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Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs Positive Reviews

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Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs App User Positive Comments 2022

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs app received 150 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ultimate guitar: chords & tabs?

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Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs for Positive User Reviews

Best app everI’ve been using this app for so many years, and before apps were a thing I used the website. It really is unbelievably good value, it’s the only app you need for guitar regardless of your skill level..Version: 5.0.1

One stop shop for all you needs!Yes, it is not all inclusive if every single aspect of the music industry, but expecting that of anything in any culture or app is ridiculous. What it DOES have is a huge selection, with input from common folk like myself up to the big wig professionals and bands we all idolize and adore. I have been able to teach myself so much that I never knew was out there, on multiple instruments, thanks to this app. I first discovered it several years ago when it was just a website, and now as they features are added to this app and are continuously improved upon, I continue to find new information and aspects that push me and drive me to learn. My band I am in that is trying to make it big has been able to use this as an amazing resource as well. They are also fantastic at responding to customers and their reviews, and making sure that everyone has the best experience possible. Thank you Ultimate-Guitar!.Version: 3.7.3

Great place for beginners through expertsLove this app, it’s encouraged me to continue playing, learning — I've recommended it to several friends , very comprehensive and easy to use. Feels great to play a guitar, this app makes it very easy and a lot of fun. Don’t hesitate, get this app — you’ll be glad you did..Version: 6.5.5

AwesomeThe app has no cons just that you need to pay to have multiple vids. Other than that the game is AWESOME.Version: 6.5.3

Yo, chillI paid money for the app 2 years ago why the hell y’all still asking me to say thanks on a weekly basis.Version: 6.5.1

IS IT REALLY SO STRANGE? The SmithsI downloaded the app couple months ago and although I don’t use very often as I like to work most things out myself as makes you a better player, it does with me anyway in my opinion, but sometimes you just can’t be bothered to work it out, or I may have worked out most of piece I’m working on and stuck on a section, so I find it a very decent music score / notation app to use as back up, guide or whatever, Decent features and nice set out and organisation on my iPhone which always use on, features such as just being able to listen to the original music without coming off this app and have to go to another app to listen to it works fast and well for me, and although I don’t use often the scroll page function is a great simple idea and can work well for anyone who wants to use it. All round decent well laid out app with good features and user friendly, definitely one of the better and easier music score / notation apps I have used. Steve Dutton (Manchester, England).Version: 5.11.1

Excellent AppI use this app to find the chords for many songs which would otherwise be hard to find. I can not vouch for those who use it for the guitar or the ukulele, as I use it to find chords to play on a piano, but for my purposes it has been wonderful, simple and easy to use, and very effective as a tool..Version: 4.4.0

GreatAmazing app, just type in a song or band and it will 99.9% of the time come up with the song you are looking for. It comes up with tabs for ukelele, guitar, guitar chords, bass, and drums. It also sometimes comes up with tab pro/ official version, where you can play along with a moving tab. Additionally, when you click on a tab it also comes up with the song video, if you click listen, so you can hear the song before you play it. On the home screen within the app there are ad-like thing you can click on like 'best songs for practice', and 'Am,F,C,G mashup'.It is a great app which I highly recommend for any guitar,bass,ukelele or drum player, but some songs have just guitar tabs. I use this app daily as I am a dedicated guitar player and I hope you will too. Get the app, and improve quickly with ultimate guitar!.Version: 4.8.15

Review of App !As when this app 1st came out , I told everyone to subscribe which is a very long list ? As slowly they listen to me play , and as improved astronomically. Everyone in my circle of which is not couple hundred, you started adding commercials. Not fair , as I still say this is essential app for you to play . I also don’t appreciate all the commercials now . I’ve found very many songs incorrectly posted , however I enjoy it as they must learn to LISTEN then play . Still love the app..Version: 6.5.5

More functional than beforeNew features have made this app genuinely multi functional and much improved. Further scope could govern improved economy if more were added: such as scale patterns but overall fantastic app and worth every penny for subscribing. I notice more songs are being pro tabbed and lots of people involved now. New features like metronome, chromatic and tuning by ear, plus the chord shapes and voicing make this app even more of a joy and useful tool to learn guitar. Thanks guys!.Version: 5.5.1

Great appBeen using it for years. Really enjoy it and papery the new features. Cheers. You guys Rock..Version: 6.5.3

Humble beginningsIt was challenging to find the correct chords before I discovered Ultimate Guitar, my network of musicians grew exponentially bouncing chords and ideas off every song that we were interested in. As age catches up on you, networks and interests change. I now have 1 electric and 3 acoustic guitars and 1 small amp, Ultimate Guitar has grown to offer much more than guitar chords and tabs. With the assistance of technology the team have introduced much more to the app and the crazy thing is I can practice my music through my small iPhone without the need of buying individual foot pedals taking most of the guess work out. You can choose any song you like and start playing in a matter of minutes to the nearest sound quality to the original song, all while the page scrolls up so you no longer have to stop and move the page. The network of people offered within the app makes finding like minded people easier as everyone on the app are there online for 1 reason - to learn! This is why I gave Ultimate Guitar 5 stars, made easy from humble beginnings!!!.Version: 5.8.5

WowAmazing.Version: 6.5.6

Few bugs but great overallI’ve been using this app for about 3 years. I’m a self-taught guitarist so using this app really makes learning songs easy and quick to learn. As for those of you who want to learn guitar, this app will be your best friend in learning any songs you’re heart desires, just not every song is available FYI. A down side I had is the price. Yes, you have to pay for the app which I thought that was it but once purchased you also have to purchase the “PRO” edition in the app. Yes it was a bummer but I didn’t mind paying extra for the PRO. As for the new version they come out with, its great, excellent design for the platform but, and I say this because most users also have this issue, it’s become very problematic. What I say by this is that I’ve had the issue with the app freezing and lagging either on the search or on the tabs which became quite annoying having to refresh the app constantly. Overall, it is an excellent app just, it just need better maintenance..Version: 4.4.0

Doesn’t work on iOS 13I have used this app and website (before there was an app) for years and years. I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 13 and the app no longer works. At first the app wouldn’t even open, so I unistalled and reinstalled. Then it opened, but I can’t search for anything. It just says “nothing found” no matter what I search. It also doesn’t let me log into my account anymore. I have the paid version from back when it was a flat rate. I have been an ultimate guitar fan and customer for over a decade and I am very disappointed that this is what their product quality has come to. Ultimate Guitar, do you have a fix for this? Updated Response: I am updated to the current version 5.7.5 and I am still having these same issues. Is there anything else you guys can do to help me with this issue? If not, I’ll unfortunately have to switch to using a different app..Version: 5.7.5

It’s ok...but...Great for learning the basics of songs. Also it’s good for picking up the riffs and licks you’re not completely sure of... However, it never seems to work over a 4g network!!! Not good when you’re playing a gig and open up the floor to requests, as the duo I play in try to do (it stands us out from other acts...) Trying to keep people happy with what they want to hear is difficult when you’ve no idea how their requested song is structured...is this an app thing, or will it just not work over a 4g connection?!? Other than that it’s great for practicing and learning at home. Having paid for the full app I’d like full access..Version: 4.7.10

Great. I spend most of my free time with this appI found this app while searching for guitar tabs on safari. My first impression of this app was bad because after downloading the app and opening it from safari it looked like the tab i wanted to play was premium only. I tried another tab and it said the same. I deleted the app but after a few weeks i went back to the internet to look for more tabs for songs i love and re-downloaded the app. I saw the same thing from the first time but decided to try it out. Once i figured out how to work the app i fell in love with it. I now use this app whenever i get bored or want to play the guitar which is most of the time since schools let out for summer and i stay at home all day. Thank you so much for this app and if i had the money i would buy premium just to support the creators of this app. Keep working on this app to keep it up to date and make it even better!!.Version: 5.3.6

Great app! But...Recently it has started crashing and/or glitching! Please fix this!! Also please make it so you can change your username!.Version: 6.5.5

FrancophonieIl y a dans cet application de plus en plus de chansons québécoises. Bravo!.Version: 5.12.8

Now back to 5 ⭐️Updates following my review seem to have addressed all the problems I was having. Now it’s back to being the best tab app on the store. Thank Ultimate Guitar ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Previous review: It’s an excellent app but..... I love this app, I really do and I can live with adds. I use the app for off line practice (usually in a basement with no phone or Wi-fi signal!). The tab collections are useful and there’s always at least one song that gives me an idea for my little band’s repertoire. So why the but... well it’s not about the app so much as about Ultimate Guitar and the way they’ve treated long time customers who purchased both Tab and Tab Pro as part of the “whole package”. They made sure they were outside Apple’s refund period and then massively increased the price and locked existing users out of the old app so that the latest version had to be downloaded. I think you could still access your saved favourites but access to the latest tabs required another significant purchase. It became so frustrating that I deleted Tab Pro. I did contact Ultimate Guitar support but they just referred to Apple’s refund policy which they knew didn’t apply. I should point out that this was previously a 5* review but they won’t take any notice of one of those..Version: 4.8.4

From JamesI began playing music in 1961(on a borrowed guitar) given my first guitar on 7th birthday .. Became well known locally and got a lot of attention at a young age. By age 17 I was a full blown alcoholic..my life started to spin out of my control. I denied I had a problem... one day I simply stopped playing music and for the next 28 years I didn’t go near a guitar or sing Time move on and I got clean and sober in 1992 and in the last few years bought several guitars now regularly playing on Bigo live as host on Instagram Facebook etc The very cool thing about this app is it’s building relationships, knowledge ..It’s so helpful in many ways.. being able to use this app is like a reward for my sobriety ... huge thank-you to all concerned 👍👍👍👍🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺😎.Version: 6.4.2

Want to Learn There’s No Better Place to StartThis app is probably one of the best ever made for iOS. Wish they made it for MacBook Pro OS X. Tons of songs, tons of functions and now becoming a community. Worth the tiny yearly price without a doubt. It will show notation bars along with tabs right under. You can slow the song down or speed it up as you learn. One of the best functions is the ability to high light bars and put them on repeat enabling you to work on bars that can be particularly tough. Using the Tonebridge app lets you use a digital foot pedal that sets up your guitar to sound like which ever song your playing. Clapton, Metallica, Jack Johnson, Eddie Van Halen, Jerry Garcia, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd you name it. The Tonebridge also gives you a backing track. The back track steps Ultimate Guitar to legendary status by allowing you to play and instrument. Bass, Lead, Rhythm it gives you to pick the instrument. From beginners to pros this app is top notch resource. You will need an interface I have the Apogee Jam+ but there’s others. Go to you local independent music shop and support you local businesses..Version: 5.12.8

THE app to play guitarSometimes it is lacking little options and the speed button is annoying as it is difficult to get the speed right, it should work with the speed of the song and match the video. Also the length of the video recording could be variable and the countdown of 3 seconds be changeable too. Having said that, this app is for me the number 1 app to play guitar. I use it daily. It is so fun to use. So much content and just seeing all the chords so clearly make it so easy to use (Could you add a chromecast option? ). The price I think is around £10 a year which is acceptable for what you get. Tools are great, everything you need. Thank you so much, don’t increase your price and keep the good work. Do not hesitate to buy it, you will have so much fun..Version: 6.0.0

HUGE help.So so so helpful, I couldn’t really find other tabs and this website/app would always pop up and be reliable! Good for beginners..Version: 6.5.7

Excellent App, good value and plenty to please any guitarist.I’ve had a profile here for a long time but due to illness I unfortunately haven’t been able to play. I’m now on the up so recently picked up the the guitar again (much practice will be required as I feel like I’ve somehow lost the last 35 years and I’m starting from scratch again). These days there are so many aids, apps and websites available to a guitarist, whether you’re a beginner or accomplished musician. Ultimate Guitar is hands down the best I’ve used and even better than I remember from my first visits. There is so much here, guaranteed to satisfy the interest of everyone. It doesn’t matter about your age, ability or your preferred musical tastes. You will find plenty to keep you returning. The pro tabs in particular are excellent. If I did have one (tiny) complaint it’s the electronic sound used for the instruments on some of the backing tracks. Although that certainly wouldn’t ever stop me from using this brilliant resource. Cheers, Si..Version: 4.8.7

Best Guitar App Ever Ever EverHonestly it has every single thing you could ever need in a guitar tabs app!! It has so many songs and it’s just all around amazing!! Easy to use!!.Version: 6.1.2

GreatI love this app. If you choose guitar at the start you can switch between that and ukulele in the settings whit is awesome as I play both. I find it a bit annoying you can’t use any of the tools unless you pay but otherwise it is a great app!.Version: 4.8.6

✨the best✨This is the best guitar app!! I’ve been using it since early 2018, and used the previous app before that. I love how you can add shots, thats really cool. Also, there’s basically any song you want to learn the chords of on here, and that’s because people can submit chords for the songs (people who submit the chords are tab authors, but anyone who can find out the chords and tabs for a song can be a tab author too). I also like how you can write a bio too, and also how there’s options to transpose the tabs. Another thing that I totally recommend is getting the premium package. I bought the all-time premium in 2018 on the old app (basically it was a holiday sale and I bought premium for however long I have my account, which I still do) and I absolutely love it!! But I’m not sure if the new app has the option to buy an all-time premium, but if it does, you should totally invest in it. Trust me, it’s worth it!! Anyways, this app is awesome and if you’re looking for a guitar app with chords and tabs, get this one!!.Version: 6.4.5

5 star App with a 5 star serviceAs a somewhat mediocre guitarist I find the Ultimate Guitar App to be the perfect place to learn a new song or tackle a new and challenging riff. The brilliant people at Ultimate Guitar have made it incredibly easy to find what you’re looking and then cater that material for you needs. Be it playing through the song slowly with you, scrolling the text/tabs at your pace or simply transposing chords. Ultimate Guitar has got you covered. The brilliant people don’t stop there though. The regular updates make sure the app is at peak performance and constantly improving. Would definitely recommend to any guitarist of any skill level..Version: 5.3.6

Piano chords wahoo!!!Thanks to the team, have loved using the app as it was whilst playing piano, but awesome to see actual piano chord diagrams included now! Thanks team!!.Version: 6.1.0

Changes b7 to e7The app overall is pretty good. It just keeps changing b7 to e7 when I to edit the songs I want to play. If I type b7 into it and hit save it changes it to e7 (which was not the original note. It was originally Bmaj7) and I can’t get it to come up with b7..Version: 6.5.9

My thoughts on Ultimate Guitar appThis app is f’n great. Wether you’re learning how to play guitar/bass/piano/ukulele or if you already know how to play. They have most songs you could ever want. And then so many other features to the app. You can connect with other musicians, and watch them play/sing or post vids of yourself. Ultimate Guitar also seems to always be coming out with more features too. When I first saw how much the app cost I was a little wary. In the landscape of millions of apps costing like a dollar this was a bit more. The difference here is that Ultimate Guitar App is worth it. Not just another one of those countless crappy dollar apps. I use this app daily. The app developers seem like they want to give their members the best app that they can. Oh, and if there is anything that you would like to see in the app that isn’t there they have a way that you can contact them and make suggestions for that..Version: 5.11.4

Updated. Wish we could change print fontI’m on a free trial. MAIN GRIPE. When I go to print I cannot change the font size. I have to copy and paste (you can do this from the pro version print screen) to notepad in order to change the printing font size. The entire reason I tried the pro was to be able to print, which it does.... but it’s incredibly small and doesnt allow you to adjust anything. Half of a verse or chorus will be on page one and then you’ll end up with just a couple lines on page 2. I will probably cancel before I get charged for the year. Of there was printing font adjustments I would absolutely be a long time customer. If your only going to use an iPad it’s a useful app. OLD NOTES PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED. I have an iPad Pro. The app doesn’t work. I try to search for a song. Song shows up. Click on it and nothing happens. I try to go back, app is frozen and I have to force close. I’m on version 13.3.1 I’ll have to stick to he website. Make sure it works before you buy it!.Version: 5.11.1

Best in ClassThe best app of its type on the internet today in my view, not that my view matters at all in the greater scheme of things, but i do rather like this app. Thank you to all the dev team behind this app, great job, all the best for 2022…….Version: 6.8.4

The best.I have had Ultimate Guitar for going on ten years. It really is hugely beneficial and a staple in my life! I recommend everyone to download this app who wants to learn the guitar. You can simplify, transpose, play along with the songs you are playing? What else could you want? It has improved my ability to teach my students as I have pretty much all songs as my fingertips instead of having to play them by ear. My only constructive comment would be that sometimes, for example when trying to find artists such as Rag’n’Bone man, the app couldn’t find the artist without the correct capitalisation and apostrophes which was a little long-winded! Apart from that, I could not be happier and I don’t think my guitar playing would have been nearly the same without it!.Version: 5.2.3

Great app!I just love the simplicity of this app. The pro is cool to have for beginners like me who cannot pick up chords by hear just yet. Tuner and tools in a phone that was a cool and must have thing. Love this app..Version: 3.5.0

My favourite app!This is the best app that I have purchased. Easy to use, huge data base of songs, and a whole toolbox of other functions. Worth every penny!.Version: 6.5.3

My favorite guitar site!Thanks for this. I use this app more than any other. I can learn chord progressions, lyrics and most anything that I need for playing out, playing new songs in worship service, or just for fun. I invested in a pro account a few years ago and I highly recommend it! You can learn how to play a song in the same key as the original recording, or in a simpler progression to match your skill level; or to a key that is easier to sing with. There are a ton of great songs on this site, in just about every genre you can think of... for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass (electric and acoustic), piano, violin and even ukulele! Most people making comments on this site are trying to be helpful, although there are always some that are quick to criticize, but offer no correction or suggestions; but unfortunately, you will find that on just about any site on the net. Give the Ultimate Guitar app a fair try, and I am sure you will find something useful to help you get to your next evolution of your guitar journey..Version: 4.8.3

One sweet appI grew up in a family where making music was an everyday occurrence. My dad played guitar and banjo. I started playing rhythm guitar when I was about 13. But then life happened and when I was about 29 years old, I lost my guitar in a divorce and haven’t had one since. (Warning...don’t get into a bad marriage with a musician). That was more than 20 years ago. Just bought an Epiphone acoustic and I’m shocked at how quickly muscle memory and strumming patterns are coming back. Except my old lady brain can’t automatically find the right chords for songs the way it used to. This app has seriously helped with this issue. So far, I have not thought of one song that I want to play that this app doesn’t include. Add to that, the ability to listen to new songs, and play along if you want, right in the app...that’s just awesome. I can’t read tabs but I may learn since that’s included as well. Anyway, thanks to the developers for this unusually helpful and functional product. Thanks to Ultimate Guitar, my husband, who is a drummer and has never picked up a guitar before, is now learning as well. 👍🏼.Version: 4.7.0

Really good- I would rate 4.5 stars if there was an optionThe app provided me with all the music I have wanted or needed. The app works by people submitting sheets of music which are simple and easy to learn. The app is really fun to use, with lots of other features. My only issue is the fact that it keeps on advertising the premium feature, allowing you to access better quality music and cooler features such as an auto scroll for whilst you are playing and a simplifier for the chords. I would give it 4.5 stars if there was one. I really suggest this for new guitarists. The app does contain ukulele, bass and drum music but is less common and something I have not tried. I strongly think this is the best app for guitar music out there!.Version: 5.12.8

Good platformHad this for years, but overall, very good to use for tabs. Doesn’t have everything but very good.Version: 6.5.6

SuggestionI love this app so much! The unlimited is worth every penny! I use it for acoustic gigs and when songs need to be learned on the fly, and it’s incredible. If I could add any features it would be a filing system for multiple set lists (so that you wouldn’t have to scroll through your entire collection, but to be able to group certain songs together for easy access) and a feature that would allow you to mark up/paint on the music for side notes, vocal cues, etc. I’ve played with people who leave notes out or want me to only sing certain backups and I have to try and remember on the spot 😂 if there was a markup/paint feature I could just scribble on the music, and get it done with no worries. But even still, UG has CHANGED THE GAME! GET IT! You won’t regret it! Every guitar player needs this, you’ll save so much time when you’re in a bind to learn a lot at the last minute. 🤘🏻.Version: 4.7.10

Review of the reviewersI really like guitar tabs, it helps me with my guitar practice and it’s easy to use! But the only downside is that you have to pay for some things, like a membership or something like that.Version: 4.8.7

Zreo to heroAmazing all I can say. You learn how to do everything with all your favorite songs! Get this app it will change your life.Version: 6.6.5

Honest reviewSo let’s start of with the good things and then move on I like how this is unique considering the fact that there isn’t anything quite like it it has thousands of useful tabs all amazing to play and many ways to teach you how to play songs it’s truly amazing however not every tab is accessible because of how you have to pay to use certain features like chords and a tuner however there is many free tuners and places where u can find chords so I find this odd another thing is that I think that they should remove what you have to pay for and make it free but because I know you want money u can push the adds be different more different then you already are how about try things like amps and pedals or a tuner for guitars with more then 6 strings or just tubers for more stringed instruments the possibilities are endless I am sure you don’t need a unintelligent 12 year old to tell you to get money people care about the quality not about how much time they spend watching ads Spend a day of two just to look at different apps find the problems with them and make ur own.Version: 5.7.3

This is how I am teaching myself Piano after 50 yearsThanks so much for your version. So much better with detail compared to the other Just love it Cheers mate.Version: 6.6.9

Second to none app ⭐️🎸First of all, this app is amazing (probably the best I have downloaded)! This app is like a community allowing you to see and upload videos of your progress and to see so many variations of music. This has inspired me lots! :) for what this app is for, it couldn’t be any better: it is just ‘WOW’. People upload ‘tabs’ which have chords and lyrics to songs which tend to be for lots of instruments. People are able to rate the ‘tab’ out of 5 so you have an intake on whether or not the tab is good. So great, haven’t stopped using it ever since I downloaded it! :D.Version: 6.5.4

All in one on the go guitar resourceIf you’re learning the guitar, it’s all here. Not just tabs but an enormous knowledge base that you might not expect. Simple stuff like a tuner which saves searching the gig bag for yours or when you only have your phone on you. The way you can make the tabs ‘play’ means you get a feel for a song you may not know so well and the ability to turn parts on and off means you can just practice a single part or play along accompanied. This really helps to keep gentle pressure on you to not stop every time you hit a bum note and helps you to get good rhythm. If you’re a composer, I’m sure there are more powerful tools out there for you but if you want to learn to jam or learn a certain song, I can’t see a better way. I initially hesitated at the cost but this is in part to pay the original artists royalties which means unlike the old days, the tabs are more likely to be correct. In addition, all the extra features make it worth every penny..Version: 4.8.8

I love this app!I use GuitarPro and it’s iOS app as well but this one has such quick and simple access to so many tabs. Accuracy of the tabs aside, that’s not what I am reviewing, the only thing that I think is “missing” is a mixer to be able to control the volume of the metronome and count-in separately. They’re a bit loud when listening with earphones..Version: 6.5.7

The BestBeen using this site for my tab needs ever since I started playing. And saying that it has been an awesome experience would be an understatement. There are new tabs being posted constantly. There are almost always multiple renditions of the same song depending on your difficulty level (which really helped me progress). And such a personal company that I was able to send in a suggestion to improve the site, and within a few weeks the new feature was added. Whenever I go to any other tab platform, I end up feeling discouraged by the lack of interactivity and personalization ultimate guitar provides, especially if you spend the couple bucks for tab pro. Then wait around for Black Friday and pick up a lifetime subscription for like 60 bucks. The community is also an awesome point that must be touched on. All constructive feed back. And whenever you feel a tab is a little off, you can go to the feedback and usually someone has already posted the solution..Version: 4.5.1

Mighty FineI have been using the UG app for quite some time. The app has been getting better and better as iOS evolves. Huge ups for the epic giveaways from the UG team Would give more than five stars on that alone..Version: 3.7.3

RangeAny song I can think of is on this app, and often in a few different interpretations! Excellent 😀 also the tuners are great..Version: 6.8.4

Excellent app premium is a fair price30$ is a excellent price.Version: 6.5.7

Next and Previous in the playlist.Love the ability to go Next and Previous in the playlist. I use it with Apple TV for our fellowship so save with preparing to PowerPoint or printing. It would be nice to be able to get full screen or at least able to hide the bottom section Auto Scroll. I love Auto Scroll too. Basically after pre setup, would like to have the max rows on the screen. Thanks UG!!.Version: 4.8.10

LOVE THIS APP 🔥🔥Never fails me when I need a quick resource to find the chords/lyrics to just about any song. On a real level, this is like my pocket gig trick. I play gigs and bonfires nearly every weekend and take requests often.. this app has come in handy on more than just a few occasions. There are multiple versions for each song, which is great if you need to change the key signature to suit your vocal range. This app has a tuner that will tune for you or has the option to tune by ear. If you're unsure of how to play a chord, the app has the chord positioning within each song. You can even hear how the chord should sound by pressing play. If you want to know the strum pattern, you can listen to the chord progressions. So many dope features, it's truly an all in one app. I never write reviews on anything, but this application really deserves 5 stars. It's the Perfect sidekick for any gig- anytime, anywhere. 🤙🏼.Version: 4.6.0

ReviewGreat but the monthly payment pro thing doesn’t really let u do anymore than u do on the website.Version: 5.8.13

Issues on ipad pro 2021Issues: tuner doesn’t work until i force close the app, and even then rarely works. Tabs aren’t visible at the top, seems like a margin edit increase would fix this..Version: 6.6.8

Amazing app - one bug though...I genuinely love this app, but recently - probably since the latest IOS update, it hasn’t been working properly. I’ve had it for years and have about 1000 favourite tabs. When I scroll through them the app bugs out and it doesn’t let me scroll. Also when searching for songs sometimes, I type it in correctly and it comes up with no tabs. I know they exist cause they’re in my favourites but it doesn’t search sometimes. I love the new filters for searching and when I use that it works perfectly. The big doesn’t make the app unusable because I can use the new Explore feature, but it would be great if it was fixed! Thanks!.Version: 6.4.5

Great App, Very Useful!This is a fantastic app and a MUST for any guitar player, new to the instrument or professional. I really love the fact that they include chords for other instruments for songs as well(guitar, bass, ukelele, etc.). This app is definitely a very efficient way of finding chords and words to your favorite songs and learning how to play them. If I could suggest one thing to the developers, it would be that there was an option where you could choose a certain genre of music and be provided a list of songs with varying difficulty in that genre. At times, I’ve wanted to play different songs than the ones I had in My Tabs but I wasn’t exactly sure what to play. As nice as the preset playlists are within the app, many of them don’t apply to my personal interests or provide enough options for songs. This feature would definitely make this app shine more than it already is! Well done and keep doing what you do best!.Version: 5.2.1

This App is driving me madI’ve just purchased the Ultimate Guitar Pro app, it worked for about 3 songs then every time I search and choose a song in ultimate guitar, I’m asked to open it in another Apple app, which I then am asked to repurchase, as it doesn’t open. After several attempts the whole site crashed and I’m now left with a circle continuously turning in the middle of a black screen. Tried re login in, but no luck, tried to contact apple helpline, no luck, tried online chat, no luck, so not very impressed. As it’s still Christmas holiday period, I will try contacting apple again on Wednesday, but if no joy & not resolved, will cancel subscription, not really good enough..Version: 4.9.2

VERY VERY COOLBest app I’ve ever used in my life honestly I’m crying with joy about how good this app is, I started playing a song I learned on this app and then my guitar turned into gold and started floating up into the air and so did I, turned out I was being abducted by the aliens of the apps and they asked me what the best app I’ve ever used is and I said this one by far. so they then crowned me ruler of the galaxy and I’m officially crowning this app the app of the world and I think it should be automatically added to everyone’s phone because it’s just the best thing ever, I would sell my soul for this app. who wouldn’t????? this is the height of human creation, nothing has or ever will be better than this app. so people should probably download it idk.Version: 6.5.18

Ultimate GuitarI have been using this website since I started playing the guitar. I’m not the greatest player but I can hold my own. I use Ultimate Guitar for basic cords and words. I’m not good with tablature, but give me a A B C D E F G, MAJOR , MINOR, Or 7th Cords and look out. I’m almost 70 years old, playing makes me feel young and like I’m somebody magical. I wish I would have started when I was a child, but mom couldn’t afford it. Thank you Ultimate Guitar for always being just a click away on my iPad. Music keeps me young. Music takes you to a better place in time. It brings happiness to our lives. I can’t thank Ultimate Guitar for being so affordable. I don’t know if it’s free or not but I have never had to pay to find words or cords for any song I have looked up. I’m sure sometime they might have to charge for the simple basic cords or words, but for now go enjoy their website like I do. Bless you all..Version: 6.4.8

Great appI have been using this app for about a year, and it is so great, I have learned how to play hundreds of songs for free. I highly recommend this app..Version: 6.6.3

Love itVery good Job guysI love it just a few glitches but when I figure them out it should be Great. I was with onsong but my son talk me in to really try you guys and so far I love it but you guys should be more friendly with the title of the songs I not a good speller John Boland.Version: 6.5.6

Handy!I love the Ultimate Guitar Tab app! It is great for when I need to find a song quickly, easy to transpose and adjust to the needs of the user be a student teacher or casual must. The auto scroll is great. Great interface for users. The only hitch for those not used to reading music is the B flat always shows as a A#. But it’s just something to get used to..Version: 4.9.5

Big fanI’ve been using this app for years and it rarely fails with variety of songs searched and quality..Version: 6.1.5

So goodFive stars super good even without premium.Version: 6.5.5

Works well in iPhone.Always good to have access to music. Best value for money in regards to anything else I have spent in regards to my improving my guitar..Version: 6.8.4

The only I app needI’ve been playing around a year and I used this app since day one. I learnt using the repeat function in pro-tabs without any problems. Definitely worth the money for the pro version. I don’t usually rate apps so there ya go.Version: 6.5.3

The best tool for progressing in guitar!I started playing the guitar earlier this year and since I have progressed faster than I ever imagined. I think that's largely due to the immense catalog of chord sheets and tabs provided by this app. A massive thanks from me Ultimate Guitar!.Version: 5.8.1

Rocking!!Rocking app, really amazing material and clever guitarists out there. Easy to use. Only negative are the haters on someone's work if they don't agree with someone's hard efforts! Best guitar app ever.Version: 6.4.14

Pretty Great Tabs!I’ve been playing guitar for a few years and I always use this site to find my tabs. I used to watch Aturn3d’s videos before he stopped making them, and these tabs are accurate like his is. This is my advice for finding the best tabs and playing the songs most accurately Just because a tab is ‘Tab 1’ doesn’t mean it’s the most accurate, I usually go for the one with a combination of the highest rating based on stars, and the one that has been rated the most. Sometimes you’ll find these tabs aren’t perfect either, so go and look at the others until you find a combination of the tabs that makes sense, feels good to play, and sounds good to play. The pro charts are usually the most accurate, but can be off putting because it will divide guitar parts into 2-6 guitars making you go back and forth between the versions until you can memorize one and play it while playing along with the other. Great app for guitar players, and the added shots feature is pretty cool too..Version: 6.4.4

Keeps getting betterAwesome app! I’ve UGT since its start up days ...and it just keeps getting better and better. Adding more stuff all the time to make it easier and simple to use as well as adding different tools, all making it easier and quicker to learn your favourite songs. Thanks for such a great app!.Version: 4.7.5

AmazingI’ve gone from not being able to play a chord to being able to play bar chords and most of my favourite songs in just 2 weeks thanks to this app.Version: 5.12.5

It’s been about six months now...and since that time I’ve learned about a half dozen songs. And I’m a beginner. You don’t know how much a guitar and this app has enriched my life. Amidst this pandemic and isolation, learning something difficult like a guitar with much more ease is something i can’t put into words. Thank you ultimate guitar tabs. Thank you for your consistent attention to improving the app. Don’t worry we notice. Those (free- but i purchased the pro version) video lessons are truly awesome and generous. I’m practically crying as i write this. This year has been tough on so many and you guys brought light in. Thank you..Version: 6.4.10

If you don’t plan on using it a lot, don’t botherCan’t change instruments once chosen the first one.. suggestions are average and the renewal of subscription didn’t let me even know it was going to happen so couldn’t cancel in time/I thought I had already cancelled it.. i think In the initial free trial period, it only gave the option of yearly subscription (not the cheaper, monthly one) so now I have a $20 year subscription to an app I don’t even use.. 😐.Version: 4.7.9

Greatest App in the world!I’m a 52 yr old, Playing guitar since I was 16. Back then, when I wanted to learn a song, I had to either have the LP or I would take a bus downtown to then walk to my local music store. From then I would browse 20 or 30 song books with chord charts and tab. After at least an hour browsing, I would then purchase the book $12-$40 per book. The book might have a few songs I actually wanted to learn and 90% songs I didn’t want to learn that I had to pay for not using. Then the quantum shift in reality...then internet. Then the greatest App was developed! Then Ultimate Guitar came along...now when I want to learn a song, I simply open the app and within literal seconds, I’m viewing the chords and associated YouTube video! Quantum shift! Thank you!!!!!!.Version: 6.5.7

Great appI love that we have choices of original or cover versions! Awesome!.Version: 6.5.4

Huge number of tabs and plenty with backing tracksThis is the easiest place to learn new songs. Better than those videos where they say “then play the seventh fret on the d string and the fifth fret on the a string, etc,, etc ad infinitum. The pro tabs are accurate, but some of the ones sent in by Joe Bloggs aren’t always so good. There are so many songs with pro tabs and backing tracks, this isn’t such a problem. You can see the tabs for each instrument and set the levels in the backing tracks to jam along with. An excellent product and well worth paying the small monthly fee for..Version: 6.8.4

GreatGreat app for tabs I’m looking for.Version: 6.5.5

Keyword ranking in all over the world˙ Keyword ranking in worldwideⅤ. Rich experience team on marketing.. 3 DAYS TRIAL for everyone,☭Apple Store Optimization for every app and game,$ Get in touch for free testing.💀 Contact with us :♨ Whatsapp & Skype &Telegram &Wechat②:(+8615282351612 Or Facebook♚: aso880 ண.Version: 6.5.4

Impressed with the progressionI’ve used this app since it was just a website and I’m very impressed with how they have managed to evolve into creating a community of musicians. The shots feature is awesome and has inspired me to post my first recording. Keep up the awesome work.Version: 6.5.7

Great SupportThis app (The paid version) is extremely amazing with everything that it does. I've only been playing guitar for about two weeks now, but I've already gotten quite a few chords down and transitioning as well as strumming pattern. I've yet to search for a song too and not be able to find it! Aside from that, the favorites are really awesome too. I'm able to pretty much recalibrate the song by editing lyrics or chords, allowing me to edit it to my own liking and allowing me to practice something that's more my level. Pretty much able to clean songs that have a great message but maybe a couple of cuss words, you know? Or implement the placement of a chord/strumming order etc in a place that it isn't written at. Anyways, I'm pretty much ranting now XD I just highly recommend getting this app if you really want to be able to learn guitar or honestly even some other instruments such as ukelele or maybe even piano, etc..Version: 3.6.2

This app is usefulHonestly, I’ve been learning songs from the website for almost as long as I’ve been playing guitar (some 20 years now) and I have to just say thanks. App is great, works great, tabs are as They are normally and I can interact with this simply enough. Churrrrr.Version: 6.5.12

I quite like this appI bought a lifetime access. I thought it was quite reasonable. It’s great to have thousands of tabs to choose from. Bear in mind that they are user generated and so sometimes they are subjective - personally, I don’t think this matters, for two reasons. One - they make excellent starting points for learning a tune or even a genre. Two - music is art, you can interpret it as you like. Sometimes it’s just fun finding the difference between a tab and the original - Good for the Ear. The layout of the app is nice and clear. Playlists are easy to create - there’s even some handy tools. I particularly like the pro features which work well on the iPad app. I especially like that it is possible to slow down the track for learning. The pro tabs are nice and clear. What would be a real bonus would be the notation as well, but then again the app and the site are called Guitar Tabs.... User generated videos are available too, but it’s not really a feature that I use, but I can see the value. All in all a good service - thanks.Version: 4.7.9

Wonderful, must-have appI can’t say enough good things. Even back in the olden days, Olga and the rudimentary notepad tabs, I was a big fan. But here in the future, with this app, and the desktop website, they have thought of everything as they continue to be the guitarist’s super-reliable, ultra intelligent and quite frankly nerdy, secret weapon and able assistant in any situation, at any time. I’ve only recently discovered the backing tracks, the arrays of options to select instruments, levels etc, and all available for an astonishing number of songs. Thank you to everyone involved, you have helped me enjoy and improve my guitar massively over the years. A few lessons from a teacher when I was 16, and the next 20 odd years was all Ultimate Guitar (and Olga, never forget dearest Olga) x.Version: 5.8.19

Greatest thing since sliced bread...I started playing the ukulele about eight months ago. I was pretty well organized I had set up files for each song and put the research that I was able to find off the Internet into each of the file folders set up for each of the songs. It’s a lot of work. With this app you have everything you want in one place. Somebody has already done the research for you and has found the tabs, solos, the actual song itself and then the lyrics. This is the only app and in fact it’s the only place that you can find all of these needed tools in one place. I spent a lot of time consuming hours finding this same information and putting it together myself. You don’t need to do that or do what I did because all you need is this app. So going forward now when I learned a new song I don’t have to spend half the time researching and locate in the information. With this app I can now just identify the song and start playing. Thank you..Version: 4.7.8

Good app.... when it worksThis is undoubtedly a very good app for people learning guitar as it has hundreds of accurate tabs to songs, however it is not the content of the app I have trouble with, rather the app itself. A lot of the time- for me at least- it simply doesn’t open and I just get a black screen before it crashes. This is an incredibly frustrating issue as when I’m in the mood to play guitar or I have a image Ik my head that I want to learn or something I can’t get to it and then I usually end up forgetting. I mean, that’s essentially what I’m doing now: the app won’t open so I’ve written this review. Overall, I would recommend this app to any guitar player who wants good, easily accessible tabs, just know that the app itself can be quite unreliable..Version: 6.5.11

Da bestI love it.Version: 6.5.6

Outstanding!!!Best guitar site!!!.Version: 6.5.2

Guitar help you seek= this app helpsI love that I can learn new songs every day and learn them better and more efficient. All the cool gadgets you have like time, tempo, metronome, and other awesome things just make me love the app more. Totally worth paying for. I had been playing guitar for a while but I wanted more challenges, and now I have them. Learning by ear does not to justice to the complex rhythms and things that show up in tabs! Thank you guys so much for giving me this opportunity to improve my skills! I guess it must have been quite difficult to dissect so many songs and I thank you!!! Great app for any level guitar player! I am a little confused though. I’ve heard a lot about this app being free, yet I did have to pay. I think it’s totally worth it and I got a great deal, but I don’t know exactly what I bought now that I’ve heard a lot of responses about this being free. But a great app and I appreciate the effort this took to make..Version: 5.2.5

The best guitar app aroundTabs is honestly the BEST app there is for playing guitar! Every song you can imagine is on here, along with diagrams of the chords if you’re new and it also has the option for a guitar karaoke to play along with the backing track of the song. The autocue is one of the most useful features as it means you don’t have to keep stopping to scroll the page down, and you can set it to whatever speed fits you best! 10/10, I’ve been using this app for over 7 years and recently my father got it aswell as he’s a complete beginner, and he can now play songs easily (if not slowly) and his confidence is rapidly building!.Version: 6.5.11

Great way of finding music scoresThis app is great from a guitarist’s point of view in terms of tab but as a musician who plays both guitar and piano there’s some lovely crossover stuff. As a pianist will know, one of the biggest weaknesses of the guitar is finding the right inversion:don’t worry—shunt it up and down using the transpose tool; it’ll stop you breaking your fingers or leaving a chord sounding weedy because you’re only playing 3 or 4 strings. As much as I love shuffling through the shelves of my excellent music shop here in my home town of Swindon, UK (yup we still have them and if you still have them where you are too then support them—go and buy stuff from them), I can’t knock this site in terms of the support it offers at a worldwide level in terms of what if offers per pound/dollar/ruble/yen for what you get. If you need a chord sequence you’ll find it here for £15 a year (~$20). That’s a year’s unlimited access to a communal database whenever you want. Go for it! It’s well worth the money and will leave you plenty of dollars to spare on your next guitar or keyboard..Version: 5.8.0

Great for finding worship lyrics and chordsAs a music worship leader, and as someone who doesn’t like wasting time, this app is great for finding chords and lyrics to worship songs quickly. And because people can submit their own versions, I am sometimes exposed to some unique arrangements that I prefer over the originals. My only request would be that the auto scrolling matches whatever tempo we want to play to the song. It can get frustrating trying to get the scrolling set to just the right speed so you’re not having speed up or slow down your playing. Maybe that’s only doable on the songs original version, but maybe it’s possible to set the tempo and have the text scroll to match it? I’m not a developer, so I don’t know how easy or difficult that would be to do. If you are looking for a way to find chords and lyrics (worship or otherwise), I highly recommend this app. Thank you to the developers and to everyone contributes their versions of songs..Version: 6.1.7

A great tool to improve playing, ear, and sight readingI’ve been a long time bassist, and I still need help figuring out bass lines and chord progressions. This app is a god-send. I love that I can look at a tab for quick reference when I’m jamming or at a gig, or I can spend time with an official or interactive tab to really nail a part or learn a line I haven’t been able to figure out on my own. Playing along with the official tabs has improved my sight reading; having the track there as an audio reference if I get lost is awesome, and the ability to slow down the tempo to really nail groove, fingering, and more length is extremely helpful. I feel that my playing has improved dramatically after spending time with these tabs, more so than it has with actual lessons or music books. I say this is a must for musicians of all skill levels, from amateurs to gigging musicians looking to perfect their parts..Version: 4.8.4

Indispensable but couple of fixes neededBrilliant app that is helped me play along with my fav songs like the unapologetic amateur I am. However, recently the iPhone version goes to sleep which it didn’t used to do, regardless of the setting on my phone the display used to always stayed on. Bring this back, it’s essential when playing along using auto scroll . I also wish the search function was smarter. I like to use the feature that allows a quick search for the song playing on iTunes , if the song is a remastered / rereleased version (what songs aren’t these days) or live version and the title doesn’t match exactly what’s in the database it won’t pull it up. Minor gripes but I hope u fix! Keep up the great work!.Version: 5.5.6

Pretty great app!I love this app! Some of the stuff is a little pricey, but I mean it’s not necessary to buy. I definitely would recommend for the wide variety of user made tabs.Version: 6.5.6

🕊✌️T.A.B.S✌️🕊🕊✌️🕊✌️🕊 I play the new Khalili and guitar I don’t find a lot of good tabs this is a very good app for tabs I don’t really know what to say this is it scripted and it’s good it’s very helpful I like a lot of times you can listen to the song as you’re playing it I like how it shows the courts see useful gives you tuner I like how you could play the songs for free don’t have to just use them we get a little membership pro thing but it’s very helpful I love tabs I suggest you use it and then I suggest you pay for the pro it’s only 20 bucks or 10 I don’t remember it’s cheap but you get all of that for like a year it’s worth it are use this other app called yousician I would not suggest using it it’s really only good for complete beginners I know there’s one for like if you’re good or moderate pro but it’s basically just for beginners and that’s what I got from it so I wouldn’t use it I would stick with the tabs tabs ultimate guitar whatever just you should use it I kind a hope no one reads this is getting stupid long I doubt anyone is right is fully and what am I saying OK bye-bye✌️🕊✌️🕊✌️🕊✌️✌️🕊🕊✌️🕊🕊☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️.Version: 6.1.2

Great featuresGreat scrolling and tempo etc. Have subscribed and will probably keep it. My only issue is that I can’t find a way to make it adjust for the capo. It gives the real notes instead of the equivalent chord shape. For example, if it is a song with Capo on 4th fret, instead of saying Am, it will show the chord as C#m. This is the correct note, but really you want to be playing an Am chord. It can be transposed down to make it right again, but it’s a bit of extra complication to watch out for..Version: 6.4.5

Love us still the answerHello, my name is Kathe. I am 66 years old, retired and live in Oklahoma City, OK. Just found this song and keep listening to it over and over. I play the guitar but not that well anymore. I have played since I was about 15 years old...no lessons, just taught myself. This quarantine is hard because my son and his wife live in Montgomery, New York and my daughter and her husband and my two grandsons live here, but are under very strict quarantine due to her auto-immune status. So we see each other only on the phone. I am going to try and learn this song so I can sing it to the kids at the school where I usually substitute teach when we finally get through this quarantine! Thanks so much for sharing this song!! I have some problems with depression on a ‘good’ day so I need good songs and feelings to get me through. God bless all of you and thanks for the song, and letting me share!! Love really is the answer!.Version: 5.11.0

A fantastic tool for any musicianI’ve used the app for years now. It’s my go to for any song and chords I require. I transpose the song if required then copy it into word .. then work it I couldn’t operate without it. Cheers Steveguitarvet.Version: 5.6.0

Ol faithfulI’ve been bludging this app for over 4 years, thought I better give a review. What can I say, great community, usually comes through with a few versions for popular songs. Hit or miss with indie songs obviously just because less people may enjoy your strange music taste (and have put a tab up for the song you’re looking for). Overall, best product on the market. Not uncommon for band members to tab their own songs too. Crucial app IMO xo.Version: 5.11.2

Love this app! But there is one problem...When I first started playing guitar, I was over the moon when I found this app! This app has helped me to learn so many chords and songs on my guitar but I have one problem with it. Whenever I want to play a song for a friend or a family member, I constantly have to pause in the middle of the song to scroll down so I can see the next part of the song. There is an autoscroll setting, but it’s only for premium users😕. This has become a problem for me because autoscroll -to me- seems like an essential requirement to play through a whole song for other people without having to memorize every single chord and when the chords come in, PLUS the lyrics! I think it’s good that there is a premium purchase because some of the premium stuff is VERY high quality. But autoscroll? I think that it should be available to all users so everyone can play the songs that they want and not have to stop the song every 10 seconds to scroll. That’s just my opinion, but it’s an opinion I feel very strongly about. Otherwise, this app is amazing for both beginners and experts!♥️♥️.Version: 5.8.5

Hands down best app on my phone!Had it for years. Paid for it once years ago (not sure if thats still how it works..) but arguably the best money I’ve spent on anything musical. This is no advertisement btw, just a guy who has saved hours upon hours of time learning songs by reading tabs/chords entered by other people who have already put in the time and serious effort for the benefit of all those who learn the song later. You can transpose the song into any key higher or lower to comfortably sing it or make it you own, have the page auto scroll as you go, hear the song too if you like, touch any chord and see the various ways it can be played (now on a piano and ukele as well.. excellent update btw, THANK YOU!) You can give feedback messages to those who create the tabs to collaborate in effort to make the perfect tab, any song you can think of is there and for many of the most popular songs you can get the exact sound effect for your guitar with the integration of “Tonebridge”. Well done. I can’t say enough good things. Just thanks, thank you, and thanks again! —A long time fan and one happy customer—.Version: 6.0.0

YesssThis app is very helpful because I’m always playing the ukelele and I need to know the choards to different songs and this helps me big time.Version: 6.5.16

So much better!Loving this app now that it's free and no subscription is required. It's so much easier to find all my favorite songs and learn to play them. Tuner is good, the link to tonebridge is handy too. Auto scroll is so handy..Version: 4.9.7

Helped me learn guitarI was struggling with just learning chords, and this app has helped me simplify songs so that I can practice with simplified chord instruction (which I realize was key), and actually learn to play songs I love. I have improved so much in the few months I’ve had this app because it helps me practice in a way that is accessible and motivating. I love that there are variations of ways to play a song - finding one that fits my current skills has been paramount in my progress and I am so thankful I found this app and grateful to the community of musicians who post their writing and help me learn and play! I’m using this almost every day!.Version: 6.5.6

Great straight out of the tinEasy to use, portable, and does what it says that’s why I love guitar tab even tho I play keys great for sight readers and ear players whose memory ain’t what it used to be best of all it never forgets a chord sequence or pattern!.Version: 3.7.4

Amazing love itI’m new to guitar playing so use this a lot. I hear a song I like and then look it up to see if I can play it. I often simplify the song as I’ve only been playing for 4 months. I can play over 20 songs because of the app. I also joined a Dram n Jam music meet up group and we use the app so we are all playing same chords. What a wonderful social tool this app provides. Thank you 😊 Still playing 2 years on and still using this app. I am now using the Pro button to read music in tab. This is an amazing app thank you so much 😊.Version: 6.7.4

Awesome!!!I've been using this app for around three years now and I still utilize it daily! When I decided to actually start taking guitar playing seriously, with the goal of being able to play and sing songs from start to finish, I knew I'd need a good reference guide for song chords. I tried a couple free apps first before I bought the full version... wasted time. For around twelve bucks, since I wanted all the options at the time, I have a great tool to practice with. Being able to have the lyrics and chords scrolling as the song plays has been so helpful. I went from learning chord shapes to playing and singing confidently on stage with my band. I was just a singer at first... now I'm center stage playing and singing so many of my favorites. Either at home with friends and family or on stage for strangers, I can now fully enjoy sharing music with others and feel like I wrote the songs myself. Thanks for this app!.Version: 3.7.0

My number one toolHi guys. I love the app,and I have been with you from all the way back when you stared as just a web site. I now have now clock up over 25 years as a full time guitar player and I consider this to be my number one guitar tool next to my guitars. for me it’s as important as having a spare Set of guitar strings in my gig bag. I personally think the app is a great price, considering how much I used it, and all its functionality it has. The main complaint I have comes from my students and that is the very aggressive advertising campaign you’re using on your free website I know 90% of my students have become so frustrated with the advertising strategy that they will not even consider singing up to the payed app..Version: 5.12.3

Crashes occasionally, but still provides a great serviceHaven’t purchased a pro membership, but the free tabs they offer are great. Definitely my go-to source for guitar tab, and the app makes browsing on mobile much easier than in a web browser (though I gotta admit the way the website pushes you to download the app is pretty annoying). Occasionally the app freezes unexpectedly when looking at tabs. Only way I’ve been able to fix it is by killing the app and restarting, and even then I have to wait 5-10 seconds on restart before it reloads to the home page. Then have to find the tab I was on again, which sometimes isn’t the easiest if you’re like me and browse a lot of different tabs for the same song: then your search history is filled with links to every individual tab that you’ve viewed for that song. Ended up just signing in to my account so I could favorite tabs. It’s still pretty annoying to have the app crash in the middle of practicing though..Version: 5.0.4

Great tabs appIt is so useful when I’m trying to find chords for pretty much any song. There’s no account needed for a lot of things, though you can make one and/or get premium if you want to. So easy to use; all I have to do is use the search for the song I want, and all the versions pop up with a star rating in each one. The finger diagrams for all the chords in the song are also there when you choose the version of the song you want. The only down side is that to transpose, get the official versions, etc, you have to sign up and get premium. Amazing app!!!.Version: 6.7.3

Thanks UG!I’m a tone deaf wannabe Axel Rose and I thought at 59 I had no chance ...... until I discovered this app. Now the app can’t change my inability to strum rhythmically or play perfect chords but it sure has given me the desire to practice until I do with a vast array of songs, hints, tips and encouragement. Love it. Had a real blast with my 30 year old son (who can play) a couple of weeks back having a jam where we would just pick out our favourite songs on UG, he would get us started then we’d thrash them out. So much fun 👍 Thanks. Rock on!.Version: 4.8.10

GregIt’s seen us through many a drunken singalong. And has a surprising selection of both the obvious and the obscure. Highly recommend.Version: 6.5.5

Rocking app...I’ve sworn by this app for years - great for guitarists of all abilities. There’s a huge list of songs for guitar and quite a few for uke too- tab for a lot, chords for all - written out by either users or the creators depending on whether it’s an ‘official’ tab or not. You can favourite the tabs you’re gonna come back to for later which is ace. There’s a feature where you can record yourself rocking out to whatever you’re working on, and see what other people are putting out there. I also love the tools that come with it - tuners and a chord library. They’re always updating it to suit the users’ needs and there’s a section where you can suggest new features and vote on things you agree should be put in the app. I’d seriously recommend this to anyone who’s a guitar fan!.Version: 6.1.9

Old dog new tricksI’m 43 yo and decided I want to play. I found this app in February of 2021 and thought what the heck. I used it one day and never went back out of my own laziness. A month later in March my gf and I split up and I hit that app button. Within two weeks of actually following the apps advice and doing my part I have the C,D,G,and Am chords down really well already have a working knowledge of reading tab and starting to take on a song. This app is amazing for anyone who want to play music. I’m not a musician or one to write a review. After getting this app and taking advantage what it has offered me I feel like I am now a young musician that’s 43 yo and on my way to be a great one if I follow what this app has to teach. And hey, it was such a great learning tool in an app it even got me to write this review. Enjoy the app and you’ll enjoy playing the music you love!!!I Highly Recommend Using The App, It Will Make A Musician Out Of Anyone!!!.Version: 6.4.15

Bible for MusicianLove this app, I’m just starting to play and learn guitar and this help is the reason why I love learning new cords. Very helpful with basic chords chart. The only app I use when I need help with my chords. From a happy User Erica NZ.Version: 4.8.3

AwesomeUsed this as a part time player for years. Can always pick up the guitar and app and play within minutes..Version: 3.7.3

The Sh*t!I hate to admit I haven’t been picking up my guitar like I initially did when downloading this app. But I’ve picked it back up again and I re-fell in love with this app. It’s thanks to this App I can I bond with my brothers and family. Cheers..Version: 6.5.4

Great app!This is the ultimate tune toolbox for any guitar musician, it’s essential if you are wanting to source the endless amount of songs out there across all genres and styles. I also like the fact there is access to a community who is willing to share their current project on hand..Version: 5.11.0

You are not ‘too busy’ to pick up your guitar!As someone who used to go to the music store with a pocket full of change to buy sheet music when I first learned to play, this is really technology at its finest. I’m having so much fun. This afternoon, I totally wasted $15 on a burrito and beer that made me feel terrible but the $15 I just spent renewing my pro account made me feel so happy. I like the camaraderie of other musicians posting their covers as well. It provides good inspiration to not make excuses and sit down for at least 30 min a day. Given the number of years I’ve had a guitar in my room, I should have my 10,000 hours in already if I didn’t use life as an excuse to avoid pursuing my passion. Since my phone is always in my pocket anyways, I just find a new song to play and tap it out for when I get home, which I find to be a significantly better use of my time than scroll through news sites or social media..Version: 5.8.3

Great! but suggestionLOVEEE THIS APPP. But it would be nice to have a search history bar. I keep forgetting what tabs i’ve clicked on and looked at. it would be nice if there was a full search history spot.Version: 6.5.7

Best App for MusiciansThe title says it all. I’ve used this app (and the website before it) for years. Can’t recommend it highly enough..Version: 6.5.9

Revised Review - much better on second lookI struggled with my first try of the app at the free membership level (see old review below - probably was trying to use a "Pro" tab while at free membership tier). Given the overwhelming positive reviews I switched to the web version, thinking "it can't be this bad - has to be me". It was me. I had such better luck with the web version that I upgraded my subscription for use on the laptop. Now, with a little familiarity, life is way better in the app too. Plenty of novice-level tabs available. I'm using favorites, playlists, requesting new tabs from the community and authoring my own. Ultimate Guitar is my daily practice partner. Wouldn't want to live without it. Already well worth the annual subscription and will get more value as my playing improves. [OLD REVIEW]Sorry, unusable here. Every time I click on the song I want to see I get the video ad to upgrade to pro. Dismiss the ad and I'm back in the main menu. I can't tell that this is anything but spam. Not enticing me to upgrade.[/OLD REVIEW].Version: 4.9.2

Good sourceAmazing app overall but just one problem, there aren’t chord versions of some songs on the app but there are on the website, so I have to go onto chrome to get most of the stuff I need.Version: 5.7.1

CoolThis app helped me learn guitar and made me from a Noob to play songs that I couldn't play before download this app you will never regret it.Version: 6.1.12

Great for beginners, intermediate and expertsI absolutely love this app, and have had pro for a while now, and I spend at least one hour a day on it trying to learn songs. I went into the app only knowing a few songs, but now I know most of Oasis and other bands like them, if you are starting out, definitely get pro, it will really help you as you can look at the official tabs. The one tiny tiny problem with it, is sometimes the scroll can go a bit too quick for the song, and you end up having to scroll back mid song, but it’s nothing that is too big of a problem, all in all would recommend.Version: 5.11.1

Very helpful and convenientI’ve been a long time user of this app, buying my membership in early 2017. It’s been extremely worth it and has helped with advancing my skill set immensely. I’ve tried a lot of other websites to get tabs, but none are as convenient as this when it comes to the handy tools provided, like the auto scroll and adjustable tab score. It’s very easy to contribute your own tab, which ensures that new songs are added into the database constantly. There have been very few songs I’ve not been able to find on here, usually because they’re extremely obscure or old. I’ve personally enjoyed the more recent addition of shots where you can see how other users interpreted songs or tabs. Also, one of the biggest pros to this app is their library of chords and various ways to produce them. I personally have really skinny fingers, so some traditional fingerings are hard to pull off. There are a lot of variations of chords they provide to help this issue. All in all, I’d definitely recommend this app to people who are seasoned players or are trying to learn a few skills..Version: 6.4.10

Can’t change intruments in guitar pro tabsUntil today I was able to change the instruments when using a guitar pro tab. Now whenever I click on the instrument in the bottom left corner it pops up with a transparent text of “instruments” at the bottom of the screen and a little x sign. I’m on iPhone 6 with the latest version of iOS installed..Version: 4.3.2

Outstanding !!!!A must have app for any self taught guitar learner to experienced players. It’s all here TAB for millions of songs Video Learners You Tube Links . Don’t just stick with the free bits subscribe fully and they offer 80% off deals on the yearly subscription then £20 a year after which again it’s a no brainer with the content. The New video learner with chords and vocals is unique and no other app supports this believe you me I’ve tried many over the years. This App is outstanding and the customer support is like no other quality. Dis regard any negativity about this app or neg comments this is nothing but the best in the World. Also a Safe community for all ages and the most active community of any app. It’s a no brainer click the download.Version: 6.1.2

Guitar Ap is the BestUltimate Guitar is about playing music by those that want to play music. A great application where you can find exactly what you need..Version: 6.10.1

Pretty good but there's to much in app purchasesNot to bad.Version: 3.5.0

Best guitar app ever!Get this app! There is not another app like this one! It has all the the music you would want either in chords or tab! Even if your selected song isn’t there, you can create your own version of it for others to enjoy! Yes, this is online but don’t worry you can record yourself playing your favourite tune and wait for someone who has the same interest as you to like and comment! It’s not just guitars you have to play on here, it’s mainly guitars, ukuleles, drums, banjo, or piano. Yes this app it called ULTIMATE GUITAR and is the best music app I have ever seen! 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸.Version: 6.9.8

Great app but some issuesGood stuff: I’m a thirteen year old boy, and I really enjoy music. I got my guitar in second grade but lost interest. In the past couple of months, I’ve learned that I really like how the guitar sounds, so I researched guitar apps. After heavy research, my parents ad I decided that this was the app to get. I’ve had the app for about a month, and l’m really enjoying the app. I’ve tried playing stuff from Beck to AC/DC. Bad stuff: App is confusing to navigate when you open it for the first time. Also, it is not said in the description that there is a subscription payment, which upset me, but I was able to pay it. But the thing that Aggravates me most is the fact that after playing too many songs, the app sends an error message saying I can’t play anymore “official” tabs. This forces me to put down my guitar for x amount of time until I can jam again and learn more songs. Overall, It’s a great app for veteran players, as well as beginners like me..Version: 4.8.4

Hello from TennesseeI am a 36 year old bass musician who plays at local bars and in my at home studio. I love that I can look up almost any song in your search bar and have the tablature right in front of me. Not only for the bass, but I can get tabs for lead and rhythm guitar, mandolin or any other instrument that was used to record that particular song. The reason I gave the app 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the accuracy of some of the tabs. I know that most of them were written by users and are the users interpretations of the song. Also several versions are usually available but sometimes the tabs are so far away from what was actually written by the artist that it could be a completely different song altogether. It just seems like there should be some kind of proof reading/editing. At least for the tabs that have such a large difference from what the original artist wrote. Other than that I love the app! It has helped me learn songs for years. Keep up the good work and please take my criticism as constructive. Thanks..Version: 4.9.8

Most used app on my old phone!!!Firstly I would like to say thanks to everyone involved as this is exactly what I’ve needed for such a long time!!! I’ve had the tabs app for about 3-4 years now and use it all the time, if there’s a riff or a solo part I can’t grasp, it’s there to help and the simplicity is so user friendly. I hardly ever find a song not on there and because I liked the app so much, I have dedicated my old iPhone to guitar tabs app and also the Tonebridge app and use it as apart of my rig whenever I play 👍🏻 keep up the good work and I look forward to any other products you may bring out, maybe like a recording app or something? 🤷🏻‍♂️ many thanks, Will, a very satisfied customer 👍🏻.Version: 6.1.0

They took everything I paid for awayAbout six months ago maybe longer I bought the premium package deal thing. I mainly used it for the interactive tabs. Loved all the new features. I don’t know if this is a bug or something y’all planned but everything I paid for is not available anymore. It says that I need to upgrade to the full version. I already own it and I’m not paying for it again. I don’t know if you thought you could take it away and give it back after I payed for it again, but I’m not buying it agains. I truly hope this is a bug because I loved the app, but after this I don’t think anyone should it if they are going to steal your money Alright disregard my last post. During the full version deal there was a timer. It wouldn’t let me use any of the features I purchased. The full version deal would show up every time I tried to do anything that required the full version. After the timer went away it still wouldn’t let me access it. I waited a day to see if anything would happen. Nothing happened. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. It now lets me use everything that I bought. I am so thankful this was bug because I loved the app. Other than an actual guitar tutor this is the best place to learn. I would highly recommend the full version as it is very useful..Version: 3.7.4

A fantastic purchase!My first purchase on the AppStore, and I don’t think this app could be topped. The tabs, the chords, the tuner, everything about this app is impeccable and I love it. I’m 83 years old and it makes me feel like a kid again Kind regards Joleyne.Version: 5.11.4

Just to thank yous allI just want to say a big thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to post there takes on certain song chords and tabs,I listen to lots of different musical styles from country,folk rock and pop but I’ve also tried out other styles as they’re their not very successfully though lol. I’m trying to start learning the blues does anyone have any ideas where to start,I’ve never had a lesson in my life but I’ve been able to get through a lot of Neil young,the pink floyd,Dylan and a few others but I have no idea were to start with the blues any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Thanks.Version: 6.8.0

Practically Perfect Except For One ThingI had recently found an old ukulele in my room and wanted to stay playing. I downloaded the app after seeing a few ads and really enjoyed it. Their collection of songs is extraordinary and I learned many new songs. I never purchased premium, because I’m not that serious of a player, and the app was still great without having yo pay. When opening new tabs, an ad will open up, no problem I just wait until I can click out of it. Recently however, the ad, even after a an x appears in the corner and I’ve clicked it several times, still remains. I get stuck on that screen, but my phone itself is fine. When I close the app and restart it, this problem still occurs. Eventually it resolves itself. This has happened a few times in the past month or so, but I would not let it prevent you from downloading the app. Altogether, it is well done and useful..Version: 5.3.3

Wish I was drivenI've sucked for year but I enjoy to play and this app works beautifully at my level. Like the gym membership I pay for every month but never go. If I used these tools I'd be Danzig.Version: 3.5.0

#INeededThis!I needed this cause whatever I tried on chrome, google and safari I can’t find the proper way for any song!.Version: 5.12.7

Great app, missing a couple of featuresThis really is a brilliant app, the auto scroll works well, the view is clear and effective, the tab ratings are generally appropriate, and the navigation is straightforward. I like it a lot. I have a couple of suggestions though. - There’s a lot of clicking the ‘back’ button. Why not keep the main five buttons at the bottom of the screen visible all the time so navigation is easy from everywhere (or rather, have that option available in settings, since not everyone wants that clutter on their screen) - You could also have the ‘heart’ button next to the tab title wherever it and its star rating appears, rather than just in the tab view. Then I can add to my favourites directly from the search results or the list of an artist’s songs, rather than laboriously going into every tab one by one to click the heart, even when it’s the official tab and should therefore be good. This is probably my biggest bugbear, given that I want to build thirty-song set lists in the fastest possible time. Generally though, I really like what you’ve done here. I’ve been using UG since it was OLGA, and at first I resented the move to a paid model but I see you’re spending the money wisely on great features, and so I now pay the sub. Thanks for great service..Version: 6.9.8

Wow!Never been so impressed with an app before. I haven’t picked up my guitar in years and this got me back into it in ultra quick time. Worth every dollar, the song library is amazing..Version: 6.4.5

At first I did not like itAt first I hated this app because it was literally just giving you the beginning of the song unless you paid, but if you actually helped the community and submitted a tab, it pays for you for a month. Just for one tab. I really like how it connects with the community to help other people learn guitar. It’s apps like this that really connect the world and help bring people together and enjoy music together. I play acoustic guitar, ukulele, and I am in a choir, and this app rivals some of the things my choir did to bring people together. I’m very great full to the creators of this app for bringing me towards this app. Thank you. I’m also great full towards the website, which lead me to this app. Thank you. And most of all I’m great full to the community for creating and submitting tabs for everyone to enjoy. Thank you. Everyone seeing this, please download this app and submit a tab. It doesn’t have to sound good or even be original. Just submit a tab so that everyone can join together in harmony..Version: 6.2.4

TabesIt’s a really good app I love it I play the ukulele.Version: 6.5.9

Top Tab SiteBest tab site out there for me with access to chords/tabs from a huge library with the option to buy/subscribe to well worth extended options within the app. I love the now playing tab which gives you easy access to chords/tabs of songs your listening to on your media player without having to manually search for each song you play along to, I can even use this option on my iphone aswell as desktop. Been using this place for over 15 years and never look anywhere else nowadays. Great work and dedication from the team always updating the site/app with new features. Can’t pick a fault over 15 year of use 👍🏻.Version: 6.4.15

Man why so many features you gotta pay forWhen I’m a superstar I’m going to feel everyone not to download this.Version: 6.5.10

Highly recommend the premiumI taught myself to play guitar with this app...started simple with basic open chords and worked up to more intermediate stuff with bar chords and learning the cage system with some sus’s,Aug’s, majors and minors , but now I’m learning full solos and complicated finger style songs. The premium gets you 100% accurate chords for songs with verified tabs or chords and it give you the chord library, chromatic tuner( with alternate tunings), and the auto scroll feature where you can speed up or slow down tab, mute or turn up the volume on different parts of the song like bass, drums, click, acoustic, electric, leads, and rhythms, and synth’s. They also have a transpose for peaople who can’t sing I certain keys or play certain chords. And a simplify feature where it changes any complex or detailed chords to the most basic form. I’ve had it for about 5 years I think and plan on having it forever..Version: 6.4.5

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