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Back with Don Rose at AllstateIt’s good to be back, Don had always helped me when I was with him a few years ago but I left for cheaper insurance and I got not so good customer service especially with claims! Both companies all they cared about was saving money at my expense but with Don Rose I got excellent claims service and he involved himself every time,he would walk me through the claims service to make sure it was handled properly! And always what was best for me! And this App is great I can do everything from it and not bother my agent and the office staff unless I have a question I need answered! Now that I’m back I’m not going anywhere! Allstate set me up with the best coverage I needed for a great price! Switch to Allstate and choose the gold package you will love it! By the way I even got a letter when my coverage started stating my policy decreased by 55 dollars how about that!!!! Get smart Get Gold!!!.Version: 13.2

Service unavailable almost every dayI started using this app last week. Since then I’m always getting service unavailable whenever I try to login to check my driving feedbacks. The first it happened I called the app support and she said I need to delete the app and reinstall it. This is because I mentioned that I was able to login on my desktop but not using my iPhone. So she solved my problem. However when I checked the trips they were gone, meaning I had lost the points for good driving. Today for the 3rd time it happened again. I just did the same delete and reinstall process without calling support. And of course the trips are all gone and I’m missing the reward points again. I think this a bug that needs to be fixed right away. Otherwise it’s pointless to have the app running in the background (and draining the phone’s battery without getting any reward points..Version: 13.0

Extremely SatisfiedOnce you get the hang of the app it’s fairly easy to navigate. I love it. It’s very convenient and nicely organized. The insurance is fairly affordable and I was able to save big on my renters plus car insurance. Using drive wise, I’m able to get cash back and earn trust while doing so which is amazing for me. I love being able to have insurance I can work on building trust with and rewards. I’ll never use another insurance company again due to not being able to work on my progress with others like I can with Allstate. I am extremely satisfied with the way they have the accident alerts as well. I have children whom are mostly with me all the time so feeling safe and not alone is a win win for me. Thanks Allstate for being here for my family..Version: 15.8

Excellent Customer ServiceHi,Mrs. Wilson. I’m so excited to have insurance with Allstate. Thanks to you’re excellent customer service, I locked in my quote immediately. You were patience, professional, and very knowledgeable of the company and different insurance details. It’s very evident you love your job. This is my first time having, Allstate Insurance. I have been inquiring about different coverages insurance companies offer previously. However do to my health, I stopped looking and asking different representatives. If your car was three years old, and older you didn’t qualify for gap insurance with most companies. I found everything I needed with Allstate Insurance. Mrs. Wilson thanks for caring about the customers needs, and going beyond the extra mile to make the customers satisfied. I have told family and friends about your excellent customer service and Allstate Insurance..Version: 17.0.1

Worst AgentMy NEW agent (John) took over several years ago and I have yet to speak with him. I’ve had to call the office several times over the past few years but he is never around. I had an issue this past week and needed road side service, I never got the road side service as the person that I spoke with Christopher Moss was extremely rude. I called my agents office which says it closes at 6pm (and it was 4:45pm) and as of today he has never called me back. I will be switching agents and also have my daughter and her husband switching agents as well. Several of my friends that had Willis McKinney (before he retired and this man took over) has since left this agent John or left Allstate all together. They all agreed he is not a people person, unable to reach him, and unhappy with her services..Version: 13.7

Help with app pleaseThe discounts and features on the app have been great until about 3 weeks ago. My wife and myself both have iPhones and both are doing the same thing now. I keep getting a message that the app is turning off mid trip and I’ve done nothing to it. Battery is full. All software updates are current. One message says trip was ended when app was turned off. N my trips aren’t starting until 5 to 10 minutes into the trip. Also I can ride with both of my phones. And one will show a braking or speeding incident and the other shows no problem and the phones are sitting side by side in my vehicle. We have to use the app multiple times when we ride together so we can remove each other’s trips depending on who is driving. Also I have already uninstalled the app and reloaded it to make sure that wasn’t the issue. Please look into this problem. Thank you..Version: 12.0.0

Love AllstateI just signed up with Allstate Agee months ago! I had been with Geico for 29 years! While we were in the Air Force it was the least expensive insurance around! I hate to say this but I feel that we are becoming numb to important things and only thinking about ourselves! My daughter is in the Air Force right now and I’m so proud! Geico lost us as customers because they stopped caring about the people & started caring about the money! Allstate has been amazing to us! Our Agent is friendly, checks in with us once in a while, if I ask for something it’s done, and after all that it is the least expensive insurance around! We need to stop complaining about the little things & look around! Get your head out of your phone, tablet, or computer and learn to communicate again!.Version: 12.7

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