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Proud and happy customerI would like to first say I’ve been a proud customer of American Express for 4 years now, my husband was murdered in 2015 and I used my green card to cover the whole funeral cost, I had No!! issue what so ever, the customer service was above and beyond what I could of ever imagined, and at that time I had only been a member for 1 year. Being a woman of color this meant a lot to me and from that day on I vowed to be as loyal to American Express as they have to me, I would also have to say with being a customer with American Express I have found several vendors that before meeting myself had no interest in accepting American Express, and after talking with them they have accepted my card, I would like to thank Sawtooth Roofing and Multiphase Electric but most of all American Express. Lashaunda L Jackson.Version: 6.3.0

AMEX IS BY FAR THE BESTI have been a black card holder since 1999, i was one of the first and by far they are the best credit card company in the planet. If we have to use another card and there is a dispute, forget about it. You better just pray, they make you jump through crazy hoops and they do not fight for you. All of the cards can run a transaction, the true test of a company’s weight is what happens when things go wrong. I have never had a dispute not go in my favor. I also have never disputed anything that should not be disputed. I had a terrible situation with another card and i finally just paid the bill out of frustration. They were doing everything and anything possible to fight me rather then the person that ripped me off..Version: 6.10.0

Good point product horrible customer serviceGood point product horrible interaction with customer service. A business card user. Pay bills early but customer service/ credit will call you repeatedly to pay early. Even though due date is not due, sometimes more than 20 days early. Will threaten to turn card off if you don’t pay early. No other card company has this policy nor treats their customers in this fashion. This company in my opinion is not worth this stress. You are the consumer and you are in the driver seat. Not the other way around. This company has a thug mentality. If you are a business card user don’t use this card they will have your accounting department upside down!!!.Version: 6.4.0

Would normally be a 5-star app......but one benefit they added just irks me the wrong way. Everything else about the app is great! Their “pay it now/later” set all over the screen is just pointless & annoying to me. The dividing number ($100) is arbitrary & low. If I put a single charge of $1200 on the card, I want the option to immediately pay it off, so it doesn’t adversely affect the credit rating, of too high a debt-ratio on the card. Those random/instant credit updates just *annoy* me as it can be any point in time, and needn’t wait for the billing cycle. The “pay it now/later” simply highlights the issue, rather than helps alleviate it, for those of us who try using this as a primary card & put all monthly purchases onto it..Version: 6.9.0

Was a good app but latest update creates problemsI rarely write reviews but like many apps, the app support button only takes you to the AMEX website with no opportunity to report bugs. With the latest update, when you are making a payment and click the pay button, nothing happens. You actually have to exit the payment and then it finally recognizes on the next page that you were going to make a payment and allows you to finish. Also, there is no way to logout of the app. No matter which button I push I am an unable to get to the log out screen. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app twice in hopes that it would fix itself but it has not. I have used this app for many years with no problems until now..Version: 6.3.0

Never Leave Home without itI arrived in Canada for a conference! I get to my Hotel to check in. I used my business credit card already on file at the hotel. I check in and go to my room. The phone rings about 15 minutes later and it’s the front desk. The clerk politely tells me that my business card was declined. To say the least, I was embarrassed. It was on a Saturday and my office was closed and the financial institution for my business account. I ask the clerk do you accept American Express and she replied certainly. What a relief it is for me to own the card!! Not only did I use it but my transaction showed up on my alert instantly because of the app I have for my account. It’s great and easy to use! Thank you American Express! I will never leave home without it👍🏽.Version: 6.7.0

Better then Visa or Master cardAmerican Express is a much better choice of credit card then visa, Master card or Discover. Just for signing up I received sky miles from Delta and used it for 2 round trip first class tickets from Detroit to Norfolk . I used offers from DXL for $30 back and Wayfair $20 back on a $100 purchase . Zero issues with billing, easiest app to navigate and the membership offers and rewards are the best in the business . The day I got an American Express card I felt like I upgraded my status in life to successful adult. It's the card I use most often . I will be paying off all other cards and only using this one ..Version: 6.30.0

Misleading and screwed me over!!I am a recent customer of this so called “professional” company. I signed up for their “bonus offer” of 75,000 miles if I spend $3000 in the first 3 months. In the first month I spent over $4000. I message them to make sure I qualified and they tell me yes and that I should receive the points soon. 3 months go by and no points. I contacted them to see what’s taking so long, they tell me I haven’t qualified and that the threshold has passed. What?!?!?! Then they tell me they will open an investigation and it will take 6-8 weeks. I’m flying to my honeymoon in 6 weeks and needed to book my flight with my bonus miles and now I’m screwed. Definitely don’t sign up for their offers unless you have over 6 months to deal with their bull!!! Will be cancelling my card for sure!! Can’t believe I paid a $200 annual fee for this crap!!.Version: 6.19.1

Poor customer serviceI have called customer service only twice in an attempt to use my credit card points to book a hotel stay and in both instances was unable to do so because because the customer service representative did not know how to complete a booking. Most recently I called on August 27th trying to book a room at the Hilton for two nights in Rio de Janeiro and the service representative found no results for hotel options in Rio. The woman said she’d never had this happen before and explained she did not know if it was a system error or if it was because points could not be used to book a stay. Not only was the service representative very rude but she also proved highly useless and provided no alternative for using points during my travel in Rio. I have another travel credit card through Chase. In comparison, their customer service has always been able to assist with my questions and in booking hotels. And, the online sight for using points is far easier to navigate. For a card with a $550 annual fee, I’ve been highly disappointed with the AMEX customer experience. I do not intend to renew nor recommend this card to others..Version: 6.8.0

Need more safetyIt will be 5 stars if The Amex app has the same feature as Capital One and that is the instant lock feature. So if you ever want too lock your card for any reason you can by opening the app and taping the lock button which will make your card inoperable until you unlock it. Amex does this buy you have to do it on a laptop and the lock only lasts a week! With my Capital one card I can lock it within seconds on my cell! All credit cards should have this handy important feature! For now I only know of Capital One and Discover card that has it and for all other cards you have too go through the inconvenience of calling in and wasting lots of time too get an rep too lock it while all that time is being wasted your credit card could be used fraudulently if lost or stolen..Version: 6.17.1

There’s got to be a better waySpent an hour trying to figure out why my balance was what it was. Scrolling through statements and transactions. There’s got to be a better way to track pending vs transactions that have hit and the date of the transaction vs the day that it hit. In this example, I had a hunch it was a hotel booking in Greece which was over two months delayed in processing my booking. I knew it would take a while to see. But rather than stuffing that charge from February at the bottom of the current statement with a February date, there should be some other way of understanding where an additional hundred of dollars on my balance is coming from..Version: 6.3.0

Great Credit Card AppVery easy to use. I like how each AMEX card is pictured on top. Also really love the chat feature to instantly connect to customer service. They usually respond within seconds. Longest I’ve had to wait was a minute or two. ONLY FLAW: transaction history disappears after a month or so. No way to go beyond that unless you pull up the statement. Perhaps from the desktop site? I wish they would fix this. Sometimes I need to view a purchase from 2-3 months ago and cannot. It is a hassle to go through the process of downloading statements for each month and skimming through them for my specific transaction..Version: 6.37.1

My two centsThe app seems to work as it should I like the fact that you can add your bank account and just pay your bill electronically I’m happy with the card and the app so I gave it four stars I would’ve given it five stars the only reason why I held back the last star is I wish the developers of this app would allow me to make a payment as long as I have a balance even though there might not be a payment required at that time and so with that being said you have to wait to make a payment even if you owed the money what I don’t like about that is I have to watch the app to find out when is the earliest time I can make a payment to where I wish I could make a payment of at least the amount of the balance even if it hasn’t posted yet But aside from that one thing I’m very satisfied with this app.Version: 6.18.2

Puts Holds on Account when they feel fitI recently had a hold on my account last week that I had to call in and take care of that took an hour of my time. I then get the same hold placed on my account for the same reason the following week. As soon as I call in a reference my last call all the notes on the account are all there. Why was a put on hold for a second time taking time out of my day yet again? Especially when I pay 550 dollars per year for this card.... The explanation is that I should do a better job and that it was my fault. I’m highly unsatisfied and disappointed in AMEX who I praise and praise to others. Not the case any longer.....Version: 6.20.1

Great AppAt first, I didn’t know wether to give this app five stars or not. In the end, I chose to give it five stars because it was my only help through what is possibly the worst experience I have ever had with a company. Ever. Customer service with American Express has been a nightmare. Firstly, they refused to refund money from a purchase that never even went through, which lead to me never getting the money back. Secondly, every customer service rep I spoke to was not fluent in the English language, which lead to them misunderstanding the situation and blaming other companies for their faults; where’s the “American” in “American Express”?? Finally, the customer service reps that I did speak to were rude and unbelievably ignorant of their positions to help customers. I feel like a victim of theft from these crooks. If you have this card, I feel sorry for you; right now, I would almost pay to get away from them. In short, avoid this company and whatever they are offering like the plague. If you are stuck with them like I am, this app is your only help..Version: 6.19.1

InstantaneousIt’s amazing how fast my transactions show on my cellphone when I use this app. For example while at a McDonald’s in Auckland, New Zealand, I put my American Express Card in their self checkout machine and ordered my meal. Before it could print out the receipt locally I received notification on my phone that the charge had gone thru. Now I realize that we are getting used to quickness I. This day and age but just consider how remote a landmass New Zealand is and how far the signal has to travel from satellite to ground and through how many servers etc. and you see the transaction instantaneously before the receipt prints out right before you in the McDonald’s? That is nothing short of amazing and makes me want to even use the card even more..Version: 6.3.0

Rewards redemption is laboriousI am a customer of Amex since 2005 (could be a year earlier or later). Those days, Amex was the cool card that broke boundaries when compared to the cards of its time. Very attractive then. Today, especially after the Costco fallout (which I assumed was a match made in heaven), I never left either Costco or Amex as a faithful customer. Costco more or less has retained its charming business practices to keep us motivated. Amex on the other hand has been slipping really bad. The worst experience I face now is redemption of the reward dollars to my credit card account. Multiple days chatting with their online staff who takes as much as 5 minutes to reply back to you (try keeping yourself motivated to chat and hold your phone from locking your Amex app out), I am still not able to get the money transferred within their system from the rewards bucket to the credit card bucket. With banks like CitiBank and CaptialOne with their one press transfer and customer services, what happened to Amex?.Version: 6.5.0

Customer ReviewHi there, The mobile app and the online account website are terrible. When a payment is made to clear balances, they still appear with an option to pay it or plan it. The hidden fees with plan it are unclear. Plus, you have the option to change rates at your discretion and a user has to call if a merchant credits a plan it balance to have that credit apply to that plan. That is not convenient. And quite frankly makes absolutely no sense but to trick the customer in my opinion. Running balances are not shown and it’s unclear which purchases payments are made to which is not best practices. I received a merchant credit and it’s unclear why it states it was from a retailer. Plus the credit was not even added to the balance. This is confusing and unclear. When will that credit be posted. 6-8 weeks? That seems like quite an extended period. The cash back feature is also unclear. Better documentation needs to be available in the app and on the website. You need to be able to change your password in the app, not just using the forgot password. Just a way to change it when you know your password. I received communication that you were changing plan it rates a mere month after I obtained this account. So far, I’m not pleased with this card and I’m not sure if I will continue to utilize it in the future. Hope this helps, -Corie.Version: 6.12.0

Partnering with Stores to use PointsWhat a terrific holiday shopping experience this year with Partnering with Walmart to utilize my accumulated points. Having several 100,000 points I was able to purchase for kids array of wonderful gifts for their new apartments, beautiful contemporary dining room set, bar stools, sofa, appliances and kitchenware, bedding, rugs and so much more. I was so surprised at Walmart's Partners and the "Quality" of manufactures products including Free Shipping. I was able to try out Walmart's Jet service which I am now a regular at purchasing everyday household products delivered to my door in 2-days free-of- charge at what I believe are Club Store Pricing. Terrific Job AMEX, you made my holiday spending so enjoyable..Version: 6.11.0

PEOPLE SERVICRIt doesn’t matter how many times I text them in the chat they always got back with me talk with me and if I was busy working on something else a message would pop up and I just get on the message thing and start chatting again they have always help me. And a lot of them have gone way above service to help me and I can’t wait to start traveling again to go to Denver for my doctors appointments and training in Phoenix and Denver for my service dog it’s great I can’t wait till I get to travel and American Express has always been there for me thank you all very very much wishing you all a fantastic week as always please please take care of yourself.Version: 6.40.0

Wish all major corporations with customer apps would care like AmEx doesWith most major-corporations’ apps, you can have a reasonable expectation that the app is going to work pretty well and be updated regularly. Some have more features than others, and most will have a significant subset of capabilities that require you to either use the full website on a computer (not a mobile device) or even call them. American Express’s app is the exception: I’ve found very few edge cases where the full website or a phone call is required. Example: the app will let you order a replacement card, enroll for most of the benefits, see history far back. It’s updated regularly and works well. A good reason for me to remain a cardmember as I have been since 1996.Version: 6.22.1

Best credit card app yetEase of use, everything you would expect in a credit card app and more! Now there’s “plan it/Pay it” buttons for every expense. If you get hit with a large expense, you can “plan it” and pay it off in 3,6 or 9 months. Sure, it costs you a fee to break up one charge into pieces, the more pieces, the higher the fee, but it can be a lifesaver if your income is fixed. You’ll see offers in between your purchases as well, like an ongoing discount for your AT&T phone bill if you set it for autopay using your AMEX credit card. I got AMEX for the Delta Skymiles, but I was pleasantly surprised to find these features Citi and Chase don’t offer. Remember to pay your statement balance on the card every month so you don’t pay interest..Version: 6.4.0

Overall a good helpful appThe AMEX app is one I use regularly. I like the one-stop “shopping” in that I can check my current balance, confirm valid purchased, etc. However, I find it difficult to transition from the “admin” portion of my AMEX, to the various Travel and/or Entertainment options. I’m sure some of it is my fault, however others may also experience the clumsiness of navigation from one topic to another It’s also a bit frustrating that, after making an airline reservation, I need to then contact the airline itself to make a seat selection . Since the AMEX reservation does not recognize my airline status, which would normally place me in the premium seating, to then make a separate phone call, with always the “please hold, your call is important to us”, time spent, making a reservation on AMEX would be much easier and streamlined if the total reservation could be done with a “single click”. Please AMEX, fix that and I’ll give you 5 Stars😊.Version: 6.20.1

DecentAmex has been very very decent to me with regard to my “overdue” and delinquent payments. They worked with me to resolve my dilemma during these MUCH unforeseen times. They lowered my interest rate, we both agreed on a minimum payment with minimum expense to me and my child. Being a single father on a fixed income it helped us BOTH TREMENDOUSLY! I wish my other credit card companies (Capital One, Wells Fargo) would have been as accommodating as AMEX, instead they reported MANY TIMES to the credit reporting agencies, thus RUINING my credit which will take YEARS to rectify, they didn’t want to work with me AT ALL, and I watched as they kept applying EXORBITANT interest premiums, thus making it MORE difficult to “dig out” of this hole! Thank you Amex I will try to keep my account(s) in good standing....Version: 6.38.1

New card deliveryI am particularly not happy with the fact that my new personal every day card was returned without delivering and I had to get a new one done which is due to be delivered today. These things happen, but I am not sure how such a mail can be returned without delivery, as it does not require personal presence. It is dropped in the mailbox. In fact I received another mail from Amex the week before related to this account. That means the address is accurate as well. I was not happy that Amex is unable to give me a good reason why my card was not delivered in the first instance. I would appreciate if your team can be more cautious on this. From the beginning I got the feeling that getting the card the first time was more challenging than getting one replaced. Thanks team, hope you can do something about it..Version: 6.12.0

Great App but no Cannot View High Yield AccountI’ve been with Amex forever and have always loved their app. I recently received information about Amex’s High Yield Savings Account so I signed up for it thinking that everything would be in the app. However, I just found out that it’s not. I have to have a separate credit card login from my savings account login. Seems like they would be able to link the accounts and have them all in one place, no? It would be a 5 out of 5 app if I could see ALL of my Amex accounts in one place. At this point, an app for savings account owners doesn’t exist, we are expected to log in via a browser, which may seem like a small deal to some, but is kind of inconvenient not only to remember different login credentials but to go through a web browser when we want to view our savings account..Version: 6.11.0

Great App!Easy to navigate, fast to load, and I don’t have to keep logging in unnecessarily as is the case with some other apps. I check the app quite often (maybe 5 times a day) reviewing recent transactions, researching a previous month’s spending, viewing my statements, creating a payment plan, and generally planning and keeping track of my monthly spending. The American Express app lets me do all that and more very easily, efficiently, and with very few instances of being down for maintenance. I love the app and unlike other apps this one does seem to improve with each new release (no pressure to keep it up, Amex 😉). I’d recommend it to anyone with an Amex card..Version: 6.25.0

Sign up promotionI applied for my blue AMEX after seeing a promo incentive on line for $250. I called and spoke to a live agent and was confirmed the promotion was valid. After applying and using the card as per the terms of the promo, I only received $100. I called to get it fixed and AMEX began an investigation process. They never called me back with a response. When I called back they said the offer had expired at the time I applied. I complained and was told they would look into it. Still, no one responded. This went on for several months until I gave up. Don’t believe their offers and incentives. Amex do not stand behind them. Or photo copy the offer and save it as proof. Otherwise chances are you won’t get it. Disappointing !!!!.Version: 6.9.0

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