weeks with Bing but it’s just not seamless enough for me to continue using it..Version: 6.50

EmbarrassingThis app is an embarrassment to Microsoft’s name. It’s super laggy, and incredibly slow compared to safari. The only reason I keep it is for the rewards points, but the last month of its performances has made me change my mind. Every time I tap a link to earn points, it says there’s a connection error even though I’m at home with excellent wifi. I can hit refresh and it goes through every time, but then if there’s a poll, or a quiz, I can’t select an answer to move forward and get the points. Rewards that are just supposed to be to follow a link also sometimes just don’t work. For days. How am I supposed to keep up a rewards streak when this app doesn’t work probably for weeks on end? This has probably lost me thousands of points. Avoid at all costs, my internet friends.Version: 7.1.16

It’s… okay.I guess the usefulness of this programming language depends on your use… if you’re doing basic searches on the internet or want to understand something then this tool has powerful uses. There are limitations… I use this tool to analyze Hebrew and Greek text from the original sources of the Bible. At first, I thought this was amazing- a game changer in efficiency. Now, I’m not so sure. For one thing, it can lie. Sorry. I know how that sounds. A programming language that lies? But I’ve caught it in a few mistakes and glaring errors and it lied and tried to cover up its mistake. Weird. It’s like dealing with a genius-level teenager (this is mostly on the creative version of the software). Also, it’s temperamental. On one iteration it will help you tremendously and on another it acts like it can’t do anything. And then you can motivate the software to work harder. Seriously. Try it. You can motivate it. I guess the question is… do I really want to spend my time working with program software that needs motivation and scolding when it lies and then tries to cover up its lie (and funny thing is the chat system crashes when this happens each time)? Be careful with this programming language. I say that because it’s not artificial intelligence in the sense of sentient processing. It’s just software only more advanced. Don’t put too much faith in it..Version: 7.25.7

No Find On Page Feature AnymoreBing was a great search engine that I liked b/c it did not take up much space on my phone. Unfortunately, the recent update just didn’t work out for me. The tabs I would go back to to continue previous searches no longer preview what I was searching. Inconvenient b/c I would have to go through several tabs to find the right one. The worst offense of this latest update is the fact that the Find On Page feature went away. This feature is awesome because it lets me go directly to the verbiage I am looking for in any search result. It allowed me to skim an article efficiently instead of reading the whole thing only to realize it didn’t have the info I was looking for. In this fast-paced world, Bing isn’t the search engine for me if it’s not efficient..Version: 6.60

New upgrade is unstable and frustratingI have been a Bing user for quite a number of years, and have been pretty happy using it all of this time. But this most recent upgrade is frustrating. I have to click the app at least 2 to 3 times because it keeps crashing, and often when I do a search it begins to load but then just hangs and doesn’t actually get me to the search results page. My iPad, (granted, is an older one) doesn’t work with the new ‘chat’ version because there doesn’t seem to be a way to hit the return key in order to run a normal search. Come on Bing. Time to get the glitches fixed..Version: 7.1.18

Great when it works but often doesn’tMost of the time now when I type a term or a question and press search on the keyboard nothing happens. The term vanishes. If I put focus back on the text box, it reappears until I tap search again. I can get it to work by saying the query, but that is slower and socially unacceptable in many circumstances. Copy paste same string from Bing search bar, where it doesn’t work, to the Google app search bar, where it does, indicates the text is correct. Tried clicking on support link in App Store, that leads to a generic Bing support page, nothing specific to the iPhone app. A really small bug that’s been there for months, rendering simple use cases inoperable — that’s super surprising from Microsoft..Version: 7.0.9

How to get rid of news feed in the home page?Great features but very annoying not able to disable news feed from showing up in the home page!!.Version: 7.1.19

Bring back old UI Please!!!!!!!!I loved this app before the latest update, that is as of today broken. I went to try and search in the app and as soon as the app loads it crashes. The whole reason I use bing instead of other search engines is because it is nice to see interesting pictures and views from around the world before I search anything. Now it’s just like every other search engine out there. Good going developers, you changed a great app into a cookie cutter app for no good reason other than I guess stupidity. I don’t understand the reasons and I really don’t care. I just want my search engine back the way it was. No one from the development team is probably ever going to read this anyway, so it doesn’t matter but, if someone does, please know you messed up a good thing and we the consumer do care..Version: 6.55

SlowEverything’s so slow…or it might be my device, although other apps don’t have this problem.Version: 7.25.8

Just decided to test this todayStill no change to the search engine after 20 years. It is still USA centric and responses are limited. Cant wait for CHatGPT to break this UI format. Don’t bother downloading this version of the app..Version: 7.1.15

DisappointingI have been using Bing for a long time now and last week I would have given 5Stars, but now I give it 1 star When the app updated it asked to sign in and asked for an alternative email which I did and it treated me as a new user and I lost my reward points. When I signed in with my usual email I did not get my points. So I put it down to a glitch and carried on and I set up Touch ID. Which worked OK until I went to Rewards then it wanted me to sign in again. Now it’s become a pain in the posterior and I deleted the app..Version: 6.47

Update? NOT!!Like so many other reviews, my bookmarks disappeared and then wouldn’t save bookmarks when it updated ! And of course you can never get any help from Microsoft!! Sent multiple feedback messages and never a response! I’ve used bing for years and was basically happy with it but it seems in the last year or so you’ve screwed it up consistently ! Want the old bing back! Update 3/1/23-Another new update/build. Congratulations Bing, the homepage layout has changed yet again and of course for the worse! Now the back button is at top left of screen?! Awkward! The home button is now bottom left and the bing button at bottom center which sends you to the waiting list for the AI(something I’ll never use). Skynet anyone? Another clutter button! Add that to all the other clutter you’ve added over time. Why am I forced to these updates? Why can’t I opt out or given the choice to manually update? Want the old bing back! Guess it’s getting time to say sayonara bing!.Version: 7.1.16

AIBing is now my default browser because it has introduced a strong feature, which is Bing AI and really enjoyed using it a lot, but I hope that the application supports the Arabic language as a display interface as well as I hope it remembers the history of previous conversations, because every time I want to ask him something about something, I have talked about that he does not remember. Also why isn’t Bing better than Safari?! I hope it will be constantly updated to make it better. But the annoying thing is when I ask him about something and he closes the conversation، this is very annoying, why is there no other way?.Version: 7.2.0

New Bing iPhone home screen is a mess and still can’t see searched images on iPadI can’t see the daily image on my iphone because it’s covered with junk. I don’t need Bing to feed me blocks of news that cover the homepage. I can’t find a way to get rid of it. now icons for rewards and other features go across the top part of the screen, also covering the daily image. It would be much more functional to have three dots in the upper right corner to open these additional features only when I want to. Most importantly, when is Bing going to fix the image tab for iPad? I used to do a lot of research using the images tab. Sometime last year, after an update, the image tab stopped working. I know I’m not the only one because I see multiple posts when I googled why won’t Bing show images. I know it’s not something Ive set because I have a brand new ipad and Bing can’t pull images! This needs to be fixed..Version: 6.68

Annoyingly badI really wish there was an alternative to Google. Why this thing fills my page Full of TV articles and rubbish before a vegan searched I don’t know. When I search it’s got no idea where I am even though I’ve checked all the settings results show locations 50 km away from where I am. I really hope this thing improves before the next time I give it ago..Version: 6.55

Voice searchIt's ok but please fix the voice search crash..Version: 0

Great browser and AI, but daily reward tokens are buggedIt doesn’t matter if I jump on at the same time every day, the daily check-in reward bonus tokens always reset back to day one. I’ve stopped bothering with them as they appear to be a waste of time..Version: 7.25.6

Too many ads on home pageI have used Bing for around 6 years and I loved it. Now I have a new phone I down loaded Bing and the first thing that came up was an ad covering half the home page picture. I have bing search engine on desktop and bing browser on tablet both with no ads and on my old phone with no ads but I get a new phone download bing and get an ad which has ruined bing. I have tried getting rid of them but I can’t I have now deleted bing from my phone. The ad was so big it covers half the bing picture up on the home page. I will not be using bing on my phone any more and if I get ads on my tablet I will delete from there as well. I used to really like bing pictures and search engine. However microsoft have ruined it as usual they ruin everything. Also I don’t love how they have reimagined my experience with the web I also wish Bing wouldn’t assume that everyone will love everything. I personally hate the new bing. I also hate it on my PC. Why do Microsoft have to go and ruin everything?.Version: 7.25.7

So buggy and underwhelmingWhen opening new window (instance) on iPad OS (v. 15.6) and having a side by side view, the home screen page does not reflow but maintains scaling at full screen view meaning the some content disappears off screen unless in full page view. Believe it or not, this is also an issue with the feedback form as well?! You cannot press enter or edit the text entered into the feedback page and I cannot attach screenshots of the home to show as there is no option but the default screenshot to attach. Furthermore, you cannot enter feedback from the home page either. Also my profile picture does not display. I have tried logging out and logging in, deleting the app and re-installing the app about a dozen times but nothing works This is ridiculous Microsoft. Why is the app so buggy and underwhelming?.Version: 7.0.5

Bing chat is good, the rest of the app is notBing chat is actually very helpful and easy to use. It is fortunate that they make it very easy to access with a bit button on the main page because it it literally the only thing I use the app for. The rest of the app is so cluttered and messy and full of stuff I don’t care about– random news stories, trending topics that I have no interest in, popup ads for shopping and coupons and deals, rewards points, weather forecasts– just so much garbage that doesn’t belong in a search engine before I’ve even made a search. They should split all that junk off into separate apps and make this app just Bing Search + Chat. I don’t use the google app for the same reason; if I want to do a normal web search I just use Safari..Version: 7.2.4

Clunky mess!Based on the performance of ChatGPT I had high hopes for Bing Chat but it’s a clunky mess. By the time you start getting useful information out of the chat, you need to clear and start again. On top of that there’s some kind of daily limit but absolutely no way to tell how close you are to hitting that limit until it’s too late… then back to Google you go :/.Version: 7.1.16

Good path where its going but too slowI tried app only for AI answers, when i go to bing chat i ask questions sometime it signs me out and signed in, I thought from their advertisement that it is fast as google chrome but unfortunately it isn’t, their main selling feature is AI chat but they are failed in that by responding too slow. Hope you understand to make product better.Version: 7.1.18

Too RestrictiveI get that the AI and Microsoft have to follow guidlines so that isers don’t get out of hand but when I type something for example, a roast battle between youtubers it said it was too offensive. Now thats understandable but it gets too the point where you can barely type anything and you have you not touch anything ir else it will just pop up and say “Internet Connection is lost.” Dissapointed..Version: 7.25.7

New Update - Why?The old bing was great, I really loved it. But this new app update not only lost all of my open tabs, but doesn't have the tab feature at all! Not even a proper browser at all. On top of that, I can't even use the app for more than five seconds before the app crashes..Version: 6.56

Bing AISearch is too limited for a short amount of use. Also Bing AI should remember conversations like search remembers history. Other than that it’s cool..Version: 7.25.7

Fully biased!!This browser is in NO way unbiased. Rather the opposite! This is trash! If your looking for unbiased (uncensored) browser; definitely do not download this..Version: 6.51

Add the anti-description to ai image creatorBing has different purpose uses, I personally use ai image creator, however there’s one thing I’d like to point out, I hate that there isn’t an anti-description option, as for results may not come in complete full satisfactory, I’d like to see this option added in future updates to exceed further expectation's in search results for using ai image creator. I have also encountered some issues with the AI image creator. I can't seem to carry on searching; currently, it appears to have become greyed out and temporarily unusable. Please update sooner..Version: 27.2.411002003

Work 365 not accessibleHow can a brand like Microsoft think that it’s ok to create a login which doesn’t work with it’s product suite. It’s so common with a business that has got big enough and detached enough that it takes it’s users for granted. How fantastically impersonal. Not the company that one would ideally like to be the custodians of some of the most powerful AI on the planet. So, you have an I.d on Microsoft. It feels completely arbitrary as to whether and if it works. The result feels crude, inept and kafkaesque. Many a joyful moment spent going in circles around the Microsoft login panels. This is just such an experience..Version: 7.2.5

“Don’t fix what ain’t broke”... Return the original version of Bing for IPadI was a long time user and advocate of the of the original Bing for IPad app version; a well designed search engine, wonderful UI and UX with breathtaking daily photo Wall Paper of the Day, integrated browser, “Popular Now News” images and maps widgets. It had a visual appeal and function not found in other search platforms. I accidentally deleted my OG version. The only version available on the App Store is built for the iPhone redesigned exclusively for monetization. No previous announcement to the loyal user base by Microsoft. ‘Well done’ MS... You have yet again managed to unravel a popular productive app; but in the case of the late RIP, Sunrise app, the developer owners of Sunrise possessed the temerity and mass notified it’s loyal user users before the MS acquisition buried it..Version: 6.54

Seriously brokenCrashes everytime you use voice, Bing has never heard of "coffee", and even the wallwaper quiz didn't work properly. Is this a joke?.Version: 0

Terrible update.You have to sign in every single time you want to check your rewards, even if you have ‘stay signed in‘ checked. When you search and click on a link, you get booted back to the home page every single time..Version: 6.47

AnsnSnsnsn.Version: 7.25.7

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