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What a great app!I'm a professional actor and use this pretty much every time I need to learn dialogue. I used to record lines to tape (then minidisc, then mp3) but this is SO much better, and has just about everything you might want to adjust how the lines are played back as you get to know the lines better. On top of this, Peter, the developer, replied really quickly to some questions/suggestions I had, and was really helpful..Version: 4.0

Underrated!!!Fantastic app- I use it every day for quick memorization. Auditions are so much more tangible for someone like myself now. Most useful app I have, it's why I stuck with the iPhone when it was time for a upgraded. Can't say enough good things! Thank you!!.Version: 4.0

Awesome App!I just downloaded this app today and I’ve already recorded an entire show that I’m in. Controls are intuitive. Features are exactly what you need for learning lines. Best four bucks I’ve spent in a long time!.Version: 6.14.2

Actor’s BFF - even in the UK!!Love this App!! I have been using the app for years & have been able to rehearse solo prior to an audition to even before walking on set. I’ve even used the pitch (which I love) to change the vocals so if it’s a short audition, I can just use my own read. #winning When I studied at Oxford earlier this year, I was telling all my fellow actors abt it - then lo and behold in our Masterclass, our instructor sang its praises as well. Well done app!!.Version: 6.14.7

Great customer supportA very helpful app, once I got to grips with it, and prompt customer support..Version: 6.7.3

Right on CueA really useful app for anyone learning lines. Especially with the 'share script' functionality. What it does, it does really well, though can be quite fiddly swapping characters while recording. A couple of things on my would-love-to-have list would include: A playback mode that gave just the cue line and your own line, rather than the whole thing or just your own lines which are the two options at present. A display that shows the current speaker and the next speaker when on a phone's lock screen. But all in all this is the best in class for actors..Version: 6.8.0

Great App - Reasonable PriceI recently had an opportunity to use this app to help me readily memorize my lines for Juror #8 in "12 Angry Men" (Peter Fonda's role) -- that's a lot of lines and cues. The app did the job superbly! Very easy to record and manage your lines. Very easy to re-record my lines to shorten the gap once I became more familiar with them. Highly recommended to any actor who's friends and families are tired of reading lines with them. I also coach young performer's community theater and am now actively recommending this app to our young actors. I used to record my lines and cue lines with Garage Band and then load it onto my iPod -- a serviceable, but far less versatile means for learning lines. This app is so much more versatile and flexible (offering features such as re-recording, managing separate scenes, playing "silence" instead of your line when desired, and a "prompt" feature). Thank-you for creating this app!!!!.Version: 3.0

Super useful appLines, lyrics, stage direction...this app can help you with all of those. Plugging everything in and getting the hang of the small intricate details of this app can be a pain, but it is very much so worth it if you are an aural learner like me. Cannot recommend this app enough!.Version: 6.9.1

Fantastic app!Very easy to use, extremely useful for learning lines. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to learn their lines..Version: 0

Just what I was looking for!Excellent app with the features I wanted to help me memorize my script. Highly recommended!.Version: 4.2

ExcellentI have been using it for four years. I keep finding new ways to use it to help me at different stages in my memorization of scripts. I’m sure I’ll keep finding new things after this. I can’t imagine doing it any other way as I am not a visual learner. I can use it anywhere anytime to review which I do before each performance. Takes me about an hour to do my lines as lead in a show..Version: 6.9.1

EXACTLY what I was hoping and looking forI’ve tried a couple of other apps and they just didn’t work for me, this, on the other hand is perfect. You can record a free flowing script by just clicking on the character name and reading, then the next character and reading with no lag or pauses. Alternatively read the whole script then attribute lines to parts! I’ve been sharing the script backwards and forwards using iCloud Drive with my iPad and iPhone so I can learn lines anywhere. By far the beat way I’ve ever learnt my lines. The app is worth every penny. Thanks Peter!.Version: 6.9.0

Life saver!I got this app because RuPaul recommended it and I was going to be in a production of The Goat by Edward Albee. We had a 2 week rehearsal process - so we had to come in to rehearsal fully off book. I am proud to say that I was the only one successfully off book at that first rehearsal!.Version: 6.9.1

Excellent App / Great Customer ServiceI love this app...learning lines with auditory input is so much more efficient. Late last night, I had trouble sharing and saving my extensive work on another device. I e-mailed customer service and the creator PETER got back to me immediately. We exchanged several messages and I am now saved on 2 different devices. And Dropbox. Highly recommended! Thanks, Peter!.Version: 6.9.2

AyyokayReally good , I learnt all my lines in 1 and a half hours !.Version: 4.0

Absolutely brilliant, changed my memorization life!This app has completely revolutionized line memorization for me. I love graduating through the stages of listening to every line, then gap-line for my lines, then finally just gaps for my lines. My turnaround time for being off book is absolutely faster, especially in situations where I have a lot to learn in a short time. One UX issue utterly baffles me, however. There is a critical menu that you will bring up often during playback that allows you to control gaps, looping, etc. The developer has decided to make that menu animate SOOOOOO SLLLLOOOOWWWLLLLYY. It is an annoying impediment to productivity. There is absolutely no reason that menu slide should take more than 250ms. I think right now it's 1500ms with the bounce. PLEASE bring that duration down to 250ms and lose the bounce. The bounce effect is GREAT for folksy tutorial overlays and games, but it has no place in a productivity app like this. Other than that, fantastic work!!!.Version: 6.7.6

I didn’t get it at first, but then I realized it’s fantastic.It takes one or two tries to get used to LineLearner’s style, but once it clicks (by treating it like a line-reading partner when you can still refer back to the script) it’s an amazing tool for running lines and memorization..Version: 6.10.2

BrilliantI don't normally write reviews but this app is brilliant. I had to learn some very diffcult lines and this app helped me deliver them word perfectly. If you have lines to lean, buy this app. It's great!.Version: 0

Best thing IAs an actor, I'm always looking for ways to learn lines in the quickest and most efficient way possible. LineLearner is the best thing I've found so far to do just this! To be honest, it gives me confidence in learning lines quicker than any other actor out there! I'll be recommending it to all my friends. Thanks!.Version: 0

Excellent app!I have just started to use this app to help with my lines for the next play I am in, and am wondering how I ever managed without it! Well thought out, a pleasure to use, highly recommend for anyone with lines to learn..Version: 0

Indispensable!I’m always the first person off book. I know other actors’ lines (my cue lines) better than they do. I tell other actors about this whenever I can. It is a nearly perfect app. I would only improve the speed control. Give is decimals instead of a slider. 1.2, 1.5 speed, etc..Version: 6.9.2

PerfectFor three quid this app is a bargain for any actor that is trying to learn multiple lines (or scripts) I record the scene, put my earphones in and then listen to the scene at work or when I'm out and about, very pleased an almost must have for any aspiring actor that struggles with learning lines or any actor that has to quickly learn lines by a deadline.Version: 6.7.1

Great appThank you! Worth every penny. Don't know how I would have learnt my 11 pages of lines without it!!.Version: 6.8.0

Brilliant. I use it for every single jobUtterly indispensable for me. I use it firstly for self tapes, and then line learning once I’ve been lucky enough to land a job. I’ve told every other actor I know about it, a lot have it already but I don’t understand why it hasn’t got more reviews?! Although saying that, I’ve had this app for years and am only just leaving a review now. I had an issue with the app a few years ago, messaged the developer, and he got back to me so quickly. Solved the problem. I use it for self tapes too, record the Off Lines, so I don’t need anyone reading with me. Works a treat. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s the best app out there (besides Ebay and Minecraft obviously!!) :) Best money as an actor you’ll spend. Do it!.Version: 6.14.5

Extremely useful but clumsy navigationThis app has been a lifesaver! Very simple and intuitive to use. However, if I have a lot of lines to learn, say for Sidney Bruhl in "Deathtrap," I run into trouble. "Deathtrap" has hundreds of lines and navigation between scenes becomes clumsy. The section links don't work, at least on my iPhone and iPad. I have six scenes in two acts and the section links either take me to scene 1 or 2 of first scene or to a blank screen. As a result, in order to reach the later scenes I have to scroll though all previous lines and scenes which becomes frustrating. A useful update would be the option of opening up and collapsing down scenes to their headers by tapping the header. Otherwise, a wonderful app!.Version: 4.2

Very Useful but could be betterI love this app it’s really useful and offers a great help for line learning, I’m really grateful to the developers. I would love to see (in the next update) the option of having different speed controls for my lines and others lines. This will allow users to both speed up cue lines and keep a normal/slow tempo on their lines to learn. This addition would help to speed up the overall learning experience without sacrificing the accuracy of the process. Thank you!.Version: 6.10.2

So HelpfulI’ve been using this app for years! It’s so great and has helped me on hundreds of auditions at this point. I have one request though! DEVELOPERS- please add a feature to loop whatever scene the user is currently in. This will make the app so much more helpful. I usually want to get off book one scene at a time and end up having to run all of my scenes at once. Thanks :).Version: 6.14.1

Everything I needGreat app!.Version: 6.9.2

Best in Show!This app is great. I started out using Rehearsal Pro, but the bugs in that program eventually made it completely unusable (although I love the concept of that one). This app, on the other hand, seems flawless. There’s a small learning curve, but watching the video tutorials helps thru that part. Entering in my lines was easy - I loaded up the entire play in about 2 hours - and once that’s done, you have so much power. it’s like they thought of every possible adjustment to assist you through every single stage of memorization. Unlike Rehearsal Pro, you are not seeing the script scroll in front of you as you memorize, and that threw me at first, only for like a minute though. Because it ended up with me learning the lines aurally - only through listening - and not visually (by seeing the lines), which usually happens for me at a letter stage of the process. Nice looping feature so I could also get up and walk the blocking when i was ready. The interface is bare bones - no extra flashy junk, which is better. Simple, effective, light, fast and powerful. Feels like it was designed by actors just brainstorming the perfect way to use handheld technology to help them do one thing, and then get out of the way. Really great job, designers and developers who made this. I thank you profusely for coming up with this and implementing it so well..Version: 6.9.1

LOVE ITWorks so well, super easy to figure out & love the variety of timing & gaps. Memorization is happening much faster..Version: 6.9.1

Handy!Good app, works well, does what it says on the tin. Would have been handy learning all those lines in drama class at school..Version: 0

Great but slowI would normally give it five stars but it downloaded really slow and I can’t get it to work I think it is great just slow..Version: 6.14.5

Love itI am a professional actor and I use this whenever I am learning lines. Lovely app!.Version: 3.2

Great app for actors!This app is fun and easy to use! I use it anytime I need to memorize a script!.Version: 6.9.1

Brilliant!After 50 years of learning lines the hard way here is the perfect solution. I would recommend to any performer..Version: 0

Acting coachBeen using this for years, love it and I recommend it to my students.Version: 6.9.2

An essentialI’ve used this app for 4 years now and has become an essential part of my prep. I get off book from the page then let line learner play while I go about my day getting to hear and say the lines out loud. Play them over my car bluetooth on the way to set. Have even used it as a reader in a pinch for a self tape audition..Version: 6.9.2

BrilliantI'm a 45 year old actor that never has been able to learn lines alone... Now I can learn lines.... With myself! Brilliant. If a little expensive... :-) worth it though.Version: 5.5

AlrightThe recording part is mostly ok with some bugs but I honestly need a written way and that would be amazing because I need to test myself but that's hard when there's not really a slow down button or skip line. Would be amazingly better with a written option to write your lines and cues for a script an I'll definitely use this app more!.Version: 6.15.1

Excellent - very well thought out.Loving this app..Version: 4.0

Love this appThis understudy felt lost without it. I'm feeling better now. Two large Shakespeare roles to cover..Version: 6.8.2

Good but could be betterI really like this app. I use it to memorize lines for show I’m in, auditions, and lots more. But one thing that realllly bugs me about it is that you can’t organize your script names in the order you want them to. The app organizes them alphabetically which is NOT helpful at all when you can a bunch of past scripts on there and you have to scroll to get to a script you’re currently working on. Just change that and I’d be completely happy with the app..Version: 6.9.2

Fred in SCReally a nice app. Easy to use, very beneficial for solo practice and great user interface. It makes learning lines a breeze. I even use it in my car with the Bluetooth connection and learn while driving. Great support too, even on issues Loosely connected to the app. I recommend it. UPDATE--I'm producer/director of a community theatre and use line learner for myself and my cast- it's really great and very easy to use. Had an issue with my new IPhone 5 and Peter Allday worked for many hours into the night and had it fixed by morning. You just don't find this kind of customer service anywhere. Great communications, great responsiveness and a great product. Thanks Alldayapps.Version: 4.1

Nearly perfect...This is a brilliant, brilliant app and I will be recommending it to a number of people I know. My only complaint is about navigation; once you have recorded a play there is no easy way to navigate. I would suggest the ability to collapse and expand scenes is a must in a future update. It would also help if when changing from PLAY to EDIT (and vice versa) that it opened on the same line rather than the start. Maybe a GO TO button that listed scenes would help. Fix these and I will be back to give this 5 stars. It's by far the most useful app I have..Version: 0

If I could kiss the developers I would...Where has this app been all my life? It is quite simply brilliant and you'll never have to bug people to run lines with you again. Perfect for professional actors. You have complete control over playback and can loop either single lines, whole scenes or all of the scenes, you can re-record lines one by one if you fluff them whilst recording and alter the length of gaps you need between yours and other people's lines whilst learning. Very simple and friendly to use. It also has clear instructions if you need them. A real Gem. So happy I found it..Version: 4.0

GreatReally good, helps learning lines so quickly! Would be 5 star if you just put in an option for the recording to go first, then you. Please, please do this! Will make it amazing! Thank you! :).Version: 4.0

BrilliantReally good app, easy to use, really handy..Version: 0

Absolutely invaluableDo you learn lines? For plays or movies or songs or ANYTHING? Then you must get this app. It is the best $4.00 I've ever spent. The looping features are perfect and help hammer the lines home and then, later as you get better, provide elegant options for rehearsing them. Buy this app! Do it now! You will thank me later..Version: 6.8.2

Just buy itI’ve been using this app for years, and it just keeps getting better. Every new feature I’m like, “dang, that is a good idea!” Not just for actors, if you need to memorize anything - a speech, a presentation - you need this app. It’s nice that there’s a trial version, but trust me, just spend the money and get it, worth every penny..Version: 6.15.1

So helpful!Really useful. I will use it for everything I do now. However it doesn't quite get 5 stars because the UI could be significantly improved. In particular, it'd be easier if recording, playback and editing were merged together. There's no need to separate them into three tabs. It'd also be good to be able to rearrange scenes. Also: the audio doesn't auto-pause when headphones are unplugged, and I can't pause via the lock screen. Overall though, I'm extremely grateful for this brilliant app..Version: 5.5

Does what it says on the tinAmeauter or Professional what ever lines you need to learn no matter how big or small your part this app will get you though learning your lines the fun quick and easy way.I am an actor who really struggles to learn my lines, I was told I had to find my own meathod and this is it! I can learn scripts in just one week! Its a relif to not have to worry about line learning now I have this app!.Version: 5.3

God send!Really helpful when learning lines or self taping auditions to send. I live alone and haven't always got someone else to read in for me. With this, I can do the other lines myself. I gave 4 stars not 5 as it is a bit basic and am sure it could be improved, but as it stands, it really is a God send for professional actors..Version: 4.0

CrashingApp has stopped working. At the load screen it crashes right away and won’t open. Currently on iOS 13.1.2. Update: 13.1.3 fixed the crash issue..Version: 6.10.2

Fantastic fantastic fantasticThis app is amazing , it is so helpfull with learning a big script and it has be proven that you learn better In a group , you can record all the groups lines and then it will play them and you have to say your lines . so in a way it make sure you know them , if you don't know them there is a prompt button and it will play that line. I would be happier if the prompt button only had a few seconds of your line like a wee hint , so that would be a good feature , but never the less this app is amazing , and I will be recommending it to my drama buddies , thanks!!! :).Version: 6.6.4

Such a helpful tool for actorsThis app has everything I need to memorize lines quickly by listening. I love how easy it is to record the script and how I can change pitches to distinguish my lines from other characters. I use it for every project I’m in and it’s very worth the price, especially since it’s just a flat fee with no subscriptions or ads involved. It’s just a simple tool that works if you memorize by listening. I can now review my lines everywhere I go without seeming like a total nut talking to myself. I also really like how you can choose where to gap the lines so you can start to test yourself more and more. Overall I’m super pleased with this app and it’s a must for actors in my opinion..Version: 6.10.2

Helpful AppGreat help. I am an actor doing a lot of Shakespeare at the moment and this was a huge help when learning lines under pressure. It helps so much with hearing your cues and had different ways to playback the recording of lines you have done. As an actor in the indusry for many years this has helped me a lot..Version: 6.7.6

A must-have app for actorsMuch better than other more complex apps on the Market. Very simple to use and a must-have for anyone who learns lines lots!.Version: 3.1

Pitch TweakSuch a great little app! I've used Line Learner successfully for years now and it does a great job. There is a feature that would really help: if the playback for the "Others" lines could be tweaked with a voice-changer pitch control then I could record both my lines and others quickly and play it back and have it sound like two different people doing the scene. Right now I find it best to have someone else record others' lines--often someone not in the show-- but doing it myself is quicker and more in context. As it is now, my own voice on both sides (especially in the early part of the process) can be confusing. Thanks!.Version: 5.3

An Asset to ActorsThis is a superb app for anyone in the acting profession or for anyone who needs to memorise scenes. There are numerous options within the app to help you learn lines and it is very easy to master. If you know anyone in amateur dramatics or professional acting, tell them about this app. They will thank you for it! *With the update and the option to re-record lines and add more plays, it gets better and better. I use it all the time..Version: 6.9.1

Great AppI use this app to help me learn my Masonic lines and it works very well. I've now recommend it to several friends who have also found it very useful. Two very useful additions would be. 1) The ability to save and recall several different plays. 2) The ability to save anything that I've recorded to my PC. With these two additions it would be worth six stars if they were available!.Version: 0

Fabulous ProgramThis program was a lifesaver for me! I like that you can play back all lines or have it leave a gap and then it plays your lines (or even just a gap without your lines). I recorded it on my Ipad and was able to work on my lines via bluetooth in my car and also using headphones at other times. It was VERY easy to use (unlike another I had downloaded and given up on before I bought this one). Much better than just a recording app because of the ability to play back your lines in different modes. I have recommended it to all my fellow performers!.Version: 4.2

It's great!Not the most high tech app in the world but IT WORKS! Finally able to get to grips with my script. Thanks! :-).Version: 5.5

IndispensableI use this app ALL the time and tell every industry friend about it..Version: 6.7.8

Excellent tool and supportGreat app, super useful. Had a problem playing back audio (my fault), the developer replied to me within ten minutes of my initial email. Great app, better support.Version: 5.2

Fantastic!I’ve gotten so much use out of this app! I love that I can record two or more different characters’ lines in my own voice, but then change the pitch so it doesn’t sound like my voice anymore (in case no one is around to record the other characters for me). But it also allows you to export your recorded lines to a friend so that they can add in their recorded lines too. My favorite feature though is the ability to add a gap after my scene partner’s line plays, so I can try to say my line. Then after I say my line, the app plays my recorded line so I can see if I got it right. I’ve been using this app for over a year and have never had a problem with it and have recommended it to all my classmates..Version: 6.14.5

Incredibly helpfulVery glad I found this app. Makes the memorization process much easier. The UI could benefit from some streamlining. But overall a definite thumbs up given its functionality. Thanks for making this app..Version: 6.9.2

Glitch bug addressed!Everything about the app seems perfect but right off the bat there's a glitch. I can not select the script from the main page and customize the characters (a significant feature). The glitch makes me leary of investing the time to record the script. I've contacted the developer. I'm willing to change the review pending a fix. Update: the developer was very quick and willing to help. Yes, it's a minor glitch but one he was able to solve and says he'll work on the update. This app is the best of the kind and has support as well!.Version: 6.10.10

Easy to Use and Quick UpdatesFound this app quite easy to use. Able to manage lines by deleting, rerecording and repositioning. The developer was very prompt in updating it for iOS 7, when a bluetooth transfer error became apparent. Many thanks.Version: 5.1

A simple job very well doneIf you are an actor who likes to learn lines with a tape recorder, this makes it possible via an iPhone or iPod touch and hugely improve the experience. You record the lot, your cues and your own lines. What is clever is that, having done that, this app supports you through every stage of the learning process. At first you listen to the whole thing. Then you can select to listen with a gap (automatically the same length that you have recorded your lines) while you attempt to put in your line, after which you will hear it as it should have been. Then you can skip your lines so you just hear your cues - but with the option to press "prompt" if you get stuck. The guy who put this together has done a good and careful job. If, like me, you are working via an iPod touch you will need to buy a plug in mic for about a fiver; app costs £2.59? Fab value. At the moment the app only supports work on one script at a time - most of the time not a problem for most of us; Mr Allday who wrote the app, a very approachable chap, says he is working to improve this with his next update. Recommended..Version: 0

An essential app for anyone needing to learn lines!An extremely useful and easy-to-use app for anyone with a script to learn, with numerous options to make learning lines easier. Thoroughly recommended for amateurs and professionals alike..Version: 0

Great, easy to use app for memorizationI’m a professional actor and I use this app almost every day. The interface is not super self-explanatory, but once you understand it, it is incredibly easy to use. You can play back with a gap for your lines, you can prompt yourself, etc. I often record a scene partner and use them as the other side, but it’s also great for when you need to run lines and you don’t have anyone around. It’s the best app for memorization that I have found and is well worth the money. No frills, but excellent. Five stars..Version: 6.9.1

Awesome for actorsI started using this app a year ago, when I had to learn a two-hander show in 2 weeks. Helped me enormously! I’ve used it on every show since then. Works WONDERFULLY! I usually learn off the page and in rehearsals - this is such a welcome addition to memorization. Now I can walk around and run lines with earphones - do housework - walk around the city - run lines in car with Bluetooth - great for sitting in traffic! Interface takes a little time to learn - but WORTH IT - and many options for playback - other character line then ‘gap’ where you speak your lines - or other character, then gap, then recorded line (my favorite), other options as well. And speed thru capability for fast ‘Italian’ run. Also great for monologues - just break it into chunks/beats and record each as ‘separate’ line. Works like a charm. Also app developer has been very responsive with any questions & suggestions. Everyone should use this! Get off book quicker and easier!!.Version: 6.9.0

Fantastic app!I am actually using this to learn Spanish. It is fantastic. Very user friendly once you learn the basics - which doesn’t take long. I record a series of sentences in Spanish and can adjust the looping and the gap for review. So helpful! Also, if I make a mistake recording a line, it it super easy to rerecord and fix it. Since the other sentences are separated out, I don’t have to rerecord all of the other sentences, just the one I need to fix. This allows me to work on very targeted sentences and word forms while I am doing chores, going for a walk, or anything. Also, for $4, it is SO worth it! Thank you so much for this app!.Version: 6.9.1

PerfectFantastic app, well designed, and perfect for an actor's needs. Playback the script with gaps for your lines or with your lines, or with your lines played AFTER the gap, to check you got them right. Superfast interface to switch from recording your own lines to others. Pro piece of kit..Version: 5.1

Great appThis app is great, you can learn your cues and then have gaps for your own lines etc. recommended to any actor.Version: 5.3

Does what it says on the tinIt's not glamorous (basic in looks) but definitely does what you need it to. Essentially simply a "Record and Playback" device but with a large number of customisable options to be useful throughout the various different stages of learning lines; from first picking up the script, right through to testing that it's all sunk in. Particularly useful is the differing Loop options in playback mode - opt to loop a single scene, the entire script or a particular defined section from any chosen marked points (A to B). For TV/Film there is also an option to define sections of the script based on the day they were filmed, but I still found this useful for the stage by treating "Days" as Acts and using it as yet another different Loop option. I've used it on an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.2 and had no problems at all to date..Version: 6.6.5

InvaluableIgnore the dated UI. This app is invaluable to any working actor. Whether it’s for a single page of dialogue or a whole script, it’s completely changed my ability to effectively learn lines. Worth every penny!.Version: 6.9.2

Essential for actorsThis is a great app for any working actor, amateur or professional. Learning lines is often the dreariest part of the job but this nifty app helps immeasurably with the process. No more faffing about with dictaphones and not remembering your cues at rehearsals the next day..Version: 4.2

Wonderous App!! Can't believe I've lived without it!!In my last production a cast member recommended this app, and I am so so happy she did. I'm in the process of memorizing Hamlet's lines for a summer show and this app has been a God send. I used to record my lines just using the recording device on my phone, but this app is much much more helpful. I will say there's a bit of a learning curve to figure out how best to use it, but once you figure it out I cannot express how helpful it's been. Especially as I've grown older (early thirties now) I've found its taken more work to memorize lines. But this app is probably the easiest and most painless way I've found. Best used when paired with walking around, doing mindless tasks, commuting etc. All in all, so thankful for this program. 100% worth the price..Version: 6.7.6

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