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ForScore is good for several thingsI use this for many documents. I wouldn’t use it to write an essay, but it has many properties that allow for both musicians, and just people wanting to touch up diagrams. That being said this is the best program you can find for music documents out there, you can create multiple libraries for different events, maybe a library for your church music, then also one for your school. Or maybe you are in an orchestra, but also have solo pieces that you perform. Just create another library and all your stuff is separate from all your other songs. This is a great app, really easy to navigate after taking some time to learn your way around..Version: 11.1.7

GreatMy profession as a musician is dependant on this app, now, as it’s become essential for me. This is backed up by amazingly dedicated developers who have been working hard and constantly for years now making this one of the best score readers on the market, and have always been responsive to bug reports and feature requests. Despite the higher than average app price, I only need remind myself that I can pay for it multiple times over in an hour of paid work and that it’s paid for itself thousands of times over in my work over the past few years. Long live ForScore..Version: 11.2

IndispensableSometimes one comes across an app obviously created and maintained with much love and forethought, and this is one of them. Thank you to its developers..Version: 11.0.4

Top Scorer……..Brilliant! I doubt you will find a better music app. In fact, don’t bother searching. Ease of importing……Organizing, cropping, annotation, attaching audible tracks, creating set lists are just some of the features contained in this genius creation. Kudos to the developers..Version: 13.1.7

Wow. A truly outstanding music application.Was looking to digitize my music, and tried out a few apps, including Goodreader and scorecerer. This is by far the best. This app is reliable and everything that it claims to be. The PDF cropping features especially useful, as is the ability to annotate too. An amazing app which I'd highly recommend to all musos..Version: 3.0.4

Well designed for musiciansI love this app; it's so handy! I use it for practice and gigs. It's easy to insert fingering numbers, accidentals etc. Such a clean but powerful app..Version: 10.2.6

Great Music AppBeen looking to eliminate my several thousand songs on paper for some time. I already own an iMac, 1st Gen iPad, and aSamsung A6. But finally bit the bullet and a 2nd Gen iPad Pro 12.9 and forScore. What a fabulous marriage. My problems solved with this massively powerful and intuitive software at a fantastic low price. Recommend 5 x stars Pauld52.Version: 10.4.9

Excellent app. Never use paper music againHave been using this app for years along with a Bluetooth pedal and would never contemplate going back to sheet music. I’m an accompanist for choirs and church and I can have all my music to hand in my iPad and not have to lug around large volumes of music with their attendant problems of falling off music stands, turning two pages accidentally, draughts flipping pages unexpectedly. The Pro version has the ability to cut and paste too. Great value..Version: 13.1.6

Good features removed in last update.I've been using this app for 8 years now and love it. I'm a of a church band, and the ability to have our vast library of music at the ready is amazing. Also great is being able to easily see our music in low light situations. As a guitarist one of my favorite functions is changing pages with a foot pedal and having the other band members' pages follow along. However, the reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5, is the fact that the cue function (which lets others follow my page turns) is now no longer easily accessible at the top of the app. Along with a few other great shortcuts, now I have to dive in to the bottom of the main menu to access that functionality. Also, the display feature to tell me that I am connected is leading disappeared with it. It makes it hard when your in the middle of a gig and have lost connection to need to search for the cue settings. Please fix this and bring back the easily accessible shortcuts..Version: 13.0.1

Useful, great for the gigging musoI tried this app out and found it useful for things like wedding music (I've given up carrying half a ton of books when I play for weddings -- my back is muuuuch happier!). The only thing I've had issues with is the auto page turn function, which is either too early or too late, and never just right. It would be great if the app had an audio monitoring capability..Version: 6.0.3

So many features!So many features hidden inside, so worth the money! Have been using this for a while now. Please keep up the good work..Version: 10.3.4

This App Is Great!Our church Worship Team just switched to iPads instead of folders for our sheet music using forScore. What a fantastic app!! You can tell that musicians have been involved in the making of this app. So many great features that musicians would want, too many to mention in this review. The Dropbox implementation is fantastic. I no longer have to put folders together for our team, but just share the songs using Dropbox. Thoroughly recommended!!.Version: 6.1.2

Media Control Disappeared!For some reason, I’m unable to see the media control buttons after recording something in a score. Before it would pop up automatically after closing the record box but now it doesn’t show up any more..Version: 11.1.8

Signes de renvoisLes signes de renvois devraient pouvoir être de différentes couleurs. Pour l’instant, la navigation qui permet de créer des « boutons » ne se fait qu’avec le mauve..Version: 10.5.2

Outstanding appAn outstanding app which I have lived on since getting my first iPad 6 years ago. I got my second iPad a year ago and everything has continued to go well with For Score, however… I’ve recently noticed that the scan function where you can choose to select photos or use the camera to enter directly is now not allowing me to select photos. I have an iPad Pro OS 17.2 and my For Score is up to date. Any suggestions?.Version: 14.1.3

So grateful, very impressed!A lot of times, I will get a call for a gig where there’s an original tune, or a song I do not know. So, I’ll either make a “cheat sheet” or simply chart the song before a rehearsal (or on the plane on route to the gig!). However, 3-ring binders and piles of road maps can become a pain real fast! No music stands with the backline, a “windy” outdoor gig... need I say more? I used ForScore for the first time last week after purchasing the app months ago and I asked myself... Why did I wait so long to use it? I know I have just scratched the surface with my application, but I am thrilled at the coolness of this app. I look forward to learning more in the weeks ahead. Thank you for such a great product to make the music world a better place for musicians worldwide!.Version: 10.3.5

Best music app out!!!I had been using IK Multimedia iGigBook but one of my complaints with them is I have to use one of their Bluetooth pedals and it doesn’t support using midi messages to turn pages, this app does, now I can just bring one pedalboard to a gig to control turning effects on and off, operating my looper app, and dedicating two of the pedals to turn pages back and forth. I use this for guitar chords and lyrics and it’s super easy to import them into the app as PDF files, I can even create a chord chart in something like Pages on my iPad and then export it from there directly into forScore. Thank you for making an app that doesn’t force you to buy a company’s hardware pedal to make it work, this is a dream come true!.Version: 10.4.6

Awesome appLoving this app, perfect for the performing musician!.Version: 4.1

An Incredible AppI've used this app almost every day for over four years, and think it's about time to write a review. I am a pianist that plays individually and for a wide variety of groups. This app, paired with an iPad Pro and Bluetooth foot pedal for page turning, is the only app I've ever needed for all my music. I've played three entire high school musicals as the primary pianist, with the entire books scanned and imported into forScore. I play in two community jazz bands, and I can take pictures of the paper music and combine them into PDFs directly in the app. I work at a church, where the songs that I play each weeks are organized into many, many folders. And I accompany 3+ choirs, with hundreds of PDFs for them in my forScore library. This is one incredible app that I will continue to use for years to come. I can't recommend it enough!.Version: 10.3

Recommended music score appMy preferred app for reading music on the iPad. Great music score app. Recommended..Version: 5.1.5

Awesome app for iPad! Interface can be a little confusing though..Really love how this app has taken away the need for me to carry around folders and hunt for lost sheets of paper. Really natural to turn pages during performance or while conducting. AirDrop between devices lets you send PDF files straight to the app from my MacBook! The interface and file management is functional but takes a bit to get use to..Version: 10.5.5

Get the appThis app is the only reason why I bought an apple device and it was worth it.Version: 13.1.6

For Score control barThis is a great app and I’m loving exploring it. I have the latest version which I downloaded a few weeks ago. However, I have lost my control bar with access to tools. I only have a gear wheel for display on the top right corner. Please reply to this review with contact details.Version: 14.1.3

Everything I could Hope forI’ve been using ForScore for about 5 years and it has just been getting better and better. As a gigging musician, I use it for everything: guitar, piano, and singing. I love that you can access everything in one app. Also, the ability to move set lists around and write notes on all of the music is really helpful. It has really made things so much easier. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone that plays music. The one thing it is lacking is the ability to copy set lists, so you may change them without affecting the original set. It would save a lot of time instead of re-entering the songs. I hope they consider adding that feature; it would be a lifesaver..Version: 13.0.5

Won’t Play AudioThis has been my go-to app for gigs and practicing for a decade. For some reason it no longer plays songs from iTunes/Apple Music which is a shame because having the charts and music together in one app was amazing. I also used the loop, tempo change and transpose functions a lot- none of it works anymore. Not sure if it’s Apple’s fault or the app developers but either way it is not nearly the useful tool it used to be. Please fix it! Used to give this app 5 stars..Version: 13.0.1

I love it! (features request)I've been using this software for years, and I love its features and completeness in terms of having the basics. It works fine and doesn't crash often. However, there are a few new features that I'd like to see: - When I crop a page and want to edit the crop later on, I have to "uncrop" the page to then crop it again, instead of just editing the previous crop. - It would be helpful to have a "night shift mode" that inverts the black and white on the page, possibly with a checkbox to turn on/off the edited layers. This way, it can consume less power when using tablets and strain less the eyes of the user while studying in a dark environment. - When selecting songs to add to a setlist, the user should be able to choose songs from bookmarks and another setlist. I’m really glad I started using it with methods and labels to help me further on. Now my app is super organised and I can find anything really easily. It’s definitely worth the price!.Version: 14.0.2

For a working musicianI like this app very much. I work with a lot of different groups and situations requiring keeping track of many scores and so I have groups or sets for the different places I work. I like the notes I can make in the scores and the ability to link recordings to the score as well. I use it most days. : ).Version: 10.3.9

Indispensable appI use ForScore everyday without fail. Wouldn’t dream of using anything else to read scores. Would love the ability to sync via iCloud!.Version: 12.0.10

LoveGot an iPad Pro 10.5 just so I can have the ability to use ForScore. I love everything about this app, after being recommended by many of my musician friends. As a musician Who is consistently traveling, it is nice to have all the music at your convenience without having to carry all your books. It looks great on the 10.5 iPad, and I bet it looks even better on the 12.9 iPad Pro. I am fine with the size of a 10.5. Adding music from IMSLP and other websites are easy, and if you have the extra $$ to get the Apple Pencil, I highly recommend it since we are constantly writing in fingering notes in our scores. This is definitely my favourite app to use for practising and gigging. If you have not got the app yet, what are you waiting for!.Version: 10.4.6

Wonderful tool for singers/musiciansI have easy visual access to all of my music across various styles and related to various performance groups, all on the one device (iPad). I have my scores linked with my corresponding items from my iTunes collection which makes it easy to learn/revise music on the go. I also use ForScores piano feature to figure out more difficult phrases. I prefer to learn new music from tonic solfa, and For Scores allows me to type in my line of tonic solfa note names above each bar or staff. I can also add numerous other dynamics marks using the stamps, make a note of precise times from the iTunes piece that correspond to particularly difficult phrases that I would like to be able to practise repeatedly (instead of having to find my place each time), and add in conductor's notes, etc. I appreciate the improvements that are continually being made to improve this software. It is certainly one of the top three apps in my world!.Version: 4.1.2

All jazzmen need this Ap!I am a semi pro jazz piano player who gigs with numerous other jazz musicians. In the jazz community, it is very common to work out of jazz fake books called “real books”. The ability to have all these books in one convenient Ap, is truly life changing. No more briefcases of books in terrible condition. No more pages blowing around in the wind on gigs outside. No more torn lost pages! No more searching for which book has the song ‘Reincarnation of a lovebird’. It’s right there in the index! At the touch of the screen I have an index that takes me to any song! Than I find out the band leader can have his book linked to other musicians who also have an iPad and this Ap? Utterly amazing! My bass player loves it too. I used to jump around different songs into another and the poor guy had to fake it, figure out where it was and get to it before I hit the bridge, now either he is already there because he is linked to mine or he uses the quick index. If I could give this Ap ten stars I would. The only way to make it better would be to make it free. I can’t even THINK of an improvement to make..Version: 10.5.2

Bug after zoom inThis is a great app, especially after the update and two page view is available. However, after I zoom in or editing the score, the left hand side of the page stayed zoom in and I can't find a way to fix it. It would be great if this problem could be solved coz I still can't have those pages back to the normal size. Thanks!.Version: 5.0.3

Great app!This is my favorite app - easy to use and reliable. I never use paper music anymore and wouldn't dream of going back to paper. I love the links, and the ability to make notes on the music. I haven't tried the auto page turning yet, but will try it out with the Widor Toccata on pipe organ. It's great that the app is updated regularly - excellent job!.Version: 4.0.2

GreatMy life would be a whole lot harder without this app. Best $30 I've ever spent..Version: 12.1.3

The answer to my music libraryI had multiple books and sheets of music that I was forever shuffling through or dropping in the middle of a recital. I now have everything loaded to my iPad Pro and use that all the time. The page turning is easy, it’s backlit so I can see the music in dark places and the ability to organise set lists is brilliant..Version: 10.4.9

Top Notch Music Folder and Performance FriendYou Truly Can Not Go Wrong With ForScore!!! I am a professional Opera Singer having gone through notable programs such as The Schulich School Of Music, and many of my colleagues there and elsewhere swear by this application! I certainly agree with their assignments! Bravi!!!.Version: 13.0.4

Amazing Software Development TeamI started using this app about a month ago, before the latest update. I thought it was a pretty great app as it did two out of the three things that I needed a music score reading app to do: View my music Play my backing tracks in the one application (wirelessly) However, as I perform on the violin, page turns were an issue. I expressed my ideas on how this could be resolved to forScore: develop the ability to program page turns to a backing track. The great news is that they listened, and invested their time and energy into further improving this app for the end user in their most recent updates. I don't know of a software development team that is that open to new ideas about improving the user experience for their application. I think they must be very proud of their app. Bravo forScore for developing a complete score reading app that brings my music creation into the 21st century..Version: 7.0.1

Good for the moneyGreat little app. Missing a few things that could be very useful such as auto-scrolling the music with the backing track and inserting auto-page turn triggers. Apart from that, can't fault it. Better than a lot of others out there..Version: 9.3.1

Amazing! Life changer!After recently purchasing an iPad for the sole purpose of reading sheet music, a friend told me about this app and I've now been recommending it to all my friends! Something as simple as the crop function just makes reading music on the iPad so much easier. The link function for Coda's is unbelievable. Such a great idea. My only recommendation for the programmers is to make the stamp button/draw button separate and quicker to click (for rehearsals, when someone says "change that note to land on beat 4", etc), and include the different note types in the stamps (I've drawn them myself now) Apart from that, this app is excellent and you should buy it if you're a musician!.Version: 5.0.1

NiceNice.Version: 13.1.6

Love the app - but it needs one more featureThe app does nearly everything that I want… but I need an additional scroll option - I want the option to scroll vertically and by as much as I want. In this way I don’t get surprised by awkward page turns even though I do have a foot pedal. The IMSLP app works exactly the way I want but lacks the ability to scan and import your own music. Deliver this and I’ll give you my fifth star ;-).Version: 14.0.2

FantasticGreat app, easy to use, lots of clever things you can do to your scores!.Version: 7.0.3

Mostly goodThe App is ok and maybe the best out there. It is also a bit buggy and frustrating to work with, the way it operates could be cleaner and less tap heavy. I find myself taping many times for simple operations. Its still the best I’ve found..Version: 13.0.5

Excellent App!I am a music educator and love having all of my scores in one easy location. This app has everything I need; easy uploads, piano, buttons for repeats, annotations, MP3 storage in app, to name a few..Version: 11.1.8

Amazingly good - each update brings more good stuffI’ve been using this app now for several years and have amassed nearly a thousand scores for different genres I play. It means I always have my music and the app is so simple to use and yet has amazing features. I can’t praise it highly enough..Version: 11.0.4

Almost PERFECTI’m a singer and this app is absolutely fantastic and has been my go to rehearsal app for years. No more pounds of papers or scores and the annotation is fantastic! I totally love the Apple Pencil integration, but can we please make it so that you can annotate at the same time as having the piano up? Vocalists often practice with a keyboard and it’s annoying to have to close the keyboard to annotate, then close the annotation to open the keyboard back up. Also, we need to be able to flip pages more easily with the annotation open - how often do we mark things during a run of a piece? It’s hard to remember to go to the very top to flip a page. Can you make the finger tap turn the pages with the annotation open when using the Apple Pencil? Thank you so much for creating this app!.Version: 10.5.3

A Must Have App for Musicians!I highly recommend this app for musicians. It is an excellent way to read, store, and organize music. I have tons of sheet music and music books but rarely use them since they’re so cumbersome to use compared to this app. This app allows easy downloads of sheet music from various sources (including IMSLP, Music Notes, Dropbox), easy notating (with Apple Pencil), and much easier page turning (especially when there are multiple repeating sections). The automatic scanning feature is a little tricky to use but this is not a big deal. All the other great features make up for it. This is one of my most used apps on my iPad..Version: 14.0.1

No issue.👍Updated review. Everything works well, the developers communicate well. Just buy this app, it’s brilliant😂.Version: 11.1.5

ForScore and poor visionI have just started learning forScore, the reason being, my vision is currently very poor following eye surgery and I wanted a way to make musical scores bigger and easy to read. So far, it looks like forScore with the lPad Pro, is going to to a great job. I am starting with photographing the page and using Darkroom. The instructions are very easy to follow, and the videos to be found on the web (Janet Lanier) are excellent..Version: 12.0.5

This just keeps getting better and better (2)V3.1: Another killer update! I hope the metronome accuracy is completely fixed. As for the new pitch feature, it would be great if the note can be sustained, instead of stopping after 1s. My previous review below still stands - the dev(s) really do continue to improve this app! --- It is enormous credit to the developers that they constantly update and refine the app. Since I've had the app last month, there has already been 3 updates already!!! When you purchase this app, you can rest assured that you have made a wise investment. The email support is excellent, and the app itself is a pleasure to use. forScore sure has come a long way in 1 year - from merely a PDF reader to a fully-functional music score utility! Excellent job devs! (P.S. Remember to use the promotion offer link if you are buying an AirTurn BT-105 hands-free wireless page turner.).Version: 3.1.1

Exactly what I needThis is exactly what I've been waiting for. I use this app everyday and soon all my music will be digitally organized. The only thing that could make it better would be hands free page turning. Highly recommended..Version: 4.0.2

Great app but crashed in the middle of a gigGood when it works, glad the developers made an update, it probably has a better crash rate than most apps; you just notice it more when it crashes because you’re left high and dry. Will always be bringing paper charts just in case now..Version: 12.0.10

ForScore Music Reader on iPadThe app was recommended by my Sax tutor. I had been using PDF’s via Dropbox using a foot pedal page turner. The Bluetooth page turner link to iPad was unreliable and if I manually turned the pages too quickly, I could turn multiple pages at once. This app seams ideal and pages easy to turn with a quick swipe. Proof will be when I next gig..Version: 10.3.8

Excellent frequently updated tool for professional musiciansAs the title says, I use this app regularly as a professional musician. It’s fantastic, has so many different functions, and is regularly updated! Brilliant!.Version: 12.1.3

Revolutionised rehearsals and choirThree of us decided to experiment with this app as we were fed up of the bulky folders, books etc. Additionally we found it disruptive that in the middle of the quiet bits of a church service we often had to be switching books/folders which spoilt the atmosphere. This has revolutionised what we are doing. Yes it is taking time to scan our music and edit the service booklets into separate sections, but the benefits have far outweighed the hassle. Any concerns about battery life, were unwarranted as last Sunday there IPads did not drop below 97% in an hour and a half. Concerns over the music being to small even on an IPad mini have been shown to unfounded with careful cropping and picking whether the music is displayed in portrait or landscape. We now have so much confidence in the App that the organist and us no longer take the hard copies of the music with us. One of, if not, the best App I have ever used and worth every penny..Version: 10.3.9

Love itGreat application..Version: 14.0.3

Brilliant!After several years of using bloated three ring binders, having to battle the wind blowing our pages everywhere at outdoor gigs or fumbling around trying to find the right song (whilst losing people on the dance floor) we discovered forScore. What a difference it's made! Now we run two iPads on stage loaded with all our music, pre-programmed set lists and often wonder why we didn't do this ages ago With the ability to Bluetooth pages between each other live on stage as well as the Dropbox function, the incredibly helpful annotation function and many more features, forScore has been perfect & worth every cent. I highly recommend it for anyone needing a sheet music program that is simple or as advanced as your needs require.Version: 6.0.3

No more paper!Brilliant app for getting rid of the paper music for choir practices. It's so easy to scan the music to PDFs, use the crop feature in the app, and being able to annotate is brilliant. Once feature I'd like to see is an option for continuous scrolling in landscape mode..Version: 8.2

It feels like it was written specifically for me.It consistently “Just Works”, annotations are slick, importing is flawless, ui is discoverable. A workhorse that seemingly can cater to any idea without losing the simplicity of design when you are need it to just display music..Version: 11.2.6

Pencil tools have gotten “too” intuitiveI have loved everything about this app to this date, I have no reason to ever want to use pencil and paper ever again. However, recent updates have made the pencil tools absolutely enraging: switching to eraser, but by the time I touch the pencil to the screen, it has already switched back to pen mode. I didn’t double tap again, yet I have to do this stupid dance with my fingers and screen like four times every time I want to erase something, and in a rehearsal this just cannot be happening! It seems like the tools were better in previous versions, and now it switches on its own for some reason. I’ve gone to the settings and toggled the remember last tool setting and it has not helped. Another tool that would be useful is having clef symbols in the stamps for engraving purposes..Version: 13.0.4

Great appI only have this app for two days. So far, it is very easy to upload my scores that are already in PDF format. Easy to organize my scores, and very easy to make annotations. I am very glad I have chosen this app. I thought I had to configure my AirTurn Ped Pro2 to work with it. It turns out as soon as the app is opened the Ped Pro 2 can turn pages. It cannot be more simple than that. I will try additional features in coming days. For now I only have a simple need and this app does everything I want. Thank you..Version: 11.1.8

4Score AppJust getting started and learning how to use this App but for the transition from paper to electronic it is simple and easy to use and learn about..Version: 14.1.2

Fantastic for the gigging musicianAs the title states, this is a fantastic app for someone who is looking to use this to store scores/pads/transcriptions etc. There is a lot of functionality within this app such as automatic cropping which I've used extensively to get rid of unused white space on PDF's. Importing scores/PDF's is very simple and fast once you get the hang of it. The easy to use tapping to change pages has been flawless and response is instant. I myself have not used the notation function with the Apple Pencil but writing with my finger has done the job pretty well. Definitely worth the money! Manraj S Lall.Version: 10.2.6

A revolution for musicians.ForScore is a fantastic app that allows you to store all your sheet music, create set lists, notate your pieces, practice with the built in metronome, even turn pages with a small gesture as you play. Easy to use, intuitive interface, ForScore is an essential piece of software for the modern musician..Version: 11.2.5

Functional and EfficientA great app that makes sorting and filing PDF sheet music easier. Also, with its handy screen lock and easy page turn functions, it makes playing longer pieces more enjoyable without having to worry about turns..Version: 8.0.1

Great BUT problems after IOS 12This is an update on problems listed below after IOS 12 update. ForScore got back to me and found that IOS 12 no longer works with modes 1 and 4 on the Cicada. But switching to other modes resolves the problem. They also problem solved the issue I was experiencing with the screen blackout. They are very responsive and I appreciate their help. I’ve used ForScore for years and it is great. But ever since IOS 12, I’ve experienced two terrible problems. I use the Pageflip Cicada to turn pages and now it doesn’t work with ForScore after the update. The Cicada works with all other IOS apps that use page scrolling. The second problem is that previously ForScore locked the screen so that you didn’t experience screen blackout. Now it reverts to whatever the IOS Display setting is set to. I hope the developers are able to fix these problems. Otherwise, the app will not be very useable..Version: 10.4.9

Fabulous and at your fingertipsI love this app and use it daily for rehearsals and practise.itis so easy to use. Lately it closes without me touching it. I am not playing iTunes and it usually is the only app running. I tried shutting it. Off in the. privacy on settings. Please fix this it is the only annoying thing about this otherwise great app..Version: 11.2.4

I love this appAs a musician there is no better app, if I didn’t own an iPad this app would be enough reason to get one. All your music, beautifully presented, wherever you go. (As an app developer working on boring big corporate apps I dream of working on something as good as this).Version: 12.0.10

Great little appThis is one of the main apps I use. I've had two years on it now and it hasn't let me down yet. I am rid of all my folders and scraps of paper. Don't muck around just get it..Version: 4.2.4

Completely magnificent, just one thing...Whenever I force quit the app, my goals time resets and it’s kind of annoying that I can’t see how much I practiced in total ver often..Version: 12.0.7

Great App - a couple of suggestionsI find this to be a great app for reading music, annotating and organizing my music. I play in two bands and sing in two choirs and play for my own enjoyment. Being able to organize my music into libraries is extremely helpful for keeping me organized. And I Iike that I can list a selection in two different libraries without having to enter it twice. I really like the annotation abilities, and being able to set up links for repeats, codas , etc. And I love the ‘rearrange’ function, but I think it could use an update. I’ll talk about that below. I use a foot pedal for page turning when I’m playing my trumpet. I have the airpod pros but have not yet mastered that for piano playing. I also love the fact that I can ‘white out’ a section of music to rewrite without having a mess of overwrites. The weak point in your app is the scan function and the cropping function. I learned early on to scan everything from Scanner Pro for it’s clean images and cropping capabilities. I think your cropping program should allow you to crop one or two staves, or a half page, that can then be inserted as needed using the rearrange function. All in all this is a great app..Version: 12.1.2

Simply the Best Sheet Music Viewer & Organizer!!ForScore is great for music in any form, not just sheet music. For example, chord charts with lyrics, or lyrics alone, as long as they’re in a PDF file. And the way it works so seamlessly with my 4-button page turner, is awesome, too. I couldn’t get by with just a 2-button page turner. This app proved to be so good and so useful, I just had to get on board with the annual Pro subscription. If you can, please join me and contribute to the ongoing development of this wonderful musician’s tool. Thank you! The only thing I don’t know how to do yet, if possible, is to break up my music into separate libraries. Having every PDF with some form of music in one Master Library can get daunting to deal with. I’ll be in touch with forScore Support, but from the user manual it sounds like one big Master file is it..Version: 13.1.2

App crashesKeeps crashing while I write music with the Apple Pencil…very frustrating. In use IPadOS 15 and got the latest update for ForScore.Version: 13.0.1

Wonderful appI’m a chorister and find this app perfect for my needs. It is so much easier than rustling through piles of scores. No more erasing pencil annotations. I can’t begin to tell you how useful and flexible it is..Version: 12.1.3

One of the very best apps for musiciansAllows efficient organisation & storage of music scores. Smart and intelligent. There are comprehensive amount of functions. Truly wonderful.Version: 14.1.3

AmazingThis a truly useful music app for ipad.Version: 10.3.9

ForScoreEasy to use, intuitive and incredibly useful!.Version: 9.3.3

Perfect App One SuggestionI LOVE this app. You can tell it was created by musicians for musicians. It really does just everything you need it to do in the most intuitive was possible. I can’t really go to the gig without it at this point and shudder when I think of gigs before ForScore (paper charts… ugh). My only recommendation (and I do mean only) is that it would be fantastic if there was a way to jot notes on a chart within a set list but only be able to see those notes on that specific chart while looking at it in that set list. Ie, if you’re playing in multiple cover bands, you might have a song that gets played across multiple cover bands in different ways so it would be awesome to be able to pull up the original chart, make notes for that specific band and then be able to access a clean copy of that chart so you can make notes for the next band that plays that song in case they do things differently. All in all great job with the app folks! Couldn’t be more happy with it. 👍👍👍.Version: 13.0.5

The Best by FarEven if you’re not a musician, this is a great pdf editing app. However, as a musician it is invaluable and makes the iPad an essential tool.Version: 11.2.4

Love almost everything…. But for one annoyanceI am learning guitar, and this has been fabulous for organizing all of the million things I’m picking away at. I also like the automatic tracking to help me hold myself accountable to practicing. Unfortunately the tracker stops tracking if the metronome is on screen, and it’s so discouraging to put in time on a metronome drill that I hate only to finish and realize I didn’t get credit on my dashboard!! I know it’s a tiny thing, but on the days when it’s a slog to practice it makes a difference to be able to set a target and meet it and be done….Version: 13.0.5

IndispensableIf you play any instrument and/or sing, and use sheet music of any kind (or even just notes of chord progressions, lyrics etc.) you deserve to treat yourself to this app. It so clearly has been designed (and continues to be developed) for musicians of every level, whether for performance or practice. No gimmicks but a really comprehensive set of practical features which work so well. It does mean getting your music into pdf format (it even has a feature for scanning for that purpose),but that is well worth the effort - I just add pieces as I go, though of course a lot of sheet music is now available directly in pdf format. I can’t think of any other app I have tried which so completely justifies its cost and its place on my iPad. I use it on an iPad Air 2, and it will be even better on a big screen iPad Pro..Version: 10.4.2

Fantastic AppHaving thought of the idea of music scores on iPad I was delighted to see an app released which does just that. It is a fantastic app for anyone who plays music. I use for guitar, and the size from PDF files is perfect for reading with the iPad backlight. Well designed into separate genres for music types, it also allows the correct music name to be edited, as PDFs have a 20 character limit. Thoroughly recommended, also the forScore technical assistance was prompt and helpful when I mistakenly used the wrong file type. Easy to setup if you follow instructions. Just buy it!.Version: 4.1.2

Super!An excellent app on which would be extremely difficult to improve. Excellent at its job and a delight to use. Thank you..Version: 10.2.6

Writing IssueEver since updated, when writing with an apple pencil it has a delay and sometimes do not even write the stuff I wrote in.. It is really frustrating. The delay in writing is a huge issue when it comes to rehearsing..Version: 14.0.2

A Game ChangerI have been using forScore for a few years now and it just keeps getting better. I can carry heavy bag full of paper parts or an iPad with all the numbers indexed for quick call-up. It is no contest. With a foot pedal I now trust forScore for gigs and not just rehearsals. The annotation features are excellent and now with layers easily adapted to individual performances. Cropping, rearranging, bookmarking are amongst the features invaluable for working with scanned parts. Adding the Apple Pencil to the standard iPad makes annotation so much more precise. Brilliant software - about as good as it gets in my experience..Version: 10.4

ForscoreW app.Version: 13.1.7

ForeshoreProbably the best app on my iPad! It’s been a life changer especially when live performances are allowed! Everything organised & accessible. Especially love the Set list organiser..Version: 13.0.5

Priceless for Musicians!I have been using ForScore for over two years now. The combination of this program with my AirTurn pedals on my iPad has been invaluable. It is very easy to import music for my conducting, performing at the piano, and accompanying. It is fairly simple to use at the basic level and there is plenty of support documentation for more complicated tasks. Being able to annotate is fantastic and you can also use it to sign documents electronically! The best part of it is that it is so easy on my back. I probably hold what would be close to 100 pounds of music on my iPad. I only have to keep a back up copy of what I am performing that day in my briefcase. It is technology after all. 😏 However, I have never had to use that backup because it just works every time. Well done ForScore!.Version: 10.3.1

Better than expectedGot forscore as recommended by my friend. It’s so user friendly and easy to use. I do use another app for scanning as the one in this app is good but the other is better for clean copies. I am amazed by how easy it is to use and how much easier it makes life. Definitely a tool every musician should have. Not needing lights or reels of dots on stage is fantastic..Version: 13.0.5

Good Bye Good Ol’ DaysI have been using forScore for several years. The app is incredibly flexible! I am able to do all the work I used to do on hard copies such as notes, highlights and other mark ups. I can organize songs according to my need and really like the ability to create set lists for the groups in which I perform and conduct. I’ve invested in an air turn which is great when I’m performing on an instrument. Importing PDF’s is easy and here’s a game changer; I’m about to send songs to my keyboard player who also has forScore and they’ll be received in a couple of minutes. No more packing them in a big envelope, going to the local P.O. and spending a ton on postage. That saves time and money better used elsewhere. There are many more features that make this app worth every penny but one of the best is I can now say good buy to a heavy case full of books, folders and hard copies of music and carry my iPad! Thanks forScore!.Version: 10.3

Easy to useThis is easy to use and quick to load. Would like to use bluetooth sync between ipads more easily used..Version: 12.1.3

Best app for professional musiciansStoring and reading sheet music has never been easier. Gigs requiring sheet music for lots of different tunes are no longer a hassle. Just alphabetise your search and you’re ready to go! The Dark room feature for taking your handwritten charts on the go without a fuss is incredibly helpful as well. Editing and marking on charts with the Apple Pencil in rehearsals quick and efficient too. Well worth the price!.Version: 10.4.1

Wonderful with a few issuesI absolutely love this app, and use it religiously every day. I have been using it for the last two years, and overall don’t have many complaints. Since I have been using it for so long, I feel it’s time I finally left some feedback. There are two issues I have, however; 1. When marking up music, it brings a toolbar up at the top of the screen. When numbering measures at the top, this makes it extremely difficult to write at the top of the score. We need the ability to be able to mark up without the toolbar there, or at least have the ability to move the toolbar to where we would prefer it (like toward the bottom or as a side bar) 2. Since the most recent update, there is a TON of lag when marking up scores. I use the Apple Pencil, and I’ve never had problems. With the recent update, however, whenever I markup my scores, there is a lag between what I’m writing and when it actually appears on the page. It’s so bad that I’m having to actually rewrite markings because it lagged so much the first time I wrote it that it didn’t actually register to the page. It’s so frustrating that it’s getting to where I can’t even mark my scores because the lag is so bad. THIS HAS TO BE FIXED! Aside from these two issues, this app is absolutely wonderful. It is a must have for any serious musician. I hope these two issues can be solved in the future, and hopefully the second issue will be fixed very soon!.Version: 10.4.8

ExcellentForscore was recommended to me for readIng renaissance polyphony from facsimile editions. I’ve now been using it for several months, and I’m hooked. Goodbye to struggling with crufty, dog-eared paper copies in poor light! It’s hard to think of any comment that hasn’t been made here before, except that... ... in another life I have to read technical manuals in PDF form, and I needed an app in which to make marginal notes. It took an embarrassingly long time to realise that I already had one..Version: 10.4.6

Great appI’m new to the iPad and forScore scene but this app is very easy to use and keeps things organised. The only things I find not five stars great is that the tuner is so extremely sensitive that it’s impossible to tune my violin; the tuning fork plays the pitch only for about two secs and I wish it could be an infinity drone so I can practice with it; and lastly I tried to make a playlist but couldn’t figure out how.. All things considered, this is a great app worth the money..Version: 11.1.8

Love it!I have recommended this app to over 100 people!! would really like the ability to drag / import whole folders though as I organize everything before importing into folders and then have to reorganize it as I can only import unorganized items..Version: 4.2.3

Fantastic app for singers and musiciansThis is a great app for anyone looking to create a library of scores with audio attached, which can be easily arranged into play lists. Good search features. It connects to cloud servers such as Dropbox to make importing files simple, but also works with opening from email. The ability to annotate scores is just one of the many additional features that make this an very useful app..Version: 10.0.4

Great app with a couple of problemsHi. Mostly I love ForScore but the reflow feature which is slowed to enable scrolling just doesn’t work for any of my music.. because it scrolls sideways it just comes up with gobbledygook which is imporssible to play. The other thing that annoys me is the inability to move around the score easily when annotating, sometimes the rule is in the way. For all of that it is invaluable. If it had a decent scrolling feature it would be near perfect,but as a banjo player, having to stop and flip a page is very noticeable in the band.Version: 11.2.5

A must have for professional musiciansGone are the days of having big 3 ringed binders with several copies of manuscripts weighing down a stand. Or sheet music falling off a stand while you're trying to play it. The iPad and this app have revolutionized the way we practice and rehearse today. This app is simply amazing. I use it everyday. They really have thought of everything with this app and I have been thoroughly impressed by it. I have been using it for a good 2 years now. Features such as making set lists, annotations, categorizing by artist/composers/songs etc, share options directly from the app, creating backups of your organizations and being able to open attachments from the iOS mail app directly in this app make it simply amazing. I can't say enough about it because I would just continue to ramble. To the developers of this app... We the musicians greatly appreciate you for creating something that makes our lives and careers easier. We thank you for creating something that's seamless, easy to use, has every feature we could want all while running smooth with little to no crashes. Thank you also for constantly keeping this app updated and adding additional features. I’m always learning something new with this software I didn’t already know it could do..Version: 10.3.2

Great productI have only used this app for about a week now but all seems to be going well. I purchased it to use my new Donner page turner. This is all new to me and so far so good. I would recommend this to any musicienne or experienced if they are wanting to go digital. I am still learning some of the features but am very satisfied with my purchase..Version: 12.0.6

Getting better with each update.I used this to carry all my music on a choir tour of China and for the World Choir Games in Shaoxing. I'm now using it for onstage reference in my band. The updates have added features such as text annotation which has been great. I have written to the developer about some needed features. They always write back promptly and the features have been improved with each release. Well done. Further update: the developer explained to me that there were no plans to provide a "deskew" feature for straightening crooked pages in scanned PDFs. As of 23 November 2015… "The biggest reason for this has to do with forScore’s annotations. Annotation images are separate files that are layered over a PDF page, and in the case of text fields, include data about where (x,y coordinates) on the page to place them. If we allow users to deskew a PDF, this would have significant ramifications for any annotations and make alignment of that kind of data extremely difficult to get right." My suggestion is that deskew could be available, but "locked out" once a page is annotated, allowing the user to deskew a page before making annotations. So, still only four out of five stars because it lacks this feature..Version: 9.3.3

Top StuffI use this tool every day.Version: 13.0.5

Live changerForScore has been a live changer to me. It's not only about getting rid of all the sheets while practicing and performing but also allowing a cleaner stage to the public's view. After I started using this app, I learn my new pieces faster and feel more comfortable playing chamber music with my trio (flute, viola, and guitar), and duo (harp and guitar). I can go easily to review my old pieces, find repertoire to my students, and send annotated scores to them even if they don't use ForScore. However, I haven't still found all the stamps I need for classical guitar annotations like bars, strings numbers, etc. I hope somebody else will post them out there, or the developers will make them available on the app's site. Update: On the other hand, using the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, the experience of writing annotations is like using actual pencil and paper with the advantage that everything is neat and cleaner..Version: 10.3.3

Brilliant except for one flawBrilliant piece of software except I cannot use it for a live performance. If you inadvertently touch the screen with two fingers and resize the page by even a minuscule amount, then you cannot turn the page. Fix that and I would use it all the time..Version: 13.0.5

InvaluableAs a pro-musician this app is invaluable, I use it every day. Favourite features include automatic page turn, recording, ability to play midi tracks and a-red control of them. I have my whole library of music with me wherever, whenever I need it. Used it in performance too. Thank you!.Version: 13.0.5

I miss the FTP download option, but get it’s not your faultXoxo.Version: 11.1.3

Comments and Requests on Version 11Thank you for an amazing app that makes my life as a college musician so much easier. Just a comment on the latest update, the immediate first thing that I noticed was that when I was using my apple pencil, the stroke was much thicker than It used to be. I think that the variable width curves are great however I like to add very finepoint notes in my music and the stroke is a little too thick compared to what it used to be. It would be nice to either make the thin much thinner, or make an option to turn the variable width option off so that we can get that finetip stroke if possible. Also, is it possible to have an actual document scanner in the app that can crop the sheet music and upload straight to forScore? I keep having to use the Notes app, scan it, and then transfer to forScore. One last request, when sorting the music, can we have a way to assign sheet music to a specific Genre, Composer, etc. instead of having to type them in exactly the same for each piece? Kind of like the way we add music to playlists on music apps. Thank you so much for your great work!.Version: 11.0

Simply the BestI use this app every single day, and if you are a pro (or anyone ) concerned about migrating into using a device for all of your music have no fear.. they have thought of literally everything. You can reorganize pages, make bookmarks, work faster and more efficiently, etc. I think this is the single best piece of software I’ve ever used, I mean every single little problem I have thought to myself hm I wish they would fix that either promptly got fixed or was always available as an option that I didn’t realize For instance, it used to annoy me that when you used the Apple Pencil for annotation (which I really don’t think is very necessary for musicians but I had it anyways, whatever whatever) it would pull up the same menu that you use for writing with your finger, that you would have to manually close thereafter which would add an extra step every time I use it.. Well, as it turns this is an option you can disable in settings! Hopefully that made sense.. But yes if you don’t buy any other app you have got to buy this one. Rock solid reliability (way way better than using android/windows/macOS/other OS that are subject to crashes and all that).Version: 11.1.5

Never looking backHaving my entire music library (the equivalent of a room’s worth of sheet music) with me on the go, 24/7 is something short of a revelation. For teaching, performance, travelling I just can’t recommend this app enough. Also paired with a Bluetooth page turner (Blueturn for me) it allows you to do things that you wouldn’t with physical pages, like rehearse and perform reading the score (something that my string quartet all do) As far as useful tech (and I’m a bit of a geek in this regard) forScore is the app that has made my professional career so much simpler❤️.Version: 11.1.4

Worth every penny!!This app is incredible. I highly recommend it. I am a drummer who uses charts and backing tracks for gigs. Some original and a lot of deps with function bands. This app has helped me enormously. Some features I love: able to play backing tracks and read, and can set page turns in the backing track time line to turn the page when needed (fricken awesome). Metronome and can change the panning, loads of set lists… just so good. The one thing I would like to see in an update is the ability to edit the audio, like the panning etc. I get backing tracks and sometimes the clock is on the other side to what it should be, so being able to go through and swap left and right accordingly would be great. And I wish that images JPEG/PNG were accepted as I dont think they are at the moment. Other than that it’s amazing. I thought the price was steep but then I bought it and used it and realised it was incredible..Version: 13.1.5

Hands down the greatest appIf you are a musician, and you don't have this app, you are doing yourself a disservice. Incredible support, amazingly stable...honestly the greatest iPad app I continue to use..Version: 11.2.5

Brilliant App, An All-Time Favorite!I absolutely love this app and it’s a strong contender for my favorite app of all-time. Not having to lug around binders and no longer misplacing sheet music is such a game changer for me. forScore is pretty close to perfect. I can easily scan music, annotate, create set lists, attach audio files, tag (and much more) all from a very simple and intuitive interface. This app is perfect for both gigging and practicing. One example of this thing making my life so much easier is - I play bass and scanned an entire Walking Bass practice book into forScore. I then attached all the backing tracks. One issue I had before, and an issue with many similar books, is that the backing tracks for the exercises are way too short, so it’s hard to get into a groove. Another issue is these backing tracks always have a count-in, so looping wasn’t ideal because it would play through the track, then go back to the beginning to the count-in, pulling me out of the zone. With forScore I can loop, but I can also set markers for where to start/end the loop, allowing me to skip the count-in. This alone has improved my practice immensely. To the developers: Thank you so much for this brilliant app! I only wish I had discovered it sooner. You have created an advocate and I will recommend this application to all my musician friends..Version: 10.4.6

Complete music score library managementThis app offers all the sorts of features which I desired for managing my score library. The tagging and playlists are great for finding music quickly and organizing it for performances. The app is also very responsive..Version: 10.1.3

Who’s FaultI have a problem with apple notification banners that pop up on the top of a page of music while I’m playing. Usually the banner will quickly disappear except for this time that I had an important solo on a piece that I played recently at church. Apple’s banner kept insisting that I agree to the latest download that I didn’t want. Every 2 seconds that banner would appear. I kept swiping it away, but it would come right back. Just before my important part it popped up again. I couldn’t make it disappear and -play bassoon at the same time so I blew the solo. Some of my musician friends have also had this problem. I asked an Apple tech person about this problem. I was told that it must be a problem with my 4Score app. Is it your problem or Apples?.Version: 11.1.8

Won’t open since last updateThis is an excellent app, but since the last update yesterday, it won’t open on my iPad Air? Very worrying as I need it for a gig later! Thank you for a great app, but please help!.Version: 12.0.9

Great app, ugly logoThis app is so good but please god update the logo to something more modern I BEG YOU.Version: 13.0.5

Absolutely the best, this app is exactly what you’re looking forSimply stated, this app is the best sheet music app currently on the market. It is absolutely worth the $15, and it’s been the best $15 bucks I’ve ever spent. I use this app on a regular basis, and it fulfills all my sheet music needs. I scanned my entire sheet music library (about a couple thousand pages) and imported it into ForScore, and I’ll never go back to paper. Despite my large sheet music library size, the app is unbelievably smooth. Plus, I love being able to carry all my sheet music on my iPad; my music is easily accessible, the app has an incredibly smooth interface, even with large files, and it’s very simple to create back-ups and archives. Additionally, if you own an iPad with an Apple Pencil, look no further. The annotation features in this app are flawless and well developed (might I even say even smoother than onenote’s annotation capabilities). I’m not one to usually leave reviews for apps, but I HAD to leave one for this app. I’ve never been so impressed by an app, and I had to leave a review for it and it’s developers. Thank you for this wonderful app, and thank you for continuing to keep it up to date. As a musician, this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my sheet music. Thanks again..Version: 11.2.5

Great Music PresentationI have been using this app for several years, and it continues to be updated and improved. Additionally, support by the developers is magnificent, and they have always answered my questions quickly and helpfully. I used to haul around big notebooks, but as the playlist of my personal music and the band has expanded, that has become very impractical. I now have 1000+ songs ready to cue up wherever I go - so if I fly to another city and have a gig there, having music handy is very easy. Also, it is easy to share my music - along with performance notes I jot down on the music sheets - with other band members. Inputting new music is easy and straightforward. All-in-all, I have been very happy with this app and highly recommend it to anyone considering moving to an electronic music display..Version: 10.5.2

No family sharing?I bought the app from my iPhone 12 Pro with the expectation from the “supports family sharing” legend in the App Store that I could also load the app on my wife’s iPad Pro. I have checked all our sharing settings. But the App Store wants another $20 to download the app to her iPad. Disappointing. Update: I am changing my rating of forScore from 4 to five stars. I originally dinged down to four because Family Sharing wasn’t working. It still isn’t, but that’s Apple’s fault. The app works beautifully on the devices using my Apple ID and a modern version of IOS. The developer responded very quickly to my inquiry..Version: 12.1.1

AMAZING APP! One small functionality suggestion...This app is amazing. I’m a professional musician in NYC, and having an iPad Pro and ForScore has changed my life for the better. Whether it’s in the process of creating a new show (tons of marking and erasing, and re-marking and erasing again) or finally being able to turn pages easily via a foot pedal with my music further away than where my hands could reach it. Really amazingly helpful. My Christmas wish from you fantastic developers would be the ability to use the selection tool to also cover an area in a color (white out). I use the white out feature all the time to mark cuts in music, and it would be way faster to simply draw a selection with the tool and click one button or two to cover entire lines or sections of a tune in white rather than have to manually use the pencil. Thanks for the great work!.Version: 10.3.6

The most used app on my iPad!ForScore has so many useful features. Have used for 2 years and still discovering new things ForScore can do. Like combining PDFs while keeping ForScore annotations intact. So much easier than carrying notebooks full of paper, especially if you want to have ALL your music available at a moment’s notice. I use the PageFlip Dragonfly pedal to turn pages. Set lists are setup in a really useful way that helps keep multiple versions of songs clear. User interface with Dropbox is super easy to use. Sync multiple iPads together so the pages all turn together if you like. The possibilities with this app are endless. I play piano at different jobs almost every day, and this is my go-to app. Considering usefulness vs price, they’re practically giving it away. I was a little nervous when I first went paperless-what if it stops working in the middle of a show? But no worries-the app just works!.Version: 10.5.6

Couldn’t live w/o forScoreI hope to never be w/o my iPad and forScore. I have over 400 songs stored in the app. now. I asked support if there is a limit, and they said the only limit is the space on your iPad. Make sure you backup all of that to the cloud, and choose “archive”. I dont always b/u to the cloud, that takes a long time. So I archive locally to the iPad at least after every 10 new songs stored. My file size is now 1.6 GB. The people who wrote forScore are geniuses. They did a great job making it easy to organize and search for songs as long as you have filled in the attributes of your songs. Cropping is one of the greatest tools, along with writing with an iPencil, you know it’s necessary to scribble in the fingering and rhythm sometimes on top of the sheet music, and in different colors. It’s reliable and has never crashed or frozen up. ForScore developers, please don’t drop the product, keep up with future iOS’s. Thanks again..Version: 13.0.5

Delighted, music on the go.Forscore Best app ever, delighted with how easy and versatile this app is for musicians. Works with the music notes app, download and play pretty much anything , scan in your pieces and mark up your scores. Very affordable, it’s awesome!.Version: 14.0.3

Très efficaceVraiment extraordinaire pour les musiciens amateurs ou professionnels. Merci !.Version: 14.0.2

Total Game ChangerAs a professional musician and educator...forescore has really changed everything for me. I use it on a daily basis. Reading charts on a gig has never been so streamlined and organized for me, but that’s just scratching the surface of the app’s functionality. It’s great for keeping track of everything you’re currently practicing (even has a built in metronome and recording function). I have also started using it in my lessons to take notes for my students. It’s more professional than handwriting the notes, yet much faster than it would be to type the notes into Finale/Sibaleus. If you are are a professional musician, not having this app puts you behind the game. Seriously..Version: 10.3.3

Great AppI am in the process of moving all my charts and set lists into the app. So far, I love it.Version: 14.0.1

Very useful app for the pro musoBeen surprised how often I have been using this app. Very helpful where I can put my set list into order in a couple of seconds. No longer spending close to 30 mins before the show getting all my charts into order. Forscore let's me do it in literally a couple of seconds. Been using the annotate tools regularly to jot down rhythms and performance ideas. Need to get a foot pedal to change pages - that's the only bummer. Can only view one page at a time..Version: 4.2

Transformed My Game.This program works perfectly for my needs. Playing solo piano. Taking requests, downloading lead sheets on my break, importing them, playing a new tune, making bigger tips. As well, importing charts directly from Planning Centre for worship instead of paper. Brilliant. Can’t wait to explore all of the possibilities this program has to offer..Version: 11.1.8

Brilliant app.I use forescore every day. I have hundreds of scores at my fingertips. With a new 12.9 inch iPad I can annotate and crop scores to fit the entire screen and don’t need my glasses. With Apple pencil it’s easy to add notes clean up old scores. One very useful feature is that using a broad white line with the annotation tool allows you to clean up old documents and remove marks. If I need to sign documents, I find it easier to use this tool than Apple’s ‘Mark up’ tool..Version: 13.0.5

Everything I needI've had other apps which provide page turns etc, but this one is a lot quicker and I can use both half page turn or double tap for full page turn. Also the flexibility to branch to different sections of the score is great..Version: 6.0.3

I would not use anything else for playing musicI have now been using forScore for 6 years and it is excellent. Every piece that comes out in any group I play is scanned into this app and I annotate with the Apple Pencil and find it very reliable. I now have library of near to 2,000 pieces of music in ForScore, and can still find anything within seconds. Wonderful!.Version: 12.0.6

Pete FranceAs a working musician this is by far the best app. It’s made my working life so much easier. The Apple pen with Apple ipro function is great too. Awesome work. Thanks guys.Version: 11.2

Lives up to its promiseI bought my iPad specifically to run forScore, and after using it for just a few weeks I am delighted. So many well-planned and useful functions, I can see it becoming practically indispensable and I’ll soon be able to put my bulky piano albums aside. A real bonus is the way that a piece of scanned-in sheet music can be linked to a proper recording; when away from the piano I can follow the written music while listening to the way it should be played. Five stars too for the customer service I received when I had a problem accessing my own recorded efforts. It was my fault (I wasn’t familiar with the iPad’s Control Centre panel and had confused it with the app's media controller), but forScore’s patient and helpful advisor soon had everything sorted. iPads were made for this app!.Version: 8.0.4

Great - but annoyingJust purchased this for use with iPad Pro 12.9 for musical scores. I want to be able to move parts of the score (as well as any annotations) around and understand that I need to subscribe to Forscore Pro. When I access the relevant dialogue box for Pro all I see is a black central box with ‘currently unavailable’. When I tap ‘Restore’ and enter Apple password I get a blank blue area - no price etc. I’ve notified Forscore but not sure they’re going to reply. Otherwise this is a great app.Version: 14.0.2

Great music storage!Very happy with forScore app. At the recommendation of friends from my ukulele group, I purchased an inexpensive refurbished iPad Air and downloaded the app right away. I was able to store all the songs from our extensive collection by quickly copying to forScore from Google Drive. What used to take two large binders to store, now fits on my iPad, and it’s much quicker and easier to find the next song. Friday I was able to put about 30 of those songs into a set list which made it really quick to jump to the next song. It worked perfectly for this outdoor jam session without WiFi connection or worrying about the wind blowing my pages. I was able to use the darkroom feature to take a picture of a paper copy of a song that wasn’t in the Google Drive, and use annotate to change the chord timing to my own preference. Our group is constantly adding new songs, and this will make it easier to add and keep organized. I look forward to adding my private collection to the Dave Rubber City Ukes.Version: 11.2.4

Excellent for performanceI use forscore for my big band sets. Works really well.Version: 9.3.4

Almost perfect, but there is one thing...I’ve used this app for many years now and don’t ever plan on not using in the future. I’ll admit, I just downloaded it and went to town without a real grasp of how to do things in it. I buried my head in the sand like an ostrich as the software is packed full of things that you could screw up things with and I didn’t want to chance that. With that said, the organizational aspect of this software is where I feel it lacks the most. Sure, they threw a bunch of list view options in there but my biggest gripe is the how the bookmarks work. It would be nice if the bookmarks had the option to inherit metadata from the original file so we don’t have to duplicate our work. I also don’t care for seeing bookmarks as an additional score when looking through “all scores.” The whole concept of having a bookmark being it’s own entity bothers me, I suppose? Lol. While the value of this software is absolutely incredible for everything they pack in to it, I’m uninspired and a little frustrated with the watered down organizational aspects of it mostly from a user interface perspective. It sounds like the developers listen to feedback and I hope they take the time to read this constructive criticism. If it turns out I’m just missing something entirely, I’ll update this review again..Version: 10.3.9

Fantastic App for musiciansThis app is the greatest bargain there is for musicians - continually upgraded with no charge. I love the pro version. The extra stamps and annotation features are very useful. I’m a user for 5 years since the 1st 12.9” iPad Pro was released in 2016. With the AirTurn Duo page turner, it’s a must have combination for professional keyboardists and other musicians. The facial gesture page turn feature is really cool for organists who cannot place a page turn pedal on the floor because of the organ pedals. Stores and organizes ALL your music. Only limited by the storage of your tablet. This setup has never failed me in 5 years and I use it every day. Keep everything charged and backed up and it is practically fool proof. I had far more problems with printed music trying to find things, bringing the wrong folder, turning two pages, pages stuck together, book won’t stay open, wind blowing pages, stand lamp burning out, etc. I brought paper music as a back up for the 1st year but realized it wasn’t necessary. Also, you don’t need a lamp any longer although I use one just to illuminate the keys in the orchestra pit. Life changing. This is not a music notation app. It is a PDF reader for music and any other PDF file..Version: 12.1.3

Best music reading app for iPadI’ve been using forScore now for at least 3 years, and it has only gotten better. I really give it a workout when doing musicals, and forScore makes it easy to deal with cuts, changing the order of numbers in the show. The only thing that was missing was stamps of repeat signs in the Annotations menu, but a friend made me a couple in .png format, they were easy to import, and they work great. I use an iRig BlueBoard for turning pages, and the 2 extra buttons come in very handy, one for making half-page turns, the other I use for bringing up the tuner. (It would be nice if hitting that button again put the tuner away. It’d also be nice if the user could make the tuner and metronome smaller, they cover a lot of the page. Sometimes you just want to leave them in view, hint, hint...) On occasion, several panicked emails have gotten speedy responses from Support, and that is very much appreciated, too. Santa brought an Apple Pencil, and I’m looking forward to learning more about using it. What I’ve done with it so far has been almost seamless to use. Thanks, forScore!!!.Version: 10.5.3

UnbeatableThis app is the best I've been able to find for my music. it is easy to use and saves hours of time finding and organising sheet music. I also find it clearer than sheet music to read on my iPad Pro..Version: 10.2.6

Would be five because I love it!Everything is awesome! Except for 2 important things. In notation when I'm trying to add it on the last 2 lines, it wont let me scroll up in the score to add it. I spend too much time trying to line it up with guess work. Its also hard to get auto scroll going I've tried since I got the app. Just cant do it. Otherwise, I love it!.Version: 14.0.2

Great appThis is a great app for musicians who need to have their music scores archived in an efficient way. We love it and together with the scanner app, it works a treat.Version: 10.1.4

Love itI play as a volunteer pianist at our hospital and I find this app fantastic. I’m also a piano teacher so found this app fantastic to be able to send music to pupils during Covid lockdowns..Version: 13.1.7

Excellent appPerfect for organising all my random pdf. music scores into one easily assessable location. Love it..Version: 11.0.4

Super appPro ou pas, c’est un incontournable! Tu veux annoter des pdf facilement et les c’asser facilement, les exporter et inporter facilement!! C’est la meilleur app!.Version: 13.1.7

Great app ipad pro 12.9I’m using with ipad pro and it works really well with Donner page turner pedal✌️Scanning music into my ipad is so easy and the functions for lining up the page are just brilliant..Version: 13.0.5

This is perfect for stage performance!First things first. I bought an iPad 12.9” primarily for this app. The large screen makes a perfect full page view. I also have an iPad Air 2 that I use for the second screen, as it’s smaller, it gets me over a page turn, when I can switch the music to my bigger screen. I’m tempted to get a second big iPad to resolve that! Combined it with a Pageflip Dragon fly, awkward page turns are a thing of the past. Can even setup buttons to allow me to switch from 1st to 2nd part mid piece. Every time I use this application something else makes it better. For example, tonight I just split a single PDF into three separate files. I’ve been marking my pieces, and know that I have everything to hand all the time. I highly recommend this program to the point that it’s even worth buying a new iPad and Apple Pencil just for going digital in sheet music. Seriously, it’s that good. Update: Yep. Got a second iPad Pro 12.9 and the dual page mode is awesome.Version: 12.1.2

Extremely well conceived and executed!!!This is the first time I've ever been compelled to write a review. ForScore has obviously been written by musicians, for musicians. The features are exactly what I need when I find myself on a gig and they're all so intuitive and easy to operate. I can't say how many times I've been using ForScore and thought to myself, "I wonder if I can do something?", and within less than a minute I've worked out that ForScore can do it, I've discovered how to do it and in fact I've completed the task! I'm very pleased to highly recommend ForScore to working musicians... Now if Apple will make a concert sized iPad the world would be perfect!!!.Version: 4.2.4

Does exactly what it should ...This app does exactly what it advertises it does. I use it to store pdfs of my playlist so I can access it at any time. Easy to use and connect with other tools like Dropbox..Version: 10.3.1

Great!Very good for musicians!.Version: 12.0.10

If you’re a musician you MUST BUY THISHow do I even start how much I love this app? I play 9 instruments, so I was starting to have problems with organizing my sheet music and making too many copies. I felt like I was either wasting so much paper, or I thought everything was too heavy/cluttered. My favorite part about this app is the fact that you can create set lists so now I’m able to organize my music for each instrument, like I have one for piano, harp etc. I put another folder inside each one for the composer like Beethoven, Bach, etc. I love using my Apple Pencil with this app as well to annotate my pages. It’s so amazing to go from tons of heavy books/bags, to a slim iPad with an Apple Pencil to bring to gigs - simply amazing!.Version: 10.4.6

Very goodJustifies the price of an iPad Pro. Recommend.Version: 13.0.5

Some irritationsI’ve had forScore for some time but there is one thing that I find really really irritating. I use Google Drive to store all of my files and if I do an arrangement and then save it as a pdf to drive when I then go to import this file into forScore it does not appear in the list of files for up to 2 days later. This is not great when you need the arrangement quickly! Please please fix this..Version: 11.2.3

Superb appIntuitive, reliable. Revolutionary for the piano..Version: 9.3.1

Best Music App Ever!This is amazing for music and totally reliable..Version: 10.5.3

This continues to set the standard for app developmentThis also sets the standard for pdf readers. This app is a joy to use. i wouldn't want to be without it now. I just find it so intuitive and reliable and the interface and functionality is excellent. And each upgrade continues to keep it above the rest. ForScore is absolutely brilliant, feature rich with a great interface and has become my principle tool for anything pdf related. It continues to be updated and the very few bugs are fixed rapidly. just look at the version history to see how frequently it is supported. The user interface is incredibly well thought out so that all commands are within a few clicks. It is essential for a jobbing musician! Check out the manual which is available on line to see everything in detail that this brilliant app can do. It is rock solid, i haven't needed to use paper scores since 2012. i play publicly each week using ipad and my trusty airturn bt 104 and this combination hasn't let me down once. The advantage is that you have all your scores in one place and available all the time. The metadata means they so easy to find (my library now has over 500 scores in it). I also frequently use the feature of linking music tracks to a pdf. Many years ago, I bought a boxwave stylus for my ipad 2 and continue to use this to annotate pdfs on my ipad pro. The developer also sets the standard in how to support a product!.Version: 12.0.1

A first-rate appI've been using forScore for about six months, having graduated from paper versions of my music. (I play both bass and acoustic electric guitar.) I have my iPad/forScore paired with an Airturn device for page turning, and the combination works reliably and well. ForScore has more options inbuilt than I could ever possibly need, and I've found the defaults, in general, give me the operation I want. Kudos to the developers for their recent changes to the annotation mechanism (which I use extensively) - it was previously a little clunky and not terribly intuitive, but the version 8 update showed they've been doing some thinking (and listening), and the result is much more usable. What I need when performing with a band is confidence in the technology, and the Forscore/Airturn combo has not stuffed up once..Version: 8.0.1

Great appSo much easier than using paper. Easy to use and keep organized. I am a solo performer with over 400 songs on my iPad, many with backing tracks. I love this App. Rick, Ontario Canada.Version: 13.1.7

Very usefulA great way to organise scores and tab sheets, I store them centrally in a cloud services e.g. Dropbox and can then retrieve them from mobile or desktop devices..Version: 11.2.3

ReviewHaving problems at first to understand this application. Starting to realize that I must go step by step. On a regular basis. Hope to write back when I have it under control. Thank you..Version: 13.0.5

Ace but...5 stars for sure, it’s a top tier app. It’s the most money I’ve ever spent on a single thing from the App Store. I was most disgruntled to find that after paying 20 quid, the feature I was really after, the gesture page turning, was hidden behind another sub fee! I’m sorry chaps, but when you’re charging that much, such a pivotal feature should be included. I simply will not pay any more at this point. Just a note to others who need this feature, which is pretty much core I’d say for a musician. Nonetheless, a great app..Version: 12.0.10

The best Sheet Music Viewer hands downI am a professional Trumpet player, and gone are the days of carrying 10 fake books, 5 band folders and stand lights. With a little time with a scanner, you can have your entire sheet music collection a couple clicks away. I play many different styles of music from Brass Band To Dixieland. I only need to take the official band folder home when I need to scan new music. If something comes up, I don’t have to feel guilty about the band not having the folder in my absence. I have my music sorted by “genres”, which is just one way to sort the very well thought out database. Everyone is just amazed at the way this works. ½ page turns allows you to see the next page while still seeing the bottom half staves of the current page. This avoids having to memorize the first few notes on the next page. Setting up D.C.’s and D.S.’s is easy with links that can be set up. For tricky repeats, you can duplicate pages and arrange them so that it becomes a hands free page turn with products like AirTurn etc. I’ll never go back to the old way again. Easily the best $15 I’ve ever spent on any app. Gigging musicians and piano bar players, this is a must have!!.Version: 10.3

First ClassI've tried a few but ForScore is by far the best. I use it 6 nights a week on an iPad Pro and it's never let me down. Easy to use and rammed full of features. Set lists you can edit, add your tracks and program page turns and loads of other stuff that will help make your life easier..Version: 10.3.3

Absolute life changer for any musicianForScore is quite simply an unbelievably simple and intuitive piece of magic . I have been using it for a year or so but only recently started to utilize the annotation page . Wow ! It is just as quick as if you had the actual paper in front of you to write on whatever markings you need . In actual fact it’s probably a lot quicker coz you won’t need to swap pens to add those red hi-lites we all need to mark things . I could go on and on there are so many useful things on it . For ex , making the manuscript fill every pixel of the display, maximizing the screen ...or the ease with which you can import files and make up set lists ,in any order...... It has everything you can possibly need and is an absolute steal for the price .Buy it and you will never look back ..Version: 11.0.4

L’application par excellence pour les musiciens.Classements des partitions possibles selon plusieurs différents paramètres. Plusieurs outils et fonctionnalités extrêmement utiles..Version: 13.1.7

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