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QR Reader for iPhone App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

QR Reader for iPhone app received 55 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using QR Reader for iPhone? Can you share your negative thoughts about qr reader for iphone?

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QR Reader for iPhone for Negative User Reviews

Not workingApp says I have camera blocked, go to settings and nothing is blocked. This app used to work so not sure why it doesn't now, I have updated app so that can’t be the problem..Version: 6.6

Kept freezing my phoneDeleted after 5minutes as it kept freezing and I had to restart my phone..Version: 5.9.2

Osk skswowomwwkwo is TimeIZ o wsk♒️ Salami amsl🤓😏🥳☺️🤩😃😊😅 😁😁😁👍🕰🇹🇿🇺🇳🇧🇴🇺🇳🇦🇫🇧🇹s owiwzm🇦🇫😁😄😆🎂sk😁owmzm smak Sooook 🤨😌😀.Version: 7.7

BlahDoesn't work very well. Doesn't detect the barcodes most of the time..Version: 0

UselessNot happy with Q reader as most times it only shows a digital reading not information or copy of any tickets. What is the use?.Version: 6.5

Not happyThought it was one month free but hasn’t been one month and I have been charged on my account.Version: 7.3

Cancel subscriptionCan’t cancel this subscription I don’t want it and only had it on my phone for 2 hrs trial time!.Version: 8.1

DGADisappointed that we were not able to see the whole garden as we had to get additional tickets to see the rose garden and waterfalls. It’s a pity that it wasn’t made clear when purchasing online. Feel slightly ripped-off.Version: 8.6

Doesn’t workImmediately scans and says invalid barcode for everything. It doesn’t worth and it’s not worth your time..Version: 6.0

Ten minutes laterGreat when information arrived . The information on white ribbon amazing. Time to get there so long. Worth it. :-) ..Version: 4.5

One downloaded, impossible to cancelEasy to download, but almost impossible to cancel subscription once you’ve had your ‘free’ trial. No response from customers service and no apparent way to cancel through the app. Beware!.Version: 7.5

Pourriture!Pourri!! refuse d'ouvrir, plante automatiquement!.Version: 8.2

Crashes when you use itAs soon as you go to scan something it crashes. Hopefully they’ll put out an update to fix it..Version: 9.1

Something missing againEvery week something is missing this time through drive through got 24 nuggets but where’s the sauce Not happy if you can’t do your job correctly don’t work there.Version: 7.3

Scanner appDoes not work. Clicking on open does nothing. App is now full of useless garbage. I need to find a scanner app.Version: 7.0

I like the part of “ FREE “Because it’s not free in fact I have been charged 1.99 a month for 2 months now and I’m trying to figure out how. I don’t understand why or how 1.99 a month is a monthly bill if they’re not hosting or maintaining anything? I assume that you create an app such like this one, I also assume that you deserve to get paid for your work I don’t however see why you think I need to pay multiple times. I don’t think it’s an app that anybody needs to pay for being something that you can find free. I would recommend this app for a 1 time 1.99 charge but being greedy and charging monthly gets a negative review and I can’t recommend this app to anyone. Go elsewhere and get one but don’t get it from this designer..Version: 9.1

ADS😩App is very quick to use but the ADS are extremely annoying especially if you use the scanner for text book answers. Very distracting..Version: 7.5

Can’t editCan’t edit previously created QR barcodes. They give you the option to edit. But when you click it-you can’t do anything. Very amateurish..Version: 7.1

Do not use! Pretty sure it's linked to something bad!Downloaded this app because I needed a QR scanner for a book I'm reading. This was the last app I added and I just noticed a thumbnail on my home screen that seems to attach itself to whatever app thumbnail it's next to. It changes its name to the same as the thumbnail next to it, but I can't delete it and it doesn't open. Even if I delete the app it's leeched itself to, it changes its name to the next app it's placed next to. Not sure if I need to reset to factory settings or whatever else I can do to delete it! Luckily it's not been near an important app with any financial or personal info!.Version: 5.9.2

Version 7.8This update created a huge bug. App will no longer open on iPhone 11 Pro Max. Starts to open then crashes. Need a fix ASAP please. Would normally give a great rating but this update killed the app..Version: 8.7

No account settings to cancelWhere’s the account settings?.Version: 8.2

Confusing informationThis app does not work as well as other QR readers. It is also confusing as it tries to sell me a QR reader without indicating whether the one I opened is always free or free for a few days. I’ve seen similar confusion among other QR readers that do not indicate they cost money. It is only after you add them to your home screen that you may or may not be asked to pay. And if you don’t pay I don’t know how long I’ll be able to use the app for free. Typical misleading information in the money hungry world we live in..Version: 8.2

QR ReaderThis worked fine for the most part - okay interface.Version: 0

Don’t get thisI keep getting char for it monthly and I do use it..Version: 8.6

AvoidAutomatically added Itself to My subscriptions without me realising. Started taking $2.99 monthly for months. Avoid.Version: 7.7

Unusable on cheap deviceShows a black screen of camera output. Probably reading from the front camera that isn't there..Version: 4.1

FreezesFreezes occasionally.Version: 7.9

This new version crashesAs soon as you attempt to access your photos. Bye bye app!.Version: 7.8

Used to work well...Originally this app worked fine but now it takes you straight to ads...,.Version: 7.3

UnsubscribeHere is how to unsubscribe and stop any app taking payments off you , go to the App Store click the circle in top right. The circle may have you initials in it. Or go to where you update yre apps. Once you clicked the circle in top right youll see subscriptions few lines down page, click that and unsubscribe from the one you don’t want . These apps tend to subscribe you without you even knowing and then will charge you every week until you unsubscribe..Version: 8.2

URL iPhoneI have tried to open a URL for comfast and it won't open it. I just spent $4 odd so I could open it and nothing. It won't open very disappointed with the app. It said before I down loaded the app that it opens URL files.Version: 5.9.2

CheatsI was dipped into buying a subscription for this app, now the company is making it very difficult to cancel the subscription. This is dishonest. DON’T BUY THIS APP.Version: 7.5

YouTubeTerrible.Version: 9.1

Paid for the sub but still can’t access contentI have paid for the subscription but I still can’t access the premium content.Version: 7.5

TerribleThis is terrible I hate it you have to step up your game.Version: 7.7

Total failureEvery time you open app it takes you to a Buy Database option where it will not scan unless you pay $1.29 a month + tax to use the app.Version: 6.3

Didn’t work on bar codeDid not work on bar code..Version: 8.7

Only free for 1 month then £1.99 per monthThis is only a trial for 1 month but to use even for the free month you need to enter all your details to pay £1.99 per month after that. Admittedly you can cancel at any time. I’ve deleted and am using a free app instead..Version: 7.3

Very scaryThis app takes ages to do the job it’s meant to do. Ads galore. Some of them very suspicious..Version: 7.7

I don’t want thisI didn’t want this can it please be deleted now.Version: 8.7

MarkWhy can’t it store info from previous visit to make it simpler.Version: 7.9

SpammingThe app works fine, but I was spammed by the developer immediately after downloading and received messages from them after using it. I deleted it immediately afterwards..Version: 6.5

SucksDoesn't work..Version: 5.6

Shuts downWorked really well until the last update now it shuts down when I open it or if it stays open when it scans it just shuts down.Version: 7.8

No goodWorst scanner ever.Version: 4.1

Not enough controlWhen I turn on the app, it scans right away - before the target is in frame or focus. There seems to be no way to manually scan when you're ready, so in the end it becomes frustrating and (in my opinion) unusable. 👎.Version: 5.9.2

Beware there are hidden costs of $5 a month, I’m getting rid of itHidden costs.Version: 6.5

QR Reader Included in Camera AppI don’t like the way it blocks my downloads of PDF’s with a message I need their “Free” file manager. Why the quotes on “Free”? Because all their free apps have hooks to get their other products that then restrict you in some manner. I would purchase this for some of its abilities such as business card reader; which would be better if the info was added to contacts. But, I will not be buying subscriptions. Every app on the planet plus the majors such as Apple, Adobe, MS and Google want monthly fees. Too many of these start adding up. So I would pay $2.99 for an app, but not $36 a year for a group of mostly useless apps to me. If the app was highly regarded and necessary to me I might even pay more, but not $36!!! I upgraded to three stars from two as the PDF creator is pretty useful including being able to save to Books..Version: 7.0

Not as describedWhy is this app listed without saying that you must purchase upgrades to access certain features? For example, if I want to change browser (in the settings, no indication that this is a premium option) then I’m informed that I must sign up to a subscription service! Big lack of transparency, looking for a different app then deleting this one..Version: 8.7

Doesn’t workI kept getting a message saying hello... dumb.Version: 7.7

Not satisfiedAutomatically goes to Chinese Server not found Scans are not accurate.Version: 7.7

UnhappyTrying to cancel out to something that I didn’t want!.Version: 7.7

Slow. Inoperable.As of late the app updates have made this app unusable. We require a qr reader for work, and with the app being slow or unresponsive almost 90% of the time, we can’t do our jobs. I’ve made sure to not save history and to clear any data, as well as uninstalling and adding it back. It’s still extremely slow. Pages attached to the QR codes won’t scan or won’t load at all. And it isn’t in our end as any other qr reader works. But this is the only one offering in app browsing for the qr reader, which is a plus so I don’t have to delete browser history or close 50 tabs every time I scan..Version: 7.7

Fade to blackThe app was working fine until I selected the paid option to remove the ads. After that, all I got was a black screen when I opened the app..Version: 2.2

Watch outThe app is “ok” but the subscription is very difficult to cancel no quick way to do it. This means “cancelling any time “ is certainly not true in this case. Watch out when deciding to download.Version: 8.7

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QR Reader for iPhone works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact QR Reader for iPhone.

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