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Great but with one issue:Puffies don’t work on the basses. When I use puffies, the basses play the wrong sound. For example, hitting bass 5 makes the sounds of 2 and 3 when using puffies, even though bass 5 sounds normal with normal mallets. Other than that, this app is great!.Version: 3.2

Great, update 3.1 bass line sound glitchSo I upgraded to iOS 11 when it came out, and it didn’t support Drumline for the longest time. Now it finally does! Though with the 3.1 update, basses 1, 4&5 all sound the same. Please fix!.Version: 3.2

AmazingBest app for tenor drums as far as im concerned :D.Version: 2.0

Please read creators!!!I would like to say this app is fun, But needs work. The only part of this app I use is the tenors and bass drum, because there the only ones that really work well. I wish they would add a feature to actually tune the drums... ESPECIALLY THE QUINTS. Overall it's fun just add tuning and fix the cymbals.Version: 3.0

Has potentialIt has lots of potential but doesn’t respond to touch on newer phones very well. Please fix this. I love Drumline music and play irl. This could be awesome and I’m not deleting this app because I believe that it can be great if the developer fixes it..Version: 3.2

Great but...I used to have this app on my iPod running iOS 10. Worked great and then I got my phone and upgraded to iOS 11 recently so you need to update to make it possible to use it on iOS 11..Version: 3.0

FunI love this app but there are a few bugs like the rims on all the drums are hard to hit and the third drum on the tenor sounds a bit high thank you.Version: 3.2

Pretty goodI give it 4stars cuz the options for rudiments on the snare are sparse and there is not a good function for sweeping on the tenors. Also it would be nice to have the option for quads or quints. Great sound though and still worth 2 bucks for the package deal..Version: 3.0

Excellent AppGreat sounds, and nice graphics. I think I prefer the tenor sounds from before the update but every new feature completely over shadows that. I like the multi touch on different drums but I can't play double stops or fast flam patterns on the same drum (tenor) without skipping. Excellent job guys, keep the updates coming!.Version: 3.0

It doesn’t workMy doesn’t work it doesn’t let me play right and it kicks me out on tenors that’s all really plz fix this!!!!.Version: 3.2

GreAtBeast app ever.Version: 2.0

Awesome.I wish this app could be utilized in other apps through inter audio functionality or that there can be a way to record the audio in the app. But I can always rip the audio using screen recording so I guess it’s not the end of the world..Version: 3.2

I love this!!!!!!I love this game!! I even bought the other drums and it was worth it!! I just don't like the sound of the snare and you really cant practice with the snare. I think they should make like a practice pad type of thing so you can use the snare. Otherwise i love it and all the other drums! I also like how you can do runs with the basses!.Version: 3.0

Please fixWhen playing with tenors, I noticed that I could not turn on shots nor rim clicks nor dynamics. Also with basses when they are all together they are not set to the right pitches. Other than that the snare is really good to use..Version: 3.2

AwesomeI play Tenors at my high school and although this app isn't the best to practice with, it is pretty fun to play with. Also for all of the people complaining about paying extra, its only two dollars, plus it says it in the description, stop complaining!.Version: 3.0

Useful App for SoundsI love the ability to mess around with drum and cymbal sounds anywhere. It has been relatively reliable and easy to use. The only thing I would recommend that is added is a unison for bass drums and possibly a more “linear” view with the drums being in order. Like the “chops” option with snare, but for Basses and possibly tenors as well.Version: 3.2

One issue and it’s a big oneI would like to be able to play along to music such as videos on the app Musi however when I load up a song then switch to this app, the music stops and then when I start it back up the tenors don’t play sound. I want to be able to play sound from the tenors and music from another app simultaneously.Version: 3.2

It’s pretty amazing 🥁🥁I love it it is a good app for the cost but it could be a little less but still has the perfect drums but maybe make the tenor drums a bit more smooth sounding if you know what I mean but any ways this is a great app 🥁🥁.Version: 3.2

Too many bugsWhen I try to play the snare only one side of the drum works but when I try to play the other side it plays shots instead of the drum..Version: 3.2

Just what I was looking for!"Holy crap" I exclaimed as I found this app. The snare rudiment feature is awesome but takes some getting used to. 4 stars is because the met doesn't keep a steady beat..Version: 3.0

Awesome appThis app is amazing especially with the new update. My only problem is that you can't change the rudiments on the tenors and basses like you could before. Also the rolls are really slow on the snare and you cant speed them up..Version: 3.0

Great App OverallWhen using a single bass drum there are some problems: bass 3's right hand side doesn't play & bass 4 is weird, it's easy to get rim on bass 4 to say the least. But I love the app!.Version: 3.0

SuggestionLove the app it helped me get in band for percussion but I have one suggestion could y’all please add tutorials for songs like JIG2 or other band songs.Version: 3.2

CoolI upgraded and it was good the only thing I recommend is an iPad app because I try todo certain things and there is not enough finger room.Version: 3.0

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