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Good app but continually crashes after 11.2 iPad updateApp has worked well in the past but after the iPad 11.2 system update it now continually crashes and requires a restart to resolve ... before it does it again. Additionally I’d also like to see an option to have PDF files, where they’re sectioned in sections/subsections in bookmarks, to allow them to be fully expanded on opening rather than requiring me to find the section, then expand, find next sub-section, expand, etc (particularly annoying with looking up legislation and having to go through heading/sub-headings to find a section under an Act). If these were sorted it would clearly be 5 stars - well ahead of Good Reader!.Version: 6.2.8

RDVirtualfilesystemerrordomian 1??Cant open any files and this error comes up when I try download.Version: 7.0.2

Serious Search Function IssueI’m using version 7.0.2 on an iPad air2 running OS 13.2. The search function is critical for me. I search hundreds of documents at a time for key words then copy and past paragraphs containing those key words into a Pages file. Once the search has been performed, if you stay within Documents it will hold the search results. The moment you leave Documents to go to Pages and then return to Documents the search data is gone and the search has to be performed again. Effectively, I can no longer use Documents for searching, ever so unfortunately. There are also multiple other smaller annoying bugs to deal with. My advice, re-release the last version 6...... before version 7.0 and work out the bugs before putting out a product that is not up to the usual Documents high standards..Version: 7.0.2

Newest UpdateI really liked this app because I could play and download music really easily. But one day when I went to play my music I found out that I had to unlock my phone every time I wanted to play the next song. And now I can’t even download anymore music. This new update has ruined my liking towards this app and is now causing me great annoyance. Please sort this out or even revert it back to before the update. Many other people are having the same problems as me and would greatly appreciate it if you could sort it out. Thank you..Version: 7.0.3

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!! SCAM WARNING!!!!!!!!I am a long time explorer of documents (this app) I do a lot of changing like mov to mp4 but over time I realized I wanted to use mod for Minecraft (I’m 12) so I used documents changed it to Mc pack and..... bingo it worked. But a update came along and I decided to update the app. I load in because I need to do pdf editing and boom. It hit me. 50 dollars a year just for a simple pdf and .file editor wow. This app has just baited and switched us they wanted to make us pay money to use a small editor. Kids have small Standards but this is unreasonable people have things to pay for I can just use google docs for free. And on top of that I clicked the x on the top left and it said starting subscription... done! Like why? It billed 50$ then I clicked cancel and it taxed another 50$ and said after the next payment it would cancel but oh guess what it never canceled! So I contacted apple and they said it was canceled. So they have been taxing us! So my mom cancel her credit card. And the app said unable to pay. And the costumer service hung up. So DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT IS A SCAM!!!.Version: 7.2.2

Used to be goodFor a while now I have been trying to download some clips but only being successful 1% of the time due to all of these scam websites and virus-looking stuff popping up..Version: 6.7.1

BrokenI've spent a few hours trying to get this to work. Dropbox sync is broken and it doens't help that the app doesn't tell you what is going on during sync apart from a spinner. Manually copying stuff over using iTunes is just not practice. And the app is not very friendly as a file viewer, requiring far to many taps to do anything useful. The search function is also broken because it arbitrarily disregards some characters, meaning you get a bunch of results you don't want. I don't know who this is designed for, I really don't see the use-case because it doesn't do any of what it claims to in a real world scenario..Version: 6.4

New update legit sucksSo firstly when I had the app I useED this it to listen to music and watch videos offline but the update ruined everything. First of all the music doesn’t play automatically anymore and Whenever I download something it says “open in another app” and.Version: 7.0.3

Very good on iOS, Mac unless you can afford a new one…Rating the M1 version for a Mac here, because I can’t install on a Mac one step down from receiving Big Sur. I wonder What took so long getting it to the Mac? Quite disappointing and I see the potential of the iOS version loosing out soon enough with updates as it upgrades to keep up with the new Mac hardware platform. Linux on old iPads, guess shells.com is the way to go..Version: 7.8.0

Unable to create file after the recent updateHi, I am unable to create the files with in documents app, after the recent update..Version: 7.0.2

Be careful privacy breachRight after downloading the app I noticed all my files from my phone were downloaded onto the app without asking for permission. All my bank statements and work documents in their database . DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.Version: 7.1.3

It used to be good.I remember back when it was simple, you could easily download things, but now I have only a small chance of managing to download something, because most of the time I’m getting taken to websites I don’t want! (Example, it would take you to one of those “Free sex” “Free money” “Jackpot” etc.) please make it simple again, this is just annoying to deal with..Version: 6.5.2

Problem in playing musicSometimes it gives a problem like when i use to open a app it use to opens but music doesn’t plays sometimes i am sorry to say that I can’t understand what the such problem is this occurring on my iPhone..Version: 6.5

What happened?Was the by far the best document manager app. But once IOS 11 hit my phones and iPads the app just broke. I’ve contacted the support they tell me to do the same thing, restart your device and then reinstall the app. Which I have done many times. The app will work fine for about a week then I will begin having problems. A white screen, stuck on the documents icon. I know this isn’t just an issue on the beta version or just my phone because it works fine on my older iPhones (6s plus) but won’t work on my new iPhone X or my iPhone 7 Plus ( the phone with important things on it)..Version: 6.2.8

AdsAt first using the app was simple and I enjoyed it but now I am constantly getting ads. Very frustrating please fix.Version: 6.5.1.

Bloody useless - no star - don’t bother!Bloody useless and a waste of time putting in work to annotate or make notes in a pdf document on ipad - only to have them not transfer via email or iCloud Drive and then have the notes lost when opening up the document in the app! There you go - that is a honest review - not the BS FAKE REVIEWS THAT ARE SHOWING UP! Do not bother wasting your time with this app if you are going to be doing a lot of work and time writing notes only for them to be lost, or the very least, for the risk of them being lost and not a reliably safe functioning app. The designers of this needs their head red! At that is exercising restraint!.Version: 6.9.1

Great, but annoying advertisement with update.I use this app for all my PDF files. I have an extensive library of manuals and this is great for searching, annotating, and bookmarking. I would consider it a five-star app if not for the issue below: However, after the last update, every time I open the thumbnail view of my PDFs, an advertisement to pay $90 a year for enhanced functionality appears. If I close the ad, select a page, and select thumbnail view again, the ad comes right back again. This is extremely annoying and reduces the functionality of the app that I’ve already paid for. I do not want the enhanced features and should not have to deal with this aggravation because I elect to not purchase a subscription. If this problem is not corrected I will be switching to another app for using my PDF library..Version: 7.5.6

New update sucksOk so i use to use this app to download music and this morning when i tried to play some music it said that it wouldn’t work or something so i deleted the app and reinstalled and when i tried to download music it wouldnt work when i click on the file like it says i need to go to another app.Version: 7.0.1

Cannot Permanently Delete DataI have used the Documents app for some time now, but just recently became aware of the fact that I cannot permanently delete data I have removed from the app via the in app deletion tools. I have done the initial deletion, and then the secondary “permanent” deletion, but the data itself still remains somewhere in the iPad. Here is an example of what I mean. Recently I needed more space on my iPad. I checked how much storage the Documents app was taking up, noting the total being used was 6.98 gigs. After deleting several hundred megs worth of files (using the two step deletion process), I checked the storage situation again. The total storage being used by the app had increased to 7.05 gigs. (I also previously removed the Documents folder from the iOS Files app.) In short, I am being robbed of storage by the app. I don’t appreciate being robbed. Of course I could try and fully delete the app and see if that would solve my woes, but why should I have to? Why does the two step delete function not actually delete the files I want to delete? Uninstalling and reinstalling would mean I would have to move all my information back over and reorganize it as well. Why should I have to do that instead of simply being able to delete my files permanently?.Version: 6.5

Disappearing Text Boxes!I’m having an issue where what I typed in a text box has disappeared when I open the PDF file later on. This issue needs to be addressed. This is a dealbreaker for me as the app can’t be trusted for doing any work!.Version: 7.7.2

Airplay IssueMost things are working great on this app, except for one major issue. AirPlay. Every time I try to airplay photos or videos from this app I see black bars around all 4 sides of the image. I tried changing my tv aspect ratio and that didn’t do anything. If I copy the files to VLC player then airplay, the image appears fine, but the copying takes time due my files being on the cloud. If you could fix this issue, allowing the airplay image to appear normal this would make the app 5 starts for me. Thanks..Version: 6.8.3

Takes up over 15 GB??I’ve been using this app for a year or two, and when I wanted to free up some space on my phone, I looked and saw that the app takes up 15 GB OF SPACE, depsite only having around 1-3 GB of files in the app. That’s more than my giant photos app of 10 GB! So either: A) It’s downloading all my photos again (I would have no idea why). I don’t think this is right, as deleting photos in the app deletes them also in the photos app. B) What the top review posted, which is the files aren’t deleting from the device. This makes sense, as I’ve had some fairly large files in the past. That’s a huge bummer because the rest of the app is pretty darn great and useful! Redownloading is just inconvenient and annoying, why is it cached or something?? Is it a data collection thing where they’re collecting user file data to “””improve the app””” (or sell to advertisers)? I have no idea, but the point is that this app unnecessarily hogs space on my phone (about 1/3 of the 64GB storage), and that’s not good. It might start out seeming small and harmless, but you’ll probably rack up a few GB over time, leading to a massive amount of randomly consumed storage, seemingly for no reason. Please fix this, it’s not helpful in any way. Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Maybe I have a random 12 GB file somewhere (although I’ve thoroughly checked). I dunno. Anyone other than me and the top review have this issue?.Version: 6.5.1.

Is there a glitch?I noticed while reading th reviews that someone else has th same problem as me. Before th last few updates, it was fine but then all of a sudden it says that my download folder is empty but contains 27 items in it. If I search up something I downloaded, it will come up but I do think that it’s inconvenient when looking for a playlist and it isn’t in the download folder. Pls fix it ://.Version: 7.1.3

MistakeHow’s it, my mate had downloaded this app on my phone thinking it was free but he didn’t end up using it, so I deleted it not knowing that there was money going out of my account, today this app had taken $91 off of me and I’m asking yous if yous would give it back to me. I went through and stopped my subscription knowing i am not going to use this app ever again..Version: 7.8.3

What has happened here??Everything was going fine until about a month ago when I noticed that my download list (list that is on the browser part of the app, not the filing folders part of the app) mysteriously got wiped. But I still had all my files in the downloads folder. Then mysteriously about two weeks later, I find all my files in downloads are missing, saying the folder is empty (but also showing it contains 184 files or whatever, before I go into it). So I go into downloads folder, it says it’s empty. That’s one thing. Then about a day later I try look again, and it still says that but actually escapes me back into the main menu instead of halting in the empty folder. I can’t change this. I can still download new things but only access them from the browser list of downloads, and not move them. All my files that got moved into new folders I created are still there. What the heck is this??.Version: 6.9.1

OverratedI think this app is overrated. First, it is unfair to call it “Finder for iOS” as some people did as it does not give access to the file structure of an iOS device. In fact, having used it for a couple of hours I failed to see how it materially differs from the iOS’ built-in Files app. I suspect, Documents made sense before Apple introduced Files, but after that it had become obsolete. Second, it is buggy - files transfer between MacOS and iOS is temperamental. Clicking “Upload the file” lets you select the file for uploading, and then nothing happens. “Details” section shows the file to be uploaded, but it is just sitting there… Only files, not folders can be uploaded. True, the app is visually pleasing and free of clutter, but I honestly do not get why it is getting such raving reviews. Uninstalled it after a couple of hours of playing with..Version: 6.7.1

GoodMissing background audio playing capability.Version: 7.2.2

Update Sucks :/This app used to be great; I could download pretty much any video/song I wanted plus watch/listen to it offline. But since the update, I’m unable to download anything. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do with this app because the only reason I downloaded it in the first place was because it actually allowed me to download things. I would recommend changing the app or at least adding back the same download function as before because I think that was the primary reason most people had this app..Version: 7.0.1

Great butI would pay for the extra features. But not an insane price. No matter how you try to justify how much value I’m going to get from a subscription, I am with a growing consensus who can not afford to pay subscription fees on almost everything these days. Sorry, I know adobe made it popular because they were a monopoly, but the backlash has already begun with them. 1) Give me a decent upgrade price for the premium features and I would consider it. 2) Mention the word ‘subscription’ and I switch off..Version: 7.0.1

It’s okThe app works well and lets me download mucus as well as play it and keep it organizined. However when I try downloading a song once my phone started to get infected with malware and a virus which is never a fun thing to encounter..Version: 7.8.0

Was the best, not anymore with 7I use this app everyday for PDF annotation with my apple pencil. Previously you could have 4 different pens saved with different colors, opacities, and thicknesses. Now you only get one and you have to manually change the settings every time you want to use a different color. The only way around this I can find is if you pay $50 a year to save different writing utensils in the favorites. I am extremely disappointed as I don't have the time to manually change the color and thickness every 30 seconds while I am switching back and forth for work. Also, before with the apple pencil, I could use the pencil once with one of the mark up tools and after that my finger would only scroll. Now each time I switch writing utensils, when I attempt to scroll with my finger, it writes instead of scrolling. Even when selecting the utensil with the pencil, it often requires me to select it several times before it will write. When switching between different lined pdf documents, the lines will often disappear and I will have to quit the app and restart it for the lines to come back. Used to be 5 stars, now down to 1 until they fix these issues. I am really disappointed, this was the most useful app and I loved everything about it, but this update has made me want to find a new app to replace this one..Version: 7.0.2

Not good enoughCan’t open zip file with password but if compressed to rar, it works (the same file the same password) also content is missing. open with other apps 129 files, with this app only extracted 128 files. can you add option for the browser to save video? also options to import images, to zip files with no compression at all..Version: 7.1.3

Was the best but unfortunately now flawed.It is difficult to rate this app without mixed feelings. Firstly it is by far the best ios file manager available, it links seamlessly with other Readdle apps, absolutely nothing else comes close to it. Except for them charging subscriptions for certain features over recent years, which I absolutely disagree with. I use Documents for everything; every day I create/manage and print lots of PDF documents and that’s where the problem lies... With one of the recent updates a few months ago to ios14 Documents contained a giant bug.. it completely stopped printing via apple AirPrint, instead using its own printer pro app, which unfortunately has not been updated for some time and can’t even print double sided which I need for most of my documents. I’ve mentioned this problem to Readdle support on a few occasions but nothing at all has been done, despite them adding extra features, they seem reluctant to fix this massive bug. Because it can’t print properly and because of the importance I place on this feature and Readdles lack of fixing the app I can only score Documents a maximum of 3 stars. If you don’t print things, then you will find no better file manager then Documents..Version: 7.7.1

,over rated reviewerThe poster claiming that Apple Files is superior to the ,overrated, Documents app clearly over rates his or her own critical faculties. Apple Files is as bad as ever for obstructing a user’s intentions and frustrating legitimate expectations. The straightforward simple task of creating a new folder is lunacy redefined; first you must find an existing folder and manipulate that, and tough luck if your Apple device is brand new with no folders on it. ZThe idiots responsible for the horrendous clunky Apple operating system should have been unemployable decades ago, yet still they’re around, their ridiculous work still being slavishly praised by those such as the reviewer who wants you to believe that Documents is not only over rated but obsolescent. One has to wonder where that reviewer gets his / her pay check from..Version: 6.9.6.

Is it just me?Lately when I’m listening to music on this app, after a song ends it just automatically skips like 3+ songs..Version: 7.6.1

Awful Documents update to 7Before the new update the app was working fine and perfect, now this dark mode crap lags the crap out of my iPhone XR and any videos I try downloading says the file can’t be opened, find another application. Honestly should revert this new update cause everything was working fine before this..Version: 7.0.1

Then it changed...It was perfect at first, played all my music, and now it won’t even let me download anything or play any of my files. The update changed my ability to do so..Version: 7.0.2

Can’t download music anymoreBefore the update, I had no problems downloading music. But now, it won’t let me. Please bring back the old documents where it was easy to use and simple. Please :|.Version: 7.0.2

I am irritated by one slight changeThe app used to be absolutely fantastic for file managing and such. Recently, I updated the app to gain access to some new features; I've been putting off installing the updates, due to the fact my fears might be realized (which they were). I'll just get straight to the point, because I want this fixed as soon as possible: I cannot download any jpgs/pngs directly to the app online anymore. I can only download them to my camera roll. I thought this might be a change in some sites I've been using for some time now, but not a single one works! I can only convert them into PDFs. I want there to be an option for BOTH. This is the biggest drawback to me, as I use this app almost exclusively for this purpose. I hope this issue is addressed soon, as this was a feature that I relied on heavily. This should not be something locked behind a subscription service (this is a basic function and should not be something I am charged for, the rest of the premium features I understand). Sincerely, Anna Kakomanolis.Version: 7.6.1

App updateI used to like this app for downloading MV’s.....but since the new update I can’t access any of my downloaded video anymore 😢I can’t find a good website to download from since my old one doesn’t work anymore TT.Version: 7.0.1

I mean-I used this app to download audio files that i need for school, but i can’t seem to download/open those files with the new update??.Version: 7.0.2

Just A Little IssueSo I’ve been using this app for a little over 2 years now and I really love it. I use it to download music and videos that I could watch and listen to offline. I’ve had problems with it before but it never became too difficult since I would always find a way to fix it but just recently, I’ve tried to download a song I have been listening to and it downloaded like I expected. I looked at the cover and it did not show a picture but it did show a file on it and when I clicked on it, it would tell me that it could not open and I would have to open it from another page. I do not know how to fix it and I would really love a solution since this is my really all time favorite app and it’s currently the only one available for me to use freely how I wanted..Version: 7.0.2

Broken??Can u fix the app almost every time I leave it it erases album covers for my music and I have to re add them every single time can you please fix this in a future update.Version: 7.7.2

The new update sucksThe new update ruined everything. When I open the app it's frozen I can't tap on anything, i miss the old documents.Version: 7.0.1

Download failEverything was working fine but not sure from past weeks can’t download anything and all the music downloaded is also not playing this was a good app but downloading all the songs back to apple music will take a long time.Version: 6.9.9

Download files issueI had an issue with the audio on my documents and so I decided to reinstall the app. But, unfortunately all my songs downloaded in the downloads folder are gone now and I have no idea how to get them back. Please help..Version: 7.0.0

Player list editing is brokenWhen songs are deleted from PLAYER tab list or rearranged there, they keep coming back and/or returning to their old positions. After several weeks of using app, I still cannot figure out a way to delete songs that would reliably delete them, which means that my player queue keeps growing, and all attempts to rearrange it in proper order are failing, too. This is extremely annoying - there are some songs that I had deleted dozens of times, and still they keep coming back as soon as something else is imported from browser download folder - even though these songs have been long deleted from that browser folder, too. And of course, it means that this player list keeps growing no matter what I do - I'm seriously thinking about using delete app and reinstall as the only way to clear it available to me, even though I'll have to recreate it from scratch after that..Version: 7.2.4

Music won’t play sometimesEver since the new update, sometimes i’d go into the app and press a song and it won’t play. then i try clicking other songs then they won’t work either. (its just show the paused button) the only way i can make it work again is if i put my phone off power and then back on. pls fix this..Version: 7.0.2

Fix updatWorked great until update doesn’t let you open new files or anything.Version: 7.0.2

In app purchase equals total scamThe in app purchase is a $69 yearly subscription! Installs like a virus on to all your machines. Has to be deleted from each machine and it isn’t clear when you are finished. This app has no business on the App Store - extremely low value relative to the outrages yearly subscription fee. And the sticky install... a total marketing rip what probably has a few execs giggling at just how clever they think they are. I will never try anything associated with this company again. Oh yes the Documents app blow chunks as an app!.Version: 7.2.1

I’ve had enough!I have used Documents for years. I also use Spark and PDF Expert… for years. But today I needed to access a file that I have saved as a favorite and needed now for a business meeting. The reason you save it as a favorite is so it immediately opens, without the need to download. However, after the last iOS update, the favorite area is devoid of files. So, a file I needed to access immediately, was not there–I navigated to where it is on the iCloud drive and attempted to access it, but was notified that it needs to be downloaded. Problem is, Documents was also trying to download every other file on the iCloud drive. I could not stop all the other files, nor reorder a queue, so I am stuck red-faced in my meeting, wholly unable to access the file. I have used numerous Readdle apps without a thought for many, many years. However, I was just royally screwed by Documents. The morale is that this app is unreliable in a business context: the moment you don’t even consider that it may be unreliable, it will screw you over..Version: 7.5.4

I was possibly being hackedI’ve had the app for a while and the truth o have been rarely using it I only used to to go on save form to download videos and as fo recently when I when put the link in it would show the thumbnail of the videos and then quickly just clear and show a whole long page of random suff(writing) so I knew it was weird but ignored it. But today it tried it again and then the same thing happened and I got a notification from Apple saying that “ suspicious activity was detected on you smartphone please contact” and i don’t know exactly because you got so scared I quickly when to my home screen and deleted the app. And for some reason I never got that with any another app and it gave it to me when I’m on this specific app! And was suspicious because there were tabs that were open that I never did an stuff were written than I never wrote it’s like I felt mine someone had control over my things!! Could be me but I don’t think so... so you should be careful..Version: 7.1.2

Worst updateI have been sticking with this app for 4 years to listen to music offline. suddenly, I can’t listen to my music (browser>YouTube convert>download) and it made music folders..Version: 7.0.1

I’m unsure about this appI’ve been using the mp3 converter for 2 years now and I just noticed today that I tried to convert something and I got this message on my phone that said my device was infected with a virus and I should take immediate action. I read up on this and apparently it could be a scam or something but it happened on the documents app so I don’t know..Version: 7.7.2

Remove VPNI purchased Documents for its document management function. I do not appreciate you all the sudden cramming an unrelated VPN service into this application. I run my own Wireguard VPN server and have no need nor would I ever use this function in the application. Something you may not have considered is that you are also doing your company disservice by embedding the VPN functionality into this application. Companies who have strict device management and security policies will now be unable to allow this application due to the inclusion of a VPN service. Allowing Documents onto a corporate iPadOS device now means allowing an unapproved VPN client. This sells tactic has earned you a one star, which is a shame as its an otherwise decent application. Please remove this intrusive and undesired functionality. By all means create a VPN service, but jamming it into Documents is the wrong way to go about it..Version: 7.5.1

Latest update broke video download on lots of sitesPreviously this app was awesome to visit sites and download video but after the last update that function has changed. Now a large portion of video sites now only gives option to download as PDF or if you select download page, it downloads the HTML rather than the video playing. Previously you could long hold on the play icon/button on the embedded video but now that doesn’t work and instead the only option is the above context menu which doesn’t ‘see’ the video and as such can’t download it. Was a 5 star app previously but now is effectively useless for my own use case. Shame..Version: 7.0.4

Hacks???I was using the app, but then a message appeared on my screen saying my phone was being hacked. Not happy.Version: 7.8.0

Please add one more thingIt’s a great app but I’m disappointed that there’s still no way to rename a file while you’ve got it open. You still have to be in the folder view to do it. You have to tap ‘select’, then tick the box of the file you want to rename, then hit rename and do it there. I wrote to you guys with my feedback on this, suggesting that you add this feature. I told it would be passed on to the team. I guess no one thinks that feature is good enough to add? When a file is open, there are so many options in the top right corner: save copy, email, print, share etc. Why not just add in ‘rename’?.Version: 7.0.1

Music player?App has suddenly stopped playing my music in the built in music player. The app Sucks now.Version: 7.0.2

Browser issueHi The browser on the updated app is really very poor.. when we open 4 5 tabs and try to download something from the web it really slows down the whole app and app is about to hang or crash sometimes... it was not happening in the previous version.. please fix it asap..Version: 7.0.4

IdkGood app but my phone got hacked.Version: 7.7.2

My already music and video files won’t play anymoreI’ve already done 2 reviews on it , no update to solve it . This problem has been going since december 2019 now and i’ve had the app since 2018 and had no problem. Every time i open the app , the files shows downloading pending when they da already been . why? I can’t listen anymore to them . Only a bit of them will play. I used to listen to all my downloaded music With no problem . I saved them on documents cloud , verified if i had space ( yes , readdle documents take only 1.5gb out of 5gb) and i still don’t see the problem... Tried to save one music file to device, it worked by why not on cloud anymore , again i have a lot of space left! Update: tried their solutions by toggling off and on the cloud but nothing. Still the same problem. Update2: not once of their solutions worked and at the end , they said to record the screen and bla bla . So to redo everything again. Then they stopped reaching. I gave up and some weeks later , all my music files were somehow downloaded so playing again instead of some. However , after downloading 4 more music , the same problem came back . At this point , i might give up as i still have a lot of space and also for some reason , in the music file info , it shows that they have duplicated ( have 200 but it shows 400)....Version: 7.3.0

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Spark – Email App by Readdle negative reviews, comments
Spark – Email App by Readdle Negative Reviews

Spark is the best personal email client and a revolutionary email for teams. You will love your email again! "Best of ...

Scanner Pro-OCR Scanning & Fax negative reviews, comments
Scanner Pro-OCR Scanning & Fax Negative Reviews

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PDF Expert - Edit and Sign PDF Negative Reviews

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