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Groupon - Local Deals Near Me App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Groupon - Local Deals Near Me app received 73 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Groupon - Local Deals Near Me? Can you share your negative thoughts about groupon - local deals near me?

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Groupon - Local Deals Near Me for Negative User Reviews

Bad productsThis is probably one of the worst site!! We paid for a voucher for lunch on Christmas Eve and on the day when we got to the place. The place was close! And it’s taken them weeks and weeks to refund the money and is such a hassle. We also bought a smoker as well and the assembly instruction was shocking you couldn’t understand anything. The quality of the product is horrible, I reckon if I bought something similar from a $2 store it would have been a better product. We wish to return the product and it’s been 2 months they still can’t get refund me the money or take the smoker away it’s just taking up space. Every time I try to contact Groupon they keep palming me off to someone else and one person tell us one thing and the other person tell us an other thing and nothing was sorted. If you want to buy anything from here you probably have a better luck get a 10 year old to build it for you..Version: 19.1

Terrible response to complaintsMade a complaint to groupon about the service of a restaurant we paid for. However the response from Groupon only focused on the “merchant” (the restaurant’s) point of view and did not acknowledge our experience. This was our first time using Groupon and it has been a terrible experience. We got a response from Groupon that we should have handled the complaint at the restaurant on the day. Our complaint was about wait issues at the restaurant, how do you expect me to wait for someone to attend my complaint when they are not even serving food. A ridiculous complaint resolution team and we are extremely upset with the response. Will deter any family or friends from using it!.Version: 20.1

It used to be a good app.It used to be a good app. Unfortunately, the prices are not accurate and sometimes in US dollars for Canadians costumers..Version: 19.6

Mrs Connie TorryI have never had a problem with quality of goods supplied by Groupon and the prices are certainly competitive. My problem with them currently is that I never received a delivery of goods ordered and paid for in mid December 2018. I informed the company of the non receipt and did not receive a reply to my query. After several emails the matter has still not been resolved and I am now going to contact my bank to see if they can get the money back for me . It may seem ridiculous to order again from this company but I have been a customer of theirs for many years and have never before had any issues. I like their goods, the quality and prices and feel I should give them a second chance. However if I have any other problems I shall not hesitate in contacting my social network and let others know to beware of using this company..Version: 20.6

ReviewYou can get some really good offers on Groupon. You can however normally find the items cheaper elsewhere. My only negative feedback is with returns, it needs to be more straightforward to be able to return items, or even withdraw the purchase like other companies do. It normally takes an item on average around 8-10 days to get to me so cancelling an order should be straight forward. As stated other companies do this with an even quicker delivery. I do like the fact that the P&P is free at the moment. Having to pay P&P for every item was ludicrous and that is when I would shop elsewhere. They do have nice quirky gifts at times and I have purchase a couple of nice items of clothing for really good prices. I would just like them to be a bit mor competitive with the points I’ve made..Version: 21.18

Difficult to get answers fromNew to Groupon ordered 4 things no problem quick delivery came when said. 5th which was least value money wise. Didn’t turn up. Said delivered 29th which was my bin day. Email after email sent generally no reply. So finally found a phone number. Called said delivered disputed this told to call yodel who said delivered to neighbours checked and nobody had it. Called Groupon and it’s not there responsibility to chase parcels?? So called yodel and after 3/4 times of going backwards and forwards both saying contact the other I’d finally he’d enough so I said I was contacting the police as it’s now been escalated to theft. Low and behold it had a signature fabulous now it’s fraud as well as theft. Great show me it as it’s 100% not me. Err we can’t. Why not. Your not the sender. Again Groupon was called 3 times before I got anyone that had a clue and the signature was blank? So after days of emails and calls £7.56 cost to me to prove I was telling the truth. Got put in touch with a lady who after hearing my story and gave me a credit (note not the cash that I had paid to them) to reorder and would keep a eye on it which to be fair she did came within the time frame and insisted on a signature. Shame customer service doesn’t match the fabulous prices will be very careful what I order on future. Nothing more than I can afford to loose..Version: 19.15.1

Quite disappointed with some faulty products and some that have never arrived!Hi there, I was wanting to get in contact with you guys to inform you of some instances - 2 of which products were delivered; 1 product is faulty and the USB ports don’t work at all and the second never arrived. I have it on my purchases and this was months ago yet it says Not Available yet I never received it or a refund. This was a multicolour led phone cable. Thirdly and lastly, I had made reservations at a restaurant for 5pm and had to be elsewhere at 6:30 and waited up until 5:30 and the restaurant remained closed! I kept calling them up until 5:45 and waited outside till 5:30! Could you please look into this for me or assist me in anyway?.Version: 19.11.1

Generally goodGenerally good for deliveries and would have awarded another star if I wasn’t finding it difficult to get someone to deal with a delivery which hasn’t arrived. First customer services person suggested I choose another item as the one id chosen which hadn’t arrived wasn’t available. The one I chose was slightly cheaper and assumed I’d get a refund of the difference. The new items still haven’t arrived either even though it says they’ve been delivered and don’t seem to be able to get any satisfactory response, other than they’re on the way!!!! Not convinced! Have ordered loads of things in the last few months and to be fair, this is the first major issue I’ve had. Just wish it was easier to sort things with people though..Version: 20.18

Not as slick as they claim to be.Groupon is supposed to be super simple but my mom purchased these tickets for us for Christmas and it was nothing but a pain. She put that she wanted to order 2 and clicked purchase for some reason it ended up sending her a confirmation email stating she had bought 6!!! These aren’t cheap and going from 2 to paying for 6 is a chunk of money. She searched and searched for the contact information and finally got in touch with someone over the phone. She told them to cancel 4 of them, they ended up canceling 5 instead. Then she tried to buy one more so that we wouldn’t just have 1 ticket and they said that she had exceeded her limit on tickets she could buy so it wouldn’t allow her to purchase another ticket. So now I have to go on and buy another ticket and make sure that everything works out so that we can sit together. Christmas presents are supposed to be easy. I stopped using Groupon all together about 2 years ago because it’s not as easy as they make it out to be. And a lot of the time the fine print isn’t as legit as you think! Watch out they’ll get ya!! Oh and on a side note even choosing a nickname to POST a review is complicated!! You have to pick a nickname that hasn’t been taken!!! This is a joke!!!.Version: 18.16

BEWARE Groupon will STEAL your moneyI will edit this review if the problem is ever resolved. I was gifted a Groupon gift card and upon trying to use it, I was unable to check out. Support informed me that I needed to add a credit card, even though it would not be charged. I do not have any credit cards and so I purchased a prepaid card. This didn’t work either and then I was out an additional $6 for the fee of the prepaid card. I was then informed I could use PayPal. The only way to use PayPal is to buy something with PayPal on Groupon before using credits because if you are applying credits, the app doesn’t ask for your PayPal information! It just throws an error! I informed support of this BUG (or should I say SCAM if it is intentional and not a bug) and they only talk in circles “you can add a credit card”. They talk in circles because you get a new agent every time who only responds to the most recent email and doesn’t review any of the screenshots or other details that have been provided to report the BUG. So now the account is loaded with my Groupon gift card but I have NO WAY to use it. Absolutely appalling way to treat people who do not support having credit cards and living a debt ridden life! WORST GIFT EVER..Version: 21.1

The worst service I’ve ever hadA deal I bought had the wrong address in the invoice because the group on app wouldn’t let me change it, so the item could never be delivered. Groupon customer service are so difficult to get hold of and just feed you automated responses about waiting another 7 days. Eventually I was given a refund for the deal, but only money I could use on groupon... so I tried buying the same deal again... this time my address my right but still not delivery. At this point I had waited over 2 weeks with no apologies or updates from groupon. This problem then happened with a different deal altogether, I waited 3 weeks and the item had not even been dispatched. When I went on the online chat for customer service the person I was connected with closed the chat after I had asked questions concerning my orders and where they were, and when I reconnected I was told that someone would be in touch in 2 days concerning my items. I’m very doubtful and will be asking for a full refund for the 2 orders in real money, not “groupon bucks”. I really don’t trust this company it’s awful and they don’t care about whether you get your items or not. Happy to take your money though....Version: 18.9

Don’t turn into Wowcher!I like most of the items offered and have purchased, but not all. Most look how they are advertised in the photo but some have been a let down, but this happens sometimes. However, as time has gone on, there have been too many times where I’ve had to chase orders because the items still haven’t arrived 2-3 weeks on. Had a Wowcher account too, some time ago, which severely buggered up big time, on my very first order with them and both Wowcher and the company I purchased from, were very unhelpful, rude and unprofessional. I lost £250! Instantly closed my account and put the word out about how bad they are. Many, many people came forward stating they’ve had very much the same problems. I wish I’d ordered my goods from Groupon. My last purchase from Groupon was a tracksuit from Emporio Armani. When the item arrived with me, the ‘tracksuit’ has pyjamas on the description tag label and ‘underwear’ on the sewn on waist label in the bottoms and on the collar label in the jacket. This is falsely advertised as a sport type tracksuit. No written words such as ‘pyjamas’ or ‘underwear’ are featured in the item description of this Armani item. I asked for an returns email from the online customer service rep, so I could send the £79 pj’s back. I’m still waiting! I’ve now got to a point that I won’t recommend Groupon to anyone. GROUPON HAS BECOME WOWCHER!.Version: 20.16

Groupon sells shady deals for sketchy “businesses”I have used Groupon many times but I purchased two massage certificates for my husband and I for Christmas. I purchased mine in November went to the website too book it the same day. Calendar all booked up until January 2019. So I wait two months and get to the place on time to find out the door is locked. Saw people moving around inside so I knock. Lady comes out with a long piece of weave in her hands (she was braiding and cutting it). Anyhow she tells me that the person no longer works there and I was the 5th person she has turned away. She told me to contact Groupon for a refund. Won’t you know it they will not refund me. I know the fine print tells you after 3 days all sales final but I did not see it say they will sell me a Groupon for a shady place, make me wait passed the refund period, and then never get services and it’s just oh well. Now I have to waste time, energy, and money and find a lawyer. I am gathering information to send to the news outlets as well. People need to know Groupon is selling for shady businesses that have no intention of actually providing the service and no matter what you won’t be refunded. I have contacted the owner of the location multiple times, wouldnt you know it she is ignoring me. I have contacted Groupon via chat, email, and the call me back option, and yes you guesses it they are absolutely ignoring me! STAY AWAY FROM GROUPON AND FRESH BEAUTY STUDIO IN STOCKBRIGE, GA!!!!!.Version: 19.1

Customer serviceI am very disappointed with Groupon customers service, I bought a bed £419 and it arrived very damaged, they then offered me £20 to keep the bed in its current state, they kept on sending me emails asking for the same details, and making excuses, these are all generic emails as very time someone els sent me a email it contained the same words, I will now be sleeping on the floor with my Autistic child due to them not willing to do an exchange and won’t refund my money until they can fit in the collection, I have already taken a day off work to wait for the bed to be delivered and now I have to take off another day for them to pick it up. They have no compassion and to be honest their pre scripted emails was just a slap in the face. I have family visiting over the Christmas and we have to sleep on the floor!!!!!!! As a customer who has bought a lot of products from Groupon I find this absolutely disgusting that they would treat a customer like this!!!!!.Version: 18.15

Terrible!I am extremely disappointed with Groupons service. Their customer service is only available through email and even the managers refuse to co tact you via phone. They are incredibly rude and have no desire to help you. They take half the cost of your Groupon from the business and will never refund more then half your cost. They also only provide Groupon bucks back. My husband and I booked a beautiful hotel via their site and trusted that it was accurately represented- nope. Not at all. The pictures looked 5 stars. The reality was an awful hotel staff. A hallway without AC that smelled of mold. A hotel room with a loud, broken AC. We called the hotel staff 5 times within our first hour begging to have our room changed due to the broke , loud AC and they refused. I finally spoke to the manager that promised to refund our cost due to all the trouble and allowed us to leave the hotel to find a different place to stay. I was guaranteed Groupon would refund my full cost to my credit card and would easily see it in the system. Well, after 4 week of emailing Groupon, since they don’t provide a phone number and refuse to call you, they refuse to provide any customer service. They will not refund this awful experience. I will not be shopping with Groupon again. What a terrible company that has no care for what they advertise. Such lies and awful service..Version: 18.8

GrouponHave used Groupon many many times. I do like to spend so with that I need to save and by far Groupon is much better than any $1.00 coupon. Yes this is true. The problem I have experienced way more than 1 occasion but I do continue to use Groupon. I have been disappointed with the house cleaning service , set up service constantly verifying the date time person coming texting back and forth was excited for this to happen I am handicapped found out at 5 am the morning of . They texted me 10:10 the night before the were due the next morning at 11:00 am I was sleeping. They rescheduled me for sometime in February I set up January for a reason. They didn’t give me even 24 hr notice but they stress the importance if were cancel at least 48 hours Another s gift to my daughter for Christmas a mother and daughter time out to get our eye brows threaded. Very disappointed in the place it was not even so classless and dirty selling herbs and spices clothes. Then I ordered flowers threw Groupon to A Florist omg not even close and to what I was expecting. They stated on the ad that with covid 19 flowers might be a slight issue they will do there best to duplicate. Not even close brown basket shown and purple and pink beautiful arrangement, what they got was a leftover white Easter basket with some fall flowers shoved in it. Disgrace to use covid as an excuse. Clothes several times not true And that is enough to give you idea.Version: 20.7.1

Beware of buying merchandise!No problems when purchasing Experiences, however, there is NO information on which country you’re buying the goods from. Don’t assume it’s in Australia. Who knows where it comes from as it won’t tell you in the details of the product. Ive discovered this searching the tracking details a couple of weeks later and realised it’s from overseas so I will need to wait a lot longer to receive. Obviously this info would impact your decision when buying the product based on quality, time of delivery even warranty. I will never purchase again unless this is updated in the products description. Buyer Beware!!.Version: 20.9

First impressionsThe product was fine, Groupon on the other hand, not so much. My first ever experience with Groupon I had ordered a drone. In checkout I was asked if I would like an extra battery for 10 dollars. I decided that was a good idea. At check out the screen told me the estimated time it would take to be delivered to me would be 2 days. 2 days later it said 7 days. 8 days later I received the drone with only 1 battery. The app and website were difficult to navigate which is probably how they like it, but also I’m oldish and perhaps am technologically stupid. I finally found Groupon live chat and the seemingly automated response texts took forever. The whole live chat thing probably lasted 20 minutes and somehow our connection together was conveniently disconnected directly after I had had enough and said to give me store credit instead of money back on my credit card which I told the “person” a couple of times but they conveniently did not respond to... I got back on the app and now have 5 dollars in store credit although the extra battery cost 10 if I remember correctly... unfortunately they have so many deals I’ll continue to buy and this with fall on deaf ears..Version: 19.5.1

Roach in my Hotel!I booked this hotel room for my Honeymoon as a part of a special going on through Groupon at the Royal Park Hotel in Manhattan, NY. When we arrived we noticed the sheets and towels were not clean and not even an hour into stay, while we were getting settled in a ROACH comes crawling across the wall alongside my bed. I was almost willing to over look the sheets and towels but having BUGS is not acceptable! We gathered our things and went to ask for our refund so we could find a place elsewhere but the receptionist at the desk tells us we have to go through Groupon for our return. It’s has been a week and we have not gotten anything but the run around saying the situation has been “escalated” meanwhile me and my husband are left stranded trying to find someone to take us in on what money we had left. Thankfully we found some help but We still have not received our refund and these people could honestly careless about our situation. I will NEVER use Groupon again! Even a hotel would have offered us some sort of credit to place towards a different hotel but obviously I gave these people too much faith. This was my first and Last purchase through this company and I would advise everyone else to take your business elsewhere, NOT through Groupon!!.Version: 18.9

Communication isn’t greatI don’t even know where to start, but I am far less than impressed at the poor communication by Groupon, from the perspective of lack of note taking and recording their end, or possibly staff with a lack of attention to detail. I have now ordered the same product three times, after one issue that turns out to be an app vs website glitch, followed by a random credit of the product (aka ‘refund’ by Groupon) with no explanation, and although being civil, had an online conversation cancelled. There’s so much more to this, but once this product is sorted I don’t think I’ll be back. Oh, and when I investigated with the supplier, turns out they sell the product direct to the public for the same ‘discounted’ price that Groupon do. Unhappy..Version: 18.4

Zero stars anytime I tried it.Groupon sells garbage. They’re just a credit card scam. I’ve tried them about three or four times and just received garbage and they have zero customer service, no phone lines and they do not give refunds after they steal money and send garbage like two months down the line. I will never use this site again. It’s just laced with fake sellers from China, that’s just sad and things that you are not actually getting. There are no deals. This last time I spent $15 bucks for some slippers which were complete garbage. They refuse refunds. They’re a credit card scam site and nothing better. You’re never going to get anything quality from them. You are just going to be handing over your money. #SCAMSITE and nothing more. I’m reporting them. Never have had a good experience. I really want my money returned to my card over these completely unusable slippers with no more hassles. I will tell the cops, like this Asian seller stole my sh**. They gave me an excuse that companies are having a difficult time. Technically, that’s why people steal from you. Like I’m suppose to have some kind of compassion? Stop working that angle, THIEVES. IDGAF. I’m having a hard time too. That’s why I had to buy stuff online and not at a store. Lame excuse and an insult, actually..Version: 20.14

Mrs MalikI do love shopping with groupon but I have been bet dissatisfied with there layout because I order bed sheet and for some reason they had not come check ed tracking and noticed they been delivered to my old address even when I have changed it , then I went to help and they advised to go into my account then my address and change it but log it could not for the life find that option, so I ordered another bed sheet then change my address on that menu which gave me a option to change my address. And the bed sheet I order before came to my new address but when delivered I thought they would be two in the same parcel and sign for it but only received one but when check covet note it said two then had a night mare finding a phone number for groupon costumers service s got a lady who didn’t understand wat I was going explaining to her , some how I got through to her and got a refund , now I am left with one single bedcover , and single bending going to the wrong address, and another bedding I ordered so I could change address.Version: 18.10

BE AWARE OF FRAUD AND ACCOUNT CLOSUREMy mom purchased two Groupon experiences with my account, and Groupon immediately closed my account — and still took my moms money. It’s been over 3 weeks trying to figure out why they did this, what happened, and where my account went — it’s gone. The only answer they could give me is that the vouchers were somehow now linked to account email I haven’t used in SEVERAL YEARS. I’m done trusting Groupon..Version: 21.5.1

Terrible serviceWas charged twice and then when I contacted them through the email on my PayPal transaction, which is what PayPal says to do, I didn’t get a reply. I got shipping notice for TWO of my product so I emailed them through the website. They said to bad pretty much and I can return one once I get it. They said they don’t have an email on PayPal. Which is lie because it’s right there. I’ve ended up selling my second locally because I’m not paying or taking time out of my day to ship something back that I shouldn’t have gotten or paid for in the first place. Then come to find out what I got was cheap from China and I could have gotten cheaper off Wish. So so disappointed with the service and the product. Never again and I’ve warned everyone I know..Version: 19.1

False AdvertisementI purchased a package for laser hair removal. It was a 2 medium areas package. The day I was like YES I NEED THIS, there was an additional 50$ off which was a huge incentive for me to get it that particular day. Groupon had listed “Full Bikini (women)”, and “Full Brazilian” as two separate “medium areas”. As a women I was confused because I thought these two areas were the same. However I was like well maybe there’s something I don’t know. So I made the purchase and when I tried to schedule with SEV laser, I was told those two areas are in fact the same (as I thought) and that I would have to upgrade to the large package through Groupon or forfeit my second medium area, which I didn’t want to do. So after multiple emails with customer service. I was essentially told there was nothing they could do for me, and they weren’t willing to give me my additional $50 off because it was a daily promotion. Which I understand, however had their information been correct from the beginning, I would've purchased the correct package to suit my needs and been able to use the $50 off. And as I’m writing this review, the ad still has the wrong information. So so disappointing..Version: 20.14

Great Deals! Bad Discounts!I’ve been using Groupon for about 7 years now. They have a lot of great deals. I really appreciate the amount of local service deals I find. The biggest downside is the additional discounts they offer. Today, I saw a discount for an additional 25% off health and wellness deals. When I went to check out, no discount. I clicked on the banner for details and I got sent to spas, but no details on the discount. I went on chat to customer service. I found out they were offering discounts that are only on certain items as if they are on everything in health and wellness. I find it incredibly misleading and time consuming. You can trust their deals but not their discounts. The upside is that they have “okay” customer service. I got an $8 credit on what would have been a $20 discount, so I decreased my order. It took about 70 minutes to negotiate that discount. They made about $10 less after the credit. They are a bit shameless about how misleading their discounts are. I am less likely to fall for that again, but I feel a bit like Pavlov‘s dog. After deleting a couple of items, it came out to about 15%. Not bad, but not good, just okay. Still I got a replacement discount in the form of a credit. Maybe I’ll remember that their discounts aren’t really a discount, lol. Or maybe I’ll get bit again....Version: 20.18

This app is a jokeThey took over 340$ from me and put it in groupon bucks I wanted to rent a hotel and I called the hotel they had rooms and I was speaking with someone from the chat and they said they were sold out they weren’t and you guys ripped me off and it’s taking forever to get my money back fkn sad!!!!.Version: 21.5

RobberyI used to use groupon all the time. It’s been a while and yesterday I purchased a couples massage from the us in usd for Canada. I thought that was amazing! Then my girlfriend stated “be careful, they double charge me all the time.” I figured it had either been fixed by now or since I never had it happen, most likely it wouldn’t. Today I fly out to Canada and as I’m tying up some loose ends, I see an alert that Groupon took a 2nd dip into my account. Totally uninitiated and definitely without my consent. This took everything down to my last dollar out of my account and I’ve spent the last hour scrambling to get money reloaded on my card for my Uber to the airport so I don’t miss my flight. While I did request a refund, I’m hoping it wasn’t for the voucher I’d already booked an appointment for and getting ahold of customer service is literally impossible. No human to get on the phone. They advertise live chat (which was pulling teeth to find access to) just to be told no agents available and there was no que. I had to send an email. No telling when I’ll hear back or get my money back that I NEED for my trip. What a rip off. I’m sure plenty people are getting scammed if they don’t check their statements. My review will remain one star until this scam is corrected. I say scam because it’s clearly a known issue and it’s not fixed..Version: 19.2

Loved it, now I hate itI have used Groupon for years without an issue. My sister gifted me a massage, which I tried to book for MONTHS and finally it expired. ‘Promotional value expires, amount paid never expires’ so I tried to use the amount paid ($150) but the vendor said they will not honor the amount paid. So I contacted Groupon and they won’t even speak to me cause it was a gift and I didn’t purchase it. They ended up refunding my sister (she was annoyed because she didn’t want to deal with it again) but she worked with me. We picked another place and she got me the Groupon, I contact the vendor for a hair salon and she said Groupon doesn’t pay her and she will not take the Groupon because she working for free. This vendor should be REMOVED from the Groupon option so no one else is fraudulently purchasing groupons and then stuck with ‘Groupon Bucks’. And now they are giving my sister the money back again but as bucks that can be spent within 24 hours. customer service said contact the vendor BEFORE purchasing to make sure they Accept the Groupon. IF THEY DONT ACCEPT THE GROUPON THEY SHOULD NOT BE FOR SALE ON GROUPON!!! Also if someone gifts you a gift, than stop bothering the purchaser of said gift and deal with the person who was given the gift. Hopefully I can’t use this $150 and never use this fraudulent company again. Service shouldn’t end when you take our money Groupon!.Version: 19.14

Impossible refund policyI’m disappointed that my money couldn’t be refunded. I purchased this Groupon of three massages on 7/27 that were good through sometime in November. Four days later the massage therapy place had a change in ownership and the new ownership was unable to accept the Groupon. The new ownership offered to match the price I paid but seeing how I can not be refunded that won’t be happening. I think it’s unacceptable that Groupon will not refund the amount on my card when I am physically un able to cash in for these massages. Groupon should be aware of the change of ownership and have not been putting me in a situation where I was literally unable to utilize my purchase. I settled for “Groupon bucks” which I am dissatisfied with. There are no other purchases I am interested in making aside from that massage. Since my hand was forced, I will have to spend my $95 and some odd change of “Groupon bucks” on some crap that I do not want, and then I will delete the app forever. On top of that, reaching costumer service was incredibly difficult to achieve in itself. Live chat was “turned off” during business hours and I had to google other costumer experiences just to figure out find a way to come in contact with someone. I’m sure it was designed to be difficult. Completely dissatisfied and I will be letting everyone who is willing to hear about my un happy experience..Version: 20.11

Can still be improvedThe app is more mobile than the website version, but the app interface can still be improved. I’ve already logged in to my account yet when I have to make a booking, I have to log in again. Also, I have already clicked on my voucher, put in my contact number, yet the booking page is asking for the voucher number and contact number again. This information has already been supplied, so they should not be asked for again. Just some suggestions to improve the intuitiveness of the app..Version: 18.14.1

RIP OFF don’t buy multiples as you won’t get them or your money backBrought 2 scissors received one, complained and received groups credits to purchase again and I got 1 scissor the same one (thinning), so again complain, they don’t believe me so therefore requested I send a picture so I did and got told I can have a refund and keep or destroy the scissors, I them email back explaining I do not wish to purchase again and would like my refund in my original payment method and received an email to say I have to now send the scissors back and still can only get refunded in credits as they seem to have forgotten I paid by my card did not get my items got credit still did not get my item. So I am now fighting to get refunded via my original payment method as it’s not my fault I didn’t get the items and why should I be made to spend my money with a company who clearly can not get it right. My advice don’t buy it’s not like it’s exceptional quality for cheap. Stuff ends up breaking, cost you to return it. Stick to proper places who give decent service not companies like this who make money out of selling us items we are not going to receive. Buyer be aware..Version: 18.7.1

Terrible Experience Not Worth Going Thru IMOBought 9 vouchers from this app costing me $140+. A day or so later, I got denied access to my account. Upon speaking to customer service, I was told that my account has been detected under suspicious activity. Hence, they cancelled all my vouchers and will refund to me those that were charged. Yes, seems a ball in the park. But problem is, instead of saving thru the use of this app, I’m now left with 1) additional costs, 2) no vouchers, 3) painful accounting, 4) inconvenience and 5) dissatisfaction. I used my local bank’s (outside AUS) credit card problem is, EVERY transaction incurs bank fees and the day’s exchange rate. Now, with the refund, I’ll be charged by my bank and my bank will eat a huge portion of my refunds. No more saving, no more vouchers, just unnecessary and additional charges and inconvenience. Furthermore, it’ll be a pain to track them and do my accounting well since I will no longer have an idea how much exactly was the actual value with the bank eating at my fees. Way to go to ruin the end of the decade for me and the start of the new year, Groupon. This is a huge turn off and a problem I don’t need to carry with me for the next decade. PS: If your system can’t accept that a first time customer will buy many deals at once, then maybe check your processes and don’t just immediately act on things without talking to the account holder and verifying things with them first!!!!.Version: 19.16

Just purchased curtainsAlthough, I haven’t even seen them yet, I’m still worried about the quality , but I specifically chose it for a certain room but now, if that is going to stop light from coming in completely, I just may choose a different room for these. I always look for more different stuff and sometimes even hope for the best deal of the day on something I would really want , I hope other genders come into your site to sell their products because it would be nice to see changes of different things, not just changing between the 4 seasons. I recently purchased the angry supplements and I’m afraid to say , they give me heartburn so badly, and I’m belching the tumeric and ginger. Although it may be amazing for someone else, they are not for me. I just don’t ever want to do business with companies that are NOT in the USA only because I have had a terrible experience with dealing with them and what they show you is definitely NOT what your getting, cheap scratchy material ect anyway I’m so looking forward to these new curtains in my home ! I’m very excited and can not wait thank you Groupon !!! Once in a while it also would be nice to send a 5 dollar off coupon to all your email member that bought for appreciation day just bought from a local retailer, and I’m happy to see that here and of course,,,,, my new year pair of slippers!!!!!!! For sure ! Muk luk can’t beat it !!!!.Version: 19.14

Do not order from groupon goodsThe local deals may be fine, but ordering goods from ‘groupon goods’ is awful! Had to chase up my delivery for 2 weeks after it was shipped out and was promised to receive it after another few days. Didnt turn up. Was told they can no longer confirm i will receive my item and told me to just wait for it to turn up! When i asked for a refund they said it would be in ‘credits’. Never have i come accross a retailer who refuse to refund you for something that cannot be delivered to you. As I was insistent on a refund in real money it has now been passed on to a ‘resolutions team’ who will make a decision within 30 DAYS. All in all, i have now waited almost two months- no item and no refund and no genuine apology or promise that they will try to make it better. Simply disgusted by the customer service. If anyone has a look on trustpilot they will find alot of people with the same problem..Version: 20.6

👎🏻The app won’t let me sign in!!! But the website does.... I don’t get it..Version: 21.4

App did not work at the time of redemptionWent out to dinner to local restaurant but before I left I purchased a Groupon. My husband and I ordered all her food, ate dinner & when the bill came I tried to open the app and it would not open on my phone it kept giving me an error message. Restaurant said they couldn’t do anything without the Groupon. So I ended up spending the money on the Groupon as well as all the money for the food at a restaurant I wouldn’t normally eat at. I contacted Groupon’s customer support staff and 2 days later they emailed me back that because of the fine print they could not refund me. They gave me a five dollar bonus credit on app. I can’t believe how ridiculous that is, because their application malfunction now I’m out the money and they’re blaming it on the fine print. If your app doesn’t work it should be the responsibility of the company not on the customer. I took screenshots of the error messages and all the times I tried to login. I also have copy of us paying full price for the meal with all the matching times on it. I told Groupon customer service because of our experience (not todo with Groupon) we never want to eat at this restaurant again so the Groupon now has no value to us. I’m very disappointed in Groupon and don’t want this error message to happen to anyone else!.Version: 18.13

Reasonable but beware of a pitfallOrdering is easy enough but a recent order did not offer me an option to change address before it finalised. You apparently have to do that first in your Groupon settings. Any order should have a confirmation screen to check things before finalising and charging your credit card. It was a pain to go around in circles looking at your on line help but eventually my order was cancelled a credit raised which I was able to subsequently use without further problem..Version: 18.15

Be careful unlike US Groupon they just steal your money if your Groupon expiresAUS Groupon has some shady T&C’s. unlike US Groupon if your Groupon expires they just keep your money!! Sometimes the expire date is within a few weeks or days of buying!!! And if you by it for a special activity and the weather affects you using the Groupon the business can’t help you because Groupon keeps the money. Also, 90% of the restaurant vouchers you have to make a reservation days in advance (even when the restaurants are usually quite empty.) Lastly, the promo codes hardly work right or at all. Honestly I love US Groupon but AUS Groupon is very sub par!!!.Version: 19.16

Refunded IncorrectlyI purchased a groupon for a keratin treatment at [email protected] salon in midtown. When I called the salon to make the appointment, I first tried the phone number on the voucher that belonged to someone’s personal cell (this person was in no way affiliated with [email protected]). So I turned to yelp to find the salon’s actual number and was told that they do not offer keratin treatments through Groupon. I informed him that I had already paid for the Groupon but he was clear and finite that Groupon had made a mistake and the salon only offers a haircut/blowout deal. I then turned back to Groupon to contact customer service but, of course, there’s no phone number to call so I settled for the online chat with a customer service rep. She was perfectly apologetic and prompt in her communications. She explained my options (after ignoring my request for a full refund) and I decided to trade in the Groupon for another salon’s keratin offer. The issue is that I paid $99 for the initial Groupon and only received $87 in “Groupon bucks.” I should not be held financially accountable for any of the oversights, miscommunications, or mistakes that were made by both the salon and Groupon. (Though the responsibility ultimately rests on Groupon.) I am extremely disappointed in the customer service I received while trying to resolve this matter. All of the roadblocks and the end result make this feel like a scam..Version: 18.2

Option To Buy Different Colour On Same OrderI would love if Groupon permitted the buyer to have the option to purchase (for example.... more than one colour or size of an item). I bought fairy lights and was delighted that I could buy more than one set however I wasn’t given the option to buy more than one colour on the same order. I bought 2 sets of white lights but would’ve loved to have bought the coloured lights on the same order, as buying separately means I have to pay additional p&p which makes it more expensive. This is a bit disappointing as the additional p&p has put me off buying the coloured lights. I also think the payment process is a little confusing and would prefer if you could delete a delivery address, card payment details etc and replace with the new details. The reason I request this is, my mum doesn’t have internet etc so I very occasionally purchase on her behalf getting her items delivered to her home address however when I try to purchase stuff for myself again, it defaults to my mums details and I have to add my delivery, card details again. It won’t allow me delete my mums details and I’d prefer these weren’t kept on file as I don’t purchase for her very often..Version: 18.12

Needs improvementThough I do enjoy Groupon and have spent thousands over the years with Groupon, they are in need of improvement. One issue I have is returning a Groupon. It is ridiculously inconvenient and beyond frustrating to try to return or exchange a Groupon. Instead of getting Groupon bucks, which seems to be a more logical and fair thing to do, Groupon only allows you to purchase another Groupon in only a certain area, i.e. “a local deal”, etc. and within a short period of time. It is a complicated system and I lose more money through Groupon, and I am beginning to expect it was designed that way. People do not want to deal with such hassle so I assume most people would simply forget about it. Which I have done in the past because I don’t feel like dealing with only 24 hours to search for local deals. Not only that, but most local deals in my area are the same old thing that we always see advertised in a Groupon. Little variation. And I don’t want to redo those things again and No, I don’t want another massage! So it is very limiting. I have had much frustration over this one issue. Also, with all the times I have had to speak to Groupon, those who answer the line have accents so thick I can hardly understand them. And though a few of the staff have been friendly and professional, I have dealt with quite the opposite most of the time..Version: 18.8

Terrible customer serviceAfter having to request a refund on what Groupon deemed a “final sale” activity purchase due to an error COMPLETELY on their end (activity was paid for, confirmed, and supposed to be reserved through Groupon... upon arrival no reservation was there and after standing there for almost 2 hrs on the phone with in incompetent Groupon “supervisors” with no help, had to just pay out of pocket directly to the company since I was on a extended weekend vacation with family) I had problems purchasing ANYTHING on Groupon. Any time I tried to purchase it would say unavailable and eventually lead to a refund, or not completing because no confirmation was sent. I tried contacting customer service at least 15 times to no avail which was a nightmare especially since the activity I had to cancel and get refunded for they would only allow to be refunded through Groupon bucks. So here I am $120 Groupon “bucks” but blocked by Groupon from making any purchases. And customer service “help” is literally a repeated script of them forwarding your information to someone else and getting back to you in a week. Worst experience ever, put a damper on my whole vacation..Version: 19.15.1

Great application!I’ve been using GroupOn for about 3/4 years if I’m not mistaken and I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying this, but I have never had an issue! Great application and great prices! Update Feb 13th, 2019: The only issue I recently experienced was customer service. I tried to cancel an order that was placed less than 12 hours ago and that was not possible, the agent said that I must cancel in the same day, if they check their emails I tried to cancel within less than 20 minutes of the purchase but their office was closed so how am I going to cancel the same day if you’re not open? The purchase was made at 11:37pm I tried to cancel less than an hour after less than 30 minutes even. Now I have to wait to receive the order and then return it to you. Basically 3 weeks probably to get my money back and the product hasn’t even been placed in a box to ship. Groupon application and products are awesome, but I think it’s unfair that you can’t cancel an order especially if it’s been less than an hour. They told me I have to cancel the same day but that’s not an option if their office is closed....Version: 19.2

Almost fed upThey have some good deals sometimes but they need to work on some things. In 1 previous order, my item never arrived although it said “delivered “. I sent a couple of emails about it & even posted a negative review about it & never heard back from anyone. When I finally located a phone number, I was told no one was available to take my call for a couple of days, then I finally got a menu that listed an option for a representative, but 3 times when I chose that option, the phone system just kicked me out. Finally got a live person on 4th try! Another order for some plants I ordered, they were dried out & sickly when I received them. Planted them & tried to save but couldn’t. Tried to get an exchange/refund to order some different plants & was told I would have to dig the dead stalks back up, repackage & send back! Like it was worth my time for that! Another order I ordered a couple of magazine subscriptions. One of the magazines I have only received twice. The other magazine I have not received any issues yet- but, coincidentally, I started receiving another magazine that I have no interest in. This order I placed, there’s a technical issue online so I couldn’t enter & save new payment info. You have some awesome deals sometimes but really need to invest in some customer service because if there’s any problems with this order, I’m ready to say so long to Groupon.Version: 20.8

Not a fan kids ratingSo my girls are 13, 12 and 10. After two and half hours they were bored and asked to leave. Didn’t find the lazy river or slides thrilling enough to spend another minute there. I did however, find the front window and entrance staff engaging and extremely helpful. I spent the extra money for the Oasis and then the eat and play tickets. My girls found the tickets confusing since they were told that someone would bring them their food and drinks to the Oasis when they were ready. As they tried to leave a waitress told them they needed to pay $50 for their (each) 1 slice of pizza, fries and a drink. They still had their food tickets. One of my daughters was able to leave the park to obtain my credit card. I was thrilled the same employees where still working the window and quickly assisted me with the mix up. Thank you for hiring carrying older workers that know how to handle customers and problem with ease. It was my pleasure to tip the staff member that served them but obviously they need to have a little training on working with younger not so savvy kids..Version: 19.8.1

InutileSo complicated, customer service sucks!.Version: 21.5.1

Bad Refund policy and customer supportI bought a voucher recently and the business and I got a booking problem with them (they couldn’t book me for more than 3 weeks and after that they mixed up my appointment. However, there is no easy refund request! There is a 7 days refund period but usually you can’t even get a booking in that period so if there is any problem you are out of luck. You need send them an inquiry and wait for them to reply. I got a reply saying that I need to provide an email from the business saying that they agree with my refund! This means that you need so much time and effort to put and they hope you give up. This is an industry exception that burden of proof is on you and they won’t put any effort to follow an issue..Version: 19.11.1

Fingerless glovesI have carpal tunnel and ordered 2 different types of fingerless gloves. I was charged for 2 types of fingerless gloves that were Totally Different than those I ordered and the pics originally that came up when I went to purchase them. What do they send - substitutes? I don’t want substitutes. The first pair I got was made so cheaply you could probably buy in the $1 store. Awful. I threw them in my garbage. The second pair was supposed to be furry fingerless also. They were furry but with an open flap that all your fingers come out at once - a mitten style. This was not anywhere in the description. I can’t use these. I ordered many things in the past through Groupon in every area. I never had a problem. I went through the text to agents and was not satisfied with their answers. They were vague and not corrected. What was I charged so far and what am I still to get? These gloves they sent are not acceptable and I should get refunds for both. If you can’t send me What I Ordered then don’t send me anything and credit my account. Hope your company is not going downhill. There are now a lot more of these companies that are your competitors. If you don’t do the right thing today for a loyal customer I will be changing to a different company and so will other peeps. And I know I have a $15 coupon to use. I hope it won’t expire. Please advise On this text site. I no longer have an email set up at this time Jane Abbene E Northport NY.Version: 19.9

I’ll learn my lesson, don’t use Groupon any more 😡🤬Used to love using Groupon but now it’s S#!T I had purchased but could refund it that day due to rules and regulations that are crap! What a letdown 😡🤬.Version: 21.5

Often great but sometimes terribleMostly a great place to find deals and businesses you didn’t know about and try them out for a reduced rate. We’ve had some great meals, playtimes, experiences and beauty treatments at great rates from great companies. Some are now our regular go tos. When buying goods from them be very wary. They are often not quite as described or the quality is far from that described. Refunds for these issues are impossible to secure. Recently bought sandals and the measurements don’t match standard measurements but because they’ve provided a size chart too bad. Don’t trust their sizing charts or other details as being ‘standard’ check measure. Quality is a harder thing to talk about. I’ve since worn the sandals and the Velcro has come undone stitched Wish me luck in getting my money back..Version: 20.18.1

It’s just okGroupon has potential to be a trusted source for good deals. Unfortunately like anything they give into greed. Whatever brings in revenue is all that matters. Sellers aren’t vetted so it’s polluted with scams. You never know if the coupons are worth a crap because every item is completely drowned with fake reviews. It gets tiresome scrolling through the review generators to try and find actual customers. I thought you were supposed to be reimbursed if you couldn’t use up the Groupon in time but I’ve never seen it (I could be wrong and they aren’t refundable🤷🏼‍♂️!?) I have found a couple deals but there’s usually some sort of up selling involved. Last year I bought an oil change for one of my trucks. After turning down their sales pitch to pay 2 k for a tie rod , I was met with aggravation because I’m not stupid and only wanted an oil change. I went to pick up the truck to notice 7 miles added to the odometer, it wouldn’t go in reverse to leave their parking lot and they had blown my transmission. The tires has lines on then because someone had been doing burnouts. So much for a cheap oil change. That’s my summary of Groupon. It’s good for car washes and massages. ✌️.Version: 20.10

Customer Service is NO HELPI am in need of Groupon customer service due to an order (mask) from Groupons that has yet to be delivered ! It has been almost 2 weeks since the order was placed AND that order was marked as “shipped” and “in transit” at the time of this writing. That status has been the same status for 11 days now and the item is coming from California! Tired of waiting, I want to cancel the order and have my money refunded or give a an opinion to use it to purchase something else. The problem is there are NO OPTIONS via the App to cancel the order OR to contact Groupon Customer Service for assistance. I Can’t get even get in touch with a live Groupon Customer Service person. I never found a phone number to utilize. I know that Corona situation has everything in an uproar but it shouldn’t take 14 days for an item to be delivered . And according to the comments on Groupons about this specific item, servers people are in the same boat as me; they simply haven’t received their product and there is NO way to cancel order or request a refund via APP while the order is “in transit”. Groupons USED to be GREAT !!! No problems . NOW, I’ve encountered three (3) problems during the past three weeks and customer service is unavailable and unacceptable during this time . I’ve been able to get in contact with customer service reps at BANKS, Cable company and others, who have employees furloughed at Home but GROUPON has clearly dropped the ball ..Version: 20.5

Gonna be deleting my accountHave been using this app for a very long time and have few complains thats forced me to make a decision to delete my account: Firstly, half the time items arrive in a very different quality from what is advertised in the app. Only half the time I am pleased with the purchase. Refunds policies are complete mystery to me. The app itself is ok but the platform is broken all throughout and needs a massive tech and UX improvements. Customers support is appalling. Every time you feel like talking to a computer and have no personal input. Have to repeat yourself multiple times and most the time what you ask you don’t get. Also, had chats cut off from their side. Staff is extremely rude. It would be great to feel as if I’m talking to an actual person when talking to customer support. Felt cold and impersonal and off-putting. After 3 different chats in one day I feel like I’m having the worst day all thanks to Groupon. Overall, I appreciate the amount of the support tickets coming in so customer support being overflown with people and thus can’t spend too much time per person but c’mon. You either hire more customer support or fix your platform as well as problems with your products and deliveries and system glitches. Then as a result have less people complaining about stuff. Not happy with the service at all. Not even low prices make it any better. Will be looking for alternative platforms..Version: 18.9

Good idea, not well operatedAlthough I love the idea of saving moneys and can’t pass up a good deal, I don’t know if I will continue using Groupon due to their serious lack of adequate customer service. It is RIDICULOUS how hard it is to get in contact with anyone at this company. I would rather sit on hold for 45 min than wait around all day for a representative to call me back. Their live chat never seems to be an option, and I haven’t tried the email option because my issue is slightly more complicated than a simple one email response, so I don’t want to spend all week emailing back and forth. I have never seen another company operate with this type of customer support and with a company this large you think it would be as simple as providing a customer service phone number to contact. Seriously frustrating and disappointed with the lack of service!!! I’d rather pay full price than have issues using my Groupons and spend hours of my time trying to get help resolving them. I may have even more bad things to say when someone from this company finally gets in contact with me. But for now I’ll spend another day of my week waiting for a representative to call me back, since the last time they never did... even though their website says they contact you within the hour ... BS!.Version: 19.12

Stay AwayUnfair return policy. Some of their merchants don’t offer services anymore and they won’t allow refunds for THEIR issues. No customer service lines to call. New CEO as of March 2020. Taking advantage of those who could use a refund during this pandemic..Version: 21.4

First place to checkI always check Groupon first to see what deals are happening locally. I had some great meal deals, and products. I had a few problems where I have brought a service only to find their was only one day available during the three months offer, sadly we couldn't do that day. Hubby had to go through the chat room to try and get a refund, this is the one thing that let the rating down, wasn't easy to sort and get refund back, very quick to take money too, but sadly it takes 7/10 days for money to get back into his account. So make sure it's really what you want and maybe ask the offer what's available before purchasing some give contact details. Clothing get the right size too, as I couldn't return a item..Version: 19.11

Get names and titlesI had a hotel stay booked and I had to cancel due to my daughter being admitted to the hospital. I called the hotel who advised me I needed to contact Groupon. I spoke to a representative at Groupon who assured me she would take care of it and I was in the 72 hour window and it wouldn’t be a problem. I was not granted a refund - Groupon said it was because the hotel would not grant it because I hadn’t cancelled in the allowable time. I spoke to the hotel and it was Groupon who had not notified the hotel for several days after I had spoken to their representative. I was very disappointed in this level or lack of customer service. I spoke to several people and it was as if they were reading a script to me. Super frustrating! I did try to escalate the matter but was told someone would call me the next day even though it was 3 pm. I never heard back. The hotel- Foxwoods representative recommended I file a complaint with hotel management regarding Groupon not handling this properly from the beginning. I am a mother of five I don’t have money to just throw out the window. Thanks to the person I spoke to at Groupon that is exactly what I did. I had a sick child and then this on top of it- very unacceptable way to treat a customer..Version: 19.16

Be carefulI recently purchased a Groupon for a service and when I called they said they no longer had a Groupon account and could not honor it . Then finally said they were under new management , new owner and to ask for a refund. Ok , weird but ok , but then when I went to get a refund the app refused to allow that as an option! Which is absurd , a situation like that warrants a refund . So I tried signing in on the web instead of the app and still no. So I called , and got an answering machine service which stated that due to Covid their office was no longer open . Well it’s open to take my money but not open to refund it when necessary? Not cool. Also ... customer service jobs can be done at home , without risking dealing with the public in person . This is just unprofessional. I’m not going to be doing business with them anymore until some resolution and reassurance can be given that refunds will be offered when necessary, especially now when a lot of small businesses are closing , refunds being allowed is mandatory . I dont want a credit to use on another Groupon I also might n out be able to use , seriously . This was once a great app to save money.. not anymore, now they just take your money and run ..Version: 21.2.1

No stars.I booked a hotel through Groupon back in February for a March concert. When corona hit I had to cancel because of course everything was canceled. So I called the hotel I booked, cancelled through there, no problem at all, but was told I also have to cancel through Groupon, so I went through Groupon chat because their phones were so busy due to the virus which no problem at all. But of course once I got to the chat, it was SUCH A CHORE! For them to find my order, I took multiple screen shots of my order, plus took screen shots of my bank statement on the day I made the Groupon purchase for proof! And they STILL couldn’t find my order said they would email me. I waited about a week, then finally I get an email stating I had two accounts some how, that I just needed to delete one that was not associated with the order, they also sent me another email after that one asking if I had got the prior email, so figured finally we were getting somewhere! nope I was wrong, because I went ahead and got rid of the account that the order was not associated with, emailed them back and let them know TWICE and still, I have not received an email or my 72$ back since and this was last Saturday March 21st. For a first time Groupon user, I am extremely disappointed and will not be using Groupon ever again..Version: 20.4.1

Advanced Therapeutic MassageMy wife bought me a massage at this place, tried to book for over a month, left multiple messages, text messages which fell on deaf ears. I then find out that the Hornsby branch of this business has shut down, with no notification, I then realise they have a branch in Eastwood, so I book in my appointment, drive half an hour there, rather than the 5 minutes to Hornsby, show them the email confirmation of purchase, only to be told it’s expired, pathetic customer service, I was showing them a receipt of purchase and they’re telling me I can buy another one from them, is this just a rort? Not happy Groupon, please contact me to give me a refund..Version: 20.4

No longer a customerI’ve been using Groupon for years with little to no issues, however, my latest purchase of a clothing item has knocked my confidence in them completely. Over a month since I’ve purchased with no delivery so after contacting customer services they ensured me it would be with me within 7 days. You guessed it, nothing arrived. Again checked with customer services and again a further 7 days, nothing arrived AGAIN! By this point I’ve requested a full refund via email 4 times and Via online live chat. Funny enough they never replied to my refund request emails or chat (even after hinting I’d get trading standards onto them). Nevertheless I still have no delivery, they have my money and I’ve now escalated to trading standards as this is corporate theft. I implore anyone thinking of using Groupon to try and get the item direct from a seller elsewhere as this ‘company’ are thieving twits!.Version: 18.9

Don’t buy objects from here!!!!Worse than wish. I’ve bought hair extensions and clothes from this app. The ‘blonde’ hair extensions were orange and unwearable. I’ve so far bought 6 items of clothing from Global Direct & Sensual Sale. Every single piece of clothing I’ve received has been absolutely worst quality and completely unwearable. I do not recommend buying items off here at all!!!!!! The only worthwhile deals are the restaurant and services 1 and even those can be a bit touch and go. Had mostly good experiences with restaurants though - make sure you read reviews first before any purchase!!! Also beware as there is no customer protection. The most you will get is a refund via Groupon credits - not even to your card!! Or in my case, an extremely small partial refund for clothes I can’t even wear 😡.Version: 20.8

Sometimes good. Sometimes not.There have been a few times I’ve had positive experiences where the company items were quality and the check out was easy. More recently it’s been a struggle. I ordered two cases of wine only to click on the fine print to find out that they don’t ship to my state. Then I tried to cancel the order and ended up not seeing that the default option was to credit my Groupon account...after I clicked the save option. Then i couldn’t get ahold of customer service. The app kept booting me back to the item page instead to customer service. I tried to call two different phone numbers that I googled and both said they don’t have phone attendants. THEN I got back on the app and tried to reach customer service a different way and I was successful. However, when I typed in my message to the attendant, the send option was greyed out until the attendant ended the encounter. She ended up getting back on and had to forward my problem to another tier. Who knows when I’ll get a refund. What should’ve taken me two minutes ended up consuming about an hour with no product, $100 in the hole, and I still don’t have an answer about my refund. Recently also received a personalized puzzle that was nearly impossible to put together because every piece is the same shape. They all fit together. My 9 year old was frustrated with it and threw it away..Version: 20.6

DisappointedI have been using Groupon for a couple years and purchased many Groupon deals with great results. I hate that I am writing this but a recent experience I’ve had shined some negative light on Groupon. My father purchased some groupons for a local food establishment. When we showed up to use the deal we found out the business went out of business. Windows boarded up and place cleared out closed. When my father noticed Groupon they tried not refunding his money until he started using the word fraud then he was told he would be getting a refund. I notified Groupon the restaurant is no longer in operation and they need to take the Groupon off their site. A week later and they are still offering the Groupon deal. Groupon is knowingly taking people’s money even though they have been notified the company is no longer in operation. This is fraud selling goods where the party will never receive what they paid for. Everytime I tried contacting customer support I’m redirected to another country and and the instant chat is cut short when I complain. Very disappointed because I have really enjoyed using Groupon in the past..Version: 19.11

Useless companyI order online a lot kept seeing these details appear for Groupon so ordered with them the worst mistake I have made. App is very basic ordered several items over different days have almost waited a month when you call customer services you have to wait until delivery period expires before they can escalate once escalated that can take another 7 days and still get no resolve to your orders or where there at and was offered a refund to re order again why on earth would any one do that if you have not supplied any orders in the first place considering how long it takes to get an answer on where your order is customer service is crap taught to be apologetic like Robots and pacify you on what you want to hear but cannot actually provide you with courier details to who will be delivering the items. But take the money instantly from your account. This company should not be allowed to trade as clearly cannot provide the goods they offer. Must give out more refunds than they actually sell. You have been Warned avoid ordering goods it will just cause you weeks of stress. Camden NW1.Version: 18.14

PurchasePlease be careful buying from Groupon if something goes wrong they don’t ask you in a personal message, just not their problem ? So we went to post office as it was delivered by them as my goods that came in card board box, however they just through it back the fault of the packers even though the box had 3 deep cuts in the box. So of cause just passing the buck we got nowhere. So my storage leather ottoman had the leather cut on the top lid. So not Groupon problem not post office problem so please let me know whose problem it is, so disappointing in Groupon attitude when been good customer. and you can’t make a phone call ??? A very unhappy customer Suzanne Wilson.Version: 20.19

Help with a problemNO option that is readily available IF AT ALL - POOR customer relations!.Version: 21.4.1

Waratah ugg collar slippers sizeI have purchased this brand previously a couple of times and they have been wonderful. Probably on the small side size wise until the wool lining softens. This particular design is disappointing, there is wool insole but the colored looking wool fabric is synthetic. The size is enormous, probably 2 sizes larger than expected and extremely wide. The quality of the sole is poor and more of a foam than a rubber on my precious purchases. The quality has gone down hill. Unfortunately I cannot recommend. It was difficult to find the groupon live chat function. I won’t be able to give these as a gift to my grandmother for her birthday as they are so big. Groupon support is yet to action or respond to my request for a refund or exchange. A disappointing experience all round..Version: 20.12

Ok, but don’t expect Customer Service!I used to love Groupon and have been a pretty loyal member for almost 10 years. However, customer service has declined so significantly that I will most definitely be ceasing membership. However, first I must spend the frustrating number of credits I’ve been forced to accumulate due to faulty products and misinformation provided by the company. After numerous emails back and forth with what I’m not sure was a person or an auto robot, (what is Usha??!) I could not get any straight answers to some very simple questions and was instead flooded with language about all the ‘wonderful items I could buy with the credits I couldn’t find in my account and didn’t want! Groupon might have some good deals, but so do a lot of other companies, and now that they have decided to skimp on customer service, I’m out! Their bad attitude rings warning bells so I will no longer trust my hard earned cast to these guys. Be warned!.Version: 20.8

I would rate 0 star if I couldFirst of all I want to say, Groupon doesn’t really care about their customers. I’ve never left a bad review but here you go Groupon you can have this one. I purchased a massage voucher in February, and then made an appointment with the owner in May, because of covid-19, the owner had decided to permanently close the business in April. She sent an email to all customers saying if people purchased voucher from Groupon, she had already notified Groupon that they have gone out of business and people who purchased voucher should get a refund (that’s how Groupon told her!). So I contacted Groupon and asked for a refund. Guess what, it took me nearly an hour to finally chat with a real person because Groupon hides the chat feature, they doesn't want anyone to chat with them or contact them for refund. I tried to email them twice, all I got is I can get a Groupon bucks, but I don’t want credit, I just want money refund! Long story short, the customer service kept saying they can extend my voucher so I can use after covid-19, I said no their business is permanently closed I can’t go anymore. They just don’t understand. At the end, they still offered me the dang Groupon bucks so I had to open the not user friendly app again to find whatever deals that I can spend all my credit. If I could give the company 0 star I would, because Groupon doesn’t really care what customers want, once they sell you a voucher it’s not their business anymore..Version: 20.5

Email AddressTried a number of times to edit my email and have been unable to. This company is horrible for support and IT.Version: 21.2.1

Great options, great prices, BUT...Follow-up: the movie passes were unusable with covid and getting the $$ back is not working so far. I got the Sam’s membership but didn’t take a screenshot so there is no way to verify the freebies, not with Groupon, not with Sam’s. They still take $$ for places that haven’t been open for a year. If there is special shipping, chances are the product’s final cost will be exorbitant. Still glad for Rusted Orange but never buy bulbs or something with a delay in knowing if it works, because you won’t be able to return it! My main regret is that some things are just too difficult to return by mail but overall the products are as described, especially if you read the comment section. It’s a terrific way to try new products you might never have considered otherwise (like Rusted Orange creations). They are beginning to have even my local theaters and chiro. This seems like the start of something good. Paying extra for Select is a mixed bag: you can’t use it with similar discounts (that you don’t have to pay for!) I am dropping it as the discounts are available most of the time..Version: 20.18.1

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