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EasyEasy to enter, easy to download, easier life.Version: 9.80

Mileage and time logI like the app. But the set up for the logs has to many options and is hard to understand. When it comes to the reports. You do not know what you are getting until you run a report. A screen shot of the report next to the option would help in choosing that option. I feel that if you took a serve you may find that some of the options are not being used..Version: 10.26

Great productHave been using since 2013. Works well & saves me time & hassle.Version: 10.40

The BestI have been using BizXpensTrkr for a few years. I have small businesses and the app makes it easy to keep track of everything. I only needed technical support once, and it was prompt and helpful. I have recommended the app to many people and they all enjoy it as well. Saves time and money!.Version: 10.51

Sooooo usefulI've just started running my own business again and needed something to track my expenses, produce reports and sync to other devices. Bingo! This app does it..Version: 7.12

Save yourself a lot of time in the long runHappy to report that I love this app and it has saved me so much time and effort. I bought this for tracking mileage and use it often for that. But it also allows me to take a picture of a receipt and itemize an expense. For the second year in a row I have been able to give my accountant all my tax info and expenses in minutes..Version: 10.04

A GemEasy to configure, with a small amount of practice, to match my corporate reporting requirements, including the format. Intuitive expenses entry, I have been using this app for years. I really appreciate the continuous development effort that has been put into it..Version: 10.26

It IS WORTH the money!!!Great App. I've been using this for over two years and it's easy to learn and quick to use. It stores the names of vendors and locations so all you have to do is enter a few letters and it enters the entire name, etc. Saves me time. Basically you take a photo of your receipt, enter some basic info. When you're done it prints in a report format with receipts. It's great. I email a copy of the report and our accounting dept has everything including copies of receipts for their files..Version: 10.04

I'm finding this application quite easy to useI looked at a number of apps before selecting this app. I really like it. This app is also great value for money. I purchased all of the add ons. When compared to the other apps, there are no ongoing monthly fees associated with is use. This is a huge advantage when one is living on a tight budget. The OCR results are very slow and I'm finding manual entry is much faster. Another key advantage of this program is the ability to back up to Dropbox, iCloud AND my computer via wifi. This is important as the program has frozen (I freaked out) on me once and I had to restore all of my data (extremely relieved). The website is also a great source of help should you get stuck and my email corro with the app developer has been prompt..Version: 9.10

Great AppEasy to use and incredibly useful..Version: 10.40

Have enjoyed this app for many yearsI do not write many reviews. However, I have enjoyed this app for several years, and feel it is one of few apps which deserve a review. I have this on my iPhone, and have used it for my current and previous job. I have used this app mostly for monthly travel expenses and/or time tracking. The countless number of ways to customize this app is one of its strongest features. The amount of effort this developer has put into flexibility is amazing. Expense and time entry is quick, yet can be very detailed if desired. Data can be viewed and reported many different ways. Lists of clients/customers, projects, and more can be saved and reused. The few times I needed to request support from the developer were quickly and thoroughly responded to. Extremely happy with this app, and would recommend to anyone..Version: 10.51

Useful appI've found this to be a flexible and useful app..Version: 9.20

Best app for mileage tracking so farI've tried several of these mileage and/or expense tracking apps. This one is the best I've used so far. Very easy to use. Easily to quickly repeat familiar trips. I am constantly running to the various rental properties we manage, and it's a breeze to track each trip. Billable hours are simple to record too. I love the flexibility to record both mileage and expenses multiple ways - after-the-fact, live tracking, etc. Whatever's appropriate for this particular entry..Version: 10.04

Great balance between user friendly and tailoring optionsThis is a great app. Does what it says, has lots of options for organizing it for our purposes, is surprisingly user friendly, and after going through a few steps, is great for use by multiple people in a household. Also, I have had great customer service. I have used other $ tracking tools and this one is highly recommended..Version: 10.60

Love itMakes it very easy to track time and expenses, and what I worked on; love being able to take a picture of receipts; and export all of it for reimbursement. It’s easy to use, very intuitive, and provides a great record of costs, and how I invested my time. Well worth the few dollars for the app. Don’t know what I would do without it!.Version: 10.84

Flexibility is the key, great appI have used this app since 2011 or earlier. And have tried others for fun. Nothing beats the flexibility of this for tracking and reporting. Time tracking while on the road is one of the hardest things to track, customising fields and making this app work for you is easy. Multiple currencies and just plain feature rich. Buy the full kit, it's well worth the money!.Version: 9.71

Simply great - designed by a traveler!Started using it in December for consulting which involves some travel. Like the customization possibilities especially the reporting. Quick and easy to enter expenses capture photos of receipts. Really like the way you can create expenses like emails with hotel receipts attached as PDFs Very slick. Time tracking can be as detailed or high level as you want. Very quick. I use an iPad Pro create the reports for time and expenses since it is easier to see and work with. Very flexible- almost too many options. Highly recommend..Version: 10.26

Excellent for contractors or small businessesI track the hours and expenses for different clients through this app, simple and easy to easy but with full functionality.Version: 6.11

Install this app!I work as consultant throughout North America and I've begun using my tablet more and more for business. This app is the perfect compliment! It works very well and once you have configured your preferences for data input, reporting etc. it really takes you no time at all to add an entry, complete a log and email in various formats all from within. The ability to attach photos of receipts is also super convenient, I've never been this organized! Scott, the app author has been a tremendous help as well. On my first report I noticed a couple inconsistencies, I emailed Scott and within the same day he responded and resolved my issue. Great app. Great customer service..Version: 8.03

Simple, straightforward and very time savingI use biz expenses to track my time as well as my expenses. It does a great job for me and saves me both time and money. Gerard I have now been using BizXpensTrkr for more than 12 months. I love it's simplicity and power. It is essential to my Consulting Business. I could not manage without it. Gerard.Version: 6.11

Best app ever!I hate hate hate doing tax stuff but this app has made it easy. I can record expenses, income and compile at the end of the year with out any problems. I've used this program for several years. Picked it up after having continued difficulties with quick books. Even after calling QB for help and they wanted more money to up grade after I had paid the initial fee. This app handles everything they did and records mileage too. Very intuitive program for the not so great computer user. Love it!.Version: 10.51

Love itVery useful for tracking business expenses. Would be even better if we could track the expenses in two currencies - e.g. can we have multiple currency fields for each expense item so I can input the expense in an overseas currency and also input a British pound equivalent. Thank you.Version: 7.0

Works as promisedI have used this app for over2 years and found it to be well worth the money. I have to record time and miles. You can set a start time, save it and when the job is done set and save the end time. Same with mileage which is either odometer readings or just actual miles. Allows multiple folders say one for each month. Each folder gives a summary total which is great for reporting. This is just what I was looking for. This app has been my go to for tracking expenses for another year. It is so good I have recommended it to a number of my clients..Version: 10.04

Runs My Entire Business!Thanks to the income category, I can run my entire small business with this single perfect app! Tax time was a breeze last year, and I expect the same this year. My tax accountant was very happy! I love the ease of this app! Plus, I can track hours in addition to mileage and expenses. It's perfect for my consulting business, which grosses about $400,000 annually with around 10 subcontractors..Version: 10.04

FantasticAwesome Product! Awesome reporting love it!!.Version: 9.90

Fabulous app + Siri-like serviceBizXpensTrkr is a marvelous thing. It has many features in the basic version, like allowing you to enter expenses in multiple currencies and converting to the currency you use most, automatically. You can add a photo of a receipt. You can send to you laptop in .csv form to tidy up in Excel. But best of all, the app developer is actively engaged. There are not just new versions but accessible knowledge. To me, this is crucial. I recently ruined my phone and my BizXpensTrkr records with it. Found a backup on iCloud but didn't know how to reinstall. In a panic I emailed BizXpensTrkr and much to my surprise, got an almost immediate HELPFUL response. From an actual person, not a website or list of FAQs. It was Scott, the app developer. If you purchase this app, you can get help if you need it. Because Scott cares. The app itself is brilliant, but with a thinking knowledgeable person/team behind it, it is MAGIC..Version: 10.0

Would be 5* in linked to my MacBookGreat app, syncing perfectly between my iPhone and iPad via iCloud, just needs an interface from my MacBook please..Version: 10.83

A pilots best friend!It used to take me hours to create and submit reports to the main office. Now, I create them as I go along, then send the final report to our Dropbox while I’m on the road. I’ve customized the reports with our company logo and can print my reimbursable expenses right from the main report in seconds. This is probably the most well thought out app I have ever used. Spending a week on the road is much easier now....Version: 10.10

Use everyday!Very useful.Version: 10.51

Excellent business expense appExcellent app to track all my business expenses. Easy to use, categories already established and I love the ability to attach files/ take images of receipts!.Version: 7.8

Time tracker--keeps data localUnlike so many time tracker apps I am able to keep all of my data local as opposed to so many others that want to keep data--all valuable customer data on their servers instead. Fantastic!! I'm so grateful. This has been my go to app as a small business owner. It's fully customizable. Works beautifully for my small business..Version: 10.42

Great App for tracking business expenditures!I use this app for tracking expenses for multiple businesses. Each has its own log, you can capture pics of receipts, attach docs, make notes...whatever. End of the year at tax time, you can get a nice, neat, categorized report to attach to your financials. All data can be backed up so you have good retention of all records. You can also track your mileage separately if you’re running multiple businesses. I highly recommend!.Version: 10.40

Excellent SupportI have been using this app since 2012 and extensively upload my expense records to Dropbox. This has really helped me streamline P&L and tax reporting. Recently, I was unable to upload the 'Notes ' field and sought help from the developer. Scott (app developer) was prompt and thorough in his response and guided me to find the solution. I would highly recommended this app for self-employed professionals and small businesses. Thanks, Scott..Version: 10.40

Useful AppThanks.Version: 10.40

PresidentBased on the recommendation of a neighbor I started using BizExpenseTracker 3 years ago. It has been a great tool for tracking expenses for my small business. I particulary appreciate the ease preparing reports from the business logs I have created for clients and projects. Perfect accounting reports for personal and tax purposes. Also, I read the reviews made by others........I agree the BET developer is very helpful. He has worked through issues with me and all have been resolved satisfactorly. Great customer service skills. Easy to say good things about a good product and good product support. I have recommences Biz Tracker to clients I have coached who are starting out as Independent Contractors. Lenhart Executive Solutions LLC..Version: 10.51

J’adoreIdéal pour bien organiser nos reçus tant au niveau personnel, (assurances, impôts etc) que professionnel. Il manque juste la possibilité d’avoir une 2e taxe, puisqu’au Canada nous avons la TPS et la taxe provinciale. Cela serait super important afin de transmettre nos rapports au gouvernement..Version: 10.10

Love itGreat app saves me tons off time..Version: 9.71

Very practical and usefulJust works well - convenient - tracks expenses, CC reconcile, Tax Claims very useful. Reliable and great support..Version: 9.90

One of the Best AppsGreat App! A must for keeping track of your expense. Super Easy and the Developer is great for support and help. Thank you.Version: 10.04

Expensive Subscription but OKIt’s pretty decent for mileage tracking, the auto tracking subscription is pricey I think though and it’s just had a price rise as well ive noticed. It’s also a bit hit and miss it doesn’t always auto track i seem to have to open the app up every morning or it doesn’t work in the background like it should. I’m probably going to give quickbooks a try as that includes auto tracking of mileage now and also does invoicing thats trackable. *For completeness I wanted to add that since the last update the mileage auto tracking seems to be a lot more reliable..Version: 10.40

Great app! Saves so much time!I’ve been using BizXpensTrkr for four years now. Not only does the app work well consistently, but on the two occasions I’ve made an error support was fantastic as well. I highly recommend this to anyone who tracks expenses regularly and who wants to keep an digital archive of past periods. Absolutely LOVE this app! Thank you!.Version: 10.70

Great APP for small businessesI used an excel spread sheets to keep track of my expenses for a small business but made alot of mistakes sorting items with categories and dates. I then tried a book keeper which was kind of pricy. Then I tried BizXepense Tracker. I liked it, but didn't utilize enough of its functions and features... kind of like most people with their smartphones. So, I went back to Excel for a couple of years and got tired of the whole date and category organizing. It's very nice to be able to make entries randomly and have the BizXpense APP file them chronologically as well as in the correct category from the same page rather than scrolling up and down numerous pages. I primarily use BizXpense for tracking my mileage, expenses and taxes for tax filing time. I contacted the support to help me with customizing a report to suit my needs to give me totals for the above mentioned. The support was quick respond and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a small "one person" business..Version: 10.10

BizXpensTrkrDoes all I need flawlessly and everything is organized and stored perfectly. My only suggestion would be the option of once dates are plugged in for one item (e.g. hotel or car), that there be an option to have those same dates pop up on other items (e.g. airfare, parking, fuel, etc.) so I don’t have to re-enter the data..Version: 10.51

Excellent app for any small business!Very nicely done app! Has a huge amount of flexibility, but also very simple for the beginner as well. Only wish that it did invoicing and income tracking too, and I'd only have a single app for my whole business!.Version: 9.02

Used for yearsLike a reliable friend - always there..Version: 10.02

Great for a small businessI have used this app for all my handyman business records for several years. It was created for typical business expense recording and submission, but the deleloper has, on several occasions, created features I have asked for, including income (rather than original "submitted" category), which saved me having to create "negative dollar amount" expenses. I am able to create various forms for invoices and even estimates. I am very impressed with the development responses to some pretty specific requests..Version: 10.40

EVPGreat App! Recommend for any season traveler!.Version: 9.52

Great appBizxpenseTrkr is a nice app would like an easier connection to a web interface for app. Also need to be able to separate time on a single job. I need to have drive time, then job 1 time, second task all under one main expense. Would like to have in one expense file. Thanks for the app it does improve my job time, no more "how long was I on that job". Thanks..Version: 10.70

Great for a small business ownerThis does a great job of logging income and expenses for my small business. I just wish it had a free invoice facility.Version: 10.51

Best app everFantastic app, probably the best and most useful on my phone. Taking pics of receipts and simply filling in what I have spent and where when I purchase things is brilliant - so is emailing myself my expense reports every month. Suddenly the world is a better place once again without the headache of doing my expenses!!!!.Version: 7.5

Easy to useI like it!.Version: 9.71

It’s awesome!Simply does everything I want it to do. My accounting group approved and likes it as well. No more receipts scattered everywhere or lengthy sit down to prepare expense reports. Simply create a report, take photos or download digital receipts to the app as they occur and presto. When it’s time to submit it’s just a couple of key strokes and it’s emailed to accounting. Tracks submitted and reimbursement as well and it’s all in one place..Version: 10.42

Excellent after almost 2 years in use..Version: 7.0

Accounting on the runA great little app that I use to capture my expenditure on the run. Very easy to use and convenient as a collection point..Version: 8.03

Easy business $ accounting!This app has finally solved my business accounting challenges! It is so easy to add in a new expense, or income and also to keep track for tax purposes. I wish I had found this years ago with my other businesses! It is so convenient to have on my phone and it is easy to export data through different sources ( I use email). I highly recommend this app! So easy to use!.Version: 10.04

Love itMakes tax time so easy wish I had it 20 years ago.Version: 7.02

Well done and feature packedThis was one of the first apps I downloaded years ago and it has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. I was impressed by how often significant changes were made and features added. I don’t travel on business too often so it could be months between needing to use it, but each time there were noticeable changes. I don’t know if the same developers are maintaining it now as then, but if so I would highly recommend it..Version: 10.62

IndispensableCan cope with most expense workflows outputting in csv for cut paste into company format. Improve the functionality with an ability to manually change exchange rates.Version: 10.40

Great app makes expense tracking simpleTotally love this app does everything I need very elegantly and so easy to export to spreadsheets. Occasionally has minor glitches but they always get fixed and are not enough to stop me rating this app highly. Essential part of running my business..Version: 10.0

Handy Receipts RecordGreat to capture expenses - personal & business to track spending patterns & have non paper records..Version: 9.90

MsVery impressed with this app. Well organised. Thank you..Version: 9.20

The best for on-your-phone expense tracking, easy export to spreadsheet.This is a great app in that you can quickly and easily enter receipts while travelling, take photos of them, and transfer a spreadsheet and the photos to a folder on your desktop. It is well thought out, very capable, easy to use, and customizable. It supports multiple currencies. I've used a lot of expense tracking software over the years, this is the best..Version: 9.80

Biz expense trackerGreat app, well thought out and very functional..Version: 7.01

Works perfect for meFor my small business this works for all my needs.Version: 10.51

Superb! Buy it NOW!I love this app, it's the most useful app I have bought so far. I had Time Tracker before, but now I need to use expense and mileage information, and BizXpense Tracker is excellent at keeping track of all three. The developer has been extremely helpful with advice on how I could get my logs from Time Tracker into BizXpense Tracker and, has taken on board a suggestion I made regarding extra features. Thank you Scott for this terrific app and the great service..Version: 7.02

Tracking my expensesThis is one heck of a great app for anyone needing to track any sort of expenses. It has a myriad of wonderful, easy to use features and WOW is it simple to write or send an expense report. I use this app for tracking my personal and business expenses so that at tax time, I have it pretty much ready to go for my accountant. I also love the fact that you can track expenses in different currencies if you need to. All-in-all the best app I've used for my finances..Version: 9.02

Very Good AppTakes a little bit to get used to the report setup but once done it is great. Support has been fantastic when required. Looking forward to more functionality over time..Version: 9.80

Covers just about everything.Insanely powerful with a learning curve to match (especially when customising reports), but it's well with the effort because this covers everything a freelancer needs to track time and expenses. The forum is a great place to pick up tips, and the developer is happy to respond to suggestions and bug reports. I've tried most of the others; this is the one I'm sticking with..Version: 10.02

Great app for expensesI have been using this app for several years now and I have to say that it works great for all of my needs. I especially like the mileage tracking component. I recently had a small problem with the date not showing completely in the default PDF template so I send a request to the author and had an updated template within a few days. Outstanding service!.Version: 10.51

Reliable for many yearsI have use this app for several things over many years. I tracked projects and hours when I was a contractor who had to submit numbers to my client. Then, when miles were deductible on taxes, I tracked various types of miles for my yearly tax filing. Now I use it to track maintenance on my car, general mileage and spending. In all three scenarios it works great after some quick set up. I've tried a few other apps that seemed more fancy but I have never been happy with them and have always come back to this one. * I would love a watch app/complication!.Version: 10.80

Great App & supportI got this app because a coworker liked it. When I got it I asked him a question about it and he said he would have to email it to his computer and edit it before sending it to our accountant. I emailed the author and he emailed me a new file to download to the app the next day that fixed the problem. Twice now I have emailed with a problem and he promptly gave me the solution within 24 hours. I can do my expenses and email it to the office right from the app. The app is great and the customer support is excellent..Version: 10.63

The BEST customer supportGreat app. Tried a few others first but none did everything in one app for me as easy as this one does. Had a very minor problem figuring out one of my settings and Scott was fantastic with quick personalized service with a resolution to the exact problem I was experiencing. Would highly recommend this app!!!.Version: 8.03

Exceeds expectations / Parfait pour travailleur autonomeReally worth the price! Easy to use, complete, nice look. No need for multiple applications to gather information for independant workers. Custom reports are a bit more complex but the instruction videos it's fine. Support is really quick and my issue was fixed in less than 12 hours once. The author even made a minor modification made on the app, and sent it to me within 24h, so it would fit my needs. Facile à utiliser, complet. Génial pour rassembler les dépenses déductibles, temps, kilométrage, etc. Permet de générer des rapports qui facilitent la comptabilité. Très bon service par l'auteur..Version: 9.20

Great timesaverThis is a great app that works intuitively and is flexible but not complicated I use it for all my personal and business expenses and it adds hugely to my productivity..Version: 9.71

Top App!Does exactly what it says. Very flexible and comprehensive. I use Dropbox to upload reports into spreadsheets that with a bit of cut and paste to tidy up field order i am too thick to automate go straight to my accountant. Recommended..Version: 6.11

Very, very good. Particularly for UK taxIt allows taking more than one photograph of receipts. Therefore, can use this to record receipts for UK tax purposes as HMRC require photos of both sides of receipt. I particularly like the ability to quickly add PDFs attached to a new expense records..Version: 7.8

BizXpensTrkrBriil app...Easy to keep records whilst you’re on the road. I have recommended this to colleagues..Version: 10.70

Best in class and first rate supportI have tried numerous expense/time tracking apps but for me BizXpenseTracker has got to the best in class. The app is feature rich making it highly versatile and configurable with new functionality being added all the time, consequently it meets my requirements perfectly. Not only is it a great app but the support is also first class. Following a recent update I was experiencing problems so contacted Scott the developer, to my great surprise I received a reply almost immediately. He was able to instantly identify a setting which I had unknowingly changed which was giving me some strange results and restoring the setting quickly resolved my problems. With support like that I can’t recommend this app highly enough..Version: 8.02

Great App, great supportI have used the app for a year or so and run about $1500 in misc expenses a month through it. It does a great job of capturing everything and also adding a level of automation. The only down side was the fact it sync'd via Dropbox. I tried to move to the iCloud sync (latest version) but had problems. The developer worked with me over a few days to find and correct the problem and now its all working great. First class support. As an update a over a year later I had a request to alter some report formats. Scott responded in a day and made some specific changes to help me out in 10 mins. Exceptional I don't really understand the one or two negative reviews but perhaps it does too much for some people. For a corporate account user like me its perfect and the more I use it the more features I find and use. Several people in my Company use it Update: as the developer is moving to a monthly subscription format the classic version is non longer supported. This version will NOT work with OS 15.Version: 10.84

Very useful app using it dailyReally handy "accounting" package for retirement. Now updating all our expenses so we can stick to within our budgets ; -) Great support and very quick replies from Silverware. Recommend to anyone who wants to keep control of what they spend and I can understand how useful it can be for people who have to keep business expenses in order for their company, wish it had been around 20 years ago!.Version: 7.0

Old school...Not the slickest UI nor dependent on a fancy website interface. Data remains in the app, not on a remote server somewhere. But there is nothing else that comes remotely close to the comprehensive job this app delivers. I've used it for what seems like decades and never once has there been so much as a glitch. I can't imagine the fancy programming that exists in the background but as a user, it's faultless..Version: 10.81

Great appI have been using this for a few weeks and love it, only gripe I have is when inputting mileage using postcodes/current location and saying 'round-trip) it doesn't double the mileage (unless I'm doing something wrong?). Also would be good if it could actually link to PayPal to pick up actual invoice. Still a very useable and handy app.Version: 7.51

Great appThis is a great app. I have used other apps, some very good others not so good. For me this app does everything I need and then some. It is initiative and easy to use whilst providing a high level of detail. It's ability to handle multiple currencies is fantastic and the only thing missing for me is a Monthly expense claims template. Having said that, it is a simple process to export data for manipulation in a spreadsheet. Keep up the great work..Version: 6.11

At LastAt Last an app that has encouraged me to keep my expenses up to date, this brilliant app is simple, cheap and totally practical Highly Recommended.Version: 6.11

AwesomeI've used many free and paid apps before I found this ! Easy, functional and efficient Really looking forward to future developments Thank you.Version: 7.11

Fantastic Convenient Business App!BizXpensTrkr is easy to use and yet has great features. I have been able to customize it for to keep track of different businesses and personal items. The reports I have generated have been ideal for our accounting needs. The cost is very affordable. There are also cost effective options for more detailed services if needed. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 10.70

Deleted logs!First let me start with saying i never thought I could ever save receipts and keep track of logging expenses, in my mind I was terrible at doing this and thought I had to pay an assistant to help! My partner recommended biz tracker and I’m glad she did. I’ve used Biz tracker for 2 years now to track business expenses and have done such a great job doing so, It’s amazing to see where the majority of your spending goes. It’s been my savior when filing my taxes. My accountant can’t believe how organized I am. A few months back I thought I permanently erased my logs/receipts I immediately panicked. Never thought of emailing the host - discouraged I’d run into The old customer svc run around, I was proven otherwise. Scott responded that same night, and helped restore my logs. I literally love him, haha! Thanks biz tracker for putting me back on track. Nancy!.Version: 10.40

Scott should run for PresidentThe latest version simply continues to impress. In my entire arsenal of road warrior, bookkeeping, and time-efficiencies software, BXT is the one product I wouldn't be without. And many developers can take a leaf out of Scott's book where support is concerned. The best handful of dollars I have ever spent..Version: 9.20

Great for my businessI’ve used BizTracker for a few years now for my consulting business. It helps me stay current on my expense tracking and saves time at tax season! I like being able to capture pictures of my receipts and save them as compact PDF documents. It’s peace of mind that they also get backed up regularly. I recommend this to any small business owner challenged with tracking their expenses. It’s a time saver!!.Version: 10.40

Salesmans great toolJust a simple app to use and brilliant for keeping track of your expenses. Easy to use and very flexible. Hence the 5 stars..Version: 10.04

After 3 years of use, still the bestI've yet to find any fault with this app. I travel over 250 days a year to many different countries. I have tried other apps and none as natural to use as this one. Support is outstanding in the web site as well And to update, in 2015 I am still using it. Almost unique for an app as development has kept it ahead of the game. My accountant says I have saved thousands in Tax over that period since I used it. It’s fast and intuitive to use which makes the whole regime of claiming expenses and providing tax accounts a minor issue. If you have an issue and email the support line the creator Scott replies more or less instantly. I can’t recommend this highly enough.Version: 10.0

Great App but...,,I have zero complaints with the features and functionality of this App in fact if you're new to it, grab it! It's feature complete and loaded with conveniences that make tracking business expenses a breeze. But that leads into my But... The old timers weren't grandfathered in with the introduction of their subscription service(s). As a result a few in-app purchases I've purchased don't perform as consistently and smoothly as they used to. Overall I still recommend this app.Version: 10.51

Best app I have ever boughtI am a freelance Management consultant and just completed my first year using this app. The year end process has been a breeze. All I had to do was stitch my monthly logs together for the year and bingo I have fully detailed expense log with hyperlinks to the photographed receipts. I reckon I saved 2 man days preparing my accounts by comparison to last year. My accountant was thrilled with the level of transparency she had to all my transactions and with the ability to tag them all to the relevant bank transaction she said compiling my year end stats were a breeze. Anyone thinking of buying this app should not hesitate to buy it. This is brilliant - keep up the good work!!!.Version: 9.71

Excellent app for business and even better support.June 2016 Update Use this app every day for tracking expenses and income for my engineering consulting firm. Track by project, client, or entire period. Simple and effective. Excellent. Support is the best I have ever encountered. Truly superior. Used this app for the last 3 years to track business expenses and incomes, by the year and by the project - excellent, simple and intuitive. Searched hard and wide to find this, am completely happy with the performance. Even better is the timely, thorough support - Sunday & holidays included, by the company, specifically the author, Scott. An exemplary service, the way it should be..Version: 10.84

Continue to make my life easier!!!I reported last year that I had started using the app at the beginning of 2016, and it was working very good, but that I would report again by the end of the year. Well I have continued to use the app and I can say that is by far one of the most useful work tools that I have in my arsenal!!.Version: 10.42

Great appCustomizable and Simple to use and complete. It helps me track all my expenses when I travel.Version: 10.0

Works well, needs a desktop versionWorks well and helps keep track of all expenses. Customisable. Needs to be accessible with a desktop app so it’s easier for my accountant..Version: 10.60

Great App, but...This is a great app for tracking expenses. Would be nice to replicate complete entries for recurring mileage entries without having to re-type. Also would be nice if in the mileage entry screen there was a way to enter multiple stops in a journey instead of just 'to' and 'from'..Version: 9.80

A real time saver!Very convenient and user friendly! Introduced to me by a fellow consultant over 3 years ago. I’ve been using this beautiful little app daily since then to track billing hours. The developers continue to improve the product and I have no substantive complaints. My clients like knowing I capture charges in real time. I would be handicapped without it..Version: 10.83

Very good. Excellent response time for support with the upgrade to iOS 8Has all the features are needed for a good business expense tracking application. It's nice to have the application without the budget aspect. The response time was measured in minutes not days..Version: 9.10

Comprehensive expense and mileage tracking softwareGreat app that just keeps getting better with regular updates! There was nothing that I couldn't keep track within BizXpenseTracker. Highly recommended!.Version: 9.71

Wonderful app for expense reports and invoicingI've used BizXpenseTracker for more than a 1-1/2 year and I love it. This is an app I don't hesitate to recommend to anyone who makes expense reports or invoicing on a regular basis or even occasionnally. It really makes my life easier. The app can also be very useful to keep track of family expenses during holidays and vacations. In addition, it allows to include photos of invoices for each expense. I recently had a question on how to sync several devices together, and I got an answer almost immediately, and it worked perfectly well. Thank you!.Version: 8.03

Great App!Yes, there have been some glitches as upgrades to IOS 8 were rolled out... Such is the case when we see to improve a product! I use this app daily and will continue to do so. The developer has been responsive to issues and is constantly incorporating feedback into new releases. Keep up the good work! I cannot recommend this product enough!.Version: 9.10

The perfect expenses app but desperately needs Mac AppI have tried over 20 apps for expenses tracking and this one is by far the best. Fully customisable (every field - track whatever you want). Track costs against projects/jobs. Export any report you can think off. Dropbox backup. Attach files (not just photos). It has been so well thought out that it blows away the competition. So why 4-stars? Because everything has to be done on your phone or iPad. It has no Mac app. I have tried my hardest to find a replacement with a compatible app but none have the options this does. Not being able to manage your expenses on your Mac is a real downfall and makes inputting large amounts of data rather time consuming. The data is already synced from the iOS app so already on Dropbox. Please give us a Mac app. That would truly make this the ultimate expenses tracker for businesses! UPDATE Jan2017: Still use it for all my accounts and still working great. Still no Mac App :-( Tried again to find a few replacements using free trials but the customisation of this app makes it unbeatable!.Version: 10.0

Great App!Fast and simple to use. All the features you would want in an expense tracking program. I have been using the program for 3 years and still maintain its the best..Version: 9.71

Using for 2 years - still like the appUpdate: still a champ, 2 years in. Using app for 6 months - makes expenses relatively painless (said by someone who hates doing expenses). I like the ease of filter choice for generating reports (by client, type, date range, whatever) and the ability to store receipt images. I have not taken advantage of any in-app purchases, so cannot comment on those. I do use Dropbox to submit to clients. All in all, excellent..Version: 10.51

Awesome app for small businessesI’d highly recommend any small business to start using this app. Or, if you have to keep up with other expenses for your work then it’s perfect for that. It’s simple so that makes it easy to use. I really wish you could customize or add categories though. You’ll find that it’s not exactly tuned for every business but gets 90% of what you need. A customizable category list would cover the last 10% you would need. It would also be helpful if you could share it with other people too. It’s limited when it comes to that. Overall a good app and easy to use though..Version: 10.70

Time saving & easy to use!Glad I stumbled on this app... Has made lodging my business statements so much easier! Taking a photo of receipts when you get them, saves sorting out & imputing time later down the track & receipts always stay legible...no ink fading or coffee spills! Thanks!.Version: 7.11

ExcellentExcellent for my receipt tracking..Version: 8.03

Buy it,If your self employed, contracting, consulting, this app is a blessing. It has saved me time recording mileage and expenses. It syncs across devices via cloud/Dropbox (for a charge but worth it). The developer responds quickly to queries showing his commitment to his customers. All in all, I'm very pleased and it's the most valuable app I've purchased..Version: 7.02

Not too badI hope I hit the best expense keeping app right from the start after reading that some had to try a few before using this one. I switches from keeping my business expenses on Palm to using iPhone. So far so good and I would recommend this app to anyone. I wish this app had a better selection of icons and and expenses could be viewed on the computer. Excellent support from the designer. Still love it after 4 years of using it.Version: 10.02

The perfect solution to keeping track of your expensesIt may take a few minutes of each day to input your receipts but its worth it when you can download the data at the end of each month in an easy to read file..Version: 7.5

Great AppI hate doing my expenses. I have tried several different apps but always give up....until now. This is one of my top 3 apps. It is so easy to use, very intuitive and does everything I need it to do and more..Version: 7.02

A good app, but a few minor issuesI like this app. I think it does a good job of managing your expenses in a fuss-free environment. However, where are the nice graphical reports to view your expenses quickly? Free apps have them in abundance so why are there non in a relatively pricey paid app? I am also experiencing a few problems exporting my expenses to dropbox, the help on the website is pretty rubbish. I'm sure I will figure it out but it should be simple and hassle free. Stick some charts in and simplify export and my rating will be 5/5.Version: 7.01

Frequent Buisness travelerThis app is great! I am a consultant and travel quite a bit. This app is simple to use, very flexible and also configurable. You can easily input expenses as you go and associate a picture or PDF of a receipt and by the time you are back home or at the office, the app can send you a summary report, imbedded pictures of your receipts (numbered) on subsequent pages, followed by full page scans or pdf files of hotel receipts. I also had a minor issue with a report and the support team had a resolution to my problem next day. I definitely recommend this APP. Thanks Scott!.Version: 9.20

Great travel appLove the simplicity of this app to track all my daily travel costs. Great flexibility to change currency, alter entries, change dates, move costs as I travel different countries around the world. Have been using for 4 years and so have great history record to refer back to..Version: 9.20

Does exactly what I need it to do...No more. No less. But it's going to save me days of work inputting my expenses into an Excel spreadsheet at the end of every tax year. Can't ask for anymore really. And yes - customer support is excellent. Recommended!.Version: 6.11

ExcellentDoes everything I need. No issues encountered, very easy to use. Back up to Dropbox and email spreadsheet makes record keeping a doddle..Version: 6.11

Excellent app very customizableExcellent for keeping track of your daily expenses whether at home or abroad. Highly customizable with multiple categories and ability to modify and create sub categories. Receipt picture capture and able to sync to iCloud, Dropbox. WiFi transfer to PC including CSV/PDF and it exports the picture receipts too. Could not ask for more. Bug with currency at the moment but this is fixed in an upcoming release (just got a beta copy)..Version: 9.20

Simply Awesome!Finally, I can put expense reports behind me! It's awesome, you can preview the expense report before you export it to your desktop and being able to export the report, receipt images and link files over Wi-Fi to your desktop is just golden! Update 2022-I have been using this app for years and years and it’s still golden. The only app you need for expense reports or as a consultant, it’s 5 stars!.Version: 10.84

ExcellentIf you are serious about tracking your time, expenses and mileage then look no further than this. I've tried several other similar apps but none have the depth and breadth of this one. Also, one of the things I couldn't find in other apps was day rates - a simple enough requirement! This is very feature rich and I recommend it.Version: 8.03

ExcellentTried many apps in this space and this does what it says on the tin. Use it daily, backs up to Dropbox. I also have the app installed on both my iPhone & iPad and can keep the 2 in sync..Version: 7.0

One must have appI've used this for a few years now and the updates have always proved to be an improvement on the app. I use this for work expenses, personal claimable expenses and for tracking time and travel. A great app..Version: 9.71

Biz BestA real boon for small business and sole traders who need to keep an accurate eye on costs and time. A must have that synchronizes well across platforms..Version: 6.11

Almost perfect....Great update. Everything is there to make this a great and essential app. Point lost for not using iTouch (hopefully in the next update) and using the iCloud Drive with the Mac version of this app. Almost perfect..Version: 9.51

Best mileage tracker I have foundI’ve been using BizXpense Tracker for 3 years and still love it. My iPad and iPhone data automatically stays synced together and it will also self track your mileage too for a small subscription fee. If you have a business and do mileage deductions this is a money keeper. At the end of the year, you will be surprised how many miles you drove and how easy it was to track it. iPads need a cellular connection for the self tracking to work..Version: 10.70

Excellent app (but...)I've used this app for almost 3 years now and track my time for payroll, expenses, and mileage. Reporting is fantastic and the interface is great. The GPS tracking is quite accurate although I have had some trips not show up for some reason. The biggest downfall is battery life. You will need to charge your phone *every* single day. I thought it was my old iPhone 4 getting old, but even my new iPhone SE can barely make it through a day when travelling. And if you shut the app down, it freaks out with a road-runner warning sound. In fairness, the app has to be running constantly to be its most helpful but it would be really handy to have a "vacation" mode or something..Version: 9.90

Does Exactly What I Want The Program To Do For MeSimple needs. Just want to set a spending budget for the week, and track my progress as the week goes by. No special reports required. Only need a few spending categories. It took me about twenty minutes to work through the interface, but I have now edited the categories to my liking. I can set up a different budget for each week. Only extra that I purchased was the geo-tracking for merchants. That’s a nice plus. Also, if I ever want to photograph a receipt, I can keep it in the app for reference. As best I can tell there is no uncharge if I take the photo and manipulate it myself. Will only use that on rare occasions. Just a nice feature. Well thought out app. Good job, developers..Version: 10.26

You need this app !First - I am so happy with is app! I am still learning how to get things set up but I have to say it is wonderful to have this app as a tool. In my attempt to sort out the details of my reports I ran into some things i could not figure out and reluctantly emailed Scott with questions. I received answers with hours. (Thank you Scott) If you need to track your time and expenses for business - buy this app..Version: 8.03

Best in classI've been using this app for many years and it's reliable and well-laid out. I run a few side businesses using this app and track my full-time job hours on this app, too. I love the features, flexibility, and dev response - great support but ya won't be needing to contact support often with this app. I only use a few of the functions, but they're exactly what i need! Thanks, silverwaresoftware!!.Version: 10.83

A must have for the business professionalWow! This app will accommodate just about everyone's needs being highly configurable and very versatile. I found the reporting setup a little tricky in the beginning (lining up fields to look like the company template) but this is soon learned for this one off activity. Great for claiming the difference between what the company reimburse on mileage and what you can claim from the uk government ). The restore feature is great too should you get in trouble as is the technical support who are very responsive. All in all a great app, I would recommend to everyone..Version: 9.20

BizXpensTrkrSimply outstanding !.Version: 10.0

Well designed appWell designed app for my business. I am a consultant that works in multiple countries and currencies. I also bill in multiple currencies for time and expenses. This app allows me to enter expenses during travels and I can report easily at the end for invoicing purposes. Well done to the developer..Version: 6.11

Definitely the best expense app available!Worth every penny.Version: 10.42

FantasticLoving the app, as it makes things a lot easier for me on my travels. Only recommendation would be a quick entry option to speed things up with only a few fields, so more detail can be added later..Version: 9.71

So far, do goodI use this app to keep track of my personal and business expenses. For basic logging, it is good. I like that I can save pictures of receipts. I have not used this app to its full potential yet, so I am reserving a star until further review. A nice improvement would be to be able to save more than 10 repeat entries as well as have repeating expenses log themselves automatically..Version: 10.63

Love itI love this app - use it every day. I'd like some more icons though. Here are my suggestions: printing, office furniture, a normal car one for vehicle expenses such as servicing (maybe a car with a spanner/wrench), a camera (I'm a photographer!), advertising (not sure how that icon would look!), software. Look forward to seeing these in the next update! Otherwise it's perfect!.Version: 7.1

Very convenient!I have been using this app for about 2years and am very happy with the convenience and performance. No more lost receipts! Simply take a photo of your receipt at the time of purchase and attach the image to your expense report. The app offers several options for categorizing and reporting expenses and is easy to use..Version: 10.70

Good appUsing this app to track mileage and other expenses for small business. It works as described Sync and backup needs to be improved to allow automatic or scheduled backup.Version: 6.11

BrilliantThis app does absolutely everything I need to track all my expenses and submit for reimbursement. It’s highly configurable and covers pretty much every scenario I can think of. Auto drive tracking is awesome and helps me accomplish the biggest task I always forget. I can keep all my receipts regardless of how I get them - paper, email, PDFs. It’s not pretty, and the workflow isn’t always intuitive, but it absolutely works. I just don’t have enough words to express my joy for having found this app..Version: 10.51

Love this app!I was looking for a way to manage our receipts after being DONE with Neat Receipts. Finally found this and Love it! I still use QB Desktop so I use this to have the receipt pictures and then via Dropbox I export CSV file to use Transaction Importer to bring into QB desktop. So happy with it and for less $$$ than apps that didn’t do half as much! LOVE BizXpense!.Version: 10.40

Excellent AppI have a lot of apps of one sort or another on my phone, but there’s only a handful I use on a daily basis, and only about 3 of these that I’d truely struggle to be without, BizXpensTrkr is definitely one of them though. It is an excellent app! I’m self employed and use this app to keep track of all my expenses, business mileage, income etc. It’s easy to use, but extremely powerful and in the year and half that I’ve been using this app, it’s been rock solid. It’s also saved me a Lot of money at the end of the last tax year because I realise now that previous to using this app, there were lots of smaller car journeys to buy materials , or to visit a client to give quotes etc that didn’t get included in my tax return. Now it’s the easiest thing to pull out my phone, and log every relevant bit of mileage, every small or large expense on bizxpense tracker, it saves me hours of time at the end of the tax year because all my figures are there to be printed out at the touch of phone screen. Really superb app !.Version: 10.26

Wouldn’t be without it!Very easy to use, so useful to be able to track and record everything whilst on the go. It’s become an essential business tool for me now, I can’t recommend it enough. One worry from my accountant was potential for an “app” not to be in use / available in say 6 years time when a tax audit could still be performed and your receipts potentially gone. That’s not an issue for this app because you can export the reports (monthly / weekly, what ever) with copy receipts and save them separately for future use..Version: 10.51

Saves me timeA very useful app combining everything I need to track. The addition of the fast entry was inspired because because all your information for a client can be entered in one place with minimum of effort. A function I would like to see is the ability to view new entries top down, within a category or expense grouping. And the ability to setup a pay fortnight or bi- weekly template for reporting or viewing..Version: 7.11

GreatExcellent app so easy and accurate..Version: 9.71

I use this app every dayThis is one of the most useful apps I own. It’s highly customizable while staying simple to use. My phone is always within arms length when I spend money for business expenses, so easily recordable. No more envelopes or trying to recreate expenses at the end of the month. The Dropbox feature allows me to easily upload my expense sheet to my admin..Version: 10.51

Professional reportingThis app takes a while to get on top of but the journey is worth it. The level of customisation gives you very cool reports and reduces rework by others in the business.Version: 9.11

Works exactly as I would likeI use this app for tracking personal expenses, both while at home as well while on vacation, and this app works perfectly for this. I have written the developer twice with questions and the reply has been very prompt and with the answers I had hoped to find. I have used this app for better than 7 years and hope to do the same for 70 more years! Thank you..Version: 10.70

ExcellentBrilliant. The only improvement I can suggest is a website to work on from the office..Version: 10.40

Auto mileage calcs a fantastic addition!This app has revolutionised my expenses recording and allows me to make timely claims. The export facility works really well and presents the data in columns according to my specification and contract manager preference. Best bit - The upgrade now includes an auto calc of your journey. No need for a side trip to Google maps for a quick calc of your journey - just input the address (I am in UK) at start and finish and hey presto the miles are there! How clever is that? And just when you recover from the good news ofmthat great addition you spot the "round trip" option which makes sure you never forget to claim your coming home leg of a trip. Big thanks to the developers..Version: 5.5

BizXpensTrkrI have used this app for several years and use it to manage my personal account as well as three rental properties. It’s easy to use and gives me what I need to keep proper records for tax purposes. I like using this app and will continue to use it in the future. Developer has been very responsive to my requests for help in spite of the fact that my problems were my fault! I do appreciate his attempt to assist me. Good app for my needs.Version: 10.84

Best App for ReceiptsI've been looking for an app to manage all my reciepts, business and personal, for years. I need a simple iterface where I could take a photo of the receipt and insert the details I wanted (cost, description, etc), and that would be easy to export as a report to send to the companies to get my money reinbursed. I tried quite a few apps with no success, until I came across with BizXpense. It does exactly what I need, with ease and quality. The best part is that it automaticlly generates spreadsheet/PDF report, numbers each receipt and prints the receipts with the respective numbers with the report. I have told all my colleagues and employees to star using this. One other great about this app, is the costmer support. I could work out one detail on one of the report templates, and when emailing the developer he got back to me with a solution on the day. Highly reccomend!.Version: 9.80

Very pleasedI looked for a long time to find an app to log expenses easily and tried a few before i found this. Really pleased with BizXpenseTracker - very easy to use and clear displays..Version: 7.8

So easy!Our company was looking for an easier way to organize receipts and mileage. We were also having issues with tracking credit card expenses. This App makes it all so easy! And our office manager is thrilled that instead of piles of receipts at the end of the month, she just gets the emailed reports with attached photos of receipts. If I can use this App - I'm not the most tech savvy - then anyone can. And customer service is excellent if you have questions..Version: 10.04

Excellent AppHave used it for over 2 years. Fantastic for keeping expenses up to date and collating at the year end. Recently had a problem with the app on my iPad. Contacted customer support and was fixed within the day. Great support. Still the best app I use on my phone. Still a wonderful app and fast support when I have a query..Version: 10.40

Great for Busy peopleExcellent to be able to record expenses, mileage and time all in one app. Easy to use while on the move, easy to change entries when needed. The export function is very easy to use to send expenses to the office. Overall great..Version: 8.03

ReviewApp does what it says it can. The support is first rate! One of the most productive tools on my iPhone! Asked for a custom template and developer delivered on weekend. How cool is that 👏👏😃.Version: 9.71

Excellent Expense Report AppExccelent to help track all those receipts and reimbursable expenses. I found out how many receipts I was losing before..scary. I now know exactly what iI spend and what is really owed to me. Fully customizable reports available. Keep going guys !.Version: 10.04

Working betterUpdate: Lock up issue mostly gone. The notes field is larger and it scrolls better. Great fix of an item from a prior review. Still as useful as ever. Auto backup is seamless. No worries if something happens to this I-pad. I have been using for over 4-years now. All my time, mileage and expenses are tracked for for both a salaried job and multiple clients for my LLC. Update: Still using, still very useful features. However, has become prone to locking up after several items are input. This is generally when putting in text details about a time entry. Only way out is to force it to close, reopen and reenter the latest input. I close and reopen it frequently if I have numerous additions to make. Running a 4 year old i-pad Air. Other apps are closed when this happens. No longer 5-stars for me. Original: I have been using for 2 years. I track time, expenses, mileage and activities for multiple clients and jobs. Backs up to drop box every time it opens. The reporting has been useful for invoices, time sheet input and as an input for taxes. The search function upgrade to return to the last spot on the search list after looking closer at a particular item is great. Making it better? A larger text box for adding notes to an entry. It scrolls, but it would be more useful for review if more was visible at once. Overall, it is great..Version: 10.40

Awesome app - can be used in so many waysNov2015: Just keeps on getting better. This is a great app with many strengths which I use for everything from property expenses to travel planning. The best thing about it is the ability to easily import full PDFs and other files (not just jpgs) into your expenses - I'm trying to go paperless and helps a lot. Also any foreign currency transactions are converted on the fly - great for holiday planning. The developer is very helpful too..Version: 9.71

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