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Ski Tracks App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Ski Tracks app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Ski Tracks? Can you share your negative thoughts about ski tracks?

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Ski Tracks for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t work for Apple WatchI’ve used the phone version of this app for years. This year I decided to try using the app on my watch to track my skiing. It’s just wrong! Sometimes it shows no distance and then when it shows that I’ve actually moved the distance is totally inaccurate. Please fix this and then I’d give it 5 stars. Going back to the phone version..Version: 2.2.0

Needs cropping functionalityThe app is great. The only thing that it needs is cropping for those times that you forget to stop the app..Version: 2.6.1

Great app, latest version un-reliableThis app is great for tracking all your skiing goals. However both myself and a friend have an issue on the latest version (running on an iPhone X) of the slope angle not reporting correctly. It seems to be registering the angle about 50% less than it actually is..Version: 2.4.4

Could seriously use an update....When charging for an app, expectation is that is doesn't look like it was built for iPhone 3, with instructions that reference this device. Works for the most part, but is well below par when it comes to something people are forking out money for. Should have gone with the free version first to check I guess..Version: 1.6.5

Speed averageThis app does do a few cool things, but the average speed includes time that you a stopped and not moving as well as time that you are on the chair lift. You can get you phone out and pause the app before and fire a run, but my fingers get cold, and I don’t like to do that. It would also be nice if it would tell you how long each run takes, so you can compare to see if you’re getting faster. It’s a bit of a search for the run times and I think it includes the lifts again Nice graphs of the elevation, and satellite view of the resort.Version: 2.4.3

An entire day with no dataI skied all day and made sure I started the app, the only data it recorded was my calories. Nothing about my ski, no speed, no distance..Version: 2.5.1

Conflict with IOS (Jan 19)I upgraded from the free version to the paid version. I really like the features, especially the data and mapping, however there appears to be conflicts with the current version of IOS. The app shuts down my 6s as in completely turns it off and I have to restart the phone. Second it does some odd things with battery. Starting with a fully charged phone it quickly goes down to single digit percents. Upon restart the phone shows 91% so something screwy is going on. While I like the idea I can’t recommend the app till this is corrected..Version: 2.2.0

Data from Apple Watch does not transfer to iPhone appEven though it shows up in Activities. Disappointing for a paid app..Version: 2.5.1

Watch to phone app communication = blehSure wish the watch app correctly communicated with the app on my phone to accurately show the status. Paused tracking on my watch, then resumed it on my watch. Showed it was recording. 45 min I checked my phone because the watch vertical seemed off and noticed it never actually started recording. Watch shows the correct time elapsed... I do full stack web development and I use promises to confirm whether the action on the server was successful... if not then reflect that on the browser/client side. I don’t see how this app shouldn’t work the same way. Other than that, great app overall. Been using for 5 seasons and love the updates over that time... just wish the watch communication with phone worked better..Version: 2.2.0

Unable to reset passwordUnable to reset password from app (nothing is emailed despite confirmations) Nor able to do this from web either..Version: 2.4.4

They Screwed Up VerticalsWhy do we have vertical calculate as up and down for skiing now? It used to be accurate with reporting only downhill verticals, but now they calculate up and down. Super frustrating! Please fix this bug..Version: 2.6.0

Unreliable with ApplewatchHaving previously used this app reliably over the years, I was disappointed with the unreliability of the app when using my Apple Watch to record my tracks. Despite a fully charged battery, the app would stop recording every now and then and it would not save any of the previous data. My whole morning of snowboarding is missing from my records on multiple days. Unlike other ski apps, Ski-tracks does not seem to have any Apple Watch complications available. This has been a great app over the years, it would be a shame to switch to another app if the above problems don’t get fixed..Version: 2.7.1

Something went haywireI’ve used this app for over 8 seasons. Something went haywire this year. About a third of my runs are no longer tracked, and I’m on mountains that are well covered by 5g/lte. There seems to be some bug where if you stop for a while, say for lunch, it won’t pick back up no matter what you do. Today after a 30 minute lunch, I knew to check it and if it was still around tracking. It had stopped. I saved what I had, started over, and it didn’t take until the 4th attempt, after I had skied another 5-10,000 feet of vertical. As an end user, I wouldn’t be able to guess what’s going on. Looking at my Google location history, that was tracking where I 2.4.4

Données absentes sur Apple WatchIPhone 11 Apple Watch série 7 Sur l'Apple Watch, l'application compte le temps mais n'affiche aucune autre données. Rien trouvé pour régler le problème. Si je démarre l'application directement sur le iPhone , ça fonctionne sur l'iPhone. Toutefois, aucune donnée ne s'affiche sur la montre..Version: 2.6.1

Great until this season...I've used this app since 2012 and it has always worked well. It's been good to see it improved along the way. Last year I was able to use it on my watch and I thought that was really awesome until today. At the end of a fantastic day of boarding it failed to transmit the data to my iPhone X. This was with the Apple Watch 2. All I have left of my data is the picture I took of the summary screen when I saw the "End" button was not responsive. I have a few more days to be on the mountain this week and I can say I won't be using the watch app any more. Funny thing, this morning we were trying to install the app on my wife's AppleWatch 3 for her to use and it was no where in the lost of apps to install on the watch even though it was installed on her phone. I should've taken that as an omen. Not a happy user of this watch app. It's gotta go from my watch and I'm going to see what my options are if any for data recovery and/or export..Version: 2.2.0

Worked well over Two Seasons but not nowSeemed to give a good result over the first two seasons after which I switched to AppleWatch 4 with gps. Now the watch seems to update the apple health app values for the exercise when I start and stop the watch app, but the link to the iPhone app fails. So I can no longer track the routes and lifts used, infact the app doesn’t seem to think I’ve done anything...Version: 2.4.1

PoorCan't get this app to work. It tracks all day long but only shows stats for one run, which I would guess to be the first of the day. For example, I skied for 5 hours yesterday. The app showed 5 hours of skiing but said I skied 3 kms. Something isn't right. User manual says nothing about it. Back to the drawing board..Version: 1.6.5

The Analyze function is buggy and destroys dataUpdate: I’m afraid I’ve lowered my rating of this app again, this time down to 2 stars. Apparently, using the Apple Watch to control the app is buggy as hell. 14,000 vertical feet translating to 68 miles of travel and other weirdness. But the worst is their ‘Analyze’ function: 12 runs/14,000 ft changes to 1 run/28 ft — and it appears that the function actually DESTROYS THE ORIGINAL DATA. To top it off the developer’s solution thus far is “well, don’t use the watch for this”. I’m now exploring alternatives. This’ll be my third year using this app, this year adding an Apple Watch to my ecosystem. I stay with this app over the alternatives because it continues to focus on actual skiing while most of the others are turning into social apps that happen to track skiing as an afterthought. My rating would be 5 stars if the developer would add turn tracking like they suggested they would a year ago. If another developer starts providing that, it may convince me to try a new app..Version: 2.2.0

Doesn’t workI paid for this app and it doesn’t work at all. Doesn’t record me on the slopes or anything.Version: 2.5.0

Decent but no storageWorks well but can’t accumulate a season’s worth. Only five allowed. Needs improvement in this area..Version: 2.4.4

Liability on your partI believe this app may be contributing to a breed of skier trying to post a new high speed by the end of the day. I’ll confess that when I first used it, I puffed up my chest at cracking the speed of sound. I showed the app to a friend, he downloaded it, went out and came in boasting he had topped my speed! 56 mph on a blue trail! Then I noticed friends of mine posting speeds in excess of 60 MPH on trails populated by unpredictable snowboarders and beginner to intermediate skiers. Speed is thrilling! I love it! The new skis allow you to carve very high speed turns. We become dangerous controlled missles. High speed skiers defend themselves by saying they are in control. This past winter I turned the app off during a winter ski vacation. I tried to focus on going slower and enjoying the view. I got hit by a kamikaze not far from the base of Sterling at Deer Valley. 10 breaks in 7 ribs, pneumothorax, punctured lung, and a bit of internal bleeding. I’m old on a blood thinner. Surgery and 6 days in the Intermountain Trauma Center. Was it the apps fault? No but the topic of Max Speed bragging came up in discussions afterwards. My neighbors wife got taken out and their child almost killed by a straight line boarder. The app is great for seeing where you went and how much vertical or steepness. Food for thought! I’m lucky to be alive. There are some that are not..Version: 2.4.4

No way to delete the car driveSpent all day skiing and forgot to turn off the app. Now I can't delete the 90km car drive after a solid days skiing. This app lacks very basic features..Version: 2.2.0

It could done betterThe app is great.but it could done better. First you can’t delete just one or two run. Cause one day you will forget close the app and drive home. The app will record it. Which you can’t delete the specific run. You have to delete the entire run for the day. Which is sad..Version: 2.6.1

Not workingThe onboarding process is missing, it doesn’t guide you to create an account. Apart from that I tried using the companion app for the apple watch (with all the required permissions enabled) expecting to track the gps routes that I took and it failed. Even the date/time was not displayed correctly in the app for my exercises recorded with the watch (being initialized with epoch UTC timestamp from 1970)..Version: 2.9.3

Not importing from healthI have used the watch to track my snowboarding session and while it shows up in health, the app doesn't show it to import it. I will review the tracking when i use the app and not apples one to track the session.Version: 2.5.2

Good for snow sport use but not enough for whole training purposeI have been using this paid version app for years. Data is very accurate compare to other similar app. Option to choose activities is great. The downsides are it’s not able to connect to a dedicated heart rate monitor via bluetooth. And it doesn’t allow you to sync with Strava. I end up using a Garmin watch more or sometimes just using Strava on the phone instead. This allows me to see my different activities all together to priovide a better prospect for training. This app needs to step up with these options in order to stay in this game longer..Version: 2.5.7

Going backwardsThe complication for Apple Watch is no longer available. When I wrote support about this in September they told me that it had been redone and would be available in the next update which would be available in a few weeks as final testing was almost done. Well ski season is now starting and no update and no complication. Last year I also had issues several times syncing between Watch and phone. Almost lost my data but then several hours later it miraculously appeared. Noticed in the reviews that others had this problem as well but not everyone ended up getting their data. Have used te app for at least 5 years and was super happy but starting to wonder..Version: 2.7.1

What have you done?Been using this for three seasons, absolutely loved it. But made the mistake of updating to the latest version and have lost three morning’s skiing. Start app, start tracking, get on lift. Stop for lunch, go to pause track, shows correct duration but everything else zero. Same phone as previous years. Seems very picky about GPS signal, or maybe it thinks you aren’t moving and hibernates to save battery? Eventually tried putting in outside pocket (never had problem inside previous years) but cold caused phone to shut down. Will bring cycle computer next year as that works in all temps..Version: 2.4.4

Doesnt workThis app only worked for one day. Since then it only tracks the “duration”. Tried reinstalling, and setting my settings to allow. Still doesnt work, dont buy it.Version: 2.6.1

Will no longer sync???I really like this app and have used it for 5-6 seasons. Recently when I go to the sync page now each ski session since day 1 over 5 yrs ago shows up in the page to be synced. And when I sync, they don’t actually sync. I typically sync every few days but now my entire history needs syncing and won’t.. I have version I don’t want to lose all of my ski history!!.Version: 2.5.2

App was great…until it wasn’tI’ve used this app for years and until this week it worked great. Now with the most recent update it’s showing ascent vs descent, and tripling the number of actual runs I did. Fix it and I’ll fix my rating. 2/3 update: they tried to fix the issue and are halfway there, but something is still off. Now whenever the ski lift levels off before going up again, it thinks you skied for a brief few seconds and adds a 20-30 foot ‘run’ in. I did 24 runs yesterday and the app thinks I did 37. It never did this before..Version: 2.6.1

Was a great app, until this week.I have used this app for years with no complaints, until this week it tracked how many runs you did and how much you skied downhill. Now it combines both ascent and descent making it kinda useless (you could already see ascent info in a smaller section before) and doesn’t display the number of runs anymore but instead shows the ascent slope which is a totally useless metric. EDIT: apparently now you have to select the activity as “skiing” in the little menu you get on the button on the top right to get it to display the way it always used to. They need to either make there be a default setting that comes across unless you change it or have it be a part of the “start” process yo select an activity..Version: 2.6.0

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