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Ship Finder App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Ship Finder app received 161 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Ship Finder? Can you share your negative thoughts about ship finder?

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Ship Finder for Negative User Reviews

HP1010HPDoesn’t show more info even paid money for the app. Not worth it..Version: 9.2.2

Pity you have to pay each day 99p for Sat trackingI paid the money for this App and then found had to Pay daily 99p to track a by named ship called ‘Columbus’, a passenger ship. So cannot recommend this App..Version: 9.2.2

Ship finderThe app is not working for me at all , no ships on east coast of Canada showing up ??? It says the number of ships visible but no targets in the map at all ??? I paid 6.99 for the app . Not sure what to do ?? Some feedback would be great,maybe I’m doing something wrong ??.Version: 9.2.2

Ship Finder HDQuite disappointing, so many obvious ports have no ship information and very little info about individual ships. Not worth the money and am disappointed. Surely all ports should have info, eg Freemantle in Western Australia, biggest port in that part of the world and nothing......Version: 2.40

Application fonctionne malBateau en face de moi et rien sur l’application.Version: 9.2.2

Disappointing consistency Columbia River regionUsed paid version of app for couple years now. Reliability showing vessels use to be great in Columbia River region. Lately (last 6 mo.) it often has blank areas not showing vessels where I know there are vessels. What gives ship finder??? I do not see this issue in other regions around my area. Please fix or refund 1/2 my money since it only works half the time..Version: 9.2.2

Very poorI wish I read the reviews, can not get any vessels in the Auckland region, not one of the ferry boats or any of the 9 sar vessels in the area. Overall 0/10.Version: 2.53

Not an intuitive interfaceI've not found the user interface of this application that easy to use. It seems hard to search for specific ships. Maybe if your use case is "what's that ship over there" the app will serve you well. The free version of the app works hard to up sell to the paid app but that now seems expensive for the experience I've had. I expected more compared to the free web site version. I'd stick with the free app or use the website if I had my time over again. Hopefully further updates will improve things..Version: 9.0.2

Lost at seaI’m sitting overlooking Málaga port with two big cruise ships in, along with many other smaller vessels, yet the app tells me there is nothing in or around Málaga Bay at all. A couple of weeks ago I was in Falmouth (one of the busiest ports in the UK) looking at at least three large container ships and literally hundreds of smaller yachts and other boats. Again the app said there was not a single vessel in or around Falmouth Bay. A couple months ago we booked a cruise and in our excitement we wanted to see where the ship was. Despite being the largest cruise ship in the P&O fleet (and the flagship) the search bar in the app found nothing. The P&O website told us it was just leaving a port in the Caribbean, and sure enough, their live map showed us exactly where it was. Referring back to the Ship Finder app and going straight to where P&Os own live map said it was still brought no joy..Version: 9.2.2

Unky DanI have paid the money and when I tap on a ship only the country of origin is displayed, no other information comes up. Very disappointed and a waste of money..Version: 9.2.2

Not Entirely ReliableI’m using this to track my parents progress in a cruise and am finding that position reporting is ‘patchy’ at best. VesselFinder Lite, however, provides consistently reliable information. I may have an incorrect setting, but don’t believe this is the case..Version: 9.2.2

Great Lakes missing a lot of shipsCan’t be right. I had this app a few years ago and it had an accurate tracking number. Now there’s just two ships and one lighthouse in all of Lake Michigan? Interesting reaction to COVID19 if that’s real but I think something must be wrong with the tracker here... Wish they had a discussion forum available for stuff like this..Version: 9.2.2

Paid for nothing!Paid for app, doesn’t cover Pittwater. Tried to seek refund, not interested, beware if this app provides coverage where you need it!.Version: 9.2.2

Paid versionI got the lite app and saw lots of ships in my location. Wanting too see further away I bought the full version and can see nothing except our own boat. !! Am trying to contact support..Version: 9.0.2

Waste of moneyI want a refund. Paid my 7.99$ and despite loads of vessels on the horizon not one appears on the app. Waste of money, don't bother buying this app as all it shows at ships near major ports. I have changed settings but still no ships..Version: 9.0.2

Not working nowWhen I bought this it worked great but now I can be looking at a shop and doesn’t see it. No upgrade either. Disappointed!.Version: 9.1.1

What about Adelaide?For whatever reason no details shown for Adelaide. Much better free options available..Version: 9.2.2

RubbishI know there is around 40 vessels that are using AIS around me, not one of them is visible using this app. They show up on my vessel’s AIS and on the MarineTraffic app, which I will be using after I delete this one..Version: 9.2.2

TerribleNo improvement over sf lite. Paid for the app and it won’t find vessels in sight of me! I’m in Cabo San Lucas and it doesn’t show any ships at all. I want my money back.Version: 9.2.2

Good- but not perfect!I bought this app because I wanted to know the names of the cruise ships passing my sea view balcony overlooking the Adriatic at Dubrovnik. On my first use, cruise ships that I could physically see a few miles out at sea or in harbour were not visible on the app. Don’t know why this was as there were hundreds of other cruise ships visible over the rest of the Med or North Sea. I love PlaneFinder -also by Pinkfoot- and purchased this app on back of that experience but feel let down and would love to get my money back due to the above issues.Version: 9.0.2

Not as good as it seemsSo, my teenager is off on a cruise round Scotland so I got the lite version of the app to see if I could follow his travels, it seemed to find his boat no bother but obviously was missing some functions like tracking his course etc. so I upgraded to the payed version @ £4.99!! No sooner had I done that, than the boat I was tracking disappeared and never came back, even though it’s easily found on the free webpage “marine traffic” So don’t waste your money like I did folks 🤬.Version: 9.2.2

TitanicI know this sounds morbid but I’m trying to track the rescue ships searching for the ocean gate submersible at the site of the titanic, but nothing shows up , pity really as all other ship finding apps are showing them , better off using a different app to find any ships tbh.Version: 9.2.2

Not that usefulDownloaded and soon realised this is pretty useless for any purpose other than seeing the names of ships in a city port. The big limitation is its dependency on terrestrial receivers connected to the internet - no receiver nearby, no ships show but one doesn’t know where the terrestrial receivers are not located! There could be ships present or no receivers. Pretty useless..Version: 9.2.2

Vraiment inutileAucune information disponible sur la majorité des bateaux..Version: 9.1.1

Useless AvoidDoes not show locations of vessels I’m searching for that other apps do.Version: 9.2.2

Refund pleaseThis app does not work. I can’t see the ship I am looking for and your “support” offers no support. Please refund me..Version: 9.2.2

DisappointedQuite often I am looking at 4 or 5 ships anchored off the coast and Ship Finder shows nothing at all. Also ships sailing past are not on the app. It is very unreliable. When it works I love it..Version: 9.1.1

UselessOnly shows few ships and absolutely nothing about the ships passing by. Don't waste your money. Can't we rate 0 star?.Version: 9.0.2

Waste of moneyDoes not pick up any ships in Halifax harbour or Nova Scotia.Version: 9.1.1

Randomly badHave had this app for years and always found it great. Until now. I follow cruise ships and was searching for a ship my son was on (MS Braemar) and could not locate it on the map or by searching. Same was true for all the ships in that line. Have seen them before. So frustrating..Version: 9.0.2

What you see isn’t what you getCan see ships in front of me and passing by that don’t register with the app..Version: 9.1.1

Blank areasIt shows very heavy traffic where one would expect to see heavy traffic but not a vessel of any sort near the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal. It’s almost as though it’s deliberately blanking those areas out..Version: 9.2.2

MailMissing half the ships in the St Lawrence seaway.Version: 9.2.2

Very limitedI am sat watching a whole line of ships entering and leaving the Med - none of which show up on the app - so has been useless. Both competitors show loads more vessels. Marine Tracker shows the most - but does cost £10/year for all but most basic features (but that’s all I need so I’ll stick with this).Version: 9.2.2

Family concernedI purchased this app upgrading from lite version, expecting to follow the trip of our mentally challenged family member. This was his first cruise. He was so exited. Sadly there have been times when this app states that the cruise ship the “Celebrity silhouette” is not being tracked. We are now using a free app and have had no problem at all. Disappointing. On the upside when the app is tracking the information is very good. Sorry I hate complaining..Version: 9.2.2

AppsThat apps is useless and not good at all.Version: 9.2.2

Not what I hoped forI downloaded to follow my sea faring son however I did not find this app accurate or reliable. Initially when the ship was in UK waters the app was helpful but then as the ship moved to foreign waters, not so. Personally I have bought Vessel Finder as more accurate and updated regularly.Version: 9.0.2

Poor ship coverageSitted on the shore of St-Lawrence river. I see big ships. Nothing on the app paid version..Version: 9.0.2

Very disappointedI bought this app to track a cruise ship that my daughter is working on. In the week since I bought it - the ship has only shown up once. I’ve since found two web pages that track every second and give me high clarity satellite pictures for free. I’ve wasted my money completely and feel very stupid for doing so..Version: 9.2.2

Waste of moneyI have friends and family on the ship coming from England and New York. While riding Queen Mary II, there is no internet available for social communication so she can’t keep me informed of the status of the cruise. The attempt to track the ship started fine, once it got to open sea it disappears. The reason to have this was for one single cruise, and I can’t even follow the one I wanted to follow. I could have spent my $5 for lottery tickets and would feel better losing my money that way..Version: 9.1.1

Wish I could get my money backI can see ships in different states but I can’t see the one in front of me. My coworkers using other apps will say such and such ship is coming up. When it gets into view this app still doesn’t show it. Does me no good, I got the wrong app..Version: 9.2.2

Does not show shipsI live near a busy shipping port and there are no ships shown. Contacted developer months ago who acknowledged issue, but still not resolved and no further information / update on situation..Version: 9.0.2

Was BetterI really depended on this for several years. Lately, vessel locations have been truly inaccurate; when the ferry is shown to be on dry land, it can't be a good thing. Updates are current and I even deleted then reloaded the app. No luck..Version: 9.1.1

Ships not there.Useless. Don't pay your money. There is a ship off the coast of Oamaru now ........ Not on the app, but I can see it though my window. No ships apparently in Dunedin or Christchurch either.Version: 3.0.1

Used to be greatThis app used to be the best out there but now I find huge gaps I am presently following a ship on another app south of Greece but between there an Tobruk on this app is completely blank. So checked a few more and these were also blank, I wonder why?.Version: 9.0.2

Needs an updatePaid for this yet have trouble finding the ship I want yet other apps find it!! 7 months since last up date! That’s not good enough Until it gets sorted I would tell others to keep away which is a shame as it’s been a good app until now.Version: 9.0.2

Poor!It’s poor when you pay for an app to supposedly track a passenger vessel but the vessel is not even on their list….as I said…Poor !!!.Version: 9.2.2

GarbageApp doesn’t give nearly any ships. I have a free app which is way better than this one. Don’t waste your money!.Version: 9.2.2

No where near as reliable as it used to be!In December 2019 I reported having problems tracking ships in the Caribbean and reported this to Pinkfroot. They were apologetic and said they were looking into it. I’ve tried again today (5 Feb) on a known ship location in another part of the Caribbean with no success. Also looked for Queen Mary 2, whic I know is currently in Colombo, Shrilanka and again nothing. I am using a 7th Generation iPad so can’t say my hardware is out of date. Disappointing!.Version: 9.2.2

PoorDoes not track some ships other apps leave this way behind..Version: 9.2.2

Lacks accuracyI loved this app when I first installed it. Then I noticed that many ships were missing. Ships I knew were in or near Plymouth were just not shown. I contacted support who said that they can omit ships that have not reported via AIS for 20 minutes or more. Checked other apps and websites and could see that ships that were reporting in were still missing from this app..Version: 9.2.2

InadequateSeems to have a poor ability to track ships along the St. Lawrence Seaway or East Coast of Canada. Too small of a database, I guess. Not adequate for my needs... MarineTraffic is much better, sorry!.Version: 9.2.2

Utter RubbishWow just unable to believe how bad this app is. I live in Adelaide on the coast, I can see a 160 degree view of the gulf. There are at least 5 large ships out there right now, not one is showing on this app/map. What an unbelievable take this piece of junk is, it should be withdrawn from sale until it is fixed. I too want my money back, the worst app I have ever purchased the developers should be VERY ashamed of themselves ...shame,shame,shame!!..Version: 9.0.2

Not sure why it’s still hereIt hasn’t been updated in years. There are much better alternatives out there, they really shouldn’t be charging money for it at this point..Version: 9.2.2

Where’s the boatsDoesn’t show boats along the Sunshine Coast if British Columbia..Version: 9.1.1

Waste of moneyPaid £4.99 hoping to track ships for my business and hopefully get more info than I have on other free apps. The 2 ships that are on the way to me from China are not even listed on the search despite showing location at sea on other apps. Tried contacting the app builders but their site has no contact form so seemingly I've wasted my money, used it for 2 minutes and no way of rectifying the issue or getting my money back. Only time I’ve lost money faster is with a casino or a solicitor..Version: 9.2.2

Something strange going onI bought this App a few months ago to watch the shipping between Marbella and Gibraltar. At no time have I been able to view the details of any boat or ship close to shore. Up until yesterday I always used to be able to see the bigger vessels sailing in and out of or moored around Gibraltar. Now there are no vessels at all in or around Gibraltar- even though they are there. I’m no longer happy with this App..Version: 9.1.1

AVOID Too Many Areas With No Ships ????Purchased this after seeing a news report that a ship had run aground in the Suez Canal causing a backup of ships, tried couple of free apps showing the ships but purchased this to get more information but it doesn’t show a single ship in that area. Downloaded the ShipTracking app which shows loads of ships in the Suez area complete with all details of the ships and it’s totally FREE. AVOID Ship Finder TOTAL WAIST OF MONEY !!!!.Version: 9.2.2

No shipsThe app doesn’t show any ships when Can see them outside my house. Other similar apps show the ships as seen.Version: 9.2.2

Ship database not as generousApp is easy to use but limited database when it comes to ships.Version: 9.1.1

Pas fort!!!Pas fort comme application payante. J’ai trouvé un site gratuit qui montre les navires qui passent devant chez-moi, Donnacona avec identification/photos et pleins d’infos. Avec cette application impossible d’avoir aucun information et les navires sont devant moi. J’ai payé et j’ai aucune information....Version: 9.2.2

Ok but...I like the app but you should know that it only works for ships near the coast. I paid for the ad free version so I could identify ships we passed while on a cruise in the Caribbean only to fine it did not work off shore. If your needs are close to shore I recommend..Version: 9.2.2

DisappointedHad used the lite version and didn’t mind the issues. Paid and they seem to get worse. At least 60 ships just disappear when you really want to know..Version: 9.2.2

Limited plottingI’m very disappointed with what this app actually performs. I have friends travelling on the Celebrity Solstice, only time I saw the ship was when it was in Sydney harbour. They have left the ship in Melbourne today, have a guess what, no vision that this ship is in Melbourne. I had thoughts that this app would show the position of the ship at all times. Flight radar 24 app leaves your app for dead. Extremely disappointed your app is rubbish. Andrew Dawson..Version: 9.2.2

Missing vesselsThis app seems to have blackout locations. I’ve read that you can’t see boats in mobile and I know you can’t see any boats further down the Texas coast than Galveston. It’s important to be able to see vessels down around Corpus Christi all the way down to Brownsville but they aren’t showing up at all like they don’t exist..Version: 9.2.2

Doesn’t work on majority of Texas coastlineI was excited about this app when my free ship finder app I was using stopped working. However it will only pull 2 of the boats up in my husbands fleet of 10 towing vessels. Neither of those is the boat my husband captains, so it’s useless. We’re based out of the southern Texan coast and the app doesn’t show any vessels from south of Houston to Mexico. So it’s literally useless to me..Version: 9.2.2

Terrible coverageCoverage is terrible compared with the competition (Marine Traffic). No vessels shown around most of NZ when there are lots shown on Marine Traffic. Not worth the money unless coverage improved dramatically..Version: 9.0.0

Poor app don’t waste your moneyI purchased this app as I’m on holiday near the Scottish coast, I can currently see 4 huge oil tankers at anchor. This app does not locate / see or register these ships. Other free app provide all the details of the ships. I have wasted my money on this purchase. Please do not buy this...Version: 9.2.2

Almost uselessBoats I'm tracking only sometimes show up. Updates to locations are infrequent. I thought all ship tracking apps were the same, clearly I was wrong. The free marinetraffic website is better than this. Don't waste you money..Version: 9.2.2

Better apps out there.Forget this app. The free Marine Traffic shows many more vessels..Version: 9.1.1

Not to be used for finding shipsIf you need to know whats around you dont rely on this app. Very poor performance. DOnt waste your money.Version: 9.2.2

AggravatingThis is the second app I’ve used like this and it seems that every time I pay for the subscription it stops working soon after. I work on tugs and it never shows any boats in my area I’ve done all that I could to fix it but still nothing. I have most of our boats saved to my fleet and I won’t show them nor will it show any other vessels in my area. It will show boats around in other states.Version: 9.2.2

Not working correctlyI recently upgraded from shipfinder lite to the paid version and cruise ships not longer appear as they used to in the lite version. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app and no change. Now cruise ships no longer appear in my lite version either. I checked the filter and passenger ships are ticked. Other vessels show up. Ferry’s show up but not cruise ships. Very disappointed. I feel ripped off..Version: 9.1.1

Waste of moneyDon’t waste your money on this app. Living on the coast I thought this would be a great app to look up ships that I can see sail past my town. However even though I can clearly see ships near me the app doesn’t show any within 60 miles. This is not a fault on my phone or network as a friend also bought it and they have the same issue and are on a different network. Shouldn’t charge for something that doesn’t work..Version: 9.1.1

RubbishHi don’t try this app. I spent half a day trying to get it going and I think it’s rubbish, and would like my money back..Version: 9.2.2

Can’t find the shipWaste of money as the search doesn’t find the ship I’m looking for..Version: 9.2.2

Lake Ontario?Bought the app, doesn’t seem to show any traffic on Lake Ontario?.Version: 9.1.1

Seriously ???I’m not sure who writes the reviews for this App, but I can tell you that there are much better apps out there ! It used to be my go to for marine traffic in my area, but I’ve had to look elsewhere for better accuracy. But ok, you got my $5.... don’t spend it all in one place.Version: 9.2.2

Waste of TimeDoes not show vessels in my area - Auckland, New Zealand..Version: 9.2.2

TripodDisappointed with this, doesn't show as much as it should.Version: 3.0.0

DisappointedWaste of money, I live on the NSW Illawarra coast. The app doesn’t identify any ships sitting off the coast or in the Port Kembla harbour. Setting page is all jumbled and unclear so I can’t adjust anything either. Can I have a refund?.Version: 9.1.1

Not worth the moneyI live in Atlantic Canada and the coverage is horrible here. The only coverage is for Halifax and I don’t live there. Want my money back.Version: 9.2.2

App is about 4 days behind the shipRecently had 2 cars delivered by ship from Japan. The app kept on loosing the ships position, and when the cars arrived at Southampton the app showed Belgium as the updated position. According to the app the ship didn’t arrive into Southampton until 2 days after the cars were outside my house🤣.Version: 9.2.2

Ship finderAbsolute rubbish! Like the previous review I started with the Lite version but decided to pay full whack for the proper one. I agree, a waste of money as unless you understand all the technical stuff and numbers, it all means nothing! Also it doesn’t show the vessels that are in full view..Version: 9.2.2

Great Lakes lacking informationShips disappear on Lake Huron and St Clair River (on their way towards Lake Huron). I live at the mouth of the St Clair River and this app - that myself and others have payed for - never shows what vessels here are coming and going. Why doesn’t the app show us the ships that are going to pass by???... please fix this 👎🏼.Version: 9.2.2

ChristchurchRip off! Shows nothing around us . Don’t buy.Version: 9.2.2

Not enough imagesI’m kind of disappointed. Most ships do not have images so it feels like the app is not as good as it should be. Search is also not too good. If you reach a cruise ship by name you will rarely find it..Version: 9.2.2

Many large vessels no longer show upI am looking out to sea from the southern tip of Sri Lanka and can visibly see many very large vessels out to sea rounding the coast from east to west and yet the app states there are no ships around for hundreds of miles. Does the app only work in a few countries as there appears to be vast areas of the globe with zero activity.Version: 9.2.2

Has Gone DownhillThis used to be a pretty good app that I could rely on when I saw a vessel that piqued my interest. Sure, I would have preferred to see the vessel name instead of just the MMSI, but it was still okay. Lately, however, it has become much less reliable. It fails to register vessels that I can clearly see. I thought at first that maybe some military vessels just weren’t broadcasting due to recent tensions, but then I realized that some civilian traffic such as the ferry that is normally detected and displayed has also failed to register in the app. Frankly, these days when I open the app I do it with lowered expectations..Version: 9.2.2

In & out infoGreat app but lately the AIS info has been missing for certain areas, Savannah and Tampa on a regular basis. The rest of the world seems to be covered. Has anyone else experienced this?.Version: 9.1.1

No longer usefulI used to love this app. I live on a busy East coast river and I was able to identify all the ships and yachts passing by my window. But the app has changed and no longer updates frequently. The map will continue to show boats that already passed by five hours earlier, and ships I can see from my window don’t show up on the “live” map at all. It’s sad, because I used to really enjoy this app..Version: 9.2.2

UselessI used to love this App and it worked very well. As I live in a Lake Michigan harbor city, there were alway lots of ships showing on the screen near me and around the Great Lakes. But then I switched between using a personal phone to a work phone with a different Apple ID so I had to buy it again. Now it’s Useless - almost no ships appear, even when I’m standing looking at large ships. Very disappointed..Version: 9.2.2

Can I get my money back?Other Free apps seem to do a better job, I can’t find the car carriers I’m looking for..Version: 9.2.0

Ship finderSo much potential, but such poor location data eg nothing from Newcastle, NSW to Gold Coast in QLD. This was reported to the developers some 5 years ago and no improvements. Disappointing..Version: 9.1.1

Ship finderJe vois 9 bateaux mais l'application mentionne qu'il y a que 3 bateaux..Version: 9.2.2

Doesn’t work.Apparently I’m not in a location where data are available. Wish I had known that before I purchased it.Version: 9.1.1

Only works part of the timeDoesn’t update very fast hour to two hours sometimes doesn’t work at all sometimes it works great not trustworthy.Version: 9.2.2

Ship Finder needs to find itselfI am so glad that I did not pay for this App. There are cruise ships putting up and down the Queensland coast at present because of the civod-19 virus. This App cannot locate a single ship, not even by name!.Version: 9.2.2

Not worth itSimply does not work - non of the large ships in my local area ever appear on the map. When I zoom out it also appears this is the case for other areas as no ships, other than some local small boats, appear to be showing. Choose an alternate app..Version: 9.2.2

Refund pleaseI have been a long time user of the free version, it was great. Having used it for so long I thought it was time to get the paid version for all the hard work that goes into the app. I was so sad to see that it didn’t show me anymore ships then what’s on the free version and it doesn’t show many at all. I’m sitting on the beach looking at more ships then I can count on 2 hands and not one of them is on the app, so disappointed. Purchase at your own risk, wish I hadn’t..Version: 9.0.2

Welland CanalThis app is useless,there are two ships in front of me,but nothing on this app!.Version: 9.0.2

I would like a refundReally lacking. Does not show many ships, inaccurate and cannot search..Version: 9.2.2

HopelessIt can’t find a ship known to be at sea; it doesn’t display the ship you know is in harbour. Last display of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, full of many ships, the note at the bottom of the screen said “0 of 29562 visible”. Further, their link for app support is merely a photo sharing site; no help. Nice idea, bad app. Don’t bother downloading it, it’s a waste of money..Version: 9.1.1

Feeling stoppedThis app may work for you but I found it to be a total waste. The advertised description failed to explain the limitations of this app’s ability to track a cruise ship after it left port. Yes, I did read the instructions. Prompt response to my email questions, so that was nice. No, they don’t issue refunds...said go talk to Apple. Not impressed with this app at all, so much so that I’m breaking my usual practice of not posting reviews. THEY should have initiated the refund process, not me..Version: 9.2.2

RipoffJust wasted $7 on this nonsense. Doesn’t show hardly any of vessels currently out on Lake Huron!.Version: 9.0.2

Not recommended at allFound only 1 of the first 3 vessels I searched in the MSC fleet. Definitely wasted my money on this garbage..Version: 9.2.2

Missing many ships...I’m in Hawaii currently, and watching a huge container ship enter the harbor, and there doesn’t appear to be a ship within several hundred miles on the app. Many ships are visible in the area...Version: 9.2.2

LimitedThis app works great until the ship get over a 100 miles from shore and then it disappears... even from the search menu. If you are planning on tracking a cruise ship for its entire voyage... forget it.Version: 9.1.1

Zéro starThere are boats in the St Laurent , ferries, tankers and others but on your site we don’t even see one of them It doesn’t worth a penny so I want my money back !!!!!.Version: 9.2.2

Sh** finderI’d change the name of this app. Absolute rubbish. Paying for this app provided nothing more of interest over the free app. Do not buy.Version: 9.2.2

What a letdown !I purchased this app to track my son's yacht at present in Indonesian waters. His yacht has an AIS transponder which is on all the time. All I can receive are the positions of three pleasure craft moored in the Brisbane River. Not good, there appears to be some problem with distances. I will be looking for refund if the reception cannot be improved and also request Apple to remove the app from their site..Version: 9.1.1

Ship finderI had 2 ships meeting ( st. Lawrence River ) in my city ( Brockville, Ontario , Canada ) and the app didn’t show either boat . This app stinks . Wasted money ..Version: 9.2.2

Are you in Canada?I purchased this app thinking that few or no ships were showing in Canadian waters because this might have been a limitation of the lite version. WRONG! $6.99 payment DID Not HELP. BEWARE!!!!.Version: 9.2.2

Ok...... butThe app is ok but it does not show all ships. The data is limited. Perhaps the developers could add a greater database driven site where sighting photos could be displayed, links to perhaps wikipedia could be made. Just more improvements i guess, but it does need to show all ships visible from a particular site if it is to be useful..Version: 9.0.2

Good but not great.The app does what it claims. Not sure why, but vessels often appear over land..Version: 9.0.2

No shipsApp was quite good when first purchased but now hardly picks any ships up in my area, I know they’re there , I work at the port.Version: 9.0.2

Ship FinderThis app shows very few AIS equipped ships on the Great Lakes. If this is your area of interest, it is not worthwhile..Version: 9.0.0

OrdinaryDoesn’t find every ship. Turn your phone off then on and it sometimes will find it..Version: 9.2.2

App is getting much worse!To add to the frustration of not ‘finding’ ships I can see in front of me with my own eyes, now for the very few that actually show up, they disappear entirely. Ghost ships I guess. It’s hard to imagine an app that was less worth the waste of money. This app literally does nothing it was supposed to do..Version: 9.2.2

Useless nowOnce excellent but gets worse every upgrade. No longer works for port of Auckland NZ. HD version not worth the bucks either..Version: 2.29

UselessDoes not show ships that I know are there! I want a refund!.Version: 9.2.2

Helpful but slowWe use it to keep track of bigger boats as we sail around the San Juan islands near a big refinery port and across busy shipping lanes & ferry channels. It’s generally helpful, but the refresh interval often seems to be as long as 10 minutes, which is too slow..Version: 9.1.1

Very disappointing App. Not worth the costMany, many, many, Ships do not appear on this App. A very disappointing App..Version: 3.0.1

I want my money backApp is useless for Atlantic Canada! Don’t waste your money on this app! Never any ais targets,and I can see ship movements,useless!.Version: 9.2.2

Good to poorHad this app for some years. Until recently used to show everything going past my house on the southern coast of Spain. Now shows very little and nothing at all through the Straits of Gibraltar. Don’t know what’s gone on? They say the AIS is not working for that area of the Med. Been like it for about 9 months now. Bit of a waste really. Disappointed!.Version: 9.2.2

ReviewThis app has not been working for weeks. I cannot see any ships in North Queensland. I have paid to have the pro version and it is not working..Version: 9.2.2

Missing shipsIt seems that ever time I look for a ship it is missing. There could be better information like flight radar 24 but keep it free..Version: 9.1.1

DisappointingVery disappointing as there are no photographs for most ships and no names for many..Version: 9.2.2

Too many areas are constantly offline.If you’re a professional mariner on the north-west coast of North America, you will be disappointed. Currently, these are the areas that aren’t showing data for me: Portland, OR/Willamette River-Tongue Pt, Western BC north of Seymour Narrows up until Prince Rupert, large swaths of SE Alaska including Ketchikan and Juneau, nothing in Prince William Sound or Cook Inlet on the Alaska South Coast (nothing in Valdez, Cordova, Whittier, Seward, Homer, Kodiak, Anchorage), Western Alaska. I know my app is working, I’m getting real time tracking in some areas, but this app has proven too spotty to be worth paying for. I’ve requested a refund through the link in my app..Version: 9.2.2

Refund please.After using the free version I upgraded to track a particular ship, guess what the paid version can’t find the ship the free one can!.Version: 9.2.2

Not showing ships??I use this app to keep track of nearby vessels and our lifeboats. However there is never any ships or other vessels shown in my nearby area yet I've tried other apps and they're fine. Tracking our lifeboat from the station is a very handy tool when awaiting news, ETA, or other nearby vessels that may be close. Please fix this!.Version: 9.0.2

Do Not Buy This App!!It looks good and has some cool features but I've noticed it does not track ships in real time. For example, I can see a ship right in front of my place and it is not showing up on the app despite refreshing it several times. Don't waste your money!.Version: 9.0.2

Can’t find a cruise ship ???I bought this app £4.99 to locate a ship Called “SAGA SAPPHIRE “ the ship is a big cruise ship that has been about for many years and to my horror it does find or locate it I have wasted my money as it has not done the job it was bought for does it need a update I don’t know I bought the app in September and it is still not there now in November can the company please give me a answer.Version: 9.2.2

ShipFinder.Found one ship , then didn’t work. Don’t purchase. Try free version and make your own mind up.Version: 9.2.2

No goodIt does'nt work ,.Version: 9.2.2

Vessels shown on city streets!Very disappointing - live on a busy waterway and only few of the ships and vessels located and even then they are sometimes on land. Not even the large cruise ship shown! Only a couple of ferry’s shown even though there are more on the water and show up on a cruise tracker site. Sorry if it isn’t suitable for Australian waters tell us before we buy it..Version: 9.2.2

Ship FinderVery poor, wanted to track a cargo ship from Shanghai to Akld, app will not even locate this carrier - waste of $$$!.Version: 2.53

Large area with no coverageSo a nice enough app, fairly easy to get on with and with some good info. One big problem is that you can’t check coverage before you buy. This means that living near a port in Norfolk I have no coverage at all. That’s no coverage for most of North Norfolk, all of West Norfolk and into Cambridgeshire, most of the Lincolnshire coast. Now that’s the whole of The Wash. An email to the developer got a quick reply, which was good, but no time frame for this to be addressed, which is bad. Look around and check coverage with others before buying..Version: 9.0.2

OK not greatI’ve been tracking a ship that has my car on it from Sweden. It does not update as well as the free app. The ship shows as not trackable but the ship is parked in Panama waiting to go thru the canal. Shows up on the free app. Not here though..Version: 9.2.2

RUBBISH IF YOUR’RE IN THE CARIBBEANThis app thought my location was in the English Channel, rather than the Caribbean. Checked all settings were correct and location services on, but still defaulted to the English Channel. Having ‘hard set’ my location, the service did not show any vessels at all in my area for several hundred miles. Theis app clearly does not work everywhere even if you have top notch WiFi. Don’t bother with this app, there must be better ones. Somehow, I will try to get a refund....Version: 9.2.2

DisappointingI can’t really see what I got for paying for it over the Lite (Free) version. Poor search functionality. Sometimes doesn’t show ships I can see right in front of me. Save your money..Version: 9.2.2

Terrible for the rivers don’t waste your moneyOne person I know has ship finder and pickups everywhere. I have the paid version as well as free version and with our phones side by side I can’t pick anything up except in Memphis, Vicksburg and Baton Rouge south. Made sure we both had Sam e settings and nothing. Why can some pick up everywhere and majority of people can’t. Very poor app and very disappointed. Use to work great when first came out years ago and went plum downhill later !.Version: 9.2.2

App not workingI paid for this app and can’t find any ship i type in,also every time you type a ship in it goes to some land town that has the ship name in it! Talking about getting ripped for $5! I get better results from Ship Tracker, and that’s free!Pfft! So I’ll give this One Star until it’s rectified!!! (Money Returned)or sight fixed..Version: 9.2.2

Didn’t work for meUnfortunately this app never worked for me. It couldn’t even find the boat I was wanting to track when it was in the harbour.Version: 9.2.2

Ship finder that can’t find shipsShould have read reviews before wasting my money. I’m coastal south Australia and see ships regularly but they don’t show on ship finder. No not filtered. I only paid for the app to see cruise ship locations and this won’t show Princess cruise ships. Please don’t waste your money google will give you a better result for free..Version: 9.2.2

Missing St Lawrence RiverDisappointed that it doesn’t show ships in the St Lawrence River such as near the Iroquois Locks..Version: 9.1.1

Ship not finderWould be a great app if it found ships. It doesn’t, even when you can see them right there, ferries, cruise ships, all kinds; same thing, not found..Version: 9.2.2

I would give it a zero if possibleI PURCHASED this app as I regularly go to Mobile and am around the ships. I have used another find my ship app that quit working so I got this one. There are no ships visible in the Mobile area. I’ve searched for the name of the ships and they are not there, they don’t even come up in the search. And let me assure you, there are ships there....I was physically looking at them! I’ve given this over a week and I’ve regular checked the Mobile area and they are not showing any there. I am beyond disappointed. Due to this extreme lack of usefulness, my money should be refunded. I.Version: 9.2.2

Doesn’t workI actually paid for this app, but now it doesn’t work with ios 11. Very disappointing & should have been fixed by now..Version: 9.0.2

Good on the West CoastApp works well for identifying ships off southern Vancouver Island... Juan de Fuca Strait. More photos would be nice. A friend has a similar app that has way more photos... and that app was free..Version: 9.2.2

Very poor!I use this developer’s other app ‘Plane Finder’ which is absolutely brilliant! So when my Dad went away on a cruise I thought I must try Ship Finder. Downloaded the Lite version only to find it has absolutely zero features, can’t even search for a ship. So I thought I’d pay the £4.99 to get the full version as I did with the planes. Managed to follow his ship out of Southampton and through the English Channel on the first day, haven’t seen him since! His ship (P&O Azura, so not a small insignificant vessel!) has been completely untraceable for the rest of its voyage down to Madeira where it stayed at anchor for 24hrs (still not viewable) then continued its voyage across to the Caribbean. Where is he now? I have no idea! Just waiting for him to make port, get some Wi-fi and have a chat. Poor, poor app and a total waste of money. I expected more after loving your Plane Finder!!.Version: 9.2.0

Does not workI could not find the vessel I wanted to track. I tried to look in the area I know the vessel is in, no luck. My 1st search was unsuccessful so I will reverse the purchase. No good.Version: 9.2.2

Try others firstDoes not find many vessels that I know exist. Responsiveness of server when trying to find a vessel can be numbingly slow. When more than one ship has same name, impossible to see details to figure out which is the right one..Version: 9.2.2

Mile markersI would to see more mile makers in the app. I do use this app a lot due to work, and it would help me out if you would add something of the sort to the app. I use to use a different app but due to it being taken off the market this is the next best thing. But over all the app is wonderful. I just would like some mile makers on the Mississippi River so that I can calculate time and distance! Thanks.Version: 9.2.2

Missing some shipsWatched the Golden Princess leave Tauranga last night and bought this app to find out where it was today, only to find the app does not know about the ship at all (no search listing either). Other ships show up....Version: 9.0.0

Intéressant mais décevantCette application aurait pu être très pratique, mais plusieurs zones ne sont couvertes donc celle où j’habite. Décevant car elle est bien faite.Version: 9.2.0

Waste of moneyRubbish, don't buy it, hardly any ships. You need Marine Traffic at half the price.Version: 3.0.1

Very disappointingPaid for and Downloaded so we could learn about the freighters traversing the St Clair River at Algonac State Park. The first use showed two freighters going upriver about 10 miles from our location. When I checked again, they had disappeared and never passed the State Park. In the past 6 hours, at least a dozen freighters have passed and none showed up on the app. Basically, does not perform as advertised..Version: 9.1.1

TerribleMy partner is sailing the HMB Endeavour so I thought I’d follow his journey home. Ship Finder platform on the internet can clearly see the vessel but the website suggested I use the app. Bought and downloaded for convenience and the app can’t find the HMB Endeavour! What exactly is the point of an app if it doesn't do what the webpage equivalent does?.Version: 9.2.2

LostThe ap won’t find the yacht I want it to.Version: 9.2.2

Not worth buyingI bought this to track the Queen Mary, and knowing that Pink Foot says it has to be within range of one of their transmitters I waited until it got to NY harbour. Could it be found, even with the search button? No. I searched on the internet with a rival app Vessel Finder and could see it moving up the river. This evening, I check again, no names showing, just a number for the ship, and no information for it at all, though the photos are there. What is the point! Bug filled and Pink Foot can't be interested either as it hasn't been updated since Feb of this year, and it's now Sept. They can't be bothered, so why would you be. Don't waste your money..Version: 9.0.2

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