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Used to be great, now it’s mediocreBooking used to be such a great tool to travel, not only because of the hotel rates but also (and most importantly) because they had a great customer service that you could truly rely upon. They decided to outsource their CS to India I believe or somewhere in Asia or Middle East, and they have really lowered their standards. They make it extremely difficult for you to get in touch with them, I had to do a research just to find a phone number so I could speak to someone. Then the agents are not well trained and are unprepared to handle the requests and they direct you to send a message by txt instead of talking to you. Plus the long-distance communication makes the signal to be poor and it is difficult to understand what the agents say sometimes. I have been using Booking for years now, I think it’s time to find another website with better customer service now..Version: 35.4

Funeral plans ruinedI used this site to book a flight for my sisters funeral. She passed away a week ago and I was trying to rush to England to help my mum sort arrangements out. I booked a flight and car rental. Upon paying I instantly realised I had booked the ticket in the wrong month. I rang the helpline straight away to cancel the flights and hopefully book another one. Half way through I was hung up on. I rang back to be told if I rang half hour earlier I would get full refund. I said the lady hung up on me. He didn’t care. Said I was too late. Lost $500 on the cancellation. Absolutely disgusting. The actual airline only charge $290 to cancel so where did this higher amount come from. Never again will I use this site. Highway robbery. I’m already emotional with these family issues and they take my money in a second for a mistake. You’d be better off going straight to the airline for booking. This company is heartless. At least the car company gave me a full refund. The flights dept should be ashamed of themselves..Version: 34.5

The most frustrating site everCalled to change my reservation, all I could get was please enter your booking number ... please enter your booking number ..... over and over. I decided to phone them. Thanks your wait time is 2 minutes. I am still on hold after 33 minutes. I will never get this time back. And I still haven’t spoken to anyone. Help!!!!! Does anyone actually work there? Don’t risk it booking through this site, call the hotel direct. I wish I had..Version: 29.2

Okay but disappointing every day ...Well, we stayed one week in a bungalow superior. First impression , staff very friendly, bungalow with amazing view, beautiful pool... we were super happy. But then we realised the housekeeper didn’t changed the sheet every day. The 3rd day I had to put the sheet on the floor to have a new one . In one week she changed the shower gel, conditioner and soap only once . •The food is very disappointing (frozen and long service) . •The tv doesn’t work. •No wifi. •We wanted to do kayak (the only activity they offer in the resort ), only one is appropriate the another you have all water in it. ( when you know there is a lot jellyfish in the lagoon you don’t want to take the risk ) . •We ate 4 times in the restaurant . And the last day when I wanted to pay the bill . The waitress forgot the last dessert on the bill ( she could at least offer it ) we booked one week in a bungalow superior . Ate 4 times a the restaurant . (And ordered the fresh lobster the last night ) . I mean they could at least do a discount . Very disappointing the last day . Fortunately we stayed only a week ..Version: 16.0.1

Not for hotel payments on behalf of someoneI’ve had the same problem three times during the last month. I’ve tried to make a reservation on behalf of my parents three different times in three different properties and countries. The problem is that Booking does not clearly specify that you’re not paying but just reserving, and it is a "pay at the property" kind of deal, but they keep your credit card on file just in case. My parents don’t have the resources to pay at the property which is why I was using this service. At the moment of their check in they’re informed that they have to pay there, so I decide to go through Expedia instead and cancel with Booking which of course says, there’s a cancellation fee that I have to pay. My dad asked the manager of the hotel and they said their hotel does not have a "cancellation fee" even though that’s what Booking said and probably will charge. What a waste of time. If you’re the one traveling and paying for yourself at the property, it should work..Version: 34.3

So beyond upset with this companyI have booked multiple hotel stays with this app. I was fraudulently charged for a day I did not stay due to the hotel being a literal health hazard which I had to contact the health department about. Even though I have hand written proof and video evidence that I did not stay at the hotel the booking company now after 2 months (was even assured the app would refund me if hits didn’t) I am told they will give me a $29 credit towards another hotel stay. The booking company has led me along for 2 months only to them tell me that because the hotel won’t agree to it (even though I have written and video evidence that they assured me I wasn’t being charged for not staying) they will not protect me,a loyal customer. The hotel is still able to book through them . I guess why protect your loyal customer when you the rich thief . I have now had to report the fraud to my bank which I could have done 2 months ago if this company didn’t lie and lead me along so long . Absolutely awful..Version: 30.9

Cosmos Hotel, Moscow , RussiaHi had the unfortunate experience to book in here for 4 nights . It is the singularly most unpleasant accomodation I have EVER stayed in . It had absolutely no refining feature. It’s dirty with stains on floors, walls, matteress, sheets etc. Holes on bathroom walls, chips on toilet seat , no bathroom accessories , no air conditioning/controls in the room , curtains hanging off the rail . All restaurants well over priced , understaffed an 3rd food . The included breakfast was total slop , we ate in one day then not again for the 4 mornings . The only two positives were location to the Metro and the service comparative to Russian service was average to ok , only just the bare minimum to be called civil , in saying that, I seen other guests most disrespected ..Version: 17.2

Reasonable for a last minute bookingThe B&B is located in a nice historic area. It is a bit too far from the station, especially because we could not find any taxi service in the city. There is no reception at the building and we didn’t receive the email by the time we got there, which was a bit confusing. But we managed to speak to the person in charge. The building looks nice and historic. The bedroom was a bit expensive for the type of furniture they have there. The bedroom furniture looks cheap and old. The bathroom was nice, but the shower box was poorly installed and didn’t work properly. They offered a breakfast, which was included in the price. But the breakfast was too basic and we had to order some sides to complement our meal. However, we were charged twice for the basic breakfast and the service was pretty disappointing. We did book our stay without researching at the very last minute. The B&B was a recommendation by a friend. But we expected a little more for the price we paid for the suite..Version: 16.4

Nice enoughI’m a bit late writing this review but I find reviews helpful so thought I’d leave one. We stayed in August 2020 when the weather was very hot & our room was boiling! Asked for a fan & was given a small fan which was tiny, not even the size of my forearm & I'm 5ft 1” so was basically pointless. No breakfast due to Covid, however, we were provided with a breakfast box which was left in the fridge, one fridge was conveniently placed on each landing. Breakfast was cereal, yogurt, orange juice & milk which was okay to keep us going until we went out. Room was on the small side but fine for two people, furniture & carpets are dated but very clean which is what’s most important. No lift as it’s an old property but this would be an issue for those with limited ability. We were on the first floor & my mother found the stairs troublesome. This B&B is very good value for money, closes to the beach which is reached via a steep hill (again trouble for those with mobility issues, but there is usually a lift which wasn’t in use due to Covid so check this out if this might be a issue for you). If you have a car you can drive further down & the beach is more easily accessible. Overall, great value for money but I most likely wouldn’t stay here again as I like things just a little more modern but I would 100% recommend to anyone who wanted something cheap & cheerful..Version: 29.9

Disappointed with bar and breakfast serviceFirstly the que for the bar was ridiculous and wasn’t managed very well. The bar manager in the suit liked the sound of his own voice rather than actually organising. Breakfast on the first morning was in the scran restaurant which is lovely. Order for eggs was wrong and no attemp to fix the order. The lady serving just laughed. Ordered toast with the breakfast which came after we had already eaten and was stood up to leave. Complained to reception and got a full refund. Next day breakfast was worse, on the 5th floor which looked like a conference room and was far too hot. Oh obviously bar manager was told we had complained as he very even more rude and obnoxious, 2 people were seated and served before are order was even taken, food arrived with no hash browns, only one small button mushroom cut in half and the toast was like warm bread. Also the cold drinks were brought in a child size cup! For a hotel that looks so nice and is expensive to stay it’s massively let down by the bar and breakfast service..Version: 24.7

Property was a scamThe unit I had booked was not as advertised and 100% an unsafe place to stay. Upon arrival I could see the building was old and decrepit and the stairs felt like they would give way. The door to my unit was completely open and when I tried to close the door it wouldn’t shut. The door hinge was falling off and the door was skewed. I tried calling the property and no answer. I tried contacting customer service through the app and it kept redirecting me to the property manager. The calls themselves were to outside of Canada, creating long distance charges for me on my cell phone. I had arrived late at night, travelling alone, and couldn’t close the unit door. I tried to leave a review on the app including pictures of the unit and said my review violated their terms of service..Version: 31.3.1

Great location but not what I expected.Not what I expected for the price we paid. The hotel is in a great location but could use some upgrades and better housekeeping skills. The room was spacious but not as clean as it should be. The bathroom curtain was white with some gray stains which showed it had not been properly watched in a long time. The bathroom sink had some yellow stains in the corner and the toilet paper holder was falling off the wall. This one had a whole right next to it that was never patched up and the footboard needed some real good cleaning as they were gray instead of white. I spoke with the front desk about it and they sent the housekeeper to clean the room but everything I mentioned was still the same when we got back to the room. You could tell they switched the bedroom sheets, replaced the towels and vacuumed the floors but nothing else was done. This is the first time I experience anything like this in a hotel and it was a shamed. The food is also over priced. I was only there for two nights and didn’t want to make a big deal about the cleanliness of the room but unfortunately, I would not be staying here again..Version: 25.4

I wish i could give it no starsThe rooms were dirty. Yes the floors were sticky in the hallway. The room was without light bulbs. One chair was so dirty. The housekeeping staff turned it over on the other side. However that side was dirty as . Not one time did the manager come to talk with me. We looked at 4 rooms and still had to stay in the first dirty room. The pool was cold. The housekeeping didn’t give us fresh sheets. They just made the bed. They didn’t bring fresh towels. We had to ask for them. Then when we asked they didn’t bring them and we had to call again. The walks in the room was peeling. The bathroom walls were cracked. One of the rooms I looked at the door to the room looked like it had been broken into. When the person came up to look at it they didn’t even say anything other then that’s not a hole. Then on the 2nd night there was a room with 20 kids in it. They kept running up and down the hallways being loud. Then they took over the pool. The breakfast was not fresh. I ended up drinking spoiled milk. I complained and all i was offered was $44 for my trouble. That’s not even enough. This hotel is not worth the money..Version: 16.1

Cheap, friendly, not much elseThe Red Roof Hotel, nearby Dallas Fort Worth airport (in fact under the flight path) is really a motel, at best 1980s in style. The counter staff are friendly, and if you ask them something they will tell you. But almost zero information is volunteered. They have an assured clientele of flight staff, and are obviously not too bothered for other business. The room, though clean, has very little to commend it. The shower pressure is weak. There are no toiletries other than a soap bar and a single sachet of shampoo. My room had an ‘air conditioner’ which seemed to have no effect on the room, while the heater control had no control button: ‘It must have been stolen by some kid’, said the man asked to come and open the safe for me. (You can’t use the safe unless you ask for this service!) The ‘airconditioner’ made more noise than an airplane. Sleep was impossible with it on. Coffee is available at reception, otherwise there is no food at all. They rely on a ‘Denny’s’ next door, which offers every kind of fatty food you can imagine. This hotel is cheap by local standards. In every sense of the word..Version: 15.7

No Customer care at allI have confirmed booking in Mumbai , when I reached the hotel my booking was canceled by the hotel . I report to booking several times with no hope . It cost me 3 times booking cost for the last minute because of this mistake . No respond at all . No trust anymore.Version: 35.4.2

NightmareI NEVER write reviews, but I really just had to take the time out of my day to vent on here about this situation. My boyfriend booked a trip to Florida for my birthday that we are supposed to be leaving for on Thursday to check in Friday. We wake up to an email saying that our reservation has been cancelled and his account deactivated due to a “background check” on him and “sorry for the inconvenience”?? I am beyond in shock. I might could understand someone who has felonies or violent crimes, but my boyfriends past misdemeanors** when he was younger should not play a factor in him booking a vacation like anyone else. If that isn’t bad enough, he spent over 1,000 dollars that was “immediately released by Airbnb” but that he now will not get back for up to 15 days. We are literally supposed to be checking in FRIDAY and have no where to stay now and the money will not be back before or during the duration of our trip. I’m sorry this had to be the first review I’ve ever left anyone in my life, but I’m sad and I guess I just needed to put that on here..Version: 33.1

Average staff, average hotel, average stayThe hotel was nicely decorated, in a good location and the Refuge bar next to the hotel is good. The gentleman who checked us in wasn’t particularly friendly - he was too interested in assisting the girl next to him rather than ensuring that he gave us a warm welcome. No information was provided regarding the hotel amenities from check in staff. We got to the room - the heating was broken, which was subsequently seen to by maintenance but the room was still cold. Some updating to the room is required - a hook was missing off the bathroom door, the bathroom door lock was broken etc. We called reception to obtain two champagne flutes - we had to call 5 times before someone answered and when they did again the gentleman wasn’t particularly friendly. The room was right near the train line so we could hear trains passing throughout the night. We were then woken up by housekeeping in the morning wanting to clean our room. We also rang housekeeping and asked for extra teabags and they didn’t arrive. Overall the hotel was nicely decorated, but the stay and service received was average..Version: 15.8.1

OK but not helpful in fixing incorrect informationBookings wrote to me and said that I had not showed up for one of the bookings I had made. I sent information confirming that I had used the hotel as planned and was informed that this had been confirmed by the hotel by the Bookings staff. I asked bookings to update my information and not to put “no show” on my booking records but they would not and could explain why. I asked several times but to no avail. I also noted that I gave a mixed review to a Hotel. It was fair, true and accurate and not disputed by the hotel. The response from the hotel was just rude and unpleasant rhetoric with no feedback about whether or how they would address the improvement areas. I noted that this was the way they dealt with less than glowing reviews from other posts. Bookings continues to recommend this hotel and permits the posting of rude comments on the website. It seems that Bookings perceives that hotel guests booking through the site are less important than hoteliers..Version: 16.3.1

Great LocationOverall our stay here was O.K. The location was amazing with about a two minute walk and you were at the Ganges. It was near a great evening ceremony as well. The restaurant was good and the rooms service prices were very reasonable, as were their laundry rates. The thing that let them down the most was the shower and the bed. After a long day out all you really want is a comfortable bed and a nice warm shower, unfortunately we could have neither. The shower constantly ran out of hot water even though we left the geyser on for over an hour and I mean ran out after you had just washed your hair so you had to do the rest in the cold water. The bed we stayed in was extremely hard which had you constantly rolling over all night and the pillow gave no comfort. Overall it was an ok hotel but just could not get a good nights sleep..Version: 16.0.1

Worst serviceBooked and paid, booking didn’t send my reservation to the hotel. Won’t cancel the reservation, made me wait to trouble shoot their shty computer system. Waste of my time.Version: 35.5.1

Great Showers!The hotel was near a new mall. The room was small but clean. We stayed for 13 days. On the 3rd day, a bottle of perfume was taken out of the room when they cleaned it. The front desk was notified and they said the cleaning crew knew nothing about it. Nothing else done about it. Use the room safe as the cleaning staff may not be trusted. The bottle of perfume was not high in value but still bothered my wife because something was taken out of the room. No manager came to talk to us in the next 10 days of our stay. Another thing, we received 2 card keys in the beginning of our stay. One cracked and did not work when trying to open the door. I alerted the front desk and they said they will replace it for 200 pesos as “all room cards are inventoried”. Such a valuable piece of plastic... We continued to stay there as we were already charged for the entire stay. Flip a coin when deciding on this hotel as they seem to be customer friendly until a problem arises. The only real plus were the showers..Version: 16.4

Paying for the location with this hotelInside is a let down. The reception and bar area is very scruffy, the reception staff are friendly. The room is ok, comfortable bed, air con. Bathroom very small and it did have a slightly musty smell. No extra plug sockets for plugging in chargers etc, a bit claustrophobic for a family of 2 adults and two children to be honest. It’s a shame as it could be an amazing hotel as much of the original Art Deco features are still in place. You are definitely paying for the location here which is right in the middle of ocean drive. We only stayed one night,wouldn’t like to stay any longer than a night or two here. We didn’t eat here so can’t comment but the place didn’t inspire you to want to eat here either. If you are looking for a comfortable bed to sleep on while you party In Miami then it’s just the ticket, if you’re looking for something with a bit more quality accommodation I’d look elsewhere..Version: 16.6

SCAM!Update: Customer service is useless. They don’t want or even try to help you because it’s not in their best interest. Their Deals are no better than Priceline etc. The travel credits you earn can never be used because there is no way to apply the reward on the app. I called a rep about an issue with the hotel I booked. They handled it worse than a 5 year old. I guess British/ European people are a bit odd. Why this woman said what she said is inexcusable and definitely not proper customer service. They will not help you if you need it. Try another hotel app. The app gives you errors when you try to claim you $50 rewards. I wonder if people ever get them and use them successfully. I find it really hard the people in Europe do not understand the English language. I think they purposely try to act confused to avoid taking any responsibility. These people are a complete waste of time I think even a five year old in the United States could offer more customer service and these people can. They are truly a waste of space in the customer service industry..Version: 30.4

When will you fix the bugs in the app for iPad?I’ve been using this app on my iPad for years, and have sent feedback about the annoying bugs before, to no avail. The two most annoying are (1) the ‘wheel of death’, i.e., getting that never-ending spinning wheel especially when you change or cancel a booking. Often I have to quit the app to get rid of it. (2) if you want to change the dates for a booking, the app shows the WRONG dates, with the checkout date being consistently one day earlier than the actual booking. So I usually have to cancel the booking and start again. These bugs have been bugging me for YEARS now. Are you ever going to fix them?.Version: 34.5

Bad service and charges for cancellation that weren’t even booked within 24 hoursFirst off me and my husband were told that we could use the military discount on the app but when it came to it nothing showed up to put in the military discount information so they lied about that and we were left with an over bearing price that was more than the original price the hotel website even offered then when we tried to cancel the reservation we assumed we wouldn’t be charged because it was barely even 10 minutes after booking even though they have a 24 hour policy on bookings, which we tried to get the charges waived there was difficulty to get into contact with the customer service manager because there needed to be a “third party” to speak to us on the app but they were saying that there was nothing that they could which already goes against their policy. So we ended up having to keep the reservation since we’re tight on budgets, terrible service and terrible app, don’t recommend if you’re on a budget!!!.Version: 27.9

Kind of pricy for what you getThis accommodation was more like a bed and breakfast (except without the breakfast) Beds were not comfortable. One, the hide-a-bed was a thin mattress and my son woke up with neck and shoulder pain. Queen bed was a mattress with memory foam on top. Wi-Fi worked only sometimes. Hot and stuffy in room but Xavier brought a fan which was helpful. Only one faucet worked on sink with lukewarm water and shower was not so great, but had nice hot water. Also, no fridge, microwave or anything. Parking was about 1/4 mile away and an extra $10-$15 a night. Xavier was very trustworthy and helpful and gave us good suggestions where to eat, etc.. (The reason for the 3stars otherwise I would give it Just 2 stars for comfort). He was also a good communicator and responded to texts and requests promptly. This place was close to the center and seemed to be safe enough with double locked doors. All in all I felt like we paid a lot for what we got compared to other places we stayed in MX though. Be prepared to pay for your stay in cash (pesos) too..Version: 15.6

UnsatisfiedRegard to the booking, we were very disappointed with the room that we were given. On arrival we had to wait for 3 hours before we could even speak with anyone. Another customers had to let us in, if it wasnt for that guy being there then we would have never even gotten a place to sleep that night. We tried calling the owners phone number countless times, and he never answered once or even tried to call us back. Another hour later the owner’s friend came here to speak with us. He tells us the owner is on his way and will be here in 30 minutes. His friend let me speak to him on the phone in which he tells me that our room that we booked is now unavailable and that we will be staying in another place. And also the owner never showed up like he said he would. I only ever got to speak to him on his friends phone. Upon getting our new room assigned to us, it is nothing like what we had paid for. We paid for a kitchen, private bathroom, and 2 separate rooms. We also paid for wifi which we do not have currently. The room that was giving to us is just a single bed room with 2 beds. There is no heating, no hot water, no wifi, no kitchen and the bathrooms is shared with other people on this floor. I am very very outraged with this situation..Version: 16.4

Bowerbird cottageI have been coming to these cottages for over 6 years now and have noticed the womanly touches have almost disappeared, with so many beautiful blooming camellias all around you would think just one real flower in there wouldn’t be to much to ask for. I found it a little depressing with all the dark furniture. Black cough dark blue rug black throw rug and the one brown cushion on the cough . The bath room now has visible mould as the vent doesn’t work. As I know the location is a national park the entrance to the cabins has turned into a play ground for children on the left as you come in and a storage area , with large un sightly shipping containers visible not to mention the stock pile next to the reception area. I guess what really topped it off for me is the best before dates on the cereal left for us . One was out by 7 days and the other 25 days out... so sad :(.Version: 24.6

Checkout doesn’t work - 500 exceptionsThe app hasn’t worked for anyone in our group for weeks now, ever since we landed in the UK. Every time we try to checkout the app returns a 500 exception at the last stage. Not sure if your revenue dropped to 0, as it doesn’t work on any of our accounts. But this is plain embarrassing. You should have really noticed your bugs by now. Ended up using alternative services and booking directly with the hotels all month. ******************************** In response to the developer - of course I tried to uninstall, and checkout doesn’t work on any of our phones - not just for me. Did some QA to make it work - and it seems that checkout doesn’t work for US clients in the UK without turning on VPN. Maybe you have some bug with payments details. You should look into it as no one in our group is able to use the app anymore since we came to the UK - so you’re losing thousands of $. And most people aren’t technical so they won’t figure out they need to turn on vpn or even know what that means!.Version: 30.4

Kong MaRoom are huge, all rooms are ocean view. Very clean, very disappointed for no more breakfast start 30/Oct, but our booking was breakfast included..Version: 35.5.1

No customer serviceIf you have any problems good luck trying to resolve them. No support for overcharging or being charged after a confirmed ‘free cancellation’ issue. You’ll be left to dispute these with a hotel with language barriers in a country far from your own..Version: 35.4.2

It’s fraudThey took the amount of $81 from me and returned to me $22 and I did not benefit from this service. I never slept one night in the room at all. These people are not rooted in the trust. I could not get my full money back because the room was not with the same specifications shown on the site. This is fraud and deception. It is a fraudulent site that works against customers, I advise you not to deal with it..Version: 35.5.1

Very Disappointed Considering PriceVery disappointed considering the $300 per night price tag. (1) Arrived the first afternoon and given an expansive menu down by the pool but told “only pizza and hamburger” available. (2) I told the front desk that evening we were looking to drive to a place that had shisha and they said, we have it here but you have to smoke outside (and it was chilly). I said okay…so we drive and bought sweaters and came back to the hotel. Told hookahs were available until midnight. We went and showered and returned at 9pm only to be told “no hookahs” maybe tomorrow. (3) started moving around about 10am today. At 12:00 for hungry and told once again only pizza and burgers at the pool area and no food until 1:00pm. No food anywhere on the property. The room was extremely small. We had much better accommodations and service in Sharm El-Sheikh. Never returning here in the off season and never coming to this specific resort again. Rooms in Sharm were also half the price. If you are going to close the resort for off season…just close the resort..Version: 35.2

Zero STARS - worst customer serviceUpdate: I called your customer service multiple times. When you stole my money and the hotel I booked in wouldn’t give me the room your “customer service” would not help at all. They kept putting me on hold, telling me they would call me back and some of them couldnt speak intelligible English, most of all never followed thru. After 2 hours of waiting in front of the hotel I booked with no response or help from your customer service I booked another room. When I called back a few days later to get a refund your customer service team was so rude I don’t think they have the soundness of character to speak like that to my face. They were all very proud they SCAMMED me of my money. I booked through your site. They took my money and didn’t pay the hotel so I was left without a room. Calling customer service multiple times getting put on terminal hold with no resolution. Customer care would say they would call me back with resolution. 2 hours lost on the phone with no service just lies..Version: 33.2.2

NO PIN IN THE EMAIL YOU SEND!!!Doesn’t synch with bookings made on other devices. You’re instructed to import them using the booking number and PIN on the confirmation email. Guess what? THERE IS NO PIN ON THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL!!! You have to go back to the original device you made the booking on, find the PIN there, come back to the device you’re currently trying to use and import the booking. For goodness sake this is not exactly seamless! If I’ve logged in it’s me! Show me all of my bookings on all of my devices without making me go through this ridiculous rigmarole..Version: 27.0

Horrible customer serviceI had to wait and am still waiting for support from customer service. I booked a trip and it said no prepayment needed. The property south gap hotel in Barbados charged my credit card the full amount $650 for a stay that is not until April 2022 it’s June 2021. They advertised no prepayment required then charged me for the full stay..Version: 28.9

This app almost caused us to lose our vacation!I have used this app twice now! The first time in 2021 and had no issues with it. They took out the money right then and there, everything was done and paid for. Good to go. We just came back from a trip 2022. But the day before we left, the owner of the resort calls me to let me know my card didn’t go thru. I explained to him I had already paid for the trip months ago when I booked it. I’m not sure if they just preauthorized the money at that time or what. Because after I booked it, it showed to be deducted from my bank account. Then I went back to my previous months statement when the owner called me, and sure enough. It was never taken out! (Which is kinda on me, I should have paid more attention.) but it did show it was taken out the day I booked, so I never thought anymore about it! We were able to go, no thanks to booking! I should have just stayed using the AirBNB app like I normally do, and that’s what I will do from here on out! I do not recommend this site at all! I have already deleted my booking account! So deuces booking! ✌🏻 you’ll never see me using you again!.Version: 33.6

Reservations not accurate on arrivalApparently according to the hotels they never received all the information for my rooms. First one had been confirmed on the way 3 times. Worked out in the end. The second had nothing correct & blamed this booking site. I’ve allergies ruined the evening & we didn’t stay an extra day because nobody cared. They made it seem like they jumped through hoops to make me comfortable They did not I’m allergic to down removing it doesn’t remove all the presence of down Zyrtec & epipens later I was still not well the next am. At first they had 2 King rooms on different floors I booked 2double bed rooms next to or near each other Traveling with elderly parents. Then said we’re going to get you 2 new rooms I was waiting in the courtyard we put our stuff back in the car It took way too long. Went to dinner & found out on our return they just removed the down bedding. No manager. Nobody cared. And I reserved with breakfast & had it printed out. They wouldn’t look & said they didn’t have it down. What a nightmare. Double Tree in Gainesville. We would have stayed another night there. Next time we’ll choose a different hotel directly..Version: 33.2.1

Horrible misrepresentationDeleted this Ap and will never do business with them or their partners. But if I may digress, I’ve used booking for the majority of my travels and with great success. Had a family member pass recently and set a booking for San Francisco for Sept 3. I made the reservation on 8/24. Booking stated in the reservation that my card would not be charged and only a hold would be placed as I could pay upon arrival. Low and behold I was charged on 8/28 for the full amount. No worries as we anticipated making the trip. Then we are stricken with covid on the 30th. Go into the booking ap to cancel and they say you’ve already been charged and the cancellation charge is the full amount. But wait I’m sure it said I had 24 hours to cancel with no fees? Nope. I sent and email to ask to reverse the charge and all of a sudden they have no control I have to call the property. Guess what…. I put it on a credit card, cancel the charge, erase the ap, put booking on blast for their deceitful misrepresentation and move on with my life. BUYER BEWARE OF THIS AP..Version: 29.9

Booking is a fraudMy parents made a reservation at a hotel in Winchester, England, then cancelled on time to not get charged, per the terms of the reservation. They received an email confirming it was cancelled and that no charge will be made. To their surprise, one week after the cancellation they got charged the full amount of €240 a night. Then the nightmare began. Calling booking customer was a horrendous experience. Every person picking up the call would tell us a different story. They would say they did not charged it, or that it corresponded to another reservation (which it didn’t), or they would acknowledge it was a mistake and that they had to wait. We also called the hotel which confirmed that on their end they never charged us and therefore it had been Booking making the charge. After one month of about 17 calls with Booking customer service and sending bank documents to proof that the reservation had been charged to their bank account, finally my parents bank was able to present a complaint to Visa, providing all the documents, and they received the refund that Booking would deny them over and over again. This was an absolute fraud on the part of Booking and my family members and myself will never use this app again, period. There are lot of people in travel forums sharing similar experiences. Bye bye Booking..Version: 31.3.1

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE DO NOT STAY HERE!Run fast the other way!!! This hotel needs to close down and have a total rehab. I don’t mind older properties if they are kept up. This hotel has lots of deferred maintenance. We asked for a quite room. We were given a king room that faces Canal Street. First mistake! The road noise, vehicles honking, people screaming, sirens all day and night, and some dude on a megaphone for hours at a time preaching. This is definitely not a relaxing hotel. Once you wade past all the homeless people you finally get to the front doors. There was a security guard on call at night but he isn’t checking anyones id or proof you are staying here. Once we get to our room it was awful. The drapes are stained with brown spots all over them. The carpet is stained. There are ants crawling on the bed. The bed frame has iron pieces hanging out and my wife cut her shin. The bed cover is ripped to shreds. No blankets. The front desk does not answer the phone. The commode was broke. Mold in the shower. Air conditioning return vent is filthy. The positive are location within city and air conditioner works great. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS RUN DOWN HOTEL. For $900 for 3 nights, we were definitely ripped off..Version: 31.1

Awful customer service And bad customer relations.I’ve used boooking several times in the past without problems, until recently. It was my birthday and wanted to celebrate with my girlfriend. I went on the Booking app to find a Jacuzzi Suite and located one in their site at a Holiday in express and Suites. Drove over a hundred miles to this hotel that I reserved And got to hotel. Checked in and went up to room only to find their was no jacuzzi in room. Called front desk and was told that they didn’t have any rooms with jacuzzis, and that I would need to talk to manager in the morning. Talked to manager at checkout and was told that They are not going to refund me at all because it’s not their fault, it’s Bookings fault and I had to call them. Called booking and they said it’s not their fault either. So I guess it’s my fault that I was lied to and lured into a hotel for something I was promised and paid for but didn’t receive. Beware of Booking. Com as they will not stand behind anything, and don’t care a lot guest relations. Again I used them to book many times in the past and will not again and suggest for your sake you do not either..Version: 24.8

Bad!Bad!!! Worst app ever for bookings! Never trust they might cancel you at any time and offer you a really expensive stay at a hotel located far away from the desired destination!!!.Version: 29.2

Roadway Inn- North Miami on NW 167th StAbsolutely the worst hotel experience I’ve ever had and I’m 62 and travel frequently. I was there 5 days... the police were there multiple times, vagrants were always around begging money, the elevator was broke down for 2 days, the halls reeked of pot, the room was filthy, we were moved 3 times because the toilet was not working, the carpet was filthy, there was black mold on the ceiling, the air conditioner rattled , the shower barely worked. I paid for my stay in advance so I was stuck. My daughter and her family stayed 2 days and left and found another hotel. Today when thankfully I checked out, the elevator was finally working, there were 6 guests with luggage on the elevator when the rear door opened and a housekeeper with a cart and vacuum forced her way on the elevator pinning my 11 year old grandson against the wall. We all tried to tell her it was too crowded, she pretended she didn’t understand English... I later heard her speaking fluent English. Ironically, I had to wait to get my cash deposit back while someone inspected the room. What a joke. The only reason I gave that dump 1 star was because it had a bed ( with stained linens ) and a roof..Version: 22.0.2

Very bad!Very very nasty experience! It was my first time using this app to book air tickets! Over a month and problem not solved! They charged me twice for same booking. And the booking canceled by! Over a month they did not do the refund even I had called so many times to the customer service and they can not provide me anything to prove they refund the money or not. I also called my credit card centre and they told me never sent anything for refund. So disappointed and disgusting!.Version: 35.4.1

Not reliableI’ve been using this app in my recent travel in south east Asia. In more than one occasion my booking was cancelled by the hotels after being confirmed. The app never offered any help and when I left a bad review about one of their award winning hotel they left it in a pending state for weeks before removing it. In fact there’s another review, still pending approval, where I mention that the app was useless in helping me find an accommodation after an hotel booked through the app decided not to wait for my late arrival. Of course I sent the hotel an email through the app after realising that I was going to be late. I then wrote to the app customer service and the only help they offer was sending me the hotel details which I already had... I then called myself the hotel desk and convinced the lady who answered to wait for me and accommodate me in another hotel close by at the same price. The app can be used as a list and to check availability but it is not reliable and will not offer any help if your booking is cancelled..Version: 16.8

No customer service do not useDo not use they will take your $ any means necessary.Version: 35.5.1

Closed motel booked .I have used for many years with no issues. However I booked a motel in early July. When I arrived at my destination we were shocked to find a motel that was closed. The neighbouring community informed us it had been closed since 2019 . Should we not been informed of this? We were very fortunate to have friends staying in PEI for this very busy weekend who had room for us. No other motels available . I will not be using booking. com in the future..Version: 29.5

Our stayMyself and husband booked to stay for the weekend. When we arrived the service was excellent, room was ready before check in time, presecco for us both in the room, lovely touch. Breakfast the next morning greeted well, shown to our table. Hot food was buffet, fried eggs to hard and been sat on hot plate for a long time, hash browns soggy, mushrooms over seasoned with pepper to the point it burnt my mouth, tomatoes had mixed herbs poured over them, not something I want to taste in the morning and the sausages were by far the cheapest I’ve ever tasted straight out of a freezer! Not what you expect from a four star hotel! Continental side of breakfast you couldn’t fault. Opted for scrambled eggs the next morning and they were lovely. Sunday we wanted the roast dinner and only veg offered with it was mash and carrots! Again not what you expect from a four star hotel! Room service wasn’t avaliable but states it on their website, wouldn’t even do us a sandwich or a wrap to eat in our rooms even though there were chefs cooking food, not really hardship to make! Some positives but more negatives with the stay!.Version: 32.2

Worst experience ever!!!DO NOT STAY HERE! Me and my girlfriend we’re both woman and a couple booked a room here for New Year’s Eve. We thought we would have a decent room in the back with privacy and some peace. Wrong, in as less than 1 hour we received a disturbing note on my car windshield. You can see for yourself in my photos. We felt very uncomfortable and threaten someone at the motel is watching over us. We called the front desk to informed them what’s going on and requested for him to escort us to the car we felt unsafe at the moment. He took nearly 30 minutes. And so we decided to reach out to the cops to have them escort us out the motel in a safely manner. But the cops never showed up of course it was New Year’s Eve. The front desk attendant end up showing up later and we decided to get a refund back it was unpleasant. Cigarette hole inside the comforter, the vent was off the ceiling in the restroom, a cloth towel was hung on the shower curtain/rod used, and red stain on the side table. It may be cheaper to stay for a Motel 6 but this one was the worst one I ever stay please do not book this place!!!.Version: 15.8.1

App needs some refinementWe used this app often on our trip. But it seems like the developers aren’t travellers themselves. It’s rather annoying that when we are offline (because not everyone can afford to roam) the app tells us we are offline. Not just once, but sometimes there can be about 10 pop ups. Imagine this: you’re at an airport trying to explain to your taxi driver where your hotel is... hold on while I close these 15 dialog boxes that keep telling me what I already know: I’m offline! Last night I was searching for a place, it was great. I almost booked it, but then I realised I entered the wrong dates. The only way to correct this is to re-enter the search criteria with the correct dates and hope that I can find my hotel again. Seriously, who tested this UX? Another super annoying feature is that if you accidentally click on a link that opens the app, what ever you were doing vanishes. Like completely gone, so good luck finding what you were doing before, there is no back button. Fuuuuuuuu! Hope you enjoyed the review 😘.Version: 17.8

Won’t connect to FacebookA little while ago after an update (I think), the app stopped updating information and bookings made through the website. After logging in and out (Facebook account) and deleting and reinstalling the app, the app will not log in. Hopefully this is fixed because other than that, it’s a very handy app. Used it often recently until this..Version: 22.9

Double chargedI was charged for a booking I cancelled 5 days before the date. I feel I got stolen and will definitely cancel my membership.Version: 35.3.1

Terrible customer service!Last year we had a trip planned in March, flying out 3 days after the pandemic started. All of our travel plans got canceled so naturally we had to cancel the hotel room we booked through your app. We were told we could not cancel and get a refund, but instead could inform them of when we planned to travel again so we can change the date/get a credit. Now that Iceland has opened back up (this is where we had our hotel at), we rebooked our trip and called Booking to get the credit for the room. We were told today that because we did not call them to change the dates prior to our original hotel booking (March 15, 2020), that our credit was no longer active and there is nothing they can do. They told us to call the hotel but when we did, they said Booking never gave them our money and that we have to resolve it with Booking. Basically you all expected us to magically know when we would travel again 3 days after the pandemic started so now we are out 3 days worth of a hotel. I’m extremely unhappy and cannot express to you enough that I will not be using Booking in the future!!! You have stolen our money and that’s all there is to it..Version: 29.0

I’m not sure whether to use your service or not?I’ve a big international flight booking. Cause my sister is getting married. But from recent ratings everywhere, I am really not sure what happened with this..Version: 35.5.1

Not what I expectedSo many issues - first, room stunk of cigarette smoke and was dreadfully hot on a very muggy day. The ac was old. I asked to change room and for my money returned (as I was going to find another venue) and was told I couldn’t get money returned so accepted a room on a lower floor. This room still smokey and the hallway had old musty smell. There were no lamps in the room, no extras at all. Bed was incredibly uncomfortable and hard. TV although new had no connection for half of stay. They need to do a lot to make this more appealing. Also no phone in the room to connect to front desk so have to go down to mostly unattended office to get assistance. Very disappointed for what was meant to be a relaxing night this was stressful. On a positive note they did change rooms and fix tv on second go. Staff were pleasant and tried to help..Version: 16.2.1

Chic RoyaltonI checked in here on Friday and I hate every minute of it.I paid for a luxury room what I got was far from that my first room was room 5111. You can tell the room was hit hard during the flood it has mold everywhere. I requested to get moved because of the awful smell in the room and breathing was impossible. When I called to complain they just hung up the phone. The first room we had had fresh cut fruits and a bottle of wine nice presentation but we could not eat anything out of the moldy room we finally got moved to another room that was not luxury with two beds instead of a king bed. Spoke to a supervisor who gave us reservation to a Mediterranean restaurant which already came with our booking lol.. I have requested to be moved to the diamond room and offered to pay more the hotels has refused to grant this claiming they are all full as I sit by the pool and see empty rooms. I have never felt the need to write a review but this is the WORST hotel I have ever stayed in can’t wait to get home absolutely HATE IT unfortunately am here until Wednesday hopefully someone will make this right but I highly doubt it.Version: 16.3.1

Comfort Inn and SuitesWe won’t ever stay here again. First off, I reserved a King Suite. They gave me a double Queen. I called the front desk and the little gal lied to me about the computers going down , so she couldn’t check. She then said well, you paid so your problem. Ok, so I check the room. We have a broken main outlet ( exposed wires too) and the three outlets on the wall were out. Major OSHA issue. I go in person to the front desk to change rooms , since now they put a room full of partying neighbors next to us. Now, I’m getting the room we originally reserved ( really).Our 2nd morning, No water ( the water pump is broken). Now we have a toilet that filled with dirt and sediments after it was fixed. We leave and return to no maid service was done to clean it, no fresh towels, no room coffee given. Simple things I paid for. Had to go find a maid cart and replace everything myself, since that what the young man at the front desk said to do ( another really). I also was also shocked to come upon a manager being very rude with her front desk person while the lobby was filled with patrons waiting for their bagged breakfast like she couldn’t put the customers first. In all my years of hotel stays, this by far was the worst experience ever. I’m getting up in my years and had a tough time changing the rooms by myself, hunting down towels and coffee , going to the front desk for way too many things. Oh, yeah they deactivated my room key. Had to fix that too😢.Version: 31.3

Brutal lolThe worst site with the worst client care ever.Version: 29.0

Bad communicationMe and my daughter stayed at this hotel for two nights. We stayed has we was at wedding near by. When we checked in we was given room 208. The rest of the bridal party was on the 3rd floor so we was moved to room 317 on the same floor has them. So I handed the keys back to room 208 and thought everything was sorted. That night has me and my daughter was in bed there was banging on our door, so I looked through the spy hole and two men was trying to get in are room with a card. I did not open the door, they finally went away and not long after could hear the door being messed with again. So this time when I looked through it was a member of staff with one of the men from before. The member of staff was trying to get into my room with a key. At this point I opened the door to be told whoever had changed my room earlier on that day hadn’t changed it over on the system and he would sort it out. Me and my daughter didn’t sleep very well has my daughter was so upset and scared thinking somebody else was going to try and get in are room..Version: 16.5

They just cancel my reservation.I made a reservation few month ago. When I pay on my credit card, it is working. However now they just cancel my booking after just email me. That’s really important and precious my family travel which I have ready long time ago. They didn’t any call and didn’t try to contact me different way expect an email, only an email. It’s so disappointed and irresponsible. I called them several time, they just say I’ll ask the property. I called directly the property, they said it’s up to They just push their job. You trying to download this app never believe Never pay it through Never!!.Version: 35.4.2

Was greatWas a great app until I lost access to my email and lost my genius level!!! Sad that they couldn’t just change my account or add my genius status to my new account!!! They had all my info just not email address.Version: 35.4.2

Booking Assistant is absolutely infuriatingEverything is great except for the Booking Assistant, which is honestly the most useless function imaginable. Stupid lines like "What would you like to say? I'll pass it on to the property" and "I'll let you know as soon as they respond..." add absolutely nothing to the query except for annoyance and the fact that you in have to go through 2-5 prompts every single time you want to contact the property is utterly ridiculous. Not to mention that everything resets constantly and you have to go through all the prompts again just to reply to a message if you're on a slow connection, which you often are whilst travelling, is just infuriating. Why not just make a simple message thread for each booking and be done with it? The whole assistant thing is just unnecessary, annoying and tedious, ruining what is otherwise a great user experience..Version: 15.4

I have been waiting months for my refundBooking has kept me waiting for months for my refund, when I thought it was solved, since they sent an email saying that my money would be in 2/3 business days in my account, it has been days and I have to be sending new emails which are answered with automatic messages, the service is terrible!.Version: 35.5.1

Worst ApplicationI cancelled my booking that I did from! I talked to the customer service! They were so rude and didn’t have any courtesy to speak properly! When I cancelled it, they were telling me whole refund! And now they never give me my money back! Another caller is Instead giving me the credit of another stay. Contradicting own statements! Literally worse!.Version: 31.3.1

Please post warnings!We do not live in a state that is running in fear from Covid. We have not had to deal with masks for over a year and a half. So we were a little taken back when we got to the hotel and had to mask up. No big deal, I carry my Shaun the sheep mask with me. We are also greatly disappointed that nowhere on the app does it disclose the yuge number of amenities that were not going to be available. That’s a yuge selling point for some people. Not whether or not I am forced to wear a mask, could care less. However nowhere did they check our temperatures, ask us any questions in regards to our health. They did not make us wash our hands or use sanitizer, but we had to have the mask on! Let’s get back to the truth in advertising part for things that you pay for. Greatly disappointed about the pool being closed. Have you done any research in the area of chlorine and Covid? Because your paper masks are far less effective then hand washing. The three stars is for the staff they were great. The two missing stars belong to ownership..Version: 31.3

Weekend AwayWe know Ruthin very well and we were looking forward to our weekend away without the dog or children. Also looking forward to staying in a Weatherapoons hotel. The check was simple, the room was ok. It said we had a mountain view!! You needed good eyes to see it. We went downstairs for our tea, we know the weatherspoons food well. Our starters arrived and were cold, the dipping sauce was still frozen in the middle. The main courses came and again they were cold. We were hungry so ate as much as we could. It was busy so didn’t want to say anything. The following morning we walked downstairs for my first weatherspoons breakfast! I was really looking forward to it. We both ordered the large full breakfast….again it was cold, sausages not cooked through, )items missing (toast and black pudding) we tried to catch the attention of someone to let them know… we finally did and eventually the items were brought to us but we’d by then finished our breakfast. Very disappointed. The other meals we are out to which they were good. Such a shame as I was so looking forward to the whole weekend.Version: 29.2

D’wina villa KutaMe and my friend booked a week at D’wina Villa and DID NOT get what we paid for, the pool was filled with green filthy slush that we could not use, no hot water, there was mould growing on the walls, linens and towels that are stained and doors that did not lock. We felt unsafe and quite taken advantage of as we are young 19 year old girls and when we asked to be refunded so we could stay somewhere else the manager said no and offered only one night at a nicer place for us to stay. When we spoke to him he was rude and did not care for our wellbeing or care for what we had to say. It was a terrible villa, I do not recommend this place AT ALL. I am so disappointed and shattered as young girls we saved for a long time for this trip and were treated terribly. Here are pictures of the villa we were forced to sleep in..Version: 15.5.1

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