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Removed features make the app worseBooking used to be my go-to app whenever I was planning holidays. USED TO BE. Not anymore. They have changed former excellent features, and this has made the app worse. Two examples: (1) “Draw map” - I loved this function because it allowed me to draw a map and see only hotels inside my map. They removed this feature. Now every time I look for hotels I need to go through irrelevant results because their other location features are not accurate. (2) Filter by price - in the past you had a sliding bar and you were able to select your price range (from X to Y). Now you can’t. Instead, the app gives you predetermined ranges that in many cases are completely irrelevant for you. You end up with a lot of crap results that you don’t care about because they are either below or above your price range. Booking just keeps getting worse!.Version: 20.1

Settings flawApp still sends deals and alerts even though you set it not too..Version: 26.3

No frills budget room but okay for the moneyThe staff were friendly upon arrival and were keen to help us arrange our travels on to our next destination. The room itself was quite disappointing as there was no loo roll or hot water. The shower did not work and it was a bit frustrating not to be able to wash your face with some warm water after travelling. We did inform reception but they didn’t seem to be interested in helping us. We decided to leave the hotel and go to our next destination earlier than anticipated. I wanted to give this hotel just 1 star, but after dining at their restaurant and experiencing how friendly their staff can be, and how fantastic their food is, I have to award another star. This hotel is fine if you’re on a very tight budget and just want somewhere to rest your head after experiencing India’s unpredictable railway system. However if you would like to freshen up, I would recommend booking a different place to stay..Version: 15.9.1

Average staff, average hotel, average stayThe hotel was nicely decorated, in a good location and the Refuge bar next to the hotel is good. The gentleman who checked us in wasn’t particularly friendly - he was too interested in assisting the girl next to him rather than ensuring that he gave us a warm welcome. No information was provided regarding the hotel amenities from check in staff. We got to the room - the heating was broken, which was subsequently seen to by maintenance but the room was still cold. Some updating to the room is required - a hook was missing off the bathroom door, the bathroom door lock was broken etc. We called reception to obtain two champagne flutes - we had to call 5 times before someone answered and when they did again the gentleman wasn’t particularly friendly. The room was right near the train line so we could hear trains passing throughout the night. We were then woken up by housekeeping in the morning wanting to clean our room. We also rang housekeeping and asked for extra teabags and they didn’t arrive. Overall the hotel was nicely decorated, but the stay and service received was average..Version: 15.8.1

Not reliableI’ve been using this app in my recent travel in south east Asia. In more than one occasion my booking was cancelled by the hotels after being confirmed. The app never offered any help and when I left a bad review about one of their award winning hotel they left it in a pending state for weeks before removing it. In fact there’s another review, still pending approval, where I mention that the app was useless in helping me find an accommodation after an hotel booked through the app decided not to wait for my late arrival. Of course I sent the hotel an email through the app after realising that I was going to be late. I then wrote to the app customer service and the only help they offer was sending me the hotel details which I already had... I then called myself the hotel desk and convinced the lady who answered to wait for me and accommodate me in another hotel close by at the same price. The app can be used as a list and to check availability but it is not reliable and will not offer any help if your booking is cancelled..Version: 16.8

Cheap, friendly, not much elseThe Red Roof Hotel, nearby Dallas Fort Worth airport (in fact under the flight path) is really a motel, at best 1980s in style. The counter staff are friendly, and if you ask them something they will tell you. But almost zero information is volunteered. They have an assured clientele of flight staff, and are obviously not too bothered for other business. The room, though clean, has very little to commend it. The shower pressure is weak. There are no toiletries other than a soap bar and a single sachet of shampoo. My room had an ‘air conditioner’ which seemed to have no effect on the room, while the heater control had no control button: ‘It must have been stolen by some kid’, said the man asked to come and open the safe for me. (You can’t use the safe unless you ask for this service!) The ‘airconditioner’ made more noise than an airplane. Sleep was impossible with it on. Coffee is available at reception, otherwise there is no food at all. They rely on a ‘Denny’s’ next door, which offers every kind of fatty food you can imagine. This hotel is cheap by local standards. In every sense of the word..Version: 15.7

Small room-loud heater!I’m not one to write bad reviews but this motel was honestly not the best. The room was WAY small and the rooms heater took forever to warm up too! To get to the closest you had to turn sideways and slide along side the bed squeezing all the way and I’m 5’2” and weigh 110 pounds. The heaters knobs were broken and my husband had to use a tool to adjust the settings. That wasn’t even the biggest problem either!! The heater made this horrible noise about every 5-10 mins so just as you would fall asleep that horrible noise would start happening! Both my husband and I had one of the worst nights sleep we had ever had due to this noise! Last but not least the breakfast they claim that comes free in the morning was not the best. After attempting to eat their “free” breakfast we ended up going out to eat instead!.Version: 16.2.1

Great Showers!The hotel was near a new mall. The room was small but clean. We stayed for 13 days. On the 3rd day, a bottle of perfume was taken out of the room when they cleaned it. The front desk was notified and they said the cleaning crew knew nothing about it. Nothing else done about it. Use the room safe as the cleaning staff may not be trusted. The bottle of perfume was not high in value but still bothered my wife because something was taken out of the room. No manager came to talk to us in the next 10 days of our stay. Another thing, we received 2 card keys in the beginning of our stay. One cracked and did not work when trying to open the door. I alerted the front desk and they said they will replace it for 200 pesos as “all room cards are inventoried”. Such a valuable piece of plastic... We continued to stay there as we were already charged for the entire stay. Flip a coin when deciding on this hotel as they seem to be customer friendly until a problem arises. The only real plus were the showers..Version: 16.4

Hospitality not goodThe rating is low due to the fact that most of the properties have poor customer services so I suggest you use another app will book you in a prostitute’s work place🙁.Version: 26.2.2

Less than expectedLocation proximity to Oktoberfest was only good thing. Well the check-in staff were friendly enough. The place was dark and grungy with several lights out. My first room was okay, but missing furniture. There were not adequate outlets either. I had to change rooms for my two night stay. This made me quite upset, as I was traveling for business and it meant leaving everything in luggage storage all the time. The luggage storage did not seem secure as it was in in an outside building and not monitored. It was also a ransacked mess. The breakfast, that I thought was included, was not. It was an okay assortment, but the breads did not seem fresh. My second room was worse than the first. But at least it had all furniture. The bed was about the least comfortable I've been on in a while. All night long people were knocking on doors and making loud noises. Broken beer bottles in the hallway. It was just a mess..Version: 15.2

Great LocationOverall our stay here was O.K. The location was amazing with about a two minute walk and you were at the Ganges. It was near a great evening ceremony as well. The restaurant was good and the rooms service prices were very reasonable, as were their laundry rates. The thing that let them down the most was the shower and the bed. After a long day out all you really want is a comfortable bed and a nice warm shower, unfortunately we could have neither. The shower constantly ran out of hot water even though we left the geyser on for over an hour and I mean ran out after you had just washed your hair so you had to do the rest in the cold water. The bed we stayed in was extremely hard which had you constantly rolling over all night and the pillow gave no comfort. Overall it was an ok hotel but just could not get a good nights sleep..Version: 16.0.1

UnsatisfiedRegard to the booking, we were very disappointed with the room that we were given. On arrival we had to wait for 3 hours before we could even speak with anyone. Another customers had to let us in, if it wasnt for that guy being there then we would have never even gotten a place to sleep that night. We tried calling the owners phone number countless times, and he never answered once or even tried to call us back. Another hour later the owner’s friend came here to speak with us. He tells us the owner is on his way and will be here in 30 minutes. His friend let me speak to him on the phone in which he tells me that our room that we booked is now unavailable and that we will be staying in another place. And also the owner never showed up like he said he would. I only ever got to speak to him on his friends phone. Upon getting our new room assigned to us, it is nothing like what we had paid for. We paid for a kitchen, private bathroom, and 2 separate rooms. We also paid for wifi which we do not have currently. The room that was giving to us is just a single bed room with 2 beds. There is no heating, no hot water, no wifi, no kitchen and the bathrooms is shared with other people on this floor. I am very very outraged with this situation..Version: 16.4

Reasonable for a last minute bookingThe B&B is located in a nice historic area. It is a bit too far from the station, especially because we could not find any taxi service in the city. There is no reception at the building and we didn’t receive the email by the time we got there, which was a bit confusing. But we managed to speak to the person in charge. The building looks nice and historic. The bedroom was a bit expensive for the type of furniture they have there. The bedroom furniture looks cheap and old. The bathroom was nice, but the shower box was poorly installed and didn’t work properly. They offered a breakfast, which was included in the price. But the breakfast was too basic and we had to order some sides to complement our meal. However, we were charged twice for the basic breakfast and the service was pretty disappointing. We did book our stay without researching at the very last minute. The B&B was a recommendation by a friend. But we expected a little more for the price we paid for the suite..Version: 16.4

NO PIN IN THE EMAIL YOU SEND!!!Doesn’t synch with bookings made on other devices. You’re instructed to import them using the booking number and PIN on the confirmation email. Guess what? THERE IS NO PIN ON THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL!!! You have to go back to the original device you made the booking on, find the PIN there, come back to the device you’re currently trying to use and import the booking. For goodness sake this is not exactly seamless! If I’ve logged in it’s me! Show me all of my bookings on all of my devices without making me go through this ridiculous rigmarole..Version: 27.0

Great App but too many updates required.I have found the App easy to book with but it is hard for me with my limited tech knowledge to link my bookings to my account so I miss out on rewards. I think it is actually easier to ring up and book and ask them to credit my account. Also, as I have limited internet, I do find it annoying that there are constantly updates required. It is one of the highest maintenance apps I have in terms of constantly having to waste my limited internet on updates. Please combine some of these updates so we don’t have to do it every few weeks..Version: 16.8

Bed bugsI have stayed in dozens of hotels. This is the first time I ever encounter bed bugs. It was literally on the bed crawling around. We called the front desk repeatedly to get the person working to come. They didn’t answer so we grabbed our things and told her there was a bug in our room. She asked if it was a stink bug, I said no and asked if she would come to the room. She went into the room and saw it immediately. She apologized and said she would move us. We were about to leave the room when she turned back and said let me get it before it spreads. We then went to the front desk where she was bombarded by phone calls and proceeded to say she would move us. While she was on the phone we talked to each other and decided no way. We told her we didn’t want that we wanted a refund because we have children in our home. She then asked if we wanted one of the new unused rooms. We repeated no and she said we would get a refund once we spoke to the manager the next day. It’s been five days and no call back..Version: 16.9.1

Disappointing Doctors Cave HotelThere's a reason why this Hotel is so quiet compared to other Hotels on the Strip - it's drastically overpriced and it's only purpose is to maximise profits to the utter detriment of customer service and amenities. The Management boast that breakfast is provided - a great selling point until you sit at the table and are told by the Waitress that breakfast actually consists of 2 slices of bread toasted, a saucer of fruit - 2 pieces of melon and 2 small chunks of pineapple, pastries - a blueberry mini muffin that's so stale the blueberry is just a purple stain in the cavernous hole of old suet, fruit juice and tea or coffee. I've stayed at the Wexford and Deja Vue and have had fully cooked buffet style breakfasts at both hotels and both substantially cheaper to stay in. They advertise that you can get free wifi from the Lobby but it's not theirs - it's borrowed from the Legendary Doctors Cave Resort or the Deja Vue across the road. The double room is clean and pleasant and the shower, TV etc work well and the Front Desk and Waiting Staff are friendly and helpful. But I am so disappointed by the lack of amenities and breakfast and feel they've got me in here with false advertising. Stay at the Deja Vue or Wexford for much more value for your dollar- hardly any one stays at the Doctors Cave Hotel and it's now obvious why.Version: 15.2

Read before you book! Your trip depends on it!!!You get what you pay for... the first room I had because I did ask for a new room had a cracked and pealing ceiling, dark, and the furniture was so old and rocky, like a table that needed adjustments, the phone had some sort of interference that projected a high pitched screeching noise and rocky. That room needed a complete make over. So I get my new room in the “new” tower... the carpets getting there needed to be stretched like a low budget carpet company put them in. As you get off the elevator to the 22nd floor it smelled like sewage every day I was there which is gross. By the way so does the pool area that was half open. The bathroom in this new room is missing finishing touches the alarm clock is out of the 90s and the phone didn’t work in this room either. I won’t ever go back unless I go a nice free room to change my thinking... Which is why the saying “you get what you pay for” is true in this case. I would have rather payed the extra $200 and stayed in the Aria like I did last time and been a lot happier..Version: 16.3.1

Kea apartmentsIf you love dogs you will love staying here! I myself am not a dog person and do not enjoy the smell of dogs. Very hot with no air conditioning at all! The fans just fanned the dog smell around. Toilet seat broken to the point of being unattached and fell on floor. Water pressures very low so not easy to enjoy a shower. Fittings in bedrooms nice I liked the light shades and curtain rods. Kitchen old but clean. We would not stay again although the staff were very friendly and welcoming it just wasn’t our cup of tea..Version: 18.4

Terrible reception @ Citadine MunichI booked the property indicating 4 persons and only left my 2 yr old infant during booking and the staff was very rude - they looked at my 2 yr old and said he should have been indicated in the booking as a 5th person which would have disqualified the apartment that got booked under my name The reception lady was completely ridiculous and quoting stupid examples to justify her stance All other properties treat 2 yr old or less as infants and don’t make it mandatory to be included as an additional person for booking purposes Completely pathetic experience with the reception lady and her lousy explanations Will definitely not book this one again and will ensure that all my friends circle is aware that the administration at this property are a bunch of idiots.Version: 17.4

Chic RoyaltonI checked in here on Friday and I hate every minute of it.I paid for a luxury room what I got was far from that my first room was room 5111. You can tell the room was hit hard during the flood it has mold everywhere. I requested to get moved because of the awful smell in the room and breathing was impossible. When I called to complain they just hung up the phone. The first room we had had fresh cut fruits and a bottle of wine nice presentation but we could not eat anything out of the moldy room we finally got moved to another room that was not luxury with two beds instead of a king bed. Spoke to a supervisor who gave us reservation to a Mediterranean restaurant which already came with our booking lol.. I have requested to be moved to the diamond room and offered to pay more the hotels has refused to grant this claiming they are all full as I sit by the pool and see empty rooms. I have never felt the need to write a review but this is the WORST hotel I have ever stayed in can’t wait to get home absolutely HATE IT unfortunately am here until Wednesday hopefully someone will make this right but I highly doubt it.Version: 16.3.1

Don’t trust the “offers”I finally accepted the refer a friend offer 5 months ago after years of unsolicited emails. The offer was a $25 each bonus after staying in certain properties. After the stay was complete the “automatic” bonus never appeared. I contacted customer service and was told to submit bookings, receipts etc. After doing this another two months went by before I contacted them again. I was told to submit all the information again which I did. I was then told the bonus would be paid in 7 days. That was 2.5 months ago. Worst, most disinterested customer service ever and from my experience the “refer a friend” offer is basically a scam. There are a lot of professional online booking services. Use them instead..Version: 18.1.1

Overpriced budget hotelI needed to stay here for an early morning event the following day, and it was what was expected from the reviews really - generally a bit run down and a horrible musty/damp smell. The bed linen on the single bed was a bit dirty and had I been using it, would’ve requested it be changed. The double bed linen was fine though. Generally the cleanliness was ok but there were items left in drawers from previous guests, so this clearly hasn’t been checked and used wristbands for the water park were stuck on the bathroom walls which you’d only see if you were in the shower. The shower wasn’t great, and no shower curtain so everything gets wet, and there was also big lipstick marks on the wall near the sink. If this was a super cheap hotel I’d expect this a little more, but still at 230RM, so towards £50, it’s a rip off and I wish I’d have done a super early morning drive to the venue instead of staying here..Version: 16.6

Great location but not what I expected.Not what I expected for the price we paid. The hotel is in a great location but could use some upgrades and better housekeeping skills. The room was spacious but not as clean as it should be. The bathroom curtain was white with some gray stains which showed it had not been properly watched in a long time. The bathroom sink had some yellow stains in the corner and the toilet paper holder was falling off the wall. This one had a whole right next to it that was never patched up and the footboard needed some real good cleaning as they were gray instead of white. I spoke with the front desk about it and they sent the housekeeper to clean the room but everything I mentioned was still the same when we got back to the room. You could tell they switched the bedroom sheets, replaced the towels and vacuumed the floors but nothing else was done. This is the first time I experience anything like this in a hotel and it was a shamed. The food is also over priced. I was only there for two nights and didn’t want to make a big deal about the cleanliness of the room but unfortunately, I would not be staying here again..Version: 25.4

Gusde HouseThe price was right for me to stay next door to my friends and the staff was excellent. If you’re use to luxury I’d stay somewhere else; the bright photos on the website look new, comfortable, a magical. This place is dark n dingy at best. Very misleading photos but fine for what I needed I suppose. I booked 10 nights for under $350 USD I only slept there about four or five total nights so I sorta didn’t get to use all the benefits of free breakfast and sort of wasted money; that’s my fault not theirs but I’d have booked somewhere even cheaper had I known the downfalls of this place. Very friendly and trust worthy staff. I never locked a thing and was barely ever there to watch over my stuff. Sometimes it’s hard to find anyone depending on the hour but I would still suggest staying here for the price tag just don’t expect the Lap of luxury that the website promotes..Version: 16.4

App needs some refinementWe used this app often on our trip. But it seems like the developers aren’t travellers themselves. It’s rather annoying that when we are offline (because not everyone can afford to roam) the app tells us we are offline. Not just once, but sometimes there can be about 10 pop ups. Imagine this: you’re at an airport trying to explain to your taxi driver where your hotel is... hold on while I close these 15 dialog boxes that keep telling me what I already know: I’m offline! Last night I was searching for a place, it was great. I almost booked it, but then I realised I entered the wrong dates. The only way to correct this is to re-enter the search criteria with the correct dates and hope that I can find my hotel again. Seriously, who tested this UX? Another super annoying feature is that if you accidentally click on a link that opens the app, what ever you were doing vanishes. Like completely gone, so good luck finding what you were doing before, there is no back button. Fuuuuuuuu! Hope you enjoyed the review 😘.Version: 17.8

Unable to Create AccountAfter I enter my password and my password confirmation, the app is stuck on the error message, “Enter a password to continue”. Restarting leads to the same error on that page..Version: 26.5

Three starsWhen I initially got the app (about 6 years ago) I was very pleased with the recommendations and found that the reviews and ratings were quite accurate. I was also happy with how easy the app was to use. Notice I said WAS. Now, not so much. For some reason, I am unable to do a general city search; it wants to only search for what is closest to me. Most importantly, many user reviews of properties state peoples personal experiences and not specific to the amenities, facilities, staff and services. And I suspect someone has been editing out the negative comments. We stayed at a property three years ago with a high star rating and glowing reviews, but when we got there, it was a run down motel 50 yards from a freeway. They required a $200 deposit - even with a credit card, worn out carpeting, an AC unit that had to be beaten before it would cough out coolish air, if it blew any air at all, no hot water and spotty wi-fi. I have been reading reviews online and comparing those to reviews on Booking and they are not even close: 2 weeks ago people have began complaining about bedbugs and roaches at one property, while no mention of such nastiness is made on Booking where the reviews are still all positive. I will try the update and see if that fixes the functionality of the app and continue researching online reviews/ratings..Version: 19.9

Booking Assistant is absolutely infuriatingEverything is great except for the Booking Assistant, which is honestly the most useless function imaginable. Stupid lines like "What would you like to say? I'll pass it on to the property" and "I'll let you know as soon as they respond..." add absolutely nothing to the query except for annoyance and the fact that you in have to go through 2-5 prompts every single time you want to contact the property is utterly ridiculous. Not to mention that everything resets constantly and you have to go through all the prompts again just to reply to a message if you're on a slow connection, which you often are whilst travelling, is just infuriating. Why not just make a simple message thread for each booking and be done with it? The whole assistant thing is just unnecessary, annoying and tedious, ruining what is otherwise a great user experience..Version: 15.4

AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE - SCAMMED US WITH “ROOM KEY DEPOSIT”On arrival the hotel manager oddly demanded we paid a 500bt room key deposit per key. He handed over brand new yell key and pointed us in the direction of our rooms (no help offered with our luggage). Our room key was very very very sticky (we didn’t think anything of this) until on the second attempt at opening the door, the key snapped in half. The manager somehow heard this from the ground floor and immediately ran up the stairs to the room (clearing awaiting for his moment to scam us with his dodgey key). He aggressively told us it was our fault and as we did not know how to use the key, we should have asked him (never before in my 28 years of existence as any challenged my ability to use a key). He told us he will be keeping the deposit while rudely smirking, and on challenging him, he told us it’s “his policy” and stormed off. The hotel should be called ‘tiny hotel’ as that reflects the room. The shower in the bathroom was over the toilet. All in all, AWFUL STAY! Horrible customer service. MASSIVE SCAM! Do not stay here !!.Version: 15.6

Not what I expectedSo many issues - first, room stunk of cigarette smoke and was dreadfully hot on a very muggy day. The ac was old. I asked to change room and for my money returned (as I was going to find another venue) and was told I couldn’t get money returned so accepted a room on a lower floor. This room still smokey and the hallway had old musty smell. There were no lamps in the room, no extras at all. Bed was incredibly uncomfortable and hard. TV although new had no connection for half of stay. They need to do a lot to make this more appealing. Also no phone in the room to connect to front desk so have to go down to mostly unattended office to get assistance. Very disappointed for what was meant to be a relaxing night this was stressful. On a positive note they did change rooms and fix tv on second go. Staff were pleasant and tried to help..Version: 16.2.1

411 a 62 stOverall appearance of the room was clean and quiet. The street is a little busy but is expected this time of the year. The queen size bed is very uncomfortable.. with multiple areas that have dips with springs poking you making it impossible to get a good nights rest. It is not a ocean view room - which was one of the things we were looking forward to was the fact that it said ocean view. The walk to the beach is pretty far and wouldn’t recommend it when it’s hot out. Beware when it rains because of landing water and there really isn’t a place for your pet to go to the bathroom. Be sure to bring trash bags, dish detergent and a extra fan because the AC unit is not equipped to cool the space when temps are above 80. The bathroom door must be left opened or your literally sweat to death just washing your hands due to the heat that comes in through the sky light..Version: 23.8

D’wina villa KutaMe and my friend booked a week at D’wina Villa and DID NOT get what we paid for, the pool was filled with green filthy slush that we could not use, no hot water, there was mould growing on the walls, linens and towels that are stained and doors that did not lock. We felt unsafe and quite taken advantage of as we are young 19 year old girls and when we asked to be refunded so we could stay somewhere else the manager said no and offered only one night at a nicer place for us to stay. When we spoke to him he was rude and did not care for our wellbeing or care for what we had to say. It was a terrible villa, I do not recommend this place AT ALL. I am so disappointed and shattered as young girls we saved for a long time for this trip and were treated terribly. Here are pictures of the villa we were forced to sleep in..Version: 15.5.1

Kelvingrove hotel Glasgow sauchiehall stFirst i would not give even 1 star but had to to get further . This place is Terrible for dealing with situations . 1 month ago i found out i was having a full knee replacement operation, so i called this hotel to get a ground floor room as i would be on crutches and would Not be able for stairs. The young man arranged it all and i felt at ease. I called 1 day prior to our arrival to check all was still ok and low and behold i had been moved to a basement room with 2 flights of stairs to contend with. What happend to accommodating disabled people? When i pointed out that they had not fulfilled their booking , i was basically told i could not have my booking fee returned to try to find somewhere ground level , flat refused. I would Not recomend this Acorn Group to Anyone if they have made bookings i would check well in advance as i only checked day before travel and that means the 48 hr cancellation fee is not applicable. If you have Any disability they are NOT interested in helping out in any way . Do Not book with this company ..Version: 21.4

Very easy and user friendly.It would be handy if you can actually say the nameIf the hotel you actually want )I couldn’t find a way to do this) the filters could be more comprehensive with more options I think. For example being able to select the cheapest first where you have an en suite. When you select cheapest first at the moment you get loads of pages for dorms or shared bathrooms and I would imagine that if people are looking for these type of rooms they would search for dorms or accommodation with a shared bathroom. Also I would imagine that if people are traveling on business most people would want their own room and not share! Other hand that the site of good. It would also help if there was information on parking from each of the hotels (if they don’t have ant, then at it and then send a suggestion of how far and location of an alternative).Version: 16.0.1

Don’t stay hereI thought this property was massively over priced compared to other accommodation. We booked the superior room with the beach view, balcony and supposed hot tub. I booked 6 months in advance and requested for a room with an unspoilt view and the hotel confirmed. We then ended up getting the end room with 2 palm trees in our view. The staff were quite rude in some aspects I thought. The service was slow and the state of the room was not up to the level of the cost. I have honestly stayed in nicer and better looked after hostels for a tenth of that price. The room itself was in a poor state, the tiles were all lose and I actually ended up slicing my toe open on one the morning we left. The toilet door is too big so you can’t open it correctly, any wood related item around the room is cracked and paint starting to peel off. The chairs in the room were covered in stains and the two sun lounger on the balcony had massive holes in them. I would recommend to stay at the coast hotel.Version: 16.0

Disappointed with bar and breakfast serviceFirstly the que for the bar was ridiculous and wasn’t managed very well. The bar manager in the suit liked the sound of his own voice rather than actually organising. Breakfast on the first morning was in the scran restaurant which is lovely. Order for eggs was wrong and no attemp to fix the order. The lady serving just laughed. Ordered toast with the breakfast which came after we had already eaten and was stood up to leave. Complained to reception and got a full refund. Next day breakfast was worse, on the 5th floor which looked like a conference room and was far too hot. Oh obviously bar manager was told we had complained as he very even more rude and obnoxious, 2 people were seated and served before are order was even taken, food arrived with no hash browns, only one small button mushroom cut in half and the toast was like warm bread. Also the cold drinks were brought in a child size cup! For a hotel that looks so nice and is expensive to stay it’s massively let down by the bar and breakfast service..Version: 24.7

Great accommodation - poor communicationI stayed for 3 nights with my work colleague in November . I hadn’t read the fine print about having a credit card. Thankfully she had one. I don’t own one . We had to use hers to secure the room on checkin but the money has never been refunded back to her card. I’ve sent about 10 emails and all just get ignored . I feel terrible as I booked the trip and we had a lovely stay at the haven. The rooms are amazing and the pools lovely and clean . But I’m annoyed that she’s now out of pocket and I’m not even getting a courtesy explanation as to why this is not being refunded..Version: 15.8.1

Kind of pricy for what you getThis accommodation was more like a bed and breakfast (except without the breakfast) Beds were not comfortable. One, the hide-a-bed was a thin mattress and my son woke up with neck and shoulder pain. Queen bed was a mattress with memory foam on top. Wi-Fi worked only sometimes. Hot and stuffy in room but Xavier brought a fan which was helpful. Only one faucet worked on sink with lukewarm water and shower was not so great, but had nice hot water. Also, no fridge, microwave or anything. Parking was about 1/4 mile away and an extra $10-$15 a night. Xavier was very trustworthy and helpful and gave us good suggestions where to eat, etc.. (The reason for the 3stars otherwise I would give it Just 2 stars for comfort). He was also a good communicator and responded to texts and requests promptly. This place was close to the center and seemed to be safe enough with double locked doors. All in all I felt like we paid a lot for what we got compared to other places we stayed in MX though. Be prepared to pay for your stay in cash (pesos) too..Version: 15.6

Muscat Hills ResortsDay 1: Upon arrival we were not even welcomed at the gate. Security was very rude even though we arrived in an airport taxi. There was not even a hotel buggy to take us to our quarters. Dinner that evening was great we had a wonderful hostess from Myanmar and in my opinion absolutely professional beyond measure. Day 2 : The beaches and the breakfast were wonderful. The views were simply and breathtaking. Dinner that nights was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. The hostesses were very pushy in trying to get us to place our order. Then after that didn’t work they ignored us until we had to signal them to come over. The kicker out of the whole night was their manager Ricardo. Me and my wife watched him greet every other table and guest that night twice while only glancing at us. I guess we had to either be Arab or Caucasian for him to even greet us in his Resturant. Horrible experience never would I recommend this resort to anyone..Version: 16.1

Terrible app coupled with terrible customer service.Me and my friends wanted to go to California for spring break so I booked a $250 room with booking. Turns out when I had chosen the date it had not saved after I had exited the in app calendar, instead it had booked me for that day instead of the date I wanted. I called the customer service and all the lady would tell me was that it wasn’t their fault because they were following the hotel policy. It wasn’t the hotel that was at fault, it was booking. They refused to give me a refund or book me for another date. Realizing i might be the one at fault, I went through the process again to make sure that I had done everything correctly. I entered the date I wanted again and exited the calendar and it went back to that day instead of the weekend I wanted. I have now lost $250 to company that will not take responsibility for their mistake. I will refuse to use this service ever again..Version: 18.8

OK but not helpful in fixing incorrect informationBookings wrote to me and said that I had not showed up for one of the bookings I had made. I sent information confirming that I had used the hotel as planned and was informed that this had been confirmed by the hotel by the Bookings staff. I asked bookings to update my information and not to put “no show” on my booking records but they would not and could explain why. I asked several times but to no avail. I also noted that I gave a mixed review to a Hotel. It was fair, true and accurate and not disputed by the hotel. The response from the hotel was just rude and unpleasant rhetoric with no feedback about whether or how they would address the improvement areas. I noted that this was the way they dealt with less than glowing reviews from other posts. Bookings continues to recommend this hotel and permits the posting of rude comments on the website. It seems that Bookings perceives that hotel guests booking through the site are less important than hoteliers..Version: 16.3.1

Paying for the location with this hotelInside is a let down. The reception and bar area is very scruffy, the reception staff are friendly. The room is ok, comfortable bed, air con. Bathroom very small and it did have a slightly musty smell. No extra plug sockets for plugging in chargers etc, a bit claustrophobic for a family of 2 adults and two children to be honest. It’s a shame as it could be an amazing hotel as much of the original Art Deco features are still in place. You are definitely paying for the location here which is right in the middle of ocean drive. We only stayed one night,wouldn’t like to stay any longer than a night or two here. We didn’t eat here so can’t comment but the place didn’t inspire you to want to eat here either. If you are looking for a comfortable bed to sleep on while you party In Miami then it’s just the ticket, if you’re looking for something with a bit more quality accommodation I’d look elsewhere..Version: 16.6

Do not recommendThis is a horrible app. I downloaded to book a trip and when I paid, it said the payment didn’t go through and I needed to put in a second card number, which I did to get the booking. However, after contacting my bank and the hotel I found out that the first payment had already went through. Had to call three times to get the second card removed. During the ordeal, I realized that less than 24 hours after I made my booking the price of the room went down $50 dollars. They said they price match, so I sent an email and attached the two prices, but they wouldn’t refund me until after my stay. After my stay, I had to email the invoice and booking # TWICE to get the refund which isn’t even added back to the charged card but added to the wallet on the app. Would have been cheaper and less of a head ache to book directly through the hotel. Pointless and a waste of time.Version: 20.1

Won’t connect to FacebookA little while ago after an update (I think), the app stopped updating information and bookings made through the website. After logging in and out (Facebook account) and deleting and reinstalling the app, the app will not log in. Hopefully this is fixed because other than that, it’s a very handy app. Used it often recently until this..Version: 22.9

Okay but disappointing every day ...Well, we stayed one week in a bungalow superior. First impression , staff very friendly, bungalow with amazing view, beautiful pool... we were super happy. But then we realised the housekeeper didn’t changed the sheet every day. The 3rd day I had to put the sheet on the floor to have a new one . In one week she changed the shower gel, conditioner and soap only once . •The food is very disappointing (frozen and long service) . •The tv doesn’t work. •No wifi. •We wanted to do kayak (the only activity they offer in the resort ), only one is appropriate the another you have all water in it. ( when you know there is a lot jellyfish in the lagoon you don’t want to take the risk ) . •We ate 4 times in the restaurant . And the last day when I wanted to pay the bill . The waitress forgot the last dessert on the bill ( she could at least offer it ) we booked one week in a bungalow superior . Ate 4 times a the restaurant . (And ordered the fresh lobster the last night ) . I mean they could at least do a discount . Very disappointing the last day . Fortunately we stayed only a week ..Version: 16.0.1

Good stay but would have reservations about using againHotel entrance was lovely but the staff were a little busy and made them quite unpleasant. I had paid in full before I had arrived yet was made to feel like I was inconveniencing staff and had to show lots of ID. We were given a room in the basement with no window. This made the room very hot and this is not what I was offered on the booking site. There was a smell from the drains also because of this. Every morning from 6.30am there was a lot of noise from kitchen staff ect. who were shouting in the halls. If I did not have a room down in the basement I’m sure this wouldn’t have been a problem but the staff should be told to have more respect for the guests. I feel 6.30am is very early and they cannot expect all guests to be awake at this time. Beds were comfortable but the sheets had rips in them and the duvet cover did not fit the duvet properly. Housekeeping cleaned very well but I had to ask for toilet tool to be replaced as were were staying for 6 nights and this was not always done. Again when I asked reception to have some more brought down this seemed like a lot of trouble for them. This hotel was ok and I would stay again but only if I had a room with a window and it would not be my 1st choice..Version: 16.0.1

Kitchen StaffThe stay was ok here, but the kitchen staff seemed to be rude and not very helpful in the morning. All I asked for was scrambled egg, bacon and mushrooms, with a big sigh under her breath she said we only do full English!! I asked if it was a problem in having less than the full English she said NO!!!! Sigh!!! A customer next to me then asked if he could have scrambled egg also, she said NO because they only do a full English with fried egg!! I really couldn't see the problem in this, but she made it a big deal?? Due to the snow a also fell down the steps and injured myself, I mentioned that this happened and that he should get them cleared to which he did do, but also said if you look down the street no one else is salting their steps?? But all in all great value for money for my 3 nights stay, but no compensation for there being no cooked breakfast because the staff didn't turn in..Version: 16.3.1

Amazing location. Too many details not taken care of.Great location. We arrived at midnight for our night stay. Made it to the room. Took a bath and started getting ready to sleep. No lock on the main door , nor security tool to prevent others to come in. Wifi did not work. Not available. No TV. It was making a horrible clicking sound all night long. Although the linen appeared to be clean there was a stench of water damage/dust accumulation. No literature on the previously mentioned equipment tot working. Twice we had people come in the room uninvited and had no way of keeping them out. We decided to lean a chair against the main lock for security. Other than than apartment was good sized, amazing views, great location. Right next ro the beach, restaurants etc. We were out of there before 9am, the most expensive one night sleep ever!! Will not return..Version: 16.4

Worst experience ever!!!DO NOT STAY HERE! Me and my girlfriend we’re both woman and a couple booked a room here for New Year’s Eve. We thought we would have a decent room in the back with privacy and some peace. Wrong, in as less than 1 hour we received a disturbing note on my car windshield. You can see for yourself in my photos. We felt very uncomfortable and threaten someone at the motel is watching over us. We called the front desk to informed them what’s going on and requested for him to escort us to the car we felt unsafe at the moment. He took nearly 30 minutes. And so we decided to reach out to the cops to have them escort us out the motel in a safely manner. But the cops never showed up of course it was New Year’s Eve. The front desk attendant end up showing up later and we decided to get a refund back it was unpleasant. Cigarette hole inside the comforter, the vent was off the ceiling in the restroom, a cloth towel was hung on the shower curtain/rod used, and red stain on the side table. It may be cheaper to stay for a Motel 6 but this one was the worst one I ever stay please do not book this place!!!.Version: 15.8.1

Bowerbird cottageI have been coming to these cottages for over 6 years now and have noticed the womanly touches have almost disappeared, with so many beautiful blooming camellias all around you would think just one real flower in there wouldn’t be to much to ask for. I found it a little depressing with all the dark furniture. Black cough dark blue rug black throw rug and the one brown cushion on the cough . The bath room now has visible mould as the vent doesn’t work. As I know the location is a national park the entrance to the cabins has turned into a play ground for children on the left as you come in and a storage area , with large un sightly shipping containers visible not to mention the stock pile next to the reception area. I guess what really topped it off for me is the best before dates on the cereal left for us . One was out by 7 days and the other 25 days out... so sad :(.Version: 24.6

Bad communicationMe and my daughter stayed at this hotel for two nights. We stayed has we was at wedding near by. When we checked in we was given room 208. The rest of the bridal party was on the 3rd floor so we was moved to room 317 on the same floor has them. So I handed the keys back to room 208 and thought everything was sorted. That night has me and my daughter was in bed there was banging on our door, so I looked through the spy hole and two men was trying to get in are room with a card. I did not open the door, they finally went away and not long after could hear the door being messed with again. So this time when I looked through it was a member of staff with one of the men from before. The member of staff was trying to get into my room with a key. At this point I opened the door to be told whoever had changed my room earlier on that day hadn’t changed it over on the system and he would sort it out. Me and my daughter didn’t sleep very well has my daughter was so upset and scared thinking somebody else was going to try and get in are room..Version: 16.5

Awful customer service And bad customer relations.I’ve used boooking several times in the past without problems, until recently. It was my birthday and wanted to celebrate with my girlfriend. I went on the Booking app to find a Jacuzzi Suite and located one in their site at a Holiday in express and Suites. Drove over a hundred miles to this hotel that I reserved And got to hotel. Checked in and went up to room only to find their was no jacuzzi in room. Called front desk and was told that they didn’t have any rooms with jacuzzis, and that I would need to talk to manager in the morning. Talked to manager at checkout and was told that They are not going to refund me at all because it’s not their fault, it’s Bookings fault and I had to call them. Called booking and they said it’s not their fault either. So I guess it’s my fault that I was lied to and lured into a hotel for something I was promised and paid for but didn’t receive. Beware of Booking. Com as they will not stand behind anything, and don’t care a lot guest relations. Again I used them to book many times in the past and will not again and suggest for your sake you do not either..Version: 24.8

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