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Tagged -Chill, Chat & Go Live! app received 178 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Tagged -Chill, Chat & Go Live!? Can you share your negative thoughts about tagged -chill, chat & go live!?

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Ok not greatUnless tagged is lying saying it’s got millions of users I notice everytime I search it’s always the same faces, no matter what day time or location it’s always the Danes faces. The live chat is really good though, u less you willing to pay your money I don’t think you will like this app.Version: 9.25.2

OkTo many adds and to expensive.Version: 9.6.0

Too many fake profilesTo many fake profiles.Version: 9.18.0

!!!!It’s not a dating site more a social media site.Version: 9.20.1

A scam, poor securityI’ve never signed up for this app. I’m leaving this review because you can seemingly be signed up for this without your permission. And without any way to delete your account..Version: 9.38.1

Pointless appThe only thing you can do with this app is use the Meet Me feature, which is good if you like clicking yes, no a match on random people. If you have a tagged account, You can't do anything in this 'Tagged official app' except for playing the meet me game. Can't do anything else. Pointless..Version: 0

Lot of spam accountI have lost $100 cheated by a person took money through gift cards saying need to send kids to other house Name is Charlotte g (Auckland) Fake account better look into this account Spamming others using same method I tired from another account same reply all the time.Version: 9.29.1

So many scammer and fake peopleI can’t believe, this app is still exist. I have been using this app for 6 months. During this time, met more than 30 scammer who asked me whatsapp then negotiate for business and money.. Why not you guys name this app “Scammers”. Totally useless and worthless.Version: 9.25.2

Help Accessing accountHi good evening I just created my tagged account about 2 days ago now but I tried to access it after uploading more pictures and funds to my account and it wouldn’t allow me to. None of my pictures promoted drugs or nudity so I’am not sure what happened, I’ve also email support as well and waiting for a response with reactivating. I received an error message stating there’s no account with my email address, but when I tried to sign up again with the same email address it says an account already exists. Can you please help me resolve this issue so I can regain back access to my account please? Thank you..Version: 9.46.1

🖕🏻I used to love tagged growing up but this apps garbage. All my messages are gone, there’s way too much ads etc. I don’t think I’ll be using tagged again..Version: 9.8.1

Want a slow app that crashes 24/7? Then this is the app for you!Would avoid downloading this app, the app doesn’t allow anything to happen without crashing first. App also doesn’t allow music to be played at the same time in the background without muting it or interrupting it with an advert. Tagged was good 6/7 years ago however they only care about the “vip” members who pay to use their service. Will be avoiding this app until they make serious improvements.Version: 8.8.2

Great, but a few bugs!I really wish you guys would fix some of the bugs on this app such as red notifications showing up when they shouldn't and the messages you send sometimes have the other persons name on it (as if they were sending it to you). Also I think the zooming sometimes messes up in photos and gets stuck in 1 area of the photo and you cant move around while zoomed in but this only happens every now and then. Thanks otherwise great app (: Chat never seems to work for some reason? Idk why.Version: 6.4

Please bring back /add theseCan y’all bring back when we could have more interaction with ppl, it was a lot more fun when we had a time life/ everyone’s feed where we could post pictures and write statuses and comment on each other’s post, it’s not fair that y’all basically have forced users to basically go live in order to interact with ppl, also y’all should set up a pre-date through the app in the message area where you can watch a lil movie with someone this way if you decided to met up to go on a real date it won’t be awkward.Version: 9.44.0

Stuck on verification of emailRegards, validation of my account failed! I have requested confirmation more than 3times and everytime I click on the link takes me back to the same page on the app over and over! I have tried logging in & out but hasn’t helped.Version: 9.25.2

Constantly deleting accountsFor the past 10 years, I had a total of 5 accounts and all of them mysteriously got deleted, one after another.A few days ago, I emailed the support team defined out why my account constantly being deleted and they emailed me back saying I’ve violated the terms of service but didn’t specifically go in to detail. I’ve been on other social media platforms for 10 plus years and never had an issue. For tagged you constantly delete my accounts with no warning or explanation is ridiculous. Tagged is full of spammers, scammers, prostitutes, drug dealers and homosexuals trying to get straight men but they want to delete my account..Version: 9.44.0

If I can give this app ZERO I would‼️This is the most horrible app I have ever downloaded on my phone. It’s has been a terrible experience since day one. Whoever is behind the “monitoring” of this app needs to be fired. My account has been deleted more than once a And to this day I have yet to know why. I went live in the app once and it booted me out and deleted my account and it stated that “I can’t go live for 3 hours because too many people has complained about my live” Funny part is I never did anything that would cause me to be deleted such as nudity, violence and or profanity or gang violence etc. nothing that would have caused me or my account to be deleted. This has happened more than ONE TIME I had to make three accounts since I downloaded this app! It is insane! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP‼️‼️‼️ IT IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME THEY WILL DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON AT ALL‼️‼️‼️ WORLD MOST HORRIBLE APP EVER‼️‼️‼️‼️ I tried to see if maybe I was mistaking that’s the reason I went along and made different accounts to see if maybe I was doing something wrong on live on the app but NO IT BOOTED ME OFF WHEN MY VIEWS AND GIFTS/DIAMONDS REACHED A CERTAIN AMOUNT. SO DON’T THINK THEY'RE GOING TO PAY YOU CAUSE BEFORE THEY DO THEY WILL DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT BECAUSE “TOO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR LIVE” DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP‼️‼️‼️‼️.Version: 9.15.0

BrokenI signed up for an account yesterday and when I logged off and logged back in today I could no longer send messages, friend request play meet me or like photos and for some reason it’s the same on the website.Version: 9.25.2

Reopen accountI’m having to use this route in the hope Tagged will at last respond to me. They do not make it possible to contact help via the web. Every timeI try reinstating, I apply for an email, but when it arrives, if it arrives I get the same message. Your account is no longer available. Bur when I try to sign up for a new account, I’m told the details I’m submitting, whether name, or email address, are already in use. Either there is no account, or I’m being blocked from opening my account, it cannot be both. One more thing, the latest message I receive is, the email address is invalid. That I know is crazy, because I’ve been using the same email address everywhere for years, including on Tagged. It’s time you made accessing your support possible without having to log in, especially when logging in for one reason or another is not possible. This fault has existed for years, it’s not new. If you don’t want people to use your service, then reply with a message telling us you don’t want our patronage, that’s politeness, not the system you use..Version: 9.25.2

TrashMatches don’t show up and well yeah that’s it. Fix it please. Seems like the ability to view those one matches with is a key component to your service..Version: 9.38.1

TrashyThe trashy you see in tag is amazing the one that is organised tag should look more into because not even feee this site is worth it most are overseas and the one from here look like scaping from alcateaz and the sleazy woman and man are pathetic.Version: 9.2.0

Impossible to close the accountYou can open the account in the app, BUT you are not allowed to close it!!! I keep getting fake messages in my email inbox everyday from tagged and I can’t stopped even when I deleted the app and try to close my account due the amount of fake profiles!.Version: 9.47.1

Finding a rose in the weedsI have found 7 women in this country that are"friends", 4 of whom I have met and one of the other 3 I will probably meet. I have 2 good friends in Philippines which I would like to meet but know is unlikely to happen. I have had several hundred contacts from Latin America , a couple of whom I chatted with for a month or less, none of which I will ever meet. And , I have been "liked" by a plethora of young women that have not even read my profile and those that I have chatted with have all wanted money. I have found 6 roses and 3 rosebuds I have been provided by thorns many more times. Tagged can be fun and interesting but beware of the thorns and buzzing bees. They both sting..Version: 9.2.0

UpdateRight now it’s need an update it sucks.Version: 9.38.1

Cannot find the news feed in the appI cannot find the news feed browse section for status’s no matter what I do. Delete and re-download. Can’t stay on the mobile version in safari very long without being booted. Fix this!.Version: 9.34.0

Lame asf appFirst off thirsty dudes on there Females will report other woman to get them to lose there diamonds and the app does not investigate the reports so anyone can get your live shut down for 30 days no explanations. As well as trolls and the ppl that work for the app are pervs && do favoritism certain things aren’t allowed for certain cultures they say you can’t do this but get on and see it from others on the top of board... worse than live me if u ask me this is something to do when there’s a absolutely nothing to do and don’t spend money on it it’s nots worth it. They just want black people on here wasting they money they will ban your account outta nowhere males and females. Also they don’t even respond to there issue so I’m suing them LAWSUIT!!!!.Version: 9.20.1

LocationThe location filter to view people sucks u put Ajax or Toronto within 5km or 10 and it’s showing you people in Montreal Quebec hard to find people from your actuall location cause it never works but there is some real people and others who r on the to find people to do sex business with, if ur trying to find a good dating app not it.Version: 9.21.0

CrashesLatest update is ridiculous.. messages written disappear before sending.. write something it’s gone.. have to constantly retype everything.. uses way too much ram and freezes.. if you can’t make it better leave it alone.. why release a version that’s worse.. supposed to make improvements not make it unusable...Version: 9.25.1

Worst experienceWorst experience I've had in a while you need to upgrade this site.Version: 9.29.0

Great appI like the tagged but it has a lot going on. With that being said I use the app on my phone and I would like to be able to delete messages all at once not one by one that is driving me crazy. My inbox be to full for that. Secondly, you have to pay for gold ok i get that. Have specials so you can get more for the price sometimes. I feel the gifts should be lowered or the price to get gold. Also find another way to earn gold instead downloading all these games and taking up people storage on there phone. Like you can earn gold daily by doing certain things on tagged. Thirdly, on live when people enter you live they should be counted but it should also have another list of people who is still lurking in your live. People crazy these days so they can be stalking the person for real. As a woman I would love a feature like this so I can see who’s watching me. Other then that tagged is cool. Hopefully these things can be fix or work on..Version: 9.5.1

Need Consumer Assistance, Never Got ItSo I’m using my review power. Hopefully I get help. So I dl’d this app, and set up my account with only my phone number. No email, no Facebook, simple. But later, through people I’ve met on here, I discovered there is an entire WEBSITE! So I got excited and tried to logon. But I CAN’T because I need an email and password, which I never used to set up! So as far as I know, I’m locked out of the site version of my account. I can’t get in. How can this be remedied? If I try for Help via the App, it’s only gonna take me to the Help Page (site) and ask me to LOGIN with email and password. This is a Catch 22...please help. Other than this, I like the app. It burns my phone up, but I like it. Lol. Any help would be GREAT. THANKS..Version: 9.8.0

UselessMade harder with limited options. We can’t play pets on the app..Version: 9.2.0

Used to be good.The app used to be a good fun place to chat with new people from local or all over the world but then the app developers decided to get rid of the best feature..the ‘News Feed’ (like the news feed on Facebook). It was where everyone posted a funny status or something similar and everyone could LIKE or comment and conversations would take place. Sadly for some unknown reason they disabled it and sadly the app has died a death (IMO) . PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!!.Version: 9.42.0

How to set up againI accidentally created a wrong birthday in this account. How can i change it to my original birthday? I can’t find any option to edit my profile..Version: 9.38.0

Deleted profileMy profile was deleted for apparently violating the rules. I built up a following since 2017. However there are people that are allowed to post unacceptable pics. However i post pictures and its a violation. A picture, playfully sticking my tongue out as people do, however you can only see my lips and top half which is fully clothed in a respectable blouse! The picture was removed, so i reposted it and my account was shut down. When i checked my emails There were messages about my pics. Unfortunately i cant help the way god made me, and sometimes i don't want pervs seeing my whole face. One rule for some and one for others. Full of perverts anyway!.Version: 9.21.0

News feedBe good if the news feed came up.Version: 9.17.0

Pets gameGot a iPhone now and I have lost my pets game not happy I been playing this since it started.Version: 9.4.2

Creepy! This app is full of Nonces 🤢The app made me feel very disappointed and vulnerable because I was harassed by a huge amount of grown men in their late 30’s to 70’s talking to me (I’m 18). You can block accounts or report them but it didn’t feel like it was strong enough to stop accounts that belonged to much older men talking inappropriately to young women like myself. My advice, don’t use this app!!!.Version: 9.25.0

Fix thisI’m not usually one to write a bad review, but with this app it is well needed. I logged in several times, each time from my email, for some reason the app kept sending me back to my email to confirm it. Second problem it would not recognise my password so I had to change it three times. And still I could not get into my account. Third time I tried to log in with my ph number, but yet still could not get into my account, Not happy at all, the problem needs to be fixed..Version: 9.1.0

It's very slow when I want to type a msgIt's good and nice app,but when It comes to write something or type a msg ,it's very heavy keyboard and very slow.Version: 9.2.0

FrustratedWhy don't the photos load so annoying !!.Version: 8.9.0

RIP OFFI once gave this app a 5 star review. I still think the free app is one of the better ones but then I signed up for VIP. It worked for awhile and it seemed worth the price but then it stopped working. My account still shows the subscription both in ITunes and in the app itself but when I try to use the features the suscribe screen pops up. When I hit the suscribe button it says I am already subscribed yet it won’t let me use the feature. Very frustrating. I doubt if they are doing this on purpose but After I submitted 5-6 requests they finally responded snd said my subscription was with their sister app that is not even available in the US. I even sent them a screen shot as proof but they wouldn’t do anything. I had to cancel the subscription but I still lost my $30. They sell you something and do not give it to you!.Version: 9.38.1

Unorganized, Unprofessional and sadTagged is allowing people who broadcast in the dark, talks about other people for no reason and don’t acknowledge the people coming in the steam the honor of having a Top Badge???They don’t return emails or have the decency to let you know they’re working on the issue. There’s people trending with private parts as their profile pictures but they will end the live or give a warning to those who have been reported for nothing at all. None of this makes sense. If you post that there are requirements for a badge then the people who qualify should receive a badge. These issues need to be addressed since we are spending REAL money on this app so everyone should be treated fairly. This app isn’t worth the time or drama that comes along with it..Version: 9.8.1

Phone drainerThis app drains my phone like crazy 🖕.Version: 9.13.1

👎👎👎👎👎If I could I would give this app zero stars. I have spoken with hundreds of people here through messaging. I can remember one person who said they are in the US that actually was where they said they are. There are plenty of people in Latin America or Asia that might be real but the American ones, nope. Think of this app this way. If you are a person that looks like a professional model are you going to waste your time on this second rate app or are you going to use Instagram, FB, Snap, or Twitter? It's no contest. Even if I were to be deleted for this review, who cares? That would make 1 more space for them to add a scammer. I've never seen a social media site or it's members so carelessly neglected by it's management. Such a waste of time. Don't bother..Version: 9.10.1

Gets worse each update.I discovered Tagged 11 years ago, met tons of people; met most people through chat rooms back when they had chat rooms. Ever since they’ve taken off the chat rooms it’s all gone down the drain. Spam bots killed the chatrooms and they even said at one point that they were going to bring it back (Never did lol). However, this app on the other hand was doing alright, the UI update was alright, (I started using the app back in 2013 btw) everything was fine— well somethings, there’s a lot of bugs that still exist but i won’t go into that. One thing that really bothers me is this app being battery-hungry, it’s ridiculous and it heats up my phone really bad. Ads that pop up and play automatically, live cams, and the app crashing randomly is just the icing on the cake. This app needs to get optimized, especially with the power consumption, I’m considering uninstalling and just use my pc if this is going to be an ongoing thing..Version: 8.8.2

TaggedTagged need more people that are in Ottawa not all these other states like people put up there from Ottawa and there not like why pay to be v.i.p then this site sucks a lot.Version: 9.15.0

Krap appGarbage.Version: 9.25.2

Rubbish dating app with fake profilesDon’t bother, most of the profiles on here are fake. All you’ll be getting is targeted advertisements. They’ll be pestering you to become a VIP lol you know they want money. Or pestering you to buy gold - wish it’s real gold. And you can’t stop it, you can’t even clear the notifications until you succumb. You have to be brain dead to give your card details to these rubbish people. Nothing works. You can’t even upload photos through the app. It’s all pants. I’m not sure what idiots advertise on Tagged, as if anyone would buy anything on there. Please let these people know how annoying advert is to people.Version: 9.0.0

Massive potential for something betterI’ve been on Tagged for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed the fact you could browse potential mates by gender, race, or age. Or see who’s in your area. It was nice talking to real actual people instead of worrying who was really on the other end of the screen. But over time, the number of fake profiles, obvious scams and bots constantly posting under every comment you make, and the p2p posts makes this site feel more like some kind of sex site than an actual dating app. But even then you could easily weed them out. It’s still annoying to see. And don’t get me started on the aggressive ads (Sighs) Anyways, this app has a lot of potential still, and can rise to the top. If they add in a few features, like stories, the ability to share videos, and what not. (Like every major social media app.) Then yeah, this app can make the comeback it deserves. Also, one last thing, your update caused the option to view feeds to disappear. I can’t see others posts and I can’t post nothing as well. Hopefully you guys fix this soon..Version: 9.17.0

New update sucksWhere’s the news feed at.Version: 9.16.0

ScamsToo many young pretty pictures asking for money.Version: 9.21.0

Notifications don’t go awayBecause I don’t have membership I can’t look at the people who have viewed me so I am now sitting at about 35 notifications on profile and 5 in meet me. Please make them go away..Version: 9.12.1

Update now slowThe Update 28th august 2017 is now making tagged running slower then every ... so annoying please make it run faster so I can read my inbox and reply on time.Version: 8.7.5

Can’t sign inI put my sign in information correctly and it still won’t let me sign into the app on my iPhone.Version: 9.25.2

Why can’t I see the timeline or able to update my message through the app??Knock knock’ are you all still on vacation been waiting a decade for y’all to update this thing.Version: 9.32.0

Tagged appI like it its easy to use but it needs more things, luv, winks, views pretty much all u can do on full site plus the notifications have been playn up for a long time.........Version: 6.2

App gets slow & taking lot of spaceApp gets very slow. No option to delete any msgs etc. Pics & msgs taking lot of memory..Version: 9.13.1

App needs workI’ve been on Tagged for awhile, and have actually met real people. However the recent app updates are making me consider deleting it altogether. Suggestions: 1. Get rid of ads! Or find a better way to incorporate them into the app. It’s 2018 and pop up ads are really not necessary. 2. Privacy/Security: do you all actively monitor live feeds?? All kinds of inappropriate behavior going on! Guys are stalking women and crazy people pop up and create fake profiles after you ban them. 3. If someone is on your friends list they should automatically show up as a favorite in the live videos. Why do I have to scroll through millions of profiles to find my friends video when they are on? Also make it easier to get to people’s live videos from your inbox or when clicking on their profile. 4. Put the add friend button back on the profiles in the live video section..Version: 9.2.0

No goodIf you ever having problems don’t delete the app because if you delete the app it won’t let you get back on ....it will claim doesn’t recognize your email. I have been through this two times both times I have lost diamonds I have lost bouncers contacts I had to start over every single time and it just doesn’t make sense. No one reaches out so you can contact support they don’t do their job. I’ve reached out to support several times have receive no response. Before that it continuously and your live streaming for whatever particular reason it’s just not a good app anymore it’s just horrible and it doesn’t even deserve one start at this point..Version: 9.25.2

Cancelling account.I have had Tagged since 2007 and las month I was unable to access my account. Sent many emails to support to no avail then was finally notified that my account was deactivated. After I sent several queries asking the reason why, I was informed that I had violated its policy but refused to inform me of what precisely what I had violated. Asked to have my account reactivated and was told no because of said reason. Opened another account and less than two weeks later the same nonsense. What is going on with your support staff and why do you continue to deactivate people’s account like that? I can understand if a person violate the terms as set forth but if a person’s account is deactivated without any violation, I believe it is just wrong! Tagged is not what it purports itself as being..Version: 9.29.1

No support emailsHad to set up 3 accounts because I haven’t received reactivation emails after deleting the first two accounts. Now the third account won’t let me log in and I haven’t deactivated it. Again received no email to set a new password and gain access. I have reported it to the support website they give out here to some reviews and again received nothing. Very bad. Disappointed I have not yet received a response from the developer. Furthermore Tagged is rife with scammers. If you’re reasonably clever you shouldn’t be fooled and they usually behave the same way. People are able to change their location to a different country, which is very unhelpful when trying to talk to someone in your country and they are not..Version: 9.19.0

Fake account jungleThis is just Garbage from head to toe; - top many fake account - why is there australia profile displayed if option is set to less than 100km -cash for action dont brother downloading that apps; most likely an app to retreive acc/password from dummy users that may used the somewhere else.Version: 9.44.0

No way back on after deactivatingSomeone has somehow managed to use my email address to open an account. So I used another to try and trace who’s using it and also my photos. I deactivated my account and now if won’t let me back as it says there is no account. However, if I try to open an account with my email addresses it says they’re being used. What a poor app this is. Seems anyone can set up a fake account with no comeback. It really need come kind of verification as I never received anything to say my email was being used here. Very disappointing!.Version: 9.19.0

So many scammersThe site doesn’t care that scammers spam everyone or locations mean nothing because they all can make there locations anywhere...Version: 9.42.0

AdsAdds load so quickly, but the system shows pictures so slow. Too many adds and overwhelms the app.Version: 9.17.0

Fun but restrictiveIts a fun app to connect with people but the restrictive applications on sexual content for a 18+ app is appalling, as is the modbot which is unable to decide what is a sexual content and what is not.Version: 9.29.1

AuthenticationI really enjoyed this app at first. I was making friends and I had loyal “fans”. It was fun to get on live and chat with everyone. All of a sudden, i try to cash out my diamonds and now it says “there was a problem authenticating you.” I’ve reached out to tagged support and submitted over 5 requests over the last 4 days and have not received an answer from anyone. I don’t want to delete my account but if it’s not running the proper way, there’s no reason for me to use it. I used to stream a lot and made a lot of diamonds and there’s no way for me to even put it to use since i can’t even make it gold now. I’m frustrated no one has reached out to me in regards to this..Version: 9.17.0

Unfortunately porn sites and scammersAlthough I’m at the choice of how tagged wishes me to choose my privacy, it doesn’t go far enough. I’m copping too many fake profiles. Trying to redirect me to scam sites. I noticed you don’t have a p2p side site. Therefore. For a private chat and video chat. I’m forced to go to WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Line etc... You’ve gone this far to provide a meet up and pets. Unfortunately you stopped dead in your tracks on P2P. You went to open video that anyone can go into being multiple people can see one another. How about a set up similar to the sites I mentioned. As I have spoken to females, their major concern are abusive and vile males making sexual advances. Which hinder the females finding real chat persons. Therefore deleting their accounts. Or asking the match to transfer to other chat sites. Tagged then loses out. Marketing wise, ratings in popularity and profit productivity.Version: 9.15.0

Tagged mobile appHave always used tagged of and on for many years and would say its really amazing and easy to use but my problem is when on mobile data the app wont loads chats and profiles just sits their like have no signal or low signal when have full signal on 4G network having to use it on wifi as only works properly/loads properly that way.Version: 9.48.0

PolicyThe app need more tighter security where other cant screens shot or record other pictures and stricter guidelines to follow..Version: 9.47.3

RubbishAbsolutely rubbish app you put 5 miles of where you live & it still gives profiles from people over 200 miles away and you check out someone’s pic there’s a pop up try to see who viewed you there’s a paywall it’s just wants money that’s it nothing more I feel stupid for getting this app and believing all their lies my advice stick with pof it’s all free on there and you actually get people who are actually near as for myself this app goes bye bye.Version: 9.46.0

Haven for scammers and spammersThis app is a safe haven for scammers and spammers and the people at Tagged do nothing about reports that are made. Easily a dozen or more scammer approaches every single day non stop. Why would anyone actually pay for premium when it’s just a pile of garbage..Version: 9.44.0

Feedback on updateStill have the same issues even with the update and apparent update of live. I open the app then my battery starts boiling hot. Also cannot go on live with wifi seems to never connect, but when I’m on data then sure it seems to work. Please fix this.Version: 9.1.0

Access to my Pets stopped and no control over site!I love this game although there are many scammers on here and the site is not properly policed. I think about 85% are not real profiles! Tagged makes no effort to stop it!! There are gangs of scammers on this site! Tagged, please clean up this site! Take action against scammers! A little while ago suddenly they stop access to my Pets on my mobile. Perhaps the access route has changed but there is no way of contacting then as there is a problem referral problems site. I have been the subject of a scammer and reported the incidents but no action was taken! Now being scammed again but Tagged appear to totally ignore my messages for help..Version: 9.25.2

No. Real. People.First and foremost, there’s a lot of scammers on Tagged. ALOT! There’s sugar daddy scammers, sugar momma scammers, unemployment scammers, etc. There’s people on here asking for all types of info like bank account information, pictures of your photo ID, and all that. I know it’s a no brainer to not give people those details, but some people aren’t as bright. Another thing, I feel like you guys should completely take off the video calling feature within the chat, or the camera feature. Here’s why: there are MANY men who are sending unsolicited photos to me and other women on the app. Asking for hookups and sexual favors, men are prostituting females on this app for money. You all need to set something in place to get this app under control, because it makes no sense, at all..Version: 9.32.0

Spam heavenIf your looking for a app full of spam or scams look no further this one is for you. It’s full of the stuff. Mite find one person that’s real all the rest are full of the stuff. Admin don’t do nothing about it even if you report it. I used to like it and use it a lot for talking to people. Now not much good for anything..Version: 9.43.0

Tagged is really getting worse to manageI am having a lot of issues with my phone and pop up ads out the blue just popping up. It buffers a lot when I am on there I have to close it then start it back over. I put in my city for meet me and I get other cities and maybe 3 or 4 of mine. Now about live I like it but it does a lot of buffering on my phone is there any way I can get live on my desktop or laptop it would be a lot better for me. I get a lot of scammers or people playing pets with fake profiles so I block them and report them but they seem to pop back up on my Pet page is the block and report button working. Why not just bring the pet game back to the tagged app on the phone that would be much more fun. I have and 15 videos that’s worth 30 gold in Earn Gold and none of them work why have them in there if they don’t work. I have been a member since 2011 and when I first got on here I was looking for a relationship but that didn’t work so I started playing pets and feel in love with the game but now I am kind of disliking the game because of the scammers and fake profile people so can you please make some changes and get tagged back to what I use to be it’s beginning not to be fun anymore.Version: 8.9.0

Camera filter sucksThe quality is not good with the current update.Version: 9.19.0

Trash!!I’ve been on this website for 15 years!! And it is absolutely garbage now! It just keeps getting worse and worse. I think I might delete my account!!.Version: 9.21.0

Poor serviceSlow to load not accurate with location too manny fake profiles.Version: 9.37.0

Bad update for iPhone/Apple usersCan not see my status, likes or comments anymore this app keeps overheating my phone. Please fix it have been using this site for quite a few years.Version: 9.21.0

SmhBeen on the app for about a week and just when I was almost able to cash out my account became “inactive” . I’m not sure If my account was hacked by someone or it it was just tagged that deleted my account because they didn’t want to pay me my money. This being said I emailed the company 3 times trying to understand what was going on and to get my account back, I never got an email back and I also could not find a REAL customer service number. Besides this I guess it’s a cool app. Just make so to cash out ASAP before tagged takes down your account because they don’t wanna pay you. Also good luck trying to get a hold or customer service or a returned email ..Version: 9.21.0

Too many fake / scam / spam accountsI would guess that maybe 15 a 20% of the accounts on this app are legit and the most of them are from very heavyset women of color. If that is what you are into then maybe this app would be useful after you weed through all the fake / scam / spam accounts. Tagged doesn’t care. They make money off guys buying gifts to give to live streamers… just to hear the love streamer say thank you Joey or whatever. I’m amazed how pathetic these people are spending money on an app to hear someone thank them. It’s crazy. But each their own. Then you have the boys… setting up fake accounts on the daily sending out messages to you with links to porn sites etc. enough already!!!! Even the live stream has fake accounts we pre-recorded videos playing the same video over and over and these stupid guys giving gifts to these fake accounts… trying to chat to the girls dancing and don’t respond because it’s pre-recorded. What morons. Lol As a dating app… they get 1 star As a spam app… they get 5 stars As a scam app… they get 5 stars.Version: 9.47.3

RubbishThis app and site used to be good. Now they're so focused on earning their money, you get so many ads shoved in your face, it's impossible to do anything! Even if you don't tap anything, an ad pops up. Which then makes your phone freeze and/or the app crash. There's way too much cpu usage from this so it has a terrible lag. It's changed for the worst..Version: 8.8.2

De activated accountSays my account is inactive and does not recognize my email when I try to reactivte, no success with support. I was on just the day before I did subit a request through support and my email addresses is not recognized, before this incident I got a request saying that my account may be compromised so I folowed the link to reset my password and was successful , I tried to get on th sight the next day and my account was completely unrecognized by your site.Version: 9.18.0

IssuesThere are countless amounts of notification bubbles to say something happened yet when I get onto the app nothing shows up... the bubble also doesn’t go away, could also suggest to be able to rotate the app on the screen so that way you could use it in landscape as well as portrait.Version: 9.2.0

Too many ScammersThere are way too many scammers on this site. Not worth it. I say I only want to talk to people no more than 20kms away and I’m constantly being bombarded with people from the US or UK all of which are scammers I might add. Very annoying. Surely Tagged can do something about that. How does one find someone in these circumstances. Rant over but really Tagged..Version: 9.21.0

What’s going onAfter being on your website for several months I’m now having issues with logging in. Why’s my password and email not recognised after 2 months.Version: 9.19.0

No pets access tagged iPhone?Downloaded quick I phone gave up trying to access pets, as just on got tagged pets like many. This app is useless lol.Version: 9.17.0

PetCan’t play pets in iPhone apps anymore which is big headache.Version: 9.20.1

ScammersThis site is utterly full of scammers and no matter how often you report it, Tagged take no notice, they don’t let you know they have dealt with it, that I’m not even convinced there are any Tagged admin. Whilst I’ve never been taken in by scammers, there are a lot more vulnerable people that could be scammed out of money. Seriously Tagged, if you can’t sort this out, close the site down!.Version: 9.32.0

Don’t bother downloadingApps full of scammers and fake accounts people are rude on there place is a dump plus the apps always buggy and u can’t see half the stuff and U have too pay for the ads too be removed and a premium version which is only so u can not chat with regular users don’t Download it’s run by the people from meet me and SKOUT apps don’t trust these people they ban u for no reason no warnings or anything 0/10.Version: 9.46.0

FakeA lot of fake profiles and even when you choose your location it never gives you anybody near by only from other countries and 50+miles away and people that have like you and you click yes back doesn’t show as you’ve matched with them.Version: 9.44.0

ScamSo I have downloaded this app twice now. And both times I have payed for a monthly subscription. Then both times my account has been cancelled with no explanation and no refund of my subscription payment. I have read all the terms and conditions to make sure I wasn’t doing anything I shouldn’t be. And I wasn’t so there was absolutely no need to cancel my account twice. I believe this is what they do to make money. I will be taking my subscriptions to another app where they actually appreciate their users. STAY CLEAR DO NOT DOWNLOAD ITS A SCAM..Version: 9.43.0

Issues with membershipI have been having issues with my vip subscription for over a month and have put in requests and with no reply!!! Very disappointed.Version: 9.21.0

Drains Phone Battery and Phone Runs HotThe Tagged app is ok but it has a lot of bugs and crashes a lot. I find that it makes my phone run really hot and I have to stop the app from running in the background. The battery drains really fast when I use the app..Version: 8.7.5

Verification not workingEverytime I try to verify my email, it doesn’t work, and stays on the verification page, I haven’t even gotten a chance to use the app.Version: 9.35.0

Catfish centralCool app but loads of people to get up you to use apps like whatsapp then ask you to top up their, phone or get you to send money or possibly use you for a green card.Version: 9.25.2

Tagged ( Pets )I spend a lot of money on gold and all you do is take my pictures down and is the same type I have on now I put my uid on to stop the scammers The no help line in uk just in the USA and even they find it hard to get a reply i am a pet player hot years and tagged dose not care about pet players just the meet me and really know one meets me if you ask them just chat on tagged a few may cam and chat but not meet up You can not play pets on your phone at all and one thing we did have as a pets players was the homepage and you could chat to your friends that played pets wish them a happy birthday also past birthday runs past uid of scammers just for the pets. But tagged now took the homepage away from the pets game..Version: 9.46.1

Not really compatible with I-phoneFirst they removed pets, now they remove the news feed....making the Tooapp useless. It was a great app at one point, not sure why they made so many negative changes. Tagged Live is just an awful feature..Version: 9.29.1

Technical issuesCan’t access first account made via email to verify account so had to use mobile authentication instead please fix this issue as I have two accounts of the same..Version: 9.43.0

Confirmed my email 3 separate timesApp is useless, confirmed my profile via email and had it resent and re confirmed and re sent and re confirmed but everytime I open the app and try to customize my profile it says I need to confirm my profile. I can’t even delete my profile because of this crap. Now my face and name is on your useless app, unable to remove it and unable to use it. Thanks for stealing my photo I guess..Version: 9.39.0

Seeking women’s deepest desiresFly moari guy looking and seeking different women.Version: 9.18.0

Chicken nuggetCan’t access news feed on my iPhone xs. Overall the app is great and it’s a fairly decent social media site but for some reason I haven’t got a news feed. I’ve recently downloaded the app on my new phone, all I seem to get through ‘browse’ is the wants to chat page and there isn’t an option to select news feed like there was on my previous phone which is frustrating..Version: 9.20.1

Its “OKAY” - Could be MUCH better!Pros: +FREE Live Features +App is stable +Messaging is okay +/- Slightly inclusive of LGBT Cons: -Lack basic functionality ~UI from web to mobile doesnt translate ~UI very dated & not intuitive ~Filters Missing ~Support Neglect ~Profiles lack basic info: HT/WT/“Interested In” -Doesn't fully support LGBT users ~Lacks property safety measures of LGBT users ~Hostile user experience for LGBT users ~Missing key gender expression: Trans, Nonbinary ~Missing key orientation: Queer, Lesbian -Doesnt explain monetary compensation or exchanges: Gifts, Diamonds -No community building tools available via the mobile platform ~No content posting ~No timeline or newsfeed ~Profile are EXTREMELY limited in content ~Likes, & Views are monetized Summary: Tagged is…decent. It has the potential to be a really good social or even dating app that can potentially be on par with larger platforms; however they grossly mishandle their users, content, & audience. Support is very limited, and their follow up is non-existent! I recommend EXTREME caution for LGBT users; although slightly included, the app does an amazingly poor job at creating enjoyable experiences for the community..Version: 9.44.0

Paying a fee for VIPMy name is Mario I am 52 years old I am on a DS p I work for packaging company I get paid $5.84 an hour and I work three days a week 6 1/2 hours a day I pay $690 a month rent I am separated I can’t afford to pay VIP I don’t think it’s right for me to do that because I can’t afford it can you help me please regards Mario.Version: 9.10.1

Scammers homepageI but some are potentially very dangerous asking for copies iof passports and similarly sensitive information. Most common is telling you have been selected to win a massive cash prize or a BMW I receive on average one or two a day Tagged don't seem to be able or interested in monitoring this. Report them all. Sooner or later Tagged could well be in court over this.Version: 9.19.0

App keeps crashingHi my tagged app keeps crashing I’ve tried everything like restarting my phone and deleting and reinstalling but it’s still crashing after a certain amount of time? It used to work fine before but now it keeps crashing like when I go live after a certain amount of time it just closes.Version: 9.36.0

TaggedI love the tagged app I’ve met plenty of cool people on it but what I hate the most is there are perverts and violent people on the app I’ve been threatened by many man saying they would kill me and get me kidnapped people was giving out my number and address to everyone I don’t know how they got my information but that was happening and it’s very dangerous because I might have a stalker so you guys need to tighten up the security and accounts on here you have sex traffickers on here two of them cans my way but I know what a fake account look like so I escalated that fast you guys need to really see who is making an account but besides that I actually like the app I just don’t understand why can’t we smoke on the app your always getting banned from the live because someone showed a child or something not to serious that is very annoying it’s like i have to put on a huge sweater and pants just so I won’t get banned because I choice to show some skin!!!!.Version: 9.21.0

Newest version crashes upon openCrashes when loading app on iPhone 6 Plus 12.1.2.Version: 9.8.0

FULL OF FAKE PROFILES!There are too many fake profiles and a lot of sexual service providers. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just looking for friends then look somewhere else and do not waste your time on this app! Just deleted my account!.Version: 9.36.0

Awful, just awful.Not even three days of using this app and I’m already preparing to disable my account and delete the app. Not only is it a carbon copy of MeetMe and Tinder, I’ve come across some very questionable profiles. I’ve come across several users with drug paraphernalia in their profiles. There was literally a profile who put “pillz for sale” as their name. The age filter is broken and will still show you people outside of your preferred age range. Mine was automatically set to 18-28 but I was still getting people 40 to 60 showing up in my “Meet”. I have no variety in my matches in age or race. There are also several profiles I’ve come across where the user is clearly lying about their age. I guess if you’re looking for drugs or okay with dating men that are three times your age then go ahead and download Tagged..Version: 9.5.1

Lot of bugs and crashesI have been using tagged for YEARS But I keep getting hacked, spammed and tagged just keeps on crashing It has gotten to the point to deleting the app til this problem has been resolved for good I do love the app but those bugs are getting worse, and it has been annoying.Version: 9.9.2

SettingsHere is my issue There are selections you can make and assume they have become your “settings” But exit the screen and you return to find your selections have defaulted Tagged don’t want to know, assuming I guess, the problem lies here on Apple’s app Can you sort it please.Version: 9.48.0

After updating it just crashes all the time.Keeps crashing after the recent update and I hate that I have to keep entering my email address every time I log in (my email is really long). You should really put back the remember me option👍.Version: 7.0.5

TERRIBLE .Tagged was a great app at one point until they dont want you to be great anymore. They are beyond unfair . They are picky and have their favorites. I was a top badged streamer and a paying subscriber and my account was deleted because ive asked for a password reset . They told me I didnt have an email associated with my account which makes 0 sense because theyve emailed me with the email I signed up with . My streams never lasted long because of how unfair they are . They let many break the rules how ever they please ..And let me not start about how many drug dealers , prostitution, harassment, sex buyers , and scammers that are on this app . Yes you can stream for earnings but they legit scam you at this point . You put in money for gifts and subscriptions and then your page is gone . Like I said it was fun until they start picking favorites . oh and if you dont want to be bothered by the disgusting horny men and scammers then I say to stay far . Horrible app..Version: 9.17.0

This is starting to annoy me....I can not login or register for tagged I have been trying and it keeps telling me that is uncounted a problem. I try to sign in and tells me I don’t have a account witch I do.... I have even tried through google and still can’t sign in all it keeps doing is taking me to the sign in page this needs to be fixed ASAP..Version: 9.1.0

Why should I payWhy should I pay for something that should be free. The purpose of app to to connect people . Not to make people pay to see if someone likes you..Version: 9.12.1

TagedNeeds to be updated for us ad uses to be able to give n see tags,love,winks Should be updated for the uses to see the full site of tagged.Version: 6.3.1

Used to be goodTagged back a few years ago used to be alright! Met a few people of there and some went further than others. I’m going through a rough time and thought i would try and get back on here to help me get some social life back. Instead it’s just people selling “premium Snapchat’s” and “onlyFans” accounts and scammers. It’s honestly awful, there’s more fakes on there than a little! Pointless, I will be deleting this app very soon and do not intend to go back on it!.Version: 9.31.0

Technical issues...I’ve used tagged on various types of smartphones for a few years and am happy with the services it provides... But... this is the only App that OVERHEATS MY PHONE and EATS THROUGH MY BATTERY. I’ve noticed a slight difference when using this on WiFi but my phone starts to heat up shockingly. Apart from these issues it’s good. When’s the next update?.Version: 9.21.0

What’s wrongAll of a sudden no matter how many profiles I swipe right, it never reduces the number that “likes you”, even with the profile that says this person likes you. Please fix, this has been a great app for meeting people, cheers.Version: 9.15.0

.It blocked my email out of nowhere. How can I fix this?.Version: 9.25.2

Very Badly Coded- Eats Battery - Eats Data - Phone processors run hard, Phone gets extremely hot indicating a memory leak. - Tried this app as web access no longer works (loops around to “get the app” on attempted log in) - Have uninstalled this app due to it making my phone hang and always requiring a reset after use (which still never really fixed the issues- until after it was uninstalled). - Install at own risk..Version: 8.9.0

Worst fake app on planetThere is not one serious genuine person on there . Every single person sends you link to some prom site . All of them are robots . Biggest scam.Version: 9.20.0

Prostitution/ scammers/ fake profilesI use to really love this app. But it has dramatically gone down hill as one of the worst dating apps. I can tell from being on there that the developers don’t care anymore about what goes on much on the app since they’re getting money off of people buying gifts on the app. From being on there. The live feature. So many people will only respond to you. If you get on their live. And even then they won’t respond to you unless you send them a gift. Which you have to pay real money for. They dress up scandalous on their live pictures to get attention. Which is crazy because tagged won’t allow you to upload certain pics. But yet they’ll allow that because they get money off of it with the live feature… A lot of women on their are selling themselves with prostitution. A lot of fake accounts. I’d get probably 20 messages a day from fake profiles wanting you to sign up for a sex website. Or a snap where you pay for videos or pictures of themselves. Tones of fake profiles. So for me if I could. I’d give this app negative stars. Because it’s never going to change from what I see. The developers don’t care..Version: 9.47.1

Log out oftenThe app logs out by itself many times of the day. It is so annoying. Does not refresh location too.Version: 9.18.0

Cant view the feed on iphone 6sThe whole feed has disappeared i can only brows the locals and when i click on a profile i also cant see there status updates can u sort this out because ive been using this app for a while and im debating whether call it a day and delete my account because of the feed problem.Version: 9.17.0

Account cancelledMy account was randomly cancelled and I didn’t receive any prior warning or anything. I had over 345+ people interested in meeting me. Then I had a ton of matches I updated my age requirements and then everything pretty much disappeared. I got a Message someone that I added to my Facebook page and they said they couldn’t see me on tagged. I updated my age range back to what it was and still I couldn’t get messages or anything that was a few days ago and then today I go to check it out again and I get a message saying my account was cancelled. But there’s a ton of people who send pictures of their penises and who are only looking for sex and saying all kind of crazy things or just asking for sex. I had the app for maybe 2 weeks and I’m sure I’ve blocked over a hundred people because of that. Maybe they have a limit on how many people you can block or something. Anyway with my experience. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this app..Version: 9.18.0

Too many Fakers on here!There are so many fake profiles, duplicate pictures with a different name, age & place of residence, & scammers who try to get me to buy things for them on here and sexual perverts which I always report! I am grateful you have a way to take them off my chat when I report them but some have come back saying the same nasty things or asking why I am hiding from him! I really thought this site was all fakers until I wrote a guy I know locally & it was really him! I wish you made people take their picture to verify it is the same person as their profile pictures! I don’t recommend this site to anyone, because I don’t want them to have to deal with what I have on here!! Frustrating! Also, the video chat doesn’t work for people using their computer. Most of the time if the video chat works on my phone, I can only hear them & not see their image..Version: 9.32.0

Worst app / full of scamsFull of bots. More bots trying to scam you, ask you for phone numbers and personal information etc. Homophobic and racist full of those and scams. Reporting system does absolutely nothing. It is so blatant that you will be multiple accounts with same photos and app developers don’t care to put rules in place to protect users. Unsure how Apple is allowing this app to be on App Store, should be banned for user safety..Version: 9.49.0

TAGGED :)Its qood but it needs noftication and luv and also winks. . and lastly the messages option to see if you have un read messages like facebook :).Version: 6.3.1

SlowRecently downloaded this app and it’s telling me I have over 300 messages and when I go in there’s about 6 and I can’t seem to clear it I wrote to app support and basically was told it would rectify its self what a load of ballocks looks like this app is going to be deleted as I’m still sitting with 371 notifications on my home screen which is is so annoying DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!! Or go to app support because they don’t know what they are talking about.Version: 8.7.7

Long time userSo, i downloaded the app lastnight. The photos aren’t loading for some of the friends i have, this is on the app and web browser. Been on tagged as a casual user for years now , this is a first this has happened to me. Please fix this bug it’s so annoying..Version: 8.7.7

ScamI been trying for a couple months to cancel this site and when I do the next page always says error??????? Ok so now please delete me 👍🤘👍.Version: 9.44.0

They’ve ruined this terrible appThis was once upon a time quite a good social media website, they made it an app and eventually it went downhill, lots of bots and trolls and less and less actual people. Then they made a change and removed the status feature and the feed thus removing the ability to check if someone is either real, and filter out the nut jobs... I’m out and that’ll be the last time I login....Version: 9.17.0

Usually just scam artists on this site! Money or sex, very hard to find genuine people here.I am about to delete my account..Version: 9.31.0

This site is for KIDSDumb and dirty.... they try so hard to clean up the app. But at the end of the day I live in California if I can wear my bikini top or haulter top then I don’t want to be on your app ... it’s too restricting like a app for KIDS but it’s not for kids... I can’t even listen to music and go live .... and if the rules say no nudity how are u to decided what too much skin is if all my body private areas are covered... WE are NOT KIDS. No body came on your site to be monitored like one . And everytime I stop using your app it’s for the same reason. Your too restricting. I’ll just have to find a better app and invite all my friends from the app to switch if u continue this kid of service ... I can let the kids have the app make it pg13.Version: 9.32.0

Lame.It’s sooo lame. lol that’s all I can say.Version: 9.35.0

JdReally amazing app to meet new people’s.Version: 9.18.0

TaggedI used to really enjoy Tagged but in recent years it is overrun with Scammers at least 75 percent. Maybe more. The app does not work well when you see a name interesting you tap on it another another name comes up Not coordinated. Tagged site needs a total revamp. Waste of money..Version: 9.37.0

InfestedApp is infested with bots and scammers, I see that all the time “ I’m not on here often do you have WhatsApp “ What a joke of an app.Version: 9.42.0

Free is too high a price.Too many “VIP” only profiles. Pets is a waste of time and money. “Live feed” is ridiculous because most people don’t do anything, they want gifts that we pay for but the site gets the money and when you are chatting with someone “live” someone else can have you blocked for a reason beknownst only to them and there is no warning, explanation, or recourse. Further, lots and lots of scammers on here..Version: 9.29.1

Site needs updatingThe Site needs updating badly it when you go to the main screen the statues don't update I still see all the old posts from days ago also their needs to be a feature where only people from the UK can send requests people who live in other countriesdo still send me requests and its on the UK only I don't want them request me if they are not I'm England.Version: 9.10.1

Friends keep coming up with number 1I have recently seen no new friends but it keeps coming up with the number one. Can you please fix it as it is very annoying thank you.Version: 6.6

Terrible appTakes forever to load and comes up with a variation of the app where you can’t even use messaging... and messaging doesn’t even work properly, leaves all your notifications there even when cleared, also very slow.Version: 9.2.0

Not the best siteYou get. Lot of ppl that just ask u to add then to WhatsApp than ask u for gift cards money pay their phone bills . Car insurance … disappointed in this site .. and u can’t meet get any one that’s Real.Version: 9.46.1

TaggedTagged game is full of scammers and vulgararity, porn ads, and people harassing each other. Tagged does nothing for players and only wants you to buy thier gold which they inflate every ten days..Version: 9.17.0

Worst appWish I could give it zero stars. You can’t even use adult words during a private chat with someone. It deletes the message. Pathetic. No way you’d pay for it. I feel like a child using this app..Version: 9.39.0

What happened 🤷‍♂️This used to be a pretty cool app when I used it before, downloaded it again recently and now it’s just full of fakes and people selling nudes 🤦‍♂️ also it drains my battery life in about 15 minutes and for some reason you got rid of the newsfeed on the app version? Wouldn’t recommend anymore..Version: 9.31.0

Only fake scam profilesYou only find scam profiles, not a single real one.Version: 9.15.0

Good when finally opensGood app if it worked all the time instead of 6 times opening and closing to get anywhere.Version: 8.7.3

Frauds and thievesI spent tens of thousands of dollars here and one day they just wiped my account out. All that time and effort for nothing! You can contact support like I did (8 times) but they will not even reply to you. They are quick to accept your money but if you have an issue don’t expect any customer service. I had a lot of money in my account and it’s all gone with zero help or explanation from these developers. Also beware because the same people that own tagged also own meetme,skout and a few other sites. I will leave this review up until my issue is resolved which I have no faith in that happening so this will be up probably permanently. Save yourself the time and money from these scam artists..Version: 9.8.1

Less Social Network, More Dating SiteThis isn’t catered to people looking for people to chat with. This is more of a daring site. I’m looking for people to talk to, but the way the app/site is organized, it’s more for finding someone to hookup with and/or date. I get probably 5-10 messages a day that are all generic “Hi!” or “Hello!” or “Nice to meet you!” Just advertise it as a dating site since that’s pretty much the entire user base! Also really tired of the hundreds of notifications about who likes me and who saw my profile. I’m not interested in paying for your service, and I’m really tired of getting a notification every time someone goes to my profile. This app/site has really gone down the drain in the past few years. I doubt I’ll be a member much longer..Version: 9.4.3

All good things come to an end ....??I’d like to start by saying I love the app I’ve met a good amount of lovely ppl on the app however this recent live streaming service is destroying my interest in the app is it possible to make an actual live section like how you do for the pets game on the app because it’s becoming a nuisance browsing for ppl to meet in New York and seeing honeykiss45 going live in tenessee it also does the same for the meet me section I put in my location and almost no one from my area ever pops up I understand that in some areas tagged may not be as popular as other apps but if there are no matches In my area just say no matches I’ll be okay lol overall it’s a great app just needs a touch up on the organization.Version: 8.8.1

Bug fixes ‼️We need an update for the app itself because of the lagging inside live-streams is terrible and it be skipping also I would like to recommenced an update on the gifts too.! And also I would like for app the have to where we can go look at our replays of our last stream also it would be great if you can make it to where we can fit more people in our live-streams instead of having this little bitty people to talk to other people that gets in the camera why not make to to where but screens or three screens can sit in the same live-stream instead of one at a time.Version: 9.15.0

ReviewWomen int meeting up.Version: 9.38.1

Why can’t we see the feed anymore?Why can’t we see the feed anymore? 😤.Version: 9.19.0

I liked tagged but2 things. 1: can we get a toggle button or option where we choose to only see those with pictures and 2: can we get a option similar to WhatsApp where we get to hide our last seen status because it’s not all the time I personally want someone to know that I’ve been on so they can then throw it in my face to say that you must be ignoring me cause your last seen tells me you have been online or when you were last active..Version: 9.9.2

Always requesting login credentialsAnytime your WiFi or network is off and you try opening the app, it will let u sign in again when network is back. Very frustrating. You doesn’t have to touch the app when u don’t have network since you would have to login again when your network is back. Secondly, there are a lot of spamming.Version: 9.21.0

ConvolutedPlagued with fake profiles and ads.Version: 9.25.2

Profile Viewing & MessagingI wish there was a feature to select which age range can view your profile/ interact with it and message you..Version: 9.12.1

DisappointedApp works great when it isn’t lagging, freezing & crashing. It’s rather annoying when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone please fix it..Version: 9.4.3

You asked for reviewI’ve been on Tagged for quite a while now but honestly it’s been so stagnant with no improvement in features compared to Facebook, instagram and other social platforms or dating sites. 1. You need to improve on your website User interface to make it more appealing. 2. You need to provide features that allows friends to interact more freely. 3. Take away your old features such as Pets, Get Gold, Play, and Live. It’s obsolete, people want to be Real. Don’t be too rigid or strict with your settings I.e it’s difficult to change someone’s name or birthdate. 4. Don’t be too greedy, don’t be too money conscious, it drives people away from your website. Many of my friends left because of money restrictions you placed on features like Luv, Get Gold etc. That’s my candid advice..Version: 9.6.0

ChangesTagged is good but needs hearts and notification access.! Also who wrote on your page etc...Version: 6.3

GarbageAbsolute garbage. Not one single person is real. Oh you will definitely get messages and matches. But each one is only two types either bots or red dot Indians trying to scam you out of money or pricks from Singapore trying to scam you out of money. Every picture they use is stolen from somewhere else and even some profiles use celebrity pictures like anyone with half a brain wouldn’t figure out it’s a bs profile. Multiple profile using the same pictures but claiming to be different people and when you confront them about it there profile magically disappears for about a day then it’s back again same pictures but now a totally different name and description. Like seriously how freakin stupid are these people. Do NOT waste your time and especially money..Version: 9.16.0

Don’t waste your money or timeThis site is nothing more than a smut site. Tons of scammers trash and hookers. Despite using the settings which suppose to keep these people from contacting you. For example I have my age criteria set for 50 to 65. I get a crap ton of people in the age group 20 to 40. I also have it set for a radius of 50 miles and I get people from all over u.s. and other countries. This leads me to believe that tagged promotes these users otherwise how would they be able to get thru their so called settings. Contacted tagged no help. I really cannot believe apple allows this on their servers especial with their so called moral standards they claim to have. This site is nothing more than a street corner!.Version: 9.44.0

Too many scammersI've used Tagged for a long time and in recent years there are loads of scammers messaging me. It's getting really annoying now and is difficult to find anyone genuine on there. Come on developers, do something about it!.Version: 9.36.0

Where is my Pets Game gone?Where has my Pets Game gone. Tagged blocked my access, I was instructed to download the icon to recover my Pets Game platform. I downloaded the icon but no Pets, can you please re-install the game for me, thanks Pete.Version: 9.42.0

This happened needs to be fixedI have downloaded this app looking for free and I just get people trying to rob people to is always happening and nothing is getting done about it if you download this app trying to find friends don’t bother you might get robed the guidelines for the rules is not really in forced but sometimes this app can also be good but it is more bad than good.Version: 9.34.0

TaggedI love this place I only wish pet game come back on iTunes apple to play pet game iPhone iPad. Then I give you 5 star to have pet game back on apple devices.Version: 9.2.0

Slow too much on start upIt takes 1 and half minutes for long in.Version: 9.15.0

Stupid afThis app is disgusting, full of bots and scammers.Version: 9.25.2

TrendingI am sick of being kicked from trending and out of my friends favorites. I streamed for 11+ hrs yesterday and followed all the tagged rules and without any reason Tagged decided that’s enough. My time is valuable as well as the viewers that are with me all day everyday. The mere fact that a person can sit in someone’s live without their knowledge and hit report a 100 times if they choose is freaking ridiculous! I would suggest once a report is made that person should be removed from the live seeing that they are not fond of it anyways...then if multiple reporters are made on the streamer most definitely some type of action should take place. But please give the innocent streamers a chance instead of recruiting other ppl from other apps. I’ve worked to hard for a top badge to be told I’ve been reported too many times and not being told as to why I’m reported in the first place!.Version: 9.8.1

Step BackwardsVery slow, cannot get some areas like comments, forces one into Meet Me too often - would have rated 0 - this is a big mess.Version: 9.10.0

Shiity appShittiest app lots of scammers and fake profiles.Version: 9.36.0

No billing supportPayment Support is non-existent. I paid premium and my credit card was deducted. However Tagged app says there is a problem with my payment, though my card provider and credit card statement says Tagged received the payment. However, Tagged support function for billing doesn’t work (it passes me to Zoho, which doesn’t work). I have no way of contacting Tagged to ask them to fix this. I feel I have been tricked out of my money. Not good..Version: 9.25.2

Short messagesI loved this app until now. I’m unable to write long messages and because of that it’s a huge inconvenience..Version: 9.29.0

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