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Fiverr - Freelance Services App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Fiverr - Freelance Services app received 94 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fiverr - Freelance Services? Can you share your negative thoughts about fiverr - freelance services?

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Fiverr - Freelance Services for Negative User Reviews

Has several drawbacksIPhone app and online version don’t sync well. iPad version is just a larger iPhone version making it very cheap looking with minimal UTI. Syncing issues is a big issue. You might get a notice on all that you have a message and you might not. You have to actually go into the app, back out of the inbox and select inbox again to have it sync. Very unhandy and clunky. Manage order is separate from inbox causing confusion as they might leave a message there. If you don’t react fast when order is marked complete, it will automatically dispense the funds. Help desk is frequently unhelpful and doesn’t use the app - uses email. Refunds only via PayPal with an account and 2% less. Ripoff. Not clearly stated when you order. Quality of sellers is very hit and miss. Fiverr don’t do a good job screening and determining if the work shown is really their work. It seems there a a lot of fake reviews allowed. Or they have their friends purchase a job for very cheap and the friend leaves a glowing review. Cheap advertising. If you have a complained you can not talk to a supervisor. Very unhelpful and not customer friendly. App allows you to mark favorites for those sellers you like to use again. New feature shows that when you send a message buyer/seller might be offline due to the late hour..Version: 2.39.2

Not a good experience at allThe last order I placed continually didn’t do anything that I asked. I ordered very specific logo design. They put the wrong business name down every single time even though I continued to correct it and repeatedly told them that was not the name of my business. I sent the exact logo that I wanted incorporated into a monogram so it was very simple and easy and they ignored it repeatedly, and created something totally different and wrong. I told them the kind of welding that I do and the kind of welding torch that I need to be in my logo is very specific and they continued to put the wrong kind of welding torch into the logo which would represent a form of welding our company does not do. They sent me formats that I couldn’t open even on my computer so I asked several times if they could send me a format I could see and review. I couldn’t see the work and be able to review it and I waited so long to receive that format that fiverr finally approve the work. So now I have paid and am very disappointed and still have to go back and pay somebody else to do it again because it’s not anywhere near what I was looking for. Fiverr would not let me leave a negative review. I feel the reviews are allowed to be positive only. When I tried to contact the resolution center I was given an error message.Version: 2.69.2

Scammers stay away!I was asked to pay my $420. Which I did, weirdly it said error every time and said my card would NOT be charged. Well horrific surprise when we realized that oje card was charged twice with $420 and another card was charged one with $420. That’s a total of $1260!! When contacting them the first representative didn’t even bother reading just told me to go and pay again and send me the link. Heck no! I already paid 3 times! I’ve gone through 7+ representatives and each and everyone of them says something else. Also they then lost my credit card info (the ending figures and name) TWO TIMES! To see where my money is or went! To this day we have received ONE payment back, now they are starting firstly to blame another company who they use for payments. Then they started blaming MY bank for HOLDING the fund. Why should my bank hold the funds??? They don’t! I’ve waited to do a review as I hoped this problem to be solved ASAP, and actually considered moving forward with the artist! But after being passed on from one representative to another AND then then blaming firstly a company that apparently takes their money and payments and then continuing to now blame my bank for it. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! It’s been 11 days since I made all payments and filed complain etc. Fiverr also promised to have the money back in my account from 7-(MAX)10 days! Again I’m still missing $840!!!! Stay away!! Far away!!!.Version: 2.63

App for Seller’s?I’m trying to sell my services on Fiverr but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to switch it over. I’ve searched forums telling me how but that option seems to be no longer available? Please help...Version: 2.95

Chronic overpromisingIn my brief experience, trying to find a cheap 'gig' - cheap means $30, not $5, sellers will deliver 1/5 the quality of their examples, with the reasoning that you bought the 'basic' version. If you want to delivery a watered down draft that doesn't compare to the example, don't use a high quality example. All these sellers seem to think they are running fully fledged businesses with the money they expect. Very hesitant to use again..Version: 2.66.2

Fiverr is ridiculous, do not buy from their sellerHello everyone, if you can see this review, do not download this app or do anything on their platform. Their sellers are crooks, they will take your job with a clear job requirements and deliver what you didn’t ordered. I had contact one of their seller to help with a project, he replied and told me he understood my requirements but after 5 days he delivered half job and never completed the job. I asked why don’t you want to complete this job? He said because EID is coming, I said well, request for extension so you can come back to it later, he didn’t want to do that but wanted me to approve delivery of half job and what I didn’t order. I reported to fiverr which it took them hours before they respond and at the time they responded I had gone really crazy with the seller because he wasn’t trying to cooperate with me at all or find a way to resolve the issue. Well, fiverr respond and resolve the issue, I contact another seller who get the job done but guess what?! Instead of fiverr cautioning their fraudsters they call seller, they restricted my own account and claimed I needed to wait 90 days before they can allow me to process with my ongoing order. Their supports staff are jackass, they’re lazy to investigate customer/seller conflict. Instead they mute their buyer. DO NOT LET THEM TREAT YOU LIKE THEY DO TO ME! DON’T BUY ON FIVERR! If they feel this’s a lie they should respond to this review with their prove..Version: 3.12.2

Terrible ideaThough the service may have started with noble ideas, on my first attempt at using it I was met with the usual ‘my dog ate my homework excuses’ - it may as well have been a craigslist cold call. Seller is late and then blames it on me and my design suggestions; ’ they need to transfer it to another designer’ at 9 hours past delivery time. I sent a sample that had textures so they call it a vintage logo and not a modern logo, but still accepted the agreement? Now? I have Fiverr credits that I want nothing to do with. This whole thing is nothing more than a scam with everyone pointing at everyone else - stay away!! <1⭐️.Version: 3.9.1

Great concept but lacking collaboration toolsThe idea is great. The talent is scarce and you have to literally hire 10 different people to find one who actually has talent and skills. Most of the gigsters are not very good and you can’t rely on reviews or samples as it is not the work you will get. Many use google translate and claim to know the language. Prepare to be very frustrated with trying to convey a message. The biggest problem is that there are no tools for real time collaboration or ability to use voice and video. Terms of the site prohibit them from sharing info and you end up sending messages back and fourth. You lose time and above all you lose patience as you can’t simply go on a shared whiteboard and point to the area you want attention to. If these guys improve I might come back, but otherwise I’m off to their competitors who realize the importance of real collaboration and communication..Version: 2.64

BE AWARE BEFORE USING THIS APPHello people I have come across some illegal issues with this company hiring freelancers that does not have a legitimate business when you want to take actions the company tells you they don’t have anything to do with it when they are hiring illegal freelancers that sells you copyrighted materials… and they try to rip you off as much as they can. Also the company says there are equal rights between the buyer and the seller when they do wrong actions they hide them from you then let them still proceed with illegal actions they will flag you quickly but the sellers get away with all this and they continue selling you illegal meterials without a legitimate business which also indicates tax frauds.Version: 3.5.3

Can’t get my $$$ back!!! Extremely unhappy with FiverrThis app and service seem like a really cool idea. I paid over $200 for a top rated artist to deliver a logo in 24 hours. (I searched profiles for hours!) The artist never delivered a finished logo and TWO MONTHS later I finally got the money-not refunded but I was given that amount in credit for the site. I have tried five top artists trying to use my credits but I have yet to find an artist to speak English and haven’t delivered anything close to what I’ve asked for. I’m currently begging an artist for a refund because it is not anything I asked for. I have sent them over 20 reference photos and paragraphs of explanation. I am happy to support artists from any country but the language barrier has seems to be too much. I read this in the review for many artists but didn’t take caution. Please just let me have my money back, oh wait they don’t have actual customer service it’s just an app. That’s right, no one to phone or email if you’re having issues. I sent complaint and requests and nothing!!! Now I’m stuck owing money to an artist who won’t even try to make it right. Wish I never placed an order. I understand going in next time I will have a concept made, but then what really is the point of this service??? Zero stars..Version: 2.73.2

Well at least it made me laugh.I used this app in hopes of adding a cinematic into to a professional demo reel. After contracting 5 different artists what I received back was nothing short of laughable. Complete disregard for the provided instructions, most of them simply applied a stock graphic with the applicable text. It was very much intro to after effects 101. I highly recommend avoiding Fiverr, You will be wasting your money..Version: 3.11.1

How did you make it worse?It was already a bad app. Now when I’m buying music production, I have to log into the website on Safari to listen to what the person has produced because I can’t DOWNLOAD it on my iPhone. And even then! I need to use my computer because you have problems with phones. Why couldn’t you just leave it the way it was?? It was bad but it wasn’t impossible. Make it so that I can listen to the music on my iPhone and skip through and go back. It’s so not hard and I know you can do it because you had a shoddy version of it before..Version: 2.95

Very poor customer service - funds were taken and never returnedAfter months of solid work and five star reviews on Fiverr, I decided to withdraw my earnings from the site. At first, I was unable to and contacted customer service. Their help team were unnecessarily hostile and made bizarre excuses as to why I could not withdraw my funds. Over the course of the following week my funds began to water down. Very alarming. I decided to reach out again as I could not resolve the issue. My account was disabled and some of my details changed by staff. Fiverr had made a fair bit of profit off of my work and in the end I am certain their staff took the rest of my earnings. I never made a dime in the end - will need be using/ trusting a service like this again. AVOID FIVERR AT ALL COST (no pun intended).Version: 2.36.2

Caveat EmptorI was enjoying this app for the most part despite a few issues. For instance, I don’t think you should have to pay Fiverr the pleasure of tipping someone and I’m sure that has impacted some users’ income Unfortunately, one of my requests was brigaded by a combination of scammers and people who can’t read. Which is par for the course I suppose. Except I was then flagged for trying to do business outside of the site and can no longer do business. Despite the fact this was what the *other* people were doing. I feel like Fiverr dropped the ball on this and have sided with a group of scammers over someone who just wanted to do business. To make this worse, there’s no appeal process, no phone number, and no immediately available email. I suppose this is fine if you want to do a one off thing but it’s not practical for any sort of creator. Simply put, you will be scammed eventually and Fiverr will refuse to take your side. They may even be outright hostile and harass your boss on LinkedIn if they try to stick up for you..Version: 2.98

Can't turn on the notificationsCan't see app icon in the notifications section therefore cannot turn the notifications on. Please fix.Version: 2.12.1

Never use this App!!!Worst service ever, and the application company actually take more than 20% commission from both the seller and the when the buyer gets paid.. not a good platform!! The seller didn’t complete my project..Version: 3.1.1

Ridiculous Taxes and No privacyMost of sellers are great and offer decent prices, especially the foreign ones because it’s much more money in their currency but the website/app owners are the ones charging ridiculous tax fees. For a $5 order, you’ll pay nearly $3 of taxes which is nonsense. The worst part is they even make you pay the same amount of taxes when you want to tip a seller. How dumb!!! I was trying to tip a seller because I was very pleased with the delivery and I changed my mind when I saw the tax fees. Other big issue is Sellers can have access to your private information. I had a very important project I was working on, and want to make sure I hired the best one for it so I contacted multiple sellers to discuss about it and see what’s they offering. After exchanging with them, I picked the one I found more knowledgeable about the topic and I hired them. Next day, 3 people texted me on WhatsApp inviting me to hire them. Couple days later, more people I’ve never talked to sent me offers to hire them directly and not from the Fiverr to get better and cheaper prices. All these people had access to my personal phone number from the website or the App. This is so not safe and dangerous..Version: 3.14

Change your approach to tipping atleast!The artists are great. But I am not a fan of the fact that Fiver charges you a service fee just to leave a tip. You shouldn’t disincentivize people from tipping artists who are already working at very low rates compared to industry standard..Version: 3.15.4

Terrible Website for Sellers/Freelancers AVOID THIS SITE!!!!The so called Customer Support team cause issues whenever you ask for their help? Or you are given a random warning and your Gig is suspended for a violation that you did not know about? There are no warnings as you create the Gig? Literally the worst customer support team I have ever communicated with in my entire career. They make uninformed decisions that effect your earning power constantly and dont care how it effects your finances at all. Its basically financial bullying from people that have no idea about your profession and decide to make your life harder on the site 24/7. I hope over time this site gets shut down, as it does not care about the sellers that work hard to keep the money coming in for their shareholders. Its basically modern slavery marketed to the masses..Version: 3.14

Can’t see buyer request in my iphoneFrom last week I can’t access buyer request in fiverr app from my iphone..Version: 3.12.2

Upwork is betterI’ve left Fiverr and started using Upwork instead. It makes no sense that you can’t search for jobs and just have to wait around hoping a client randomly finds you. A portfolio feature like Upwork has would be good as it’s so hard to sell yourself from a few words in a one size fits all ad rather than tailoring your offering to each job. They should change the name as realistically you can’t charge a fiver for anything when they take 20% fees then with tax an currency conversion on top..Version: 3.15.4

Really vagueEver wanted to simply do something like offer a service? Post a gig? Review an application before using it. Well this app is not for you. First you get greeted with setup an account that works except you then have to choose your account to buy or sale services or at least that is what it appears to be when you select. Your locked in and no going back so if you need to offer and buy services you are stuck unless you make 2 accounts. Also after being locked in as a seller the application was so vague and the wording really reads like you chose the opposite of the choice you made. What would you like to find? If your offering something then you have not lost what you have to offer. By the time I looked through the application and decided it was not for me it was too late. No way to delete your unused account just logout and delete it. So my advice is don’t waste your time with this poorly setup application. Time is money and you will waste both using this app..Version: 2.70.1

Business users be awareI paid for a gig via PayPal but when the quality of the order didn’t meet my expectations I cancelled it. Fiverr then issued a credit to my Fiverr account (refund should have gone back to PayPal) which I used a portion to buy a service for my business. Expecting an email with a tax invoice i was told NO, no tax invoice will be raised for a Fiverr service paid for via Fiverr credit... I am now out of pocket $80USD because Fiverr refuse to raise GST invoices for a BUSINESS service.. I will never use or recommend Fiverr. I will however commit as long as I need to make sure the ATO and ACCC do something about it.Version: 2.44.1

Forced tipsForced tips.Version: 3.11.1

Sellers are really hit or miss these daysI’ve been scammed twice in the last year on this app. Customer service doesn’t give me the comfort level of retrieving my funds when this happens. Most of the profile pictures on her are fraud. It’s a whole lot of men posing as women. I’m not sure what that is about but if you ever do a call with people you will hear that not only is the person I though I was speaking with, but it’s a whole agency. I have also noticed that the pofolios on the profiles are not always there work. Either way! I have found a few good sellers on here and they do great work. I will say the price has nothing to do with the quality. I have received my best work on the lower paying gigs. If it’s really expensive, it’s usually a scam.Version: 3.12.2

Start caring about your sellersI have a solid reputation, over 1,000 delivered orders and 500 5 star ratings. I have seen this platform go downhill - fast. If they don't look after sellers you can imagine how they handle their customers. I spent days asking for support on an issue that was clearly a buyer mistake, in the end only being shunned by the platform and almost being kicked off. The staff is extremely rude, whether you are a buyer or a seller- do not expect them to care once money has changed hands. Beware! I used to love this platform, and it's a shame, but they are more focused on looking after their 'pro' sellers. And those who make them the most money. Not buyers or average sellers..Version: 2.34.13

1 Star maybe please readNow simply put the support team for this company is like talking to tech support scammers they’re horrible and a waste of time the app itself is good in concept but what’s the point of trying to get your own service out there “simply” if you have to verify both your number and email but can’t sign in with your phone my email is able to be verified to multiple accounts for some reason but my number is connected to another mysterious account that exists but they can’t tell me anything about they ask you over and over if there’s any other email you can think of it would be added to well guess what as someone who’s business uses over 50 emails no I don’t remember them I have my main and my company so please add a way to sign in withy number I’ve gone through multiple support emails all of them have been “solved” on the website but no simply put if they can’t fix your problem they cut you off entirely that is the most bogus excuse I’ve ever hear ever.Version: 2.83.2

No IPAD support, boooooDisappointing that in this day and era, this app is only available for iPhone screen. Downloaded to the Ipad and I am unable to use it as it is only designed for Iphone, doesn’t even rotate. How do you work with an ipad, a keyboard attached to it and an app that is only designed to work vertically?.Version: 2.90.4

Waste Of TimeAfter paying money and being patient, I had to wait a week till I realised they have no customer support and anything you purchase on the app will just be some graphics on your screen and the minute you want to use your purchase you will realise that’s not possible as there is no one there to support or any help topics just a fake customer support ‘leave a message’ page. Only after getting a third party involved and a request for a refund did I get a response, to which they just refunded me with no explanation and the two weeks work I put into the software was a complete waste of time!.Version: 2.34.13

Good. It needs improvingWorks functionally well as part of managing my commissioning workflow but has a few odd features missing: 1. You can't delete favourite categories you have no use for anymore. I have a large list I don't want to use anymore but can't clear the workspace because they won't delete. 2. When searching and finding a gig, the list of other gigs at the bottom aren't similar gigs to help you search but a list of gigs you've already seen which in the context of searching for gigs isn't the best use of the position imo. 3. You can't delete old messages (I have a lot from a few years ago I would rather just clear away..Version: 2.34.13

Too longTake a mouths to finish a job Too long for just 1 app China mega projects take 7 day to finish a giant hospital for COVID-19.Version: 2.83.2

I cant search gigs once logged in!!Why is it there is no option to search for gigs when logged into the app? Only when i log out am i able to search for stuff, then when i try to save anything or contact a seller im sent to the login screen and all of a sudden it seems like the app turns to a messaging app only! Everything else is gone and I’ve tried every single option. Useless!.Version: 2.73.2

Why dose it only take usdIt only takes usd I’m form Canada I don’t have usd.Version: 2.55

As important to my business as a phone, suit and tieI use Fiverr regularly to do projects that either I don’t have the expertise or is better use of my money and time for me to pay a Fiverr person to do the job instead of doing it myself. Sometimes the results are average but most of the time I get exceptional results. A couple of times I’ve asked for all the things to be done that are exactly the same as what the listing says included and the Fiverr person cancelled the job or asked for another payment. Thankfully that’s a rarity..Version: 2.36.1

Convenient app with a major flawI've used Fiverr for close to a year now, and the platform has worked really well for me and allowed me to earn some extra money. This app does make it easier to quickly look through orders and respond to buyers' messages. However, I find that whenever I have Do Not Disturb on, the notifications either don't appear at all or only appear for a second before disappearing. They never remain in my notification center, and usually I won't even get the little icon at the corner of the app. This seems like a small issue, but on Fiverr, your response time is extremely important in getting buyers and giving your gigs legitimacy. This issue has caused me to miss messages and not respond for hours. I just can't be constantly opening the app, I really rely on the notification. I usually turn on Do Not Disturb when I'm working or going to bed, and I get messages, often from buyers in different countries/time zones that I just don't see. I really don't understand this issue, and it's not something I've had a problem with on any other app. For me, this bug destroys a lot of the convenience of the app. I hope this issue will be fixed soon, and without it, this app would get 5 stars..Version: 2.66.1

Too many feesThe app and website both work great, but having to pay fees is ridiculous, i understand the fee to deliver the work, but paying a £2 fee for a tip ? That will definitely not make me tip again, i wanted to tip £4 for a £5 job, (making a total of £9 for the artist) and had to pay a total of £14, that is ridiculous, a platform should not take that much money away from the customer or the designer. Due to the fees i will not tip again and im sure a lot of customers don't tip due to this issue. Just greedy bast*rds :).Version: 2.99.2

Poor supportPoor customer supprt.Version: 2.31.14

Great at times but others a total disappointmentI’ve never had such problems with this app until a few months ago. All of a sudden I never got notifications that 3 people messaged me for gigs...I keep the app on my phone so I don’t have to log in on my laptop daily, wildly confused. So I checked my setting at notifications were on, what the heck! It seems that has been fixed but over the past month I’ve had six different people from China try to contact me about hosting their upwork site. I’ve never heard of this and thought it was fishy so I declined the offers. I thought fiverr would fix how many of these I get insure my response time is not penalized but these scammers seem to never stop. I don’t know how I’m supposed to contact support when the app brings me to the website of fiverr and I can’t find it. I’ve worked on fiverr here and there the past couple years and have never seemed to in-counter so many problems. Makes me consider going to up work or some other platform who actually might care about feed back. Ridiculous! Fix your app you f-!.Version: 2.71

I triedSo I’m trying to actually use this app but for now no luck. I’ve been trying to switch from buyer to seller on the app for days now but it’s giving me absolutely no option for that what so ever. I googled 100 times how to do it and there are supposed to be one or two options but on my app there is nothing! I tried reinstalling the app. Looked at every opinion google and people on forums agave me but the app doesn’t have these options. No idea what’s happening. Or is it that I can only do it through my laptop? Does anyone else have that problem?.Version: 2.90.4

Do not use this service!I used Fiverr twice to hire logo designers for my business and I am convinced that there are many logo designers on here that aren’t genuine about the work that they post or the experience they claim to have. The most recent designer I hired claimed to deliver a hand drawn logo and even had photos of the gigs he have “previously done” the work that he delivered looked like an amateur created it on Canva. Like seriously I could’ve done a better job. When I tried to cancel and get a refund, Fiverr’s customer support continuously put the blame on me for not being clear enough or requesting modifications when I did both very clearly. They had no intentions of giving me my money back and no one seemed to care that the designer was clearly not qualified for the work he charged for or claimed to be able to do. Fiverr has no customer protection in order to refund your money if seller’s fall through or cannot deliver what you asked. I’ve had so many friends and family members who mistakenly hired flukes and wasted their money on fake designers on Fiverr, it’s really a shame. But I will not be using Fiverr again..Version: 2.79.1

Not greatConstantly crashing, notifications that pop up for half a second and then disappear causing me to miss messages and incur penalties as a seller even after their exorbitant fees taken from everything including tips (not to mention the suspicious charges after withdrawing that they claim the payment processors take, but the payment processors say otherwise) and then phantom notifications for messages that simply aren’t there or have already been read. It’s not that hard to have a working app in 2022, do better..Version: 3.13.1

Dismal of a decent personI recently need to get some extra income so I started up my Fivver account again. It was quickly disabled permanently and I was told I can never work on Fivver again. I may have made a mistake under the TOS but I was ready to move past that and better understand they TOS. Fivver refuses to work with me and treats me like a deviant criminal. All I wanted to to is write messages people request and burn them into wood per their request. Simple but fun. I wasn’t looking to get rich, just pay down some debt. Now I am banned for life? Spread the word if you can relate. People should know that this is a network of people and we deserve more than a quick glance and a hard cold dismissal stating it would not be fair to others to fairly evaluate your case with actual information and not template responses that never actually tell you what you did wrong. I’m the USA we arrest people and put them on trial for very specific law violations. We do not execute them and say “it’s because you broke a rule” there provide no specific details..Version: 2.37.1

Use the freelancers on this site at your perilFirstly, the customer service is amazing! Quick response to queries but the freelancers on this site is atrocious! I ordered an illustrator and requested a 3 day turnaround on the job, something you pay extra for. And 15 hours before the job is due, she gets back to me and tells me I didn’t order correctly. I may have got the order wrong but to come back just before you are due with your work is disingenuous at best. Another order I placed was to have a logo designed and i requested a very specific logo and it turns the seller couldn’t do it because it wasn’t his work that was on display. And finally be very very wary of contacting the sellers before you commission any work. They call this a custom order and will overcharge even though it’s exactly the same order as the gig. You get les for your money. I contacted the sellers first because I wanted to make sure the work on display was theirs. And not cancel orders but that worked against me as well. You just can’t win. Again customer service is awesome but if their freelancers are this awful then what’s the point. Avoid this place and get freelancers somewhere else. You’ll just spend more money than what you planned.Version: 2.31.27

Stay away from this application and don’t spent your money and nervesFiverr customer support system is very poor. I made one order to develop a logo. In the beginning, everything was fine, but then they took and blocked my account without any explanation. When I applied for clarifications, customer support first sent a letter where they write that I have a second account, although this is not true. When I asked for the name and details of my second account, they were told that the reason for blocking my account was some incomprehensible activity and again only in words. I again asked them to explain me situashion and give me evidence, but support already answers the mass account creation without a single proof. I'm a regular user of this application, I once ordered the development of a logo without receiving a final result, having spent my money, looks like a cheating. Don’t use this application..Version: 2.45.1

Great content and access but hard to navigateBrilliant services but the site and app are not user friendly. It’s too busy.Version: 2.79.1

Seller - Inundated with SpamI created a seller account on Fiverr - from account creation to date, I’ve been unceasingly inundated with scam gig requests (17 to date, roughly 1 every two days). I’m a data scientist, and offer freelance machine learning dev experience on the side. Literally every request except one that I’ve received - and I get them daily - has been some variation on the following theme: “I (buyer) and from (some foreign country) and want you (seller) to set up a fake account for me on (gigging platform) because (bogus reasons ranging from work visas to online censorship).” There exists no means for sellers to report scam requests, and therefore I’m stuck dealing with these messages until the accounts behind them are banned. And in spite of what Fiverr claims, this DOES impact my response rating on-app (not all scams are caught), which currently sits at 60% despite my perfect non-scammer rapport. Which has been easy to maintain since, as mentioned before, I’ve only been contacted by one non-scammer. Fiverr is either in WAY over their head with this, or willfully negligent at maintaining a positive environment for their sellers. All it would take is one machine learning intern with a substandard message dataset to build a spam filter for these sorts of things - Fiverr, if you’re reading this, I’ll build it for you..Version: 2.70.2

Uncommunicative, unprofessional and takes 20%’I have used fiver for only a month! Making some little money which means a lot for me. And they take 20%… and also remove some of my gigs for breaking TOS with no explanations. I have not broken any rules, and have always put customer first, but with this app it’s money first then the buyer / seller. I have also waited for a month for an update to my profile which was ignored. Do not download this app. Use other ways which don’t block the seller from selling and taking there profit while they are at it..Version: 3.5.2

FrustratingI use to use Fiverr all the time now the app closes every time someone sends me something, after I paid! I wouldn’t be able to contact the seller because the app keeps closing. It’s not the sellers fault.Version: 3.8.1

Reset passwordThis app normally works without a hitch but unfortunately everything I try to login it now wants me to reset my password yet seems to be fine on the browser. Tried to reset through the app to keep it happy and it takes me to browser saying I’m already logged in. Please help, this is extremely frustrating.Version: 3.1.1

Horrible customer supportI was doing great and made a lot of sales until one customer came along and ruined everything. She kept trying to low ball me after buying my service and then reported me. She got her money back and I was temporarily disabled. After 2 months my account was permanently banned. Customer support was slow and didn’t care about my side of the story, I lost my account and a source of income because of one individual, no warnings or anything..Version: 3.1.1

Will never use Fiverr againI was requesting artwork design for a project and the seller did a horrible job. He was not very smart or understanding of the concept and what lighting / effects to use. When I contacted Fiverr they did not care about giving me a refund because it’s apparently not their responsibility if the quality is bad they say. I had many reasons the order should’ve been canceled and they kept making excuses like “the seller wasted their time” well I wasted my time and over $100 for horrible artwork. And it’s so sad because the seller ended up canceling because they knew it was right but the Fiverr team was too dumb to cancel my order even after all the evidence and information I provided. I’m never using this service. These people are so cheap offering me 5% discount because they didn’t want to refund me knowing I did not get what I paid for. Idiots.Version: 3.13.1

Big site filled with scams and low qualityWhen I tried to using Fiverr for the first time, I found someone to format a book I was working on. The person first gave me bunch of excuses why they couldn’t do the work and needed me to do more work on the file before they could do work on it. And then they asked for money before doing any work on the project. Also, the site promotes that you will get $100 if you refer someone. This is not true. Fiverr makes up various excuses for not giving you the credit. You will only get very low quality service or scams at this site. Beware..Version: 3.7.2

Be aware with the useless customer serviceI was a member from Fiverr. The mobile notification was extremely inefficient and it actually took them half year and didn’t deliver notifications to my mobile. The notification function on APP and Web didn’t work for my mobile so I contacted THE customer service and I requested to help out. After over 15 emails with useless help, they didn’t sort out any of the problems. They even asked sensitive private info to help they TEST, off course still didn’t sort out my notification problems. The funny thing is, at the same time, My other similar APP and websites notifications worked perfectly with mobile notifications. After this unpleasant experience, I decided to delete my account and asked them to delete my data in their database. Then I received email saying they will keep my data for a limited time. Is 100years also a limited time? Be aware! Not recommended!!!.Version: 2.40.1

This is trashI don’t know what it’s like to sell things other than art commissions, so this probably does not apply to all of Fiverr. Art work is extremely undervalued. Also, I get lots of spam messages from people saying their “Wong from china” or “Lee from China” trying to consume me into their pyramid scheme or identity left. The most annoying thing is the customers. I’ve had over 20 customers drop the conversation if I don’t reply within 2 hours. A few people took 45 minutes. I haven’t had a single successful commission after 5 months on the app. Maybe it’s my low quality artwork or whatever but my friends on the app say they have the same problems. Now I know this isn’t the apps fault, but I find there are so many better apps with better customers for selling art. So if your an artist, feel free to use Fiverr, but I do not recommend it being your only source of commissions seeing as it won’t be super successful..Version: 2.69.2

Awesome but.......Look the fiverr site is fantastic, and I have used it on many occasions. But since downloaded this app onto my phone I now get a pop up that will not go away. You tell me how to get rid of that and I will give you a 5 stars.Version: 1.2

More MISS than HITAll people trying to earn money on this app are not concerned about this client and their purchase. Neither is the support group behind this app. They designed this too complex and it’s hard to find your way around. You will not get too much value here. It IS a risk and everyone always says ‘Oh yes I can do that’ when they can’t. I can’t tell you how many times I had to cancel a job and request a refund. Big disappointment.Version: 2.31.32

Fiverr stands outI have been using fiverr for most of my business needs related to advertising, accounting and social media which has helped reduce my staff overhead and the stress related with managing several people. The other good part is everyone can find their price point as there is a wide variety to choose from. I must add though that there are a few people who try to spoil this great platform. Do your search well, choose people who have 5 stars with at least 100 people. Best of luck..Version: 2.94

Disappointing waste of timeI signed up recently to offer my freelance services on Fiverr. It took a considerable amount of time to go through their process and set up a “gig” for my services. Unfortunately through their review process my gig was removed for what is still an unknown reason. I received an email notification without any specific reference to my post - after they deleted it. When I messaged the support team for further information I just received a copy/paste response. It’s my belief no one could tell me why it got removed because they did it without looking at it. At minimum there should be a review process before completely deleting a gig. But the support person was uninterested in engaging in a productive conversation about it. So be warned - keep copies or take screenshots of everything you do because they’ll delete it without warning and you’ll never know why. This was a complete waste of my time and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else..Version: 2.36

Poor app down downloadI’m new to Fiverr and was looking to make some money from writing essays. I managed to write an essay for someone, it went well, but I never received payment and I still can’t work out how to use the app to find out more information about it. There is no beginner’s page or help page, just some crap forum where people can barely spell let alone teach you to use the whole thing. I’ve found it so frustrating, just wish there was more guidance on how to use it and that it was easier to use..Version: 2.63

Good idea lousy communication ability!I did a job with someone I contracted with and never got the job to me. That is not a reflection of Fiverr, and they have resolved the issue as far as I can tell. I will know in a few days when I get my money back from the job. But in the interim I tried to contact them they have no phone number they have no email and when I went to try to contact them they asked for a job number which I could find nowhere. In turn I was unable to contact them again. I looked through all my emails and could not find this contract number. They need to have a contact number and an email you can contact them immediately if you have issues. I don’t have a lot of money so $50 is a lot of money to me to have this job done. Even though it never occurred. I needed to work a week ago. At this point I’m gonna have to find someone local that can do it or do it myself which was what I was trying not to have to do. I wrote this review about 34 days ago and still have not figured out how to get my money back from these people. Bad business..Version: 2.91.2

Good, not great.Could be better. There are a few functions that are not efficient. Like for example when I wrote revision changes directly on the project for my graphic designer to see there is a DONE button right next to the ADD button, if you click the DONE button by accident and then don’t click save then the comments will disappear and you will have to start all over again. That was very frustrating and annoying. Happened a couple of times..Version: 3.3.1

This app could be so much better for sellersSo far using Fiverr on mobile feels almost pointless. It has clunky UI and doesn’t have a dedicated iPad version, which seems pretty foolish considering many artists work from iPads now. The website doesn’t work on mobile web browsers so the only real way to use this website effectively is to use a desktop or laptop computer. Many people try to defend Fiverr but claiming “you should only be using mobile to quick reply” but I wholeheartedly disagree. If you want to take a percentage of my commission then make using your mobile website/app worth it. Don’t recommend this app at all..Version: 2.94

They don’t allowI hate the fact that The app only allow you to communicate in their little chat bubble. When I share my password for whatever platform I’m having someone work on, I then have to change my password, which makes sense for my own security. But having to communicate via the app you’re sharing every variation of a password/temp password you can think of. Which can get overwhelming, confusing, but you don’t want previous employees to continue to have access so you must continue to change them. Ultimately, I hate that the app doesn’t allow you to email the employer at any point for security purposes. Their purpose is probably to hire through them, but they don’t make it tempting. Side note: there’s a $2 transaction fee for everything including tips, that can be a pro or con however you want to take it..Version: 2.79

Nice idea, but quite buggyI'm a freelancer, so I've never bought anything through the site. But I made sure notifications were on so that I could have a decent response time grade, but notifications often show up and then disappear off of the front screen for no reason. If I'm not looking directly at my phone when it happens I will miss it. I'm not even sure how the app manages to do that but it makes the use-ability go down the toilet. I also recently tried to toggle to "out of office" mode on mobile instead of desktop. Not only did it get the return day off by a day (how does that even happen), it didn't apply the reason for leaving in my profile at all even though I entered it. All in all I'm glad I signed up, but this app's quality just generally makes things more difficult. Minor visual bugs are fine and understandable, but these aren't..Version: 2.39.2

Fiverr service/care Awful!I purchased well over a thousand dollars worth of goods and services from Fiverr and for the most part enjoyed what I got. Then I decided to jump on board and try to sell. I paid a few times to boost my stream views and thought I could do the same thing. I got one customer who gave me a 5 star rating. Next thing, Fiverr disabled my account with no warning or explanation. I asked several times to explain what was going on but i got a robotic answer that I violated terms but no explanation how. I never got any help with the situation. I made another account just so I can ask for help or an explanation and all they did was shut that down and still never told me what the problem was. My only gig was, I would watch and auto host other peoples stream for $5. They have no number, zero customer service and zero security purchasing something. If they inexplicably disable your account you will have no access to the products you purchased. Very dangerous. I feel cheated out of $1,000, and still no one from the company has reached out. I can not in any good faith recommend this app if this is how they treat people..Version: 2.49

Shockingly woefully bad platformWorse than upwork and Freelancer combined. They don’t stand behind their freelancers and get them. So if the freelancer lets you down then you’re in trouble. No recourse or action or even rating of the freelancer (who abandoned ship at the eleventh hour) is allowed. Yet they will still take their commission for essentially nothing. You can of course go with the highly exhorbitantly priced ‘Fiverrs choice’ and these people are so highly priced that you would need to take out a second mortgage on your house to pay their bills. Strong case of backhanders going back to Fiverr platform. Beware like the plague. Unless you want to pay huge amounts of money for inferior services. Customer support is just a joke. They reply in 2 days with an easy going attitude and your have the ability to rate the customer service in milliseconds (that’s right) so many times I’ve clicked on it to give them a negative rating and the link to provide feedback has already expired. Of course if they sense you’re one of the idiots who would give them positive feedback then the link remains active for months and sometimes even years. Highly corrupt Russian based platform. They will take your money and not provide a service for it..Version: 3.7.2

Worst app ever (as a seller)I’ve heard it’s fine as a buyer but it is the worse app I’ve ever used as a seller. They take 20 percent commission and charge the buyer a fee as well and then hold onto your money after everything clears for two weeks while they collect interest on your money that should be in your account! To do a PayPal transfer they say it can take up to 7 business days (though it did transfer the same day for me) and the other vendor they use for direct deposits (Payoneer) charges $1 per transaction. Very confusing to just set up an account (and I’ve never had trouble with any of the other multiple apps on my cell phone). Confusing to post “gigs”. Not user friendly, glitches like not recognizing a phone number on set up, couldn’t log in one night from phone/app/website and there is no direct customer support and never received a response to my submission regarding it. Overall a really terrible experience using this app and would not recommend it at all..Version: 2.96.1

STAY CLEAR FOR RESUMESI don’t know about the other services that fiverr has, but DO NOT hire someone to rewrite, write or design your resume. I’ve used this site twice and both times it has been terrible. By terrible i mean they have been useless. I spent more time editing my resume than the “professionals”I hired. I took my resume to a legit site and they laughed at what i was provided and they told me i was ripped off. I contacted fiverr customer service and they told me there is nothing they can do. basically customer service does not exist. If you have an issue they refuse to address it. You are expected to take matters into your own hands. DO NOT CHOOSE RUSH for 15 dollars more because you will not have a usable draft in less than a week regardless. If you are from the United States make sure the person you hire either speaks fluent English or at least can properly write in English. Unfortunately both times i used this site they weren’t. This site has good intentions but horrible executions. Please spend the extra money to use an actual site with professionals. I really wish fiverr was better, but from my experience they have no regulations and the actual producers have no idea what they are doing..Version: 2.56

CheesedCan’t run on a jailbroken device? Cheesed.Version: 2.77

Bugs make it almost unusableI don't ever write reviews unless something is really amazing or really buggy. So I just wanted to shoot this out to the development team. The app is great but a lot of features end up causing crashes. I placed an order. I go to the order page to view it. I can see the time estimated. The receipt. But when I click on the sellers profile to go visit his page or the gig. It crashes. If on that same page I go to add extras. Nothing loads but a blank page. Occasionally when I click on a profile it just loads and loads and loads; buffering for an endless amount of time. I have full service and I'm on a wifi connection with fiber service. I think the app is great but these crashes make it so I can't really browse sellers or view what I've purchased. Cheers to fixing..Version: 2.65

What?Apparently my account has been cancelled for spam .. I haven’t even logged in due about 6 months or more .. can’t contact anyone as it is locked account? Brilliant customer service (sarcasm here) and if this is how customers get treated I’d avoid at all costs. I requested work in the past but the cost is always more than advertised and as there is no way to check if the work your looking at prior to commissioning is authentic, it’s a bit of a gamble whether your getting a legitimate service .. read other reviews .. looks like artists are also treated badly .. Shame.Version: 2.66.2

MedicoreFiverr is only good for creating contacts - apparently you can’t message off the platform or make payments everything is run by Fiverr just so they can get their cut. The app isn’t user friendly if you’re new. As I write this review I am struggling to cancel an order from a inactive seller & because I can’t access these funds so my work is being prolonged because Fiverr doesn’t have a simple option for me as the buyer to just simply withdraw my request & immediately pay back my money. Overall terrible app but a good concept it’s just been presented in the poorest cheapest way possible..Version: 2.80.1

What a scamI ordered seo from here . I haven’t received my order and seller made delivered. So difficult even got a refund. I don’t think even I can get a refund. What a waste time and money. It was over $60.Version: 2.61.4

Don’t buy hereThis website will penalise you if you put your hard earned money in it. Twice on this website sellers have backed out on the delivery date because they bid on the project when they were incapable of delivering. And all these sellers were well rated on this website. Then Fiverr kicks you in the nuts for using their website by not allowing you to withdraw your cash. Cash you had deposited to buy stuff and the seller backed out!!! The seller gets away with no penalty. And the buyer pays the service charge, has money stuck, is late on his work. Use Upwork!! A much better website..Version: 2.48

Too many scammersI made a sellers account and attempted to start a small business selling my services on this platform. There is high competition with everything it seems and countless sellers to choose from. The only contact I received was from trolls/ scammers pretending to want my services only to waste my time and attempt to ruin my ratings. There is next to no customer service from Fiverr and the platform takes zero responsibility for allowing this to occur. If they took more time to develop ways to prevent this then maybe I would try this again. The open platform of allowing anyone who took a minute to create an account, to text/ chat with you about anything they wish. One of your ratings is called response time. So I have to waste my time responding to something completely outrageous and ridiculous it be a scammer or a troll - just in order to keep my business going. that’s completely wrong and they need to do something about allowing people to just reach out and chat this is not online dating. The platform makes you fill out an excessive not The platform makes you fill out an excessive amount information about the product or service that you’re selling. It should be more than enough information for someone to read discern and decide if they want to buy a service or not. IMO no one should be allowed to chat with someone until they have actually paid for one of the services that a seller provides..Version: 3.15.4

Offer trail on the app before payment optionThe app should offer trial for like 2 portraits after which it can ask for payment for further use. The user doesn't know enough wether he needs the app or not. A trial would give a good measure to make a call..Version: 1.59.4

Can’t Save The Item You Buy!The artists and services offered on this app are fantastic but the functions provided on this app to the customer are horrendous. My art was delivered by the artist, I left a review, it was then marked as ‘complete’. I now can’t download the finished artwork without the Fiverr watermark all over it. Customer service was awful, totally unhelpful. They kept saying my order needs to be ‘complete’ and I need to rate the artist first, which I had done! I ended up having to log on from a computer, onto the actual website and downloaded them that way and they arrived without the logo fine. As soon as I try again on my phone, on the app, the logo is STILL all over the low quality images. I read on the forums this tends to be an issue on iPhones using the app. Makes the app totally useless if you can’t then download what you paid for! Customer service are still adamant 24hours later that my order needs to be “completed” then I can soon download my images... riiight....Version: 2.91.2

“Seller Profile Not Approved” WASTE OF 6 HOURSDon’t waste your time. What a waste of my time creating a profile/resume/completing several proof of skills tests etc. just to receive the disrespectful email below. The service/gig I attempted to post matched other Fiverr approved gigs that are available for purchase (currently offered online)…so there was nothing that broke the site’s policy etc. A bot (instead of a person) replied to my support request email without answers or assistance. I’m professionally disturbed by this apps oversight and neglect to resolve this error. I want this issue resolved and my “gigs” properly reviewed, approved and live on the site. Fiverr Support Team (Fiverr Support) Nov 3, 2022, 7:04 AM GMT+2 Hi there, Thank you for reaching out to us about this issue. We understand you tried to open a Seller profile on Fiverr, and received our response explaining your request wasn't approved Unfortunately, this decision can’t be changed. Your seller profile wasn’t approved, but you are welcome to continue using Fiverr as a buyer. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know..Version: 3.16.2

Terrible company!First off before you download I want you all to know this place takes money from seller and buyer at the same time, so instead of it being 5 dollars( as the name suggests) it will always cost you more don’t be fooled and look for a better company than this one before settling down. This app it’s self is super outdated for a company that sell services it clearly need them it’s self. The customer service well there is non.... you have to email them so please don’t expect your issues like not being paid by fiverr (happens a lot to many people ) to be resolved fast. When you receive your email 1 week later the attitude from the staff is terrible and they would get sacked if they spoke like that in retail. I personally suggest you go look for someone local and try that as this company is gonna be shut due to terrible app, ripping off all users, Lack of communication Lack of customer service Rudeness. This is run but a lot of con artists so watch out..Version: 2.96.2

Good Platform but horrible chat featureThe platform is great but chat which is the only medium to communicate which is not smooth at all as the platform is earning so much from freelancing. In some cases the chat in phone and desktop are not even same. I have lost old conversations that I made with client..Version: 3.1.1

App needs improvementThe app constantly crashes. And when installed on my phone (iPhone 6+S) the phone is buggy and crashes all the time, as soon as I delete the app my phone works perfectly. The app icon in my notification settings isn't there? So I can't turn on notifications. I want to be clear Fiverr is a great service and I have been using it, I'm reviewing the app here the app is seriously flawed. Maybe the developers should link up with better skilled app developers on Fiverr?.Version: 2.12.2

Considered using it until dodgy practiceI had this app installed and was ready to start using it. Great idea for an app, but it seems like they don’t really care about their users after seeing what they did to voice over Pete as well the steps taken to silence him and not fix the situation..Version: 2.54.1

Scam beware.Once you pay they will try and get more from you before delivering on what they say. Was lucky and only lost time and energy before figuring it out. Stay clear! Appear to be India folks..Version: 3.12.2

Complete ripoffSo you pay a 10% extra on the service and that’s alright. But when you freelancer takes it off the account, they rip him 20% extra off the offer amount plus a hilarious exchange rate. Best of all...i recommended the contractor as they weren’t able to provide with a proper one, but of course after that they do not give your money back, just hold on to it. Then you refer a proper freelancer you research, so they can take the job and finish it. Still off worse 30%, and i got nothing for the referral. A complete shame all around. Do not let these [email protected]@rd5 rip you and poor freelancers off. The app should be banned from the app store and from the web as well. You guys do nothing and turn 330$ into less than £180? Outrageous!.Version: 2.67

No to separate seller/buyer modeThe newest version that separate buyer and seller just doesn't quite work with me. Having to constantly switching and reloading just to check on both side is too bothersome. Not to mention everytime I switch back to seller mode, the app keeps telling me I've been demoted despite I was still the same level as before, and even if I turn off that notice, it still comes back the next time..Version: 2.34.9

Disabled my accountI downloaded the app, created a account and tried to post an add to sell (I say tried as it wasn't very straightforward) it then gave me a notification after I left the app and then I couldn't get back onto my account. I signed in through google so didn't set up a password so I clicked forgot password got the password reset now it said that my account was disabled and I cannot create a new account because I already have one. It said to solve this to contact you but gives no contact details - wasted my time.Version: 2.54.4

Service fees are charged to oftenI would be happy with fivver but I hate that they charge you a service fee for the first transaction as well again if you leave the person a tip. For each job there should only be one service fee..Version: 3.10

No seller protectionI was already a bit put off with Fiverr once I learned that seller payments can take up to a month to be ready for withdrawal. This is supposed to be to protect the buyer, but it comes weeks after the buyer has already been able to accept the work completed and given a review. My feeling here is that once the seller gives a review of the service, that should release the funds. It definitely isn't fair to the seller for the buyer to have weeks to change their mind, especially if it was a service that was rendered. But ok, we're building trust. What just sealed this deal for me is a situation where a customer left a negative review due to a misunderstanding. We worked it out and she immediately placed another order and left a glowing review where she stated the previous one was in error. Well as a new seller this has a big impact on my overall rating. So I requested support remove the incorrect one. Not only was I told that it isn't their policy to remove reviews, but that the rating was posted as an automated posting by Fiverr. So support basically lied to avoid helping a seller. Wanna see screen shots of the conversation? I have them. I'm be going to a different platform now. Fiverr isn't the only one out there..Version: 2.63

AmateurI have tried to use this a few times. Once I put on a job and everyone on there decided they had the skills to do it for top dollar. Of course they could barely structure a sentence so that didn’t go far. Next I approached someone direct, over 300 5-star reviews so they must be good. Apparently my request took too much of their time so they just blocked me. They didn’t say ‘too complicated’ or ‘I can’t do that’ but just blocked me. So I can only conclude that it’s filled with childish, illiterate amateurs. I really can’t see what it’s good for..Version: 3.3.1

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICEIF I could give it no stars I would. I got logged out and when I tried to log back in it said all my information was wrong. I emailed customer support and they said they couldn’t help me unless I gave them the email on file. If I had the email on file I would have just reset my password. Unfortunately the email I may have typed in probably was mis spelt because it doesn’t make you type it twice and I only got one email. I’ve been going back and forth for a day now and every time they respond it’s a different way of saying we need your email to tell you anything. If I knew the email this wouldn’t be an issue !!! SO MAD. Never using again.Version: 2.49

SMH. Never do two accountsSo make sure you read very well. I have been on fiverr platform for over 3 or 4 years. It’s been really good until one day I decided to start a second account doing beats for this one instead of singing and rapping. Made over 30k in my first account, great loyal customer base built, solid stats across the board, ended up being a top seller and then a couple months into my second account they asked for ID verification so I did that. Noticed it asked for my first account then did that one and was immediately blocked from my main primary page I had for over 3 years. Highly upset was not even the words to describe how I was feeling. Over 300 completed gigs not backed up, 5 star ratings with numerous repeat customers all gone in one minute. But I won’t get down because I’m a walking music genius who has worked with a lot of top industry artist like Gucci Mane and more. But anyway to make maters worst there was money still in my account I have to wait 90 days for some link to magically come to my email. None of the reps can find my account and at this point I will be leaving fiverr starting my on platform. They have made enough money off of my work. It was good While it lasted but I hate how it ended..Version: 3.10.1

BE CAREFULI have used this site 3x to hire programmers and have been completely scammed 2x. There is no way to get your money back since you pay up front, which is garbage. There are no humans in customer support to help you with conflict resolution or to report these scammers who continue to dominate the platform. this is a crime and apple should be liable..Version: 3.9.1

User unfriendlyFiverr is a fussy and poor UX app..Version: 2.85

AwkwardThe transition between mail and where deliverables is weird… make it all in one spot.Version: 3.12.2

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