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Utah Driver Practice Test App User Positive Comments 2023

Utah Driver Practice Test app received 2 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about utah driver practice test?

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I'm KING of the ROAD!!!Thanks so much for creating this awesome, simple little app! It was just another average weeknight, my wife and I were lying in bed discussing the day's events when the subject of driving arose and totally unprovoked, she took the opportunity (again) to mention how a poorly she rates my driving skills. Well, needless to say, that led to a little damaged pride and I said, "Look the best way to tell if someone's a good driver is to look at their track record." I meant nothing personal, nevertheless, she she got a bit tiffy... And looking back now, it's clear why: Her record has a few dings...and scrapes and broken glass, a light pole, ATM and other sundry items in it. (My own record consists of one nasty fender-bender when I was a wee lad of 17, more than 17 years ago). So, tempers flared, pride was injured, old wounds were torn open and we delved headlong into a heated 'little' debate about how jerky she thinks I drive, and I said I can't stand how she drives behind other people instead of just moving into her own lane and creating a safety cushion and an escape route like a good defensive driver (me). She then brought up my rare habit of crossing multiple lanes (while checking blind spots with blinkers ablaze) and driving 'all swervy' (pothole-dodging). Verbal push led to verbal shove and then it came to blows and a nasty scuffle ensued. "If only I had the Utah Drivers Handbook", I lamented, "I could exonerate my driving habits that she so detests. I could prove that while my habits may be annoying, at least I'm a safe driver." I lunged for my iPhone to settle this brouhaha once and for all. I pulled-up the App Store and searched... 'Utah Drivers Handbook'...Nothing!...Except for this dandy little app -and it was FREE!!! We both downloaded it to our phones and decided that whomever scored highest on the driving test would be crowned 'King of the Road' and the other would bow to their superiority and quit complaining about their annoying driving habits once and for all. Well, we tied...Or so I was led to believe. We agreed to love and accept each other just the way we were. Even though I thought for sure I'd beat her by a long-shot, I congratulated her on such a good score. Yet, she seemed pretty bothered for only missing two questions. We had tied, what was so bad about that? When I asked her what questions she missed, she said she couldn't remember and went to bed in a huff. "Well", I thought, "That's fishy. How could she have forgotten after just 1 minute?" Maybe, she was embarrassed to say. So, after she dozed-off I pulled-up this app on her phone to see if it showed somewhere what questions she missed. It doesn't. All it shows are the scores. And as it turns out, my wife was stretching the truth a bit when she told me we tied. She actually missed three questions as was clearly shown on the app. So, as it turns out, I actually won the title 'King of the Road' narrowly by 1 point with a total score of 87% or 13/15 correct. She scored 80% or 12/15 correct. And THAT is why my wife was all T-Oed. Just wait 'til she sees this review....Version: 1.01

Amazing!This app had all if the questions on the test I would've studied for, and I passed the first time because of this app. Thankyou!.Version: 0

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