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App for commercial loversIf you have loads of free time and love commercials this app is for you! If you stop watching a show you must watch your five commercials to restart. However you must move the episode forward as it does not remember the location you stopped at. Each time you slowly move it forward... you guessed it five more commercials. You can usually find your place after 25 to fourth commercials. This is an app for retired people. To bad most of those don't do streaming. A mostly irrelevant app. Surprised the creators haven't been promoted to government jobs..Version: 5.1.4

ABCHow about this FYI, because of my Mom, when we (my family and I) came to this country in 1973. They were basically 3 channels! ABC, NBC and CBS. My mother picked channel 7 abc, why! Ryan’s hope, all my children, one life to live and Of course General Hospital. Then the news, with Bill Butell, Storm Field (my Mom loved watching the weather) and also! She loved Peter Jennings, and Barbara Walters. So, after I left home as an adult, I have been watching ABC channel 7, for the last 48 years. I trust it. Thank you so much. PS , I am pretty sure, that I will be watching ABC channel 7 for the next 48 years..Version: 10.16.0

Best app of the traditional tv networksI prefer paying for ad-free content. That said, when none of my paid subscription services carry a specific older show that I want to binge on, I cross my fingers that it’s an ABC show. This app doesn’t mess around by withholding specific episodes or seasons for cable subscribers in the way that NBC or AMC and other networks do. You don’t have to have a cable login and you can watch any & all of the shows you want, suffering through just as many ads as would appear on over the air broadcasts. No problems syncing my position across the iPhone app and Apple TV. If I let a show run and leave the room, when I come back and rewind I don’t have to sit through the same commercials again (another reviewer had the opposite experience, so the developers may have recently fixed this)..Version: 10.1.0

Old man Disney lover.I tell you I love the app I had a hard time getting it to play with my tv provider when I wanted to watch a college football game but now that I figured out how to set up location the right way it’s working real good. I have always been a big fan of the Disney family broadcasting and it was one of my favorites. And let me tell you one thing the app works great on my iPhone 14 and I have no problems accessing my favorite shows and sports channels and air play is awesome when I do it to my Roku tv. I can tell you that the 13 app on my iPhone gives me more content than the Roku app does. I can watch the whole country music awards show on my iPhone app and can’t watch nothing but the clips of the show on my 13 app on my Roku. Keep it up and thanks for the awesome app that is great on my iPhone..Version: 10.38.0

Love the ABC appMy iPad Air is 10 years old and I am happy I can still watch a lot of great ABC shows on this app. The other major network apps no longer work with my iPad Air; seems they expect me to buy a newer device which can be updated to a newer version of iOS to use their apps, so I no longer watch their shows. This tablet fulfills the basics of being able to use the internet and email, and I refuse to get into the cycle of buying the newest thing that comes out when this device works fine for my needs. Why pollute the environment with more e-waste when it isn’t necessary? ABC, I hope you continue to have your app work well with older devices and I applaud you for not shutting out the audience who own older devices, like other networks..Version: 10.33.0

Editing now that it works for meOkay, so previously I wrote a low-rating review because the app was giving me an "Oops..." error message whenever I tried to play anything. I don't know what happened - maybe there was an update or maybe episodes just had to be a certain number of weeks old for me to play them - but it works now and I have no problem with it. Except that the "Oops..." message was nondescript and confusing. It would be nice if the message would either indicate what was wrong (connection error, login error etc.) or direct the user to contact support. As it was, I was left frustrated and unsure of what to do. (I've had bad experiences with various support teams [not ABC] over the years and so my first thought is not to contact them unless it's directly suggested to me.) But for now, it seems to work great and I have no significant complaints. [EDIT] Eeeeexcept that it just randomly crashed in mid-video. I can deal with it, but the developers might want to be aware of the issue..Version: 6.3.2

ABCI enjoy ABC. I love General Hospital. It is by far my favorite tv show. I watch it everyday and also record it and watch it again. However, what I really do not appreciate is every time there is news of any kind, they preempt my favorite show, General Hospital. It is at the worse afternoon time for this to happen. The North Carolina Governor held a Covid-19 update almost everyday for a year, and it was always on at 2:00. I was sorry people were sick, but I live in South Carolina, not North Carolina. Also, I feel an update lasting 45 minutes everyday was and is just not necessary. Thank you for your consideration of this matter..Version: 10.13.0

BEST @@@TV app ever!!!2019 - well here we are and I still prefer to watch these shows over other network show but STILL can’t watch them live. Put in a ticket and all I get is we are not in your area. What? 😳🤨🙄. It’s getting close to 10 yrs now and I can watch So many others...why is that but not ABC live “In my area”? The ABC app is the very first TV app that I down loaded and it has not let me down's been close to 6 years now. I am able to wear my wireless Beats headset and listen while cooking cleaning and moving about the house. More important if I miss a show I can watch it the next day. I am so in love with this app!!!!😍 Thanks for doing a great job guys.Version: 6.5.1

Modern Show AmbianceWhat can I say about ABC it’s a great app that helps the viewer view his taste in what makes it special and. What makes it special is the ambiance that glows when a new viewer is intrigued by the moment it shines every week for new episodes. Like Grey's Anatomy that I love watching and I just love how they celebrate their surgeries with honor, dedication and sense of humble gratitude within their skills, specialities, and surgical abundance they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the most willing patient that shares a prehistory on their life. And that in a way is what makes ABC special just like the surgeries in Grey’s Anatomy that they each celebrate their work and know they are special because their human cos it doesn’t matter how different we are what matters is the love we give each other of what ABC does and. I have this certain ability to give a particular motto for certain companies and for the ABC company is Amazing, Bold and Caring on why that ABC network is a beautiful thing ever invented and I’m glad we have it. Thank You..Version: 10.22.0

Murder in the BuildingEnjoying the show very much. It has a good storyline but really why all the swearing? You don’t need it. I find it ludicrous that you allow taking the Lord’s name in vain but you block out the f-word which is just a stupid word, which by the way you don’t need either. You’ve got your priorities all wrong. You’ve got the potential for a great show and you ruin it by taking the Lord’s name in vain. You’re going to lose a lot of viewers because of it. I know swearing is so commonplace in our society and a complaint about it may seem silly to you, but I feel it will truly benefit your new show to take it out. So many people are looking for good, wholesome shows to watch on TV. This could be one of them. Thanks for your consideration..Version: 10.38.0

Stop the changesEvery time they change the app I have more issues. Like at the end of a program it gets small so it can start you on another program that probably you don’t want to watch! Also if you watch at work and have small bits of time to log on, it doesn’t keep your place as before you have to go back into the app again. Also if you back up the program you get the same 6 commercials you just recently saw. I do like the back 10 sec button though to give some positive feedback. Thanks for listening!.Version: 6.3.1

More Providers, More AffiliatesI think this is an awesome app, however, I do not understand why you cannot stream more affiliates of your network, or even allow all TV providers to allow people to stream ABC online at no additional cost!! When I want to watch something live on your network away from my home WiFi, I have to pay more money on ANOTHER streaming service to watch. For instance, if I want to watch Dancing with the Stars LIVE online away from home, I have to pay more money for ANOTHER online streaming service! It would literally save more money for the TV customers if you could reach agreements with Hearst Television (besides the one that you have now regarding DirecTV customers) and all of the other owners of your other affiliates, besides the eight that you already own. I think it will help your app and website improve if you do so. Other than that, I think this app is awesome!!.Version: 6.5.0

Why the need to update when it's working fine?I have an iPad2 and just got a message that I need to update the app. I won't be able to access the app anymore because it won't update any further. Why can't we have the choice to update or not? It's been working fine until it needed this update. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who believes that it is not necessary to trash our older generation devices when they still work. We have to take care of our environment! C'mon ... I'm sure you have a tech genius out there who can make this happen. Give us that choice to update or not. Sadly, I guess no more ABC for me..Version: 6.7.1

Too many adsLove the app, but 6 ads in a row play several times throughout the show. No way to skip them or fast forward. I would be more inclined to listen to the ads if only 1-3 and would run less often! Also, the ads finish, the show starts back...but in 2 secs, the series of ads start again! So I’m getting up to 12 ads back to back. This happens 4-6 times throughout the show. This part could be my iPhone, but I have deleted the app and re-downloaded. Still no change!!!! PLEASE fix this issue!.Version: 6.8.0

Way too many ads. Still.Don’t see my earlier review and am closing out of ABC once again due to ENDLESS ads. (Don’t use the rewind option—you will have to sit through 5,6, or 7 ads for your few-second rewind!)This is awful. I’m headed back to CBS, which has a good app & programming, and doesn’t cram endless unwanted advertising down your throat, turning a one hour show into a nightmare tour. Shame on ABC. This practice violates every rule of caring about customers and nullifies any good technical qualities the app may have. It’s just too much work to watch anything..Version: 10.1.0

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