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Complete scam. Still got a ticket. Hours spent disputing it.I received a ticket when I had already paid for parking in NYC with this app. I have spent HOURS disputing it now. I sent in a statement including the receipt for parking. The judge said a screenshot was not a valid means of proof. I called 311 and was told that I could try appealing the decision. The appeals process seems to be lengthy and complicated. When you call and are waiting on hold they say that they are giving priority to people trying to start a parking session, and that you should contact them via email. When you then send an email to that address you immediately received a automated response saying that they no longer do support via email. This app is nothing but a scam. You would be better off not using it. You would still get a parking ticket, but at least you won’t waste money on the meter payment. Update: after weeks of disputing it seems things are finally settled. But I have yet to receive a refund on the parking ticket. I’m told I need to fill out forms online, print them out, FAX them in, along with proof of original payment. The bureaucracy involved is insane. Any city that allows them to be a vendor should be ashamed..Version: 9.14

BE CAREFUL - weak credit card protectionsI’ve used ParkMobile for some time and had entered my credit cards for easy access when parking. Last weekend I was listening to a podcast while my iPhone was in my pocket. Somehow the ParkMobile app managed to process not one but TWO charges for parking in a complete other state for $9.95 each! Worse their system tells you for help to email them and then you can an email saying they don’t offer help by email anymore. (Then update your we website!) While I was willing to compromise on paying one of the charges thinking I had to share responsibility for not ensuring my screen saver was on, you would think they’d protect against the system charging duplicate parking for the SAME vehicle in the SAME zone at the SAME time. But no - they say it is my problem. Buyer BEWARE! Given they have a monopoly on my area, I’ll be obligated to use it but I’m setting payment only to Apple Pay which would require my thumb or passcode..Version: 9.6

Payment failuresThe payments usually fail and that is very disturbing.Version: 8.9

Not paying to park, paying to reserve a spot.First time using the app, looked on the map for a place I wanted to park it stated it would be $25. Set my time 6 PM to 1 AM. Paid my $25. I was driving oversize vehicle so I knew in New York they will charge extra for that. Arrived a half an hour early to pick up my vehicle. Was charged $32 extra. The complete bill was $57. The parking attendant informed me that he would be charging $10 more for oversize vehicle, which is what I expected. What I didn’t expect was to be pay more than $25 to park as per the app. I called customer support. The support person was not at all knowledgeable or understanding my situation. It’s took her 25 minutes to finally tell me that I did not pay $25 to park but just to reserve the spot. Not at all what I thought I was going to pay. Also if she just said that to me immediately I wouldn’t be waiting around for 25 minutes. It was a freaking nightmare at 1:30am in the morning. I will never use this app again and I suggest you do the same..Version: 6.5.2

PaymentPayment never works, even with different cards, you have to try to pay multiple times before something finally goes through..Version: 8.3.1

Needs safeguardsOverall the app is easy to use. Nice to be able to reserve a spot at a parking lot at work before I leave home. The biggest drawback is there is no 2 step safeguard for your transaction. Sometimes people are checking out locations and length of parking to determine costs for varying lots/meters close together. At my location it can vary greatly from one street to the next. If you hit the reserve button you better be ready for an instant transaction. There needs to be a safe guard for accidentally hitting it. A confirmation pop up to insure you really want to start a session would be great and make this 5 stars. So far this week there have been many colleagues who have had this problem since parking options have changed for us suddenly. Customer service has been great getting it corrected but a safeguard could prevent a lot of support calls..Version: 9.15

Purposefully hides your parking spot to make you pay more!!This is the 4th or 5th time this has happened. Drive to a new area of a city and pay to park. Time to leave. You use the “find my car” function. Suddenly your car is BLOCKS away, you can’t did your car, it sends you to the map app of those choice. While you’re trying to find your car you get multiple notices that your time is expiring. You pay a few bucks extra to cover the fees and suddenly it didn’t know where your car is. The map is unusable and you cannot see the map of where you paid to park. Your car was 1 block away and the app map function makes you wander around 5-10 blocks. THIS IS NOT on accident. This is how these scum make money. Watch it happen. Pay for parking in a city you don’t know. Try to find your way back to your car via the app. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!’ Embarrassing. And this is not news- it’s what every REAL app review mentions. The positive reviews are paid foreigners that don’t have cars or kids that don’t drive and don’t know better. EMBARRASSING..Version: 9.8

Will charge you outside of parking meter hoursMake sure you watch out what you are paying for. Make sure you know metered hours because the Parkmobile app will charge you regardless. I downloaded this app so I could pay for my parking and not miss my train. The app works fine except for one very bothersome component: It does not tell you what time to what time you are obligated to pay for parking. Instead it allows you to pay for parking at all hours of the day and night. I paid for parking from 8:15am - 4:15pm. There are no signs inside of the parking lot telling you the metered hours. So I paid those 8 hours. However, while I was still away I wasn’t going to be able to make it back until after 5pm so I paid $0.35 from 4:15pm to 5:15pm. I then paid again until 6:15pm. Even though the metered hours are only from 9am-5pm the app lets you pay their transaction fee during these off hours when you don’t have to pay for parking!.Version: 6.7

$68 parking fee for one hour of parking that should’ve cost $3I use the park mobile app periodically while visiting my daughter in Northern California. I’m just visit, however we parked briefly to go to lunch, and I started and stopped my parking session as usual. Several hours later, when I was 200 miles away on my drive back home, I received an email letting me know that my parking session would automatically end in 15 minutes. Shocked, I went into the app immediately to see if they were any active parking sessions, and there were not. The parking session also did not appear, and currently does not appear at all in my parking history. The next day today, I was shocked to get a $68 parking receipt for what should have been three dollars worth of parking. I contacted customer service, explained the issues, sent them my Google maps history to show that I was only in the location for about an hour, but the customer service rep said that they don’t collect the fees, I would need to contact the city parking office. The rep did acknowledge that the app was currently not showing parking history, etc., but we’re still unwilling to help. The city parking office, of course, says they don’t have access to any of the app information. I will save a screenshot of my Google maps history and the transcript from the customer service chat, and dispute the charges with my credit card company, but what a massive, unnecessary hassle.Version: 9.15.1

Decent and Convenient but some payment issuesI have been using this app for a while and have had no trouble with it. However, recently, I tried to change my default payment from PayPal to Apple Pay and my account was suspended. I find this a bit surprising since the app says it’s supposed to work with the Apple Wallet. I did call to ask to get my account re-enabled, but was told I needed to provide my credit card number over the phone or to call back during business hours to get the Apple Pay set up re-enabled. It does seem like a bug because they don’t allow you to sign in and correct the payment method without calling support. Seems to me that an account login should be allowed, but user should t be able to “park” unless there was a payment method registered..Version: 9.10

Ridiculously high fee—25% of my meter charge. No thanksI’ve used the app four times and I’m impressed. While others waited in line at the pay stations I pulled out my phone and paid while I was on my way to my appointment. Quick and painless. The reminder that the meter is expiring might be my favorite feature. Assuming I don’t have the glitches others have reported, this app is a huge leap in parking. Update: as i’ve continued to use the app, more glitches appear: forgets my profile, allows me to go through with processing, and just before payment it tells me that I need to add a vehicle. I have to cancel everything, go back to add a vehicle – but there are three vehicles already on my account! Numerous other such glitches have occurred (like telling me I needed to add a payment method – but there already two credit cards, and Apple Pay, on the account), making me spend time to redo the entire payment process. This app has potential, but not ready for prime time. And since it’s been in use for so long, there’s no excuse..Version: 9.14

Crashes constantly and unable to end parkingTypical parking business - impossible to navigate and constantly doesn’t work..Version: 9.2

ComplicatedI am from Canada and will park here once and it took me 22 min to create and download the app,,, no huest by pass to pay.Version: 9.1

App won’t respondThe app keep signing out my profile, take me more then 3 try to close and open the app again just to get my profile sign in. No improvements whatsoever. After all we have no choice to choose since they are the only app available. SUCH A SHAME !!!.Version: 8.3.2

Paying for convenience, but with hidden costsThis app making street parking and extending your parking time very easy. I live in Philadelphia, where metered on street parking is everywhere. The app makes it convenient to park, pay, and then see how much time you have left. The app also lets you extend your parking further. However, it charges you a significantly higher amount to do so and the up-charge is ridiculous. The app wanted to charge me $7 to extend by one hour, the same amount I had just paid for 3 hours. Then when the parking expired, I was not allowed to “re-park” in the zone (not actually a policy of Philadelphia parking, just the app). I had to go to my car anyways, where I used the on-street meter to pay for an additional hour in my spot without moving the car. I am fine with paying a small fee for the service, but it seems ridiculous to hike prices by so much to extend parking time. Will probably not use in the future..Version: 7.1.3

Sucks! Do not count on the find my car app!Sucks! We are not from the area. After exploring Miami Beach the app made us walk 17 blocs to the wrong direction with a 2 year old and a 4 year old. Do not use the locate my car app. Sucks! Paid 20$ for a driver to find the Starbucks near where we were parked to find our car..Version: 8.6

Payment issuesPayment doesn’t go through and keep giving an error and can’t park through the app because of payment issues..Version: 9.1

What’s the point of a review?The app is constantly rejecting my payment when my cards are fully valid. Just buggy. But what’s the point of a review? This app has a monopoly on the areas I park, so I don’t see what will change..Version: 8.2.1

Got me lost trying to find my carDownloaded this app when one of the downtown Indianapolis parking meters had buttons that weren’t working at all. Used it to pay for my parking, entered the associated info, and took note of the number of the parking spot. I even looked to see and was pleased to see a “find my car” option for when I was done. After a work dinner downtown in a city I’m unfamiliar with, I fired up the app and told it to lead me via Google Maps to the car. I knew it felt off when it told me that my ~5 minute walk TO the restaurant was now going to be a 17 minute walk BACK to my car. But I followed it, thinking perhaps I got myself distracted and hadn’t realized just how far I’d initially walked. After reaching the destination, I discovered I was nowhere close to my car. Through trial and error, I eventually found it — first by walking 17 minutes back to the restaurant, then by systematically eliminating other directions. Ended up completely lost for nearly 45 minutes before finally reaching my car and then driving an hour home. Lesson learned: don’t trust that particular feature. The app gets two stars because it allowed me to pay for parking and I didn’t get a ticket..Version: 8.9.2

ReviewHard to pay wotn debit card. site is not too freiendly.Version: 9.1

Hard to create an accountTried creating an account 4 times. Erased my info each time. Wouldn’t suggest a password and the rules for a safe password are complex..Version: 9.11

SCAMMM METER APP READ REVIEW!U need to be able to extend parking on a 1hr parking spot. There should also be sometime of grace period. I keep getting tickets because of waiting for the meter to be expired to pay for the next hr. For example 1hr parking I have to extend it at least 1-2 mins before the 1 hr is up. Meaning I have to start a new session which in reality it causes me to over pay for parking. I end up paying 1hr for only 58mins of use. Also I’m always getting tickets because the parking agents have the ParkMobile app and wait until your parking is 1 sec expired to give u a ticket. The only way to prevent this from happening is to over pay your parking sessions over and over. Such a scam. You’ll end up paying from your house a few hrs of parking but than come to the car and realize you got a ticket because you didn’t extend it for 1 simple second. I’ve had to pay a couple thousand in parking tickets, fees and tolls because of this app. SCAMM SCAMMM SCAMMMMMMING YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU THOUGHT THIS APP WOULD MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER AND CONVENIENT. FOOLS!!!.Version: 8.3.2

StruggleHad to attempt to set parking payment eight times! Super frustrating.Version: 8.8

Worst Support EVERThey recently leaked all their users info such as: name, plates number, credit card info probably something else. And you as a user can’t delete your account or remove your credit card info or remove your plates number. Hear me out: if you want to delete your account from their system you have to 1) email them and ask their permission to delete your own personal information 2) wait 10(!!!) days for them to email you back with “ Give us your credit card and plates number information first to verify your identity 😹 3) Beg them to delete your account some more and after 5-6 emails and a very lengthy chat they finally deleted my account from their system BUT I’m still not confident that they are not keeping it somewhere in their database. Horrible support, horrible company. Now someone is selling my identity somewhere on dark net thanks to this app. Hope they go out of business soon.Version: 9.13

Not the easiestLove the ease and convenience of being able to pay remotely with your phone and even extend your time remotely – probably one of the best perks. Disappointed that Apple Pay is not a default and that it is up to each municipality and or area to accept Apple Pay. I thought the app simply wasn’t working until I stumbled upon a list of cities that Apple Pay is accepted. It turns out only a tiny parking lot is all that takes Apple Pay in the City of St. Louis. All of their public street parking requires a credit card on file. Not awesome. Signage and zone numbers need to be tightened up quite a bit. I’m finding more often than not I still have to get out of the car to figure out where the hell I’m parked or what zone I’m in because you certainly can’t read the tiny little signs that are facing the wrong direction instead of angled toward the car..Version: 7.1.3

UnreliableHalf the time it doesn’t work, and the other half the service is down. I use this app to park for school and I’ve gotten two tickets as a result of this app malfunctioning.Version: 8.3.1

UselessLike the customer service in the parking, zero help. Installed the app, added a payment card, but it would never accept the QR in the ticket, yet there it is announced in the parking as one way to pay. So had to go to exit gate and pay one more hour because app is useless, nobody around and the intercom doesn’t work. Great job easypark!.Version: 9.17.9

You’ll pay DOUBLE for parkingThis app is about as close to a scam as could be, without legitimately being one. It has a lot of features which sound good on the surface, but they never make one mention of “service fees” when you download and set up your account. The developers have gone to great lengths to ensure these fees stay hidden. When you click on a parking space, examine the price they tell you. For me, in my hometown, they wanted to charge me double the face value of parking. Perturbed, I contacted a support agent. It was only through him that I found out what I had suspected, this app is riddled with hidden fees. A much more honest approach would’ve been to adopt a subscription-based business model. I would gladly pay for an app like this on a monthly (or yearly) basis if it meant I was paying face value at the meter. But alas, they’ve instead chosen to adopt a model that preys on customers’ ignorance and naïveté to make their money. Shame on these developers. I don’t see this app surviving another few years without major overhaul. The only people willing to pay double for parking would be business owners who could use this app to secure a parking spot for the entire workday. But for the average consumer this app might as well be a scam..Version: 9.17.1

Good App, Service charges are too highService charges are too high for limited parking time. (0.70$ for parking 0.41$ service charge)..Version: 8.6.2

Ticket Vulture ScamAvoid park mobile spots, find a parking garage. I put 30 minutes on the spot as we were just grabbing a quick bite. At 29 minutes I tried to add more time but it wouldn’t let me. I looked up from my burger and the meter maid was already hovering over my car. It took me 45 seconds to cross the cross walk and by the time I got to my car she had printed the ticket and said once it is printed there is nothing she can do. I paid for the spot through 12:45, the ticket was issued at 12:46. The car in front of me was smart enough not to pay at all. It was there before I parked and was still there 8 minutes after I got the ticket. Because they didn’t pay, Park Mobile didn’t send a message to the meter maid and they didn’t get a ticket. As soon as she pulled away she did a U turn and parked next to a car on the other side of the street and waited 3 minutes until their spot expired. Over $100 of fines every 5 minutes for the city. That is easily $20k per day per meter maid. Not a bad racket when the spot is only worth $7 per hour. I paid more for the credit card “convenience” fee on the ticket than it cost for 30 minutes of parking. This app is not about making parking convenient, it is about reporting exactly when your spot is expiring to ensure you get ticketed and cities get their ticket revenue. I wonder how much commission they make on the tickets???.Version: 9.14

Worthless fad delete it nowThere may be a lot of stupid and lazy people who still use this stupid app, but think of all people who don’t use it or have stopped using it. I still see plenty of people using stupid parking meters. My mother was all excited about paying for parking with your phone until she stopped using ParkMobile. I mean the app is great it saves me a trip to the parking meter to swipe my stupid credit card. This app even allows me to cheat the system by paying remotely when I saw parking enforcement ,but that got boring after a while. I eventually got a ticket since I selected the wrong plate number since I use multiple cars. What’s even more annoying is that I mistakenly still put in the wrong plate number and confirmed it. Then I had to pay twice😭. Just kidding! You just go through the time Consuming task of disputing the transaction with the credit card company. It’s the same thing with the stupid sections and spots. Maybe this doesn’t happen with everyone ,but I’m dyslexic so sometimes I misread all the numbers or press the wrong button. Think of how much better it would be if there was an edit feature. Anyways here’s my review..Version: 8.6.1

Sloppy DesignHaven’t used it yet but really love having my compliant password rejected because you don’t mention that underscores are excluded in addition to the other requirements. Also your list of states is mis-sorted. We’re off to a bad start, guys..Version: 9.2

Worst experience everI hate your app. It took 8 tries to get a payment in, 20 minutes later I probably got a ticket while dealing with this..Version: 8.3.1

Terribly unreliable - caused me a parking ticket lI don’t even have time to list all the things all the things that went wrong with this terrible functioning, unreliable app. I parked my car and walked off, opening to app to pay for my parking. The app then bugged out and had issue after issue. First, it would randomly sign me out and and wouldn’t let me sign back in, telling me my info was incorrect, or simply loading forever. Once it finally started realizing my info WAS correct, I tried to click on a zone and it wouldn’t load it. Then, when it finally did load it, it kept telling me I didn’t have a payment method on file, despite having used it before. When I went to add a payment method, it showed that I did indeed still have a payment method on file. I continuously opened and closed the app, again and again trying to get it to simply function properly, and every time it was a different issue, different bug. Eventually I became so frustrated with it that I went and grabbed my wallet, walked all the way back down to the parking space to pay manually, and upon arrival realized that I had received a parking ticket in the time that I spent trying to simply get to app to function. The app fails at the simplest levels, and is just terrible and unreliable in general. An app like this is supposed to be reliable - that’s the whole idea. Don’t waste your time on this..Version: 8.2.1

PaymentsThe payments rarely go through on the first time, so I often have to re-enter it up to 7 times. Asides from that, once the payment goes through it works well..Version: 8.9

Won’t let me park for only an hour or twoI downloaded because I had no other option to pay for parking in a lot in Seattle (zone 2606). I’ve parked in the same lot on weekday evening and on a Saturday. Once I enter the zone number, it automatically chooses the max time and there is no way to change it. The lot is clearly marked with rates for hourly parking. Giving the app the benefit of the doubt (e.g. maybe the lot actually only allows max time parking), i would expect the app to tell me that is the only option available, instead presenting me with a widget that is clearly intended to let me edit the parking time but will not respond when touched. Also be fore you pay you have an option that says “change” by the parking time, but touching it only takes you back to where you enter the zone and time is automatically set. Thanks for reading. Finally as a minor annoyance it presents Apply Pay as a payment method, but also a red message saying it is not accepted. Why?.Version: 9.1

Fix pleaseIt takes about 5-10 times for your payment to go through. Creates opportunities for parking tickets.Version: 9.1

Data breach, stay awayThanks for leaking my information and millions others. Stay away from these people..Version: 9.14

Constantly says my payment method is not workingI have tried 3 separate cards. Finally on the FIFTH try with one of the cards I already entered, it works. What am I supposed to do otherwise? Have my car towed? Bull****.Version: 9.1

ReviewWonky app. Didn’t accept my credit card..Version: 9.1

Can’t choose Canada when sign upOur retarded university parking server select this retarded parking app and when sigh up for master pass inside the app, it’s only American. Worst app even used.Version: 8.6

Brutal appYour app needs work, you have to zoom in to make fields active and things that should have buttons don’t. I’ll most likely stop using the app to pay when I can use other methods unless you make improvements. Took me longer to use the app than pay with the machine at the lot..Version: 9.2

User error?I paid for the wrong car and got a parking ticket. Mea culpa, but the app makes this error easy. How? The app spontaneously rearranges the vehicle list order when a non-default vehicle is chosen. How is this intentional? It is confusing and misleading. ParkMobile has created a payment system that is structured to benefit itself and its contracted municipalities. Its users are simply revenue generators. The app's structure ensures that users always pay for more time than they use, allowing one parking spot to generate overlapping revenues for multiple vehicles. Some users belatedly realize they selected and paid for the wrong car and effectively double-pay for their parking when they catch their error and correct it by paying again for the correct car. People making my error pay both for their parking and for their parking ticket (if unresolved). My experience with customer "support" indicates that ParkMobile disavows any responsibility for contributing to profitable user error and thereby protects its revenues. ParkMobile's regrets for my inability to use their app and apologies for my frustration are a condescending approach to customer service. I did them a favor by presenting my concerns, and they rejected them. It's called stonewalling. I will confine my use of ParkMobile for when I might need to extend parking sessions remotely, otherwise I will just pay at parking stations directly..Version: 9.13

Discriminates against seniors and non- localsI was visiting Traverse City from Chicago today. As a Chicagoan, I am very familiar with parking apps since I use them every day. I stopped in traverse city for lunch and set up your app. It was so windy and your font for the app (and zones) are so small, that I needed to load the whole family back in the car in order to set up the app since the size of the font and my hair blowing around made it impossible to set it up outside. I finally set up the app and entered my parking zone and went on my way. When I came back to the car, I discovered a parking ticket. I was quite surprised since I just set up the app and entered more time than I needed. Come to find out, I didn’t actually complete the transaction because the fonts were so difficult to see and the numerous steps needed to complete the transaction. So I am leaving with a bad taste in my mouth for traverse city. I attempted to pay for parking but got a ticket anyway because of how cumbersome your app is..Version: 9.11

This sucksTakes long time to enter info. Difficult or impossible to edit. Really bad..Version: 8.2.1

Good at the basics, two annoying issuesParkMobile seems to be the most popular app for municipal parking around me, and it works pretty well for what it is. Seems to sync well with whatever technology the authorities are using. A handful of app-specific annoyances in the last year or two: 1) there are more often than not popover ads or popover promos that appear as soon as I open the app that I must dismiss in order to input the parking zone and start parking. I imagine most people are like me and in a major hurry to input the zone number and start the clock. The ads and promos are a HUGE annoyance. I’ve cursed the app more than once standing in the rain after finding the zone number and trying to start parking. 2) I turned off app notifications for time remaining and session expired and now they will not turn back on for me. Every time I hit the radio button in the app, I’m redirected to the iPhone setting menu for the app, which doesn’t help - two different types of settings. All of those iPhone settings are correct, so I don’t know what the problem is turning notifications on in the app. I really don’t like text or email notifications, which are now my only options. 3) I had to log out and log back in to the app to see an updated parking history. The app stopped showing parking history in real time for a couple months..Version: 8.9.2

Cannot start parking sessionTakes me about 15-20 tries of tapping “park now” before it accepts either my credit card or visa debit.Version: 9.2

What a rigamorole, serious deterrent.Apps apps and more apps takes 10 minutes and every city has a new app. Sucks..Version: 9.0

WORST SYSTEM EVERYesterday I was in LEWES Delaware trying to find a parking spot which I did however when I downloaded your app it asked for my email and a password which I provided and of course, it said invalid password. OK, so I went back put my email address in and said forgot password. You sent me a link in my email I change the password went back to the sign in and needless to say, the same BS went on for a good 40 minutes. Just around and around and around and one vicious circle. No matter what I tried I could not get in to the app it would not allow me to enter an email password. I was there for a good 40 minutes and people were passing by and everyone I met said “oh God, this system is the ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!! If I ever see a meter with your logo on it I will be sure NOT to park in that space. I wouldn’t care if I had to walk 20 blocks to get a parking space so as to not have to put up with all this aggravation!! NEVER AGAIN!.Version: 9.8

They leaked private infoThanks to them, 20 million customers have their names, email addresses and car’s license plates on hacking forums..Version: 9.13

Going DownhillThis app has historically been excellent. Recently though a ton of bugs have been introduced. It seems to have lost my account information; I can login with my phone and password and it has no history no payment methods and someone else’s vehicles. I tried to log out and log back in but when you log out it leaves “sign in with faceid” on, so you get stuck in a logoff-logon loop. Had to cover my faceid sensor to get out of it. Added credit card as only payment method but it tried to use PayPal instead on check out. When that failed, it lost all information and I had to start over at a map of the US. I did it again, the second time for same location it wouldn’t give me the max/all-day option, only duration. I selected the max 13 hours on the menu and when I hit save it set to 8 hours. Did it three more times and third time it kept 13 hours. Went to checkout and it was back to 8 hours. I hit “change” on the duration and it started me over at map of US. I eventually succeeded (I think) but total time elapsed fighting with the app was 14 minutes; incredibly buggy and disappointing given how great and smooth this app used to be..Version: 9.1

UnreliableConsistently does not accept my credit card as payment even when my card works perfectly if I insert it to the meters at the lot... honestly believing I have an app that I can depend upon to pay to extend my parking when I can’t go back to my car has caused me more than 1 ticket.Version: 8.6.1

Do not tryApparently I Went through all the trouble to download this app and pay through the app through my PayPal and it shows paid in my timer and began ticking away...but My meter was still flashing red saying it needed payment. After two minutes of it still flashing red I finally went ahead and made a payment with my debit card instead manually and that worked instantly. I double checked and screenshot all my information everything was correctly entered on the app. When I contacted customer service about this they basically said i’m out the money and should not have double paid. Even though it was flashing red telling me that it was expired still. And that I could’ve just fought it if they would’ve tried to give me a ticket. This is not appropriately set up and I would NOT recommend this to anyone. Do not waste your time. You’re going to end up with a big fight with this company or a big fight trying to get your ticket reversed because it does not sync up with the meter. This was verified though customer support..Version: 8.3.1

Not happy, Lucky i can’t rate 0I use the app quite often because I live downtown. I thought it was easy and convenient so that’s i won’t have to stand at the meter trying to pay every time with change or my card. I have been given tickets a few times that i have paid saying that I did not have money on a meter. Just recently my car got towed because they said i had 6 unpaid parking tickets. I have receipts for every last time i paid at a meter. I had to pay $220 for ticket and $240 to get my car out of tow. They wouldn’t let me get my car unless the tickets were paid for. I was LIVID!!!!! This isn’t right nor fair! We are in A pandemic, people are barley working and they are giving away tickets when people are following the rules. I dnt know if i should be frustrated with ParkMobile or Parkindy. Maybe they are the same company, if not ParkMobile, you might want to remove yourself from Parkindy because they are making you all look BAD!!! I will no longer be parking at the meters. I will rather walk for blocks to my destination then give away anymore of my money again to Parkindy/ParkMobile..Version: 9.11

SucksEverything sucks about this app, not very user friendly when you have to press the button 77 times to get it to go through..Version: 9.7

Zero star for the breach of my personal data.Zero star for the breach of my personal data..Version: 9.13

Frustrating.It doesn’t work more often than it does. So frustrating..Version: 8.7.4

Glitches / No Refunds/ Rude customers serviceLet me Start by saying I like the convenience of the app. I understand how it should be working and that’s why it’s get 2 starts instead of one. After using the app for over 6 months, I’ve had a few problems. My app logs me out at random and loses my info once I’m logged back in or I can use the screen. If the wrong car is chosen you have to pay again (instead of switching the car) for the correct car and don’t get a refund for the spot you already paid for. The customer service rep I spoke with didn’t make it easy to communicate with. She responded in a way that made it seem “unreasonable” for wanting a refund on a parking spot I don’t have. It’s a convenient app however there are several little things here and there that make it annoying. That can add up and make the app no longe useful. Not happy about the glitches, no refunds for slips cause by the app and rude representatives..Version: 9.0

No idea which meter is workingThey out stickers on each meter but some don’t even work or they are only good for 2 hours but they are digital. Walked to my office and thought I’ll pay my meter at 8am til 4pm but when it came to adding time it wasn’t available ! This morning I parked at a meter that is out front thinking it’s digital 10 hour meter and it’s only a two hour meter from 8-10 but when I parked there I could put 3 hours 7-10 but see, our meter people start at 8 but now it’s at 8 it’s only good for 2 hours. Seems fishy to me. Now the 2 hour meter cost me 90 cents when I could have just put in 50 cents for 2 hours. I thought this app was going to be helpful as I’m disabled and can’t walk back to meter to add two quarters :( so now I’ll have to pay 90 cents every two hours instead of 50 cents. They should post how much each meter will allow on the meter and not require you to drive to each one to check how long you can do it..Version: 8.1

It’s Broken!Today I went into Washington DC and found almost all parking now either credit card or using this app to pay for parking. As I did not have the app or have sufficient time to go through the download and then signup process, I simply paid by credit card. The maximum time allowed was 3 hours but I needed more than that so I noted the ParkMobile zone number so I could use it later. About 15 minutes before my meter was scheduled to run out of time, I downloaded the app and went through the signup process. That went fairly smoothly. The problem came when I went to pay for my current parking place. I entered the ParkMobile zone number, but I kept getting error messages saying that the number was not valid. As I had walked quite a way from where I had parked, I quickly Ubered back to where I had parked and confirmed the zone number was correct. Really bad app if you can’t pay for your parking if your not standing right next to your car..Version: 9.8

GarbageThis app is useless. Refuses to accept my credit card over multiple attempts. Seems like this is well recognized. Pathetic..Version: 8.7.4

Useful and frustrating appI use the app only once every month or two when I go to Walnut Creek or Oakland. It’s very convenient to use for parking instead of looking for change or pulling my card out and dealing with the parking meter. The app though is very frustrating in a few ways; 1) it never picks up the parking zone I’m actually at but seems to pick up every other zone around me. So I always have to punch in the zone. 2) After going a long period without using it, the app always ask me to setup my payment method even though I’ve done this numerous times with cards that haven’t expired since the last time, 3) more often than not I punch in my zone, then my space # and hit continue when it asks me to select a vehicle. There’s no list and no option to bring up my list of vehicles so I have to cancel and go to my vehicle list only to see all of my vehicles are there and my primary one is set to default. After checking I then return and it allows me to restart and finish the parking process. Like I said the system is very useful but the user interface needs work..Version: 8.9.2

Not reliableAlways have to delete app and reinstall.Version: 8.9.2

Too many glitches!First I could not enter my license plate number because it kept saying default next to the last rental cars license plate number. After 25 minutes of trying to fix the problem I finally figured this out. Next I went through all of the prompts and pushed the button to start my parking session , saw that the timer started , however after returning to my car I had a parking citation . When I went back into the app it did not start my session and it just magically vanished ! There is no way of proving that I paid for it , and upon returning to my vehicle found that I received a citation . I will never use this app again and I will make it a point to tell all of my friends to NOT use the app as it malfunctions and you end up getting a ticket anyway. I called customer service and was told there is nothing that they can do about it!!! Also you get charged additional fees to use the app!! So the developers get rich , take your money and all the while do fix the glitches . I’ve read many other reviews that say that similar scenarios have happened to them! Wish I would have read them first..Version: 9.17.8

Fix the transaction systemAlways takes 5-6 tries to get my payment to go through. Leaves me worried I’ll be charged more than once..Version: 8.6.1

Convenience at a price23% seems like a fairly steep price to pay for the convenience of paying a meter via phone, but it *is* convenient. There are 2 main issues using it for street parking. 1) ParkMobile doesn’t alert you or prevent you from paying on days/times when parking is free. (Seems like this would be an easy app side fix) 2) Unfortunately how well the app is integrated with local parking authority info seems a little hit or miss, and that 23% we’re paying to the folks at ParkMobile clearly isn’t going towards them proactively confirming the info they have from parking authorities is correct. Here in downtown Newark for example, there are event parking rules in effect on certain streets on certain nights. Admittedly it’s a bit complicated: 2 hour metered parking during the day until 6pm, free after that until midnight if no event. If there is an event it’s $25 for the evening. And no parking after midnight. ParkMobile is unable to indicate which days have events, and it simply says no Parking after 6 (no option to pay the event rate). When I alerted the PM folks to this via the chat help in the app they said it’s up to the local parking authority to contact them. At a certain scale this is understandable but still, if a user has flagged an issue could they not proactively reach out to the parking authority? Unimpressed. I’ll keep using the app for now, but would love to see the above issues addressed for a more seamless experience..Version: 9.2

Good app, bad business practicesEdit: as an addendum to my review, there is a way on the website to change your membership to free. However, i was forced to add a new payment option just so it would let me into the personal tab. This is what led me to believe there was no way to cancel the membership, as there is no way to opt out of this, you have to add some payment info before it will let you on. Currently, my review still stands, it took one click on the app to sign up for pro, so it should be just as easy to do it in the same place on the app, not hidden away in some submenu on the website I used Park Mobile throughout college to park on my campus and never had a problem with it, I even signed up for park mobile pro. Now that I’m out of college and moved away, I wanted to cancel my pro since I won’t be using park mobile anymore, and I can’t find anything about how to cancel it, not on the app or the website. This is wrong. If I have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get an app to stop charging me money, then I see that as a scam. I’ve had to contacted customer support to cancel it, and I will not be using this app again.Version: 8.8

Rarely works!!!!It’s easy enough to get setup, but to actually pay for your parking is impossible!!! Considering a lot of these machines are in University parking lots, no one has time to sit and fiddle with parking for 20 min or can afford to pay the tickets when you finally give up and just run to an exam without paying!!! Terrible app!!.Version: 8.3.1

Farce of a companyThis organization takes no accountability for their product. Their app fails, so the parking lot owner issues a ticket. The ticket issuer then places the onus on the vehicle owner to obtain proof from ParkMobile that the app failed. ParkMobile’s customer service line only leads to dead ends and they don’t respond to email inquiries, despite repeated attempts at following directions issued on their customer service line. Avoid using this app, it will only cost you additional money..Version: 8.3.1

Used the Park Mobile App, got a parking ticketI used the app to pay for parking on 2 different zones in one day (let’s call them Zone A and B). Parking in Zone A I had no problem. When I parked for an appointment later in the afternoon, it was in Zone B. I vividly remember carefully inputting the Zone B’s number when I was paying for my second parking spot. After my appointment in the afternoon, to my dismay, there was a parking citation on my windshield. Upon investigating, it looked like the app copied the zone number from Zone A when I was inputting info for Zone B (even though I carefully put in the correct one, the app must have autofilled it, I cannot see any other way it could’ve happened). Therefore, the parking enforcement officer couldn’t see my payment for that zone. I appealed the $15 parking ticket but was eventually denied. I strongly believe that a glitch in the program caused me to receive this ticket and that your company should be responsible for its payment. I emailed customer support but has not had any reply as of yet..Version: 6.5.2

Unreliable—$45 parking fine.Had worked ok for me for work (university) parking, but used at a baseball game last night and ended up with a citation. All seemed to be as usual: added, then selected the license plate of my husband’s car, entered the lot #, selected payment method and confirmed payment. Countdown began and I even remarked to friends that the parking rate (which was not posted in the lot) was slightly less than the $12 we would have paid at the lot for the venue, which was directly across from us. Came out later to find a $45 citation on the windshield and no history of the transaction (except the addition of the new license plate) in the ParkMobile app. I’m forced to use this app at my university, but at least there I have some recourse through the parking office if something goes wrong (and apparently many things have gone wrong, since the university has apologized for the problems with the rollout). In short, this app is completely unreliable and I won’t use it elsewhere despite the seeming convenience. Allowing countdown to start as if payment has been processed, but then letting the entire history of a transaction to be erased so I have no way of proving payment is a major design flaw!.Version: 9.15.1

Keeps going downhillThis app keeps getting worse. The show more payments button very seldom works. It used to be so easy to use. Now it is so cumbersome. I don’t like all of the pages needed to park. Much prefer when all of the info needed is on one page. Also, every time I use it now, which is multiple times per week, it takes about 4 tries for it to take payment too. No matter which card I use..Version: 9.15.1

Awful app and help is unreachable.I am going to have to delete the useless app because my bank card was stopped due to fraud, and I cannot enter my new number. No help available and not user friendly. Went into every conceivable help category and received no information that worked. It said I can change the card by tapping on the old one and reenter. Well that isn’t true. I spend 10 minutes trying to park before I got down on the floor of my car doing the search for coins. Then I went to my communities parking to complain about their app and they won’t take complaints - I have to contact an uncontactable company. So this company has total control of parking in my community and they have no way of being held accountable for how miserably their app works. I sat down at home and have been working on this for 1/2 an hour already without resolution in changing my payment. This is a junk poorly supported app and I have no choice but to erase it. What a crock and what bs. I am going to write a letter to my council members to let them know that this app is not workable and the parking office doesn’t want to hear it. Communities need to hold these companies accountable when they have dedicated their technology to this monopoly. Idiocy and incompetence..Version: 7.1

Customer service is pointless.Don’t expect any help from their chat line. They serve no purpose, and they get paid for no work being done but wasting your time. I wanted to extend my current parking limit, but when I tried to use the app to do so, there was only a button to start another session; therefore, I naturally went with it and paid for a “session.” Immediately after submitting the payment, the previous/current one suddenly popped up with the new one I just paid for. It then did not extend my current one, but instead double booked the spot. Again, almost immediately after realizing what happened, I contacted them through the chat line. She stated that even though they are the “payment processor,” they could not refund my money, merge the two sessions, or extend the other. (Keep in mind that this was for the same vehicle that was not moving! Same spot, same vehicle!) They wasted 10-15 mins of my time to only tell me they couldn’t do anything. Why would they even have a chat line when they don’t do anything to help? They should just give a FAQs section instead, especially when they refuse to help..Version: 9.17.1

Terrible user experienceThis app is horrible with remembering where you are. Any time you leave the app it will forget where you are and where you were in the payment process. Need to reset your password? Enjoy going to your email app and losing your progress. Do you use a password manager? Enjoy going to your password manager app and losing your password. The password you created is randomly generated and secure but doesn’t have a special character? Enjoy going back to your password manager and losing your progress. Apple Pay is unavailable with this so don’t take too long getting your credit card out because guess what happens when your phone locks you out after not interacting with it. Your phone randomly cleared it’s clipboard so the password you had copied is gone and you need to go to back to your password app? Guess what you get to do... Every time the app forgets your progress, it takes 20-30 second to get back to where you were. Took me 10 minutes to just pay for my dumb parking. I wish like hell some other company would make a better app that cities/municipalities would use instead..Version: 9.8

User bewareI accidentally hit the 5 star review - so disregard that!! You are definitely NOT getting 5 stars! How about letting users know when they are in a NON STOP ZONE!!!!!!! One reason I wanted to use this app was its function to cancel early - because when going to the beach one can really know how long you’ll stay - what if it’s too windy coming off the water or it’s an irritating land breeze that brings in all the flies - so this app solves that problem right? WRONG!! Apparently in Wildwood NJ the app does NOT let you end early - so I pay a 45cent up charge for the “convenience “ but the “convenience “ is only for extending - not ending early. So I would LOVE to know what Zones in south jersey let me end early!!! So users beware - you too might want to know where you can stop early before committing to the up charge fee!!! But how one finds out is a mystery to me!!!! All their information online says you may be in a non stop zone but you only know that after you pay and there’s no stop button!!! That is fraudulent!!!!!.Version: 8.9

Worst appIt would be cool if it didn’t take me 20 tries to pay for my parking every morning. Which is the sole purpose of this app..Version: 8.7.4

No-help DeskUpdate 9/18: in response to ParkMobiles apology and offer to assist via email, I sent my third email support request on 11 August (previous emails on and 21 and 29 June) and not one email has been responded to. Stop acting like you have customer service when you clearly don’t. Bottom line: good app, convenient, but you’ll never ever get a refund should anything not work perfectly! And no one from “customer support” will ever respond to your emails. ====== The app is good and does what is says, but customer support is non-existent. The app warns that the service is merely a financial transaction tool between municipalities and the meter so the app developer will NOT process refunds. However the app offers an opportunity to forward your comments to the city to request a refund. I received an automated email once the ticket was opened, then nothing. I’ve sent follow up emails and not even an acknowledgment, nothing. The original email says it was from the park mobile helpdesk, but I’m pretty certain one doesn’t even exist. Why offer to facilitate communication with the municipality if you’re not going to do it in the first place and then not even get back to the customer with any update(s) much less an actual resolution. It’s been over a month and nothing..Version: 8.2.1

Dark Web Alert!Although they came clean about a 3rd party software breach, it’s sadly useless to me. Will they be investing in better software, or will I choose alternate parking and delete my account? The two stars is because it’s a useful app, frankly… a mandatory app in some cases. The three stars against are for leaving me vulnerable to an unnamed software company, because I had to choose metered parking in an area exclusive to them. Parking in cities shouldn’t be a cyber-privacy risk and as we evolve that way, I hope there will be competitive companies with better security. Furthermore, I’d rather pay for an app then risk the sale or vulnerability of my personal information. To new users, be mindful to set your privacy settings immediately when adding the app and make sure you’ve chosen correctly. In fact, keep vigilant to make sure the setting is still as you’ve chosen. I delete parking app’s when no longer needed, which erases the data..Version: 9.14

Veeeery buggy!I use the app to park at Uni and have to push the pay for parking buttons at least 5 times every time I want to start a new session. It’s extremely slow even though my internet connection is not. Overall: It’s convenient but slow and frustrating.Version: 9.1

Horrible! Women don’t trust it.. please. In safe and inaccurate!I would give no stars if I could! App lead me farther away from my car to a unknown area! The state I was in I was visiting and I trusted this app and it completely failed me on the first time using it I am highly disappointed that my safety was compromised and called “customer care” and the care part shouldn’t even be there I was told not to trust the app saying even though there was a “finding your car” button provided to use the company was careless telling me they’re “nation wide” and have no access to telling me where posted “zone” signs and the only thing they could do for me was have me call local police for assistance. As a woman I would not recommend! Please think twice before using this app! My 5 dollar trip turned into 50 dollar mess because I had to use a ride share program driving in circles looking for the car they told me I could find on the app! Negligence and carelessness on their end!.Version: 8.9.2

In bed with Tow/Boot companies.I’m a handyman and I was helping a client’s daughter set up her new apartment in an off campus student high rise in Midtown Atlanta. It was before everyone was back so the garage was empty, but being the rule follower that I am I paid for several hours of parking. It was entirely my fault for not having my sound on so I could hear the notifications that my time had lapsed. When I got down to my car (20 min past the limit) I found my car booted. This was during a time when I literally only had $75 to my name after a really bad year. The boot company guy rolled up to unlock it and was a jackass the whole time. I wasn’t very nice either calling him every name I could think of. My issue is that the garage is under the building and was empty. The time on the boot notice was for less than 5 min after my time lapsed. There is no way he just randomly drove by and decided to come inside the garage which is completely enclosed so he wouldn’t have just seen that someone was inside. The app had to have alerted him to come boot my car. Just a douche move..Version: 9.8

SucksIt doesn’t even work half the time.Version: 8.6.1

Why should I report an issue with ParkMobile - Find Parking?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of ParkMobile - Find Parking to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a ParkMobile - Find Parking customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using ParkMobile - Find Parking.

Is ParkMobile - Find Parking not working?

ParkMobile - Find Parking works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact ParkMobile - Find Parking.

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