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Slow Shutter Cam App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Slow Shutter Cam app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Slow Shutter Cam? Can you share your negative thoughts about slow shutter cam?

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Slow Shutter Cam for Negative User Reviews

Thanks... for no help.This app was supposed to help me take a picture in the dark... at night.... but I’m still getting blurry/grainy photos. I steadied myself, I tried HDR I messed with the shutter as well as anything else that was supposed to help, but I never got one good picture. All I wanted to do was take a picture of the Blood moon. I literally wanted only to take that one picture. And I’ve missed my opportunity now. -_- Although I will say this app has potential for other good photos... just with light..Version: 4.8

UselessThe long exposure pic are always blur(even with triod.Version: 4.8.1

AwfulThe night mode on the 11 is better than this app, the resolution of the images is atrocious, a waste of &4,.Version: 4.9.6

Doesn’t work ? Can’t contact the ap team ?M.Version: 5.7.2

WasteWould give it 0 stars if I could. What a waste, use night mode instead. Can I get my $3.29 back?.Version: 4.9.6

No luck with this...I've taken dozens of low light shots before on my SLR, and even with the phone in a cradle and on timer, the night shots are bad. Must be the poor camera quality on the iPhone 4..Version: 1.7

Good potential but not great with iPhone 11 Pro maxSeems switching between modes (light trails / low light and motion blur) results in the aspect ratio being messed up. This can be worked around by switching camera to a different one and back (ie 2x -> 0.5x -> 1x -> 2x) after switching mode.Version: 4.9.1

Almost perfectGreat app, however I wish the Intervalometer mode would compile a timelapse for you. I don't want a bunch of photos in my camera role that I gotta compile after. Also I don't think there is a manual focus feature. Developer please take these 2 points into consideration..Version: 4.0

I DIDNT MEAN TOPlease could i get a refund i accidentally purchased this app.Version: 5.7

I’m not quite sure how to use light modeWhen I use light mode in a dark setting and set to around 30 seconds of shutter speed. The photo don’t any brighter than normal? Am I using it incorrectly? How to get the photo to brighten up like with the default camera app where a 10 second exposure time will give you a night shot?.Version: 4.9.6

No video just photo cope outWhere is the video option?.Version: 5.7.7

It's okIf you want an app that actually controls shutter speed, this is not your app. This only takes lots of pictures for as long as you set it to, then puts it into one picture. Picture quality isn't that good either. You can aim it at something bright for 30 seconds and the picture won't over-expose. Fake..Version: 0

Pass.Pass - not in a good way. Light metering is hopeless and results are useless. Waste of money - but you can’t try before you buy can you so the developer still gets my money. Boo..Version: 5.3.6

Not worth £1 never mind £2Just such a boring app. Don’t think I’ll be using this..Version: 4.9.4

Becoming a waste of moneySome of the features work but the long exposure feature is utter crap and the reason I bought the app. Every picture comes out completely destroyed from digital noise. The colors are whacked out and there’s horrific artifacting. I’ve tried changing every setting to try to isolate a cause but have found none. This is on a XS..Version: 4.9.2

Low light is unusableThe rest of the app is “fine” but would suggest the Moment Pro app instead for easier control with the same and more features The one thing that Moment doesn’t have is low light but the lowlight in this app is unusable. Actual colours go out the window making it either black and white, or worse it paints the entire picture a single vibrant color (usually green for me). It has made a light blue yellow and dark blue color into neon yellow and neon green. Any astrophotography I tried turned everything green. Contacted devs about this months ago and decided to try it again today, no fix..Version: 4.9.4

Open shutterIPhone 4. This is the only app of this type I have downloaded so can't compare against others... App works well, does what it said. Tricky part finding a place to put phone down to give solid platform for pictures, using the timer to activates shutter big plus... Love using it..Version: 1.7

Do I need Steadicam or Tripod? Why subject blurry?Why photos come out are blurry?.Version: 4.2

Less optionsTough to use as a beginner. Need more understanding how yo use. Native app exposure is better than this app..Version: 5.6.2

Buyers be awareIt was supposed to be free today. But he charged me. Be aware. What else is in store?.Version: 0

Overcharged!I was overcharged $23.26 for this app. Do not buy it..Version: 4.9.2

Not for astrophotographyIf you want to take pictures of the stars, don’t bother with this app. There is no mode, or any settings that will enable you to take even basic pictures of the night sky..Version: 5.7.1

Waste of £1.99Provides nothing extra over the standard iPhone camera. The “Long exposure” is just a standard photo with the brightness turned up and the motion blur photos can be achieved with Live Photos. Edit: To expand due to the developer response below, the “low light” photos are only good quality up to the point that can be achieved by turning up the brightness and reducing the shadows in a standard photo. Beyond that they’re a noisy mess that are such bad quality they’re worthless. Motion blur can be achieved by taking a photo with Live Photos on, then swiping up on that photo and selecting the “Long exposure” option. But if you’d rather spend the £1.99 to realise this app offers nothing over the standard camera app go for it..Version: 4.8

What a shameShame you can't save motion blur video.Version: 5.3.2

GreatThe app is great. Light trails is amazing. Motion blur and low light though seem to be odd. In motion blur, I can get s good shot of something that’s in constant motion like a water flow. But it doesn’t work with clouds that moves constantly but very slow. I tried putting the setting in high motion blur, shutter bulb and left it for 5min, and ISO2500. It didn’t show any blur in the clouds even the clouds moved. In low light, ISO seems to be other way around. Lower ISO gets more light compared to higher ISO where in a camera, it’s the other way around. And i tried shooting the same subject using low light with ISO32 and ISO1600 with same shutter length, and the results didn’t differ much. With this, I assume capturing the stars would be impossible which is one of the reasons I purchased this app. If you could give me a good advise, please do so. I’ll really appreciate it. Thank you.Version: 4.8.1

Camera won’t stop lagging when in the darkBad for light drawing.Version: 4.9.6

GarbageAbsolute Garbage and a waste of money..Version: 4.2.2

Low light perf is okI bought this app to take pics in very low light and for that purpose, and considering the iPhone is not a DSLR, it works as advertised :).Version: 0

Not a real slow shutterThis is not a real long exposure shutter, it simply blurs your image. Really disappointing..Version: 4.2

Said cost was $2.99 but charged $25??Just purchased this, it was listed at under $3 but it went through at $25. How can I get my $ back? Too much to pay for an app I just wanted to try..Version: 4.8.1

Not working with iPhone 6plus back cameraI used this app with iPhone 4s and 5s worked really good. But with my iPhone 6plus its quality is really bad. I even used tripod. Would love to have update.Version: 3.2

Do not buy it appA 4 sec shutter speed in a bright area has the same brightness like the 8sec? Seriously? The picture has to be burn out as hell white as snow. This app more like making shots and merge them. You can see when you move your cam meanwhile taking a photo..Version: 4.8

Didn't work for me.I tried different settings and it didn't turn out anything like the example in the app store. Very disappointed and wasted $0.99..Version: 1.8.1

It’s good, but low light isn’t. (11pro max)First things first I am using the 11 pro max. I tried using this for low light and night sky photos both, and while the app itself isn’t too bad, it just doesn’t work right. The low light photos come out blurry, iso messes with the color of the environment if it’s too low, but if it’s too high then the photo is way to bright, and the noise reduction doesn’t seem to help. I understand real iso should be adjusted to the correct level but iso should also be as low as possible to reduce noise in the photo and not change colors. If this is remotely what you’re going for and have an iPhone 11 I wouldn’t even bother because the low light on these phones outplays this app with the quality it produces, even if it can’t get super bright..Version: 4.9.2

HIGHLY DISAPPOINTEDThis App does not work on Apple iPhone 14 pro max. Not knowing on other phones..Version: 5.3

Not intuitive at allSent this back just can’t get on with it. Wanted to snap the northern lights. No good for this..Version: 4.8

New Beta is terriblePlease don’t fix what is not broken..Version: 5.7.3

ScamLiterally does nothing. Using on an iPhone 11 Pro Max it just takes 60 seconds to take a terrible picture. The 30 second exposure of the stock camera is works superior, if I could I’d be requesting a refund for this..Version: 4.9.2

Very disappointedPropped it up so it stands completely still, but the app does not produce clear photos. Very disappointing ..Version: 4.9.6

Utterly useless for night sky shotsWhilst this app might work for long exposure shots in good lighting (which I’ve not tried) it does not work for low light or night sky shots. Claiming that you can take star trail shots or night sky shots just produces terrible quality grainy images even when using a high quality tripod. I tried using it at Uluru and was bitterly disappointed. Just to be fair, other apps claiming to be capable of decent DSLR quality night shots fail too. The phone camera (an SE20 in my case) just isn’t up to the job. Don’t think that by using this app you’ll get decent results for this. You won’t..Version: 5.3.1

Terrible.Doesn't work that well. Not impressed. Not worth purchasing..Version: 1.8

Unsure on how to use this appI will have to try and experiment more with this app, but can you not upload existing live pictures from your camera roll to this to get a better long exposure?.Version: 4.9.4

What is the point of thisI’m pretty bad at spending money. But believe me, this takes the absolute tally wacker! Golly gosh the worst £2.99 I’ve ever spent. I am a professional photographer and this is pants don’t you dare spend that money☝🏼 In all seriousness it’s crap. Feel sorry for apple that they have to promote rubbish apps now. Might buy a Samsung xox.Version: 4.9.5

Fills a gapDefinitely deserving of a spot in my camera bag. But the applications are pretty specific. Produces some very grainy shots. But the occasional gem. Not bad at all considering there isn't much else out there that does what this app does..Version: 1.6

Tutorial MAYBE!!!!!So a reasonably priced app but come on, no sort of introduction or tutorial to help you get shooting with a bit of confidence. I think I can figure most stuff out but I want to take advantage of the full functionality of the app. This is typical of apps with shortcomings and developers not looking at things from a layman’s perspective. Hopefully YouTube can help🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 5.4.3

Waste my moneyTotally bad app I don’t understood why people recommend all this app. 3 of my friends downloaded to capture northern light but no use Just dark and nothing.Version: 4.8.1

Have to clear out every time 😕Love playing around and sussing out all the features but now I've updated my phone and every time I use it, the only part that works is the main button to take pictures. To do any adjustments or adjusting I have to totally clear out of the app, remove it from background and reopen the app, then I can do my adjustments but as soon as I take a picture I have to close of and do it all again. Can you please try and fix this..Version: 4.0

Not what i expectedDo not like the multiple image layering..Version: 1.9

Photos are all bluryEvery photo I take with it of waterfalls ends up out of focus or blury. Spectre app is much better than this app..Version: 5.3.2

Add support for anamorphic lensWould love to see support for Moments and Moondogs anamorphic lenes. It’s just technically squashes the image down to 1:33. Have a look as it’s simple to implement (a part time developer here) and would be a great addition. Just show a live preview of the squashed photo and the save the adjustment after the photos been taken. Hope you can make this happen as the shots would look amazing on it..Version: 4.8.1

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