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Fiverr - Freelance Services App User Positive Comments 2023

Fiverr - Freelance Services app received 155 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fiverr - freelance services?

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Fiverr - Freelance Services for Positive User Reviews

Super fast service. Wow!This is an excellent supplier and I highly recommend this service. Delivered super fast and is exactly as ordered!.Version: 3.21.7

Will never use Fiverr againI was requesting artwork design for a project and the seller did a horrible job. He was not very smart or understanding of the concept and what lighting / effects to use. When I contacted Fiverr they did not care about giving me a refund because it’s apparently not their responsibility if the quality is bad they say. I had many reasons the order should’ve been canceled and they kept making excuses like “the seller wasted their time” well I wasted my time and over $100 for horrible artwork. And it’s so sad because the seller ended up canceling because they knew it was right but the Fiverr team was too dumb to cancel my order even after all the evidence and information I provided. I’m never using this service. These people are so cheap offering me 5% discount because they didn’t want to refund me knowing I did not get what I paid for. Idiots.Version: 3.13.1

EatingricecakesGreat app and service.Version: 1.37

Converting data from pdf to excelAmazing communication, on time and just a pleasure to deal with someone that actually does what they say they will do. Highly recommend. Well done and thanks.Version: 3.15.3

Productivity unleashed!!Fiverr is so great for my business needs. When I suddenly have amazing work set before me for approval, it’s so exciting! Fiverr is phenomenally time saving; my mind is less cluttered and I become so much more productive..Version: 3.20.1

Good communicatio n, specific into detail, really patient personAmazing hard working, trustworthy. Really impressive! I will work with you again one day, amazing hard working, trustworthy and he really know what he is doing. 5 stars service! :).Version: 2.59

First timer.This service was quick and efficient and they listened to what I wanted and changed were not an issue. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.Version: 2.50

Italian coverI have asked the artist to make so many changes, and he had no problem with that. Wonderful customer service, wonderful work. I will be using him again Thank you.Version: 3.21

Talented peopleI had an idea but just didn’t know how to produce it, even if I tried to set it up it would of taken me hours and hours, with Fiverr’s talented people offering there services. I have my Etsy shop looking professional and now active in less than a week. Thank you..Version: 3.12.2

Professional, highly skilled, flexible and fun to work withSo so good. Loved working with him. Going to use him for EVERYTHING in the future! Lovely guy, super smart and really cares about your needs and wants. Can’t recommend him enough. I really trust him..Version: 3.10.1

Communication hindered by using new featureMy designer and product was fantastic. But, moving to communicate via chat abd the new communication tool was at times frustrating. Some messages I sent via the app wouldn’t show up on the PC, and messages I sent through the new communication tool was not received at all. I hope this can be sorted out as it wastes the time of the creator and the customer while we have to play ‘catch up’..Version: 3.1.1

What an amazing appThis has been my go to for getting work completed thoroughly and quickly with out breaking the bank. Well done guys.Version: 2.54.2

Excellent Experience ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This was my first time using Fiverr and it definitely won’t be the last. I was hesitant at first because I needed to have thousands of dollars worth of work done. Considering how much hacking goes on these days, I’m always cautious spending any money online, let alone thousands at once. I decided to take a chance and it paid off big time. I hired Matarrese8 and was absolutely blown away by the finished product. I will be using Fiverr for all of our future business projects. Special thanks to the developers for quality updates and keeping bugs at bay. Fiverr sets the standard for all iOS apps. My only regret is not being able to leave a 6th star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.89.4

Great appFast n smooth..Version: 1.35

Great customer serviceRabbi’s service was great. They responded very quickly to our requests and made many changes to our logo while we worked through our different ideas. In the end we went with one of the earlier designs and we are very happy. So reasonably priced and very professional..Version: 3.1.1

Can do this from anywhere, fast and efficient serviceI actually did my first order from my hospital bed. Making the most of this opportunity while on bedrest while in hospital, I’m extremely happy with this - so I can get my business up and running..Version: 3.9

Always exceeds expectationsThis provider always does such a fantastic job. She responds quickly to contacts, she is always thorough on my projects, she takes the time to make sure I get what I need and is great about clarifying things that aren’t clear - this is especially helpful if you’re like me and you aren’t tech savvy. She also takes the time to let me know what I can expect in regard to the tweaks or constructs she applies to the project. This is especially helpful, again, for clients like me (who aren’t tech savvy) in order for me to be able to “see around corners” I wouldn’t have known were there if she hadn’t taken the time to point them out. This helps me see the bigger picture in regard to how the project will flow and if there are changes I want to make I can discuss them immediately. I will continue to work with this provider and would highly recommend her to others as well. You won’t be sorry!.Version: 3.6.2

Best market placeBest market place for buyer and seller.Version: 3.23

Update on my websiteHonest, good communication and pleasant to work with. Thank you..Version: 3.21.7

New web designGreat customer service e and great communication. We have found our new web guy to care for our business website. Highly recommend him for your needs in web design..Version: 3.26

This is a crappy app.This is app stinks because when I was scrolling through some gigs to report the bad one I came across the most disturbing thing on Fiverr. A lady with inappropriate clothing this app is for four year olds that can draw children close to this stupid app sure there is also good things For you on fiverr but there is the dark side of fiverr witchcraft spells sorcerers and more this app stinks as heck. Don’t get it it’s basically supposed to be 17 plus and older but no the developers had to put it for four year olds. And the developers need to improve there app by taking out this witchcraft crap and the devils playground and if you want it for kids pls take the inappropriate stuff out and demonic stuff with stupid curses. Thank you for your time and bye..Version: 2.67

Feeling like I’m homeIdea of this application is very good.Version: 3.21.6

Great serviceI have used Fiverr on and off over the years when we have had a gap internally, or just wanted some 'outside the box' thinking. For my needs Fiverr has been an excellent and cost effective means of achieving this and reduces our agency costs while providing fresh thinking..Version: 2.60.1

Fiverr Fiverr Race Car DriverCan't complain. It does its job, has some good deals and puts you in touch with a large skill base..Version: 2.1.19

Awesome workI’m really impressed with his work. It was a simple job but he took his time and after a couple of conversations he understood my brief. Incorporated my brand colours and will use his services again. Highly recommend.Version: 2.86.1

The cattle baroness queen of the outbackSo very grateful for this man’s work. I let him be creative as possible and he certainly didn’t disappoint . The workmanship so highly professional and great to deal with . I asked for a book that popped and I got what I asked for.Version: 3.21.7

Timeout on designThe chat facility and timeline are not smooth. I would get notifications of a message and when I tap on it I wasn’t taken to the message. I was getting some and then most messages on chat, unaware that if it was not on the timeline chat my order completes itself so I had to finalise a long time before completion. It should be up to the client or designer to set the timeline as complete..Version: 3.7.2

Always fast, easy and gets it perfect.This is now the 4th logo I’ve had designed with Theonnax and quite a few other projects. Always fast delivery and fast edits or alterations. Been using him since 2016 and never had an issue..Version: 3.14

Excellent serviceI am beyond amazed with Obamaintro’s service he was quick to respond, went over and above the brief and came up with some lit ideas for our logo he is 5+++ and I will use him again and again Thank you - Ngā mihi.Version: 2.83.2

I love FiverrI’m a businessman and need a fast website and slick media. Every time I’ve used Fiverr it’s been a good experience. Local companies wanted to charge me 12 times what it cost on Fiverr , and the work was done in hall the time. I’ve found great suppliers for website development, video editing, graphic design, digital marketing etc. I highly recommend using Fiverr for your next project..Version: 2.90.4

Excellent data visualisers with creative flairI’m new to using the services provided by the data professionals. Oh my goodness ~ what was I missing! They’re brilliant making my life so much easier allowing me to shine brightly as the data dashboards tell the story clearly in beautiful designs. The investment is worth it I highly recommend Fiverr 😀.Version: 3.3.2

Great for it businessFiverr simplfy the online business.Version: 1.57.8

FIVERR is greatNow the search is a lot better, however, my notices only show up after I reopen the app. At times I’m waiting for a reply and only after closing and reopening is when it shows. FIVERR is an awesome way to find great talent without the need to pay the high prices. Not everything is $5 but that is the starting price. Not every seller will meet your needs so you have to surf to find them. I give it 4 stars because the surfing method is still slow and when I check a seller for more info, it brings me back to the top of the surf when I return. The lower sellers suffer the most because I can never get to them. Otherwise it's just what I need for my music, photo, video, graphic design, and advertising needs..Version: 2.35.3

Great jobHayden was really great to work with… fast knowledgeable… really knows his stuff.Version: 3.24

Communication is lacking.The first person I hired to draw up a project for our home was not very good at all. I tried to explain to him I would not be able to use his work to submit to my board for review. I received zero value for $180 dollars I paid him. I tried to negotiate with him half way the project to recover at least some of my money. He was not very willing to work with me. Very amateur work like my 11 year old son could have created on his Minecraft video game. I tried to contact Fiverr and explain my situation to help me and then just gave up. I ended up just paying the guy and throwing away $180. I feel there should be a little more help from Fiver on these type of disputes. The second person was amazing and exactly what I was looking for. A true professional. I’m sure Fiver tries to screen its sellers as much as they can. But the first guy was a total amateur and a con. Jason Wood.Version: 3.21.5

Excellent website at Excellent prices!I’ve just completed my first order on Fiverr & I am really pleased with the edits. Extremely affordable prices with the best edits I’ve seen so far. Excellent customer services, keeping you informed about everything. Quick & easy to access. I highly recommend this app for any social media enthusiasts. I’m really pleased with the order & will definitely be placing more 👍.Version: 2.95

Great serviceIt’s really an amazing platform that allows people all over the world to collaborate from a starting point of trust. The only thing I hate and think is morally repugnant is that Fiverr takes a percentage of a seller’s tip, if left after the initial service. And the percentage is far too high. I understand the service fees are how you support the business and I support that 100% for initial services, but you should absolutely not take any portion of the tip. I no longer tip sellers because of this….that I am trying to share my gratitude with the seller if I am extremely satisfied with a service. There should be an option for a buyer to allow a portion of their tip to go with Fiverr if they like. I’m sure I’m not alone and that many artists are being denied tips because of your skimming. Other than that, this is a great service..Version: 2.98

Python freelancingI’ve been freelancing on fiverr for nearly a month and don’t normally leave review on apps but this platform is great, I used it 2 years ago to get some minecraft models and recently decided to start making python programs for people, my specialty. It took a while but after my first order and review I got so many orders at once I got swamped, my only negative experience with the platform were the essays I was receiving from people at university. I’ve been making a nice amount of money but I’m getting swamped with these orders all at once.Version: 3.16.2

Nailed it. Well writtenAbsolute masterpiece. I am deeply impressed with your writing style especially the way you have structured this task and transitionof ideas in an extremely academic way. Your clarity of thoughts and counterarguments were brilliantand i wish you best of luck in your future tasks..Version: 2.86

Please Optimize for IPad Pro!!Please optimize this app for iPad Pro when opening the app it appears with black borders on the left and right I don’t mind it too much but everything about it is so low quality and would much rather have it optimize for iPad but other than that the app is pretty solid so far I don’t solely rely on it it’s self are use the website and the app at the same time but I just wish also that the app just had all the features that the website has inconvenient basic locations and just a much better you why And one more thing please allow us to make our gig stand out a little more by us having more freedom with how we title our gigs with apostrophes and (!)’s and for us to put a much longer detailed description under the gig someone’s purchasing I never find it enough space to describe the gig when giving the opportunity it always says that the description is too long and I don’t like that I want people who see the gig scrolling through Fiverr actually see everything that the gig is all about That’s all thank you.Version: 2.65

Great work teamI can always count on box provider to do their best and keep on working until the project is perfect. I will definitely work with them again.Version: 3.19

Great ServiceHighly recommended, professional and easy to work with..Version: 3.15.2

My ebook creation experienceI very much appreciated that Fiverr could find me someone to do the work I needed. While the person who did my project was excellent and did his very best to satisfy my requirements, with a good outcome,I found the Fiverr system rather difficult to follow, between order Pages and chat pages. There seem to be so many pathways to negotiate through to find what I wanted to look at. I found it too difficult. I clicked on many images that were not clickable. And sometimes had to ask my Seller for help. He was very patient and helpful..Version: 3.8

Amazing1st time user, went beyond on my expectations.Version: 2.56

Amazing!Mul is so incredibly talented. She understood our concept straight away and was so quick with her drawing and revisions. Great communication. We are just so thrilled with the final product. We will definitely be using her again and highly recommend her. Thank you!!.Version: 3.24

The best app for finding artistsI’m a Twitch streamer, but I don’t have anyone to make my emotes, badges, panels, all of that stuff. I heard about Fiverr from YouTubers and Twitch streamers and watched them rate their experiences with sellers and the products they were selling! I was skeptical at first, thinking I could get scammed. Although, there are so many precautions that Fiverr instills so that can’t happen. And, I’ve had amazing experiences with now about six sellers. The flexibility in prices is amazing, the efficiency of the app and website are what make it an enjoyable experience as well, and it’s a great way to get your own unique work done by these artists. I’ve reccomended it to my other streamer and YouTuber friends and will definitely be using this again!.Version: 3.12.2

An absolute professional and truly a blessing!!I am so grateful for Santhar. She is, in my sincere opinion, an absolute professional—extremely proficient, personable, and patient, and she impressed me at every phase of the process. This is my very first experience with Fiverr, and Santhar has set the bar extraordinarily high. I have already certainly recommended Fiverr and Santhar to others, and I will happily continue to do so. I am also thankful that she has already indicated that it will be okay for me to contact her with my next project. I know I am using rather superlative language, and it is intentional because Santhar is indeed worthy of it-efficient, perceptive, generous, and gracious, again at every turn. Thank you, Santhar, for so skillfully and kindly helping me with a personal project I had worked many years on and for literally and figuratively helping it to come to life. You are truly a blessing!!.Version: 2.98

FiverAlways delivers on time and does great work. AAA +++ . Highly recommend..Version: 3.10.1

My favourite app!Fiverr has helped me accomplish many of my dreams. It's so easy to place orders and keep in communication with the sellers. Couldn't be happier!.Version: 3.27

Publishing a Creative Writing BoomI am an English Teacher and I highly recommend Asking Ruben to publish your work. He solved lots of problems and mistakes I made. Designed a fantastic cover, researched some work for me, delivered on time. I am totally shocked it ran so smoothly. I certainly will be using Ruben again. Thank you..Version: 2.94

Multiple gigs nowI have used Fiverr for multiple gigs needed in my business where I am not knowledgeable in and left it to a professional to help me. I have never been disappointed !.Version: 3.22

Great app and serviceUsed Fiverr a couple of times and the app to track and communicate with Gigs, would highly recommend..Version: 1.50.3

Fiverr Is gift that keeps givingIf your are looking to work with some of the best musicians in the world then you’re using the right app! If you’re looking for affordable prices and professionals that get the job done this is the App! 100 Stars!.Version: 3.24

Amazing platform full of very deserving professionalsI’ve had a a amazing experience and realised how much I can easily and quickly outsource for my business because of the endless opportunities that Fiverr provides!!.Version: 2.85.1

Exceptional work!I am so happy I decided to work with Joonyed on my project. His illustrations and work brought my vision to life, and I am so pleased with the quality of work. The illustrations are beautiful, tasteful and take my book to the next level. I’m so, SO excited to share this book with the world, especially now with the gorgeous illustrations alongside my work. I think people are going to LOVE it, and I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you Joonyed for your vision and your support!! I look forward to our future collaborations.Version: 3.22.1

A great experienceA clean and simple way of getting my project finished to a professional standard. A great experience..Version: 3.14

Fantastic!Amazing work! Thank you so much! I’m very impressed! 😎😎.Version: 3.16.2

Best Remote Work ToolI use #fiverr to delegate certain tasks while I focus on strategic decisions. Depending on your specific creative requirements, you can easily find available remote talent who will complete the works as requested - and then you can edit accordingly #Automation and independent contracting is a key component of #lean business development (especially for resource-sensitive situations).Version: 2.98

Another great job!I have used this service before and it has always been fast and great the first time. Never need to ask for amendments. Thank you.Version: 3.11.1

Knowledge is powerAll you need is the vision you desire and there are unlimited resources at your service. From building a two page website, to creating advertising banners and even the implementation of these banners into sites. Fiverr can fill in all the complicated bits of the internet by providing the services of those who already understand it. Invest in yourself by getting someone else to do the hard work and the prices are unbelievable compared to most comparable services online. We’ve learnt so much by using Fiverr and will continue to do so. The Hannistons.Version: 3.15.3

Amazon Brand Name ExpertIf you are an Amazon Seller and stuck with error 8541 (Generic to your Brand), search no more. Shami will have it fixed for you. I highly recommend his service..Version: 3.21.7

A mixed reviewPositives - plenty of suppliers to choose from, all answer quite quickly and mainly deliver on time, with good communication. The price also, is usually cheaper than what a local tradesman could quote at. Negatives - there is no phone support, the online support takes too long (3-12 hrs) to respond, there are some really poor quality sellers.Version: 2.98

I love Fiverr platformFiverr platform has the best user interface for buyers and sellers looking freelancing services. The modules operandi of fiverr makes it trust worthy for both buyers and sellers, fiverr also punishes any seller or buyer that doesn’t regard their terms and also violates their rules, that is a fair judgement. Fiverr habits great talents that is needed all round the world and also beats every seller into malleable piece making it worthwhile for buyers to purchase without having issues..Version: 3.15.4

Excellent JobCharlyn is very professional, efficient and easy to work with. Her book cover design was top notch; I'm very happy with it. She is very fast to deliver and problem-free. I'd certainly use her again and highly recommend her for others..Version: 3.21.5

Awesome JobI’m thrilled with the final products. Dianne saved me hours of time and presented a perfect product in a timely manner!.Version: 3.21.5

Google Merchant Account issues.I higher a professional from fiver to fix my GMC account the work was done on time and professionally..Version: 3.22

DJ WufieThis is the Best site for Networking Thank You for making this site.Version: 2.61.4

English EditorI was searching for an editor to work on my auto biography and found Jamie, he was a pleasure to work with, fast with outstanding results! I am so happy I found fiver to help me finish my book Cheers Dean.Version: 3.12.2

Incredible artworkOnce again, Mazy exceeded my expectations. Mazy takes time to develop characters and scenes that bring stories to life and adds interesting details to delight young readers. I will continue to work with Mazy on future projects and highly recommend her. She is committed to perfection, a good person, and easy to communicate with..Version: 3.21.5

Great and timely Work!Ahmed had a great understanding of what I needed done for my project and quickly delivered pooled analysis and forest plots before my abstract submission deadline. I was able to present the data at the department of medicine annual meeting at University of Ottawa..Version: 3.27

Excellent Service and KnowledgeThis professional sets the bar, and I don’t hand out such accolades easily!😉.Version: 3.23.3

Practice makes perfect!I am a huge Fiverr fan and not because I have always had an amazing experience cause I haven’t. I’m a fan because I love the concept as it’s essentially speed dating for entrepreneurs and those that provide services they need at an unbelievable price. There is a place for large marketing firms. The talent and resources they have is unmatched. But, there wasn’t much in between for a blogger or nonprofit or someone just starting out in terms of affordable resources. Fiverr meets that need. Now, like dating, you are going to meet a dud or get burned by a seller on Fiverr every now and again. But, you didn’t spend a ton of cash so consider it part of the learning curve. Once you get the hang of picking the right seller, providing the most information you can and considering if a language barrier is a problem or not, you’ll have successful gigs completed time and time again. Highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone!.Version: 2.35.3

Great idea but sellers reviews are not always trueGreat idea but sellers reviews are not always true as Fiverr force you to leave reviews as condition to receive the your completed order, you can’t receive any order without leaving reviews therefore if you find out that you did not receive what the seller promised you can’t change the 5 stars reviews you left. Also if you had bad experience with seller and you decided not to complete the order with him you will get your money back but you can’t leave him a reviews. Asked question before ordering a gig. Overall, you get good services for very cheap price. It’s kind of Aliexpress for services. It’s cheap but you will never know what you get regardless the gig description..Version: 2.40

House 3DWork was just as I had asked for and all done very quickly. Thank you for an easy first experience.Version: 2.64

EXCELLENT!!!I love this platform. It’s so easy to use. The talent is amazing. I always find what I want. The way fiverr have set up profiles and access to messaging and notifications is excellent. I can’t use anything else now. It’s so helpful. Thank you..Version: 3.10.1

Excellent application for business ownersGreat prices and designs to get you started with you business and saves you time! I highly recommend it.Version: 3.21.7

Dmitri SternAn excellent app, that helps with productivity, especially if you engage with providers of multiple gigs. Makes it easier to communicate with contractors in timely manner. I'm a happy customer!.Version: 1.50.3

FantasticExcellent app with heaps of useful functionality. If your looking to offer service or purchase, you have full control and fluid secure communication. Apple Pay was a plus being able to pay on the go!.Version: 2.45.1

Logo designFiverr allowed me to communicate with graphic designers from all over the world and select one that was able to bring my ideas to life... and all from the comfort of my own home and phone. Great App and business.Version: 2.55.1

Quick and dedicatedBipin helped us set up server side FB tracking and he finished very quickly. On top of that, he is very patient with all of my questions and explained carefully. He also replied you pretty quickly. I enjoyed his service very much and highly recommend for everyone. Thanks Bipin 🤗.Version: 3.21

Where have you been all my life?!Found this just a couple of weeks ago and started 2 projects already, one finished successfully! Amazing amount of talent on here. There is a hesitation in allowing people around the world to have access to the back end of you website etc …. So still quite wary and it would help if Fiverr would tell us how to protect ourselves against any misuse.Version: 3.11.1

Amazing work againIf you need a T-shirt designed get it done here amazing work always on time think I have found a new go to person for my designs thanks so much.Version: 2.83.2

Great AppEasy to use lots of professionals to choose from, starting or running a business can leave you time poor or perhaps you need something done that’s outside your skill or knowledge set fiver gets you connected Definitely worth using..Version: 2.91.2

Would give 5 stars except for payment options and split paymentsFiver does not accept split payments from 2 different sources and no Afterpay. When you are working on projects costing a few thousand, sometimes you need more options to pay milestones. Customer service is very responsive in general for help on any matter. Good experience with my developer on here. Very skilled..Version: 3.17.1

Works great!I really do love this app. I’ve used it for a few years and literally it seems like you can find someone to do almost anything and everything. All the freelancers seem easy to work with and this is by far the best freelancer app IMO. A few cons... communication can be a huge problem between you and freelancers. They really do mean well( and I hate even complaining about this) but sometimes it’s frustrating because you can give them detailed explanations Fr the beginning and many times they act like they fully understand the task but then you get your delivery and you realize they either have no idea what you were talking about or they just said yes the whole time to make you happy and even if they offer revisions it’s too late. It can be VERY frustrating. They all seem to think they are qualified for the job but when it comes down to it it’s trial and error..Version: 2.93

Love it BUT!Fivver is a great app and I use it quite a bit but I find I frustrating that chat and messaging and notifications all over the place, it would be better (for me that is) if all correspondence with designer was in one place! Just my 2c..Version: 2.54.4

Graphic designI found Aby to have the highest integrity to reach the exact outcome I required. Skills were perfect for what I needed and delivery time was on point !.Version: 3.16.2

Awesome Website build projectShiva was amazing on this project! 3rd different website he has built for us. Could not be happier with the finished new site. Here are a few reasons I highly recommend him for any website build project: 1. Great communication and understanding with our direction on specific items and elements needed. This greatly cuts down on time. 2. Shiva is also very efficient, we finished our site in just a few days! Huge for us as it was time sensitive. Works well to have a site example you like for layout and then make it unique from there with your content. Greatly speeds up the build. Highly recommend this method. 3. Shiva has VAST knowledge of ELEMENTOR and it’s plug in options for having active moving sections or animation or different site elements. Site we are doing next will require a plug-in for data in a table to access. I’m sure that he knows exactly what plug-in to use for this. He is truly a master at his craft. 4. And finally, and also very important he was able to start fairly soon from when I reached out to him . That mattered a lot too. Great job Shiva, we included a nice tip! Thanks again for getting right on this project..Version: 3.15.4

Don’t be a seller on thisDon’t install this app if you’re wanting to sell, you get no protection or help. Someone can start an order get what they wanted from you and not say anything till the timer on the order is up and you just get scammed. There’s no way of cancelling a order unless you ask the buyer to do it for you. You have no control as a seller.Version: 3.8.1

No problems so far. Everything delivered as promisedNo problems so far. Everything delivered as promised . Time our message across using txt.Version: 2.99.1

Best logo designerHad a few logos designed here and Zunairaah is by far the best! Can’t recommend her highly enough. I wasn’t the easiest customer, going back and forth requesting revision after revision, but she was so professional. I was after perfection, and she delivered! Extremely talented, a rare gem in her field!.Version: 3.15.4

Good peopleYou can find some good people on Fiverr and easy to use too.Version: 2.15.10

Easy access to gig outcomesPerfect to have app so I can access gig outcomes. Works well..Version: 2.13.6

Game Changer & Hidden GemThis app is a complete game changer! It is amazing being able to connect with such talented individuals for almost any service or job you need done! The resources provided within the Fiverr app enable everyone to turn their amateur projects into professional finished pieces that go above and beyond your expectations! Thank you to the developers of this app for creating the most useful tool for today’s entrepreneurs, small business owners, aspiring social media influencers, mangers etc… I can confidently say that the fiver app has the ability to take any task or project to next level type professional quality results! I just recently came across this app and I will be using this app religiously from here on out!.Version: 3.9.1

So good it needs a health warning!I’m not kidding, I went on fiverr looking for someone to do a storyboard. I sit here now with; myself as a Simpsons character, a line drawing animation for my business, a voice over for a radio advert for a business I haven’t even started and I’m thinking about getting my face drawn as Superman because frankly why wouldn’t you? My new secret addiction is trawling through Fiverr to see what cool stuff I can get done and eventually, I will get around to finding someone to do my storyboard..Version: 2.36.1

Room for improvementAs a gig promoter/seller my response time will drastically change when I’m working with clients on a translation project vs. down time (no current requests for services). For this reason, the response time on the site is often grossly inaccurate in my case. To improve, please use a shorter block of time with which to calculate average seller response time to, e.g., a week). Thanks in advance for attending to this matter. Secondly, please tell sellers up front or asap that the date a project is due requires sellers to submit their project by a specific time in a specific time zone on the due day (e.g., 5AM or 8AM) or it will be flagged as “late.” I was caught off guard when I read that my I submission was late, even though the submission date agreed upon by buyer and seller had just started. For this reason, I would like Fiverr to remove the “late” flag in my stats for this singular case. Once I am aware of these specifics, the problem will be eliminated. Thanks!.Version: 3.21.7

Prompt and accurate fulfilment of taskI have Ben working with this provider for a number of years on various graphic project, logo design and interactive forms. Everytime I am always impressed with the timeliness and accuracy of work completed. Highly recommended..Version: 3.20

Natalya astrology soul mapNatalya is very professional and knowledgeable. I was impressed to find out so much about myself. I think my astrology soul map reading will help me to make right decisions in life and I will definitely use Natalya’s advices in my life. I highly recommend Natalya to others since you can find so much about yourself and it answers to so many questions that you had in life. Thank you so much Natalya for amazing advices..Version: 3.21.3

Indie LoveI heard about Fiverr through The Producer podcast. I Love the idea of being able to connect with artists across the world, support creativity and be inspired;).Version: 1.59.4

Usually good but no refunds if you find out the service didn’t work and it’s been 3 monthsI paid for a service and thought it was done correctly. I didn’t have time to work on it myself (which is why I chose Fiverr) but by the time I did work on it I found out that the service didn’t actually fulfill my request even in the most basic sense. And I wanted to wait til I had time to work on it and could confirm it before I accused him of not doing it properly. (Mistake) The seller said that it had been 3 months so he couldn’t give a refund (I even offered to just split the cost in case it was a language barrier issue). So that was $45 down the drain. However, normally Fiverr works well which is why I gave a positive rating. Just don’t use it assuming the job will be done correctly and that you can get your money back if it isn’t. Or if you have any suspicion it isn’t correct, don’t wait until you have time to work on it and confirm on your own, just ask for your money back right away (which is rude but apparently what you have to do). Most services are easy to see if it is correct right away. But for web services or complex tasks, and DEFINITELY SEO (which can take 3 months to even see results), or anything that takes time to confirm, be warned you can lose your money..Version: 3.19

Highly recommendedGreat service and communication. Nailed the logos first time. Thanks again 👍👍👍.Version: 2.97.1

Great communication!The designer was very communicative and response was quick. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to get a logo done with effort to get to the goal of the customer satisfaction. Did an awesome job on what I was looking for!.Version: 3.15.4

Great appThanks team. You delivered..Version: 3.10

Best provider ever!This experience was so much better than I hoped for! The finished product is exceptional. It would of taken me weeks if not months to do this and I have no doubt it would not have been anywhere near the quality that has been delivered. Communication has been outstanding at all times and nothing has been to much trouble. I’m so impressed! Thank you so much Rob.Version: 2.67

Great to deal with ! Genuine not a scammer !This is the second time I have used minujatt, to create me another website. His service is second to none, he is a humble, friendly , punctual and courteous person and along with that his a master at his craft. The creative and innovative content and format he provides for my websites is sensationally extraordinary. Further more, his service after sale is what I love about this person. Love your work ! Highly Recommend ! Eddie Sydney, Australia.Version: 3.15.4

Everything’s great bar the actual pricingEverything in fiverr is done in dollars which is fine, except when you are making a custom gig and have to convert your price into dollars on your end which is made worse by fiverr not using the average conversion rates basically making the pricing a bit of a guessing game..Version: 3.1.1

5 star all the way!Job was delivered on time if not earlier. A peace of Art & Passion! Great work Becca! Who wouldn’t be Blessed….Version: 3.3

Home drawingsHassan was incredible. Fantastic work!!.Version: 3.24

Fantastic Service - Logo DesignI love how quick you get a response and the fast turnaround for requests, not having to wait days on end assists with your timeline and objectives making your endeavour, whatever it may be, lighter work. The option to have unlimited revisions is priceless, as it’s not until you see your idea in print whether it’s exactly as you imagined, needs tweaking or just not what you want. I’m also keen to further investigate the other services available..Version: 2.54.4

Not much good for anything but gamesI have a lot of spare time on my hands and I had an idea recently to create a fiverr account at first I worked on writing essays for people and helping people with homework and all sorts of things but it was so much hard work with not a lot of return! I did some research and apparently lots of kids use the app now I had played games in the past and I thought kids like games maybe I could do something with that so I decided to focus on a game called Roblox which often young children and teenagers play and I just offered to do some gaming on their account for a game called weight lifting simulator very popular at the moment btw and after that I’ve been making sufficient funds from it I am now 15 and earning around 15 pounds a day not bad if you ask me.Version: 2.76

Website Redesign and OptimizationI’m happy with Joseph and his expertise. Good communication. Knows what you want and you don’t have to keep on explaining over and over. I would recommend Joseph for any website redesign, and the fact he has a degree in this field of expertise is a bonus. Thanks Joseph. 😊.Version: 3.24

Mixed reviewsPlatform is ok but staff don’t really help you. I spent 2.5k on an App. Then about 1 month later the person I built the app with uses it against me to get more money from me. Fiverr say they can’t do anything. I am being extorted for money . All of these Fiverr app people are from the Middle East. Be very aware!.Version: 2.66.1

Highest recommendationHelen you are Aaaaamazing!!!.Version: 3.21.7

Amy CleeUse chat GPT!!.Version: 3.24

Need a logo?I needed a logo and within days I got one. This service is easy to use and it allows you to ask questions before you purchase anything. I’m going to use it for my website next! Highly recommend using this company..Version: 3.21.5

Mr MetcalfeBrilliant and professional, I budget a monthly allowance for advertising, it keeps me ahead of my competition. Always new and fresh keeps my customers coming back as well as attracting new ones each month. If my logo and business cards/letterheads look good then my products sell them self. We’ve seen our business grow immensely year after year. Thank you fivver and all the hard working professionals who give so much..Version: 2.54.3

BugsWhen I check my pending clearance, it shows briefly before it says “nothing to display”. Quite annoying. Also, please bring an iPad app. I tend to use my iPad more for productivity reasons and have to use the mobile site since the app is trash. Fiverr is made for people to get things done but not having an iPad app gets in the way of my workflow.Version: 2.36.2

Logo designQuick and painless for an online store job done thankyou..Version: 2.98

Top qualityWe loved out photography session it was so much fun as we could be ourselves and yet super quality pics and service ❤️.Version: 3.16.1

5 star review for service, 4 star for appGiving 5 stars as the level of service the designers do on here is phenomenally good value, however with the app, I have a issue where it reduces a 3MB photo to an unprintable 100kb file, this is after sending the file. This has cost me a lot of time, and had to send the file via wetransfer, surely it can’t be a good move to reduce file sizes? Am I doing something wrong and missing a setting to ‘send full size?’ A truly frustrating feature of an truly great app/service..Version: 2.35.3

I love fiverrFive stars aren't enough to express how impressed I am with Fiverr! As both a buyer and a seller on the platform, I've experienced nothing but exceptional service and quality. Whether I need a new logo design for my business or a talented voice-over artist for my latest project, Fiverr's vast pool of talented freelancers never disappoints. As a seller, I've been able to run my entire business through Fiverr gigs, thanks to the easy-to-use platform and the helpful features that allow me to manage my orders and communicate with my clients. Plus, the built-in protection for both buyers and sellers ensures that every transaction is safe and secure. Overall, I highly recommend Fiverr for anyone looking for reliable, high-quality freelance services. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, you'll find everything you need to succeed on this amazing platform. Thank you, Fiverr.Version: 3.21.7

Always deliverI got my website and SEO sorted with the right people. Price very satisfactory.Version: 3.18.1

To Hell And BackI needed someone who would work with me and contribute towards making my first book amazing. Mehrabmeraj has been an absolute star in helping me to achieve this. I will definitely come back to him with my next project and recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who wants someone they can talk to and get feedback to make their work come to fruition. T Thank you Mehrabmeraj. Bruce Cadogan.Version: 2.95

Above and beyondMy project was from the outset complicated and I was pleased when this gig took it on 😀 Early on in the project the technical challenges grew and rather than admit defeat which would have been easily understandable this gig provided well thought out alternatives which I was super happy to accept. All in super high skill set and focused on a positive client outcome, so you guessed it I’D HIGHLY RECOMMEND.Version: 3.19

Hit and missThe app works fine - but the designers can vary in quality. If you're going to spend upwards of $500 on something then use Fiverr for a draft concept (after all it's only $5).Version: 2.16.6

AmazingThis is an amazing app and offer. There are so many things to do and have fun with its great..Version: 2.7.0

Love Fiverr, but new update took away features.I have been using the Fiverr mobile app for 3 years and conduct almost all the running of my business through it. Which is good for me because I’m not always chained to my desktop computer in my studio unless actually recording voice overs for customers. I have always loved this app because it is practically full featured so I can do almost everything while not in studio, but this new update does not permit me to see a revision request from a buyer. It will alert me that I have a revision, but will not let me see what the customer wants me to revise. It just tells me to log in on a desktop or laptop computer. Why would Fiverr find it necessary to take this away? Otherwise it’s a feature-rich app that is a huge tool for me to run my Fiverr business..Version: 2.87.2

CAD renderingsOnce again, Fiver has come to the rescue with providing a safe, professional platform that allowed me to select a qualified team member over seas. Adnan Ahmad, was wonderful to work with! He was professional, prompt and patient! My project was elevated and more vibrant after working with him. I am never disappointed when I use Fiver for my over sea services! Aka “happy return customer!” DesRez.Version: 3.23

Very handyVery good app, easy to find talented people to collaborate and reach your goals!.Version: 2.89.5

AwesomeSo easy to use. So many professionals!!.Version: 3.2.1

Great appGreat service.Version: 1.37

Creative FreedomWhen you find an artist that helps you every step of the way, you have found a creative equal, and that same person is what makes Fivver so great for me. Thank you.Version: 3.19

All you needThis platform is such genius, i feel empowered as a business owner. To have all the resources right on my fingertips, this is amazing!.Version: 3.25.2

My deliveryThe best experience we’ve ever had on Fiverr to date. We started working with him and his team almost 6 weeks ago now on a concept that was extremely complex. His guidance was super & is always available to go through ideas to flesh them out into a comprehensive design. The attention to detail was phenomenal & truly collaborative! The best!!.Version: 3.8.1

Best resultsZainab_digital did work on my other website and he removed all the technical bugs and errors ,optimized all onpage factors from A to Z and as a result the website ranked very well. I did this order so that he could work on my second website as well. His onpage and technical SEO experience is mind blowing and delivery is fast and according to commitment. Well recommended and will continue working with him! Thank you.Version: 2.90.4

Amazing Value for money, in everyway.Excellent platform in everyway. We have had some challenges but Fiverr stand behind everything they do..Version: 2.56

Very PleasedKashif has worked with me to create my E-commerce website, also helped and advised on hosting and commerce. I was working to a very low budget and Kashif worked to make this possible. I cannot praise him enough, in the way he works. Very professional, knowledgeable, efficient and his communication skills are clear and precise. I would not hesitate in engaging Kashif again if I need further assistance. Thank you Kashif you are a gem 💎.Version: 3.15.3

Sarah is AMAZING!Sarah is one of a kind! She went above and beyond to help me improve the quality of my manuscript. She made so many helpful and insightful comments throughout my manuscript, even making mention of paragraphs or sentences she liked. Her reader report was so in-depth! It's so evident she read my entire story and provided ways for me to make my story better and my characters more life-like. You won’t regret working with Sarah!!! I look forward to working with her again in the future..Version: 3.18.1

Amazing!Fiverr is a creative and incredible marketplace! Very user friendly and so many great services from only $5, very pleased that I discovered it..Version: 1.39

GreatGreat aps. Very happy with the graphic designers..Version: 1.50.3

Why go anywhere else?This was my first time using Fiverr and it completely exceeded my expectations in terms of ease of use and the quality and value of the work. I can’t wait to use Fiverr again soon for every aspect of my new online business and to revamp my existing one..Version: 2.92.1

Great work and customer serviceBaumikpatel did a great job on a custom email signature i had professionally done with logo etc. He had great customer service, fast replies, and good communication if i didn’t understand something he explained promptly and was very helpful about everything. He was also very patient as i had a few questions on installing. (And my Facebook settings weren’t set correctly for the hyperlink to work the first time) He didnt mind doing it again once i fixed the Facebook settings to fix the Facebook icon. Like i said he had patience because that was my fault not his. The design was just what i wanted! Can’t thank him enough! I will return if i need anything else..Version: 3.15.4

Very professional and will not disappointThe product photos and video were amazing and it shows she really put a lot of effort into putting your ideas and requests in the outcome..Version: 3.21.7

Love Fiverr!!!! :)Absolutely love Fiverr! It’s amazing. I starting using it as a buyer many years ago, and recently started as a seller (in March 2020). It’s been amazing and I’ve met some truly incredible people all over the world! My only feedback would a more comprehensive analytics section in the mobile app. The ability to select different months instead of always showing the current month. But seriously, everything else is amazing! Thank you Fiverr!.Version: 2.83.2

Review of FiverrAfter asking about a conversion of an audio reel to a video reel, people began to doubt my sanity. “Valerie, you must be speaking to magicians! How do you think someone can change an audio product to a video product? Why didn’t you just follow the initial instructions instead of trying to do things your way? Do you know the difference between listening and speaking or are you performing too many comedy gigs to know?” Oh, the comments went on and on until my Advisor told me about Fiverr. I could not wait to call and I am not disappointed that I did. When I approached the gentleman working online on my Fiverr project, I asked if everything was legitimate and how much the service cost and the delivery date. My trust kicked in when I was told that my “magician” would not be paid until I approved the final product and I would have a chance to modify any initial request. I thought $20 for a hat trick to be quite reasonable. I have paid a lot more to see magic tricks in Las Vegas. So I gave the ok to raise the curtain on the opening act. I enjoyed the show as he kept in touch with me assuring me everything was going fine. My product was delivered on time and I am so pleased. In fact, my audio reel was delivered in a format that even I could post on my channel. Thank you! Your tip is enclosed. Valerie.Version: 3.15.3

Web site designJohn was very helpful, and provided me exactly what I was after. He was on time and always communicating with me. John also provided me a video showing how I make changes and updates to my site. John has also offered to provide ongoing assistance if I need it. Definitely recommend his services, John’s service is 5 Star, if you need web site help definitely consider his services. I was not disappointed, far from it I’m exceptionally pleased. Thanks John Better luck in the cricket next time mate. 👍🏼.Version: 3.4

Best freelancer app I’ve usedMy web design agency relies on high quality designers, coders and creatives to support my in-house team so I regularly use several “broker” websites like Fiverr to source suppliers, coordinate projects and payments for this. Fiverr is without question the most efficient and effective solution I’ve used and the ONLY one where the app dies everything the websites offers. Highly recommended..Version: 2.73.2

Wow wow wowI only recently heard of this service from a fellow business woman that has used your services - I have to say I am so delighted with the outcome and all the services on offer - at such a great rate too - ideal for anyone staying up and don’t know what they’re looking for.Version: 2.67

Great work ethicVery professional, great communicator and polite. Will definitely use again..Version: 3.8.1

Lost in translationFiverr is a fantastic world to dive into for creative work and important jobs that you need done. The people who survive here are the talented ones and there are many. Would give a full 5 stars (we give it 4 of 5) because the communication. Many of the folks working on fiverr are running second third and forth jobs and are slow to communicate, miscommunicate, don’t offer what they said they would offer, or don’t understand. The providers (people offering the “gig”) sometimes put alerts up “i will be on vacation in Spain at the beach for a week” and you have no recourse. Also having to navigate the various holidays world wide in every country is tough. The work is good and the prices are reasonable so we will put up with the rest but just a word to those who are hiring : make sure you state and re state the deadlines up front..Version: 2.68

Absolute QualityI could not be happier with the work Windsor did in designing my logos. He was so easy to work with, great communication and always accommodating in our collaboration with design ideas. I recommend him to anyone wanting a minimal contemporary design, which is smart and classy. I look forward to working together on future projects..Version: 3.22.1

AwesomeWill use again. I’ve found on this platform it’s hard to understand what the people are doing and whay to expect but the communication and advice here was amazing!! Also got great outcome and direction!.Version: 2.97.1

Professional serviceReally glad I have found Max and Luka they did really great job with my account and they are awesome to do business with, and such quick respond to request and messages - just shows how reliable they are . Will definitely recommend to my friends . Thank you so much 🙏🏻for all your help . Best wishes.Version: 2.43.1

Quick turnaround. Job well done.Thank you for your help. We are really impressed with the completed gig - both the speed and quality - and look forward to working with you again..Version: 3.17.2

Yoga flyerNeelima, was amazing, very quick to respond and so good at taking what I needed and created the perfect flyer for me. I had more revisions than I thought and Neelima was more than happy to make them until I got what I needed. It was my first time using Fiverr and I would recommend it. I will work with Neelima again in the near future and I look forward to it very much. Thank you I am so grateful for my professional stylish artwork..Version: 3.15.1

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