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Great but...Netflix is great. Yea yea we know. But Netflix doesn’t have any superhero shows in the arrowverse other than arrow. And it’s not even all of the seasons! Please give us all of arrow. And put on Supergirl and the flash please!! The next season of Supergirl comes out in October and I haven’t seen the others. I need to watch it to get caught up to speed. Please! U also don’t have legacies. Y can’t u put these things on in Australia. They aren’t banned! Y don’t u just put on the whole series instead of not putting on the last two or one or taking off the FIRST SEASON! Like u did with Jane the Virgin. It’s stupid. U keep on shows like gypsy that are cancelled, concerning and not going anywhere but u can’t even put on the rest of a series and stuff. Put legacies, the flash and Supergirl on Netflix IN AUSTRALIA. please I’m begging u bro. Please!!!!!.Version: 11.46.0

Updates are horribleI know longer will update anything from Netflix. Every update is worse than the one before. When I started years ago you had like 8 pages of every genre and what we liked & disliked, you numbered our watchlists so we were aware of how many we were adding there. It was a very simple method to move items from say 352 to number 4, there was a rating of 1 to 5, showing what most people liked and what we liked. All of these things have been removed and it wasn’t for our benefit. Every update has major flaws just updated my app on my iPad to find my watchlist on my fire tv still had 352 items in it. Luckily I don’t ever update that one and on the iPad after the update it shows I have 76. When you try to change the order in your list, it can only be done from a computer and once again 1/2 of my watchlist is missing. Now making that impossible to do. Keep making bad choices and not listening to your customers and you will find you are no longer getting more customers, in fact you might start to see a lot of your very loyal customers paying for maybe 3 months a year instead of paying every month for 6 or more years. Get it together and start listening to what people like and want..Version: 12.0.0

Add the option to watch the credits.I know I’m probably in a minority here but, after finishing a film I enjoyed, I like to watch the credits to think about what I just watched and how it made me feel, listen to the music and see any thing like images that scroll past with the text. What frustrating about Netflix is that you can’t watch the credits without being interrupted by them promoting more content and loading up trailers for you to watch, this takes me out of what I was just watching and can spoil the impression that the film or tv show just left on me while it’s still fresh. I wish I could experience the whole of the content without interruption, so a feature you can turn on to not be interrupted at the end of a film and in the credits would be a nice feature for people like me..Version: 13.9.0

No longer compatible with older softwareI really like Netflix, it's a wonderful app with a wide variety of shows for kids and adults, but I do have one complaint. I had been having some trouble with Netflix, because every time I tried to use the app it would simply say "Could not connect to Netflix." There was nothing wrong with my internet and it was working on my TV, so I thought it was a problem with my ancient iPad Mini. So, to try and fix it I deleted Netflix and then tried to re-download it. Unfortunately, as I have learned, if you downloaded Netflix while your device was still getting software updates and then deleted it after your device became out of date, you cannot re-download it. This is quite annoying, and it's a shame you can't download an older version of Netflix..Version: 11.28.0

Latest updates do not impressThe only way to get back to “Who’s watching?” seems to be to go into “Kids” and then “exit kids”, or force-quit from the Dock and re-launch. That really is poor UI design. How about a “back” or “up” button or breadcrumbs? You know, like the very well established and well-understood paradigms for your actual well-designed apps? Also, try as I might, I can not remove some titles from “My List”. I can change from tick to plus and back and forth and forth and back and back and forth as often as I like, get out of and re-enter “My List”, change who is watching (via the Kids + exit kids method) then re-select who is watching, exit the app and re-launch, force quit from the dock and re-launch, reboot the iPad, and even remove and reinstall the Netflix app. Nothing will remove some titles. Again, either extremely poor UI design or database corruption. Hey Netflix programmers: how about TESTING your app for these use cases? You need to do better!.Version: 11.26.0

Rather unhappy with billingI downloaded Netflix well over a year ago and paid via subscriptions but now since updating my card details I'm unable to watch. Although Netflix does not accept subscriptions via Apple no more mine was. I can no longer see this subscription via iTunes or app purchases. I've spoken to Netflix who advised to speak to Apple. Apple was no help either as they can't see it. Solution of Netflix was to register with another email and start again. That's no good. All my favs will be gone all my accounts will be gone. On top of that when it comes to billing the chances is ill get billed twice. One for my account that exists and another for the new one. It's not my issue that I can't unsubscribe or change payment method for Netflix it's theirs. What's so hard about adding in their back end change payment method button? So in essence both Netflix or iTunes don't have a clue how to shut this account down. Not at all happy spent hours trying to sort this. It only happened when Netflix decided to part way with subscribe with Apple pay so what do I do now? Solution find another provider. Disgusting pass the book service..Version: 12.38.0

Disappearing shows extremely annoyingI accept the fact that Netflix will not always renew whatever royalty or licence fees it needs to pay to continue making various content available, but what I find infuriating is that there is inadequate notification before a show is removed. I have more than 60 tv shows/movies on my list, (yes quite a backlog which I intend to get through eventually) and on several occasions now I noticed that something has vanished off that list. After googling about it I find out that someone else bought it or Netflix decided to remove it. Since it is on my list, how about an email or notification to tell me that it is being removed?? Maybe that way I’ll prioritise watching that show before it is removed... Currently the only way to find out of something is being removed is to manually trawl through the list to see if it’s about to go. Not good enough!.Version: 11.39.0

Quality of content has really declinedUsed to be our go-to app for streaming even though we subscribed to others. Content was great, navigation was intuitive, and the app worked exceptionally well. Unfortunately all of the above has changed. We rarely watch it. The content has taken a real dive in quality. Fewer quality movies, too much reality tv trash, and too much low quality foreign programming (the better quality stuff is on a different streaming service). There used to be a rating system in the app that affected the kinds of shows that show up in your queue. Really miss that. And the navigation changes are terrible. Talk about fixing something that wasn’t broken!! The search tool and other functions were moved to a sidebar - as if someone said “let’s copy the worst elements of browser design and slap it on our app.” And the annoying “still watching?” window that interrupts streaming should have an adjustable setting - especially after the new April 2019 rate hike. It will make Netflix the most expensive service we stream. Luckily there’s growing competition in the streaming space, and 2019 is going to be a good year for new streaming services. Of the 4 streaming apps we subscribe to this one is securely in 3rd place and falling..Version: 11.26.0

Messed up.They distrubute child pornography and exploit young girls and then give out a note saying they're prices are going up because they're 'adding more shows' all they do is take away the good movies, everyone knows it. And then the child pornogrsphy stuff? Messed. Up..Version: 13.9.0

Was good until one of the recent updates :(I use the app for myself and my young children. It’s great that Netflix provides segregated kids content, but there could be greater controls over what content is accessible under the kids profile. A work around I had until a recent app update, was to add suitable programs to the ‘My List’ under the ‘Kids’ profile. Until the recent update wiped this... The update didn’t add child age rating filtering of content. It’s really unfortunate and it would be a strong benefit if this feature could be added ASAP please. Also if there is no work around and a pending update will remove user preferences/settings, then a proactive communication would allow a user to proactively manage the impending change, especially given automatic app updates are more the norm, or are forced, preventing app use until the update has been applied. Thanks..Version: 11.18.0

Lacks management featuresMy issues with this app are not about streaming content, but lack of content for managing my account on my device. If there was any place where I should be able to manage my passwords and activity it should be on my device. My info (card, address, etc) is associated to my account. One can argue logging in via laptop/computer could be less secure. Especially if the web browser saves passwords and I am a user who never logs out on a computer that never locks. I at least have Two factor authentication on my phone. If I am already logged in, ask for my password or send an email to my account with a verification number. Just don’t completely strip away my ability to manage my account promptly. At the very least, I should be able to opt out/in on account management on my device via email, if necessary. This needs to be fixed. I receive phishing emails asking me to reset my password regularly. I would like to change it via app immediately, if I feel my password had been compromised. Rating may seem too low when everything else works well. However, security should be paramount to protect your users. There is no point having a service if that service does not have safety of its customers in mind. May as well make a walkway across the freeway..Version: 12.14.2

GlitchesOkay is it just me or since the last like 3 updates the netflix app just glitches and brings ya back to the homescreen.Version: 9.36.0

Improvement neededNetflix is a good app and all that stuff but I think it really needs to step up its game with some of the movies like for example they put one marvel movie on there but none of the other marvel movies same with the Harry Potter movies but and it also needs some more Sylvester Stallone movies I think so if Netflix wants to beat Stan I suggest they put all of the movies I just suggested because at the moment I have a choice of Stan or Netflix my whole family and I’m a family of 7 so in the next month If I don’t see some good movies that fit in I am going to choose Stan in a heartbeat and at the moment I am started to go with Stan for a definent but I won’t pick straight away because I’ll let you guys have a chance. P.s stranger things and rick and morty are the best..Version: 12.13.0

Features need improvementThe selection of films and shows are commendable but still not a great selection for my own taste. Overall Netflix is great with internet for some shows and films, but with the download option and sometimes even with internet an error occurs where a film is inaccessible and stops playing forever. My internet at home is not great and sometimes does not work at all. But when it does my aim is to download films that allow me to watch without the worry of connection issues. However even this feature never works. Please fix this issue. Before then, I’ll be cancelling my subscription without continuing onto paid subscription with my free trial period. My phone is an iPhone 8 Plus..Version: 13.14.2

Netflix has CPHad to delete Netflix. Can’t support a streaming service that has CP in it.Version: 12.49.0

Netflix is the WorstFor the past few years Netflix has been canceling and removing shows for shows and movies that no one asked for. And for all those years I have accepted that but this time there canceling a show for a stupid hype house show. Netflix I know this is all for money but just because something is “popular” does not mean that it will be entertaining to watch. And the worst part is that you guys always cancel the shows with POC, LGBTQ+, Feminism and disabled representation and replace it with shows that are the exact opposite. I’m starting to think that Netflix doesn’t care about it’s users. And they people in the hype house are very questionable so the fact your canceling shows that bring rep to those who need it for this is just bull crap. For years I’ve been considering canceling Netflix because they’ve been doing this for ever. If this continues I might actually do it one day. Netflix should listen to its viewers instead of what’s “popular” at the time. To restate my statement from before just because something is popular does not mean that it will be entertaining. Also I am a 14 year old child so the fact that I took time out of my day to tell you this especially during this year should mean something to you..Version: 13.24.0

Netflix produced porn.And they called it Cuties..Version: 12.49.0

Peodophiles#cancelnetflix.Version: 12.49.0

AGGHHBring back vampire diaries to Canadian netflix!!! also so many great t shows and movies are missing , what’s that about? it’s available in other countries but not in canada?? bring back THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.Version: 12.29.0

DisappointedExtremely disappointed at Netflix for allowing Cuties to stream on their network, as well as sexualizing minor actors who are portrayed as ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRLS..Version: 12.49.0

It good but could get better in futureI have used netflix for over four years now back when the had all the seasons of Futurama, American Dad, Family Gay and Archer I do personally think that removing these shows was not a great idea but the netflix company has brought some shows that bring back this feeling. But I am not here to talk about shows that should be brought back. As I was searching for something to watch I saw multiple shows and movies but as I pressed them they did not show the play icon the multiple show I first clicked on was archer I was shocked to see it on here and recently been wanting to watch it so I clicked on the icon but no play icon was to be seen I did press other shows to see if it would work like Rupaul’s drag race and the last air bender and those did not work either. So I thought I should see if it worked on my phone but as I looked on my phone I did not even see these shows on their it would be nice if you all could fix this and the was another The last Airbender that the date said it was set to come out 2020 I don’t know if this was on purpose or not but please fix this as soon as possible.Version: 11.37.0

STOP TAKING AWAY ALL THE GOOD SHOWSI used to like Netflix but they’re taking away all the good shows INCLUDING all the animes which is a crime. Yet they have the audacity to keep shows like RIVERDALE don’t get this get Hulu instead pls, they keep the good shows.Version: 13.17.0

Update sucksSince I’ve updated my Netflix it won’t let me into the app and says i need to “buy” it from the app store, i’ve tried and still doesn’t work. PLEASE fix this problem.Version: 12.32.0

Glitchy appI like Netflix but the app is bad. It’s only been in the last few updates that things have started to go south. One of the reasons is there is nowhere to contact the developers about issues with the app - which is why my feedback is in this review. The website has standard issues to report but nowhere to leave feedback that is outside these issues. I use the app to stream to my tv. The main issue is that the app seems to freeze, a lot. I will get messages on the tv (Are you still there? Play next episode?, etc). But when I open the app to make a selection, there is no selection to be made. The app opens like I’ve just opened it and haven’t started watching anything yet. I have to disconnect from my tv, close the app, reopen the app, start watching the show again. I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, makes no difference. This app used to be perfect, maybe 2 or 3 updates ago..Version: 12.45.0

WhyWhy remove jojo.Version: 13.17.0

Netflix reviewNetflix is a good streaming service with loads of shows and movies to chose from but whenever I try to go on one of the shows/movies that I am watching, on the continue watching option it won’t continue where I left off the show/movie and sometimes if I start a new show/movie it won’t even be in continue watching. So Netflix is good but that glitch is really annoying.Version: 13.12.0

No-Why tf are animes being taken down?-.Version: 13.17.0

Not great in AustraliaI have two major problems with this app. The library is seriously lacking in Australia I guess due to other companies holding the licences to all the greatest content, which isn’t Netflix’s fault. However I’m sure more could be done to combat this other than creating new original content. My other issue is that the thumbs up / thumbs down rating system is terrible compared to the previous star rating system. I frequently get content that I have given a thumbs down to show up in my “top picks” section. Content that has a 90%+ match are often terrible shows or movies that I’d never watch, and there’s no way to see the overall rating of the show by the general population which results in me wasting time starting to watch movies I’ll never even finish..Version: 9.49.2

Good but…This app use to be brilliant. Managed to download tons of shows without any issues. Now however, episodes begin to download, fail, then I have to download them again. I have also tried playing downloaded videos while I’m on the train to work, but then out of nowhere, the video will just stop playing. Very irritating and the only thing which seems to remedy this is to restart my phone, however this doesn’t always work. Sometimes the downloads work fine and I have no trouble, and this seems to be often caused by regular updates from the app. It seems to have an update every week, which unless you remain on top of, means that your shows won’t play. I just don’t understand why you’d allow shows to be downloadable if you can’t play them offline. This has happened on other devices as well so I’m confident it isn’t my phone. The download time also seems to have increased as well..Version: 10.9.0

Cluttered, glitchy, meh mediocreWas good at first, now it’s so cluttered with titles that are irrelevant. Should have a “Hide” option available so the viewer can personalise their profile by Hiding movie/tv titles so that it doesn’t clutter with irrelevant titles they’re not interested in for easy and user friendly scrolling through relevant titles that the profile/viewers is interested in. Will probably cancel our subscriptions and look for an alternative and better viewing experience.Version: 12.46.0

Take Cuties OffDisgusted by the continuous lack of action taken by Netflix..Version: 12.49.0

Not enough new releases/varietyI have recently bought a Fire Stick and subscribed to Prime Video as Netflix is just frustrating these days. I have to search for hours to find something new that I actually want to watch, then I find they’ve removed old favourites! The other problem we have is that the same programmes are suggested in EVERY category!! It’s just two after row of the same programmes but in different order! I’ve also had to delete the app tonight as it won’t let me play anything as it keeps saying account no longer active, yet it’s the same account I am currently viewing on my tv?!!! I don’t know how much longer I will be paying for Netflix. It’s a poor service. I got excited at one point as it seemed to have dramatically improved over the years, only for it to seemingly go backwards! We are paying enough money to be getting better programmes, you will not maintain your client base when there are superior services available, at cheaper rates too! Please sort it out Netflix! The worlds eyes are upon you!!!!.Version: 11.13.2

Could be better!!I love netflix and been using it for so long but however paying 18bux every month and kost of the movies are not available on the app. It would be nice to have all the old and new movies available on the app so my 18bux is worth it. I hope Netflix will upadte more movies and its ncie if the can release new movies on the app and load more old movies the great ones so people can be like Im going to watch my favorite movie to cheer me up on Netflix. I really like Netflix but it needs to worth 18bux I’m paying. Thanks.Version: 11.30.0

Not goodMany people in other countries such as America, have access to way more shows than us in Australia. We miss out on watching great shows like Friends and such. Please allow us to watch them too, I assume that most of us get frustrated when a show they want to watch is not available. Also I don't get why you have to remove shows. Obviously some shows and movies won't get as much attention as others for us who enjoy those shows and movies its really annoying when you remove themselves. What's the point of a movie streaming service if half the shows get removed every 3 months. Other services like Stan have a wider range of entertainment and don't remove shows all the time. Can you like fix it.Version: 12.5.0

It’s goodLook the app is great but Netflix gets a two/five (stars) for its lack of new seasons for shows, by the time I’ve finished a season it’s got no more so I start another tv show only to find it’s hasn’t got more seasons yet (hasn’t finished the storyline ect.) so I start a new tv show and that process goes on and on. I added a couple shows/movies to my list so I could find them, I have removed from either disliking them or not wanting to watch them; but none of them have removed from my list. I’ll click on them and it’s says their not on my list, but they stay on my list. This glitch really annoys me so please fix it. Otherwise I love this app, the shows are good, the streaming never fails and the download feature is great. Love this app, but Netflix please fix the cons..Version: 11.33.0

NetflixI have favorite shows on netflix like moana but now I cannot watch it again because y’all took it off please can you put back my favorite shows please and I am giving you all one star and it’s not fair y’all took it off and I cannot watch tinker bell anymore because when I search it not there anymore can you all do something please now I cannot watch the movies anymore because it’s not there and it’s not there and it’s not fair that you all are taking out movies that I love watching and you all are getting paid for to watch movies I am giving one star only please can you put it back every time I open neflix I watch my favorite shows can you please put back my favorite shows if you put back my shows I’ll give 5 stars and annie it’s my favorite show and I had already download it but now it tells me that it’s not available in my country and right now I am on Edinburg Texas that’s where I live please fix this problem and I had to delete because I couldn’t watch what should I do please fix this bug and my favorites movies are Shreak and Annie it’s not fair that I am paying for Netflix and you guys are deleting my favorites movies can y’all put it back I really love those movies.Version: 12.4.2

Used to be goodI feel that over time the quality has degraded. The star rating was a great deal better that this new thumbs up or down malarkey, which doesn’t make any sense. Continue watching feature doesn’t always remember what I’ve been watching so I have to search for it, and at the same time remembers the choices I clicked on just to check out the movie, and then you’re stuck with it. Not to mention on PS3 the preview actually starts to play the movie straight away, so that makes a right mish mash out the continue watching section. Going back to the star rating. One thing that gave you was what others thought of a movie. I found that massively useful. I haven’t got time to watch the first 15 min of every movie to work out if I like it and I’m fed up of going to IMDB before I make a choice. Keep me in your app, integrate IMDB, as they’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Recently, we lost more functionality. No longer able to add a new movie from the email notification straight to THE APP. That scroll to the left IN EACH CATEGORY drives me insane. Stick to one page scroll, up and down. A large proportion of the page remains static, with one action I want to be able to scan the content of the whole page, in case I spot something I want to watch in a different category! The price has just gone up again, but I feel that the only thing that set Netflix apart from the rest, highly personalised platform for the user, has gone down in my estimations!.Version: 11.48.2

Movie CUTIES-OutragingI can’t believe it is legal to put child pornography online. Those little girl were ask and show how to dress and act sexually..Version: 12.49.0

Constantly messing with my audio settingsEach movie starts with randomly selected audio although I always switch it to English original. Please fix this bug ASAP. Each time I change the audio to english the app would freeze and need restart of the movie (not app). Language would be either English original or again randomly selected language. Super annoying!.Version: 12.11.2

PLEASE READ!!!!Dear Netflix, I love Netflix SO much but, I do think it needs some work. First, I think there should be a teen section. The kid section is too immature for teens while some of the things in the adult section are too mature. The PG-13 and PG-14 content should be in its own section. There are also some titles that are rated TV-MA that also don’t feature much inappropriate content that could be in the teens section. I think the teen section can feature cursing, kissing, and violence but no nudity. Second, I think you should be able to lock your profile because kids can enter the adults section very easily and watch something inappropriate. Also if you share your Netflix account with other people they can enter your account and watch shows which will then give you show recommendations that you aren’t interested in or mess up the shows your watching. Third, I think you should be able to delete shows you watched but didn’t like from your Continue Watching because then a long list of TV shows and movies will line up and I think you should be able to do it from ALL devices. Fourth, I think shows shouldn’t be removed as often as they are and more shows should be added to the kids section since, its not updated as frequently as the adults section..Version: 13.15.0

Three irritating problems1) For some reason, Netflix have decided to remove synopses and cast/crew into from the entry for each film, meaning that unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, the app is next to useless. Browsing is now pointless. 2) The ‘skip intro’ button isn’t removable. I’m one of those people who love title sequences, and I watch them on every episode of whatever series I’m gorging myself on. The little reminder that I can skip this if I want to is distracting, and as I never use it, I’d rather its appearance was optional. 3) The end credits roll... and suddenly the movie I’m watching shrinks to a tiny box in the upper right hand corner, and an ad for some other movie is plastered all over my screen. I hated this when TV channels showed movies, and I hate it now. Let me finish the movie I’m watching before you pester me to watch something else. Again, this should be optional..Version: 11.5.0

Very poor app for such a big name...With Chromcast, sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn’t....more often than not its really frustrating trying to cast. App also seems to frequently loose its sync with Chromecast so when you want play another video the previous one keeps playing on the chromecast whilst the new one starts playing on your device.. However for us the biggest frustration is the way Netflix plays one thing then automatically starts playing the next video. We find this behaviour makes it really difficult trying to control the amount of tv/screen time with little kids and has been the source of so many tantrums. Furthermore there doesn’t seem to be a way to limit Netflix use for an individual user per day (say 45mins per day for a specific user). The lack of parental controls is the main reason we are considering cancelling our subscription at the moment. For such a large company and considering I pay for the service, I would expect more from an app like this..Version: 12.13.0

Please stop taking off the good and more older showsBefore all the Netflix Originals were replacing good and more older shows it was a great app. It had many throwback shows that I still love to this day and it was in general a great app for me. Now they are taking off shows with no warning. I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when it was on Netflix, and I was really into it. Then I was on Snapchat and I had to find out from there that it was going to get taken off of the app. Why can’t they have a section for the shows they are going to take off, so we can at least know if a show we were going to watch is getting taken off and watch it quickly. And I’m very disappointed that they took off many of the older tv shows that were around when I was younger because now I have no where to watch them. Netflix is the only app I can use to watch shows, but now I have to either rewatch shows that are on there or watch Netflix originals that are a season long, on average, and have 10 20 minute episodes. WHY WOULD YOU REPLACE A SHOW THAT HAD MORE CONTENT FOR A SHOW THAT HAS 1 SEASON AND TAKES A YEAR TO PRODUCE ANOTHER ONE THAT IS JUST AS SHORT!.Version: 11.20.2

Bad shows/moviesIt gets a one start because they cancel all the good shows like I’m not okay with this, The society,and everything sucks while keeping riverdale coming back for a season five,Keeping outer banks and the rest of the bad shows/movies.Version: 12.45.0

Currently watching is a nightmare!I love Netflix and admittedly have things streaming far too often throughout the day. Everything works beautifully and it’s easy to search for what you’re looking for and the list of saved shows is fine too. My big issue, however, is with the currently watching area on the tv app, phone app, and website. Sure there are tons (and I mean TONS) of articles all over the web giving instructions on how to remove shows from the currently watching section that you no longer want to view, but Netflix it’s your job to provide an easier method for doing this. It’s unrealistic to expect people to go into their history and delete a millions episodes of a show just to get to the movies and whatever other shows they need to remove from that section. Just allow a space on the titles to remove them from that area. Especially for shows or movies that you try out and end up not liking. They stay there for months! Also, the app on tv plays the show or movie just when you’re trying to read the info about it and guess what?? That also adds that title to currently watching! Fix this issue please! It’s 2020! We shouldn’t have to google the hundreds of articles teaching people how to get around your archaic ways with this one thing. Do better, Netflix..Version: 12.21.0

Haikyuu and animesI am mad because netflix doesn’t have a season 3 and 4 for haikyuu 😭😭😭😭😤😤.Version: 12.36.0

Not working/BugSo lately I’ve had this bug where only certain episodes of shows will play, it’s not my internet connection and I haven’t downloaded anything but some shows just straight up don’t work. I’ve tried restarting the app many times and waiting for over an hour to give the episode a moment to process and all I get is a loading screen and then an error message saying it timed out or whatever. It’s really ticking me off. I haven’t had this problem before but lately it’s almost every show. One show works while another doesn’t, or episode 1 refuses to load but episode three starts up no problem. I hope it can be fixed...Version: 11.32.0

Bring back airplay!Removing the ability to use airplay is killing Netflix for me, ads unnecessary inconvenience. Will cancel my subscription!.Version: 11.27.2

Issues with language and films already watchedI’ve had Netflix now for a few months and on the whole it’s a good app for conveniently finding films of a particular genre. However I have two real issues with it; 1. I find a film and use my data (no access to WiFi) to download it to my device so I can play it on my tv at a later time only to find that the film is in another language. Surely it would be easy to identify on the film description what the language of the film is, it is massively frustrating. 2. Films which I watched remain in my suggested lists, I watch lots of films and can’t always remember which ones I’ve watched just by the name or cover photo, would it not be possible to open a new folder, like the ‘continue watching’ one but for ‘films watched’ so they don’t keep appearing in the suggested lists. I’m surprised this isn’t a feature given how it tracks everything else. It also puts things I’ve watched in my continue watching folder which is frustrating 🙄.Version: 11.19.0

The rating to end all ratings😱🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😑So I love Netflix I watch it in the mornings if I’m really bored and in bed but there could be one main change for me that I would love to see in the next update. When I have finished watching some thing sometimes the show stays on my continuing watching list but I have clearly finished. I watch it to the end and it just goes on to the first episode and it is so annoying. Plz if you made this change I would absolutely give you five stars and I wouldn’t be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ANNOYED. Thx xoxo anonymous. P.s. I would also give you a five star rating if you had season three of a series of unfortunate events. Plz fix this or I will delete Netflix and never watch it again!!!!!!!!!!! Also another season of greenhouse academy plz. Plz read this and fix it becoz I have five things I have finished and you are saying I haven’t. I am sooo triggered.!?.Version: 11.7.0

Having a spot of bother is allI have no issue with the majority of the app and do quite enjoy using it and am grateful that I can, however my only issue with the app at this moment in time is that if I try to watch a new season of a show it keeps trying to play the season recap, even though I’m tapping on episode 1 of that season. I wouldn’t mind this if it didn’t then cause an error for the recap and then go back to the shows episode list. I don’t have this problem with the second episode onwards, but obviously wish to watch the first episode before the second. What’s even more frustrating is that there appears to be nowhere I can report this issue and no help online for it. I hope this is seen by a developer for the app as I’d appreciate being able to watch some more of my favourite shows. Thank you in advance and apologies for any inconveniences..Version: 12.29.0

Do not download the appThey delete a bunch of animes but have the audacity to keep Riverdale 😑.Version: 13.17.0

Really confusedSo don’t get me wrong I love Netflix and I’ve never had a problem with it until I downloaded the app, about an hour before i wrote this. I’ve normally been watching Netflix on Apple TV or my computer, and it’s been all good and fine. I recently started watching How I Met Your Mother, and I downloaded the app to start watching it in bed. However I can’t find it anywhere on the app... and that’s not all. Brooklyn nine nine, one of my favourite shows is not on the app, but is still on the website on computers?? There are tons more. Plus, I’ve discovered that there are some shows that are on the app and NOT the computer, such as The Office (American) and Friends. I’m extremely confused about all this and tbh all I want is to watch HIMYM in bed on my phone :/.Version: 10.6.2

No descriptionI don’t know who comes up with these updates for the app but they’re terrible. First it was the taking away of the star rating. Which means I can’t get an idea on whether the show/movie might be good before wasting my time watching. Now the latest nonsense of taking away the brief description of what the show is about. Instead it’s just a list of genres the show/movie falls under. I, like many other people, enjoy many different genres of shows and movies. For example I’m not going to watch a movie simply because it’s an action movie. It’s the same even for documentaries which makes even less sense. Say a documentary is on Egypt. How can I tell it’s going to be something that I’d be interested in just the few genre and descriptor words? It could be about things I already know about Egypt or it could be talking about new discoveries and facts I’ve never heard of. Whomever is making the decision to allow these ridiculous updates is awful I’m not saying fire this person but them and everyone else involved in these updates should be allocated to a new task within Netflix. My account alone isn’t keeping Netflix afloat so this isn’t any threat but I’m so close to canceling my account. It’s getting less and less worth the money I’m charged for it..Version: 10.16.0

Netflix Shows And MoviesThis app is amazing but the shows and movies that Netflix are adding..are getting less enjoyable. I enjoyed the shows and movies you had back then. Some examples like F.r.i.e.n.d.s, Coraline, Suicide Squad, and Beauty and the Beast. Those are only a few. The newer shows snd movies y’all are adding just don’t catch my attention. Im sure other people agree with me as well. Also, some of the shows that y’all have, don’t have all the seasons. That just bothers me so much because I think it only has that amount of seasons, but it turns out that it doesn’t. So I just watched that show for no reason, and sometimes I really, really, really like the show and can’t seem to find it anywhere else in order to watch it. I really hope y’all consider putting some older shows/movies that were on Netflix back, or consider trying to put more seasons or all the seasons on the shows, and finally, consider putting some other shows on like Law and Order. That’s really the only one. I really like the show, I sometimes watch it on T.V but the ads always ruin it and I would want to watch it in order. Thank you Netflix, if you do consider trying some of the stuff I said. (:.Version: 13.20.0

BadNetflix deleted 3 shows with lgbtq+ and poc diversity for no reason 😀 bring it back.Version: 12.45.0

Downloads, disappearing shows and limited libraryWhy is there only a limited amount of titles I can download? I’m really keen on watching some shows on the train but I’m unable to download them. Why do movies disappear from Netflix? Civil War and The Winter Soldier used to be on Netflix aswell as a bunch of recent action films but all of a sudden they have just disappeared off the face of the earth. And of course we all know the library is small, that’s not my concern really, but when it’s already this small and titles keep disappearing aswell as there only being a handful of titles to download is really quite ridiculous. I’m paying to enjoy these products and you’re restricting me on how I can watch them... I’d actually like a genuine reason as to why Netflix does all this stuff? My guess is that it’s either licensing issues or their servers are lacking in size..Version: 9.57.0

They remove good showsNetflix have done good and amazing thing when it comes to some shows like lucifer when they got it so they could make another 2 seasons. And stranger things is also a good show but Netflix have removed good shows and one of them being daybreak. In my opinion I agree they already have shows about apocalypses and thing like it so they might have to much but day break is a brilliant show which they didn’t even do much advertising for so no one even resized it was a thing and if they did people would watched it and enjoyed it. Also in my opinion Netflix should every once and a while (1 time every 1-2 months) a quick option to rate the shows they have watched and also question like what would have made the show better in your opinion or what did you like about the show.Version: 12.23.0

Taking shows off netflixStop taking good shows off netflix. no one likes riverdale.Version: 13.18.0

Good review- relatableI mean I really like Netflix. I just feel like sometimes the app can need updating with better films, like don’t get me wrong the films are good and it keeps coming with proper good series like Jheez! But like there’s something missing, I don’t know how it works with the whole taking movies off and putting on new ones or whatever, but I just think more up to date films tbf. I use it literally everyday always watching a new series or a film I haven’t watched but it gets to the point where I’m having to watch the same film over and over again. Like if it’s a good film and a film that I really enjoy then it’s chill but sometimes I find myself Tryna find a film for time, rather than acc watching a film& I know that goes for many people. I do really recommend using Netflix like it is very good for films and series just needs to bring some more good films, especially for 2019! P.s bring back fresh prince of bel air cus I’m literally on the edge of not knowing what to do at like 2.am in the Morning🥴.Version: 11.15.2

Can't even open the app, awesome.This is super annoying. My app is fully updated and it won't open. Awesome 👌🏻.Version: 9.36.0

Can't stand the constant previewsI avoid searching for shows on Netflix because I hate this insistence on showing parts of the movie or show when you're trying to read what it's about or are just scanning through a category. If I know what I'm going to watch, I go straight to it, and the original and international content is unmatched. But I despise being force-fed trailers and previews on any TV service, showing you before you watch what you're about to watch, and getting it in hacked up bits that reveal a lot of the best moments. And Netflix is by far the worst. So much for being surprised, thrilled and delighted by unanticipated events. A lot of us watch for the surprises and the fun in trying to guess what's coming next. Hey, Netflix, we're already on your service and intent on watching your TV and movie shows. You've got to understand that subtlety has great virtue and we're smart enough to figure out what we want to try without being shoveled bits like dummies. Besides, we also know that trailers are extensively edited, of course, and intended to show off only the best action and character lines. What we see, especially the lightening pacing and exaggerated action, is often not what we get. The previews don't reflect the quality of a production and may turn us off to things we'd otherwise try..Version: 12.23.0

Inappropriate filmsCanceling Keeping disgusting movies with children exploitation.Version: 12.49.0

Netflix isn't worth it like it once was.Netflix is starting to charge more and more each year while producing terrible shows and cancelling the good shows. Quality over quantity. But for them it's the other way around..Version: 13.3.0

Why is it only on the US networkWhy is The office only on US Netflix. it's absolutely unfair and should be available in all regions over the world, also a lot of the shows on Netflix are ONLY available in the US with absolutely unfair, because we all pay to watch Netflix and we should all have the right to watch all shows that are offered to the company, thank you for time..Version: 12.5.0

Problems with NetflixI’ve noticed lately that Netflix has been taking down most of the anime shows and not being able to complete the shows; not uploading the episodes, and it has become annoying and upsetting. I do not find most of the shows entertaining, though there are a select few, Netflix lacks the ability to create entertaining shows and should build ideations of a well constructed plot that grasps the attention of the audience, but like I said there are some that are interesting shows. If Netflix would be more open to new ideas or suggesting new genres, then the business of entertainment could attract more viewers. Netflix should include more anime and shows that can make an individual feel emotionally attached to a character or relate to the character, if Netflix attempts to do so it will benefit the company in a successful manner. What people look forward in shows is, Acting that makes the audience feel as if they are in or apart of the show and the quality or how the show was able to create a film that has much dedication and deep meaning, something that makes people motivated or question their life in a positive affect. Overall it has become increasingly boring and people are craving entertainment, if you cannot provide that well I’ll let you figure that out on your own....Version: 13.22.0

Airplay removed ?!So Netflix, you quietly removed airplay in that version, without informing users. At the price I pay the 4K subscription, I don’t care about your competitive war against Apple. If you want to keep your subscribers stop using them against Apple by removing functionalities !.Version: 11.27.2

I like this app, and I use it all of the time, but it’s really starting to annoy meSo, I first started using Netflix 3 or 4 years ago, and I have always loved it, and I use it almost every day, but after this new update, (the one that added the “smart downloads”) it has been really glitchy and annoying... first, the most annoying one is: I download the shows that I want to watch, I go off the app for like 3 minutes, and then when I go back on, all of my downloads that I have ALREADY downloaded, have “failed to download” even though I had already downloaded it, and had even started watching it!!! Please just stop making performance improvements, and just fix this ONE SUPER ANNOYING glitch, PLEASE this is the 5th time it has happened, and I’m not surprised if it happens again, but please please please please please just fix it before I rate this a 0 star.Version: 11.28.0

Major Security BreachDo not buy this product it is insecure!!!! I have been a Netflix subscriber since it started in Australia. I thought it was safe. I was so wrong. Within the last few months my account has been continually hacked from different people all over the world. I found that hackers have been selling my login details and some just throwing it out to people to use for free. The reason this is so alarming is they now, due to Netflix’s terrible security, have access to my email account which has sensitive information. They have payslips, security codes, address and photos of my children and family. This allows the hackers to create fake cards, visas etc.. I spoke to Netflix’s helpless call centre today and instead of working on a solution for the problem they just reset my password and told me that’s the best they could do. Didn’t want to leave their details as a point of reference and kept saying that this was their best. Well it’s not good enough. I now have to worry about what I have stored on my email and essentially delete or redirect any sensitive information due to Netflix’s poor security. I highly suggest not purchasing Netflix as it may cost you a lot more than $20ish a month. I have Stan, Foxtel and many other programs for my smart TV and none of them have given me any problems whatsoever. Only Netflix. Netflix is a poorly secured platform and I see many problems for them in the near and distant future. Do not buy this product it is insecure!.Version: 11.36.0

We are the sameHello Netflix first of all I love the app❤️ However I cannot seam to find shows I enjoy but I’m almost 100% sure that there are shows I would like to watch. I have a friend who recently moved to America and like any sane person she got Netflix and she’s been telling me about shows to watch on Netflix but I’ve only found one she told me about 😪 But me and my blue tongued skink prince really want to watch some good Netflix shows My main point is I live in New Zealand and some show are not available in New Zealand but I don’t know why If there is anyway you could change it so we can’t see more shows please make it happen Thanks lots of love me and Prince thank you!💞.Version: 11.49.0

#JusticeForKhaledJUUwurumuyor As a global company you should respect every country and not target them in your content by spreading stereotypes , as an arab / saudi man i will be canceling my subscription because you as a company have failed to stop these rumors about us . The fact that you made an episode about khaled aldossary without including facts is disgusting ! He was a chemical engineering student and he ordered chemicals for educational purposes and the company that sells these chemicals for students filed a report against him because they felt" suspicious " because he is saudi / muslim even though they sell other stude But later it was proven that the chemicals cannot be used for making weapons / bombs of any sort but it was too late because he was already sentenced for life in prison ! And for what ?! For nothing ?! As a company you shouldn't be biased ! I understand that Netflix is mostly run by white males but that doesn't mean that you cant be back more educated about other cultures and less racist !!! Some people might claim that they're racist but they are deep down , its not about what " racist word " you say its about your actions . And Netflix has proven that its a racist company . I am disgusted and I encourage others to unsubscribe to this service and find better services . I stand with khaled aldossary #JusticeForKhaled.Version: 12.36.0

Their taking of all the good showsNetflix took ouran high school host club and canceled a BUNCH of good shows just for a crappy hype house show smh 😐😐🙄🙄.Version: 13.24.0

Can't get past home screenI literally can't get past the home screen! I sign in and it just stays on the home screen I've restarted uninstalled and signed in and out. I can't get it to work! Fix this now please!.Version: 9.36.0

It’s great but needs more animeI love Netflix and all but every time I finish an anime there is no good ones because I’ve watched them all and it needs popular anime like attack on titan and Tokyo ghoul or HunterxHunter because all the anime’s I haven’t watched aren’t all that good and these anime’s are popular meaning they would be watched. more and more attention would head towards Netflix because maybe people that like anime like this can’t get anime watching apps but can get an app like Netflix and their favourite anime’s can be there to watch because if a weeb watches all the anime there and can’t find more they might as well drop the entire app because the stuff they like isn’t here. Or you can just make an entire anime setting where you include popular anime’s and other anime’s so we don’t have to go searching everywhere for it on the adult setting but if you do add an anime setting repeat after me DONT’T EVER delete an anime because it isn’t getting a lot of attention it could be someone’s favourite show and if they go to watch it it won’t be there so again they might drop Netflix this also goes to any other show. if you think no because what about other shows just make room for them or look at THEIR popularity so if it does go on Netflix it gets the attention so Netflix gets attention and more.Version: 12.51.2

Good but has it’s stupid momentsIt’s a really good and useful app, you can watch and download tons of movies and tv shows, you can stream them with no adverts. But here’s the catch most things don’t stay on Netflix forever, as you may be able to tell. So I wanted to watch Christmas with the kranks last Christmas, but it wasn’t on there, and I was like oh well 🤷‍♀️, understandable, I don’t expect it to have all the movies I want to watch. Then on January 1st, 2 weeks after Christmas, they added it to Netflix😑, so they added a Christmas movie after Christmas had ended, then it stayed all of spring, summer and autumn and on November 24th, when we wanted to watch Christmas with the kranks, they got rid of it! Even tho it’s a Christmas movie😑, they kept it the whole year, even tho it was a seasonal movie, and got rid of it at Christmas, the season you normally watch it in🤦🏻‍♀️, But apart from that it’s a good streaming app😁👍🏻.Version: 12.10.2

NO PASSWORDWhen I signed up I was not given any opportunity to enter a password. My saved passwords do not exist for this NETFLIX APP. However if I go online using my browser I am logged in. The flaw exists in many apps including Facebook in which Google browser has the password but the app does not. Another complication is that the list of « SAVED » passwords in the browser do not list Netflix though the browser logs me in as though it was listed. This confusion can allow other mistakes to be made. They want you to pay them with real money yet the product is dangerously flawed. It gets worse. After installing the app and failing to log in due to no password the usual means to recover the lost password are either non existent or just do not work. IS IT WORTH IT? The hassle. Can we trust an app that promises to inform us 2 days prior to the TRIAL period expiring when that same app STONEWALLS all attempts to recover the password?.Version: 11.15.2

App is Unoredictable and UnreliableToo many times I have downloaded whole episodes of shows for a plane trip to have it reach the end and then stall. It looks like it is fully downloaded but fails to progress to the blue tick where I can actually watch it. Sometimes I try many times and the same result, thus burning mountains of mobile data and still nothing to watch on the plane. Also if I am not actively watching something, the app seems to close itself to a standby mode. When I look at it again it restarts from the beginning and I have to choose which account and when I go to downloads they have all stopped. Thus, once again, no shows to watch on the plane trip. While I generally like the content, I find myself today deciding to change which streaming provider I use because I cannot handle how much this rubbish app has caused me stress..Version: 13.11.0

Ok but My List doesn’t syncYou can definitely watch TV and movies with this app and user interface is reasonably intuitive but does have some quirks. I would really love the MY LIST to function properly but when I remove something from my list it stays there unless you sign out and back in. A refresh button would be great or automatically resfresh so the list isn’t cluttered with stuff you’ve already watched..Version: 11.36.0

It’s a poor app for such a hugely popular serviceFirstly, ignore the poor reviews with people complaining about content. Value for money, Netflix offers a huge catalogue, and if you can’t find something you enjoy for the very reasonable per month subscription I’d be very surprised. If you can’t find something you like, cancel any time you want. That said, the reliability and stability of the app has been consistently poor over the 2+ years I’ve subscribed - most notably Chromecasting from the app and returning to it (having switched to another app) will most commonly result in the app being non response to pause/skip/subtitle change/etc. You have to force close the app to re-establish a connection. Until Netflix hire some decent developers to fix the basics in the app, my tip would be that once you initiate a chromecast just use the Google app to control the film..Version: 12.1.0

I’m confusedI was logged into my profile and everything was fine. I left my wifi connection and when I reconnected I was signed out. My password has been changed back to my old password and now my profile is missing. I tried to create another profile but it’s telling my I am unable to take this action. On my mums profile everything is fine and she can see my profile? I’m really confused..Version: 10.6.2

Updated m* it up. Please fix!Now you cannot watch continuously from an iPad connected to TV using USB-C cable. It has a new feature where it stops when episodes ends if screen is locked and off and it was playing. You have to pick it up and turn it on. Unlock faceID so literally pick up the device and look at it! Away from the TV. You cannot place device away (from reach) without being force to use it to press play every episode. So annoying! Please fix! It should keep playing if screen is off at minimum. Just like when screen is on it skips to next episode in 5-10 seconds of credits. If user leaves the screen then stop it from turning off. Otherwise I can turn it off the device screen/controls rather than a timer. And new lock feature is useless if you don’t want to use the screen turn it off and hope it keeps playing, like I say above. With lock you need to unlock the screen to use the controls. Why? If screen is on and locked why not let the controls like forward and back be there? Especially skip show’s intro. Why is this not automatic when screen is off but is when screen is on. Literally the opposite applies for watching on external TV!! Try to use it yourself. And FIX it please..Version: 12.30.0

Preview loop & music & Info & PasscodeI can’t stand browsing through titles anymore looking for something interesting. If I pause too long I have to deal with the noise and video loop. Music/noise is worse, but give option to stop both. Why must one click done and then ok after entering ratings passcode override? 2 steps? It wasn’t great, but the app with older apple tvs was better at inputting passcode even before the added step. Why with the TVOS app can I not always see all of the description of a specific episode or movie including language spoken when scrolling through episodes. I like scrolling through episodes current way better then old way where i didnt even know what season I looking at unless i scrolled to top. Just allow ability to get all the info. Put back a way to better exclude things on main menu I will never watch. For example I only like stand up comedy in a club with a group of people watching together live I will never watch stand up comedy on Netflix so please quit showing them to me. Others may love them. Make it easier for both of us. I have tried to give thumbs down over and over. You used to be better at putting shows in menu I may want to watch without searching or being hidden by a ton of stuff i will never watch. Non-app issue. Quality Content has been lacking..Version: 9.37.0

Downgraded instead, Not watching as muchI noticed over the past year that I have been using Netflix less and have been really disappointed with their selection and layout. So I downgraded to the lowest possible billing option and have been great with it for months now. Layout: I wish that when I selected which genre I want to watch that it showed a years list. I like 90's suspense thrillers and kids holiday movies, 50's creature feature horror movies, and 80's action and comedy movies. But it's a bit hard to find with their made up titled sections and makes me waste more time searching than watching. And the search feature doesn't not show me all the movies in these keywords as only a few can fit on the search screen. Also, there movie selection in these categories aren't that much and I end up watching Crackle a lot more. Ended up watching Crackle and Freeform Channel for Halloween instead! I feel Netflix has too much Drama and Gore movies-not my cup of tea. I expected new seasons of "Sabrina the teenage witch," "Mystery Science Theater," and other such shows to be new and available for October but they were not. So knowing when to show new show seasons for holidays is lacking. Who needs the new "Nutcracker" movie in July!? Also, when am I going to see new "Mystery Science Theater" episodes? Love the new show!! Creature feature movies are really lacking on Netflix!! And when is the new "Bright" movie coming out!? This is why I downgraded..Version: 12.9.0

Just TerribleThis is relevant to the Apple TV version, not sure if it’s different on iPhone/Pad. Using Netflix from laptop and Apple TV. No issues on a laptop, but for the last few months Apple TV experience with Netflix has been deteriorating to the point I’m actually bothering to write a review. I have an advanced membership which allows multiple viewers at the same time. Currently I have a bunch of problems, the most annoying being that I have to re-authenticate every day. Sometimes twice a day. At first I thought someone might have hacked my account but security tab shows only devices and locations I recognise. Then I thought it maybe because I’ve got a tab always open on my laptop so I closed it a while ago but that did not help either. To make matters worse the password I input from my phone just gets rejected and the login only works when password input from Apple remote. So, it’s already pretty annoying, but it gets worse. I like to watch shows and movies multiple times, but often when I watch something I’ve already watched if goes to movie summary screen and keeps returning there every couple of seconds. This can only be fixed by closing the program and going through the log-in again phase..Version: 12.13.0

The importance of the Aussie cultureLook I love a good Netflix show but any time I look for a good Aussie show we always a portrayed as the ‘typical’ Australian. I don’t think there is one shoe that shows how we actually are on Netflix. It would be nice if in every show we weren’t shown as the shrimp on the barbe kinda people because half the stuff you getting theses “Australians” to say 99.5% would offended us but we would have a good laugh at the same time because you’ve done our character completely wrong and we can’t even understand what they’re saying. I’m just saying it would be nice to have an Aussie character that still has an accent but isn’t some wacky whacked up human being. Ps. If you’re gonna get Aussie slang PLEASE do your research before your using it in all the wrong ways.Version: 12.43.0

Things to addI love Netflix but whenever I try to find a tv show or movie that I recently heard of it is not usually available. I think it would be a great idea for you to put in a feature where we can suggest tv shows or movies that we want added. I liked how u put in the skip back button but it would be better if you would put a skip forward button. I also wish you would be quicker in adding new episodes or seasons cause it takes to long and I loose interest by the time you put them on. Ps I do hope u read my comment and a lot of others so you can improve your apps there are a lot of good ideas that I really hope you put on your app..Version: 9.49.2

Future features I’d like to seeFirstly, I think Netflix (web and app) is lacking the feature that allows users to customise what they’d like to see recommended (genre-wise or to edit this option if feature already exists), and to disable certain recommendations of specific films (i.e. “This film” doesn’t pique my interest so I want to remove it from my recommendations/homepage) — e.g. We can tap and hold on a film to be given an option of whether or not to remove the recommended. Secondly, I’d like to see Netflix introduce a feature where users can cast aside films that they may have previously watched either outside of netflix/through a different netflix account (so that it doesn’t constantly appear to be recommended) — this should be a separate list that users can easily access and view, i.e. “Watch History”..Version: 11.2.0

UnfairYou should make Netflix the same in all country’s I live in Canada and all the shows/movies I like to watch were taken off of Netflix but there still in usa. Don’t get me wrong Netflix is amazing but it’s unfair especially around this time. Since we’re quarantined all I want to do is watch my favourite shows and movies but I can’t do that cause you keep taking them off. Maybe you should send a notification telling us when a show or movie is being taken off so we know and maybe we can watch one last time but if you take something off or add something it should be the same for all country’s or even just Canada and usa. It’s starting to get really annoying and I think everyone can agree with me. So Netflix if you see this please do something to fix this, it would make me wanna watch Netflix more rather than trying to find some other way to watch something..Version: 12.30.0

User Experience issuesI have read other reviews coming to the same conclusion I have: That users should have the ability to remove content from the continue watching. This would be really helpful as it would decrease clutter and make it easier to find the content you want. Another issue I have is the differences between countries. For instance I live in New Zealand, the Netflix here has much less content then the U.S version, the U.S has Supernatural for example whereas the NZ version does not. Is there any way I could get some information on why this is?.Version: 12.13.0

STOP REMOVING EVERY ANIMEFirst it was attack on titan and now it’s ouran high school host club and hunterxhunter.Version: 13.17.0

Meh, some problemsOkay so first of all I just want to say how many films Netflix has are so many box office bombs like Norm of the north and Blinky Bill the movie I was not impressed how many movies that streamed on Netflix were crappy as like literally. They have the Emoji movie, the Lorax movie really?! Second of all, it was only a couple of years ago but one day we couldn’t get into Netflix. A couple of months later, we finally got into Netflix and we’re outraged because another family illegally turned our Netflix accounts into their own accounts. The language was different, most of the names I didn’t even know I was just frustrated how this family got away with it but thank goodness we got them back. Even though Netflix is a good streaming service it still has a lot of problems. I prefer Disney plus but Netflix is just meh..Version: 12.40.0

Offline viewing inconsistentI love the app when it works properly. Offline mode is a bit inconsistent. I was on a plane in airplane mode and it asked for a username and password out of the blue. When I entered my credentials it would not accept. The app became unusable until I was able to connect to a network and only then would it accept my credentials. I also had issues viewing certain videos in offline mode. They just would not play..Version: 9.36.0

A Gods App/GUI, but...Netflix is great-for the most part, but there are some things it needs to work on... a.) It needs a ‘Forward 10 seconds (or 20) as well as having the ‘rewind 10 seconds’ button in the iOS app. Many times I switch from TV to my iPhone, & for whatever reason, it hasn’t caught up to where I left off on the TV. I’d like to be able to hit a ‘skip 20 seconds’ button so I can get to exactly where I left off (the scroller is just too small & inaccurate..). b.) The fact that Netflix discontinues shows/movies is a big negative. I hear this complaint - a LOT. Netflix, if you’re going to continue raising your prices, you need to keep shows on either INDEFINITELY (especially POPULAR shows), or give us a clear warning as to WHEN IT WILL BE LOST! This is a BIG pain. In he iPhone app, you don’t have that. c.) I agree with other users’ complaints that you need to stop the automatic (loud) content ads, or give us the option to turn the audio OFF on them. Who needs that? Every scroll to another show creates a new blaring ad for the show I’ve accidentally scrolled to. Please stop.. Other than that... etc..Version: 10.3.2

I want to be able to see any show no matter the countryI was recently in Mexico for Christmas break and I was going through Netflix to see what I could add to my list so when I came back to the USA I had some new things to watch, to my surprise I found Naruto Shipudden and wolf children. I was surprise to find these since I done plenty of search before and never came across them, but most importantly I was so excited to watch them. I wasn’t made aware that when I cross the border they would be gone from my device. It’s almost a shame I was starting to love Netflix but finding out that what I want to watch differs from country too country it’s not worth the price I’m paying since I run the risk of going to another country where if I choose to take my list of Netflix to watch over there in my spare time I run the risk of my show or movie disappearing from my device. The whole “it’s about location, popularity, and purchasing rights.” Shouldn’t fall under what people are paying in order to watch what they want, people are unique and they watch different shows, I thought the viewer was more important than the location and the popularity of a specific show or movie..Version: 11.15.2

Why?!Why would you take off attack on Titan?! And now you are taking off Hunter x Hunter? People love this anime and you are taking it off like bruh pretty soon it will just be Netflix originals but other than that I like everything else about Netflix..Version: 13.16.0

Teen section please!Alright, Netflix is awesome! It’s so easy to stream movies, TV shows, interactive games, and more all accessible through Netflix! The only thing that I could think of to improve this app is another section. So far there is kids and adult. But what about teens like me? Kids has a TON of cartoons and kiddy shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love cartoons as much as the next person, I just want something a bit more adventurous. The adult version has a wide variety of movies, but a lot of them are inappropriate for teens like me. If you could add a teen version, where the more appropriate movies are, that would be lovely! The movies, (no matter the rating) should be good for young audiences. This means the movies should be rated for cussing. None of the movies should have naughty things. (passionate hugging/kissing, and you know, anything that's an inappropriate display of affection) but some cussing could be allowed since in college and high school, there aren't many child-friendly peers there sadly. Another suggestion would be to (forgive me if you already have this) add a feature (free or not, your choice) where if you're watching a movie and leave the app, you can still see a small box of the screen in the corner. The box should be moveable, this way you can surf the sea of neverending emails while binging your favorite show on the wonderful app, Netflix..Version: 12.1.0

No AirPlay !!You know we have choices ? Not when u take them away !!.Version: 11.28.0

Okay but improvement could be done about HACKINGNetflix is great and all, we get a lot of options and all BUT I’m always getting hacked and it’s come to a point where I think I’ll have to delete Netflix soon... even tho I love it so much, it’s just so sickening knowing that we only have 2 screens but ppl for ma round the world r logging into our account!! Literally people from NSW AND THE USA!!! I’m paying Netflix for other people to watch and it’s crazy... sorry but it’s the truth I’ve never shared my password with anyone besides my family and them too!and Idek anyone in the USA so please fix this ASAP bc I’m not paying other people to watch on my Netflix I csn’t even watch my shows bc it says the screens r all taken, one for sure is a family member but the other one is a complete stranger!!!.Version: 9.55.0


My Rating Would Be Higher If Autoplay Worked Over Cellular DataMost of the time, I find Netflix to be a thoroughly enjoyable app largely free of bugs and other potential annoyances. However, I recently found myself without a reliable wi-fi connection, which obliged me to stream over my LTE data connection. Much to my exasperation, I discovered that Netflix has taken the patronizing approach of disabling autoplay when streaming via cellular data. I thought at first that this irritation might be remedied by a quick trip to my account page, where the playback settings are found. However, there is just one autoplay-related checkbox, which was checked. A call to customer service confirmed that autoplay is unavailable over cellular. I feel that this policy is frankly ridiculous. With the profusion of unlimited data plans on the market, one should at least be given the option of whether to disable autoplay over data rather than have Netflix unilaterally decide the matter. I am perfectly capable of monitoring my own cellular data use; I do not need Netflix or any other company to hold my hand and choose whether I get to use cellular data. When this nonsense is resolved, I will happily add some stars to my rating; until then, there should be a price for condescension..Version: 11.46.0

Downloading errors!I have only had Netflix for like a month now and my biggest issue is with downlaods. I live in a rural area so I don’t get good internet service and therefor can not stream hardly (pretty much not at all). Still, I got Netflix when I found out you can download and watch it. So I thought I could download my shows at work or in town, or pretty much anywhere I have good signal or internet access. The problem is it takes so long to download just one show! (Like sometimes I wait nearly an hour or longer for one show or movie), then when I go to watch it, half the time it gets messed up and stops working on the middle of it and will not play. Also, I’ve had a couple times where I tried downloading something and the download failed, but when I try again it won’t allow me to do so because it says I have exceeded the number of downloads for that particular movie or episode, even though I never actually had it downloaded, so then I can’t watch it. They need to fix it so that you can download and it actually works every time! I’m losing my patience with it and may be canceling if it doesn’t get better..Version: 12.40.0

Child exploitationThe movie Cuties has made my stomach turn, as a mother and as a human. Any company who feels that sexually exploiting 11 year old CHILDREN is ok, won’t get my business any longer. Shame on you Netflix!.Version: 12.48.0

Great App, bad qualityThe app has a lot of features which makes it easier to browse and look for new shows and movies. It’s been handy during lockdown, however I rarely ever watch Netflix on my devices other than my TV and 12.9 Inch iPad. The app has a severe lack in video quality despite having the full 4k plan. It seems that on IOS netflix doesn’t stream 4k which wouldn’t be a problem if the bit rate wasn’t so low that even on a low brightness I can see blockyness in dark scenes. Although I have gigabit internet and in the room I watch netflix through my iPad using the netflix speed test I get around 250mbs so the stream should not be 480p and yet it seems most of the time it is. Again, I pay for the premium subscription. Why IOS users are shafted despite iPads being common for people to use to watch netflix I don’t know. It seems like watching netflix on the tv is my only option to actually get my money’s worth for what I pay monthly, however I don’t live alone so that’s rarely an option for me. It’s ridiculous I can’t get the full features for the plan I pay for because I use IOS..Version: 13.9.0

Over it. Over Rated.With the new update all I’m getting are crappy bandwidth pictures that are blurry and grainy, nothing to do with the wifi nor the device because it’s only Netflix doing this, as for the movies and shows, for a paid subscription it’s just plain average, I’m finding myself more and more using other means of entertainment and forgetting about Netflix because I’ve either watched half the shows available or they are just plain boring. Any way I’ll probably unsubscribe soon, especially with if the quality of the shows and movies continue to be so blurry..Version: 10.14.0

It could be better.I usually wouldn’t say anything but Netflix needs to improve. So many of my favourite shows are disappearing and some aren’t even there in the first place. I’m on Netflix au and have been scrolling through the internet when I notice that Netflix US has so many more shows where as I am limited to nearly nothing, and I understand that some Spanish or French shows have language barriers but is this really necessary? I would also like to talk about the fact that shows that I have previously watched/finished/discontinued watching are kept on a continue watching list and pop up constantly. These things should NOT be affecting my recommendations and it is irritating to see that the Netflix algorithm is this poor, especially if I have disliked the content. After disliking shows I should not have to see them return to my recommendations and list! Please act on these as they could seriously impact the quality of this app and website. Thank you for understanding..Version: 11.40.0

Its goodIt’s good but not great there are hardly any movies on there I’ve almost watched everything on there also takes so long for them to add the next season of tv series even tho it’s out everywhere else like for example I’ve been watching the 100 series and they haven’t added season 5 or 6 yet it’s uploaded on the internet and I just watched it for free really annoying how I get so into a series and the other seasons aren’t on there especially when we are paying for Netflix !!!!! Also another thing that annoys me is that I was watching a series and they had removed it I hadn’t even finished watching it I got so hooked and they removed it I had no warning either 😭 I don’t understand why they gotta remove it for it’s not like they run out of space 😂🤦‍♀️.Version: 11.28.0

Ajoutez à ma listeSa fait plusieurs mise à jour et toujours le même problème j’arrive pas à ajouter des nouvelles séries ou film à ma liste.Version: 12.11.0

PEDOSNot only do I have a problem with Cuties. But when I just realized that on the App Store if you look at the recent update for Netflix (if you haven’t updated yet), it says “No matter what your mood is, we’ve got options.” This update happens to have launched 5 days ago..the same day that Cuties was released. This seems like either an odd way to say you have genre options, or it’s some sick cheeky way of saying you’ve got child pornography on here..Version: 12.48.0

Will NOT openSuper frustrating!.Version: 9.36.0

Not happyThey took one of my favourite shows of of Netflix and that makes me very upset!.Version: 12.10.2

DownloadsThis is a really great app and most TV shoes and movies you can download so you can watch anywhere even without wifi, but it’s annoying that sometimes when you want to download something it fails even when your in great wifi spots. And I tried to download a few things then it started saying failed so I went to download something else instead but everything said ‘download failed’ and I retried and retried till I cancelled it then tried again but it still didn’t work and I tried everting that people recommended and it still doesn’t work it is really annoying and I can’t do anything for it so now I have to wait for the next update to download something! But it is still a great app!😊.Version: 9.52.2

Why remove descriptions?Someone told me about the new update which removed the descriptions. I for sure thought it must be a joke since that seems like a completely ridiculous thing to do. So they showed me and it's true! Why?? I will not update until descriptions are added back in. You guys must know that a LOT of people already say they spend more time trying to find something to watch than actually watching Netflix. This way people will become frustrated from not knowing what to watch and they will spend less time on the app. Surely this is a bad business strategy. Also, I only use the app not the website so this means you basically lost a customer until you fix this mess. Don't fix it if it's not broken and people don't complain about it - focus on the complaints before adding and removing features. I would have given 5 stars if not for the annoying update..Version: 10.17.0

I am so disappointed.I have never been so upset with a streaming service in my LIFE. Netflix has discontinued four of my favourite shows for the HYPE HOUSE. How can you put numerous shows under for a group of completely untalented people. DO 👏 BETTER 👏.Version: 13.24.0

Really great app, but...Absolutely love the new features! Being able to get rid of movies I only managed to get half way through or series I only watched 1 or 2 episodes of before giving up is amazing! Thank you! Though it seems incredibly overdue... Been experiencing some glitches though since the update, picture keeps blacking out during shows, screen will just go black for a few seconds before coming back but audio stays. Subtitles routinely don’t show up... While watching warrior nun entire conversations would go on without translation subtitles until the very last line, on a couple of occasions they’d start a conversation in another language and part way through finally the subtitles would start but only be on the screen for a second before moving on as normal. Lastly, “skip intro” and “next episode” seem to be glitching, skip intro will pop onto the screen for a second then disappear, when you tap the screen to show controllers it does the same thing and pops onto the screen for a split second before vanishing, whereas with next episode a lot of the time it just restarts the episode you’ve just watched!....Version: 12.38.0

Customer unserviceAfter more than 6 years as a Netflix customer, I’m walking away disappointed by the way your customer service was unable to resolve the second security issue my Netflix account experienced. After someone hacked my account, changing email address and preventing me to log-in, I had to stay on the phone with you to fix the security issue. But the hacker updated the plan to one more expensive and trying to put back my older plan was not possible, now increased from 7.99 to 8.99. Unbelievable that the customer service on the phone was not able to put back the old price, due system restriction. Asked to escalate, explained this is not the way you act to apologise about a security breach. Instead of compensation, you increase my plan price? The answer was yes, and the customer service agent was cold and helpful to respond my request to close my account, after more than 6 years! I’m disgusted the way you treat the customers..Version: 11.46.0

Netflix don’t read these...Firstly, none of your complaints via these reviews get to Netflix. Secondly, yes, NZ Netflix is so censured and behind the rest of the world it’s not even funny. But thirdly, good quality streaming, no buffering, seamless integration between iPhone, Apple TV, MacBook and Sony “smart telly”… But yeh, seldom anything I haven’t already seen on one of several free websites…yet this is a paid service. Up your game people. Finding it difficult to justify the price paid for the very average content offered..Version: 11.18.2

Good but the shows on Netflix not worth itOkay so I was watching a drama film Sweet magnolias and Netflix completely made it unfair there’s only one season in the US but two in the UK and there was a cliffhanger is this how this app runs these shows it’s unexpected it’s unfair and how many of Netflix shows do this if I was you I wouldn’t download a app with such a unfair system not to mention that with Netflix half the shows there aren’t even good if you download shows it can waste part of your storage space and it can often lag if you don’t have good connection there are many problems with this app so I wouldn’t recommend downloading it but I will take down this review if you put the second season of the show Sweet magnolias in the US and do it with all your shows even upcoming if you say there’s going to be a new season of one of your shows there I demand it will be there so I will only take down this review if there’s a second season of Sweet magnolias I’ve been waiting 7 months for this while Netflix makes other movies during those 7 months but dosnt even like to focus on the series or I will go on all my other devices and keep giving you bad reviews who knows I can even encourage my friends not to get this unruly app.Version: 13.7.0

Supports the s*x*al exploitation of childrenCancel it, delete it.Version: 12.49.0

Good but series of popular shows were deleted...I do have to admit, as a customer I was very impressed by the variety of programmes and films I was able to watch a while ago, however after the 31st of December Netflix deleted (for example I’m using the Pretty Little Liars show) every season of one of the more popular original show except one of them. The problem I have with this is as a customer, this programme was only available on Netflix - as far as I know - and for Netflix to remove so many series of many other shows or well enjoyed films over in the past it is a disappointment. It is a great shame that this even happened but I would like to hope at some point some of the most favourite shows would have the full seasons back again, so us customers can watch them again. After all we do pay for a subscription and would like to watch what we want to. This is just a thought but I will still pay a subscription even so I am disappointed..Version: 11.15.2

Sort it out Netflix!I like Netflix, and they have been improving it a lot over the years. There are a couple of things still missing though, which make it difficult to navigate at times: • The ability to have more than one watch list would be amazing, because I now have hundreds of things on my list and is too overwhelming. I would l one to be able to split this up so that, for example, I could say "I'm in the mood for a documentary", and then just browse my small list of documentaries. The same goes for any category. Filtering of a single list could work, but allowing multiple lists of my own making would be much better. • A "history" section would be useful in the menu. It's currently difficult to go back and find things that have been completed. And after some time, half finished things disappear as well. This is useful so my continue watching list does not become too long, but there should also be a means to find those lost items again..Version: 12.7.0

No airplay support yetI need it to play shows for my kids from my bedroom..Version: 12.10.2

Ok listen up.Dear netflix, if you remove ouran highschool host club im deleting this entire app and going to give more and more bad reviews, so Netflix, you better not or else.Version: 13.17.0

Repeated reinstall and power cycling requiredI have been with Netflix about 3.5 years. In the last two weeks or so it has not worked well on my Apple TV 4. Continually hangs on start up. I have spoken with Netflix, and followed their ‘fix’ instructions. I power cycle and delete and reinstall the app to get it working again. Only one of these doesn’t usually work. All other apps on the tvOS work fine. Works fine on an older Apple TV in another room, on my phone and iPad and pc. About every 1 to 2 days, sometimes after just a single attempt to open, I have to do it all again. Pretty sure this is a result of an app update, but it’s making Netflix almost unusable on my main device. Netflix advice is “the devices need a refresh”. Sure they do, after 3.5 years they need daily or per use refresh. Time for Netflix to be transparent about the problem and fix the issue..Version: 11.8.0

Keeps you wandering through the catalogue endlessly.!The thing with Netflix is the images that represent the shows are always changing! I remember things by images rather than their name so it makes it very difficult to use for me. I wish I could create playlists, add and remove things from my recently watched section & create my own ratings for watching. I have so much on my watch list but it is in no order that I can tell and therefore I never get to see a lot of the things that I’ve put in there. It’s a frustrating interface on my iPhone and my Apple TV that just encourages me to keep wandering through the catalogue endlessly..Version: 12.18.0

Wish developer was contactable!!!Netflix isn’t the issue, it’s the app that’s rubbish... I’ve changed my setting countless times, yet the autoplay feature just doesn’t want to work. I’ve done my research and I have an iPad 5 and my app is up to date so there’s no excuse why this feature doesn’t work. When watching a show that is 20 minutes per episode, it’s annoying to have to get up after every episode to hit play on the iPad every time. Also annoying that Netflix doesn’t seem to have any customer support to ask for help. Unless you phone an expensive phone line. None of the answers in FAQs relates to this issue and the live chat always seems to be unavailable!!!! Would be nice if the developer could get back to me with an answer to fix this issue or I might just cancel and use another online streamer that does everything I need for FREE!!!.Version: 10.8.0

Please don’t ban ouran high school host clubHello..Version: 13.17.0

#المعتقل_خالد_الدوسري#المعتقل_خالد_الدوسري Spreading fakes about Khaled.Version: 12.35.3

Stupid decisionsSo, Netflix has been frustrating for me. The reasons why are because there is no rating system for your shows. I don’t even understand what the “94% match” thing means. Simply get the data from iMDb and put the movie ratings next to those movies. Stop being scummy and hiding that some of your own shows are terrible by not showing the proper reviews. Oh, and also stop cramming those same horrible shows down my throat every time I open the app. Add a “Not interested” option which would make it so that that show is no longer presented to you. I get that you make more money if we watch your shows, but then make sure those shows are not terrible before calling them finished and putting them on the app. Maybe this whole thing is seen by the wrong people, the developers of this app. But please make sure the right people know the issues that I face every time I use your app. Thank you..Version: 11.34.0

F nexflixThey got rid of total drama? I hate Netflix.Version: 13.3.0

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Netflix customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Netflix.

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