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Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) Positive Reviews

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Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) App User Positive Comments 2022

Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) app received 189 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about jump desktop (rdp, vnc, fluid)?

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Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) for Positive User Reviews

Well worth the $$$$$$Yes this is an expensive app but it performs amazing. Great mouse pointer options also. I do wish it was about the half the cost. Microsoft, take note as this is now to make an iOS RDP app..Version: 6.1

Excellent! Highly recommended!I've used this app for a while now and would very highly recommend it for remote desktop access. Works great with Windows Remote Desktop, and their automatic VNC install works amazing for systems where you don't have RDP. 5 stars for sure!.Version: 6.2

Full keyboard and mouse support with iPad Pro & better than Microsoft’s RD Client!I paid for this hoping it would provide full keyboard and mouse support (when they are connected to your iPad of course) in a remote session and it absolutely delivers! It’s also very fast, fills the iPad Pro screen, and allowed me to import .RDP files for a fast setup. Yes, this is better than the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, if for no reason than the keyboard/mouse support. In the Microsoft RD Client, the keyboard is gimped and the mouse doesn’t behave exactly the way you want it to. This was worth every penny!.Version: 9.3.0

Best Remote Desktop appI use an iPad Pro for most everything. There is really only 1 app I need an PC for anymore. This makes very usable and handy even remotely..Version: 7.4.2

Keyboard (iPad Pro Smart Keyboard) stops workingHi, excellent app....but the keyboard stops working every now and then. The only way to get it to work again is to force close the app and re-open. Please can you take a look and fix. Thanks..Version: 9.5.11

The best Remote DesktopThe latest update has catapulted Jump to be the best Remote Desktop app. Just look at these features which you can't find in any other app- external monitor support, multiple windows, sound, and mouse support. There are many more features too long to list down. Very solid app. Carry your desktop with you always!.Version: 9.3.1

This is the best remote desktop appThis is the best remote desktop app I have used others make you pay subscription fees but this is just $15 for the app and you can use your Mac or pc anywhere in the world over 3G of wifi..Version: 4.0.5

You get what you pay forAnd this app is a great example. for 10 bucks, this absolutely blows the Microsoft client out of the water in appearance and usability. I love it so much that i even bought the Mac version as well. As an IT professional, i couldn't live with out these apps. 10/10 would recommend highly!.Version: 7.3.5

Must haveExcellent! I could not work with out it..Version: 6.2

Fantastic AppBeing able to manage my mac and pc from any location, all from aniPad mini - brilliant. Scrolling can be a bit sketchy sometimes, otherwise it's the most important app on my iPad..Version: 5.0.2

Indispensable ToolI’ve been using Jump Desktop for well over five years. It is one of my most indispensable tools for getting work done from any location - not only on my Mac, but also my iPad. If I could only choose 10 apps to have installed on my system, this would have to be one of them!.Version: 9.5.11

Great software that just worksI bought this to replace a free competitor that I used to control my PC over wifi. I was a bit hesitant about the price but having used it, it’s well worth paying for. It’s very easy to set up and after initial installation, it just works without any hassle. If you do need to change anything, there are plenty of options for screen size, input method, etc. Streaming quality is great even with a lot going on; good enough to play videos, games, etc..Version: 9.5.11

You have to get this piece of magic softwareOk I will be totally honest with you guys I purchased this software and there were some issues but there support was brilliant now jump start is by far the best remote software on the apple aps I just love the virtual mouse it works a dream. I have been looking at so many desktop applications all different prices and for the money it is a must have software if you need to have total access to your computer. I am even doing mothers head in when I am out I turn on the windows player remotely and she cannot workout how I did it!! I am running windows 7 home edition and it works great..Version: 0

Very useful appJump has been the best app I have found to access my desktop to present using the ipad with windows only programs. Never again shall I lug a heavy laptop on the road..Version: 5.0.2

Awesome app, life is so much easier with it.I'm an On-Site tech for multiple businesses and have been in the industry 10 years, I have tried multiple RDP apps and none compared to JUMP. I use it daily to have quick functional access to all my sites. It's a lot quicker on iPad 2/3 than 1. I now have multiple clients and other techs using it too. Everyone who has used it agrees with me that it's the most functional RDP app we've come across. I cannot recommend it highly enough, if your questioning is it worth it? In my honest opinion, 100% yes. The ability to manage everything from your iPad when you are out and about will save you time, money and from having to carry around your laptop. I now leave my laptop in the car and only use it when I need to recover data or test equipment. Have been using it for over a year, sorry for late review. Dan..Version: 4.0.7

FantasticGreat app. Use it all the time to talk to my basement server with iPad or phone when I'm at home or away..Version: 5.5.3

ExcellentReally usefull for me, works perfectly!.Version: 5.5.3

Fluid Connection has BAD windows animationOn my iPad, I am using Fluid connection but opening and closing any tabs are crazy slow. Most likely “windows animation” feature is slowing down fluidity . I can disable this “WINDOWS ANIMATION” feature in RDP but there is no such option in Fluid connection. I have latest version of Jump Desktop IOS 9.14.19 Hope you guys FIX this issue or Provide option to Toggling this feature On Or Off in next version.Version: 9.4.19

Full of win!This is a really useful app lacking only the capacity to be remotely installed, but don't let that put you off because the ability to use RDP & VNC in one app, with authentication through Google all combine to make this a really useful tool. The control interface is intuitive and fluid and the overall usability is excellent to the point where I wouldn't be without it. One thing that it does have a problem with is dragging - fair enough there's no mouse buttons - so you have to resort to keyboard tricks to get around this. But on the whole it's superb..Version: 4.0.7

Works very wellI use this regularly to not only connect to my home network while at work but also from home while in front of the tv. Easy, simple and responsive. You can zoom in quickly when there are some tiny details you need to work with..Version: 4.0.6

A good remote access appTwo reasons to buy this app 1. Good value for your money 2. Dead simple to use I haven't compared with other apps, but i have no reason to change apps. Speed up the app a little more and further polish UI and you have a five star app. Look forward to future upgrades!.Version: 0

Excellent RDP ClientI found JUMP to be the best Remote Desktop client for the iPad 4. It is very fast and offers different choices for the way gesturing works. I like to use a capacitive stylus so Pen mode works for me. I also have a Bluetooth keyboard but the in-built iPad keyboard works just fine as well. I use Remote Desktop within my house and can now access my PC while sitting in front of the TV. I tried a few other products before arriving at this one. Very very pleased with it!.Version: 5.0.2

IPad Pro + Magic Keyboard + Jump DesktopThe iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard + Jump Desktop is the holy grail. The iPad can do a lot of things, but sometimes there’s something I can only do well on my MacBook, such as programming. Now I can confidently leave my MacBook connected at home and just take my iPad Pro with me and not feel limited. The Magic Keyboard’s trackpad works like a native mouse! Although iPad swipe gestures take precedence over native swipe gestures, they have on-screen buttons for exposé, desktop switching, etc. One major downside preventing a 5-star rating is connecting to your mac via jump desktop will expose your mac’s screen to anyone who is in the same room as your mac. There is no indicator in-app that your mac’s screen is being exposed to the world. Using the Mac’s user account switcher there is a way to make the Mac go to the lock screen while keeping jump desktop connected via the iPad, but you have to remember to do this every time you connect. When you switch the Mac to the lock screen there is no indicator on the iPad that the Mac’s screen is locked while you’re using the Mac remotely — you just have to know it is..Version: 9.4.26

Superb RDP AppA revision that actually improves on the previous version. I thought that Jump could not be bettered, but they have done it. See my review of 16 May 2014, for more comments. I recommend anybody who has a need for remote control of their PC to buy this App. UPDATE: The onscreen keyboard has every function I need..Version: 7.4.6

It got better, didn't know it could!This is the most useful app on iOS ever, amazing support of protocols and now has the ability to task switch between desktop connections. Worth every penny of the price.Version: 9.4.26

Great away from officePerfect for when you on the move, not convenient for full time use due to screen size, but brilliant when you don't have direct access to your PC and need to do something.Version: 4.0.7

Brilliant!!Flawless. Works perfectly for my needs. Instead of rating this app one star, send these guys an email first!! I have, and they respond to your query. Keep up the good work guys! Thank you for this great app..Version: 4.0.5

Almost perfectI use RDP and VNC many hours a day for work. I previously was using PocketCloud and switched to Jump about a month ago. I prefer it to all others that I've tried - PocketCloud, iTap, iTeleport, RealVNC, Microsoft's RDP client, Mocha and others I can't remember. Pros: - fast - reliable - mouse interface - smart keyboard Cons: - can't manually reorder your connection list - it's always sorted alphabetically - no option to move toolbar to the bottom of the screen - can't use Dropbox, only iCloud. Very annoying for users of the non-MAS Mac version.Version: 6.0.2

Top notch productLove it. The measure of really great remote software is that it does what you want it to, when you need it to. I remember in the past having remote software fail for all kinds of reasons (yes, often user error, but not always) but Jump has always been there. Have used it for as long as I can remember and the developers are continually improving it..Version: 8.3.14

Easy remote desktopI tried the other RDP (remote desktop protocol) clients and none match the ease of use and logical design found in Jump Desktop. I remote into my home network via SilverShield SSH to control my Win7Pro box. Fast and secure!.Version: 5.5.3

Reliable. Consistent.This app is a true Apple app. It just works. No subscriptions. Bought the desk too version too. Fantastic. I'm no pro, but seem to have been voted the tech guy. This app saves me time and hassle..Version: 6.0.2

Best in Class - Cannot fault it.I purchased Jump Desktop years ago (before fluid desktop was a thing), and have never been disappointed with the performance or features of this app. The developers have added many features over the years that have increased productivity, and they have listened to their users. The initial cost may seem expensive, but it is well worth the value if you regularly need to access remote systems. Works well on iPad and iPhone..Version: 9.1.2

BrilliantI installed this half an hour ago, have already setup 4 RDP sessions to Windows servers that I support and it is brilliant! That's $4 per server and getting cheaper by the minute. I love the mouse control and have even turned off the circle because the precision is excellent. I have been using WinAdmin for a couple of years but decided to look around because their support was lacking and I had a few issues with mouse movement in RDP and black holes not refreshing when controls closed..Version: 4.0.5

I wish I had found this sooner!I have tried all sorts of remote control software, some free and some paid, and none have them have quite fit my needs until now. The ease of use and the natural feel of the user interface have wowed me. I honestly didn't even know that this app would also let me control my PC over the Internet. Talk about a happy surprise! Thank you for making my life a little bit easier..Version: 7.0.2

ExcellentThis product has proven to be a sensational addition to our professional consulting team whereby they are enabled to connect to our server environment via tablet devices from wherever in the world they might be. It is wonderfully simple to use and delivers us great workplace flexibility..Version: 5.0.2

AWSOMEI use this app primarily in my home to remote access my pc while my family are using the tv, and it's perfect! Easy to log in and set up and even easier to add addition computers to your access list. Works great with iPad, controls work well. Slight lag when videos are running on the screen but otherwise fine. Great app..Version: 4.0.7

PerfectFantastic app. I’ve used a few different remote control apps and this one is the best. Easy to set up, easy to use and with a great user interface. I have 2 office computers - an older XP machine as an email server and a Windows 10 machine for everything else. I connect via my iPad Pro and connections are fast and secure. I had one little question after installing and customer support responded in minutes! Outstanding. Thanks for a great app!.Version: 7.4.3

Best RDP for iOS by milesGot this a while back for my iMac loved it so put it on my MacBook and iPhone X IT Support is excellent too! Money well spent!!.Version: 9.4.26

Very useful, supports latest RDPI am very happy with "jump", it has surpassed my expectation. I have found it even made remoting from my iphone pretty usable. The little mouse thingy is really great and is an excellent substitute for a mouse (provided you are just doing minor tasks). I don't use any other remote desktop app on my ipad or iphone after getting jump..Version: 5.0.2

Well thought out and usable interfaceHave been using Microsoft’s own RDP app for awhile and thought it was good. But Jump is much better. There has been more thought out into how to control while on the iPad. Love the little circle under the cursor (you can also use a more traditional no cursor approach - there’s heaps to choose from) for added middle and right click ability. Having all the other MS keys on the keyboard is awesome as well! On top of that it has its own connection software for those who don’t have win10 pro - again a lot of options available on to connect, invites, logging in or sending a pin - awesome. The power does come at the cost of a little overwhelming interface - however for those who use remote connect often shouldn’t find much trouble- oh the one off fee is great too!.Version: 8.2.4

IncredibleI had given up on anything you can buy and not pay subscription monthly. I ended up getting this for 50% off which was a steal. I haven’t been using it long but so far it works great! It's fast, fluid is a great description because it is just that. I have not even used all of the features, there are many. It works on all platforms and across platforms. I ❤️ this app! It’s not often you come across a perfect app, this one is perfect. The devs already pushed out an update and I’ve not owned it a week. Great job Devs! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any other apps you might release. This is the best app of its kind, truly it is. I haven’t even used it with my Magic Mouse or iPad yet! Oh and did I mention it does sound as well! But it, it’s work 3 times they priced it at, much more than what I paid..Version: 9.4.19

Amazing RDP appAbsolutely amazing RDP application for iOS. Works flawlessly, and is the only RDP app to fully support hardware keyboards and mice..Version: 7.4.4

EfficientThis app does exactly what you want it to do for a Remote Desktop. Exceptional on both mobile and ipad. Highly recommend it!.Version: 6.2

A great app, works perfectly; but with a mouseThe quality of streaming is very clear but it’s hard to use well without a proper mouse. These mice are from $60- $180. It’s not entirely “Jumps” fault though. Apple doesn’t allow all mice configurations to connect via Bluetooth. Another problem is audio. I still can’t figure out how to change the audio output. It wont play from my iPad, but from it will from the computer I’m streaming from. The help forum didn’t specify how I change this either..Version: 8.3.14

Works greatWorks great.Version: 5.5.3

RecommendExcellent & easy to use.Version: 8.1.5

Just the JobJust the right program, I have one desk top with Windows 7 and a 2007 laptop with XP on it. It so nice that I can now use both by remote from my iPad (like using my IPad) it nice one can zoom on the screen to read & see what one is doing. Thank you for a grate App..Version: 5.5.3

Great app!Now I CAN leave my laptop behind! There is no hyperbole in this comment. I set up a VPN on my home network and complement it with Jump. I have installed it on my iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pro. I use it to connect to my desktop (Mac Mini) when I am away from home. I also use it from anywhere when I connect to my Ubuntu file, and network servers, and any one of my Ubuntu Virtual Box VMs. It is a proven winner for me using RDP, and VNC protocols. Since I have access to my home desktop, I can do my remote software development work without having to be stuck at home. The only downside is that I occasionally lose connections. This may be due to weak WiFi or when my OS goes to sleep, I don’t know. But it is super easy to re-establish the connection manually. I think I spent $10 in the App Store and is totally worth it. I compared with several RDP apps which are either free or for a fee (including the remote desktop from the software giant) before I committed to Jump. Jump is definitely the better value on all platforms..Version: 8.3.14

Killer App for the Big iPad ProThis really is THE most used app on my ipad. I have windows, Mac OS and iOS at my fingertips. Pair it with a Citrix mouse and an external keyboard and it makes the ipad the only device you need to carry around..Version: 7.3.5

Daily Productivity BoosterThis is my go-to Remote Desktop app and it’s become a critical part of my daily routine over the last several years. The app is well-maintained and very stable. I travel extensively, so Jump has truly allowed me be productive anywhere in the world. I do have one feature request: please make a Today View widget for iPadOS. I would love to be able to launch into a remote computer with one button push on my iPad home screen. Thanks for the great product!.Version: 9.4.16

JumpAs a software engineer I am always sensitive to the quality of software that I use that has been written by others. Jump impresses me as being one of the best-designed and best-functioning software products that I have begun using in many years. The design of its ability to create on my local device an interface to my desktop on a remote host is well thought out and excellently rendered. I have used it several times a week for many years to extend my connect time with my software development projects on remote hosts no matter where I am, be it in a restaurant, a customer waiting room, or anywhere, and it has always worked flawlessly. An easy five stars..Version: 7.4.6

Wow. Just what I was looking for.Recently made the switch to a 12.9 2018 iPad Pro. Found this tool, paired it with a SwiftPoint GT and now have the best of both worlds. The tool works seamlessly and has been absolutely bullet proof. I can connect to my main Mac Mini and the Virtual Machine (Win 10) I run in parallels. I think my MacBook will now be relegated to my musical endeavours. Highly recommended. The price is spot on. Well done..Version: 8.1.5

Yes! It’s works.After using several other remote apps with less than impressive results. I decided to spend some good money on this app. Can’t say enough good about it so far. I was immediately pleased with ease of set up and connecting to my work computer. I connect to my Lenovo work computer using either my MAC, IPad Pro or my IPhone. All work smoothly and the resolution is so much better. I can actually see the remote screen clearly. It’s also fast connecting and stays connected with very little latency. I use this often so it’s well worth the money. Go for it!.Version: 7.4.6

GuuuuudExactly as it sounds within 1 minute of dl. Freakishly easy. I just use it so i dont have to get out of bed to change stuff...Version: 4.0.5

Excellent appNo more not having the right doc, an exact replica of my PC loads at the touch of a button. Access to all docs and programs at fingertips and on the go. Now to make my server run as smoothly!.Version: 5.0.2

Best in class!This is without a doubt the best of the Remote Desktop APPs. From supporting the various OS’s ‘built in’ methods of remote connection to the included ‘Fluid Remote Desktop’ this app has you covered. The interface (and options) are second to none, performance is equal to the best of the alternatives. The automatic connection via Jump Desktop Connect is great, no need for VPN or custom gateway configuration. Keep up the good work! Two feature requests: 1) Add support for Apple Magic Trackpad (in addition to Swiftpoint & Citrix X1). 2) Add the ability to make multiple concurrent remote connections. A single connection is a real limitation in the iOS version compared to the macOS version..Version: 8.2.4

Good with occasional glitchesMostly this has been successful for my usage to control a MacBook Pro with BT kbd and Magic Mouse, but freezes on some desktop apps stops me awarding 5 stars, though it is possible the DT app is at fault. When using Apple BT keyboard the cmd and arrow keys frequently do not work. A quit of JD usually fixes the problem till next time. Hoping I can work out what is wrong (maybe Apple keyboard is too old) and will then update rating which in every other way is good..Version: 9.4.26

JumpFantastic, makes working on an iPad easy....Version: 5.5.3

Reliable and easy to set up and use.And now that they have a windows client as well to allow connections to my Mac and windows machine from my work it just gets better. Now if only I could drag files from the iPad and back that would be awesome, although probably a big ask. Well worth it without that feature..Version: 7.4.1

Great appI tried docs to go but my files were too big, I stumbled on this and it's awesome. I can access multiple. My work laptop during the day so I don't have to carry my laptop in and out of meetings. My home office PC. Even my mum's PC so I can troubleshoot for her remotely. Great App..Version: 4.0.7

Best bit of software on my iPadUse it daily, and it works brilliantly with the magic keyboard.Version: 9.6.8

Excellent interfaceI have tried most available RDP clients on the iPad and some come close to this - but this is really very good. The tools that it provides to work on the remote desktop are intuitive and smooth. Connectivity is rapid and solid over good connections and overall it works well. Worth noting that at the time of writing it does not support Windows 8, giving a black screen, but I read that a patch is being rolled out..Version: 4.0.7

GoodBut the windows app can not start on automaticallywhen you turn on the computer, you have to do it manually. I hope this app could turn on my computer remotely as well:).Version: 9.4.26

Great potential, lacking basic organizationThis app is far beyond the capabilities of its competitors. It’s amazingly smooth and just works well. Why is there no ability to group connections? As an IT professional who uses this consistently to manage customer environments, having the ability to group connections would make this app an easy 5 stars. Please consider!.Version: 7.4.4

OMG!!!As a retired software development manager, I find Apple apps are typically semi-vaporware that are NOT even worth free. I’ve been burned many times by apps written by amateurs who have either no Quality Control or piss-poor QA. So when I looked at the cost of Jump Desktop and all its extraordinary features and the cost, I thought, I’m going to get burned big-time, but I will give it a try anyway because it’s exactly what I need — IF it worked! Well Surprise, Surprise! I bought an excellent, well-written and designed app for pennies. The app is well worth more than $15!.Version: 7.4.4

I would be lost without this appIt makes it so easy to administer my windows servers for my iPhone and iPad. I probably shouldn't do so much work this way, but luckily this app exist and it just simply does it the best. I also use it to connect to my Mac. It works great doing that too. I have been using it for eight years now. Tried other apps but they just don't click..Version: 8.0.1

Jump Desktop saved my life as a college studentI use Jump Desktop all the time now that I’m living at my university, and it has proven to be invaluable to my situation. I bought an iPad because I fell in love with the Apple Pencil and could not go back to the Windows tablet world, as I never found them to be something I could just pick up and start drawing. However... as a CS major, I needed access to tools that are just not accessible on the iOS platform, and Jump Desktop has absolutely bridged that gap for me! Remote computing with Jump Desktop feels very close to natively running Windows on my iPad (especially with a bluetooth mouse), and with the addition of audio streaming, I have found it to be the absolute best remote desktop application, and a total lifesaver! Can’t send enough of my appreciation, thank you so much!.Version: 9.1.2

GreatBeen using it for years on both desktop and mobile, it’s fast and highly configurable and works with the X1 mouse. I had an issue connecting to my KVM, but support figured out the issue when I gave them access and told me how to get it working. Best VNC/RDP product on the App Store, and I own and have tried a lot of the others..Version: 9.4.8

All remote devs need thisI constantly switch work spaces. Whether I am at home, work, bus, or tech van, Jump Desktop has been a life saver. Easy install and easy to connect. It really can’t get any easier to connect..Version: 7.4.6

SuperbBrilliant Remote Desktop app. I spent several weeks reading about and trying different apps before finally deciding on this one and purchasing. That was now about two years ago and this is still serving me solidly! Feature wise it ticked all the boxes for me with rdp and vnc. I'd love to see ssh terminal added for my Linux server at home but I realise this isn't completely related to what this app does. No worries. Great app. Great experience. Keeps improving..Version: 6.0

Jump to it!From the intuitive, precise mouse controls, to the beautifully designed keyboard with a full PC keyboard implementation, this is a wonderful RDP/VNC client. Featuring a super fast and stable RDP implementation with NLA implemented along with an SSH tunnelling capability for the tin-foil-hat wearers amongst us (yep, I have mine on now), you can't go wrong with this product. Jump Desktop manages to run well over even a poor 3G connection, succeeding where others that I've tried cannot, and is memory efficient enough for me to be running a massive 3840x1080 virtual screen... I've used this on iPhone and IPad with equal success (that mouse control on a small screen is paramount to its success). Regular updates over the years I've owned Jump Desktop have seen it continue from strength to strength - you can't go wrong with this client. Highly recommended!.Version: 6.1

Fantastic & very fastThis app works very well. Connection & response are extremely fast. If you need to access your PC remotely, look no further..Version: 5.5.3

Great softwareOne of the best applications and apps I’ve come across - it just WORKS! Does exactly what it says on the box.... really it’s that simple. Superb..Version: 9.5.8

Works fine for meI leave my laptop on and just take my iPad when I travel. My only difficulty is duplicating some multi key functions like CTL-alt-e to clear a cell in Excel, or how to duplicate the ability to use a mouse to copy a paragraph or sentence in MS WORD, or a series of cells in Excel. It may and is just a training issue on my part. Bottom line it works great for me..Version: 8.3.14

Love JUMPWhat an awesome remote screen control solution. I’ve used this app on my iPhone and iPad for five plus years. It is so reliable and convenient. I am amazed with the ability to control TWO different systems from this app. Really cool. I’m hoping this feature can be extended to allow for connecting to FOUR remotes systems. Primary use is for a Trainer working remotely to monitor four Trainee systems. Thanks for an awesome app!.Version: 9.4.16

The best cross platform RDP/SSH client goingIf you need quick and reliable access to systems through RDP or SSH, Jump Desktop is perfect. And if you aren't always tethered to your desk, being able to have Jump Desktop on you iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC means you have flexibility. My only wish is for better grouping or folder support on IOS; and to have my connections sync between devices to ease connection and password management..Version: 5.5.3

Excellent Remote Desktop appOne thing I like about this is it supports my local Dvorak keyboard on the remote computer. If only it could wait to remote computer from sleep!.Version: 5.0.2

A+++I do not write reviews often, but after spending all day looking for a safe way to control my MacBook from iPhone I finally tried this. This software is much better than anything else I tried. Encryption paired with a stellar interface , this is some very well written software, and for $15 it’s a deal. Congrats, job well done!.Version: 9.4.26

Just works so well.Consistently works well. Even on poor connections. Very fast to connect. Desktop connector apps for mac and pc are amazing. So so impressed..Version: 7.3.5

Best Remote DesktopI've tried both Jump Desktop and Logmein. Jump Desktop provides a much more intuitive interface that makes JD easy to use. JD is very reliable and stable and works without a hitch. It is one of the key apps that extends the functionality of my iPad into the desktop world. Love it. Highly recommend it. 5 years on, still a go to app for me and the best remote desktop. Beats Microsoft Parallels too and without the monthly cost..Version: 7.3.5

Best RDP app, almost perfectDoesn't mess up the layout on a remote computer if it has multiple displays. Fairly simple to get going as well as intuitive but still has lots of features. Could only be improved if it had the scan for hosts feature that you can then launch instead of plugging in all the info for a shortcut. But usage feels great and well worth the money if you need this type of app often..Version: 7.0.2

Still the best rdp appA joy to use. Updated regularly, great support. developers listen to user feedback..Version: 6.0.2

Great app use it ever dayGreat app.Version: 6.1

High DistinctionIt the best in the market. From set up to usability, it has no competitor. I was skeptical with all the five stars rating. But having take the risk to buy it, I now know that all the rating is true. Excellent application, Keep up the good work. Sol.Version: 4.0.6

Works wellIf you have to remote in from your ipad it works better than the rest..Version: 5.5.3

BESTSimply the best, try it you'll ask yourself how you did without it before..Version: 6.2.1

5/5This app is so great. It lets my iPad become a laptop as I connect to my office server for work. Best app I have in iOS..Version: 5.5.3

Newbie to ipad2, works well but I'm struggling with mouse control!I like this and it works well to connect to home pc when I'm away. I am a new ipad2 user and I cannot fathom how to right click which I find frustrating and I also cannot attach anything in google mail from my documents. I appreciate this may be my inexperience but I like a WYSIWYG approach and I think I'll now have to spend time researching how to do this, which for a £10+ app I'd like to just get on with it!.Version: 4.0.7

The bestI never write reviews but this app is so amazing it deserves one. I use it on iPad Pro to connect via RDP to Windows servers. Much better than windows RDP app because modifier keys work! Also works with Linux and Mac, but RDP protocol is absolutely stunning! I programmed keyboard macros using autohotkey to get a nice Apple Pencil workflow. One feature I’d like to request is an option to hide the shortcut bar obstructing the start menu bar when displaying the floating keyboard on ipad. Good stuff..Version: 9.5.11

Excellent!I've been using Jump Desktop for working remotely while on Christmas vacation for several years and have never had a single problem with it - it's fantastic!.Version: 6.2

Compelled to write reviewI'm not a big review writing person but thought this product warranted one. I wanted something to be able to view the main desktop mac for aperture and save and email images. I saw this app and read the reviews and decided it would be worth a go, despite initially being put off by the high price -we all know how many duff apps there are out there!! This, however, is not one of them. It is brilliant, possibly faultless. You set it up in 2 mins with a google mail I'd, and your mac password or pc equivalent. The apps controls are touch screen and spot on, although I haven't figured out how to drag items? One of the massive advantages I've found with this app is i can set my ipads to wifi sync in iTunes, log onto my mac through this app, and sync items. This means I have instant access to my whole iTunes library where ever I am, which makes iCloud and iTunes match subscription irrelevant. Great app. Brilliant, buy it. I use it everyday..Version: 4.0.5

A highly usable Remote Desktop clientThis app has been invaluable as I fractured my shoulder and can only use my left hand and cannot sit in front of the computer to use my desktop apps. I have tried other RDP clients and they are either fiddly to use or can't handle functions such us Ctrl-click. Obviously nothing can match a big monitor, keyboard and mouse for efficiency but with Jump Desktop I can use the Windows apps properly, albei with a little patience. Not the cheapest app but well worth the money..Version: 6.2

Meilleur remote desktopNothing beats this app. Simplement la meilleure app pour contrôler un ordi à distance..Version: 5.5.3

Love it!!!Use it everyday ... Awesome App!.Version: 6.1

Mouse/Trackpad usage update is amazingThis update to include native mouse and trackpad usage is fantastic. RDP/VNC via Jump is now first class on an iPad..Version: 9.4.16

Great App / Mouse Support iPadOSI love this application. It works great! BUT.... it doesn’t work with the new Assistive Touch mouse support in the just released iPadOS 13.1. I have been waiting for iPadOS to be released for this function alone. I want to use my normal Logitech M535 mouse which works perfectly on iPadOS with Jump Desktop. I try to connect the physical mouse in there app and it doesn’t find anything,. Please tell me you are bringing Assistive Touch mouse support to Jump Desktop. Thank you. Mike.Version: 8.3.14

PerfectWith the latest release this has become an essential tool. The presentation on the iPad Pro 12.9 is ideal coupled with the Magic Keyboard it changes the game. With just about everything that I need day to day available as iPad apps, development still needs my MacBook Pro. An now I can do everything on my iPad, makes my life simpler (and lighter)..Version: 9.4.26

Best one out thereI’ve used almost every remote desktop tool for iOS out there and this one is the best, no contest. Multiple ways to connect to hosts, plenty of control customization, not enough latency to matter, audio streaming to the connected device, resizes resolution to match connected device (my favorite feature), saves multiple connections, easy setup, automatic reconnect when multitasking, gesture navigation, and best of all you can get it all for a ONE TIME FEE and as of the time of writing this review that fee is cut in half. Get it while you can, but even if you don’t spring on the half off, it’s still worth the full price and I would pay it again in a heartbeat..Version: 9.2.6

Great ApThis would have to be the only ap I have ever kept, best ap ever..Version: 7.4.6

Best Remote Desktop App!!!This app has been a very valuable tool for my work as a Clinical Application Analyst and I have completely depend on this to remote in to my desktop at work when I am on call and do not have to log in to our server and use VPN for this. I used to always have to bring my work laptop at home when I am on call. Now I leave it at work and use my iPad instead. One time I was called during my nephew's birthday party which was in our city zoo! All I have is my IPhone and all I need is quick access to an app in my desktop and I was able to use my freaking phone to do what I needed to do. That is so awesome! I love you Jump desktop! I even used jump desktop during a presentation because I used my iPad. My CQO saw me using my iPad and ask how she can do that as well as so she can use her iPad Pro. I told her about Jump desktop and now she's using this too and loving it!!! You rock Jump desktop! Do you work overseas?.Version: 7.3.5

Love it!Particularly like the ability to access things like flash, complex excel spreadsheets etc that can't be viewed on iPad via my iMac desktop from anywhere. This has saved allot of time by not needing to re-engineer spreadsheets or find work arounds to remain productive. Already used tech support who were responsive and most helpful. Most importantly the app does everything it claims, I've found it well worth the spend..Version: 4.0.7

Love Jump Desktop, but having keyboard problemsI love Jump. The touch interface is really well done (better than, for example, VNC Viewer’s “mouse” mode). This last release, amongst other things, fixed two minor (yet incredibly frustrating) keyboard issues, namely opt+cmd+q for macOS users and the right shift key on iPad smartcover keypad. Thanks for listening. Nice update, guys!.Version: 9.1.2

Great appGreat app for connecting to servers and workstations. The keyboard inputs and options enables me to work from anywhere. I just wish it supported gateway services so I did not need another app..Version: 5.0.2

ExcellentFantastic!!! I use this app to gain access to my ip devices because the iPhone apps that were designed for those devices don't work. And you can have flash on the iPhone too. Well worth the price..Version: 5.5.3

A great sensibly priced product - been using for years on Mac and WindowsI have been using this software for a number of years now , it works flawlessly on both Mac and Windows Servers and Clients . IT keeps getting updates and the Support when I needed it was quick and effective .... A great product and a great price.Version: 9.5.11

Full functioning RDP to rule them all..This is the best RDP program on the iPad bar none. The latest update allows both my mouse and trackpad right clicks to work. They provide a very handy keyboard shortcut list for the Function keys to work and the mapping for CTRL and ALT are mapped to the Control and CMD keys for ease of use for Windows users making it simple to use. Additionally, this RDP, unlike other RDP apps is full resolution corner to corner support. I no longer have to take my laptop home from work, I can use this on my iPad. This is a must have. Microsoft RDP has now been uninstalled..Version: 9.4.26

The only RDP app that does it allI have been looking for an app which supports keyboard and mouse devices on iPad os 13.4 but works over RDP rather than VNC like the others. This is perfect! It supports 32bit colour too so I can use it for editing photos from my iPad!! The interface is easy to use and doesn’t get in the way at all!! Battery consumption is also really great. Use it for a couple of hours on my 2019 iPad Pro and the battery went down just 20%!! Great work to the devs of this app! Keep it up!.Version: 9.4.16

Impressed. Reliable. Fast.I switched. I love this app. Very fast. Very easy to use. Very fast screen draws. Very easy to setup. Very easy to launch each time. Just the right price. No regrets. New star on the block. I wish I had switched sooner..Version: 6.2.1

Simply FantasticSince finding this app we are now recommending this to all of our clients for RDP. Love the lock screen feature and the removal of the mouse pointer. Looking forward to seeing what else the developers have in store for and we are also going to make an enquiry with them about developing an RDP app for our software..Version: 4.0.7

The best Remote Desktop Software ever usedIt’s better than be in the front of the computer. Has better controls than windows desktop. The zoom is amazing and the option to use Apple Pencil ad better accuracy to the selection of items. At this time I not use a mouse yet but I have plans to buy it. I prefer to wait until iOS 13 to buy a more cost effective mouse option..Version: 8.3.14

Always ThereThe Jump App is always available easy to use and powerful..Version: 7.3.5

Best RDP appThis app is always reliable, it's never failed me whilst connecting remotely. I didn't think it was possible to improve this app, however in their most recent updates they've added something called Fluid. I have no idea how Fluid works (their proprietary remote algorithms), but it's incredible. It's much better than Microsoft's own RDP. It's so fast over wifi that it's as if your running Windows natively, even at a high resolution. Setup on Windows is trivial, I assume similarly easy on Mac OS. I've never had the tedious hours googling solutions and playing with settings (as with many other solutions), it just works. The app is simply flawless, I can't recommend it highly enough. I use this app both for business and home, it is perfect for both. It makes quick work of spreadsheets even over cellular..Version: 7.0.2

Hooray for remote keyboard shortcuts!I took a chance on this because the official MS Remote Desktop client doesn't support keyboard shortcuts (at least not with my Gen 1 iPad Pro 9.7" smart keyboard) on the remote PC. To copy, I'd have to tap an on-screen "control" key, then the "C" key on the physical keyboard. Drove me nuts, and made it harder to get work done on my iPad. Jump Desktop to the rescue! Looking forward to trying out VNC support for my Mac and considering buying one of the supported mice, but seriously just being able to fully use a keyboard on the remote machine again was worth the price. Thanks!.Version: 8.2.4

A Gem of an APPI use this App a lot and it's just fantastic. So simple to set up and easy to use. Makes my working life so much easier. Yes I have emails etc to my mobile & tablet as usual, but it's great to be able to log-in to the main computer and work remotely as if you at the office, whilst anywhere in the world ( I travel a lot on business). Thanks for a great product. A Five Star rating is not enough!.Version: 5.5.3

Superb !Easy to use and connects even when the Microsoft RDC app doesn’t. And can use a mouse on it as well..Version: 8.1.5

Better than ScreensI am using this app to connect to a Raspberry Pi 4 running the Astroberry distribution of Raspbian Buster via the Pi’s built in WiFi hotspot. It works great. I was using VNC viewer first but found its control scheme wanting, so I tried Screens but Screens suffered from terrible visual lag (it took multiple seconds to refresh the screen at times, which I found utterly bizarre). I really wanted keyboard and mouse control so I tried Jump and I’m happy to say that Jump has none of those problems and let’s me use a physical keyboard and mouse, which is awesome..Version: 9.4.26

Best RDP and VNC app availableI've tried many remote desktop And VNC applications. All have had some good features, Jump Desktop however has it all. The transparent keyboard is truly a blessing and this along with its many other useful features makes it in my opinion the best. One small improvement if the creators are reading this would be to have the ability to set the machine name reported by the rdp session. As in our company we use this to identify the user's rights and department..Version: 5.0.2

The best remote desktop appThis is the best remote desktop I have ever used for my iPad. I can connect to my Mac, XP, and Vista PC's with ease. Setup was simple and it just works. I need access to various servers whilst I am on the road, and to be able to do that via my iPad is fantastic..Version: 4.0.6

The bestI mean it. The best..Version: 6.2

Connects Desktop to Mac Perfectly!By far the best version of this kind of app I have ever used. I have a MacBook Air and a desktop I use for work things. Jump connects the MacBook seamlessly to the desktop and re-sizes. If you are old school like me and use the keyboard for excel, you will love this interface. On your Mac keyboard, just hit fn with the function keys at the top and/or hit the alt/option key when you need alt. It even works great on your iPhone!.Version: 9.4.26

Finally Touch ID supportThis is the best RDP app out there hands down..Version: 7.1

Paperspace VM on IPad Proband iPhoneWorks great as as IPad / iPhone Client for the PaperSpace Cloud running business applications. To set up on Paperspace, Just Add a public IP to your VM, get your machine Windows Server user/password using C:paperspace-password-tool then enter IP, user and password into the app and you are good to go. Works well in both Windows 10 Desktop and Tablet more. Tested it running QuickBooks desktop on the VM and it work surprisingly well iPad Pro version of the App..Version: 8.3.14

Newest update adds everything I wanted with a mouse.Before version 9.4.16, mouse support was functional, but lacking all mouse functions. I was able to point, click, and right click with long press. Now, everything works in every app. I remote into my windows pc to use 3D printer slicers and right clicking now allows all range of motion as if I was right in front of it. Scroll wheel works, 3 dimension manipulation works, right click works without long press. Finally!.Version: 9.4.16

Full mouse and trackpad support puts Jump over the top!I can honestly say that I have tried just about every Remote Desktop app out there. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. Without a doubt, Jump desktop ticks all of the boxers for me and now with the recent addition of trackpad and mouse support, it takes it to another level. Throw in the stellar tech support and you have a five star app which will save you many hours and increase your productivity....Version: 9.4.16

Brilliant but could still get better!For me, one of the best things about this app is the mouse support. It’s fantastic to use with an iPad. What I would love next, especially with the usb-c port on the new iPad Pro, is full external monitor support. I was rather disappointed when plugging a second screen in that the device simply mirrored the screen, and I couldn’t even lock my iPad and still use a mouse! I really hope having two monitors is something set to be implemented in the future, it would change the way I could use my iPad..Version: 8.2.4

Best RDP Server/ClientOne of the best RDP software. User interface is great at the client side and runs smooth. Works great on IOS and other platforms. Great work developers..Version: 9.5.11

TopsWell worth the money 110% tops - works well. Value for money.Version: 7.1.2

The Best Remote Desktop App by farI tried a lot of other remote desktop apps before this one because I thought it was on the expensive side. However all the others have had various problems and I ended up paying for Jump. I haven't regretted it since I did as it is almost perfect. The only criticism I do have is I would love to see Wake On LAN included rather than having a separate app but that's not a major deal..Version: 4.0.5

The best remote application I have used.The best, it just works. I've tested as many apps I as I could and Jump stood far above the others with ease of use and it's operation. Best interface and the most easiest to use. Other apps can be a pain to use, Jump has a great UI that doesn't frustrate me. Highly recommended..Version: 5.5.3

Very stable and easy to use!!!I've come to depend on Jump as a Remote Desktop app. I find myself using it all of the time. Phase 5, you've made a great product!!!.Version: 6.0.2

Well worth itThis App does everything it promises and has resolved my issues on remote connection to my windows environment at work. Worth its weight in gold. I previously had issue connecting and having dual monitors on a remote session to work. Jump is seamless..Version: 8.0.1

Remarkable AppI absolutely love this app! I have just installed this on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Windows PC’s and am learning its true power!!! A++++.Version: 8.3.14

Surprisingly Robust App!So, I ran out the office one day and I forgot to file a document electronically. When I got home, I didn’t feel like going back to the office, so I downloaded this app. To be honest, I thought I was getting fleeced for almost $15. However, the intuitive interface, comprehensive keyboard functions and instructional video made my task almost as easy as if I was at the office (but saved me a drive back to the office). I did what I needed to do reclined on my couch in comfy slippers. The app is worth every penny..Version: 7.4.6

Best value for moneyI use this program whenever I am on a business trip and it works just fine. I tried other programs but they were too slow, this program connects quickly and never slows down. Sure it costs more than most others but you get what you pay for..Version: 6.1

The best RDP/VNC tool on the app storeThis is by far the best remote app on the store. I use it together with VPN on my iPad 2 to access my home pc when away and to access all servers and computers at the office. The keyboard is fantastic, giving you function keys, CTRL key and so on. An absolute joy to use and worth the money. Don't waste your money on the other cheaper apps, they're not worth it. Another excellent feature is the ability to stream music etc from my home PC via RDP over my wifi network..Version: 4.0.5

PerfectTried a couple of RDP apps as was about to give up but decided to give this one ago instead. Very glad I did. It works really well and let's you do complicated keyboard events easily (this is the only I found that supported CTRL + SHIFT + cursor keys) Everything works as advertised, plus you can set the resolution to 1024 x 724 which leaves enough space at the top for Jumps menu bar.Version: 0

Best RDP AppNow that the app supports trackpad and other generic mice this application allows me to use my IPP as a laptop replacement. I am able to RDP into my Windows 10 machine and do my development work. The only thing left is for Apple to offer support for extended desktop and multiple monitor support and I’ll never need to buy another laptop or desktop again..Version: 9.4.16

One of my most recommended appsWhen I think of teams that have put in the work you guys are one of the first ones that come up. I jumped all in with iOS and i am a IT manager by trade. Your app is the best remote application out there period. I am blown away by all the updates you guys do and how well you think out things. Your implementation of how a mouse works is still nicer the iOS 13 implementation. I will continue to be a fanboy and shout from the roof tops loving that fluid now supports audio well done again team well done..Version: 9.1.2

Excellent appI really wanted to run an ubuntu computer on my iPad so I can leave my laptop behind. For example, using firefox with xmarks and lastpass and use libre office to edit documents on the go. I tried lots of apps to VPN into my ubuntu desktop and none of them really worked for me. I wanted something that would be secure over SSH without installing special software, would let me work on my own ubuntu installation, that would be fast, would have good mouse control, and would work with a bluetooth keyboard over 3G. This is the only app of the five I tried that worked fully for me. I'd like to see the mouse control work by using the touchscreen like a trackpad (as with Always On PC, which was also an excellent app but I prefer having access to my own computer rather than trusting ones based in Bulgaria). Other than that, it is perfect..Version: 5.0.1

New version freezesSince updated to new version, it freezes as soon as open. I rebooted phone, close all other App but it freezes 100% every time. Avoid this version and wait till next update..Version: 7.3

PerfectVery good app - solid, reliable. have been using it for a while and have never had any problems. Highly recommended!.Version: 4.0.6

Amazong app for 3d artistI use maya primaraly and this is the app. Right click, middle click works!!! Even the alt key. This apps is great overall, there’s not even lags.Version: 9.5.9

Absolutely brilliant!Can’t fault this app. It’s extremely professionally done. I use it to connect to servers, PCs and Macs remotely and it’s flawless! Using a pencil on my iPad is precise enough to click accurately on small items on the remote screen. It’s by far and away the best remote access tool for the iPad..Version: 8.2.4

A very useful programmeParticularly if you are doing remote work & wish to access data from your server. Needs some getting used to, but works well most of the times..Version: 4.0.7

Look no further...This is the BEST app to access your Mac from an iOS device. I’ve tried many apps, and this is the best one. Very easy to set up, and a stable connection. The last app I tried was Screens, and this is much better. For one, you can hear your remote computer’s audio in your iPad (which you can’t do on Screens), and Jump has a full screen, unlike Screens, where to take advantage of your iPad screen, you have to enter into Zoom mode, which can be cumbersome to move apps around afterward. In conclusion, this is the one to buy if you’re looking to access your computer remotely. Period..Version: 9.5.11

AwesomeI bought this app because we run a piece of software on our terminal server that needs the F1 through to F11 keys and also the ESC key. This is the only app I could find that has a really good work around for the function and ESC keys. Well done guys - Awesome app!.Version: 4.0.7

Love it, but....I love this app a lot. It’s nearly perfect expect it has one problem. I use my iPad Pro with the Apple keyboard and when I want to type anything in capital letters it would not go back to small letters. It is very annoying and I cant find a way to fix it. My iPad is on iOS 11.1.2. I use this app mostly for school and I do a lot of typing so Please please fix it ASAP..Version: 7.4.4

Amazing PC to iPad Pro connectivity!I have tried a few remote desktop apps, but they just weren't cutting it. They either struggled with the screen landscape, had shocking lag, or wanted huge amounts of money to enable even the most basic features. JUMP HAS IT ALL! I’m so impressed, it doesn’t have any problem with adjusting the screen size, it has WoL as standard and from an iPad Pro 12” perspective, it feels like a native app! Good work JUMP team, absolutely love it!.Version: 9.6.8

Only remote access app you'll needGreat app for connecting to laptop or desktop computers remotely from iOS, effectively enabling touch gestures on non-touch devices. Bonus is the desktop viewer app that can use RDP or VNC to connect to other devices running Jump Desktop Connect..Version: 7.1

ExcellentI've tried about 7 or 8 different remote desktop apps on my phone, and this one has to be my favorite. The price is a little high ($14.99), but there aren't any monthly fees like most of the others. 5 stars!.Version: 5.5.3

Holy Moly!I've looked around everywhere for an RDP app for iPad that does what I want. This is it! Over LAN or the internet, no problems whatsoever. It works perfectly with my bluetooth keyboard as well. I have two screens on my computer, and both of these show as one really wide screen through VNC, which is absolutely awesome. This is well worth the money, and will get used SO much at university next year. THANK YOU to the developers. You delivered exactly what you promised. I sure am a happy customer. :).Version: 5.5.3

A RevolutionThis is awesome, my new IPad Pro is the only travelling bit of kit I need with my Iphone and just one charger too..Version: 7.4.6

Very usefulThis has proven to be an excellent product for allowing mobile users to connect to business RDS servers from anywhere with stable internet. For those who don’t want to carry a laptop but still need access to their familiar Windows environment with all business data and fully-functional Office applications they can do so from their iPad pro using the standard Apple keyboard and either a “Pencil” or a Citrix X1 mouse. The experience is the same as when they are sitting at their desk..Version: 8.3.14

The Best I've FoundI am a physician who uses this app to access my windows-based EHR software on my iPad. I have tried several other apps, but have always found the speed or functions to be lacking. Jump desktop has been outstanding in this regard and has allowed be to ditch my PC and use my iPad exclusively..Version: 7.4.6

Great Update!I already loved Jump but after the latest update it is even better! The sharpness of the graphics has improved and the keyboard layout is much more convenient. All good!.Version: 5.0.1

Top appThis is most certainly the best remote desktop so far great for leaving your office and going to meetings and controlling your PC from the meeting without anyone else in the office seeing what you are doing it locks your PC down its also the most responsive as well and believe me I have tried almost every one the only thing I hope they develop is a way you can log in to your PC at work out of hours when your PC is off the only app I have come across so far is Citrix that can do that it would be good if this company could further develop this app to do something the same their back up is also very good an quick at getting back to you with a problem " well worth the money and the 5 stars ".Version: 4.0.6

Best I have tried so farAfter reading all of the positive reviews I thought I'd give this a go and was not disappointed. It's by far the best remote experience I have tried so far. The interface is easy to use. There doesn't seem to be very much lag at all when using it unlike other remoting software I have tried. Using the mouse to highlight words is very easy. Also you can swap between apps on your iPad with out having to reconnect which is a great bonus as it means you can answer a email or use a chat program and go straight back to using your pc, which I haven't been able to do with other apps of this kind. Works well with a bluetooth keyboard. Over all well worth the money..Version: 5.0.2

Pure Gold!For me this is easily the most valuable app in the entire store. Rock solid..Version: 7.4.5

Great application, has never failed me.This is the ideal app to use when you need to remote control both Mac and windows computers over the network. I use both protocols over both local LANs and VPN connections and have found it to be very stable. It works great with multitasking as well, keeping the session open while you check other apps, when you return to Jump, you return to the same place you left. Love your work, keep it up..Version: 4.0.3

PerfectEasy to use and works perfectly.Version: 5.0.2

Works right awayFirst I thought I wasted money because no options like tunneling were shown. When setting up anyhow and editing I found everything immediately. Would be great to have an additional option to connect just by ssh while still using the jumpserver option but that‘s not what was promised and I could just set up a VNC on the other devices.Version: 9.5.9

The best hands downI have been an iOS user for around 6 years and this is the first review I have felt the need to post. This is hands down the most useful and productive app I have ever had and by far the best RDP VNC application I have used on any platform. I have been using this app for work purposes in an engineering environment in both iPad and iPhone. Must buy.Version: 7.1.2

AwesomeIt was basically a flawless amazing app until I started using VPN. Now Google keeps restricting access even though I've loosened the settings on my email account..Version: 7.0

Must HaveJump Desktop is a must have software, I typically don’t leave reviews for Apps or software. However, I have been using Jump for a few years now, and it is great. I use it to remote into about 50 various computers and servers. The Fluid protocol is great, especially for small businesses that do not have a VPN set up. This is by far the best app that I have on my iPad..Version: 9.4.16

WOWWOW. Great app. It really seems like they thought of everything. Seamless and very easy to set up. Contrary to what some reviews tell you, it is very functional without a dedicated iPad mouse. Audio works too (although it’s a bit distorted. I haven’t messed with settings). Worth it for sure, especially considering the price of some of the competition..Version: 9.5.11

Easy winI use this app to connect to a Pc running XP. Compared to the Microsoft app this is way better. Hardly any lag for me any on slow WiFi. The amount of options to interact with the remote computer from a touch screen is incredible. Plus slide over and split screen both work perfectly. I couldn’t be happier, well worth the price. The functionality of this app is perfect for me. The only things i would like to see are totally cosmetic and both are only on the screen where to select what pc to connect to. 1) I’d like the ability to nickname computers. For example name a computer work or personal 2) The ability to use a jpeg image or picture as the icon for the remote computer. For example using my company logo to identify my work computer. These are nitpicks for sure and dont take away the fact that this app is amazing..Version: 8.3.14

Great for workI use this app to provide on call escalation. I can now use this on an iPad and access my virtual machine from anywhere. It so great as now I have no need to lug a laptop about. Everything works well, keyboard, mouse and accessing RDP or VNC work without issues. The only addition I'd like to see is some sort of in app 2 finger scrolling which other remote desktop apps have. Other than that it's great..Version: 4.0.7

ExcellentWorks very well. I use it all the time for business access. On WiFi it is like having Windows on your iPad - a little slower on 3G but still very useable. Running MYOB remotely on my desktop PC through Jump (on 3G) is faster and easier than their online version - beats paying their high monthly sub. (I tried it side by side with my brother accessing MYOB online - left him behind easily) We also use the desktop versions in the office for consistency - all works smoothly..Version: 6.0.2

Killer appFantastic app. The fact it supports the Citrix X1 mouse makes my iPad a genuine laptop killer. I now leave my work and personal laptops at home and simply connect via Jump on iOS and use like a normal computer. A lot less weight to carry around and great functionality..Version: 7.4.4

Seriously usefulRDP mode essentially turns your ipad into a Surface tablet with all the touch gesture support. Constantly updated. Great piece of software..Version: 9.4.8

JumpAside from the mouse which still needs a bit of work, Jump is quite good. It is fast and reliable. The mouse is still a little problematic, but given the limitations of not having the option to attach a mouse to the ipad, the method used is the best that can be done..Version: 5.0.2

Thanks for adding the magic keyboard trackpad supportWas looking for something that could do this.Version: 9.5.11

Surprised how smooth it worksHave been using another app (RDP by Hana mobile) for years and was fine but this is so much smoother and the interface is intuitive. I should have bought this before but the price held me back. Don't often write reviews but wanted to for this. I have only used the RDP part of this app at the moment though. It has become my new default app for work RDP..Version: 6.2

ExcellentWorks perfectly. iPad Pro 2018 and new Apple Pencil. Perfect remote for PCs. Couldn’t ask for more..Version: 8.2.4

Super duper!!!I don’t write reviews much but this one is worth writing for! Used to have iTeleport and since that app is no longer supported I’m looking for an alternative. Jump is amazing. The control and shift keys work as they should when using my iPad keyboard- iTeleport did not. Mouse control options are great! Securing with FaceID gives me peace of mind if my device is stolen. I can easily import and export for free using my iCloud account. Love this app!.Version: 8.3.14

The Version 9 Update Changes Everything!With the introduction of multiple windows and spaces of Jump Desktop, I am able to run several RDP sessions at the same time, even side by side and switch between them seamlessly. This is new in iPadOS 13 and version 9 update of Jump Desktop - this changes everything. I feel like I can truly ditch my MacBook and use my iPad Pro 12.9 for everything. Also, previously when running remote session and minimising it for a bit, it would disconnect, with this update update however, the sessions stay active in the background and you now even get live previews when in icon mode view of Jump Desktop. My life is complete, thank you to the developers for this amazing work and continuously updating your app. It puts other competitors to shame! Highly recommend, worth the price, especially with these new fantastic features..Version: 9.1.2

Great RDP!I use this RDP app everyday it was well worth the initial price. It's reliable, has great options for resolutions! I love connecting with high res 2400 x 1600 for my iPad Retina. I also have the Microsoft RDP which is okay, but I can't adjust resolution in it, so I still use JUMP. 5 stars for quality and functionality..Version: 6.2.1

Support resolution for iPhone XS MAX?The new fluid update with matching resolution is excellent. Helps when I move from my iPad to iPhone. But any plans to support the iPhone XS MAX screen resolution? Quite a bit of wasted space right now on the top and bottom....Version: 8.3.14

Excellent except I can’t figure how to get helpI can’t close email pop up notifications —I hit delete/or click on “x” to close the window. The circle turns blue but nothing happens. The only way I can close the window is by restarting my computer. It’s annoying. Other than this I would give this app a 5.Version: 7.4.4

Finally an RDP app that supports Mac and Windows!!I bought this app 5plus years ago and it only supported Windows. It’s by far is the fastest app to connect to remotely even better/faster than Microsoft’s built in client. Now I for something to connect my Mac remotely and I ended up circling back to this app. The RDP sessions with Mac is really some and has hardly any lag time. Another thing I noticed was the ability to switch between multiple desktops on my Mac which was awesome because even the Apple Remote Desktop can’t change multiple desktops so I am super excited about that function being incorporated into this app. The developer really didn’t an awesome job by add the Mac to the equation and that feature alone. This is definitely my All-in-One app for remote access to all the Windows and Mac systems..Version: 8.2.4

Love the pen input optionOnly RDP program that intuitively works the way you think it should... Three options for input... But the best is "pen" which is similar to trackpad in mac osx - where press and hold works as right click, and hold and swipe to select and double tap to left click.Version: 4.0.6

Great. Easy to use even for a techno phobe!!Hubby set it up and I use it. Perfect. Simple. One less frustration. Thank you..Version: 4.0.7

Not quite thereGood app, interface is well designed and supports both RDP and VNC. However, missing wake on LAN, would be great if this feature is added..Version: 7.3.5

Must have for any IT proI like to go places and work remotely on my servers at home. With Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client support for the Smart Keyboard was pretty dismal and limited what i could do. Right as i was considering breaking down and buying a laptop that I wouldn’t have much of a use for i found this amazing app. I can now seamlessly work with Remote Desktop as if i was on a laptop. I can now remotely control my kvm setup that required xming and an ssh client to tunnel virt-manager and work on my servers that way. Working with this app feels like it may take some getting used to compared to Microsoft’s version but it gets the job done better overall.Version: 7.4.6

Pretty goodDoes what it claims. Obviously there is a little bit of lag but that’s normal for rdp. Hope they keep improving it :).Version: 9.5.11

Great AppWith my iPad, Apple Pen, and a keyboard, I can login to my work computer flawlessly. Better than my laptop. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t have to go into the office or have to lug my laptop around. I can’t say enough great things about this app. Every day I find something else it can do. I run two screens at work...NO PROBLEM. Love Love Love this app..Version: 8.1.5

Smooth, easy to useI've been using Jump for several years after our IT guy suggested it (XP and W7). Works perfectly if you have an encrypted internal network that you can remote access from a home laptop via secure VPN. Jump allows me to access full functionality on the home laptop, which means my internal work desktop. The Jump interface allows me to do anything on my mobile that I would do at home or work. No 'sent from my iPhone' tags, just full outlook email and internal shared drive access..Version: 7.2.1

Effective and straightforward to useAfter trying several RDP clients, I have settled on Jump for its effectiveness and ease of use. It's the best I have found thus far, but not without quirks. Some of the gestures (e.g. double finger swipe to scroll in the opposite direction on the host) are anything but intuitive, and I wish more thought was given to this. That said, it gets the job done pretty well..Version: 7.0.2

Amazing appI am using this with AWS Workspaces. It is better than either the MS RDP Client or even Amazon’s official client. tl;dr: buy this! It’s great. Full native 12.9” resolution, external keyboard support, multitouch, screen personalization. These are the things I can do now, that no other app had allowed me so far: - On an Bluetooth keyboard, use the Command key as the Windows key. Combinations work as well: Win+E for Windows Explorer, Win+D to show the desktop, W+R to run commands. - Also on BT keyboard, use all other keys natively: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Function, etc., and combinations. No need for onscreen keys or anything. It has macros for some other keys, like Home, PgUp, etc. - No need to install a streamer or server app on the computer. It uses RDP and VNC. It does have a streamer, but it’s optional. - Use native multitouch Windows interface, while keeping extensive external keyboard support. - No anual fees or hidden costs. I haven’t tried using the Swiftpoint mouse yet, but I just ordered it. They even give you a $50 discount code. I’ll update the review when I have tried it..Version: 7.4.4

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Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) Positive Reviews

Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere. Jump Desktop is a remote desktop application that lets you securely connect to ...