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Sporcle App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Sporcle app received 110 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Sporcle? Can you share your negative thoughts about sporcle?

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Sporcle for Negative User Reviews

Not impressiveYou can do a little bit on the app, but nowhere near all the features of the website. Honestly, the mobile website is better than the app..Version: 5.5

Disappointing Compared to the Browser SiteVery basic version of the website. A lot of the quizzes from the site are not available on the app, especially if there are pictures. The UI could be greatly improved for a more streamlined experience. A free app would be one thing but charging $4 is another. Save your money and bookmark the website..Version: 5.5

AverageWhile the app is fun it’s also very difficult to find the quiz you are after as too many variants have been created within that category. Also it quite often gives u an answer when you wrote something totally different. So it’s fun, IF you can actually find a quiz you want to do.Version: 5.5

I think it’s time for an update.I love Sporcle, even though it’s harder to play on my phone than it is online. My main gripe is that it hasn’t been updated to fit the bigger iPhone screens. It looks like I’m playing on a 6 or 7..Version: 5.5

Not all games/quizzes are available on the appDisappointed to find that I can’t play many of the ones from the website, however there are no major faults with the ones that are on the app.Version: 5.5

Paid version has adsI thought paying for this program would get rid of the ads? Ridiculous!.Version: 3.7.0

Not worth 3 dollarsWas hoping for the geography section to have maps included other than just a list.Version: 3.7.0

:(The website is not optimized for mobile and kept crashing and restarting a quiz. I bought this app mainly to play that quiz, (and then others on there of course) and it doesn’t have that quiz! I even tried to bookmark it online and pull it up in the app with no luck.Version: 5.5

Bad4 years since it was updated. Can’t play picture quizzes, it syncs quizzes that can’t even be read on a mobile device, just overall a bad, lazy (paid for!) user experience.Version: 5.5

Very disappointingThe website is just as good if not better than this app- there is no erase the world (aka the best quiz ever) and you have TO PAY. The website looks better anyway and there are no comments that roast you if you do badly. If you’re considering getting this app, don’t. It is a waste of money and don’t find that out the hard way :(.Version: 5.5

VERY limited for UK users. Lacking quizzes.Two main gripes - 1. If your buying this app and your English, chances are only 20% of the quizzes will be worth your while, as its far too US focused and too many quizzes we simply would not get. 2. For Sporcle website has hundreds of quizzes eg type in 'Tottenham' and there's loads. No such luck here, in fact only two football / soccer related quizzes. Sporcle would massively improve if it included the vast amount of quizzes it hosts on its website. In short, content MASSIVELY lacking..Version: 2.1.4

Missing QuizzesSome quizzes aren’t available on the app that are on the website. Be nice if they were all on the app..Version: 5.5

FunTo be honest I use it to help me sleep by exercising my brain. However, it works and it’s fun. It just needs new quizzes uploading regularly. I’m now very limited on what I can do. It’s mostly sport left and I know nothing about sport.Version: 5.5

Save your moneyTrash app. No update in 2 years. Not suitable for the new iPhone 11s. Half the quizzes from the website aren’t here. Can’t create quizzes. Still loads ads even though you paid for it..Version: 5.5

Wish I’d read other reviews firstWaste of a couple bucks. I deleted the app about ten minutes after buying it. I assumed it would be somewhat similar to their web based geography quizzes, but there are no maps. “Name the countries of Europe” or other similar quizzes are literally just you typing out the names off the top of your head on a notepad. Seriously, who designed that crap?.Version: 5.5

Needs updateNot working with iOS 14.Version: 5.5

Could be great but needs a lot of workFrequently crashes. Sometimes cannot see all of the clue not sure why- just randomly cuts off part way through the sentence. Needs more games and ability to comment etc- am not sure why you can read comments but not add your own? Some quizzes aren't even formatted correctly so are impossible to play such as quizzes where you have to match them up. Sporcle, please, I love your website why can't you have a decent or even playable app?.Version: 2.1.4

Love the website, but this app is terribleI love the Sporcle website, but this app is terrible and buggy. If you like all the map games on the website, well don't bother - this just shows a blank yellow notepad - it doesn't show you the maps. There are also games on the website that aren't on the app, and the ones on the app are very US-centric. The bugs in the game were numerous: - The timer doesn't start counting down. - The quit button doesn't work, so when I finish a game I can't get back, and then the game never recognises that I've finished it so I can never see the stats. - The game keeps trying to download new games. I'll be going back to using the website - and trying to get a refund. PLEASE save your money. It's such a pity cos I loved paying a little money to support Sporcle..Version: 2.1.4

Don’t download this app, use a browser.This is my first review of an app - and I’m only writing this because of how incredibly disappointed I am. Firstly, I really enjoy Sporcle the website, it’s always been fun, and has continually evolved over the years; but this app is not worth the download and I can’t stress enough how little value you will get for your money. There are only fill in the blank text based games - the website has interactive maps, match up games and image clue games, which are nowhere to be found on the app. No cross-device synchronization with your profile. They claim there are no ads, but there are pop-ups for their other games disguised as “News” with no option to opt-out. It’s invasive and cheapens the entire experience..Version: 3.8.5

RubbishDon't be conned in to buying, I put in search geography. I've found it's very biased toward everything USA and popular culture especially us culture, history etc I'm from the UK so these categories I know very little about . If you are selling an app it should cover all categories. There is no nature, world geography, history etc . It is useless to me . To add insult to injury I found a free site that covered all the topics I wanted..Version: 5.4

Great start, poor finishI LOVED this app when I first bought it. Was a good price and worked like a dream. The only problem is that there were not enough games. An update came promising new games and I got very excited... The app keeps sending me notifications that there are new games but my phone won't download them. Very frustrating. A further update came and now when I open the app it shuts down after a few seconds so is totally unplayable. I thought updates were suppose to improve apps not make them worse?!?! Please fix these problems and you will have created the best app there is. Until then I have paid for something I love and can't use :o(.Version: 0

Doesn’t have half the functionality of the desktop websiteNo maps or visual clues incorporated which is just lazy and they’re what I came for..Version: 5.5

OK but far too US basedThere is some fun to be had here but a lot of the games are about American things so UK users will find that the enjoyment is pretty short lived. The Sports section is an utter disgrace; it's full of quizzes about Baseball, American Football and Basketball and virtually nothing else except one measly English Premier League quiz. The TV section is not much better either. There has been an attempt to throw in some British games but they are few and far between. Also the app needs more quizzes as you will soon run out of interesting ones. The Sporcle website has many more quizzes you can play for free so this app is not great value for money really. Needs more updates or preferably a UK version!.Version: 0

Great on iPhone not on ipadDoes not let me log in Won't let me download game data to actually play.Version: 3.5.0

Creating quizzesIt’s unfortunate that we can only create quizzes on a laptop and not in the mobile app... I can’t bring a computer everywhere I go 😜 I think allowing us to create quizzes on mobile would be a GREAT improvement..Version: 5.5

Does not fit my screenPlease update to fit iPhone X like most other apps have done. I can’t see part of the top of the app, the way it lines up. :(.Version: 5.5

DumbThis is the stupidest trivia game ever and I paid 2.99 for it. Spelling and typing on cell phones makes 1/2 of them way too difficult. For example, having 11 minuets to see how many countries you can name, With the spelling 🙄. Additionally it’s not like normal trivia at all. It is one question at a time. I thought maybe it would be like their bar trivia but I was incorrect..Version: 5.5

Very PoorDon't buy this app. The web browser version of sporcle is much better. 1. You can't look at lists of quizzes that people have just made. 2. You can't even search sub-categories on the app, for example, soccer in the sports section. 3. The app view of the quizzes is very poor and isn't user friendly. 4. The fact that they've charged anything for this mess puts me off sporcle all together. I've never seen such a drop in quality from a web browser site converted to an app..Version: 5.5

Awesome website, terrible app.Seriously, just go use the website. It’s just way better overall..Version: 5.5

Too many issues, too little functionalitySome quizzes have white font on yellow and then red answers on red. Badges don’t have links. And too many quiz types are unplayable for a paid app..Version: 5.5

The app tarnishes the good sporcle nameI've just downloaded the latest update and am so disappointed simply because I can barely read any of the questions! Clearly it's not formatted correctly because they cut off after some ten words and instead of going on to a new line, just stop mid-sentence. Example: in the "gimme 5" film quiz, questions include "Gimme the five countries that have received the mos..." and "Gimme the five 'brat pack' members who starred in 'The..." I mean, I like a challenge as much as the next person but that's not even a question. Unbelievable! This isn't a free app, I paid for it! And yet the one thing it is required to do - ask questions - it fails to do. And it's SO simple! Just make the question stretch on to 2 or 3 lines of necessary. How can this possibly have been rolled out with such a fundamental error? I love the sporcle website but this app fails in such a basic way, it's supremely disappointing. Sort it out, sporcle, or give me my money back..Version: 2.1.0

Only half the functions of the siteThe quizzes will not load images or maps, so many of them are useless. Don't waste your money! There's no reason this should be a paid app..Version: 3.9.2

BummedI have truly enjoyed playing sporcle on my computer for years. I was hoping for the same for my iPad. Unfortunately, did not meet up to my expectations AT ALL. Interface is horrible, just finished playing one game where you were to use the columns that contained letters to create dog breeds. When the game starts there is only one column and it was a nightmare trying to figure out the words. Maybe there will by upgrades in the future that will improve this application, but until then, save your $2.99. Bummer, just bummer..Version: 5.5

No mapsIt’s just the list based text games. No maps. Clearly a low budget app, not quite worth the price in its current state.Version: 5.5

Nothing like website.I wish I had not paid for this. It does not have the same quizzes as the website, and it is difficult to use..Version: 5.5

Good app but many problemsThere are several games in the Torchwood Doctor Who ones you can’t play because it says you’re it connected to the internet, but I am and it won’t let me play. Is there a fix for that? Otherwise it would be a fun game to play..Version: 5.5

Don't waste your moneyHasn't been updated so just use the web app version, most of the answers that are currently correct are not accepted because the quizzes appear to not be the same as the ones on the website. Shame because the app itself is practically flawless. Took me less than 5 minutes of purchasing to realise I was going to delete and never reinstall it..Version: 5.4

Very disappointingI feel like I've just wasted my money. I love playing sporcle quizzes, but they are annoying to do on the website on an iPad (ads getting in the way etc) so thought I'd download the app - after all, it has most of the same quizzes, right? Wrong. I do mainly the geography quizzes. There are NO MAPS on this app, that I can see - all the "name the countries" type quizzes are just big lists to fill out. Meh. I feel like I've been conned, to be honest. Not worth the money at all..Version: 4.3.0

Don't DownloadThese guys now want you to pay for a basic and error ridden trivia quiz. No way!.Version: 3.0.0

Please update for iOS 14Played this every night before bed. Now it won’t load since the iOS 14 update. Please fix..Version: 5.5

:(I got tricked. Didn’t realise that you had to pay so I lost £2.99 not impressed thought it wold be better tbh 😔.Version: 5.5

The website is betterDo not waste money on this. you’re better off using your internet browser. not because it doesn’t work. but the interface on a browser is 10x better than the app. for example. i did the quiz to name all countries of europe, instead of giving you the map of europe and locating the name of the country when you get it correct, it just gives you a list and that’s it. don’t pay money for this when you can get a better version but just going on the website itself.Version: 5.5

Poorly designed and run app, still has adsThis is worse than most free apps. There are ads and several bugs..Version: 5.5

AdsIf you pay, you shouldn't have to deal with ads.Version: 3.7.0

You can’t share quizzes with friends.You can’t share a quiz with a friend like on the website. It’s an easy feature..Version: 5.5

NoI know as with any app a lot of work probably went into this, but you probably should’ve put more. Pay your developers more, I dunno. The interface is so deeply boring. Even tho all of the quizzes on the website have an accompanying image, all of the quizzes here just have an icon representing whatever section they’re a part of, which.... doesn’t make sense really? Since every other quiz in the category will have the same icon? Why put it at all.... What I find most puzzling, though, is that they have not carried through with the same organization that the website has, where every category has many subcategories. Instead they just dump all of the quizzes from one giant section into an un-navigable list. Totally impossible to find a quiz you’d like to do. Had to go back to the website on my phone’s browser immediately after downloading the app just to find something I wanted to play, and I find gameplay in browser is good enough. Don’t spend your money. Not worth it in the least. You can still easily play on your phone. Two stars just because I like sporcle and minus all the rest because this app looks and feels like something someone made in a coding class..Version: 5.5

Annoyed I paid money for a barely working app, will have to organise a refundI’ve been playing Sporcle online for nearly a decade so I was more than happy to get the app for it. It worked on for a few weeks and then have the app now just says ‘{null}’ when you select things. I can only get onto newly added quizzes, that’s it. I brought the issue up with them and after much troubleshooting it was escalated but then that team said nothing they could do, there was no issue, then closed. That was it. App still doesn’t work. Does the same on my iPad app. I worked in IT so I’m not completely clueless but with the troubleshooting we did it has to be their end and it appears they can’t be bothered doing anything about it. You can request refunds for faulty apps so I will probably take that route. Don’t have any other option it seems..Version: 5.5

CrashesI went without updating for a long time, now when I go on, it tries to download 400 new games, which results in the app crashing almost immediately :-( There's no way to cancel the downloads and I'm just not able to use the app anymore, a shame as I paid for it.... Please fix!! Otherwise love the site/app.Version: 2.1.4

Slow loading again:(.Version: 5.4

Room for improvementI love the website and thought the app would be a great idea for playing offline. However I was slightly disappointed as many of the challenges and quizzes have a different layout to the website. For instance when you do US States or Countries of Europe, there is no map visible. If you can change this then it is well worth the money and deserves a 5 star rating..Version: 3.8.0

UnimpressedI am very disappointed with the new iPad version as it seems to have lots of bugs. Predicative text seemed to conjoined old and new answers which meant I wasted time back spacing. The pages contain too much information in small print so it doesn't have the feel of an iPad app. Unlike the old version it is not easy to find newly added quizzes as the focus seems to be on the most popular whereas I want to do the new ones. Very disappointing..Version: 3.0.0

GreatGreat app. Just wish it had all the quizzes that are on the website..Version: 3.7.0

New version crashesThis is a good app. Great for passing time, or improving memory skills. But the newest version crashes withing seconds of opening, even after I reboot my device. Something has gone wrong, and nobody who can fix it seems to notice! I've already filed a bug report, and tried to contact Sporcle's creators directly, but to no avail, so I'm putting it here as well..Version: 0

Which is worse…the app or the website?The quizzes on the app are rubbish, and the website crashes in the middle of a quiz all the time. Pick your poison. I feel like the caliber of the quizzes on the website has gone downhill…less academic…but at least it’s not the pedantic drivel you get on the app. Really wish there was a stable app AND some intellectually challenging quizzes..Version: 5.5

UPDATE THE APPLove the idea, it’s great, but this app is CRITICALLY OUTDATED. Have the developers genuinely just given up all work and settled for retirement? Why is this app still here after 3 YEARS of abandonment? Anything that has been abandoned for that long needs to be addressed, but clearly these developers just don’t care enough about making the most out of this app in terms of revenue or gain in reputation. You have seriously tarnished yourselves, devs. Look at these reviews of disgust, what are you doing? Is there no technology staff at this company? This app is representative of a horribly managed company who had a good idea that worked for a little bit before they just lost their minds..Version: 5.5

Not great for a paid appHave complained before that too many of the quizzes are American-based, so had high hopes for the new update, sadly nothing really changes. I don't seem to get new games unless I update daily, and now some of the quizzes won't accept the right answers unless you highlight the specific question. Really not very impressed and of all the apps I have paid for this one is by far the biggest disappointment.Version: 3.2.0

DisappointedNot anything like the web browser version, they need to implement better graphics and have a more user friendly interface before this app will take off..Version: 5.5

The mobile website is better than the app somehowNot worth the purchase.Version: 5.5

Absolute jokeWhat a massive disappointment and massive waste of money. All it says is I need an internet connection to use it. I have an internet connection and nothing works.Version: 5.4

Uhhh not greatCompared to the online version, this app is hard to navigate and is diametrically opposite to the web page. Cannot access all quizzes without paying for a membership. Think k will stick to the web version thanks!.Version: 5.5

On line is betterI have been playing Sporcle on the website for years and I LOVE it! But I finally got tired of the ads and decided to pay for the app. It is terrible. It is like a generic version of the web view. I can’t find any games I liked playing before, you are given a choice of 10-15 and that’s it. I hate it. What a waste of money..Version: 5.5

Utterly AppalledI’ve been using Sporcle for years online and decided to give this a go although it costs money. Never have I been so disappointed with an app. Doesn’t include the quizzes I want nor does it allow you to add them or anything of the sort. Total east of money please do not purchase this play online instead. Disgraceful..Version: 5.5

Not bad...I had this app on 3g touch and it was brilliant. I never got any new games though. It said there was more games but i could never find them. It never showed new games as advertised either. Since installing the iOS4 the app loads but closes a few seconds later. I haven't been able to play since and i'm gutted.Version: 0

No directions?Some games havo zero info about how to answer. I’m new here, and enjoy a lot; but how bout directions for each game?.Version: 5.5

PISSTAKEThe stupid game isn’t working it keeps saying gateway timed out while i’m trying to play, ridiculous.Version: 5.5

UselessWhat a waste of $4.51 off my App Store gift card. I read the reviews and thought I’d give it a chance but I was still disappointed. The only quizzes available are those list and tap ones which I’m not really a fan of. Perhaps I’ll find use for it some day..Version: 5.5

DisappointedMy favourite game is naming the country flags, it doesn't even come up when I search it. Disappointed with this app!.Version: 3.7.0

Built for iOS 4$4 for no flags of the world quiz gg.Version: 5.5

App has never workedThis app has never worked on my iPhone. When I click on the app, a "title" opening page opens, with the little logo of Sporcle, and then without getting to another page or a menu, the app shuts down. I have the most recent version of iTunes on my macbook and the last iOS update on my iPhone 5 ; I have tried to delete the app and to reinstall it ; I have tried to turn off my phone and turn it back on - all things that are recommended when an app does not work. I have contacted Sporcle Inc to fix the problem. They have updated the app and launched a new version of it, but it still would not work on my iPhone (even if I tried, again, all the steps of deleting it and reinstalling it, turning the phone off and on, etc.) When I wrote back saying that even with the new update, the app would not work, they never answered, and I never got reimbursed. Therefore, I would strongly suggest not to buy this app..Version: 3.5.0

Not great compared to websiteI bought this app to practice my geography - you can’t see any of the maps when listing countries/states so it’s mostly useless. Shame..Version: 5.5

Such a shame the app doesn’t live up the nameSporcle is so good, the app is so bad - not even updated for new phones screen sizes!.Version: 5.5

Eh....Well, it's a great app and means I don't have to be sitting t my computer to be on the site. But the lack of games is heartbreaking considering I can sit on the website for hours and not realise it. That and the fact so many of the games centre around so many America, which is a major deterrent for people who aren't American/don't know a whole lot about American sport..Version: 2.1.4

Sporcle CRASHKeeps crashing. Waste of money. I hate you. Thieves. This has disheartened me greatly and well and truly ruined my day. No potential for success with such a major fault really. Ever since I decided to buy this application for £1.19 it hasn't worked; all you have to do as a company is to make the software work as you have 100% profit margins. I hope that you could refund me at least as you have wasted my time that I could have spent playing sporkle - may Allah strike down your first born child. I do everything you want me to do, I payed you immediately and in full, and you couldn't fulfill the bare minimum I expected of you, you cow. You are worthless garbage. I will not rest until I have my app working and money back; if you don't do either of these I will hunt down all the people responsible. Good day..Version: 1.6.0

FrustratingI love the website hate the app. It constantly will stop in the middle of a quiz and reload. I think it’s because of all the refreshing of the app while your playing of all the adds.Version: 5.5

Used to love this websiteI used to love this website back a couple years. It's a lot better on the computer because On my phone I type a letter or two and it automatically says I put a word down when I didn't. Or if I spell food it will put me down as getting "fur" right..there's many errors on this app :/ waiting for it to be fixed so I can enjoy the living daylights out of this!.Version: 5.4

Website is better and freeI bought this app because my daughter liked the United States map quizzes which are not available on the app. I do not care about the logic puzzles and wanted to use it for educational purposes. For me this was a waste of $3.00 because the website is better, free, and educational..Version: 5.4

Two stars only because I love SporcleToo much different than the net interface. Better to just use a browser on your phone..Version: 5.5

Waste of moneyIt doesn’t seem to be able to do any of the quizzes with images (eg. Maps, flags, celebrities, brands) which really doesn’t leave much… also super difficult to find the quiz you’re looking for since the search function is more of a search malfunction.Version: 5.5

Bad UpdateI have had this app for quite awhile now, and I'm greatly disappointed by the new update. On top of paying the initial base price, it is now required that you buy additional coins to do quizzes. I have always thought of sporcle as more of a trivia game than anything, so I was initially confused as to the point of the coins, seeing as how you usually earn points or coins for doing well in games and not the other way around. I will not to continue using this app once I run out of coins..Version: 3.0.0

MehI love Sporcle and the desktop version is great but this app is terrible considering it’s not free. The interface is really basic yet somehow really slow and glitchy. Certain quizzes don’t work, it doesn’t sync up with your account on the desktop version and it doesn’t show your play streak amongst many other problems. If it was free I’d let it slide but it’s disappointing that it’s this bad and it hasn’t changed or received a single noticeable update since I downloaded it..Version: 5.5

Let us search pagesYou used to be able to search a word, and if it had its own page, the link would be at the top. It was easier to complete badges like that. Bring that back. I just search “mixes word” and only three quizzes popped up. Aggravating!.Version: 5.5

Poor functionality with an up chargeMy computer is down and I wanted to update some quizzes I posted on the site to keep them current. Even though I don’t like paying for apps, I plunked download the 2.99 because of the enjoyment I get from Sporcle. There is no way to get to your dashboard. There’s no way to search for your own created games. This would be irritating to begin with but since you do have to log in and a charge is levied to download the app it’s incredibly annoying. There are also many quizzes not playable in the format of the app. It’s very poorly developed and frustrating..Version: 5.5

Way too AmericanThe app is wonderfully done and well designed. However, the app is ruined by being too America-centric and the sports section is frankly a disgrace. There isn't even a World Cup quiz!! There is also no search function so if you are looking for a specific game you have to scroll through the entire category..Version: 0

TerribleImpossible to find the quiz you want which is awful for £3. If I could give 0 stars I would.Version: 5.5

No maps?I have desire to do countries quiz without maps. I thought app would be better than Sporcle website, but I was wrong. UI is unimaginative and boring..Version: 3.8.5

No maps?I bought this because I like to use the geography/maps quizzes. There are maps when you use Sporcle on the internet, but these are just lists..Version: 5.5

Terrible appList the countries??? No map or anything. I downloaded this to bone up on geography but who wants to just sit there typing country names. Also many games are buggy. For example the one where you choose all the countries that start with a certain letter. It just keeps doing the same letter over and over. Complete waste of money. Wish I could get a refund..Version: 5.5

GreatI love it. They have quizzes for everything..Version: 4.4.1

Stick to the websiteApp is a total waste. The website is free and the PAID app has 1/10 the functionality. Limited quizzes because it doesnt support maps or pictures, super buggy, awful interface. Don’t bother..Version: 5.5

Wanted it to workI paid and downloaded . Tried to play. It froze and wouldn’t work at all after the first click in a quiz. Tried again. Same result. Waste of $3. Deleted app. iPad first gen , but this is the first app that wouldn’t work on my iPad ..Version: 5.5

Brutal.The site is amazing, this app looks like a program from 1995. Include maps, interactivity, heck..charge a buck or two as long as you make it close to what the great website has..Version: 3.7.0

Should be fantasicDesperately in need of an update. It’s buggy, crashes and should incorporate features it used to have (play history sorted by category). So disappointing to see a great app neglected..Version: 5.5

Great app, but doesn't work well anymore with bluetooth keyboardPart of the screen is covered with a black area when using a Bluetooth keyboard since one of the new updates..Version: 5.1.0

Buggy as hell unfortunatelySporcle is one of my favourite things to do when I'm bored but unfortunately this app is buggy as hell on my iPad. In a lot of the longer quizzes the formatting means you can't hit the give up button which means you can't pause a quiz and go back to it later. If I want to leave a quiz I don't want to play anymore I need to restart the app, shutting it down completely and re-open it to get into a new game. If I don't know any more answers, I simply have to sit and wait for it to time out before I can end the game. Unfortunately, this really dampens my enjoyment of my quizzes!!.Version: 3.5.0

No badges?!?I’m a daily quiz player on the site, so I decided to get the app. I bought it and synched it up to my account, and none of my badges are showing up!!! I love earning badges and I hope this is fixed soon..Version: 5.5

Functions PoorlyThe search function doesn’t work well. It’s also annoying that you can’t go through the categories by sub category like you can on the website. Some of the quizzes are so small you can’t read them. This app feels like they were halfway done developing it and decided to publish it..Version: 5.5

DisappointingToo USA-centric. The web based version is much better, with a broader range of subjects. When typing answers quickly the screen doesn't always clear the previous (correct) answer, so you could answer the next 3 questions correctly without the score being increased. To make matters worse, your time remaining is reducing all the time..Version: 2.1.4

MehMeh.Version: 5.5

Doesn’t work at allThis app is horrible. I bought it because the ads got very annoying on the web browser, but this is a total waste of money. The few times it did work, the app was clunky and difficult to maneuver. Now it doesn’t even open. I wish I could get my money back..Version: 5.5

Has a lot of problemsSo the thing I don’t understand is how the app doesn’t register in stuff that you type in? If I’m taking a sports quiz and a player’s name registers in as a correct answer in one part of category, but then the same exact person doesn’t register as a correct answer in a different part of the quiz when it is the right answer, how does that make sense? I feel like I’ve wasted my money with this purchase.Version: 5.5

IrritatingThis will randomly not decide to accept the words “the” “a”, and “and” and it ruinsit for me. Besides that it’s a really great idea that I didn’t mind paying for in the beginning. Back to the desktop I go..Version: 5.5

Not as good as it used to be.I used to have this app and I thought it was great. I recently re-downloaded it and it seems the number of quizzes has fallen considerably and the ones that are left are, frankly, not as good. For instance, at least 80% of quizzes in the 'Literature' section are about Harry Potter, which is fine unless you, like me, can't stand Harry Potter! For comparison, the number of HP based lit quizzes used to be 10-20% max. Would have given the old version of this app an easy 5 stars, but the reduced number of quizzes and the relative lack of variety drops it down to a 3. Still an app worth getting, but it's definitely changed for the worst..Version: 3.4.0

TerribleThis was the biggest waste of $3.17 that I have just about ever spent. Not only can you play more games on the web version, it seems Sporcle puts not one bit of thought into this app. Highly disappointed..Version: 5.5

Is it the 90s again?Awful app. Nothing like the web version. The interface is horrendous and is like something from the 90s. It’s hard to navigate, the writing is so small and hard to read on an iPhone and it’s not user friendly at all As it doesn’t represent the web version I feel like I’ve been misinformed before making a decision. I’ve contacted the developer for a refund. Do I have any course of action via Apple?.Version: 5.5

I want to love it....I want to love the app because I love Sporcle, but I find that the click quizzes stick, it’s often very picky and very slow. It’s hard to pick the right button and very easy to hit the wrong button while trying to hit the right button. The lag on all quizzes (typing or clicking) is just bad..Version: 5.5

Love this app but please fix crash bug!For the past two weeks I've been without my favorite app because it crashes every time I try to open it! Using iPhone 5S with the latest iOS installed. Why why why why??????.Version: 3.8.0

Some fixes neededI like the app because I love the website. If there’s one thing I’d suggest that could be improved would be allowing to search for and follow your favorite quiz masters on the app. There are so many good ones that it would be nice if this feature is added..Version: 5.5

Do not downloadThis app needs a lot of work. If you, like me and many others, love earning badges just stick with using the website. On the website you can click on links under the badge description and it’ll take you right to the types of quizzes you need to complete. The app does not do that. You have to search for what you think the badge is asking for and it’s almost impossible to find. Then, you have to go all the way back and find the badge to see if that quiz counted towards it. It’s so messy and annoying. This is only one of the many, many problems. Don’t waste your time. Developers, please update this app..Version: 5.5

DisappointedI’ve been a Sporcle user for a few years but always stuck to playing on the web. I just downloaded, and PAID, for this app after clicking on a quiz that was emailed to me and it suggested I open it in the app. Funny thing is, after I downloaded the app and clicked on a quiz suggested to me by email, the app just opens on the main page and not the quiz I clicked on. This app is a supreme disappointment. When looking at your unearned badges, you can’t click on the category to play the quizzes needed the complete the badge. Not user friendly and I regret spending money on something that I won’t be using since the free method is much better. 👎🏻.Version: 5.5

This isn't good.This game is just badly designed. do not waste your money..Version: 3.8.5

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