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Pocket Yoga App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Pocket Yoga app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pocket Yoga? Can you share your negative thoughts about pocket yoga?

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Pocket Yoga for Negative User Reviews

Too Fast for beginnersGood illustrations but the pace is far too much for the beginners..Version: 9.0.2

Robotic recordingsNot very personal if it’s recorded segments telling u what to do rather than a full session of someone doing it with you . It’s pretty speedy. Great for excersice not for a wind down. Supper excited for an updated version..Version: 8.0.4

It’s asanaIt’s a pity that yoga is defined as asana, but in accordance with yoga asana it would be greater if you stayed with true yogic names not perverting more of the course to enlightenment..Version: 7.0.0

Sum Salutation is wrongI just bought this hoping for a simple app to help me track my morning yoga. It looks great and the Apple Watch integration is nice. However the one thing I wanted to learn well is the Sun Salutation and this app has it completely wrong. Starting in downward dog makes zero sense and it falls flat from there. I will be asking for a refund as this app is useless to me..Version: 9.0.5

Some good parts but needs tweakingThere are some good routines and postures on this ap and they are clearly explained. I do think though that it would be vastly improved if there was a way in which to adjust the speed of the routines. Often the demonstrations move far too quickly between postures which makes it difficult to use good breathing and therefore feel the full benefit of yoga. On the longer sessions postures are repeated many times but it would be more beneficial to repeat them not so many times but leave longer time to focus on breathing and holding them. It often feels like you are being rushed through the postures which is the opposite of being focused and relaxed! A good beginners tool though for people that wish to familiarise themselves with some of the basics..Version: 2.1.1

Sexist + UnrealisticI’m a 27-year-old millennial from Miami. I have been practicing yoga for many years. I recently discovered that the female voice of this app has been changed to that of a cartoon character. The previous voice was a realistic voice and sounded much more “soothing” than the new one. I learned that the president/CEO of this company is a male named Sergio, which is not surprising. We need to stop creating unrealistic female voices period, as it has a negative effect on women’s’ self-esteem, in the same way that constantly hearing deep voices of men would affect their self-esteem (but that doesn’t happen usually because men are in charge more often than women). I will not use this app anymore..Version: 9.0.5

Pacing is way too fastGood app in terms of poses, sequences etc. But like others I found the pacing to be extremely fast. A lesser complaint would be the voice prompts for inhaling and exhaling. I’ve moved on to a different yoga app because I just can’t get into the groove with how quickly this one changes poses..Version: 8.0.4

Voice changeNew voice is annoying. Can I get the previous voice back ? So annoying I stop practicing. Help !.Version: 9.0.2

Great concept, needs tweaksGood app but i really wish this app was more polished before i paid 2.99 for it :/ kind of a bummer. transitions between poses are too fast sometimes, like the app doesn’t recognize that it takes some time to move into the next pose. I can’t go as fast as just the pictures. There should be a way to slow down the flow of the practice. Wish there was a shorter time frame of 15 minutes. App doesn’t account for total beginners or someone with a busy schedule. This is clearly a new app (couldn’t even send feedback since there’s no email configured to that button!) I have hope that with updates it can get better. I’ll stick with it but it should have been more...finished before I paid for it. Also just a nitpick but if the instructor could have skin tones that we could pick from that would be amazing...like this is a yoga app but only a light skin tone lady? come on! at least let me pick a brown or darker skin tone.. black and brown people do yoga too............Version: 8.0.2

Doesn't connect to Apple WatchThe app doesn't connect to my Apple Watch..Version: 5.3.2

No male modelA very good app with a wealth of poses and routines. Would give it 5 stars if there is the option for a male model like the Seven HIIT app..Version: 10.3.1

Good but not great for beginners.While this app offers beginner settings, it provides limited information to help beginners. It moves very quickly and defines few poses during the workouts. There is a glossary but you'll spend a lot more time trying to figure out the poses than you will doing them. I've been doing yoga for several years but still don't know all the poses and terms. Don't expect to have no knowledge and be able to jump into the workouts. This is not my only paid yoga app. I got this one because of the pairing with Apple Watch. When it works, it's nice to be able to glance at your wrist since the speed of the workouts and the poses themselves prevent you from always being able to see your main device's screen. However, it doesn't always show the correct pose on the watch..Version: 5.3.2

App keeps Crashing!!What did I just pay for? I can’t even access the app because it crashes before it fully opens 👎.Version: 9.0.5

DANGEROUSThis app gives very little audio guidance, from neglecting to call out which leg or side you’re moving to little tips to help you appropriately get into the positions. I’ve been doing yoga for over a decade, doing classes, videos and apps. It was frustrating to have to break pose to look up at the screen to see which pose was being referenced and it made me nervous that someone could seriously injure themselves if they didn’t know better. The app goes way too fast through poses and doesn’t take into account the minute movements that are required to accurately get into the next position. Be warned also, the class I did (desert, 60min, intermediate) was very repetitive and didn’t have a good variety of poses. It felt as I was going through the program that no one actually really went through to quality check these things... now- did I get a good sweaty workout in? Yes. So that was a plus, but it was boring and difficult to follow. Was the app itself simple to use, yes. Was it cute appearance-wise? Yes. Still be very careful, and better yet save your money and get the yoga studio app. I will not be using this app again. *delete* Wish I could get my $3 back....Version: 7.0.0

Great all rounderGreat all rounder app providing you've done yoga before. Would love some options in terms of selecting a speed of transition for poses as there are some days I don't want a vigorous session. Would also LOVE IT if the coaches voice was different. Currently it's more of a distraction and the tone of voice does not aid in relaxation one bit..Version: 5.3.2

GoodEnjoyed the first session with Apple Watch, but it seemed to write 2x data into my health app, so I had to go and delete a workout from the activity app. Is this normal or just going to happen the first time?.Version: 7.0.0

Terrible AppTerrible to listen to. Too robotic. Not adaptable at all. Don’t know how to use the app or how to learn to use it..Version: 7.0.0

Good but speed option would make it betterGood but rate it goes during practice gets too fast to keep up with. would give it 5 stars if it had an option to slow it down..Version: 4.1.0

Limited, but a useful add-on to your practiceThis is a vinyasa flow style. There is a limited number of classes and a limited number of poses per class. It’s very much about the flow and the repetition. There’s a good shape to the pace of the class. I’d say this app is a good add-on to your practice especially if you want something a bit aerobic but I’d use something else to get a bit of variety in there. There are 2 varieties of sun salutation with 3 levels and you can choose the number of repetitions. There are 3 styles of other class with a choice of 3 lengths in each style -30 mins, 45 mins and 1 hour - and a choice of 3 levels. The class is a series of pictures- 1 per pose or move. The pics are clear. The teacher's voice sounds like a speech synth and is a bit odd. Even beginner's level is pretty fast once it gets going. Description is sometimes good but occasionally lacking, even at beginners level..Version: 7.0.0

Great but area for improvement.If you’re looking for yoga as meditation this app is not for you! The yoga routines are suited to those who enjoy a more vigorous routine which gets the blood flowing. Moves very quick sometimes. I’d love for the developer to add a mode that focuses solely on meditation/ going slow and focusing on that aspect more. In addition the app could benefit from a little bell or something to signal the end of the routine. Thanks for the streamlined app, keep making it even better..Version: 8.0.4

Solid, But has some FlawsI really like this app. As someone said in another post, it's really not for beginners. You need to have some knowledge of poses to really be able to master its use. A couple of the things that I don't like about it. First, there are very few updates. As of writing this, the last update was four months ago. Second, it doesn't doesn't have an option for a male graphic and voice. (Also the just for laughs, in some of the poses the "woman's" shirt rides up giving her plumber's crack!) Lastly, and the one I feel most important about, some of the directions for poses in the "routines" that are listed are not very descriptive if you're not actually looking at the screen. And what I mean is that if you're doing something on both the right and left sides, it will randomly omit which leg, arm, or side you're supposed to move. If you're focusing on your breathing or the pose itself, it can be distracting to have to look at the screen if you don't know which limb to move first. That said, tho, I use the Sun Salutations every morning before my daily writing. It's helped me become more flexible and a bit stronger. Hopefully, there will be an update that addresses some of these issues in the future!.Version: 5.3.2

Decent reference if you already know what you’re doingI mostly like the app, but I find the voice too mechanical. The repetitive “inhaaaaale/exhaaaale” is so unnatural that I find part of my focus going to just tuning it out. I’d like to have a few more options for shorter sequences - not even full videos, just suggestions for a good sequences from the library of poses..Version: 8.0.4

Dangerous if you are a beginnerIf you don’t know what you’re doing already, don’t go for this app, as in my opinion you could seriously hurt yourself. The guidance includes very little detail, and the pictures show the poses as if done by a yogi who is incredibly flexible! I couldn’t get anywhere near the straight legs and flat hands on the floor, and the commentary was super unhelpful… nothing about how to pace yourself as a beginner, whether your hands should meet or be apart etc (eg where the picture is from the side and it’s not obvious). The expectation of breath length is way too long and there was no warm up, and apparently very few actual programmes. These apps making money without any regard for body safety shouldn’t be allowed!!!.Version: 10.4.0

Liked it but sign in for Karma Points1st off, this app's "beginner" level felt much too hard for a total noob like me. I had my wife join me for the first lesson on this app so she was able to help me understand what was going on. Also, I had signed up on my iPhone but ended up using the app on my ipad. Then I signed in on my iPad and lost the 2 karma points I got from doing the first session. Not a huge deal but annoying. Felt punished simply for logging in. Which is a shame because I felt rewarded for getting the 2 karma points. I wish there was more instruction and guidance but over all, this seems like a good app so far..Version: 7.0.0

Cute app, average yogaThe animations are cute I’ve been to hundreds of yoga sessions. In comparison with those and with other yoga apps, this one doesn’t seem to help you find a yogic breathing flow. The timing between calls are a bit weird and it’s harder to follow than videos of an actual instructor going through the moves and talking you through it, which seems more flowing.Version: 7.0.0

Doesn’t work on Apple WatchBought this app to use it with my Apple Watch. The Watch and the iPhone App cannot see each other and there is no heart rate recorded either. Raised a support request with the developer of the app, one week and still waiting for an answer..Version: 7.0.0

App is good, needs better supportIf you’ve never done the poses before, you’ll need a little practice before you get the hang of it (it does move pretty quickly), but overall the animations and voice guidance are very helpful. However, while the app is simple to use during the actual yoga, I’ve had nothing but issues getting it to sync properly with my Apple Watch. First the workout showed up, but not the active calories. Now, nothing shows up at all. Heart rate shows during practice, but then zip in the Health app. I’ve contacted support with screen shots, and heard nothing back..Version: 6.0.0

CrashesThis app was really good until it started crashing! Any advice on how to make it work again?.Version: 9.0.0

Ok but clunkyIt’s a pretty inexpensive app but I’m disappointed with how little content is available. There are only 3 routines (x3 different durations) plus 2 sun salutation programs available. These 5 items are really similar to each other so there is no opportunity to mix up your routines. I’ve also found 2 of them to be brutal on my knees so I’m left with only 1 routine! Not a great app and wouldn’t have purchased if I’d known..Version: 9.0.4

Good ProgramI have been using this program for over four years now. It is a good program overall. It offers a good variety of exercise that will keep any user entertained because of the variety it offers. I downgraded my rating to three stars because of an issue that I believe needs to be addressed. You see, I am a forty seven year old man in good shape. Although I am able to keep up with all of the beginner workouts, I don’t think the poses were well thought out for beginners. You see, in the Ocean beginner workout, it requires that a beginner do a split as one of the exercises. Really? I have been doing this program for over four years two to three times a week. As a man, I’m simply not flexible. How in the world do the creators of this program expect any beginner to do a split? I find it unrealistic. I wish that they would take out any splits from all beginner workouts because it is an unrealistic pose for a beginner and simply demoralizing. After four years, I’m never going to be able to do that pose and am frustrated every time it comes up. In addition, I’ve unlocked all of the different backgrounds by using my karma points. Now I have over eight hundred karma points that I can no longer use because there is nothing else left to unlock. I do wish that they would offer new perks to unlock for us dedicated users. It gets boring not being able to use those karma points ever again..Version: 9.0.5

Music glitch is really distractingPlease fix the music glitch when the music restarts particularly during the meditation part at the end. Thank you.Version: 9.0.2

GoodThe app gives you a great workout, but it never holds the poses long enough. There was a session where you back and forth from front facing dog to downward dog in 1 second intervals, which is wayyyy to fast to do comfortably, let alone really sink into the pose. And this was doing the “Desert” session which gave the impression that it was to be more and flow and stretching. Like i said, i got some great workouts from it! But part of yoga for me is sinking into poses whether they be a stretch or a strengthening pose. I never got more than 10 seconds. 3/5.Version: 8.0.4

A good substituteIf you've never done Yoga before you will struggle with learning to do yoga through this app. I would recommend a few months at a good studio before branching out on your own. The app also doesn't make it clear that the style of yoga it leads you through is Vinyasa which is more fast flowing at times. I prefer the depth and steadiness of more common Hatha yoga, so this is at times hard to keep up with and a bit unsatisfying - I don't get the deep long stretches I love in Hatha Yoga. That being said, the app does fairly well with relatively straight forward instruction in different sets of Vinyasa style yoga and it works well for doing yoga on your own time..Version: 5.2.0

Could be more accessibleAs a beginner it would be great to have a shorter session than 30 minutes. I started a 30 minute session and got 20 minutes through only to find that when I cancelled I had earned 0 Karma points (for In-App purchases) and the 20 minutes I had done did not count towards my overall time. AirPlay mirroring to Apple TV resulted in no sound. It's a good app but has some way to go to encourage me to use it with regularity..Version: 5.0.0

Good But Needs Improvement...Purchased this app over a year ago and was originally impressed with it, I feel now that it needs a few updates. Back when I purchased it, the “create your own routine” was available and imbedded in this original app. I am very disheartened to see it is now a separate app or bundle purchase that I would need to repurchase. That’s pretty bad! There REALLY needs to be more variety in the routines, not just 3 routines in each of the sections. There is way too much boredom happening! There has to be some variation! Without offering the ability to create your own routine WITHIN this original app, I say skip it! Not worth the money! There HAS to be more updates! On top of that, I would like to see shorter session offerings. I allot myself only 15 minutes in the morning and usually do another short session in the afternoon. Not everyone can fit in a 30 minute minimum routine every day. I hate to say this, but it may be time to switch apps!.Version: 7.0.0

Ripped offAdvertised for $4.50 but got charged $16!!!.Version: 11.0.1

Great appI like the app, would have given it a higher rating had the beginner level had reasonable expectations for movement and movement speed, after the first couple of repetitions it starts going at a pace that I can’t keep up with!.Version: 10.3.1

LimitedVery limited number of classes and poses. The one hour flow is so repetitive it will frustrate you, will be moving on elsewhere from this app..Version: 9.0.5

Apple Watch!! Not working individually with watch.It’s really nice app but I bought for Apple Watch, I don’t want to bring my iPhone during yoga but its Disappointed. It’s good if work as 7 app or streaks workout etc they work without iPhone..Version: 8.0.4

Transitions too fast, obnoxious voiceThe voice really turns me off—“inHAAAALE! ExHAAAAAALE!”, and, at least in the routine I tried (30-minute Ocean), switching between poses was too quick and abrupt..Version: 8.0.4

Ok for the basicsAs I said in my title, this app is ok for learning some of the basics of yoga asana. Whether you'll learn properly is debatable. The pace is too hurried even if you select 'beginner ' and I have practiced yoga for decades. I have slight concerns over the safety of the transition between poses. Use this app if you already have yoga experience and adapt it to suit..Version: 5.3.2

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