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World Map 2023 Pro app received 90 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about world map 2023 pro?

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Does what it says on the...Brilliant for quick reference to where in the world you're looming up. Would be good if you could click say a country or cities and facts linked to them, like population, previous names etc etc..Version: 2.3

Simple handy appHandy app for general reference. Used it while travelling and since. Time zone for western Russia seemed to need an update..Version: 3.2

Co Pilot LiveApart from the battery drainage and not being able to switch it otarot her more well known Sat Navs are not in the running. The voice directions are really good and you do not have a long pause with a last minute turn left or right so no surprises or ambiguous directions. The three warnings per turn off are excellent and so what if roundabouts are called circles. A very good app apart from the battery drainage and difficult switch off mode..Version: 2.2

Good mapNice to have but would be better if you can pin locations of interest..Version: 2.2

What's neededThis is great. I am pleased with what I have to work with. It's rather easy to define areas of turmoil for others. To define History is displayed conveniently... I could go on and on... No need you should get my point....Version: 2.2

SuperbVery accurate.Version: 2.2

MorgsSeems ok to me. I've got a permanent world map for 99c!! I'm more than happy!!.Version: 2.2

World mapWorld map has excellent graphics, always great to use for locating the country the province or any other geographical location..Version: 3.4

World map appA really handy quick reference. Not so detailed but great for quick continent refence.Version: 2.2

Great World MapKeeps me learning about our planet..Version: 4.5

Only App that shows detailed mapsI used to use the National Geographic map App. This one is more detailed. I like it. No sure it is worth $2 though. The search function needs to improve; for example you press Kyev, like in the map, but it does not show up. You need to guess to type Kyiv. Also when you type the name of the city or country other countries show up in the suggestion box (alphabetically)..Version: 3.9

Great mapI’ve had this app for years & used it almost every day. I finally just bought it, not because the ads were that bad but because I wanted to support the creator after freeloading for so long 😂 It’s a great little app for quickly looking up things..Version: 4.3

Good map. Good education. Keep up the great work.👍.Version: 4.4

Nice update; some suggestionsCan't seem to find a way to exit the search bar or cancel a search (the keyboard doesn't disappear unless I open a different map). also the animation/transition when searching for a country/capital is a bit slow and there's no way to skip it..Version: 3.1

Great map with one issuePlease update Swaziland to its new name, Eswatini..Version: 4.0

Very usefulI find this app very useful to find various destinations in the world with very little fuss. Also being able to focus-in on locations to get more detail is a great feature..Version: 2.4

Indispensable for s TravelerThis is s great product I would highly recommend it to anyone who travels internationally.Version: 4.6

World MapVery easy to use. Have referred to app regularly since purchasing..Version: 2.2

World mapPerfect view.Version: 4.4

Not too bad but needs some upgradesIt'd be good if you could zoom in and see more towns/places, and when zoomed out, into big countries. Oh and I have a iPhone 4, when I open the app for about 1minute the app just closes so could you guys perhaps fix that. Thank you.Version: 2.9

Very helpfulI like it to see the countries that are unknown to me. It is fast and easy to locate it. It gives a general view of countries and major cities around the world. If you are looking for an specific and unknown little place you better google it..Version: 3.8

PoorPoor excuse for spending a buck. Neither the free app or the dollar app offer enough detail or usable options to be of any value. RatIng poor.Version: 1.7

Like itHandy to have this app to take with me..Version: 2.2

Review of World MapThis is a wonderful app! I have the "pro" version, and as such, enjoy the additional features. The map is colorful, but more importantly, is very easy to use. The developers also keep the map up to date, so it is easy to see where the newest countries are located. Kudos to the developers for a very nice educational tool..Version: 2.2

Well presentedVery clear and easy to use..Version: 2.2

ShelangaServes the purpose of refreshing my knowledge of the world as we know today. Many people in this country should know more about the world because it's our place and we are all equals.Version: 2.2

GreatThis is very handy for quick reference. I am often without network and still needing info. Surely for the hard-to-remember continent of Africa alone this is worth keeping..Version: 2.2

Good but problemsThis could be an excellent app, except for 2 things - 1. The display will not straddle 180E/W. Not very good if you are in the Pacific. 2. The choice of towns is strange. In Australia, Cairns the main city in North Queensland is absent. In New Zealand many of the South Island locations are trivial. Are they just likely places to fill empty space on the map?.Version: 3.2

Good mapAccurate, good..Version: 2.7

Clear & ConciseIt's a map of the world - what's not to like!.Version: 2.2

You know the maps are fine for me, I am very excited when Ivan bring out my world map and find outI love pulling out my world map and finding out where something is.Version: 2.2

World MapsExcellent quality maps. Very helpful..Version: 2.2

Great app!I’ve tried some different map apps, and this is by far the best. There is a series of good features like the time zone map, political borders, and major cities. No WiFi needed and it’s super well-laid out..Version: 4.0

A good world map.I wish it had more enlargement possibilities, with more detail. Even so, I use it almost everyday..Version: 4.4

Great maps!I luv maps!.Version: 4.5

World MapA quick and easy to read map. Would like if provinces and states etc were outlined but find it a handy reference when people want to know where a country or nation is located..Version: 2.3

GreatLove new update. Is great app for trivia games. Easy to use, very informative..Version: 4.1

Pray for the nationsGood simple map. Please keep updated..Version: 2.2

Switch? 2Scrub that - i found the invisible arrow on top left of screen! Handy maps..Version: 2.2

Quick GlanceThis app is convenient and useful for quickly looking up a country's location. However, some country's capitals are incorrect; like ones who had their capital changed within the last decade..Version: 2.5

World map reviewVery handy map in particular to ascertain the geographical relationship with surrounding countries.Version: 2.2

HelpfulQuick reference when following international news stories..Version: 2.3

World mapWhy are people saying they don't get the other maps? All you do is tap the arrow on the top left of the screen and change them!! Excellent app..Version: 0

Why does a map need to be detailedIt's not the most detailed or informative thing in the world but it provides me with all I want-a basic easy to understand map of our current world. It also provides maps of timezones and of the worlds physical features. I don't really see what anybody is complaining about..Version: 2.2

Love it!I have it on my cell phone so it is always handy to look up a country or major city location any time I need to. I don’t have all of the Globe in my head; I wish I did, but that ain’t happening, and this is a gem to behold..Version: 4.0

GeographyAlways good to know where you stand..Version: 4.4

MarshaIt is amazing that I can find my childhood home in Johannesburg South Africa. WHILE I AM HERE IN CALIFORNIA. WHAT FUN..Version: 4.4

TerrificI am very interested in looking at maps and this one suits me well..Version: 3.3

Love itEvery time some strange place comes up on the news I can always find out where it happened in seconds. Just have to go to a dictionary to learn how to pronounce these places..Version: 3.4

CD1943Great reference app..Version: 4.3

Dicky searchVery informative. But work is needed on the search feature. It needs to be easy to find where to tap. (Not visible on the map). Then go to a full screen location suggestion. Not just a small drop down..Version: 4.4

It’s a must to me! Love itThis app is so useful and easy to use! And it’s funny how i use it ALL TIME! I didn’t imagine than I would use it so often like I actually do! I recommend!.Version: 3.8

Wonderful applIt is very cool application.Version: 0

I like it!Probably quite accurate overall. I find it very easy to access, as it is not confusing to understand; a great app!.Version: 4.0

Always referring to thisVery handy, ready reference especially when it comes to time differences..Version: 2.2

GreatNice app.Version: 2.1

Cracking little appA great app that has served me well for a considerable amount of time. I'm self employed and work abroad, I've found this to be a asset that I use to show my local colleagues 'where in the world' I'm trying to highlight. Just pop out the iPhone and everything is crystal clear, no need for a geography lesson..! Wouldn't be without it, highly recommend upgrading to the full version, worth the extra pennies..Version: 3.3

PrinceGreat.Version: 3.1

World mapBasic but useful and helpful.Version: 2.4

Road warriorIt's all I really need as a well travelled and geographically aware person. I use to to remind myself where someplace is when news breaks. I'm also one of those people that meets you on an airplane, hears an accent an has you point out where your home town is. Paris is obvious, but someplace in central India, I need help with..Version: 2.2

Not user friendlyNot user friendly. When u search doesnt bring up your search correctly.Version: 3.3

Good but needs more detail!!I find it useful but would like to sre more cites as well!!!.Version: 2.2

Physical World Map, and separate World Time Zones MapThis app is wonderful to have on my iPhone--being able to look up any country in the world anytime is so much fun, and educational, too..Version: 2.2

Not worth paying for upgradeApart from loosing the ads, this version offers very little extra above the light version. The physical map is especially disappointing - there's very little information eg no major rivers shown or named. Political and time zone maps are good..Version: 2.7

Quick referencesI like this apps! specially for quick references! Thx.Version: 2.2

Awesome appIs the best if u have iPod, iPad or iPhone is better than buying atlas.Version: 2.2

World MapExactly what I need for a quick look map. Too many negative reviews who want all bells an whistles but can’t just use the basics which most people need.Version: 3.9

Good at this price pointGives enough detail for general usage, price is low so worth getting it. If one wants possibility to do fine search this is not the app for it..Version: 4.5

DecentServes the purpose for me, I enjoy it.Version: 3.8

World mapI like having it to hand to check out places connected to travel, world news items or references in books. It's great and up to date!.Version: 2.2

Exactly what I wantedIf you're looking for a quick reminder of where everything is, this works fine..Version: 2.2

AwesomeSince the last update this map is like the old easy read fold out maps Very good map and works without internet connection.Version: 4.1

Great update!!!I liked the previous version of this app, but wanted more detail. This update provides that, and IMHO is the PERFECT amount of detail. Traveling for a living, I like perusing a map, but don't have wireless access on a plane internationally to use iPhone map or Google Earth. This app was perfect for a quick look but now has requisite detail..Version: 2.9

World mapGood clear Atlas - everything seems well labelled &can be read easily , unlike some where the writing is far too small for comfort..Version: 2.3

Very clearVery good designed map & easy to navigate.Version: 2.2

World mapAn awful map —poor detail —cities not shown by size of population. Cannot zoom for more detail!.Version: 4.0

World mapGood for a quick reference. Could be a lot more detailed.Version: 2.2

Super app but could have more identification!I really like this app for many tasks. The colors are vivid; the topographical information and time zones are great. I'd like, however, to see more cities, states, and provinces ID'ed. Next update perhaps?.Version: 2.1

Great map appFree and adequate for most world map queries..Version: 4.5

Such a Handy AppThis is a great little app that is so useful for finding out where in the world places are. Whether you are geographically challenged or not, this app is worth having..Version: 2.2

Great quick look!It's nice to have on my phone. When I'm reading about somewhere I just like to see where it is!.Version: 2.2

AwesomeVery useful. I use it all the time..Version: 3.3

Great and UsefulThe map is great and easy to use with all that is need to study 21st countries.Version: 4.4

Love it!Always use the app for reference! Great and easy to use!.Version: 3.3

Best MapLove this app for ease of access. Doing a crossword puzzle, curious about a location, trying to improve your knowledge of places, planning a trip? This map is the very best out there..Version: 3.4

Love itGreat app, love it - super handy!.Version: 2.2

EGI like this app. It is a very good quick Reference for world geography. The only trouble I have is with the latest upgrade because I can't close the search box or even make small again.Version: 3.0

Good general mapWe use the maps on these two apps - US and world often for general reference. When our children are studying ancient cultures we can pull up these maps for a quick look at the location in modern terms. There is not a lot of detail, but enough that this is great for history and social studies classes in grade school and high school..Version: 3.9

Useful on iPhoneAs the listing shows, it is only for iPhone. I loaded it to iPad and it works, but the display is small. Mainly I like having one big world map you can move around on, rather than a bunch of maps of different continents or regions..Version: 4.4

GoodI'm really happy with this app and it's one of my favorites..Version: 3.3

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