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LineLearner App Complaints & User Negative Comments

LineLearner app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about linelearner?

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Useless appCrappy, difficult to use. Interface is not clear. Never really was able to figure out how it works. Save your money. Just tape your lines with sound gaps on the voice recorder that comes with the iPhone..Version: 6.8.2

Can’t import PDFSpent money on this app, won’t let me import. Not great.Version: 6.14.5

UselessSo buggy it just doesn't work. Freezes every time you want to change between modes. Lost all the lines I had recorded. It's a great idea and would be wonderful if it worked - but it doesn't. Shame..Version: 3.2

Has problemsI like to be able to change the pitch of the other lines, so there is a difference between my line and other. I like to highlight/select a few lines and have only those selected lines play or loop. instead of moving the lines to a scene and looping. I would like to save the lines to audio file and email and play pc or ipod etc. I would like to also see the line displayed typed on the screen as it's said. The prompt button should be size half the screen because it is difficult to press it without keeping an eye on it. Most times miss it and press other button..Version: 3.4

OverpricedI like the concept, but not enough editing features. Went to settings to extend pause and didn't work, unless needs to be done before you start recording. At the price it's poor, can not even link to another iPhone/iPad user to make a scene. 69p would get it more stars.Version: 4.2

Okay…. could be a lot betterFinally figured out how to import the script, but it is merely a display. Does NOT actually import the lines to be used, basically just a DOCX or PDF reader in that sense, and cannot be edited for use in LL. Cannot copy stage directions from script to LL, must enter them manually. Having to record each character’s line is a bit tedious, might be improved by importing an existing mp3 file. i.e. I record the entire play, would be good to import and then edit “breaks” for each character’s line etc, and gapping for your own lines. An adjustable pitch would be nice, so that you don’t have the simple choices of High or Low. Good for multiple character scenes with an array of different character dialogue..Version: 6.7.6

Pretty goodExcept it keeps disconnecting from my Bluetooth headphones. I switch to another app and they connect just fine, but as soon as I switch back to linelearner the connection vanished. It's a little weird walking around with your own voice playing out of your phone. Also, the send feedback button just kicks you out of the app. Otherwise pretty good. Slight learning curve as elsewhere mentioned, but you'll have that with anything..Version: 6.9.1

Will not play through Bluetooth headphonesGreat app unless you have iPhone 7 or above, as the audio will not play through Bluetooth headphones, only through the speaker. There is no option to reroute the audio. Please fix.Version: 6.9.0

Ash!Would be brilliant if I could get it to record script without sticking on a character every few lines and then continuing to count up seconds instead of stopping for next lines Recorded script so many times and this keeps happening. Driving me mad!!.Version: 6.6.5

HelpLove the app but since the update there are some issues. When I have a lot of lines to learn in one scene I break it down into say, ten parts. I learn the first part then move onto the second. When I've learned the second part I move it into the first and do the whole thing. Then learn the third and move it up and so on. With the update if I move it up it remains replicated which means I have to delete that replica which adds unnecessary steps but the biggest hassle is that some of the lines don't have the bars on the right hand side which means I can't move them up. You aren't able to loop two scenes at once which means my method is poked. Was easy in the original. Any hope of an update? Other than that this app is a God send..Version: 6.6.5

Almost unusableThis app after a couple of years is now almost unusable. My own prerecorded lines are sped up or only half repeated. Also the same with the other characters i have prerecorded. I have tried adjusting the settings with out success !!.Version: 6.14.5

Poor performanceThe idea is good but it freezes after 1/2 an hour which is why I have given a rate of 3..Version: 0

Play back function is not workingI’ve tried restarting my phone and re-loading the app. All other functions work, just not playback. I’ve never had a problem before this. Also, the email offered for support isn’t valid..Version: 6.10.3

Great but...This app is perfect. Except I just went in and all the lines I'd recorded had disappeared. Am hoping it was a one of glitch as there's a lot of lines in this play and I won't have the patience to record them a third time....Version: 4.0

Stupid Cumbersome AppNice idea. But no intuitive controls. How about a delete button? More time soent banging the device on the table than line learning. #fail.Version: 5.5

Unusable“Not aware of any bugs” says the Help. So at least there are jokes. Crashes when you just look at it sideways. Says it supports importing a PDF script, but when I use the share menu to send a PDF to the app, nothing happens. The help scrolling has a mind of its own. Generally, the app is clunky and unintuitive. There has to be a better option. Also, it appears you can only have recordings for the lines. A complete line learner app ought to also support entering the lines as text and then playing them back using speech synthesis..Version: 6.10.0

Great app, but buggy and could use more polishI've used this for every show I've been in for the past 7 years. It really works. There is one bug that drives me crazy-- when your screen locks or you go away from the app, when you go back into the app it sends a signal that you're hanging up a phone call (you'll hear the hang up sound) and gets stuck on the line it was playing; sometimes it also crashes. Other than that, there are some UI/UX improvements that could be made, like making it possible to move multiple lines around scenes instead of one-by-one. But overall, this app has helped me a lot!.Version: 6.10.0

Good idea - BAD execution.This app could be so much better if the set-up was more sensible. The buttons and options are frustratingly vague and non-intuitive. The instructions are bloated. Moving from recording scene/playing scene/ editing/adding characters/playback options takes multiple trial and error, even after using the app several times. Options are ok, but hidden in a maze of swiping, toggling, and drop-downs. Too much time spent navigating the app than rehearsing lines..Version: 6.9.1

Not easy to import a scriptI wish there were a way to import the script and tie it to the recording. I learn by both ear and sight. Looking at a long PDF doesn’t cut it..Version: 6.9.2

Used to love this app; now it’s frustrating.This app was so great. I used to recommend it to so many fellow actors. Now, it makes me waste so much time. Out of nowhere, the app will start taking a really long time (longer than the usual gap) for the recorded lines to be voiced. The only fix is to power down my phone and turn it on again. That’s time consuming and this will happen randomly in the middle of a line learning session. I don’t have problems with any of my other apps so it’s not my phone. I’m running the latest version. I emailed the developer weeks ago and have heard nothing..Version: 6.14.5

Some actions don’t workI found this App quite good with the exception that instructions on editing a script are unclear. I still can’t Delete lines in a Scene despite selecting “Swipe to Delete” There is no “Delete” button in any edit screens? Maybe I’m not looking in the right place, however, the Installational notes don’t help you discover the functions listed..Version: 6.14.1

Good a few hiccupsI've been using this for a while and it pretty much does what it's supposed to and has been very helpful. It often randomly stops during playback which can be annoying. It would be nice if you had the option to speed up playback too..Version: 4.2

Worked well for a while now won’t load scriptsHad it for a while and served me well. But now i can’t see the scripts I import I click pdf icon and nothing shows. Not impressed.Version: 6.10.11

Bought this two years ago and it used to be greatYears ago this was a nice simple app. Unfortunately I made the mistake of doing an ‘update’ now this app is so flipping complicated, vague, and unusable I’ve gone back to pen and paper. We’re actors not rocket scientists with psychic abilities. I never seen an app go from great to utter sh1t so fast..Version: 6.9.2

I wouldn’t spend money on this.The app doesn’t have many helpful features and I personally don’t feel like it helped me memorize my lines. I wouldn’t recommend this app..Version: 6.9.0

One major omissionThis is a nice little app and pretty useful for Professional Actors too but...there is no 'during playback' skip. this means, when working through a scene and you want to run back over the last few lines, you have to first pause the playback, then select the line to go back to and then press play again. This is a usual thing to want to be able to do and it is proving very frustrating. I want to be able to just touch any line during playback to skip back to that point..Version: 3.2

Works well , but...Generally, it does help me a lot with learning my lines. I only find it weird and quite annoying that, once you record a track, you can‘t delete it! A basic function they still haven’t realized is missing. You basically can‘t make any mistakes when recording yours or your partner’s lines. If you do, you HAVE to put up with a useless track standing in your way and breaking the flow of the dialogue. I‘ve been waiting for them to rectify this issue for ages, but none of their updates has done so in the last 4 years or so....Version: 6.10.0

Getting Better But Now BrokenI like the aesthetic changes, as well as some of the functionality improvements. I'm glad the developer hasn't abandoned this app. That being said, there are now aspects of the app that are broken following the update. 1. Bluetooth streaming no longer works. This app made its money because I could rehearse my lines while in the car and now I can no longer use BT, resulting in decreased audio quality through the phones speaker. 2. When the app is open and is minimized, it keeps the red bar at the top of the screen open, as if indicating it is still recording. This happens event in playback mode. 3. I would have sent feedback through the option in the app, but every one I pressed "Send Feedback" the app would crash. Every. Time. Please take this as constructive criticism and take steps to remedy these problems. Thank you in advance..Version: 6.0

Why should I report an issue with LineLearner?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of LineLearner to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a LineLearner customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using LineLearner.

Is LineLearner not working?

LineLearner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact LineLearner.

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