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Cost me a $30 violationOlder versions allowed easy switch between cars. Also clearly identified which car you were paying for parking. You need to now go into settings and change your default car anytime you want to pay for a different car that is already in your list of vehicles. I have three cars and was confused as to which car I had set as the default since it did not tell me as I was setting the parking duration. Paid a $30 violation plus the fee to the app plus the $6 to the city for the other car that was home in my driveway. MAKE IT EASY TO switch between cars like before. SETTINGS ARE NOT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD HAVE TO TINKER WITH WHEN YOU HAVE A CAR FULL OF KIDS AND YOU ARE TRYING TO PAY FOR PARKING. UPDATE: Changed to five stars from one star. App owner made good on promise to make things right. Expeditiously handled the complaint to my satisfaction- above and beyond which is rare. Thank you..Version: 8.1

Downtown TempeSuper easy to use..Version: 9.0

Use this app 3 times a day everyday- never have issuesI have been using this app for at least 5 months now and use it very often so do my colleagues, friends, clients and guests. Everyone always mentions how convenient it is. It also runs very smoothly. Once in a while they will not find the meter I’m trying to charge but I think they’re in the process of integrating all parking meters to have this fab feature. I believe I was also sent a $5 Starbucks card upon signing up. I think that’s the only time I’ve ever received a gift card for another company as a thank you gift. I thought that was so classy. I was very impressed at both their generosity and thoughtfulness. I’m just in the process of understanding the benefits of being a premier member I hope this means I can pay in advance or schedule a payment. All star app. Much appreciated. I wish you guys all the best!.Version: 8.7.4

Park mobileLove the app.Version: 9.2

Zip code bugDidn’t want to accept my zip code from Canada even if it’s good.Version: 8.6.1

Not Easy to UseTried to download this app. Kept saying I had errors, which I didn’t. Got customer service and the person on the other end was very helpful and got me going. Without his assistance I never would have been able to proceed. And just for the record, I am quite computer literate..Version: 8.3.2

DrEasy to sign up and use. For Canadians enter 00000 for your zip code.Version: 8.9

Excellent app works wellA must for everyone. No more fumbling and guessing how long you need to park.Version: 8.8

Glitch caused me to get a parking ticket, but developers ultimately reimbursed meI parked and saw that parking could be paid through this app. I downloaded the app, entered my vehicle and payment information, entered the zone where I was parking, set it to pay for two hours ($2.85). I got confirmation and even saw the clock start counting down. I go to lunch, then come back to a $42 parking ticket. I check the app and somehow there is nothing in my activity history. Edit: I have sent the information as they requested. The event happened exactly as described above. I will update my review to include how this is handled once it is resolved. Edit #2: I've upgraded my review to 4 stars. The app didn't work and I got a ticket, but I was surprised to find that the developers actually responded to this, they investigated, and ultimately reimbursed me the price of the ticket. That's excellent customer service, which unfortunately isn't common these days. And for the record, I used the app again a couple of weekends ago (I made sure to take a screenshot this time) and it worked fine, so I'm not sure what happened with that first one..Version: 8.2.1

GreatSo easy to use, so easy to park..Version: 9.1

Simple to useEasy and fast.Version: 8.9.2

Awesomesauce with awesome sprinkles on top!This app is excellent! No more coins! Major hassle reducer. Yea! In addition to the idea of a wireless parking meter and associated app, which is great, I find this one to be really well designed. There is an initial account setup, which is quick and easy. You put in ID details for yourself and your car, and select your desired payment method. After that, everything happens in one screen. You select your parking “zone” number based on what is labeled on the meter, then you input the amount of time desired, or select “maximum time” and you are done! The app screen will continuously show you a countdown of your time remaining. even alert you when your time is close to expiring if you want! In my town, they have one meter per two on-street spots. At first I was confused as to how the meter “knew” which car had what time remaining, but then I realized that’s why you input your car info. Makes perfect sense, and obviously saves the town money. Bottom line, this app is really easy to use, the user interface is wonderfully clear and intuitive. Big time saver, big coin and hassle eliminator, overall a really nice experience. Love it!.Version: 8.7

Find my carApp crashes when attempting to use find my car, other than the works great.Version: 8.3.2

Love itA great app! Definitely beats paying at a parking meter. It does take 2-3 tries for my credit payment to go through, but it’s no big deal. I just make sure to pay before I leave the car. Affordable and great..Version: 9.1

Works well for me - multiple car is now well supportedThis app has been reliable and works well for me. My only issue is clunky support for multiple vehicles. There is no way that I’ve found to select a vehicle for a parking event other than the default one. So I have to go to vehicles, change the default and then park. Then I need to change it back for my more commonly used car. It would be so easy to include the option to choose one other than the default. I’m surprised it doesn’t have this capability. If I’m wrong and you can do this, I sure don’t see how. Update: the newest version provides a prominent notice of the cat being parked with the option to change to another vehicle. I guess that option has been there on the final for a while but I didn’t realize it. This solves my issue..Version: 8.6

I like itI’ve only used the app a couple of times but it’s always worked well for me. It’s fairly straight forward and easy to use. You can add any vehicle to your account quickly from anywhere. (I even added my daughters best friends car from home when needed to park, because they are teenagers and don’t always think ahead.) You can have multiple vehicles on your account. All of the info you need to know about a space (hour and minute rate, maximum time allowed in a space, etc) so you don’t accidentally get a ticket is given in the app when you chose a space/parking zone. I often use the app before I even get out of my car (and I counsel my children to do the same) which gives me a greater sense of security. I like that it warns you when your time is going to run out and I find it very convenient to be able to extend my time in a space from my smartphone rather than having to run out and feed the meter..Version: 8.2.1

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