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Allstate® Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Allstate® Mobile app received 43 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Allstate® Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about allstate® mobile?

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Allstate® Mobile for Negative User Reviews

You wait and wait and waitEvery time I open the app or, God forbid, try to access my Drivewise data, it takes forever. This morning I waited for over 15 minutes just for access to the app before giving up. I might as well request paper. If I’m pulled over and use the app for my proof of insurance, I won’t be able to provide it unless the officer wants to take a coffee break. I’ve also had issues where it says I was n the phone when I wasn’t. My phone is paired with my car and I’m not sure that an incoming call would trigger the app. I’ve also questioned several times the hard breaking report. I took an easy trip to the grocery store. Almost no traffic. To get there there is a left turn, then an immediate hard right which has a bump and then goes uphill. It seems to think that since I accelerate to make the left turn, then break before the bump, that I’m making a hard brake. That is not the case. I’d go report an incorrect trip, except that I can’t get into the app. Garbage. I’ll look for another provider..Version: 15.9.1

THE WORST!!They made me wait more then 8 hours for a service that never came…. At 12pm my car died and I requested a tow service through the app, I was waiting for more then 3 hours no update, I call service support, they said it that my information didn’t go through ON THE APP!!! And they said that requesting service through the app is the fastest…. So I did the tow service through the phone, they told me that it’s gonna it’s way, I got an update that the tow truck is near by, 3 hours later nothing….. I called them back, they told me the same thing, more then 2 hours later, nothing…. I call them told them that I’ve been waiting for 8 hours…. I gave up on waiting and told them to cancel my request. Keep in mind I called them back from time to time, they just keep asking the same questions, information and say the same thing “we will send a rescue as soon as possible”. But that’s ridiculous….. I even told them I waited for more then 8 hours and they still didn’t do anything about it, I still would’ve have to wait more in 2 hours if I wanted another rescue….Version: 16.3.1

Not accurate dataI have had this app for over 3 years. Over the last three years I have had to review the data regularly due to it being inaccurate. It registers that I am using my phone when the Apple music is playing through the radio by Bluetooth, it registers that I am using my phone when it is used through Bluetooth at the end of my trip once I have arrived at my destination and I am fully stopped and parked; it also registers hard breaking when I am on my boat- which if I had braked hard everyone in the boat would have flown out!! When I am riding in the car with another person and I am using my phone it records it as my use of phone while driving. Not only does it record inaccuracies but now I can’t remove the inaccurate information from the drive lists. This is going to cause me to loose any discounts I may be due, because the app is not accurately recording the drive information and can’t be corrected. This is soooo frustrating, and I feel like I don’t have any other options or any recourse. I’m at the mercy of the app and what it allows whether it’s accurate or not..Version: 15.5

App is worse with every updateThis app is getting worse with every update. First off I want to look at my insurance policies. Not a bunch of bloatware such as Drivewise, footprint, etc. I am interested in my information and policies that I pay for. Also, I want to check out my policies for my auto and it shows how much is due monthly and you can only get into it if you’re going to make a payment with the previous credit card on file. Things change so do the credit cards and the amount of the payment you want to make. Before a payment is made I want to view it and if I don’t want to make a monthly payment it should be my choice to pay it off for the six months. This app is so awful that I’m starting to think about looking at another insurance company. It should be easy to get into, view, make changes and payments. Please let me sign in to my policies and then if someone wants to choose something else let them. I also don’t like having to say no regarding Drivewise every time I sign into it. I will never use it..Version: 15.6

Fix phone use while driving featureBefore the phone use while driving feature came out for Drivewise, I would have given the app 5 stars. However, when I stop my car at my destination and use my phone, it is tracking that as using my phone while driving. For example, I have been giving a coworker rides to work everyday for the last 2 weeks. When I would pull up and park in her carport, I would send her a text saying I was there. When checking the Drivewise section in the app later, it showed I used my phone while driving (although the phone use was tracked at my parking location). Because of this, I have had to remove many trips due to “trip data not being accurate,” which is losing me safe driving points. I do not use my phone while driving, so it is frustrating that this new feature is saying that I use my phone during my trips. Now I’m not even sure how long I have to wait before stopping before I can touch my phone without having to remove the whole trip data due to this error. Please fix. The rest of the app is great..Version: 14.0

Drivewise FailDrivewise requires an always on location services. Allstate support claims this is to make the experience better for me. How is it better to drain my phones battery by using gps always and to assume anytime I’m moving over 20 mph that I’m driving (I could be a passenger, or on a bus)? Instead a GOOD experience would be to have me enable drivewise tracking when I start a trip, and to allow “only when using” gps tracking instead of collecting unnecessary data on me (maybe Allstate is selling it like Facebook just got caught? Can’t know for sure since they reserve the right to change the TOS at will...) Also, there’s no way to know if it’s actually working...no immediate feedback that it successfully tracked your trip. Maybe if I was given the option to start and stop my trips manually, it could then do some calculations and give feedback. Dear developers: how about you try and model your service like the countless fitness trackers out there, such as MapMyRun, strava, etc and track the actual trips when I tell you I’m driving and give IMMEDIATE feedback that the trips been recorded; because I promise you you’re not clever enough to know if it’s actually me behind the wheel....Version: 11.9.1

Cannot Correct Trips!The section that lists your trips cannot be changed. Even though it gives an option to update your trip with additional information, such as being a passenger or using another mode of transportation other than your vehicle, it doesn’t save the corrected information. It even gives an option to remove a trip if it’s not applicable but this function too does not work. I haven’t driven my vehicle for over a week. I just recently came back from a long weekend vacation. All of the trips in which I was a passenger in someone else’s car are labeled as me being the driver of my vehicle. I have gone in over 10 times in the past two days, updating my trip info and it never saves. So I will be penalized for being a passenger in someone else’s car. Now that I know that this cannot be changed, I will have to try to remember to turn my location off in order for it not to count against me when I am the passenger in another vehicle..Version: 16.7.1

Stranded on freeway for 2 hoursI called roadside after catching a flat on the freeway. I spoke with the dispatch for over 40 minutes trying to answer a bunch of questions while he was struggling to understand, google location. He told me because the flat was in the side of freeway he wanted to send tow, get off freeway then fix flat. He then told me I would be contacted by the driver and hung up. After 45 minuets I called back to be told He never entered Anything, no tow was dispatched to my location. On the phone with the new rep another 20 minutes, then waited another 40 minutes for the guy to show up and fix the flat on the freeway. I am very dissatisfied with this service, I was left in a dangerous situation for hours with no help, and the understanding help was in the way. Very poor service! I’ve been a customer far to long and pay monthly to utilize the service when I need it, however, the service Failed. Allstate failed! How do you Rectify this situation because right now I am ready to look for another insurance company! Horrible service.Version: 12.0.0

App needs workI don’t usually review apps, I just delete them if I don’t like them. But for this app, I need it to be on my phone for easy access to my car insurance. I don’t like having to go to the website to pull up my info. There’s very little you can actually do on the app vs the website. The app seems like it’s a beta if I’m being honest. Seconds ago, I was double checking my app to ensure everything is paid and I’m good to go. I accidentally clicked on the “coverage” tab and it said I didn’t have a policy, to call this number.. I had a mini heart attack and checked the actual website, everything is in order on the website but not the app. It’s completely up to date, I double checked that. The app could use some work in my opinion. Half the time the app looks like everything’s smashed together, specially the tabs at the bottom. I don’t haves small device either, my iPhone 11 Pro Max has a decently large screen. Maybe I’m just use to my geico app (I recently switched over to Allstate from geico ) I never had to check the website but the Allstate app shouldn’t look like a beta tester app. Geicos app was smooth, and it looked nice. Everything was easy to use. Never had any issues with that app. All in all, I don’t like the look or “feel” of this Allstate app..Version: 15.5.3

Drivewise problemsVery recently I noticed my app had an “action needed” banner next to Drivewise on the mobile app. I opened it, went through the steps to reactivate Drivewise and went about my business, driving multiple times a day thinking I was active on Drivewise. Silly me! I have to open the app and go through the reactivation process EVERY SINGLE TIME I get in my car in order to log my trips and qualify for a very small refund. If I close out of the app, it also deactivates my Drivewise. If I let it run in the background to slow my phone down, it works fine but makes me super unhappy when I can hear my phone running but no call shows up on my screen. If I leave it up in background and open enough apps after Allstate, my phone will log me out of the app and I will have to sign in again, only to find the “action needed” banner again. Considering doing some insurance shopping. My last safe driving refund did not even cover paying myself minimum wage for ONE HOUR, a small fraction of the time I have put into reactivation on this app. I feel like I am overpaying for my insurance to stay with a reputable company, you might consider putting some time and effort into fixing this app and making your customers happy! No one has time to sit in their driveway before every single trip and go through the steps to reactivate. Today’s world thrives on convenience!.Version: 13.2

Going from bad to worseThis app used to be good and useful. Some major changes were made to make it look like an improvement, don’t be fooled by said changes. It’s just a visual. The app is set up in my phone to recognize my face. It does. It greets me by my name but it gives me no access until I manually type my password. What’s the purpose of face recognition then? It’s annoyingly pushing me to add “Drive Wise” to my policy. I don’t want that as it is based on movement and not on who’s driving. The app can’t tell if I’m a passenger or the driver. And it’s supposed to report my driving habits even when I’m not behind the wheel. Major flaw. I wish there was an easier way to use Allstate which, to me, is THE BEST insurance company there is. This app does NOT reflect their level of excellence. Sad... UPDATE: 8/7/21. It has not gotten better. Only worse. It takes time to update info. Recently moved and app would NOT update the proper info. Plus, the whole need to log-in with a password instead of face recognition continues. Ughhh… ALLSTATE is too good of a company for such a lousy app..Version: 15.9.1

Drive wiseOther features in the app work just fine, but Drivewise has serious limitations. Every time you are in a vehicle it logs a trip, regardless of whether you are a passenger, and if you happen to be using your phone AS A PASSENGER, it records an “incident.” Yes, you can remove those trips, but you have to remember to do so, and that is inconvenient, and getting to be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Not to mention that if you are pulled over (like waiting in the pickup line after school) and you use your phone, even though your car is clearly NOT moving, you get dinged for that. Allstate no doubt has mountains of data, why they are unable to accurately predict whether you’re actually driving is beyond me, and while the passenger issue is at least understandable, it’s ridiculous that they can’t tell when you’re parked and not moving. I’m off to figure out how to cancel enrollment (which will no doubt also be highly inconvenient) until they can work out these kinks..Version: 14.0

Possibly the worst app I’ve ever used!I have had nothing but issues with the drivewise function since signing up. Somehow it combined my account with my husband’s even though we each made our own login. Then they had my phone number on his account, and they fixed me to call them bc they wouldn’t allow me to edit any personal information on MY OWN online account! Spent over an hour on the phone, and all they managed to do was put a third driver on my account, and told me I have to use a different email address. Even once that was finally resolved, approximately once a week, it boots both me and my husband randomly out of the app and then makes us activate it again, this losing all of our progress toward the driving goals. It suspiciously seems to happen ever time I’m close to meeting the 10 trip goal as well. I don’t trust you one bit Allstate, and your tech support is garbage. Tonight it’s saying half the features in the app “are offline, but we’re working to fix it.” Fix your app! It’s absurd how awful this app is..Version: 11.5.1

Great insurance unless you have to file a claim !I’ve been paying on homeowners insurance with Allstate for 5 years. This winter in the Midwest we had record snow and ice. The ice buildup was over a foot thick in places. It was raining through the ceiling in our kitchen and front porch. We filed a claim (like many others in the area). Needless to say it has taken months to get a contractor to fix the damage due to the high volume of damage done to most of the homes in the area. Long story short the claim was denied because the adjuster they sent (from Alabama) to evaluate ice damage in Michigan couldn’t find where the leak originated! Lots of damage to the ceilings and framework and not one cent of help. Should have saved that money myself to cover the $8500 in damage that I have to pay for myself. What is home owners insurance for???? Isn’t this EXACTLY WHY we pay for insurance? What a rip-off! Lesson learned..... pick a different company. I’ll be going back to Liberty Mutual as soon as this mess is repaired. They were great to work with when needed. Allstate... good hands that grab your money and run!!!!.Version: 13.7

Absolutely terrible. Unreliable, unable to use 98% of the timeI joined Allstate a few months ago and switched all my insurance over to them. I got the pay as you use car insurance option as due to the pandemic I don’t drive so it made sense. From the day I joined it had been drama trying to use this app. The first week or so of having it I was successful at simply opening the thing on maybe 2 occasions and once open it seems to work fine. However 99% of the time it simply fails to open. No error message. Nothing. Just fails to open. I click on it, it looks like it’s going to open as it tries to load then it just disappears. It. Never. Opens. I have no idea what’s going on with my account. As I found the device that monitors my mileage and driving activity on the floor of my car recently I am concerned that it had not been working for a while (I rarely use my car these days) so am worried about how that will affect my premium so have been trying to check to see how many days it’s been out and what that means for my payments but as mentioned THIS STUPID APP NEVER WORKS..Version: 15.4

Drivewise ProblemI have been using this app without problems up until recently. I logged onto my account and was asked to reactivate Drivewise? Why? Was it because it failed to record trips for a long time? I really don’t know. This app has always been very finicky with trip recording. I am already an active customer so I shouldn’t have to reactivate. To make matters worse, my trip history has been completely wiped. I can’t remove previous trips because it only lets me do this in the app. There were some trips recorded in my app where events were recorded but I wasn’t driving. If that information is not available, I can’t remove erroneous trips. This is an issue. Allstate needs to contact me with a solution quickly or I could lose out on a safe driving check. In addition, the ability to remove erroneous trips should be available on a computer in case situations like this happen..Version: 12.4.0

Why?When I receive a notification, I open the app. But there’s nothing there. Why? Another question is, do I have to log in to view the notification? Another question is, why? Why do I have to log in just to view a notification, especially if the notification is non related to me personally or my policy? Why can’t you notify me in a better way? How about an email instead? Why do I have to look for my password and log in just to see an advertisement or something that I’m only going to read? What is the purpose of getting me to log in. And why can’t I stay logged in once I log in if I want to? Previous Review: Annoying! The app keeps sending me Notifications but they’re nothing but Offers and Ads. This is not the reason why I downloaded this app. I’m starting to think that I should either delete the app or ignore the Notifications altogether. The reason why I am writing this is because I had 6 Notifications on my app. None of them really mattered. I just wasted my time. I’m not happy about that! This is not what an app is for. I’m not going to scroll all over the app trying to figure out what it is that I am supposed to be looking at. I’m not going to accidentally ( and I use that term carefully), tap on something and end up agreeing to something that I don’t want. So please cut it out. Enough already..Version: 16.5.1

App does not seem to reflect bill accuratelyI logged in to view my balance for June because my payment was not deducted from my bank account as I was on auto pay. It showed on the app that I was still on auto pay and I owed $0 for June. We had made several changes to the account for the prior month and removed a car and they were issuing credits so I assumed that is what was reflected. So my bill for July was double!!!! Suddenly I owed for June and July and the reps blamed me stating that I didn’t make my payment for June so I owed for both months. I have all the proof, thankfully I took pictures and I have all the text messages between me and my agent ( who no longer works for the company)during the month of June. I am on disability for a work injury and I can’t have mistakes like this happen because I am very strict on what I pay with each check. They still have not figured out what happened and I still have an outstanding balance. So in the mean time I am paying what my premium should be until they figure this out. This is not my fault..Version: 13.5.1

Drivewise DisappointmentI’ve been using the AllState app for some time now and has been very convenient up to this point for managing payments and proof of insurance. Since the Drivewise program has been changed over to the app only, my enthusiasm about staying enrolled in Drivewise has drastically changed. My wife and regularly ride in the same vehicle frequently drive the others vehicle. The program double logs the trips as we are both driving (racking up the miles). My wife’s patiences for going into the app, then Drivewise, then find the trip(s) and remove them is non existent (not convenient) so we rack up unnecessary trips. With that being said, I work for a fire department and going to work and removing trips is a nightmare. I’ll have anywhere from 30-50 trips to remove due to driving the engine to and from calls. AllState has always been great to us, and I appreciate their willingness to provide modern technology to their customers, but the Drivewise program/app needs some serious work. I’ve always thought it is important to help bring a solution to a problem when when bringing issues forward, but technology and development of an app is way out of my league. Hopefully this is helpful AllState when your looking at making improvements..Version: 13.2

DriveWise has Serious ProblemsBeginning some time in December I suspected something had changed in the app, especially concerning the “hard braking” feature. Previously, the app was logging 3 or 4 braking event per month; however, in January alone the app logged about 40 events. The number of miles driving didn’t change and my driving habits hasn’t changed, so what is different? Yesterday I got proof that the app definitely has issues. I had to make a round-trip drive from Dallas to Houston and back. As soon as I was clear of the Dallas traffic, I set the cruise control and didn’t touch the brake or accelerator for nearly 200 miles until I reached the outer suburbs of Houston. When I checked the DriveWise app, it had registered 11 hard-braking events while I was driving under cruise control. The results on the return trip were similar. DriveWise logged an additional 7 braking events while I was driving under cruise control. From some of the recent comments in these reviews, it seems like QA isn’t a very high priority for the developers..Version: 14.1

Apps like this are the reason I still keep paper records.Two issues: Last week I hit a pothole and slowly developed a flat tire. I got to safety and attempted to use my app to acquire roadside assistance. I check for updates frequently, and there was no notification telling me my Allstate app needed attention... until I tried to use it. I received a message saying my version was no longer supported and required updating. Except I was on a remote road and the app would not update. I couldn’t even open it to get the information I would need if I called for roadside assistance. I was on my way to work so time was of the essence. After a few minutes of fiddling with the useless app I changed my own tire in (literally!) freezing rain in the pitch black. What is the purpose of relying on something so critical if it fails you when most needed? Very disappointed. Second issue: my ex husbands information remains on my account... not in real life, just on the app. Other incorrect information includes dates premiums are due. Apps like this are the reason I still keep paper records..Version: 15.4

Okay app but....I’m new to using the app and I have to say that I’ve had some frustrations with it. While it typically works well, I’ve noticed that when I try to “ignore a trip” on the quick serve menu when I’m not driving that the app itself dies. I have to make a point to go in and specifically end the trip through Drivewise directly or I have to wait and ignore the trip later. I also have some issues with the phone monitoring feature on Drivewise. If my phone is used during a drive, the majority of the time it’s due to a passage in my vehicle using my car. Unfortunately, there is no way to indicate this in the app and it’s irksome to have that as a seeming “mark” against your safe driving. I have also had an occasion where I didn’t use my phone or was walking to my car and it somehow registered usage when I wasn’t driving. Other than those issues, I’d say the app works pretty well overall..Version: 14.0

App was working great til last updateApp doesn’t load. Once it loads some features are there and some aren’t. I’ll be in the middle of something and it just shuts down. On the “my trips” I don’t have any hard braking or over 80mp but On the graph it shows 0 miles over 80 but at the bottom of the screen it’s shows 18.9 over 80mph. Husband has the same issues in his app. Won’t let him or I delete trips that we weren’t driving. My daughters app just totally shut down and she had to re setup like she was a new customer. Our discount went from 10% to 5% over night and we hadn’t driven anywhere over night. Checked the app for my trips before I went to bed and there was no bad driving items. Woke up the next day and that’s when the speeding showed up and all the hard breakings. Now unless some stole our phones while we were sleeping and took each one on different crazy driving trips there’s no way possible for this to happen. Kind of ticked we’d are approaching our 6 months and our discount dropped drastically.Version: 15.0.3

A way to raise your insuranceI have been with Allstate for 4 years now. When they had the module that plugged into your car under the steering I would get a discount every month for my driving. Then they went to the App. My insurance went up because of my driving. My driving habits never changed But they failed to tell me that if you’re not driving you have to change it to passenger. So I figured out that my insurance raised because of my passenger trips!! I called my agents office and they said “ oh yeah, you need to change it if you’re not driving “. Well, thanks for not letting me know. Okay, now my app is not recording my driving. They said delete the app then reinstall it. I did that and it worked for 2 trips now it’s not working again!!!! This app is JUNK and they’re using it to raise your rates! I called again to report that it’s not working and they said that I have to call the technical help line. I call and no one answers my call!!! Not only that but I can’t even log into the app!!! I’m really thinking about changing insurance companies! I’m not happy at all with having no support!!.Version: 16.2

Subpar Experience so far…I was excited when I discovered the “benefits” of the app, given Allstate’s reputation with rewarding good driving. When I downloaded the app, I set everything up with Drivewise feature and was ready to gain points. I drive a lot due to my job so I figured this points system was perfect for me…and for a short while it was……then - even though my settings were adjust to ALWAYS allow the app access to my location (obvious), I was missing trips!! Ever since then, I’ve had to make sure I was actively logged in before pulling off anywhere in order for the app to count my trips. This is crazy to me, because if that’s the case, why does the app need to ALWAYS have access to my location!? Maybe someone can help me out with that part…on top of that, the app itself seems a bit jumbled and I feel it could be more user friendly. My last insurance’s app was virtually fool-proof - a child could navigate through it with no problem…if it wasn’t for the lower insurance rate……well………….Version: 16.0

An App with some great concepts but seems to always be having troubleMy Wife and I have been Allstate Customers for over 20 years and I was with Allstate for many many years prior to then. Overall Allstate has been a good Company in Our opinion ( and We frequently compare cost, value etc in The Auto Insurance arena) but I just do NOT understand 3 issues : 1. Why does the app seem to “fuss” about the phone being used while the vehicle is in motion ( My Wife uses the phone while I am doing the driving) and 2. Why is the log-in process is inconsistent? Sometimes it logs in fine and other times it seems to take serious efftort to get the app to login and function properly. I might understand it better if We were using a “cheap” cell phone, but I don’t feel this is appropriate behavior on an Apple phone less than a year old!! And 3. It Really seems quite unnecessary and actually INTRUSIVE that The Allstate App insists that The “Location “ setting be on and active at ALL times! I could understand the need for the location to be sent to Allstate if there is an accident or if The customer requests that Their location be sent to Allstate, but to require that a person’s precise location be constantly transmitted to Allstate really is privacy-invasive and Answers to the above questions would be so very much appreciated. We’re now in the process of comparing Insurance Companies once again and I do hope Allstate comes up as being worthy of Our $$ Regards, Ed and Sandy.Version: 16.7.1

Latest updateJust a quick review to say the latest update is really slow and laggy on my iPhone XS Max. Everything takes so long to load I lost patience with waiting and tried to go back. However the Hold Tight dialog boxes don't allow you to touch the page behind to dismiss it so you're sitting there for an eternity waiting for it to finish loading in the page. And then it crashes, every time. On loading the app takes an eternity to load. Also what seems to be taking its time to load are two big ticket items - Claims, and My Bill. My bill is paid for six months, why would I want to see that every time I load the screen - twice a year at most when it is due is enough. And my claims. I have no outstanding claims, again why do I want to see that page? The page I do want to see - Drivewise, doesn't load. The app just crashes. No doubt there are options to turn off the Claims and Billing items but I just don't have all day to wait. The screen is unresponsive and doesn't react when I try to scroll; when it does react it stutters and jumps around. I will leave the app installed for the Drivewise discount but I won't be opening it again..Version: 15.0

Terrible app, happy I don’t have Allstate and would never recommendThis app is terrible, I was hit by someone with Allstate insurance. Trying to get my car fixed has been miserable. First they send me a link that doesn’t work. Any time I try to login to their claim process it simply says cannot open this page. I had both full WiFi and cellular service. Then they say they are going to send a second link. That is never sent. Finally got a hold of someone else. They tell me to download the app. After downloading, again clicking on their quick claim, the page never opens. Keeps saying can’t open this page. The persons respond was to delete and redownload the app until it works. It still doesn’t work. Have tried it on multiple phones and the claim page still won’t open. Just tying to get my car fixed and this process is terrible. I don’t have Allstate fortunately and I never will after this experience. I would not recommend anyone have Allstate..Version: 15.7

Need to be updated to today tech standardsThis program would be great if it used bimetallic for login. This is the only app on my phone that requires a log in but does not have a biometric ability. It would also be helpful if there was a better way to identify when you are not driving or driving a vehicle not on your policy. Great way to do this would be to utilize Bluetooth data or CarPlay data. I spend majority of my time driving in a company fleet vehicle even though I am monitored and have to adhere to the same standards of this app I still sometime have events (that are not avoidable ie someone pulls out informs of you or a simi cuts you off on the internet) that are reported to this app even though it is on a fleet vehicle. When I at work I a focused on work and should not have to removed oh yea that simi cut me off I better go into my alstate app and let them know I was driving a company vehicle. I can chat over 20 trip in one day. That makes a lot of work for me..Version: 15.4

WOULD GIVE ALLSTATE ZERO STARS IF I COULDLet me start by saying I’ve been with Allstate for 47 years....ever since I moved out of my parents house to attend college I had auto coverage through them. I’ve had both auto and home insurance with them since my first home purchase in 1987. So, think about how many thousands of dollars I’ve paid Allstate in that time period. The tile roof on my current home was inspected by Allstate in 2016 before they would insure the home. Per Allstate the roof was replaced 10 years ago and was in excellent shape. Then the AZ monsoon season came in July of 2018 and blew almost every tile out of alignment and broke more than a few. Five roofing contractors looked at the roof and each one said the roof was in need of full replacement due to the damage. Allstate disagreed. They wanted to “repair” the tile roof with “similar” clay tiles that did not match the San Valle clay tile because it hasn’t been made in many years. Allstate’s first estimate to repair the roof was $700 which doesn’t even cover my deductible. After months of wrangling, (8 months) my roofing contractor was able to get the repair amount up to $14,000 which was just over half what the roof actually cost us. Long story short, I’m no longer with Allstate. They have absolutely no clue what customer service or customer loyalty is all about. 47 years of customer loyalty meant nothing to them....I was just a very expensive premium to them..Version: 13.1

Doesn’t save my finger print, and Logs me out everytimeI find this app very frustrating and find myself in a bad mood everytime I use it. I had a keep me logged in option, that didn’t work and constantly would log me out. I’d forget my password because it’s one of these that requires and upper case, lower case, number, and special character...they also lock your account after 6 tries, so I get to call all state to reset it for me every time I use it, and by that point I’m already unhappy. I switched to the finger print login which works great with several of my other apps, but this stupid app doesn’t save my finger print and still asks me to enter a password each time...which puts me back in the try 6 times, lock my account, Call all state cycle of frustration, Once I’m in the experience isn’t much better...I spent 20 minutes trying to figure how to setup autopay with a different credit card before finally having to call customer service to do it....and that’s 20 minutes AFTER spending 15 minutes trying to login because the app logs me out and doesn’t take my finger print...overall I dislike this app, and the stupid rules for passwords and account locks..Version: 13.4

Slow and inaccurateThe latest update has made it near impossible to remove a trip that I was not driving during. I use my phone when my husband is driving and even though I remove the trip, it still shows phone usage. Drive wise claims to not ding you for phone usage but yet I am constantly being dinged when there are no other factors like hard braking or speeding being recorded. If I am not driving or the data is inaccurate, I should be able to forget the trip and have all that data removed and not applied to my driving history. Drivewise hasn’t recorded a trip in 4 days even though my permissions are all on and says it’s okay. Since the update, Face ID to log in doesn’t work and it takes 3 tries before I’m even able to log in. The app is just slow and inefficient. Not sure if this is Allstate’s way to not have to pay out so much since they did COVID relief or if the developers really just don’t test the updates before releasing, but fix this. This is terrible and ruining the savings.Version: 15.0.2

Unreliable informationThis app is horrible!! I have gotten phone activity because my phone is in my cup holder while driving, I stop and it moves and the app says phone activity. Also got phone activity when using my phone after car is parked. Trip should end when car is parked. And don’t get me started on the braking!! I’ve got hard braking in my driveway! Also sometimes I’m hard braking to avoid some of these idiots on the road from running into me! These apps act as if you’re the only one on the road driving, driving is interactive, sometimes you have to react to what’s going on around you at no fault of your own. Bottom line the app needs some serious tweaking and updating!!! UPDATE: It registers phone activity even if I’m just sitting in my driveway talking on the phone! I pull in my driveway, park my car and make a phone call before going in house. End said phone call pull in garage and it says phone activity at end of trip and shows it was while I was in my driveway! Or if I pull out my garage and get a call before I hit the road, take the call in my driveway, end call and start driving. It says phone activity at beginning of my trip and shows it’s when I’m in my driveway. Just because I’m in my car and it’s running and I’m on the phone doesn’t mean I’m driving smh!.Version: 16.8

Change of terms of useI used this app for years. It was very good. Until a few months ago Allstate decided that to use the App I am forced to accept Drivewise. I have been a customer of Allstate and one agency since 1978. That is 42 years. My home insurance has also been through the same agency. I am told that I have the cheapest rates available so basically I don’t need Drivewise. If I am a passenger in an automobile and the driver doesn’t obey speed limits or excelerates to fast and breaks at the last moment it will be logged against my driving. I also signed up for emergency road services. Allstate discontinued the app and I have to call. The first time I tried to use it the app showed that my policy was not active due to lack of payment which was wrong. The second time my wife needed he car towed to a service department. After an hour she the towing company and they received the call but did not dispatch it. It was another hour before the tow truck arrived. What if my wife had been on the side of an interstate for 2 hours. Last year Allstate sent me a link to a company to update the drivers of my vehicle. The site had an invalid security certificate. I refused to use the site. My agent had to my information. In my opinion Allstate is no longer the good hands people. I am in the process of finding another company after 42 years..Version: 15.3.1

Drivewise Provides Inaccurate DataI have been using this APP for almost a year. Drivewise continuously show me speeding on the Florida Turnpike over 80 miles per hour when I am always in cruise control at 65 mph - the posted speed limit. It also show me hard braking on a traffic free Turnpike. These issues have been reported continuously to their tech dept with no resolution in sight. I communicate my dissatisfaction to tech support and they agree that I was not hard braking or speeding, but they do not know the cause. I don’t trust Drivewise at all! In fact I hate it because of all the errors! Update - I. continue to have major problems with Drivewise showing I was speeding on a certain portion of the Florida Turnpike along with hard braking in both north and south lanes. Additionally, it erroneously record hard braking on artery streets that have no traffic. The updated APP (V15.9.2) did not correct this continuing erroneous reporting of braking and speeding. I am 76 years old and honestly cannot remember the last time I drove over 70 mph, let alone 80 mph. This APP is awful, especially when I depend upon it providing accurate information about my driving habits in order to receive discounts and cash rewards!.Version: 15.9.2

Bad tracking systemIt keeps logging my bicycle rides as drives. When I try to correct this it freezes up and takes forever. Since I bike 5-6 times per week and only drive 1-2 times this is really annoying. They should be able to tell that when I am on bike paths and never go above 25 mph and average 15-17 mph that is clearly not a car. I see the developer response and that does not change my response - is he actually encouraging me to use my phone while biking to stop recording trip? And is he saying I should put my phone in standby mode? Or the App? I don’t see a standby mode on the app and if I put it in my phone how would I record my ride on my fitness app? Lastly two weeks later and the App is still broken!!! When I go to review my trips (so I can adjust past ones to correctly note I was on my bicycle) I get the spinning wheel and no action. At least the app will pull up now though I can’t count on it - print your insurance cards people because you cannot rely on AllStates tech abilities if you need proof of insurance..Version: 16.7.1

Was Fine…Now is Pretty PoorUp until one of the more recent updates in the past few weeks, this app had been working fine for me for years. Now it’s pretty awful. Another user reviewed the app on 9/2 and said the same thing I’m about to say, which confirms that the issues aren’t just isolated to me. I have most up to date app AND iOS version, so don’t bother asking that question. DriveWise is pretty much unmanageable now. I just got finished trying 5 different times to either note I was a passenger or to remove a trip, and the trips just keep coming back or saying I was the driver. This is particularly bad because I may use my phone as passenger, or the driver I’m with may suddenly brake. That’s not my fault and I shouldn’t be hit for it. But with this atrocious new app version, Allstate is trying to stick me with the bill for actions I didn’t take. Very unhappy since last update…and if you’re gonna try to defraud me and say I did something I didn’t do, then I’ll gladly look for another insurer..Version: 16.7.1

This app is terrible.I have used this app for two years and I keep hoping there will be an update that actually improves it, but it’s just absolutely awful. Let me just say, I have an iPhone XS Max, and my phone is up to date. The app is SLOW and freezes continuously, and always has, and the interface is cluttered and messy, and is in no way easy to navigate nor user-friendly. I want to be able to actually see my payment schedule, my balance, my due dates etc without having to spend 20 minutes digging through a bunch of garbage about identity protection addition (something that is a total waste of money for what allstate does in the event of identity theft) and drivewise points fo entering drawings. I want to be able to access my account quickly and easily, like I can with several other apps that allow for a quick and smooth experience. Please get this app together - the frustration is enough to make me consider “quitting” Allstate altogether!.Version: 16.2

Lots of potential, could use some improvementI downloaded this app so that I could participate in the Allstate drive wise program. And the app enables you to view your insurance ID cards, request roadside assistance and several other things. But the main reason I have this app is for trying to reduce my insurance premium based on my safe driving. I’ve been participating in this app for just 3 days now and I’ve already had to dispute/remove 2 different “extreme braking events”. When I view the GPS route of the trip to review the “extreme braking event” I’ve noticed that the route has me zigzagging off the road randomly. So of course that’s going to trigger an extreme braking event! I don’t know if the GPS data tracking is an issue with the app or with the iPhone XS GPS. But either way, the app should have a feature that recognizes anomalies in the GPS data and push a notification or pop up that asks you “is this trip summary accurate?” Instead of just accusing you of being an erratic driver and reducing your chance for a discount. So for now, you have to review all of your trip summaries and dispute/remove the trips with inaccurate GPS data. Sort of annoying..Version: 14.0

Everything is useful but have issues with drivewiseI don’t like to really do app reviews but the Allstate app has a consistent issue with drivewise that I felt I needed to do a review. First off, I really like the Allstate app. I think it is really helpful for keeping track of your policies and payments. However, I use drivewise and it can be very annoying to deal with. When I am a passenger for a car ride I need to state on drivewise that I was not driving so that it does not count towards my insurance discount. My issue with drivewise is that it will almost never save that I put a trip as a passenger trip. I have to go back multiple times throughout the week to change it back to passenger or to see if it saved the trip as a passenger trip. If this issue was fixed this app would be 5 stars. But, since it is a consistent issue that has continued to not be fixed I have to give it 3 stars..Version: 16.8

AVOID ALLSTATEI’m doing my part to let as many people as I can know that Allstate is incapable of doing the most minuscule tasks. Someone with Allstate came into my lane and hit my vehicle. I filed a claim and it took almost a month for the adjuster to send me a check saying, “I don’t know why I have been sitting on this so long, it was clearly an open and close claim” I found out over a year later that Allstate marked the accident as my fault which raised my insurance with my company and went to my Lexis Nexis consumer report causing me to be unable to get a better quote if I wanted to. I contacted Allstate to fix the error and it’s been 2 months with the same words being said, “We will fix the error and contact Lexis Nexis”. I filed a BBB claim, stating that I want the error removed and I want the overages that I paid to my insurance because of their error returned to me. They sent me a generic reply saying once again that they will contact Lexis Nexis and they do not give monetary pay. “Sorry for the inconvenience”. This has been more than an inconvenience, this has cost me time and money from the second that person hit my vehicle. Being paid back the money that they caused me to over pay is not a monetary gain, it is refunding me money they caused me to spend. The error still hasn’t been corrected. Is someone ever causes damage to your vehicle, cross your fingers that they do not have Allstate..Version: 16.4.2

Troubleshot...My agent informed me almost immediately after I had my first issues with Drivewise that I would always have problems with Drivewise which in turn would not allow me and my wife to utilize these perks because I had an iPhone. I have officially been directed by technical support to delete my application in order to reinstall it and that would correct Drivewise from consistently deactivating my account. Technical support also informed me that I would need to fix my wife’s profile. For some reason my number made it on her profile? Our profile’s cannot share ANY of the same information i.e. phone numbers or emails [which they were not set up with any shared info]. That was supposed to stop Drivewise from always making me reactivate my account. After my phone session just yesterday with technical support, re downloaded my application for the fourth time, reactivating my account for the tenth time, I was falsely clocked by Drivewise with speeds above 80 three times with two extreme breakings and an additional hard break in the same drive????????????????????????????????? I understand technology is grand, however, after reading these reviews on this application I now know that thinking I will be able to participate successfully in this opportunity is nil and void until AllState can get on the same page and honestly offer technical support to fix these issues. #Dissappointed..Version: 11.8.0

Notifications Impossible to FindGenerally, this app is OK. Since I don’t get into accidents very often, my primary use for the app is to pay my monthly bill. I am able to access the bill payments from the main screen after I log in. However, there is a LOT of clutter within the app in general, including pop-ups for recommended features (like DriveWise) in which I really am not interested. The biggest issue I have, though, is the notifications. The app icon (iOS) will show a red number indicating that I have messages or something. When I log into the app, however, there are no obvious notifications, no “notification center”, no red numbers IN the app to help the user navigate to the information that Allstate felt important enough to catch my attention. It really is rather annoying, so the app gets 3 out of five stars..Version: 16.2

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