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Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds App User Positive Comments 2023

Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds app received 169 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about big button box - funny sound effects & loud sounds?

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AwesomeAbsolutely awesome. Hilarious. Makes me laugh every time. Funny sounds for every situation..Version: 4.1

WANNA MAKE THIS APP EVEN MORE ?!?? CELEBRATY SOUNDBOARDS like joe pesci sayin a line from goodfellas for example IT WOULD BE MENTALLL TOP PAID APP GUARENTEED if websites can do it, the app store can do it too and there would be no other app like it, it's just a matter of time before someone does it... man i wish i had more time on my hands... .Version: 0

Best Ever !!!!!!!!This app is like impressing my friends loads also impressing me i havent updated it yet but the new update looks awsome its cool even before the update so LOL :) ________________________________•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.Version: 0

It's so much fun.I love most of the buttons. I don't really like the disgusting sounds, but I was so happy that I can rearrange the orders of the buttons so that my favorites were first and my least could be on the last page. I can also group similar sounds together. I have an app that's called 'get out of my life and shutup' it says: 'I wish you would just get out of my life and shutup'. I think that something like that (if not that exactly) would be a great addition. Also, an airhorn is a great addition, too. I don't think the police siren is at all realistic. I have another app that has a police siren that actually sounds like the real thing. Not sure where you got your police siren from, but it just isn't real. There are others that I think could be better, too. I'd LOVE to see a way to record new sounds or sayings..Version: 0

Good sounds, good everything...but......Please don't add curse words, or anything stupid...Make some more realistic, and also add about 30 more buttons, you all update every 5 minutes, keep up good work!!!!!!!! Also let songs play while the app Is open, I want to play the "bleep" when a curse word comes up in my song...also the app crashes when you hold down a button and press the back button at the same time..(only on some button) Otherwise, this app is DA FOSHIZzLE!!!.Version: 0

Fun GameReally good game I suggest that in next update u put in DOH!!! (like homer Simpson) MEH!! Also Peter griffin laugh from family guy.Version: 0

Needs an updateIt needs more buttons such as the EASY button. The fart button in this app doesn't sound even close to a real one. Other than that the app is really cool, I recamend this app. It neads 1 that's says ( timber) when trees fall. It needs birds chirping , surfs up, basketball buzzer, good morning, good afternoon, good night, the truck horn neads to sound like and 18 wheeler, hey sexy,touchdown , I win , o it needs the ( who's that lady, sexy lady ) u know from swiffer comercialz that would be so funny I would use it all the time. Pls add em and more thx.Version: 0

AWSOMEThis is the best game ever I love the speed medal all these buttons are great everyone might love this game but not everybody might like it🤩🤩.Version: 5.1

Boy/Girl?This app is one of the best sound apps ever but one thing it absolutly needs is settings for some if the buttons to change the voice to either a male or female voice. That way a person could use it in a lot of different ways or have a lot more fun..Version: 0

AmaZingIt was well worth the money just hold the buttonns and not tap them u should definatly get it.Version: 0

Well worth the £0.59!!This app is a really good app if you are into fooling people. The one thing that I would like to change is shortcuts to pages!! It is well worth what you pay for!.Version: 0

Fun fun funVery fun i loved the watever and excuse me LOL but it could dp with a water dripping button like a shower and maybe a crying on and like wat the others said…a omg button AWESOME so worth te moneyy.Version: 0

CoolThis game is really cool.Version: 0

Ideas for future referenceIt would be so much easier to be able to have mire buttons on one screen and have the new button box combined so you don't need 2 apps. Move them all to one app!.Version: 0

Annoyed everyone in the car!Amazing! I bought this right before s 3 hour car trip. I loved it. Everyone else hates it...and me! 😂 Lol.Version: 5.1

It is awesome!! Deffo a good buy!!I L-O-V-E this app!! Hilareous to play in class!! Would strongly resonmend this if you are a bit of a prankster!! Well worth the money buy far!! BUY IT!!! X.Version: 0

GreatI thought it was a great app and really fun!!!.Version: 3.1

Hilarious! This app has awsome sound effects and i lip talk to some of them and its really fun!!!!.Version: 0

Biggest app everI have never made the most out of my money until now. An abundace of various buttons that could be used at any moment. Shaved Ham has crated many personal yet fun apps, but this is the best. New buttons are constantly being added and many useful updates. However I am looking for an easier way to organize buttons and of course more buttons..Version: 0

AverageNew update better. Some sounds better than others still ok app..Version: 0

AwesomeHeaps of awesome sounds I got rid of about 5 free apps to get this and got many more than I would have needed. (good thing) Great idea to have all in 1 type app. Please add more updates with new sounds. Thanks heaps :).Version: 3.0

Awesome and useful!I teach classes and reward or scold for right/ wrong answers using big button. It makes the quizzes a little more fun!.Version: 5.1

IIt's pretty funny though I suggest some I love you button and oh my god! button lol and the I love you one could be shy-ish or like I always loved/liked yu!!.Version: 0

Please add new buttonCan u please add an 'i love you' button??.Version: 0

NIce AppThere is more than enough sounds in this app but they do also have a 2nd set, if you like this set like i do then your want the 2nd set to. A sound for everyone..Version: 0

GreatOk get it b.Version: 0

I LOVE THE BUTTONS!!!!I can always put a smile on my friends face with the sounds!!!.Version: 5.1

Lots of funGreat to use in a variety of light-hearted social situations..Version: 5.1

+______+Bosssss love playing twss on mw2 sooooo jokes.Version: 0

Awesome buttonsThere are buttons that describe a lot of things and I like that. I sometimes use it as an alarm clock which is funny! I use it all the time and it's not just funny it's fun.I loved it!I also recommend you to get this!!.Version: 5.1

Great and funThis fun to play with and anoy people lol.Version: 4.1

Big boutton boxMy friend has this and its realyy fun pressing tem and shooting evrybody, kiss ect. BEST BUY MOST GET.Version: 3.0

Great appAwesome although separating #1 and #2 was dumb. But if you're going to separate them, you should also release "Big Button Box Deluxe" with every sound from 1and 2, and have it be 1.99. Then when you make a 3rd (if you ever do) you have a "Big Button Box Ultimate" and make it 2.99. And look at the previous reviews (and the reviews for #2) because some people have some Great ideas for sounds. (and you might be able to use them for #3) Thanks guys you rock :D.Version: 0

GRREAT, more sounds pleaseButtons are all working now on my phone. Now that i have rearranged the buttons into corresponding themes eg spoken words, animal noises, weapon sounds etc..... i love to use it to answer back to people like yes, no, whatever. Always gets a few laffs. Overall A GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT App but would be even better with more sounds like, i don't know, stuff like :- air horn rimshot - like what you hear after the punchline of a joke cartoon trombone - when a charater runs into a wall or does something stupid glass shattering a camera snap noise when a picture is taken the possibilites are endless. anyway Great App, Great Sounds, CHeers 10-4 Over and Out..Version: 0

AmazingThis app is amazing. Great for a laugh with your mates or family. Worth the money. More sounds please?!!!.Version: 0

Cool and funFun.Version: 4.1

LOVE the new buttonsI would just like to say that the new buttons are amazing and plz keep adding more!!!.Version: 0

Sorry for the Nick name really could find one goodGreat app.Version: 0

Big button boxLOL I used it in class while the teacher was talking and she thought it was someone else who did the noise he got suspended for 3 days.Version: 0

Very good and entertainingIt's fun but sometimes it will just exit the app all by itself.can you please fix this problem? The app is very entertaining I like the scream also can you please make more buttons and make button rotation a little faster? In other words this app is great it's a must buy! If I could I would rate it 4 and a half stars just because of the glitch mine has.Version: 0

GreatGreat for a laugh, I love the updates and I hope many come soon! Great sounds aswell!.Version: 0

ButtonsThey are the greatest things ever..Version: 5.1

ButtonsToday the buttons stoped working exept a few of them but then after 2 hours or so they started working again Weird app.Version: 0

Comedy GoldI made so many funny impressions thanks to this app..Version: 4.1

Halirious!This is great for breaking an awquard silence at any place! So many buttons and still more in the new updated! Although some sounds can be quite disturbing if you know what I mean. Updating rapidly and this will just get better and better and better I bet! It's a definite 5 stars! <(^_^)>.Version: 3.0

BrilliantMore pointless fun done excellenltly!! If u don't want to pay though,go for either the lite version or funboz.Version: 0

It’s cool to troll withI put the fire alarm sound on and people actually thought the fire alarm set off.Version: 5.1

LOVE IT!!!!<3I love this app my friend and i made this really funny video woth this and these sounds are awesome and the vomit sounds soooooooooo disgusting but its awesome plus i was luck enough to get this when it was on sale and i got it for free!!!!! its sooooooooooo cooool thankyou sooooo much for this(if i didnt get the sale i would so pay for it) can you make like a slurping sound and hmm like someone threw something at u and it was like a splat?? tht would be cool.Version: 0

Pretty goodI've had the new update to 72 buttons or something like that I think they should have a hold down helicopter button meaning hold it down to go longer and a car hitting someone buton also bees.Version: 0

GreatGreat, needs more sounds like: air horn and homer Simpson do'h and a cougar sound lol thanks for the app.Version: 0

Excellent sound board app - only one small change neededThis is an excellent sound board app. About 45 high quality sound effects. The buttons tell you just what each sound is. For some of the souinds, such as the police siren, you can hold the button down and the sound plays continuously. The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars is that you need to perform 2 steps to play a sound. 1) From the "sound board", pressing any button to show the "Big Button" for that sound, 2) press the Big Button to play the sound. It would be nice if it worked like iSamJackson - play the sound when the sound board button is pressed. Still, a great way to spend 99 cents..Version: 0

HhhIt has many sounds.worth a dollar.Version: 2.0

BEST APP EVERThis is the best app ever. Pity this can't do ten stars lol. It would be better though if u included the every day things or things u can reply with. E.g. Hello or pleeaasse or something like that. Thanks for the update though. Great app. A must get!!!!!!.Version: 0

Best app ever!!!!!!!!Great fun handy and free updates all the time please make big button box 3.Version: 0

AwesomeIt cracks me up so much its a HAVE to get app..Version: 2.0

Love It!I love this! Please make lots more buttons :) I love new buttons. Great app MUST BUY Worth the money :).Version: 4.1

Best Sound App EverThis is the best sound app ever! I sent them what my ideas were for some more buttons and they listened! If I could I would rate this 6 stars! I also have some more suggestions: that was easy. Ta da. Aarg(pirate). Wassssssssssssup? Ok. Holy mackrel. So what? ................................................................if you want these buttons say so in your reviews to raise awareness.Version: 0

Big buttons boxI can't believe I'm saying that but...a must buy.Version: 2.0

Nice app!It froze once so I turned my phone off then back on and it's been working fine since then..Version: 5.1

AwesomeMy parents hate it, but I love it and missed using it as a kid, this was my childhood! Me and my friend would always get into trouble with it! Thank you for putting a piece of childhood together, out of many pieces in my mind..Version: 5.1

CoolGood 👳👮👷💂👲👶👦👧👨👩👴👵👱👼👸😺😸😻😽👹👺.Version: 4.0

Cant keep the Kids off it!Like the title says I cant keep the kids off it, but when they do I cant get off it lol. Great clear and funny sounds and fast to use.Version: 0

Fun App - where's the cougar?This is a fun App, with an ever increasing library of useful sounds. Really wanted a cougar sound though - could we make that happen? Thanks..Version: 0

Gets better every updateThis app does exactly what it claims to do, make anyone who is within earshot laugh! My only criticism is... Oh that's right, I don't have one! Well done, keep the updates comin' and don't spare the horses..Version: 0

Super coolSuper cool but can you add these buttons?? -i hate you! (yelled) -stop (yelled) Thanks!.Version: 0

Button failureThe app is really fun, but after the new update some of the buttons aren't working..Version: 0

Button button,and more buttons!Fun to play with ,fun to scare friend it's just fun,buttons and scares..Version: 4.1

AwesomeThis is awesome.Version: 0

Jesus loves youJesus loves you.Version: 5.1

CoolI think this is a great little app. You need to be able play the sound imediately after pushing the smaller button and not after scrolling to the big button. A "No" button and "Chicken" button are a must have..Version: 0

HAHAHA!I don't think I've had this much fun pressing buttons since... EVER! It's worth it!.Version: 4.1

AMAZINGI love it! It has all of the sounds that I would think of. I also like that you can change the order of the sounds. Because then you can make categories. I also LOVE changing the pitch!! It sounds like the chipmunks are talking and playing the trumpet on certain sounds!! My favorite sound is the "Drama". It's my favorite because the usual suspense is dun-dun-dun!! But this one reminds you of that but it's changed a little so it's different but it still reminds me of the suspense!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱.Version: 4.1

SoundsRad.Version: 4.1

= )It is a great app never any glitches works great with iOS 7 or any other OS I have had this since iOS 4.2.Version: 4.1

AmazingAmazing I have used it so many times with my friends everytime there is an upgrade I get so exited.Version: 0

Never Crashes... On my iPhone 3GS!I have an older phone but it still works great! Worth the money. You could add some more buttons though but its totally awesome and worth the cash..Version: 4.1

Hilarious!!!I kept pressing TWSS at work today, and it was hilarious!! Everytime a coworker said something(we were all women in the room)I pressed TWSS.! I am middle aged and old enough to know better, but this app is so much fun I cant help myself. Everyone was laughing! ALL of the sounds work and I love being able to rearrange the list! Get this, take it to work and have fun!!!!!! Cant wait for the next dept meeting!!.Version: 3.0

Its great to annoy poeple with but needs updatesIts great to annoy people with they would never know what it is get it its GREAT! 10/10 = needs more buttons! best app out there need more updates now 2-6-10 update.Version: 0

Very good (v1.4)All the buttons do work you have to hold them down well done brilliant.Version: 0

GENERAL-XAyayayayayaaaa a Super Fun !!!!.Version: 0

It's not good, but not bad.Great for a lil' laugh !  But, i think we all agree we need a few changes to this app. More buttons, combo page, etc. Need an update. Ty! .Version: 0

UmmAt first, this app was brilliant but after a while the apps started not working. Great sounds, but no sound :S.Version: 0

Really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!I like BBBox because I can always do something when I'm bored..Version: 5.1

WOWThis is one of the best apps I have it is SO worth the money a great app I would advise u to get it love it AWESOMe they update it all the time with loads more sounds great app would buy it any day.Version: 0

OMG!!! Coolest thing ever!!! :)I bought this and then my brother and I plugged my iPod into his stereo. We turned it to max volume and did the bomb button. It sounded so real and scared my parents good!!! We were rofl ing for hours and I love all the sounds!!! We came up with some ideas for your next update: •machine gun•chainsaw•blood splatter•trickling water•waterfall•toilet flushing•roaring monster (dinosaur)•"oops!!!" in funny voice•"your face!" or "your mom!"•funny sneeze•"squeaky" noise (like from spongebob)•flamethrower•burning flame•shotgun (with the "chk chk" noise first)•crunch noise like eating potato chips•"I haaaate you!!!!"•"you're mean!" in whiny voice Sorry the list is long but we thought those sounds would perfect this!!! Btw everyone, this is the best sound effect app ever!!!.Version: 0

ReviewI came into this app not expecting much but it completely blew my expectations out of the water. It has more cool features than I wanted (you can even change the pitch of the FX). I would recommend this app to everyone who wants a good laugh or someone that needs sound effects for a short movie. It is amazing.Version: 4.1

Awesome!Keep the updates coming!.Version: 0

Big button box proHey! This is a good application but just a suggestion I wondered if there could be another update for this application with more buttons????? Because there hasn't been an update in ages! Please can you make this happen? And like I said the app is cool but please take my suggestion:) Thanks:).Version: 0

So funny!I love this game! My favorite part is that you can press the buttons and make it sound like a sentence! I also like to walk into a room and press the fart button and the scream button! PRICELESS!🤣🤪🤩.Version: 5.1

Fantastic App! :DGreat app! My friend and I spent ages making stories up with this app! We think it needs an OMG button, YWSS (yeah, what she said) and a baby crying. We can't wait until it gets updated for more buttons!.Version: 0

BBGreat stuff and fun with all the effects..Version: 4.0

AwesomeAddicting. I can sit somewhere for an hour just hitting buttons. LOL, Great app!.Version: 0

Heh...Great selection of sound clips. Worth the buck I guess..Version: 0

Awesome!Awww Man! Thats What She said! You suck! Are just some of the awesome buttons on here! My dad told me to do my chores and i pressed the SHUT UP button by mistake! Woops!.Version: 0

Cool This app rocks it would be better with an I hate you in a screaming nanny voice.Version: 3.1

Awesome!It is the best! And for the that person that said you can't hear it go to settings and put the sound up. And also get the 2 one.Version: 2.0

Add more buttonsPut the ace Ventura loser button it would be awsome also a alrighty then button thanks.Version: 0

Good appIt loses 1 star cause u have to click on smaller picture to go to the larger pic and then u have to click it... If you guys could make it so we cn press the smaller buttons to play sound it would be 5/5 :).Version: 0

Best button appIf u (the person who made this app) have an iPod touch or iPhone, get some other apps that have sounds and use some of there ideas. Like the news thing (Dan, Dan Dan!).Version: 0

Fun!Fun to use. Cracks me up..Version: 5.1

HammerI know it had a jackhammer but I think it needs a normal hammer.Version: 0

Cool!Updated idea: we should be able to make folders of buttons because with over 100 buttons its long to find the one you want( also instead of turning 10 pages to get to some,,..).Version: 3.1

Mash upWow best app!!!! When people are going onnnnnnn. Just give it a blast MONKEYS and watch the mood change Billybongo.Version: 0

Great DistractionMy Grankids just love this App. I let them play it when they are bored and it keeps them occupied for ages. Great fun at work too..Version: 5.1

UPDATE cos it's getting oldI think it's great! Something different. But I think it would also be good if the buttons pressed down when you tapped on them! I think there should also be a - Bee buzzing Tap dripping Buzzer(like the one on britains got talent) Ringtone Tearing paper one SneeZe Kettle boiling Belly rumble! You snooze you lose And there should be a mode where it echoes. E.g. You're fired sound echoeing.Version: 0

Nice soundsFunny sounds and quite entertaining. worth buying.Version: 0

This app is greatThe app is so great! I love all the sound effects and all of that. You want sounds? Go to big button box at the App Store!.Version: 5.1

GOOD LOOKING OUTGret job guy you mad the app so much more better and I belive it's just gona get beter  app must get lots of fun.Version: 0

This is a very fun appThis app is fun and good to use as well as cheap. What I'm most surprised about is how realistic the noises are:).Version: 4.1

ButtonsSpongebob laugh Lightning Oh My God Open door Jelly Shake Micheal Jackson Opening soda can Toilet flush Guitar riff Banana splat.Version: 0

FantasticoThis is the best application in the whole wide world! This is a must get and all of my family love it, a great use of 59p!.Version: 0

Really guysFor those of you complaining about updates, you should be grateful of the ones we have at least they don't get greedy and increase the price! And why are you rating it 1 or 2 stars, this USED to be the top app but noo you just have to complain. For those who under rate,you've probably never used this on other people, and if you haven't there you go, you guys probably use it for your amusment, well it's not just FOR that it's used to MESS around with people!!!! Now let's get this BACK in the TOP 25 and they'll WILL MOST LIKELY MAKE AN UPDATE!!!!!! FIVE ***** 's.Version: 0

Great, but one complaint...This app is cool, worth a dollar, but I wish you didn't have to go to a separate screen to actually push the button. You should just be able to push the button and hear the sound on the screen with nine different buttons, instead of going to a different screen where you push the button. Going back and forth between the screen so many times is frustrating. I'd have given it 5 stars if it weren't for that. However, other than that, you definitely get your dollars worth of entertainment. Plus since I've downloaded it, they've added 27 sounds. Seems like they keep them coming too!.Version: 0

GoodI think you guys should put an update where when turn your iPod on the side you can see more buttons.Version: 0

Best appIt works 3 g an 2 g i pod.Version: 0

Never put the fart on 2x soundWhy to never do this warning you will laugh hard as hek.Version: 5.1

LoadsafunLot of thoughts been put into this....but no whoopee cushion??? All the same great app and well worth the money :).Version: 0

Really Fun AppWe used it for our 'game show' at our company retreat. It worked perfectly with a Bluetooth speaker. Can't wait to see what else we can do with it!.Version: 5.1

Haha awesomeGreat app. Plug iPhone into car audio system and enjoy the police sirens or truck horn!.Version: 0

Big Button Box ProReally good app, but needs shortcuts to pages and I think there should be a seagull sound..Version: 0

Brillant more sounds please!!Amazing sounds I like the bleep button most but for 59p u have like 100 funny sounds would be halarious we have this grumpy teacher called dr gusain I would love to put shut up! Sound to her lol cnt wait jk jk.Version: 0

It's awesomeThere should be a Tarzan button.Version: 0

Great app!Very responsive, good quality sound effects. Delivered as promised!.Version: 5.1

MosesGood App would be better if you could get FREE updates that got you even more cooler sounds.Version: 0

PlZ Hav another update todayPLZ.Version: 0

Just the buzzBig Button is the biz very useful and great quality sounds that can be used for family games or with friends the fact you can run them together is very useful get it into your phone you'll love it.Version: 4.1

Awesome app but..Some of the buttons are not making sound.Version: 2.0

YayI love the sound effects in this app, I even have the second and HASH versions. Always so excited when I see an update, I definetly recomend this app to anyone who likes to play around with sound effects..Version: 3.1

SweetYou should add a guitar button, someone getting slapped button, someone taking a dump button, someone snoring button, someone out of breath button, a glass breaking button, someone getting shot button, someone running over something with their car button, a hillbilly button, a family guy button, some guys sword fighting button, someone breaking their leg button, someone burping button, someone getting mad button, someone saying boo hoo button, and someone setting of a firecracker button. YOU GUY RULE oh and you guy should make it so we can make our own buttons with a microphone. ok thank.Version: 0

Awesome AppThis app is awesome! My favorite buttons are the gun shot button and the scream button..Version: 5.1

MattI think every week ther should be 9 new buttons.Version: 0

EliasIt's great!!.Version: 5.1

Grandson Loves It!I downloaded it for my 8 year-old grandson and he loves it. He wants to play with it every time he comes over..Version: 5.1

GREAT APP!!Great App always works you can’t go wrong here!!.Version: 5.1

Still works all these yearsWill purchase from developer again..Version: 5.1

PerfectAbsolutely love this app. It's great for all occasions. Very user-friendly. Exactly what I was looking for and more..Version: 5.1

AwesomeIt's awesome but needs more buttons and faster switching between buttons.Version: 0

AwesomePlz plz plz add Retina support for iPod 4!!!!!! You also can't change volume of sound now.Version: 0

Some ideasLove the app, got my buddy with the police siren, you need to add Ta-da Dananananananana batman Moo Hee-hoh Hisss Stampede And other original sounds and audio clipd.Version: 2.0

SO AWESOMEThis games is super cool, I use it with my friends and annoy my brothers with it. It has nothing wrong with except NOTHING!!! This games is the BEST!!!!!!.Version: 4.1

Simply awesomeThis new version is so great. I love te fact I can now play two buttons at once and get a new page of buttons, an absolute bargain at 59p. BUY THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 0

WowI got this app yesterday and am loving it. I use these buttons literally all the time and it’s only a buck!.Version: 5.1

Custom buttons!This is an amazingly entertaining collection of sound effects, and it would be even better if you could make your own button. Maybe in the future there could be a button sharing server where you can get other peoples buttons and rate them (just a thought)!.Version: 0

GreatIts a great joke on friends.Version: 0

CoolThis app is really cool but it would be more fun if there were more buttons.. But it's good for now!.Version: 2.0

AMAZING!!! + Suggestions :)This app is da bomb!! I have a couple of suggestions for buttons that would improve this app by alot! -You Fail (or just fail) -Wow! (said in a sarcastic tone) -Lol -Guitar strum -Your mom (I'd love that added!!!) -Shazam! (cool noise) -Sundauy Sunday Sunday!! (repeated 3 times, like a monster truck show) -tweet tweeoo (flirty whistle) -TeeHee -Car screetch (scare people in the car) -BOOM! (enough said ;) All these suggestions are well liked amoung all of my friends and peers. Love the app, please add these!! :D Thanks for using epic fail :) I'd still like to see… -Your mom -cookoo, cookoo -oMG -electric guitar solo -WOW (said sarcasm ) -and I'd like to see *record your own* Kepp adding ;).Version: 0

GoodThis app is epic but needs some sounds to be a little bit better. Well worth the money so what's the one star reviews all about?.Version: 3.1

Coolio!!!Five starz, it's just amazing !! I got it by mistake, and I thought why would I want this crap for..but when I went into it I loved it !! Think you should add an OMG (oh my god/oh my gosh) button !! Lol I love the oo la la button !! Also you could do with an LOL (laugh out loud) button !! Well anyway people who havn't bought this yet what are you waiting for, Christmas ??!! Go get it now and I promise you won't be dissapointed (unless the buttons don't work which never happened to me, but some people are saying it did to them in the reviews...) :) xx.Version: 0

Doodah, JUNIOR VICE COMMANDERI love this program, specially during meetings..Version: 5.1

LikeI like this but I think it needs more sounds like seasme street character voices or other cartoon voices!.Version: 0

Cool StuffThe sounds in this app are awesome! Although I want them to add more natural effects, perhaps another app with natural sounds (tornado hurricane etc.).Version: 3.1

It's the funBought it to annoy kids worked out very good hooked phone to Bluetooth speaker and had at it.Version: 5.1

Pretty AwesomePretty Awesome :D its always the first thing my friends go to when they use my iphone But im not sure about the cat call i think it should be a little longer Yes I agree with Jack heaps more buttons can be added, maybe a sneeze and a "oh my god!".Version: 0

Amazing but needs updateNeeds more buttons but it's loads of fun and I have had some Lauphs with it .Version: 0

Make it work during songsIt would make it funny:D.Version: 0

I can't stop pushing those buttonsReally.Version: 5.1

I love it!This is the best sound effects app I've ever seen! I like to fool around with my friends and combine the button sounds after that update you just did. A small suggestion: You could make a page that you can record a few of your own sounds and make the design for the button icon on the screen! Keep on updating!.Version: 0

This app is unrealNeeds a few more sounds added. And ur 1st page should the 1s u hav played the most often. If this was updated every 2-4 weeks with more it wouldn't be able to get any better.Version: 0

Five StarsFor those of you who are saying that there is not over one hundred buttons, did you notice that it listed the updates so far, and they added more buttons for each update? Well, they did. They give about ten more buttons for every update. Me and my friends absolutely adore mouthing and joking around using the voices. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone. I demand a big button box 3..Version: 3.0

Entertaining and fun to use!!It’s a fun little app to use for things like cartoon sound effects and funny little pranks 😆.Version: 5.1

Fenton AppRenamed The Fenton App. Used this in a speech for my friends, the Fenton Family - all the sound effects that you could expect to hear in their house - went down really well, lots of laughs, great value..Version: 0

FunHihoha.Version: 4.1

WIKEDI really like this app because it has good sound effects and I use this when I'm talking like once we was talking about money i done the ke-ching noise. IF YOU AINT GOT THIS APP ITS A NO BRAINER GET IT!.Version: 0

Great, but needs a little work!Please take away the extra step to get to the sound. Have it so it shows all the sounds together and you can tap each one. For example, you could hit "burp" immediately followed by "excuse me". Also, add a few new sounds and a better laughing that doesn't sound like a big crowd talking. Fix the scream to sound more realistic. Maybe in the future you could have it so people can record their own sounds. Overall it's a GREAT app though, good job! :).Version: 0

Love this app😍😍🤩🤩I used this app at a neighborhood party when we played family feud I love this app and you should get it to.Version: 5.1

Big button box proAMAZING, Had this app 4 a long time only seen 3 updates, when is the next update BEST app for making a hell of a noise!!.Version: 0

Pretty goodIt's good but I think it needs some more family guy (peters laugh) and other funny sounds... It's funny but most sounds are really weird!!!!!.Version: 0

More update PleaseWhere Are The Updates ????? We Wants More Awesome Sounds !! :).Version: 0

Add MoreAdd more buttons!!¡!!.Version: 0

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