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Holding Your Lost Items RansomI had taken a ride with one of the drivers and as I exited the car I noticed that my glasses were still in there. After contacting the driver he confirmed that the glasses were indeed in his car, within the span of 15 minutes. I had asked the driver if he would be able to return the glasses, even offered to pay addition (fuel expenses, etc). He insisted that I follow up with Uber to have them email him and charge me $15 to have him bring them back. Fast forward 2 months. I had continued communication through Uber’s Help assistance and finally was able to connect with the driver who had passed the glasses along to his “friend” who agreed to deliver it to me since the driver lived 30/40minutes away. Initially, I thought this would work out for all parties since the driver lived so far and if his friend was willing. My main concerns were disclosing my home address to the driver’s “friend” who had nothing to do with Uber and after two months, I wanted to see if the glasses were even mine to begin with. All the while, going back and forth between the driver/his friend/and Uber, being told that he refused to deliver the glasses if I didn’t pay $40. Upon arrival the driver’s friend refused to let me examine my glasses to see if it was indeed mine. He insisted that I e-transferred him $40 in addition to the $15 lost item return charge. In the end I had to call local authorities because this man was sitting in front of my house refusing to return my prescription glasses which I need for work and studying. It’s very unfortunate that this was not handled better by Uber support and by the driver. As I said in the beginning, I had no problem paying the driver to return the glasses ($15+ additional for time/expenses) but the fact that I had to call the local authorities just to have the driver’s friend show me the glasses (and struggling for the two months without my prescribed glasses to help me see). In the end, I’m happy to have my glasses returned because it would have taken longer to order new ones given covid. I do wish that Uber look into their support procedures to ensure that items aren’t being moved through outside of Uber driver contractors..Version: 3.423.10001

Mad😡Why did u remove the following: Bus times Uber eat Grocery option from Uber app! I like it as it was all I one app! So mad! 😡.Version: 3.451.10003

Service not as good as used to beI use Uber since the beginning. What once was an outstanding service, became a nightmare the last times I had to use. 2 times drivers kept saying to go to a “pick up point” and refused to say where was the location. After 3 minutes, cancelled the ride to collect fee and get another passenger. The last one did that to me 2 days ago in Stratford at 1 in the morning. After working 17 hours, he put the phone down on me and refused to answer the phone again. His instructions to this pick up point was “left hand side”. Of What, genius???? And the worse one was in September. I pre-ordered a big car to take me to my WEDDING (emergency drive as the car that was going to take me broke the night before, bad luck). The guy called me and said he was at my door. I told him I was going out and the he was taking me to my wedding. My photographer and bridesmaid spoke with the guy outside and asked him to wait 5 minutes. The guy simply cancelled the ride as I was coming out of my house. My bridesmaid order another one and guess what, the same guy showed up. Town hall almost cancelled my wedding because of this delay. The other one was that my mother forgot her glasses and Uber didn’t even tried to give it back. Costumer support inexistent, no phone, no email, no reply..Version: 3.395.10001

So soIt’s alright I love the service & meeting new people. Only problem I have with Uber is that it shows there drivers in the area like 6mins away or 3 mins away but it always give me drivers that’s like 16 or 18 mins away then they cancel cause it’s to far for them it annoys me but I need to get to a certain place where there a few driver not far from me then it give me a drivers that’s not in my area... what is this??.Version: 3.358.1000

I can’t get a rideI have had problems with purchasing Uber Gift Vouchers and trying to create a new account to then be able to access my purchased gift vouchers credit, The system would accept the gift vouchers but I could not initiate a ride (credit Acknowledged by Uber & copy receipts of purchase submitted to Uber) after a week of receiving, what I believe generic responses & run around! A week later & after being put through many time wasting hoops by a supposed support system (you cannot talk to anyone in Australia to try & navigate through the issues with the app) - you are then asked to submit personal information through a NON SECURE PLATFORM certain information from specific info from your credit card & Photo ID’s with no idea who, what & why they are indenting to do with this information?? At the end of the day, Uber is holding $500 Australia gift vouchers of my money purchased in good faith & I cannot access to initiate a Uber ride unless I supposedly put my personal identity at great risk to supply them what they want (possibly another hoop) through a platform that is not secure or encrypted! Be very aware people! & be aware of my experience with the app & gift vouchers!.Version: 3.353.10002

So so bad...Tried connecting to a driver for over 20 minutes and each time didn’t connect me to anybody? But when I call a regular taxi they show up no problem. Seriously don’t get it.Version: 3.407.10000

Poor customer serviceI recently took an uber pool. The route was all over the place but I never complain because you get what you pay for: crap service. Toward what should have been the end of my ride, we picked up another rider. The GPS was directing the driver to drop off the other rider first, which would mean going past my stop. After having been in the car for about 40 minutes (usually 25 by pool at most) I was ready to get out, so I asked the driver to stop and let me out. The driver ignored me and kept driving. He headed further away from my stop, so I sat there stunned that he didn't let me out and not wanting to get dropped off even farther from my house. He went past the other rider's stop and had to get turned around to drop me off. I told the driver exactly where to stop and he went past it. I said just stop here and his car kept moving, so I yelled, let me out! Stop the car. He stopped and I got out. I wrote to customer support and their response had nothing to do with the fact that I felt unsafe but rather the perils of taking pool. I thought it was a joke. They explained my fare would not be adjusted. It's not about the fare! Let people out of the car when they want to get out! I will not being using uber anymore. I felt trapped and uncomfortable. My genuine concern was met with an automated response. Glad to know nothing about uber had changed. The safety of their riders is not a priority..Version: 3.261.4

The worst customer service you ever!Uber is Uber, it’s as good as lyft but pricier, we call know what we’re getting with Uber. What you may not know is the customer service is an absolute joke. They literally won’t give out a number to call or email, and as far as I can see online, they literally don’t have one (even though their website currently says they do give you the number), or if they do they’ve done a great job of making it very unintuitive to find. What they do is, give you a preset list of 4 or 5 possible issues you may have with a specific ride (so no complaints if 5 drivers in a row cancel right before they are at your location). If you click on the thing from the list they just run your trip through some automated program that determines if you get your money back. My most recent incident my driver took a terrible route, then took two wron turns, adding 30 minutes to what was originally estimated to be a 30 minute trip total, and the navigation app he was using said it would be another 30 minutes. At that point it was literally quicker to walk the last 1 ½ miles. So I got out and walked, but it shows up as me having completed the trip, so whether I select driver took poor route or trip was too long, it just spits out an answer based on incomplete information. Clear lack of effort on their part, luckily for me they have competitors that care about the customer experience more then they do..Version: 3.268.10002

Mediocre support and serviceIf you need a cheap ride and you need to get somewhere then I agree Uber is for that. However they need to fix some issues that keep me from wanting me to. For starters the seller fees are absolutely ridiculous! I should not have to be charged for my drivers errors. I have had numerous occasions of being charged a $5 fee for my driver not being able to find my house. Which brings me to my next problem. The GPS navigation they have going is a mess. My old house was a difficult yet not impossible location to find. The u-turn by the gas station was right by the driveway to my house which is easy to miss. However I have tried contacting my Uber drivers giving them guidance. Some still ended up canceling. I have had drivers that would decide it was better to take a longer way for certain places rather than back ways and shortcuts. That also makes everything 10 times worse, because I have been late to work even scheduled ahead of time since these problems with your system have occurred. I’m also currently disabled and can’t/shouldn’t drive, because of it. However I can’t blame Uber for being late for work even though it most certainly is. I take my job seriously so apparently I need to go back to Lyft since I haven’t had any of these issues personally. They even found my house in the dark! Uber needs to fix some stuff before I even think of trying to rely on them again..Version: 3.342.10000

Service and driversI’ve been using uber for a while and so far it’s been great apart from the last couple of months where I’ve been charged for a trip that was taken in 2017 although I have used the app since and have not been given a clear reason as to why it’s charged me months later. I recently have been unable to request trips and book them in advance which is extremely inconvenient. Drivers have also cancelled on me if my trip is not longer than they would’ve liked..Version: 3.320.10004

Absolutely UselessI used the app successfully a few times until I requested a ride and was told that I needed to verify my phone number, which I did. None of the verification texts came through and as a result I haven’t been able to use the app since. I’ve tried emailing in for help with no one as yet able to resolve the issue despite speaking to about six different Uber representatives over a two week period, and cannot reply to their emails due to my account still being unverified. There is no helpline for NZ riders, so that isn’t an option. I’m currently locked out of my account entirely so I can’t even use the ‘in-app help function’. Should be a simple fix, but no one seems to understand what the problem is or how to resolve it and as a result I’m extremely frustrated..Version: 3.312.10000

Cancelled tripsI would like to complain last night I organised trips to go home and I even rang the drivers to tell them where I am yet they messaged saying I can come there to the front even though others did and also cancelled the trip each time with was not my fault I wanted for them even calling them to tell them exactly where I am but I have been charged three times for cancellation without my request. I am highly disappointed and demand it be refunded. This is outrageous and day light robbery Charging me not a my fault..Version: 3.336.10001

Service is good, app is so so.I generally find uber drivers a good alternative to TaxiCabs. The app has a few features I’d like improved though. When rating a driver 4 stars the app gives a pop up asking what went wrong, I think 4/5 is a good rating without being great, nothing would have to go wrong to get a 4/5, it feels like uber are trying to push riders to always give a 5 star rating which makes the rating system pretty flawed. If you just want to know if the experience was good or bad you could have a yes/no closed question. The other thing I do not like is a feature that was removed - when the price is presented it used to show me if that was a surge price which was helpful, if I really need to be somewhere I can accept the surge and travel at that time, or if I have some time up my sleeve I can wait til later where more drivers are available. Now it’s unclear if I might be better to wait. I fee removing the surge notification is a big step backwards. Overall I really like uber as a service, but the app frustrates me..Version: 3.309.10001

Worst of the BunchSure Uber has become the ubiquitous alternative cab co but they are far from the cream of the crop, in fact I just hate using them unless absolutely necessary! Drivers never speak English, the fares jump around like crickets and they screw their drivers around... Lyft for me thanks!.Version: 3.329.10002

Can’t cope with tunnelsI use Uber quite a lot and the service is fine, but it seems to really struggle generating an accurate fare when the journey involves going through a tunnel. When it loses GPS signal, rather than assuming that your journey will simply continue along the road you were previously on like any normal in-car satnav device until it picks up a signal again, it seems to fall back on using cell tower data to work out where you are. This results in wildly inaccurate charges as the vehicle track that comes through with the receipt shows you made a sudden jump to somewhere several miles away from where you actually travelled, went round in bizarrely shaped circles etc. After a bit of back and forth with Uber customer services they’ll manually adjust this to remove the excess “distance” you get charged, but really it shouldn’t be happening in the first place - but as of 2018 this glitch still exists in the pricing algorithm..Version: 3.275.10000

Issue with the app itself and account detailsLately I’ve been having a lot of trouble surrounding both uber it’s self and uber eats with it not recognising or accepting my card or login in details I’ve had my account disabled many times even though everything has been updated and paid for this has been happening a lot especially with big payments and has been an on going issue for about a month or so now regarding both my account and my friends and family’s..Version: 3.314.10002

Liked back in the States but in the UK- Worst Experience ever!Right. I used Uber faithfully back in the States to get back and forth from work for a good 6 months because my car died on me. I was using them all hours of the day because my shifts varied. Beginning from 03:45 til whenever. I’ve been in the UK for 15 months now and have used Uber on and off because the public transportation is readily available. Recently, every single time I request an Uber, I either have to wait over 10 mins for someone to accept my request or I end up cancelling and catching the bus. And when someone does FINALLY accept, they’re like a half hour away. Haha the last thing I want to do after work is sit there for another 30 mins. It’s actually disgusting. And not to mention for some stupid reason every single ride my score keeps going down. I had a 5 when I left the States and now everything seems different. Fed up now, when’s Lyft coming here? Maybe they can do better..Version: 3.373.10001

Would not recommendYes there are pros and cons to the app majority of drivers are polite and kind, others not so much, had a driver the other day that refused to let 4 of us in his car even though there were 4 seats available to sit in, he was rude and ignorant, no communication throughout the entire journey and was not considerate with the speed he was driving st causing 3 of us squashed in the back seats in pain, smacking our heads and crushing our shoulders on the sides , 1 of us had to get a bus home which is over an hour drive whereas in an uber 10 minute journey, 15 minutes with traffic , was not happy and obviously gave this driver a bad review. another isuue i would like to address , cancelled trips, i am absolutely infuriated st the fact that uber drivers will cancell on you without a single care once they see a new job worth more money, yes i understand its more money but when theyre driving from 14 minutes away, getting 5 minutes away and cancelling but whenever we cancel our trips with a driver its "wasting their time" and it charges £3.50 , this is absolutely shocking , it charges is for cancelling and i personally think it should charge the driver too as its wasting our time , vice versa, half of the drivers dont even realise this happens and it's disgusting, not happy, and would definitely not recommend especially if you hate having your time wasted and money wasted on inconsistent drivers..Version: 3.417.10002

Horrible customer serviceI would like to address the false advertising on the Uber app for pricing. I understand that when ordering an uber that the timing is what determines the price, however, for the scheduling an uber option, there should be more clarification on how much the price can range. Giving a price range that only shows a 7 dollar price difference does not encapsulate how much the uber can actually be. Also, not only that, but when you schedule an uber, you are not allowed to see the actual price of the ride until AFTER you take it. If I schedule an uber that ranges from $13-$17, I expect the ride to be around that price then, maybe even a little higher, but not much more than that. There should be an option to see the actual price when the driver is on his or her way because if it is going to be too expensive, I would rather cancel it and pay the cancellation fee than pay an absurd fare. If I schedule an uber some time in advance, I should realistically be able to see the price of it when the driver is on the way so it is fair. It is not ethical to have the app designed this way with no way of seeing the real fare of a scheduled uber before taking it. I have not had any other issues with this service except for the lack of this quintessential feature. Also I won’t mention the lack of customer support... I can’t even email Uber a complaint..Version: 3.420.10007

Charged $150 extra to the normal fareUnfortunately I was sick in the car when I was about to be dropped off. My husband cleaned the mess but the Uber driver had taken pictures before my husband had cleaned. He did not take pictures after the clean-up, only to be hit with an extra $150 . Can not justify this cost!!!!I know people have been charged between $40-$80 for being sick inside an Uber car. I was not offered a vomit bag(which most drivers carry), he did not not offer to stop the car , so I could be sick outside the car, we were not rude , but very compliant & apollogetic. It was just an unfortunate accident beyond my control. Instead the driver was so rude and aggressive in the manner he took up this. All he was saying was “you will pay me $150 for this, whilst taking photos of the vomitus” which my husband cleaned after all. I feel there is no justification to charging such a high end penalty of $150 , for something I had no control over, and also after making an effort to put it right (cleaned-up)!!!!.Version: 3.329.10002

WorstI hate how they always said that I have outstanding balance but when I checked my bank account it shows that I a paid the every ride. I have been having a lot of problems with this app a lot! If only we have other ride in my town!.Version: 3.422.10001

IOS11 let’s you do this anyway. Poor marketing attemptIOS 11 gives users the right to set location services to “only while app is in use” to combat the slimy behaviour Uber popularized with the - either you always let us see your location or you don’t use our app crap that they tried to push down on consumers. The update in iOS 11 is a direct response to this slimy behaviour. Don’t try and market it as anything else..Version: 3.261.4

Not happyLast Saturday night I ordered and Uber to pick me up in Park Street MOONEE Ponds The drive came 10 minutes later which was good but he drove straight past me dinner U-turn drove straight past me again and stopped at the road I tried to Hayley and down couldn’t so I started walking towards him It took me A few seconds to walk up the street by this time he took off and I couldn’t do anything about it. So this annoyed me I had to arrange another Uber who came within 10 minutes and pick me up that is very good but the problem is you charge me $10 for someone I had to walk up the street for and took off on me so I am not very happy I think yellow cabs is the option for me again the night was Saturday 20 April 2019 approximately 10 o’clock at night not 100% on the time but if you check your logs I am pretty sure you can find it to cat came to the same address designated to CROWN Casino I hope you look into this because I feel cheated STEPHEN BORRACCINO thank you.Version: 3.348.10002

Bad serviceNo support, no phone number you can call and figure your issue out. Just and endless menus of FAQs. Easier to take a taxi..Version: 3.260.3

Uber drivers screen customers to see how far you are travelling for higher fares for them to charge.Uber drivers are screening customers to see how far we are travelling after we’ve booked an Uber. If the fare or distance isn’t substantial enough for them they will cancel. If this happens to you then please ensure you take a screenshot and save cos Uber themselves don’t care and aren’t helpful at all...unless you have proof/evidence. Uber cars in Auckland often smell, are in poor condition, not very appealing and don’t have enough space (if any) for luggage when coming or going to airports. Would rather spend the extra dollars with better companies if it means better service and honesty, however, you’ll find that there are companies available that are either cheaper or equivalent to Uber but provide a more friendly and top quality service with updated cars that don’t smell and aren’t cramped. Some may be slightly a bit more but worth it, AVOID UBER in Auckland and especially to and from the airport. Zoomy is way better. DO NOT USE UBER EATS Either. They are rip off, con artists who will steal your money/charge your credit card, apologise and say they’ll refund but then don’t. Worst and most untrustworthy delivery company ever..Version: 3.329.10002

Killing uber drivers during Coronavirus pandemicsThis is so disturbing By uber Im a driver and driving rideshare is my full time job as everyone started suffering during this Coronavirus pandemic as a uber driver due to lack of jobs and risk factor I also started suffering but without I needed to keep doing what I can because of my family present health conditions and couldn’t find another job ASAP...the worst part comes now as many uber drivers requested uber to lower down their commission rates just during this pandemic in reply everyone got robotic and helpless answers were given by uber but during the same time uber was trying to make drivers to only drive for them in sydney by giving 5% commission which we brisbane drivers begging and I got to know to by by some Sydney uber driver posts in facebook or else I could never know that after beign with uber for 4years now I hate uber with my whole heart but still couldn’t avoid driving for only reason no other rideshare company in the market have major share of jobs like uber.....fyi uber offered help if the driver manages to contract coronary ...so technically I need to find someone who has this virus...so that I can feed my family for 2weeks without any worries.Version: 3.397.10002

Always double charging!I’m not even talking about constant charges and reverses that happen with EVERY trip. I added a second card to my account and guess what? I got charged on both cards for the same trip!!.Version: 3.423.10001

‘Payment Method’ IssuesAfter using Uber very frequently with no issues or complaints, I could no longer book rides as the app said “Payment Method Unavailable”. We deleted the card off the app, and re-entered it, with no luck. The same message appears every time we try to book a ride - the rest of my family use their own separate accounts but we all use the same card, and none of our accounts work and we are always given the same message. Adding a different card made no difference, it still said “Payment Method Unavailable”, when there was nothing wrong with either card. After contacting Uber, we were advised to deactivate the accounts, and leave them for a month - then try again. After the month, there were no changes made, and the same message was showing up. Customer service is terrible and there were no effective changes made. No longer using Uber due to this issue, and have found much better alternatives, that actually work. Would not recommend Uber to anyone and will never use it again..Version: 3.371.10002

One out of three try’s.I’ve tried to use Uber three times. First at home in a slightly rural area. There were no Uber drivers available and I had to use a conventional cab. No ride no stars. The second time traveling in Brisbane Australia from a residence to the Brisbane Transit Center in downtown Brisbane. Uber worked great. Five stars for this ride to the public transportation center of the city. When we arrived back at the Brisbane Transit Center three day later and needing a ride to the residence, we again contacted Uber. We described where were, under a very large sign stating Brisbane Transportation Center including it’s street address. We got a text from our driver to verify location, and we agin texted our location, address, and location under the very large sign at the entrance to the transit center. Three days earlier we had been dropped off about 30 meters from where we stood on the same side of the same street by the first Uber driver. The potential driver responded with a thumbs up. The app indicated he was less than a minute away. He called a moment later and my wife again explained to the driver our location. My wife said he was difficult to understand. After about 15 minutes of waiting we got the Uber cancellation notice. We called someone else (not Uber) who spoke English and new exactly where we were. Five stars to someone besides Uber..Version: 3.325.10003

IdiotsRemoved family profile, stupid. Website is horrible as well and numerous sections unfinished..Version: 3.454.10001

AVOID AVOID AVOID!***EDIT*** Uber have replied to this review stating that they wish to look further into my issue and to send them a note using their online form so that they can "connect" with me. At this point, I have already sent 5 emails to Uber and not one person (assuming there are actual humans that work there 🙄) is interested in having a conversation with me. So, no Uber, I will not be sending you anything more. The ball is in your court so I would suggest reviewing your customer care policies because you have lost an awful lot of customers judging by recent reviews. Avoid using Uber!! I have been an extremely loyal customer for around 4 years and my account has recently been permanently disabled due to a false accusation made by a driver. I have tried to discuss with Uber and they don't want to know. Their "customer service" is absolutely horrendous - all automated emails and no humans to speak to. I have been subjected to several awful experiences at the hands of their drivers which have included an assault and holding me against my will. Uber are a bunch of crooks and have no idea how to run a company..Version: 3.311.10001

Abysmal support when there is a problemThe ability to get help when there is a problem is outrageous. It is difficult to begin with to find help options that aren’t generic articles. Then when you can write to someone, the quality of service is deadly. I am, ludicrously, trying to tip a driver after a trip when the ‘pop up’ in app has disappeared. Not only does this appear to be impossible to do in app, via email or via web, I’ve asked for support and have had a couple of generic, bot written, emails telling me to add it in the app, via email, or via their site with no information on HOW to do this given the complete absence of these options is why I asked for support to begin with. I’ve shared endless screenshots of what I’ve got to outline the problem, and the support team have now begun marking my problem as ‘resolved’ without answering me to get it out of their queues presumably. Hilariously this always pops up with an ask to ‘rate my support experience’ which when I click on it leads to the messages and a pop up box asking whether I still need help on this issue or something else - not really a rating. Tearing my hair out - this shouldn’t be rocket science!!.Version: 3.373.10001

Worst customer serviceGot uber 2 years ago and had 2 trips within the first month I got it. Trips were fine, nothing happened and suddenly my payment was 'declined' on the app. It had 'removed' my CVV from my card and wouldn't let me change/delete that certain card, even if I added more cards. I deactivated my account and it said if I don't log in for 30 days it would be completely deleted. Waited 2 months just to be sure and logged in and it remembered all my details and card- despite deactivating the account! I had reached out to customer service before deactivating and after , and have had 0 help at all. It is an issue with the app as I have no trouble ordering on the website, you would expect after 2 years they'd fix this problem. It's highly inconvenient not to be able to use the app and after attempts of contacting customer service they do not help at all. I know other people who have experienced the same issue and have received no help from uber. Really horrible customer service, and their overall service has gone downhill. Won't be using uber anymore, along with many let down customers..Version: 3.371.10002

Poor customer service and terrible GPSThe last few rides were terrible. Drivers took the wrong GPS route to arrive at my house. I kept having to cancel and find new drivers. The last driver left me 10 minutes from my destination. And after contacting Uber, they only gave me a $3.80 credit as a compensation, and refused to adjust it..Version: 3.425.10000

It’s a jokeYeah, they get you from point A to point B, but it’s not really worth it they let practically anyone drive half the time the drivers cars are either really small and smell or the driver doesn’t speak English enough to communicate with you... since I live in the city of Las Vegas any time any major event is going on they surge the prices through the roof... plus on top of all of their flaws I’ve had some of the worst customer service lol There’s no actual people to talk to if there’s a problem everything’s all done through the app. I’ve had an uber driver pick me up and he was drinking with an open container in his car and after I reported him to the police then uber, uber refunded me for my $5 car ride and said sorry... nothing more which I found ridiculous! And if you leave an item in an uber on accident apparently uber doesn’t care. Lol I called the driver and asked him if I left it and he said yeah and I asked how to get it back and he told me to call someone who cares and hung up then blocked my number then after I filed a complaint with uber they said they weren’t responsible for lost items since drivers are contractors, like you’re joking me right? In my opinion uber should have done more of an investigation into the lost item and maybe even ban the driver from driving and same goes for the one who thought it was okay to drink and drive and work... Honestly I would never use uber again if I didn’t have to!.Version: 3.299.10002

Pickup times getting worse and worseWhen deciding wether to use Uber, Lyft or take a taxi, I need accurate pickup times. Increasingly, they are wrong and seem to be a bait and switch. Routinely, the app says, for example, it will take 3 minutes to be picked up so, i request ride. But as soon as a driver confirms pickup, the time until pickup becomes a lot longer. And regardless of the pickup time listed, 9 of 10 times it takes considerably longer for the driver to arrive. I can’t tell If this is an app or driver problem or both. Regarding the app, it looks to me like bait and switch. Get me to select a ride with short pickup time, and suddenly after selecting the ride double it or more. And even the extended time is wrong and the driver takes longer to arrive. This problem continues to worsen. I also now sometimes see drivers not responding to rides, at least on the app. On the driver location, I’ll see a driver sit without moving for minutes before coming to get me. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the app or the driver accepting a ride and taking his to time before coming to get me. This happened at an airport pickup last night again. I walked past the cabs because it showed a 3 minute pickup time But actial pickup was 10 min and i could have practically been home already in the taxi. For the first 5 min the driver sat where he was when he accpeted to ride. I need reliability..Version: 3.287.10003

App incorrect timings and pick-up locationsI have experienced recent issues with the app. When I accept an Uber pool pick-up location and thus I am in for the ride, the location tends to change. At that time I cannot change my mind although I agreed to a different location. Timings are awful on the app. As you can loose your ride or be charged a lot for a driver waiting for you it is quite shocking that I cannot follow the timings given by the app. It happened once that the driver said he was waiting long while I followed the times given by the app. Another occasion the driver cancelled the ride when I was just about to get in as he stated he waited long. I was also charged for this cancellation fee! I was on the app checking how far he was so either he was lieing or the app was misleading me. It also happened several times that I was waiting at some random place as it took much longer for the driver to get there than what the app suggested. So I’m not satisfied with the service at all..Version: 3.360.10002

DissatisfiedI have had problems with purchasing Uber Gift Vouchers and trying to create a new account to then be able to access my purchased gift vouchers credit, The system would accept the gift vouchers but I could not initiate a ride (credit Acknowledged by Uber & copy receipts of purchase submitted to Uber) after a week of receiving, what I believe generic responses & run around! A week later & after being put through many time wasting hoops by a supposed support system (you cannot talk to anyone in Australia to try & navigate through the issues with the app) - you are then asked to submit personal information through a NON SECURE PLATFORM certain information from specific info from your credit card & Photo ID’s with no idea who, what & why they are indenting to do with this information?? At the end of the day, Uber is holding $500 Australia gift vouchers of my money purchased in good faith & I cannot access to initiate a Uber ride unless I supposedly put my personal identity at great risk to supply them what they want (possibly another hoop) through a platform that is not secure or encrypted! Be very aware people! & be aware of my experience with the app & gift vouchers!.Version: 3.353.10002

Started off good but went downhill fastI started off loving this app and now I’ve been using it for more than a year and it gets worse and worse. My first problem is the ETA of an Uber. When you request a ride it tells you the least amount of time you will wait but when it finds you a ride its 9minutes away. This morning alone I had to cancel 3 trips because they were more than 7 minutes away and by the 4th request an Uber was just 2minutes away. Why couldnt I get matched with the closest uber first?? Then my next problem and probably the worst is the Uber’s navigation. One example was a trip i took from the bronx to Yonkers and the navigation led the Uber all the way downtown to 138th street to then loop us around to go uptown to 231st. How? When I could look at the GPS and find several other routes that were quicker and less of a hassle. And finally, i want to mention that i dont even use the pool option anymore because it feels like taking the bus. I sat in a pool once and before I got to my stop we picked up and dropped off 4 other people. I wouldnt have minded if it was on the way to my destination but it was so out of the way I considered getting out and taking the bus. I have to take alot of cabs because of work and I’m always disappointed with Uber, if I had a better option I wouldnt use this app anymore..Version: 3.381.10002

Uber driverMy wife and I were in Lille France for the great Braderie antiques fair 30th of August to 1st September we couldn’t take our Motorhome because there was height restrictions on car park barriers so we decided to use Uber who we always use all over Europe and have never had a problem with except yesterday Sunday 1st sept our driver bidal picked us up at a campsite at Aubers about 30 kilometres from the Antiques fair we paid asking price and he said he would come back for us because it was a nightmare with cancelled buses etc, we agreed a price of 30 euros and arranged a place to be picked up and contacted him for 45 minutes telling him we were waiting outside Novotel hotel and he just didn’t reply with one text message or did he answer his phone no matter how many times we tried he just stranded us there after 50 minutes we had to walk about a mile to the metro get a long tram ride to Saint Philibert then phone for another Uber car which came swiftly the drivers name was Honourae who was great and understanding. It took us nearly two hours to get back to base where we missed a dinner engagement. We think Uber should vet there drivers a bit better. We also think Bidal realised he wasn’t going to make enough money with what we agreed on so he couldn’t be bothered. Thanks Bidal you ruined the start of our holiday. VV.Version: 3.366.10001

Good until you have a problemUntil today I have had only good experiences. Today coming home from the airport, a 15 minute trip, I’m indifferent between taking Uber or a taxi. Taxis are waiting but I opt for an Uber with a 4 minute arrival time. 7-8 minutes later they turn up. They then decline to follow the Uber-dictated route twice and take 22 minutes getting home instead. So my 15 minute taxi became a 30 minute ordeal during which I was genuinely scared about where the driver may be taking me. And for my suffering I get billed more than a taxi (because of the time and distance the driver chose) and when I complain to Uber they say the route was within the range of alternatives. I’m sorry but a trip that takes twice as long is not okay and a driver that doesn’t follow the route causes passengers fear and again it is not okay. Yesterday I was telling coworkers they should take Uber instead of taxis, tonight I’ve uninstalled the app..Version: 3.357.10002

Avoid until the apps many bugs are fixed.The driver's app must be broken as uber seems to feel the need to call the rider and ask them where they are and where they're going. Perhaps, the drivers aren't able to see what the customer has typed, the map, the address, gps, the live blue dot and the live symbolic car that represents the car that the uber driver is driving. Those all must be buggy as well. Maybe, the maps are incorrect, too? The drivers can't seem to use gps and a live location from the passenger (blue dot) to find where they're going or where the passenger is waiting. Rating system has problems as well. Star ratings can't be used to choose a driver. If the driver accepts and he or she has a low rating, you can cancel, but expect to pay the penalty fee. Driver's cancel all the time, but are not charged a fee. Perhaps a system error is to blame as no one would chose an arbitrary rating system except an old tv show where the points don't matter. Final app issue: wait times. When the app says, five minutes away, it really means 12-15 minutes away. You can cancel, but your credit card will be charged each and every time unless you dispute the charge. Maybe, it's supposed to be like that? Seems counterintuitive, and unlike a similar app that doesn't have incorrect wait times, penalties for customers and an arbitrary rating system where the points don't matter. The drivers on that app just do their job and silently come to the blue dot..Version: 3.282.10000

Frustrated Much !For the past months that I've been using the uber app I thought it was an okay app. Sometimes the drivers would say they're on their way in 5 minutes and then magically be 14 minutes away forcing me to cancel & search for someone else. Leaving me not being able to rate that driver & let him know what an inconvenience he has caused me. Also, normally you would be able to cancel your ride free of charge if your driver was more than 5 minutes away, today my driver was 13 minutes away, I cancelled because I was in too much of a hurry & was still charged $5. I'm extremely OVER this app, I will begin to use my local TLC driver companies from now on since they so conveniently make you comfortable ordering their vehicles and they actually give you real life people experiences even when you’ve been inconvenienced. I also have had drivers lie about their vehicles that they’ve been traveling in but because the license plate matched then I had to ride in that vehicle. Reaching out to Uber has become a joke because they purposefully make you feel like you’re the problem and their well within their means to do and have drivers do as they please. The support at Uber has become nonexistent and they’re prices have increased so dramatically that I should basically buy my own vehicle and pay my own gas and insurance, it would be so much cheaper. I’m just so over the issues that I’ve been experiencing with Uber for months now..Version: 3.327.10002

Worst Customer Service and disloyal company.I have been using uber for the last four years. I don’t own a car by choice. I used to use their service all the time from shopping to going to the airport. Basically they were my chauffeur. I had no issues and everything was just great. Until about two months ago, they charged my corporate card instead of my personal card. I contacted them to change the payment method, so they charged my personal card and refunded two out of four charges. So I had two charges that were in two different card. I emailed them at least ten times to refund my corporate card or otherwise I was going to risk getting in trouble with my company. Two months later and no refunds. I emailed and emailed so many times and still no refund. I wake up one morning to an email from Uber telling me that my account is suspended due to a policy violation ( these people are a joke).i guess they did like that I emailed so many times for MY HARD EARNED MONEY. Lyft have been sending me emails to ride with them for a huge discount but I kept using Uber. I have spent so much money with Uber, you would think they will show so type of loyalty too. They did not just lose my business now, they also gave their competition a new loyal customer. I am also making sure that everyone I run into know how disloyal and rude they are. My friends, family and co-workers all switched to Lyft. One customer at the time. THANKS LYFT..Version: 3.381.10002

GPS and location services needs to be fixedSince the new update, there has been a process to get an Uber pool. It involves meeting your Uber at a determined location, this is very good and an excellent way to mainstream the process and make it more efficient. But unfortunately the AI in control of matching the rider with the Uber seems to be based on distance away from the rider instead of actual logistics. This is a problem for me since my pickup spots are always near an highway/expressway on street level (BQE in NYC) and the Ubers that are matched to me are always traveling on said expressway instead of on the side streets. Because of this, I've been matched with multiple Ubers that are traveling on the expressway and who's nearest exit is 30 minutes away. Due to this fact I couldn't even cancel the Uber since I would be charged a 5 dollar fee for due to the driver having to drive past me. This leaves me with 3 options either take the 5 dollar fee and call another Uber or to call the driver and ask them to cancel the pick-up. Wait an extra half-hour for an uber. The 2nd option is often met with hostility with some drivers, and the 3rd option is just not feasible due to the driver having to drive back and then drop you off adding an extra hour to the commute. Please take a look at this problem as it is extremely frustrating to book an Uber only to be late and frustrated at the process..Version: 3.325.10003

Worst customer support system or best because you are the issue not themI tried to speak to Uber multiple times about fixing my account as it was not splitting fairs. They gave me a list of things todo, all of which I did and then was told there was no issue with my account. Surprise surprise, when I go to order an Uber it fails to split with the people selected. I asked them to look into it and refund the ride as they had not fixed the issue in the first place. When getting a response through their “help” line, I kept on being told that it was my error and I could not retroactively split a fair, which is exactly not what I had done as you cannot do that. The fair alike all the other times before failed to split whilst in the ride. It was as if no one was even reading the messages I sent them, more an automated response picking up on key words. When I called the hotline they pretty much told me to hang up they cannot help I have to use the app despite not no one actually reading the messages. I was then told if I wanted help by a person go to the green hub, which I would have to pay to get there myself and go in office hours. To me it was a simple fix refund the fair and reset the account, but they obviously aim to give you the run around so you forget. Well OLA has been downloaded..Version: 3.352.10002

Works well until it doesn’t workHave been using Uber for years and generally works fine. However driver practices have highlighted a big gap in the app. Just had a driver accept a ride, waited 10mins for him only to actually see him drive past me! Tried using the app to call and message him, but with no response. He ends up turning back and going further and further away from me. I try to cancel as I’m already now late having wasted a further 15mins trying to contact him and realise I can only cancel if I accept a $10 charge! No option to cancel and report the driver! Sure I can claim a refund, but why should I have to pay up front when the driver is at fault? Have screenshots of chat and will be reporting him! App doesn’t help in such cases when things aren’t going smoothly. Please consider the non-happy path in your app..Version: 3.343.10000

Driver cancelling problemI live in London and it’s been a few months now (maybe even longer) that almost every single time I order Uber I get drivers cancelling for no reason, either right away or sometimes after a few minutes, this happens several times and it results with me having to wait 10-20 min to get picked up. My main reasons for ordering Uber is because I’m either running late for something, terrible weather condition or I’m just exhausted which having to wait that long to get in your taxi can be really frustrating. I don’t understand if we as clients get charged a fee why don’t drivers get some sort of repercussions for cancelling as well, or maybe fix the app so a client doesn’t get several cancellations in a row. Another issue that this causes is that sometimes when it’s busy you get a fee rate but then after your driver cancels and you try to rebook I realise there’s a surcharge or surcharge increases which is really unfair you get one estimate and they keep increasing because your drivers are cancelling, so not only do you have to wait but you’re also getting charged extra. I’ve been taking black cabs instead of Uber now and probably will continue to do so until those issues have been fixed..Version: 3.373.10001

Used to be accountable - no better than a cabI’ve recently requested to delete my account and have started to count down past 30 days to remove this on my phone. You do not regulate your drivers from practicing longhaul; and take longer than 24 hours to respond to emails. Reviews online of how poor your GPS system is - and how there is a loophole that’s its always set to use the fastest route (even if it’s also the most expensive with tolls). After my recent experience, the qualification of POOR ROUTE used by driver is reviewed subjectively by the Uber employee reviewing..... an additional 3 minutes travel time is FACTUALLY better, than being charged 25% tolls. I was refunded 3% but the time wasted and the surprise in the outcome that the driver CAN choose the route and you pay is ludicrous.... it’s not a bus route. It’s a ride service. I have better chances arguing with a taxi driver than Uber at this stage..Version: 3.349.10001

FeesTheir cleaning fee is absolutely a rip off. I spilt a little bit of my drink, offered to clean it, tried to clean it but he kept waving my hand out of the way. Been using them for over a year everyday. And now they have charged me 100$ for a trip that is 20$ and it’s near Christmas I must add..Version: 3.434.10005

UnsafeI generally have positive experiences however there have been a couple of time where I have felt unsafe. I am a woman who often travels alone at tonight and getting an Uber is often a safer option, or so thought. Tonight I booked an Uber. I messaged the driver to confirm my pick up location. The driver went to the opposite side of the road a block away from where I was. He made ME find him. He was very unwilling to come to me. Stupidly I still got in his car. He immediately abused me and berated me for him not being able to do a u turn to take me in the direction I wanted to go. I felt safe. I demanded he pull over and let me out. He screamed abuse at me. I got out and I was charged $10! I contacted Uber immediately and spoke of the situation and asked for a refund as I am or paying money to a man who abused me and could not fulfill his professional duty! I am still waiting to hear back from Uber! This is something that us insetting, I should get an immediate response in situations where a passenger feels unsafe. I should also get a refund as paying for abuse is unacceptable..Version: 3.357.10002

Calgary, ABI have not taken a taxi since uber came to Calgary however, there needs to be some serious updating done to their GPS. It constantly routes the longest way possible to every destination. The drivers would complete rides at least 10 minutes faster for everywhere I go if the GPS was better..Version: 3.260.3

Glitchy as hell these days!I've had problems with the app, 9 out of 10 times I open it, it refuses to load correctly. So I have to close it then open it again to order a car. Wasn't fun standing on the footpath opening and closing it 4 times at midnight last night, desperately trying to get a ride! The drivers are mostly okay, however I have had problems with a few overcharging me etc but Uber has been great and dealt with any problems quickly..Version: 3.275.10000

Estimated arrival time needs to improve!So we’ve been using Uber a couple of times a day whilst on holiday in the US. Literally every single time the estimated car arrival time is out by a great deal. Just now when confirming a trip, we did so based on the 4 minute away estimation of the nearest car. We waited outside our hotel for more like 14 minutes before the car actually got there. First the time went up to 5 minutes then to 7 minutes, then it just stayed 6 minutes for a few minutes and slowly started going back down again (not in a real-time minute counter but Uber’s much slower minute counter). There wasn’t really much traffic on the street so I don’t understand how can the estimation be out by this much. I would much prefer to know the actual estimated arrival time as opposed to standing by the road like an idiot. I definitely would have dried my hair this morning if I knew about the extra 10 minutes wait time, instead I was standing on the windy roadside for quarter of an hour with my wet hair. And this was pretty much the same with each ride ordered I’ve the past 10 days. Anywhere between double to triple the amount of estimated car arrival time we had to wait, not cool. Please make your app more accurate. For now I’m going to switch to Lyft for the last 4 days if our trip and see if they do a better estimation job. It’s just a shame as otherwise Uber would be a service I’d use and recommend more....Version: 3.347.10001

Review* I put in a street address and drivers often arrive on the other side of the street and turn on the meter with no intention to arrive at the pickup address. (That’s ok unless you are on a busy main road) * I choose an address on Brunswick st but then the driver decides the pickup is the entry on a side street because your tracking system shows the street address unit entry is on a side street. If I plug in an address that is where I would like to be picked up from (not the side street) * Twice I’ve ordered a Uber in the city at 380 Queen st which has a loading area... the driver drops off another rider on eagle street then doesn’t pick me up on queen street, I call and they say they are coming .... but what they do on their end is probably say I’m a no-show or another issue which results in cancelling the trip which I get a cancellation fee for. I am courteous to the driver and I certainly never yell. My Uber app locks up so I can’t use it so whatever they are doing locks me out. I’m there without a way home and a locked app..Version: 3.298.10000

Pointless weekly updateI’m using the app in Bogotá, Colombia. Weekly almost updates but seems it doesn’t help anyone. The drivers always have an issue with their app working affecting my journeys. They at times don’t even know how to use it, special if they use the pool option. Today it took me over 35 minutes to get a ride. 4 drivers all cancelled and I got charged on my credit card, got a print screen. The fifth lady in the end picked me up in a pool service with another rider taking her over 15 minutes or more to arrive when it was supposed to me max 10 minutes. The other day this passed Saturday I used it and wanted to share my trip and it didn’t work. The app seems to only charge in appearance but not functionality. I don’t care about the wait it looks if it’s not an app you can rely on 100%. Also the emails and receipts format changes often. Just work on improving the app for the users as well as the drivers... slight bit of headaches at time... not to mention I sometimes really don’t understand your prices... I can expand on this....Version: 3.335.10000

Money stolen from meI have used 3 times: first time they double charged me (which the money automatically came back), second time went perfectly fine. The third time, I was charged for rides that I did not take from an account from Russia. Uber did not help me get my money back and insisted that I shared my card details with this man named Ivan from Russia (I live in New Zealand) so I had to sort it with the bank. Money came back eventually but it was not through Uber, so never using this service again..Version: 3.332.10005

Fraudulent drivers. Uber does not help.I was literally taken round and round in circles by my driver who claimed roads were closed which clearly were not. I couldn’t see out of the front window because there was a blanket hung up in the middle of the car, but could see out of the side windows. I was in tears texting my partner and panicking as we were going further and further from my destination (which we bypassed) however my anxiety didn’t allow me to argue with the driver. I got to my final destination over 35 minutes after I should have, and there was no traffic. Uber keep telling me they have given me £10 uber credit to make up for this which they are not applying to my account, so they are lying, however what’s more shocking is that they believe someone’s sanity is worth £10 uber credit. Not even a refund 🤣 it’s absolutely horrendous. I will use this joke of an apology £10 and never use uber again. You really get what you pay for, except when you pay almost double what the trip should have been because the driver literally goes in circles. I wish I could post the screenshot of my trip from the uber app..Version: 3.422.10001

SupportWant customer support? Don’t look here. Use Lyft or literally anything else..Version: 3.353.10002

Unfair policies charging me and costing me timeUsed to feel so happy using Uber, these days I feel a tad of dread and uncertainty. Uber used to be my go to ride share app. But now I’m regularly paying cancellation fees when drivers are far/slow/non responsive, and im often missing travel connections because of unprofessionalism of the drivers or drivers cancelling and I am then left in the lurch. Its becoming more and more unreliable. I really don’t like leaving negative reviews but this is becoming such a persistent issue! I lost a whole hour of my time due to a missed connection last week, and they charged me cancellation fees for slow drivers (refunded after I had to *manually* write to them) but then gave no concern for the missed connection and proceeded to charge me anyway for the ride that did not get me to my destination on time when I had left PLENTY of time to get there. So frustrating Uber! Actively looking at other options for my rides and will tell all my friends and network when I’ve made the move..Version: 3.434.10005

Overpriced, underpayingI Had been using uber as a customer since the very first day it went live in Australia and loved it in the beginning. Nowadays they take more and more from the drivers, not even paying them their fair wage even when the App is charging double for peak (meaning they don’t see any of the extra charge profits). It is unsustainable for anybody to use, although the popularity of it is what’s keeping it afloat with the assistance of mainstream advertising. The fact they have no reward system for either parties is disappointing and I have not and will not use it ever again. If you want to save your Money, literally use any other driver App where they pay their drivers fairly and you’ll even get a reward for using their services often (didi for example) The creators and ceos behind this app have too much money flowing which came at the cost of unappreciated workers. You may have made some positive changes to the laws surrounding everyday people driving, but it’s time to move over for better companies..Version: 3.362.10004

Editors choiceReally?? Either the “editors” have no discernible social conscious or are something that rhymes with plumb.Version: 3.423.10001

Not always reliable. Where’s my refund?The concept of not having to carry cash, updates re driver location and ability to see who your driver is and rate them is good. The location of the taxi is disputable and has often stated taxi is 5 minutes away and I’m still waiting 15 minutes later. Ordered a taxi to pick up from Birmingham Arcadian carpark. Said taxi was 2 minutes away. So walked from the restaurant to the location. By the time I arrived it stated taxi was 5 minutes away. Then a notification flashed on my screen that £4.25 had been taken from my account for cancelling the taxi. I DIDN'T CANCEL THE TAXI and was annoyed as you can imagine. So I was not happy that a cancellation fee was incorrectly taken. Went into the app to try and contact for a refund. The only option for a refund was for the money to be stored in my Uber account towards my next trip. I want the money back as it was taken when I didn’t cancel it. I drive and don’t use Uber very often now so the fact the money was not refunded to my card annoyed the hell out of me. I probably won’t use them again now. Or no doubt if I do, the money they claim is in my account won’t be put towards the trip. Sort it out UBER and charge accordingly. No number / email to contact anyone so it’s hard to to sort out any problems you encounter..Version: 3.327.10002

Don't bother using this app.- Takes too long too get a uber driver. - They streal your money by taking longer distances. - And the list goes on..Version: 3.260.3

Great idea poor executionI'm currently in Vietnam for a few months and was advised to get uber or grab taxi for local transport, I thought uber being the most familiar that I would use it. In practice the app for me is terrible, it asks repeatedly for me to verify my phone number and once the app is open the page to verify my phone number never appears, plus it rejects my card method of payment. Customer services say this is my bank not authorising international transactions but grab taxi works just fine, and also has the option to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for credits so your rides are already paid for in one go until you top your credits up again. So it's not my bank that's the problem, it's uber. Everyone around me, at least, finds uber frustrating and expensive compared to fares on grab taxi which I only learned existed a few days ago, but is far better than uber and does exactly the same thing just in a more efficient and user friendly manner. My first ride with uber worked fine as I paid cash, but now it wants me to verify cards that I don't even want to pay with for security reasons and won't even accept the card details and simply says "invalid" (nothing more because that would be too useful...) even if I wanted to use uber I can't, so if anyone has any issues I recommend grab, it's exactly the same service and works more smoothly (for me at least).Version: 3.261.4

Bad bad bad UberToronto police have charged an Uber driver in a string of alleged sexual assaults dating back to December 2017. In a release, police say the first alleged incident took place on Dec. 16 of last year near Blue Jay Way and King Street West. At around 2 a.m., officers received a call for a sexual assault. Police say a 31-year-old woman was out with friends when she ordered an Uber ride home. She was picked up by an Uber driver, but police say it wasn’t the driver assigned to her. Police allege she was driven to an area and sexually assaulted. On April 18, 2018, police received a call for a sexual assault near Bloor Street West and Madison Avenue. In that incident, a 19-year-old woman was out with friends and ordered an Uber ride home. Similar to the first alleged incident, the woman was picked up by an Uber driver, but not the one assigned to her through the app. Police say she was driven to a Once inside the vehicle, police s.Version: 3.329.10002

Very poor issue reporting processBut this was my complaint to Uber this afternoon: “My driver never showed up!! Yet he started the trip without picking me up, and started driving towards my house! His phone was off, and did not respond to messages. I want more than just a refund for this. This is fraud. I had to cancel the trip. I have screen captures to prove my story. Please call me. This is very unprofessional for him, and Uber. Serious.” — Now if this was not frustrating enough, the Uber app makes it REALLY difficult to report an issue with the driver or service in general. All pre-canned messages. No phone number to call. Very difficult to write any notes on what happened. In the end, I had to report it as “My driver made me feel unsafe”. The app says “please fill in a contact form”. There is no contact form. Then the support email message says you can fill out a survey. There is no survey accessible In the app, like the email suggests. Uber, I expect better. My apologies for going public like this, but you gave me no other choice. I got my money back, by the way (for all you people at home, worried about how the story ended). It is likely that someone else got in my Uber by mistake. Fair enough, it happens. That was not the main issue. Poor app process for reporting issues is my main beef..Version: 3.336.10001

Frustrating experience!!!!!!!!!!I used to love uber but now I HATE IT! The first one was when they charged me waiting time when in fact I was the one who waited for the driver. The second one was when they dropped me too far from my house, I asked them if they can at least drop me much closer because it’s raining and I am pregnant but the driver refused. He said they not allowed to go in because it’s a shared driveway. And the last one was when my account has been hacked and got charged multiple times in my account. I emailed them but they response only once saying someone is sharing a payment with me. I don’t have any transaction with shared payment to anyone. My baby was at the hospital that time and it really caused me too much stressed . I would never used uber anymore!!!!!.Version: 3.376.10006

Inappropriate drop offI booked an Uber to take me to Euston Station London on Tuesday 4th May to arrive at 19 57giving me ample time to catch my train As we got to where the taxi should have turned left the road was blocked off and obviously had been for some time and the driver was aware of this as he said as we approached that he wouldn’t be able to turn left. He turned right and pulled over and said it was just a short distance to walk to the station, it was just beyond the lights. I accepted what he said and got out of the cab carrying a fairly heavy bag. I do not consider a TEN MINUTE plus walk a short distance for an elderly lady of 80 carrying a heavy bag to be a short distance. I was very hot and bothered when I finally got there and had only five minutes to find my platform and get my train rather than the 17 minutes I should have had. The taxi journey was not completed as arranged as I was not dropped at my destination. Since this road closure is well established surely there are diversions in place and the driver should have known this and acted accordingly..Version: 3.456.10005

Wet & TiredI used Uber Jan 12 after returning from a trip. Coming to Atlanta can be hectic by itself due to constant construction and changes. Needless to say I use Uber when returning home. Not anymore. They moved the pickup area!!!! It was raining and cold. I had gone to the original pickup sight to catch my ride. The pickup area had changed. Now I’m running with my bags and other things in the cold and rain trying to get to the new spot. I’m letting the driver know I wasn’t aware the location had changed and I was on my way to the new location and would arrive very shortly. I received a notification my driver had cancelled my ride. I got to the new location right after receiving the notice. VERY UPSET, TIRED AND WET. He chose to cancel me and pickup someone already there. Well here’s the devastation. I had to request another driver to get home. So now I’m paying the actual driver who took me home and discovered I’m paying the driver who cancelled me as well. TWO CHARGES. That’s ridiculous when I was Minutes away. As for the driver it is easy to pickup someone standing there knowing you’re going to get compensated for both. A charge from me plus a charge plus tip from the driver you pickup. Not happy with Uber. Will look into LYFT’s customer service rules and driver ethics. If you didn’t know this now you do. Uber can cancel a customer, charge a fee for the driver and leave you having to start the process over again and pay again..Version: 3.332.10005

Some Changes NeededAs a driver for uber, i constantly hear from passengers how difficult it is to see what kind of vehicle is picking them up. I have used the passenger app myself and i can attest to the fact that the color and picture of the vehicle along with the license plate are so miniaturized that they are difficult to see. Not to mention people with visual disabilities and color blindness will find it even harder to know what color car is picking them up. I’ve had new users show me the app and i have had to explain to them how to navigate and see the driver’s details including type and color of the car. From a passenger’s stand point, it would be most helpful the screen is divided into rows; right side for the map and left side for the name, vehicle type, color and license plate or vice versa in block letters for easy visibility. Also it needs to say what color instead of showing the color. For passenger’s whose phone battery is running low while they wait for the driver to show up, the constant use of location service which is a battery killer should be changed to maybe every 1 minute for example if the driver is 7 minutes away from being constant. This will help the passenger as well as the driver as it will post the most accurate and recently updated location..Version: 3.294.10002

SadThey removed Uber Eats and now I need to install second app..Version: 3.451.10002

Shocking experience at Dominos GlenorchyOrdered uber from Dominos on Christmas Eve at 9:22 well before they closed at 10pm. After waiting over an hour and ringing the establishment with no answer except one time it picked up and I head the lady scream out "no don't answer it !" Then went to message holding service. I decided to jog up and see what was going on. All the staff were inside eating away and the door was locked. They told me they were closed and after showing them my order he looked at his screen and said oh yeah we missed it . No apology and rude attitude. After convincing him he was in the wrong he decide to make my order after screaming at another customer on the phone saying "we are f.....ING closed!" I couldn't believe it ! All the staff were carrying on smoking directly outside the door even the cooks in their blue food handling gloves. I got passed my order rudely with no apology . I didn't eat it as fear of them having done something to it . Will never go back..Version: 3.329.10002

DONT DO IT. SCAMSo, the very first time I use Uber it was because I was unable to drive home from hospital appointment, where I had minor surgery on my eye and could barely see. I had made the point of downloading this app so I could order my taxi pay for my taxi and simply be taken home without any stress. The ordering was simply enough, the paying was simple enough the fact that they didn’t have a taxi and weren’t able to provide me with one at all meant that I was left without the funds to pay for an alternative, and was left near Stranded at the hospital. I luckily had enough money to get a bus home after my surgery barely able to see and six days later my money still hasn’t been returned to my bank account. If you use this system be warned, they will take your money before you even know if they can provide you with a taxi. Having spoken to customer service repeatedly they keep blaming my bank, the pre-authorisation system can take 14 days to actually release the money Uber is holding onto and you can’t use it until they release it. In my opinion a total scam to get your money and not provide you with a service..Version: 3.374.10001

Very slow help processThe process to help through email is very slow. I got locked in loop in my app today probably due to an update. I kept on calling and exchanging emails. Although the emails were fairly quick but as my issue was not urgent it's good but if I needed urgent support it would have been a disaster. I was asked the same question twice even though I provided all the relevant info. I ended up booking a bus to the airport which costed me same as Uber. So Uber and it's driver lost a passenger's trip today.Version: 3.346.10002

There’s some major bugs in the appI have contacted Uber many times to escalate an bug in the app. From minute to minute when you refresh the app, I have experienced up to 300% increase in price. The only way to get the app to work and update the pricing is to close it, open it, close it and repeat for 5-10 min. There’s a clear glitch. I’ve taken screenshots to help them fix this issue and provide proof, however their customer service team notes it’s a surge even though there’s no surge at the time. They keep giving generic responses instead of as escalating the issue so it can get resolved. Very unhelpful and sub par response from Uber. Their customer service team needs to receive much needed training..Version: 3.389.10002

Awful response to horror driverToday we were told I am banned from the app with no more response due to the following incident. The driver has had 0 consequences so beware!! We ordered an Uber home when I asked to pull over as I felt ill. The driver declined until my partner insisted. Despite being asked to leave with full fare paid the driver did not and demanded cash from my partner saying I was sick in the car which I wasn’t. Uber sent me his pics and there is no evidence of this, despite this paid the 80$. The driver threatened to call police but did not, he called another driver and they both yelled at my partner for cash until we both left. We caught a second Uber home without incident. The next day we were told I was banned as the driver said my partner assaulted him physically according to Uber which is completely untrue. We reported the false accusation to police and provided Uber with the report number. Didn’t matter to Uber banned any way with no consequences to their driver. Horrible driver, horrible customer service. We are not the type of people to do this to a driver and are considering taking this to the ombudsman. We are also considering taking the driver up court over his false allocations and fees. In my opinion this company has no regard for its regular customers and no support if you get into trouble!.Version: 3.454.10001

Cleaning fee OVER THE TOP😤I made a mess and got charged 80$. Not going on an Uber again. I find this unfair. The mess was very minimal I even tipped him and I offered to help clean but he refused. I’m very furious do not recommend at all!.Version: 3.406.10001

Irresponsible driverThe services provided by Uber through some drivers are terrible. I booked one to the airport and the driver waited 50 meters away from my house although the accurate street address was given, then he waited for several minutes before calling. I couldn’t pick up the call because i was in the middle of something, then I rushed to the door and waved at the car.. the car just drove away, meaning he cancelled the trip in which case I would be charged for $10. I had to then book another one, minutes later it turned out to be the same driver! He can and started to load my luggage. I asked him if it was him and why he left without making another call. He didn’t want to answer and said instead “I’m cancelling this trip now”, the just unloaded the luggage and left! So I had to make another booking. I will for sure complain to Uber the irresponsible and unprofessional driver who put me in a very stressful situation as I got a plane to catch! I will very unlikely book through Uber again..Version: 3.332.10005

DisgustedUsually I love Uber but my experiences recently have changed my mind. I used Uber while on holiday in Albufeira and was pleasantly surprised at the low rates, little did I know the low price was paralleled with low customer service. I ordered an Uber after a night on the strip with my friend. She has cerebral palsy and has difficulty walking. All we did was get in the car and Manuel our driver shouted “get out!!”. I have never been so confused and apalled in my life. We are used to people being disrespectful towards us and making rude remarks but never have we ever been denied a service that we paid for. I asked him why he wanted us to leave and all he did was shout at us again and again telling us to get out. He drove us to the end of the strip and threatened to call the police if we did not get out of his car. I was fuming and told him to call the police as we had nothing wrong but we got out anyway to avoid further issues as he was being very demanding. Then to put the cherry on top he proceeds to drive as if we were on our trip and charged me €4.88! I was not aware that we had to pay for harassment. Maybe things are different in Portugal. I am trying to report the issue to Uber and am having great difficulty so have decided to leave a review and maybe that will get me my Euros back..Version: 3.356.10001

Good until you have a problemUntil today I have had only fairly positive experiences with this service. Ok the quality of the car, music and conversation may vary but it’s been a fairly smooth process to date. Then today I book a car who is 2 mins away, drives straight past me ( ok that can happen) but when he realises he turns the corner ( all I have to do is cross the road to get to him) and rather than wait or call he does a u-turn ends up in a situation where he can’t then turn right where he needs to, I call him to say I can see you stay there I’ll cross the road but he tells me he’s going around the block and he ends up exactly where he was before unable to turn right. I explain if he stays where he is I’ll come to him. But know he again tries to go around the block with a few extra detours this time and he ends up 15 mins away. So after 18 mins he cancels the pick up and I get charged $10 cancellation fee. Yes, I can claim it back, but I should never have been charged this fee in the first place. I’m the one who should have received the $10 for the inconvenience of a total 30 min pick up time when the car I initially booked was 2 mins away..Version: 3.348.10002

Buyer beware of scams - Mark 2I’ve used Uber for a long period of time and it’s worked for me. However on 2 recent occasions I’ve been hit with a fine for allegedly not being at the pick up points to meet the drivers. The first time was a few weeks ago at LAX. I was in fact standing directly in front (within 24”)of the LAX international departures pick up point that I’d specified when booking. There were plenty of parking spots at this meeting point. However I discovered the driver had parked 20 metres away behind SUVs and I couldn’t see him in the throng. Uber hit me with a fee for not being on location !! The 2nd time was a few days later in Canberra. The driver come to the opposite side of the pick up point on an 8 lane boulevard and parked. I couldn’t see him or cross because of trees and traffic. So I got hit with a $10 fee for not being at the pick up point. It seems this is being used as a top up device by Uber and/or drivers to cream additional money from customers. Beware !! Theres just been a 3rd time. Rajesh the driver stopped a good 30 to 40 metres short of the pick up point. I had to walk through the traffic at night to find him. I told him this politely, his response was hostile and arrogant and he rated me down in the customer rating system. This is either a scam or the technology doesn’t work or some drivers are wilfully passive aggressive. I guess we will never know which..Version: 3.329.10002

LootUber charged the double price of what the application showed.I lost extra 22$ for calling Uber Express Pool.Had to walk a fair distance to reach the destination..Version: 3.327.10002

Auckland trip to airportWe were going into the city from Manukau and because of traffic changed our mind. We asked the driver to take us to the airport instead. He said we had booked to the city and he had to go there or he would not get paid. After some time he said he would take us to the airport but would not get what we paid Uber. So at the airport we gave him $65 cash. We then find that Uber adjusted the trip and fare to the airport anyway. We think the driver was either ignorant and deceptive, even though he was polite and kind. Can we get a refund.Version: 3.378.10002

Didn’t pick me upI also have found Uber super awesome in past but today u was waiting waiting- I watched the car coming along on my phone screen then nothing???? Then I realised I was expected to go up and over an overhead bridge to get to him. I had suitcases so that wasn’t going to happen and then cancellation incurred a cost on me. Fair and reasonable? No way!i asked for a car to come to me not the other way around. Not impressed Uber.Version: 3.347.10001

The brand has lost my trust and moneyI use (used) Uber a lot. I’m always running from one meeting to the next, and I’m never home so I request Ubers every day. In the past 3 months, I have only encountered BAD EXPERIENCES with Uber. Uber drivers who keep calling you and messaging you to find out where you’re going so they can cancel the trip (and no punishment for their poor behaviour), drivers who are rude and lack of cars in CBD MELBOURNE. What an awful experience for anyone who uses your services on a daily basis. Then there is NO SUPPORT NUMBER to speak with when your drivers are treating us like garbage. Where is the support? An email? Emails that you NEVER hear from them. Where is the system where drivers get penalised for cancelling a trip after 2 minutes, or when we’ve been waiting for 10 minutes and they cancel on you? How about reenforcing punishments on that? I used to be a massive Uber fan. You guys have seen A LOT of my money, but quality in Melbourne has DEFINITELY gone worse. A LOT worse. I have downloaded 3 other car services and you guys won’t be seeing my penny anytime soon. Get your drivers and your services to have a better standard. Get a better “support system” for the customers, because there’s a lot to protect the drivers but not a lot the people who are keeping this company open and running, us customers..Version: 3.327.10002

OverchargedMy car had broke down and i needed a ride home, the tow trucks are not giving lifts to people right now because of Covid so I obviously turned to Uber. It didnt take long to get a ride and my experiences with Uber have usually ran great. But i haven’t used it in a while. Two days ago when i used it, it showed me my upfront fee being around $30 for a UberX everything went great. After the ride had completed tho, i was unexplainably charged a “Surge Fee” that was “ Surge x2.5”? Which was in itself almost $50!!! I dont know why I was charged this fee and was never told about it in the upfront price. They only decided to charge me this after the ride had completed. I tried contacting customer support and its no use. There is no number to call to get their “24/7” live calls with someone from customer support either. I looked it up through google and it was just an automated message that hung up. Even on their website, i asked for help and all they had was use the help section in the app and click this link.. there was no such link. I did get to send a message through the app asking why was my total changed or updated. I only got an automated response that was no use. Totally disappointed and feel cheated. Cant believe i had to pay a fee that was almost TWO TIMES MORE than the actual ride itself. Id figure even after all this time there would be someone to help out in this kind of situation..Version: 3.417.10002

Not a valid or responsible choice....The app said a ride was on the way for an hour... we actually waited. Only wanted to go from Richmond Hill to Aurora at 12am... Apparently the civic address was "unrecognizable" Anyways the Cab company found us fine and within 12 minutes of us calling. Wouldn't ever use again....Version: 3.261.4

Poor and inexperienced driverMy friend decided to share our journey whilst visiting London on business. We were located at Gower St and the journey was approx 15 mins to The Strand. Traffic was heavy as you would expect, however the driver admitted he had only been working for Uber and in London for 1 week and wasn’t sure of the directions. He used the Sat Nav but this was set incorrectly and we got stuck at a No-Left turn junction within 5 mins of on boarding. The driver said he was unsure of how to get us to our destination and asked us all (all 4 of us who were car sharing) to leave the cab! We had no choice and so got out. We were on the wrong side of Covent Garden near Shaftesbury Ave! Luckily I knew London quite well and we walked the remaining distance which took us approx 20 mins, on 4inch heels as we were going to a corporate function. Appalled we only used black caps for the rest of our stay and journeys back to the hotel and to Euston Station the following day. Uber, you might be cheaper but you’re not training your staff and using cheap immigrants to solve your driver shortages will be a shortsighted business move..Version: 3.375.10000

Disappointing as it grows bigger.It was good. Sometimes it’s the better transportation option. But nowadays since the prices have doubled at certain times due to ‘increase in demand’ a taxi is better or even the bus. Just annoyed that from where I am it use to be around $30 to the city but cos it doubles I now would have to pay approx. $70. The taxi’s don’t even charge that much. Just disappointing that this was supposed to be a better alternative but I have to make it my absolute LAST option if I absolutely cannot find any other means of transportation, even then I don’t think I’d still be desperate enough to use Uber anymore. The amount of times I’ve had to cancelled trips because drivers would stay in the same position for 20 mins with no movement to my location. I understand they may be caught up, but I have places to be and 20 mins waiting WITHOUT knowning if they’ll come is ridiculous and I can’t even get refund because it has to be cancelled within 5 mins. I’M SORRY for not knowing that would happen 🙄. The next thing is the fact THEY DON’T look for drivers NEARBY! All my requests have been given to drivers 15-20mins AWAY from me so I’d have no choice but to wait or CANCEL only to request again but have THE SAME PROBLEM AGAIN BECAUSE THE DRIVER ACCEPTS IT AGAIN SO I’M HAVING TO STILL PAY A HUGE SUM OF THE CANCELLATION FEE!.Version: 3.416.10004

Charged for an Uber I never got in, told I’d get a refund & still no refund!Really frustratingly disappointed so I finished work at 10pm last night and Uber can’t use my bank card all of a sudden so I had to get my partner to book me one, when it arrived I kindly asked the driver if he could wait 5minutes as the member of staff taking over from me hadn’t arrived yet, he said yes no problem I’ll wait. So at 10:06pm as soon as they arrive the Uber driver leaves and charges me approx £5 and messages sorry but I was waiting for ten minutes. So Uber charged me for a taxi I never got in, and I had to walk 40minutes home when if my Uber driver waited 1more minute I could’ve got home in 15 minutes. My partner put a message on his app saying he hadn’t had the taxi and wants a refund and Uber messaged back he’d get a refund but it would take up to an hour, the next morning still no refund. Personally I think ubers services are appalling how you can just take money out of people accounts when they never got to use the service is a joke and saying you’ll give a refund then never do is exploitation as you app is impossible to speak to an actual person it just daylight robbery. Will never use or advise anyone to use this service..Version: 3.390.10003

Used to Be BetterThis app used to be better re navigation. I can’t understand why recently drivers’ apps seem to be taking me in completely the wrong direction and even drivers are recently commenting on this issue. Several drivers have told me they now use google maps instead of the uber app due to this problem. The “add or change” section is confusing and should be changed to make it clear whether you are adding a stop in the middle of a trip or tacking an extra one on at the end as it is not clear and some drivers can’t help as they don’t know how to do it. Some drivers tell me not to bother adding a destination but to only list my first destination in the app and then when we are almost there simply change to the final destination to ensue it is accurate. Uber really needs to change this as the two addresses can be listed in the wrong sequence. It makes me want to find a competitor to use instead of uber..Version: 3.313.10001

Left me stranded too many times - unreliable!I’ve used uber hundreds and hundreds of time and never had a problem until two months ago - now I constantly receive an error message saying “OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG” “there’s and error processing your request” “please visit in-app help for assistance.” I’ve googled this and many people have the same problem to which they’ve been offered no solution. For me, I trusted uber before because it was reliable. I had a major injury this year and couldn’t walk. I relied on uber for transportation which I can’t do anymore. So many times this app has left me stranded and I had to look for a bus or black cab. So many times this app left me stranded due to this error message so I was late getting to where I needed to go. Uber, you need to get this sorted. The whole point of your app is reliability and convenience. I don’t have time to do in app help which we all know is not going to fix the problem. I just need a car that will be there when I need it. How hard is that? Anyone know of a competitor app in London that I can use as a back-up in case this app fails again? One last complaint. Sometimes my app screen goes totally white and I can’t see when the driver is arriving nor do I have any of this details. So I’m waiting and will miss him and won’t be able to contact him but still get charged by you. No okay. Please fix your bugs..Version: 3.317.10003

Put my account on hold and won’t tell me why!I use uber almost every single day and I spend lot of money on it. Why? Because I thought it was the most convenient and reliable choice out there. But I guess I was mistaken. I’ve had lot of great experiences with them and to be honest, they have been very quick at resolving my issues. However, last week, I just received an email from them saying that they were investigating a report from one of my recent rides, so my account would be on hold in the meantime. I wrote them three times to ask what was going on and why I was being investigated, but I never heard back from them and usually they are very quick at responding to emails. I just think this is very unprofessional on their part as they should be able to give the reasons why they decide to put my account on hold. But it’s not fair on my end because I might be accused of something I did not do at all because I use UberPool most of the time. So a driver might report under my name, something that a different rider did because they don’t know who is who most of the time. I don’t mind the investigation, but at least tell me why before you put my account on hold. This is just very disrespectful and I guess after this, I will never use uber again and you just lost a very loyal customer..Version: 3.335.10000

Worst driver!Some how the street I was heading it didn’t show up on the Uber app map so I just put the suburb and as soon as I was in the car told the driver that, and to not to worry because I knew where I was going so I will indicate the way while we where in Brookvale. At least he new that suburb to go but to my surprise, next block he was going to turn right which I kindly said please continue straight, I have no idea why the GPS is showing you that way and he reply very angrily if I new where I was going or not? because he’s GPS was showing other thing, to what I calmly reply yes, I told you so when I was in, and then he try to turn left to the other line in order to go straight, he did not see a car coming and we almost crashed, so he got even more agitated, hit the dash board with his hands, very hard and I was seating next to him as I had to sit there as his car has only 2 doors, so being so close to him, seeing him so angry and hitting the dash it really got me scared! Kept my calm, kept giving the directions and thank God it was closed! I’ve couldn’t survive a long trip with him being angrily and hitting the dash board and Who knows what else! Have used Uber 3 times know, first 2 times got very nice and kind drivers, but this one pathetic!.Version: 3.345.10001

Worst customer service and credit card hacks1. Uber customer service is worst as if your account is hacked and someone else is using it than you can kiss your money goodbye. 2. Basically uber saying to their customer that it's not my problem. 3. There is a way of emailing them but that team is also another star in their customer service team as you have to open a query and email it to them what they do is even the query is not solved they tag it as solved and close it. 4. Best part is there response time on email. It seems like by sending emails to their customer service team you are disturbing them as they respond in ages. 5. My suggestion is to use a local taxi or cab service as they are a bit expensive but more reliable. It's better to be safe than sorry..Version: 3.261.4

Scam paymentsHaving used Uber all over the world over the last few years I’d never had an issue. I’d also always used the same method of payment to the account. Recently I made 2 trips in London to and from our hotel for dinner, not cheap in either direction as it was New Year’s Eve. Happy to pay the price as I always had been but then checked to find 2 further charges pending from my account. Several phone calls to Uber and they gave me some line about it being standard financial practice to make sure that my payment method was valid. Over £60 had been taken from my account and they have told me that It could take up to 30 days for the money to come back into my account. Utter rubbish! I asked to speak to a supervisor and then promptly had the phone hung up on my by the customer service advisor. This is totally unacceptable and is the reason that I will never use Uber again and only support black cabs from now on! I hasten to add that this is in no way a reflection on the 2 excellent and very friendly drivers we had on the night but it will be the last time Uber gets business from me! Not recommended..Version: 3.382.10006

Be carefulUber caused me to miss a very important meeting which ultimately cost me hundreds of not thousands of dollars overall. To make matters worse, They didn’t even refund me the full fare, and then they publicly messaged me on social media implying they were going to fix the issue through PM, but they didn’t. They were just trying to save face. Be very careful with this company, if it’s just a ride home after a night out, you might be fine, if the Uber driver doesn’t falsely charge you a $200 fee for getting their car dirty, but for anything that’s on a strict time limit, I would never trust Uber again. Stick to yellow cabs for the important things. They’re much more punctual. There is barely much of a price difference now anyway. I much prefer yellow cabs. The Uber app drains your battery so badly, and the drivers sometimes are so bad and will take the longest route or get lost or try to sell you into their pyramid scheme. I’m over it. Too many bad experiences, battery drainage, lost money, missed appointments, and bad drivers and terrible support..Version: 3.329.10002

Not sure if I want to continue using this appI was on my way to work, and I had made a scheduled pick up time. I went outside immediately when “William” came, I get in the car. and he immediately shouts “where is your mask?” and i’m shocked. I proceeded to tell him that I didn’t have one, and he kept telling me he was going to cancel the ride. If he would of cancelled it would of taken 20 minutes for someone else to come and I would of been late. I usually do a scheduled pickup so I can avoid that issue. Well he keeps driving and yelling about the mask I don’t have, and threatened to cancel. Like why are you continuing to drive if you’re going to cancel? He tries calling Uber Support, which they don’t answer. He keeps trying to scare me by driving super fast. He ends up missing my exit, and blames it on Uber. And also tells me to not use Uber anymore. Again he continues to yell, and speed. He starts honking at cars who aren’t even doing anything wrong. Then once he arrives to my job, he starts honking at cars that are slowing down for pedestrians. I step out and shut the door. He yells out “DON’T SLAM MY DOOR” which I didn’t even do. I understand they have a new requirement that riders and drivers need to wear a mask, but why now? Why didn’t Uber do this when the whole pandemic started? Plus most of my drivers didn’t even have masks from the weeks before or ever tell me anything about it. William was ridiculous, the support team was understanding & I appreciate that..Version: 3.406.10001

Uber Eats ScammyDo not recommend Uber Eats. My order was missing an item and the other two were wrong. Submitted two complaints that day that went ignored. Followed up next week and now they can’t do anything because it’s been a week. Customer service is all copy and paste. How do you get away with charging people for things they didn’t even receive..?.Version: 3.423.10001

Gross misuse & sharing of rider user informationHaven’t even opened Uber app in a months but had an Uber driver pinpoint my exact location and try to coax me into car. He showed me my information onscreen for a booking . After saying I wasn’t the right person & getting the hell out of there thought it was very odd he took off & not wait for the right person if it was a genuine booking . Tried to report to Uber who told me to contact their special police operations unit especially set up for Uber Australia which of course doesn’t exist. Then told me I could only confirm activity against my account if police here put a report request into the Netherlands! Claimed they where in Australia but calling me from numbers routed through Paris. Seems pretty obvious with other information best not to disclose here that it appears Uber are trying to make sure they don’t loose money on their 20% off if they don’t arrive in 5 minutes campaign by stalking customers locations 24/7 overriding their own location settings based on typical trend start/end trip locations. Sure you’ll get an Uber in 5mins because seems Uber are tracking you’re every move with cars lurking & watching you to be right there if you book a ride!!! Creeeeepy..Version: 3.336.10001

Contact SupportThere is no contact support or number to reach any rep to inquire about the app or scheduled trips. In the website it says to go to the menu > help > tap call support. I wanted to see where I can verify the scheduled trip and how could I change that and needed to find it fast. How come you guys make this so difficult to find? Also in your help menu, it would be faster if we can do a search of what kind of inquiry we have, rather than trying to click through every single one trying to find a number. Just. Terrible..Version: 3.433.10004

Driver scamming me for cleaning fee & wait times!I was charged a cleaning fee and the driver is scamming me for $40. He claims that I spilt a drink even though I had no drinks/food on me and Uber is siding with the shady driver who made me feel uncomfortable the entire ride. I am also getting charged for wait times even though I’m the one waiting one the drivers. I’ve compiled the amount and it totals $37.53 in “wait times” which is another way to screw your loyal customers. My Uber eats last week was sent to not a wrong address but the wrong province!! And somehow I got charged for this glitch?? It’s another $30. I demand a refund of $103.53. I’ve been with Uber for 5 years and definitely considering switching to LYFT as I find this completely unacceptable. Also the fact that you guys make this extremely difficult to get any customer service makes it so much worse... very disappointed and would not recommend!.Version: 3.329.10002

HorribleFirst off I’ve been waiting for a refund for a month now I came to realize that they don’t ever do refunds, they tell you they do but they don’t, and they also they investigate refunds like murder, I don’t think anyone in Human Resources or in the help section actually cares about their jobs, another thing drivers are taking their sweet time coming hoping you cancel your trip so they can make $5.25 for the cancellation, it has happen countless times. I suggest using Uber if you absolutely have to go somewhere or on a date, but don’t expect refunds, also the people that “help” you are useless. They don’t do anything. I seriously dislike you Uber..Version: 3.447.10000

Same route, same time, same distance billed $13 for morning trip and $19 for evening tripI take the same route every day to work and back home for an Year and 4 months now. Firstly the GPS always takes the highway only to stop in the middle of the highway re-routing for even more longer path. Second and importantly they charge $13 for my morning trip and $19 for my evening trip back home. I mean what's the algorithm that you guys use to calculate fare? Are you guys managing it? It's the same distance for almost the same amount of time and that big margin of charge? I am much better off with the regular cabs cuz they are much fair than uber..Version: 3.260.3

Shocking.I tried signing up to Uber, keeping in mind that I have never had an account with them, to find my details blocked from the app, Uber, which I though was very strange to find out my information was being used for an account I didn’t not know about or used. After contacting Uber’s help service via email, they responded in a different language asking me to translate my email into their language. Following that, I then asked for my information to be unlinked from the account that was in use (obviously for safety reasons) which took a total of 6 days. Then my number seemed to be blocked from Uber too, which I also had to ask to be unblocked so I could sign up to Uber, which took a total of four days. After unlinking and unblocking my details and information. To finally think I can successfully create an Uber account on the app, I was terribly wrong. After reading the terms and conditions and policies, which to add takes a very long time, was instructions state, so clicked the arrow below confirming that I agree with the terms&conditions etc. to find that it’s won’t even load onto the next stage of signing up. So in total it had taken me 11 days to not even fully be able to create and access an Uber riding account. I fully believe I have wasted time in trying and is not worth all of the hassle..Version: 3.351.10003

ScammingMy grandmother and I just noticed in our bank that Uber is doubling charges. 11 charges in one day they are scamming our money..Version: 3.422.10001

ScamStole 26 dollars from me.Version: 3.423.10001

Uber customer service is super incompetent...I recently moved to Costa Rica and my number changed. Uber blocked and disabled my USA account the day arrived because I couldn’t verify my number because I don’t have service in Costa Rica. I later got a Costa Rica SIM card and opened a new account... but I can’t get ANY payment method to work... not a single credit card or bank card... not my paypal or an Uber gift card I bought just to see if it would work.... now someone from Uber said they would consolidate the accounts and fix the problem so I don’t lose my 25$ gift card... that sounded great until I got another email saying they had disabled my account... after a “through investigation” because I violated terms of service....which I didn’t do...all I wanted was to change my email and it’s turned into a month of stress and lost money.... I have been communicating with them for days and they kept making useless suggestions about restarting the app or waiting 12 hours... some such nonsense.... today was the first day I thought we’d gotten somewhere.... greezzz..... and I’ve asked 5 times for a customer service number and I keep getting no a chain email about how they disabled my account because I broke their terms and services which is crazy because I’ve never even used Uber and they blocked my account for no reason... they are terrible.... and their customer service is awful.....Version: 3.391.10001

Rude racist and unfairCustomer service always sides with drivers, very bad service.Version: 3.423.10001

Takes the long wayFor some reason the route the app chooses to always go the long way. There is no option to change the route. It’s annoying. I’ve lived in vancouver all my life. I know where I’m going. I want the fastest route, thanks. I’ve actually chosen to take a taxi instead a few times for this reason. Other than that, the drivers are friendly and the vehicles clean and comfortable..Version: 3.422.10001

Great Service now gone StaleUber used to be a fast and reliable taxi service with great customer care always doing their best to make the journey as quick and pleasant for their clients. Nowadays, the usual waiting time is Between 10 - 20 minutes as drivers no longer want to take on certain clients if they are going to out of the way locations or if they have to go out their way to pick them up. Drivers don’t use the Uber Road Map instead use a different navigation software that bumps up the arrival time and charges the client more for the journey. Some drivers will even inconvenience their clients by taking different routes to ensure a higher price for the journey. Since the TFL Investigation, Uber has slowly gone downhill with some users expected to wait 45 minutes in some cases as well as being made to pay extortionate fees in what is known as “Surge Pricing.” Uber has a lot of work to do to bring this back to the “Fast and Reliable Service” it once was..Version: 3.329.10002

Shocking customer service 👎🏾👎🏾I am in complete shock how Uber is allowed to operate. The majority of drivers are extremely rude and have a serious problem if you ask them politely to follow your route! 😱. I have had a driver throw me out of his car for asking him to use my shirt cut. But most disgusting and disturbing is that a Uber I was riding in crashed into another car and I suffered back injury. When I let Uber know about the accident they were extremely unsympathetic, unapologetic and suggested that I made it up! They don’t have care in the world for their customers they do not give them the benefit of the doubt. They are only loyal to their drivers!! I don’t know why as the Calibre of people they have working for them is atrocious!! Not to mention I had a driver keep my mobile number and text me the next day asking me out- disgusting and a violation of my privacy!! Now randomly they have told me they are permanently deactivating my account. It is extremely frustrating as I have asked someone to call me to discuss why this is and they have completely ignored me!! Uber is a joke chant believe it!!!!.Version: 3.315.10005

My first time ever using Uber and honestly was the worst experience of my lifeSo I thought I’d use Uber to go pick somebody up to hang out with They were a min away from the pick up locations The person I was going to have it picked up said they went out in the car and drove off and she was chasing the car Had to call multiple times to get a hold of the drive at which the driver said he waited five minutes they never showed he’s on the phone with Uber there’s nothing he can do He said the ride is canceled that I have to make another ride The ride was $28 he said that I would be refunded the ride but have to pay a cancellation fee well two days later I find out I’m charge $77 in my account So obviously Uber is a scam a joke and fraud alll in one they stolen my money I didn’t look up on the app and they switched the drop off location to make as much money as possible they did not cancel the ride because the ride is supposedly now complete and nobody got pick up or drop off and I’ve been trying to get a hold of Uber for the last six hours and there’s no way to get a hold of them I Filed a help ticket if that’s what you call it but nobody gets back it’s just copy paste copy paste copy paste anyone help me please I would highly highly recommend staying away from this company unless you want your private information stored in your bank account zeroed and make believe rides and money just been thrown away that you can’t get back.Version: 3.362.10004

Uber London is terrible, beyond belief!I didn't think I'd see this day with such an appalling service. There are few drivers who are honest and turn up on time. The rest of them are a bunch of crooks! I ordered one car this morning at 6:55 am to go to work. The car arrived at 7. I dropped my bag in the back of the car, I sat down only to be told that the ride is cancelled and that I would have to get another car. No apology just the cheek to charge me £6.00 cancellation fee when Claudiu was the one cancelling. I have now requested a refund but obviously uber app doesn't have any option to contact them or raise a concern or anything like that. I would boycott this company as they clearly are operating like cowboys in Lala land! Apparently the charge will be given as credit. Nothing is on the credit side. I will have to contact my bank to get the refund instead. Avoid at all costs. Check your bank to make sure the charge from the app matches the on in your bank account as you will be surprised you are being charged more! Stay away from this company if you have a choice!!!!.Version: 3.294.10002

Unfair App/ServiceTHIS HAPPENS TOO MANY TIMES! The last time I left Uber, it was for a whole year if not more. It’s not fair that when a driver can’t find you, or when a driver is late and you can’t wait anymore because you are standing in the rain and have to go, or Uber suddenly finds a driver 15-20mins later when you are already at your destination ( I could go on), that you cannot cancel a trip without being charged! Last time, my driver got lost and I was on the phone to him giving him directions, standing in heavy rain after I had to walk back to the pick up point, he got so rude and cancelled the trip and I’m the one that got charged! Today, Uber suddenly found a cab after I had already walked half way home in the rain! The. The driver couldn’t find me. When I was finally on this trip and got home, I was charged almost £10 for a less than 5minute drive without traffic! How is this fair? Besides being able to see, i know this because driving hone from work use to take me 5mins! There has to be a way that everyone is held accountable for their own end of the problem. Do drivers get charged when they cancel? Because they do, a lot. I am so disappointed and so angry that I am very much considering going back to normal cabs. I have no patience for unfair systems and I believe I have been overcharged or charged for a service not used too many times!.Version: 3.335.10000

Frustratingly UselessThis app is so utterly useless every time I try to use it. It is at available in many areas outside of major cities which, is understandable I suppose. However, the maybe five times I have used to I have encountered several drivers who just don’t seem capable of doing the job and the customer service always seems to want to place blame on your somehow. A few incidents I recall quite well was one where a driver drove past my location and to the destination without ever picking me up and then reported the job as completed. Another when the driver cancelled the drive mid route when he hit traffic , and then the support teams response was “ If a trip is cancelled for any reason you still must pay the cancellation fee” and after that debacle and arguing they eventually refunded me, and lastly was when I had a flat and parked and ordered an Uber to come pick me up - my driver only spoke Spanish and was driving around my location but not getting to it. I sent her a description of my location to help which she presumably could not read because she responded “I’m here” in Spanish after opening the messages and being no where near the mapped location. Then I responded to her the same description but in Spanish ,which she read, and then promptly cancelled the ride. Then I had to fight with customer service for a full refund. This app and its drivers are more of a hassle than it’s worth..Version: 3.366.10001

Absolute garbageDriver was a dick charged me too much money.Version: 3.422.10001

Okay...Uber makes too much of a profit off the backs of drivers and restaurants and customers....Version: 3.424.10003

Existing account.I have been trying to sign into my Uber app for over a month and not a word from the company. Emails, calls, Twitter, and Instagram dm’s I’ve expended my options. No place or option to log into an exist account and when I enter my phone number and email it says the email already exists. Won’t let me sign in through social accounts. At least theirs Lyft.Version: 3.382.10006

Confusion and stressI love Uber, but pick up at Ak airport is not a good experience. On both occasions I have received conflicting instructions. Last Tuesday I was instructed to wait at Departures but subsequently the driver messaged that he was at Gate 11 which is a fair distance from Departures. As before I was tired and the luggage was heavy, plus I was concerned the driver would not wait. Fortunately it was a 7.30pm landing this time, not midnight as previously. I did eventually meet up with the driver but got charged wait time which is fair enough had I been at Gate 11 and kept him waiting. I understood Uber could not park at the Gate 11 area but they could on this particular Tuesday. The previous time I did an extra lap having received three conflicting messages so was not impressed at a repeat experience. I just need one definitive instruction as to pick up location, not two opposing ones. I am not young with a bad back so not well equipped for a marathon sprint with a heavy trolley after an exhausting day travelling. Please advise what I should do next time..Version: 3.348.10002

One driver spoiled an otherwise excellent introduction to UberI used Uber for the first time while attending (ironically) the Consumer Law Summit. I used Uber to get to appointments and to the conference on several occasions throughout the week. All the drivers were terrific. But! 😡😡 On Saturday morning I needed to head to the airport. The Uber driver (I have his name) approached the hotel, slowed down and then sped off! Then I got a message saying my job had been cancelled! I didn’t know what was going on. I booked another Uber. This driver did stop and assisted me with my bags. He was excellent and very apologetic when I told him what had happened. I have since been informed that some drivers do not like going to the airport and the first driver probably sped off because he saw my bags! This is really disappointing. Uber’s legal counsel spoke at the Consumer Law Summit and I was impressed at the efforts Uber are making to enhance its services and benefit consumers. Actions by rogue drivers who want to pick and choose destinations undermine the company’s reputation. It is also of concern as getting to the airport on time is (for obvious reasons) crucial and a driver cancelling a job in this way is just not on..Version: 3.322.10004

Lack of trainingWhen Uber first started, cars were clean, fairly new, drivers happy. Now, dirty cars, old and broken looking, some drivers very poor in driving abilities, they lack experience behind the wheel and are scary to drive with. Uber you need quality control and training before you loose your customer base..Version: 3.329.10002

Rip offI have never been ripped off so dramatically as I was by Uber last night, I will never ever use this rip-off organisation ever again. I ordered and Uber to pick me up and take me a short distance they said and Uber would be with me in 20 minutes after 15 minutes they told me that Uber driver had cancelled and would not be coming and they would try and find another driver they were unable to do this so I cancelled. they then hit me with a $10 charge for doing absolutely nothing never use these people they are a rip-off..Version: 3.341.10000

Incorrect charges from dodgy driver & bad supportYesterday I had a driver that logged a very different trip to what I had. I watched him on the app drive around for an extra 12mins after he dropped me off. I contacted Uber to report this and got a pathetic refund. I have since tried several times to get a correct charge/refund for this 3minute trip I took and still not happy with what I’m being charged. So much of a hassle to even sort issues because you can’t simply reply to an email, you have to keep going back into the app and use very limited options to log any complaint/response. How can a trip that is 3 mins (1.8km) cost a lot more than a 7 min (4.7km) trip cost $3 more? The charge is unacceptable after the original quote being $8-10. Considering the false trip details given by the driver I expect to be paying the minimum charge if not a full refund for the back and forth contact with uber to try sort this issue! I also expect a review to be done on the driver for logging such an extended distance! I realise he didn’t expect me to be watching the app waiting to see the charge and has probably gotten away with this many times with prior customers who are in a rush and too busy to check their charges. Extremely dodgy behaviour! I am extremely unhappy with the service received all round and in future if I am located in an area that uses Ola I will be choosing that service over Uber!.Version: 3.358.1000

I accidentally complained in a reviewWhy is there no usable phone number to contact anyone in Uber? I realized that I had complained about almost every driver I’ve had while thinking I was complimenting and I have no way of correcting this. PLEASE POST A USABLE PHONE NUMBER FOR THESE ISSUES!!!.Version: 3.425.10000

Uber’s Map/Location difficulties.Multiple times with different Uber’s they have almost dropped me off to the wrong address that I had requested, and to make it worse it’s the same location I am going to and from. Many times I have requested an Uber to pick me up from work, which seems to be alright, but when it comes to dropping me off home the Uber’s map tells the driver to drop me off to a completely different address. I don’t know what’s going on here but this inconvenience for uber driver and I makes myself as a customer and the driver look bad. This goes for the Uber eats app as well. It’s resulted in me now telling the drivers to use Google Maps because it’s more accurate and reliable than the one that the app provides. It would be greatly appreciated if this matter could be resolved. Thank you..Version: 3.328.10001

Total FailureI used to use uber on a regular basis and never had any issues. A few weeks back with all the issues surrounding Visa card payments in the uk a payment of mine got declined after the journey. Since then uber have done something to my account that they cannot seem to rectify despite the constant generic bot replies of it being looked into. I have tried on multiple occasions to make the payment using various different methods. Each time uber tell me it’s my bank blocking the payment despite me reaching out to my bank for them to confirm they’ve declined nothing and me also using a completely different bank to pay. Again declined and again it’s not Uber’s fault. Bear in mind this was for a £6 fee. Uber since told me they were looking into again and not to worry and I could still use my account. Well today I yesterday I woke up to find I can’t even connect to their network and see what Uber’s are available around me. I logged in and out. Tried on a different phone. The same issue. I’ve then created a 2nd account using work mobile and email for the purpose of being able to use this app and low and behold I don’t have the connectivity issue. All in all I’d say the reliance on automation and failure to have some kind of physical presence and people at the end of a phone shows how far this company has to go. I fully expect the usual bot response to this review of “this certainly sounds frustrating...” How about someone’s picks up a phone this time?!!!!.Version: 3.304.10000

Card RejectionI don’t like how I planned on going to work and I tried to get an Uber but my card declined but I had money in it , it was honestly so stressful needing transport ASAP to get to work on time but there was some problem with my card apparently. The problem was so terrible that it wouldn’t let me get a ride , I tried contacting Uber support on facebook and they couldn’t fix it either . Firstly I tried logging into my Uber account by putting in my number and it said my account was disabled, I couldn’t log into my account so I decided to log into my friends accounts and add a payment method of my card and tried to get a ride and some issue came up saying “ oops, something went wrong. VISA-1234: Your payment method is invalid, please update your billing settings”. This was the time when I needed Uber urgently and it wouldn’t work . I even added my friend’s card to my account to see if that payment method would work and still, the same issue came up saying “oops something went wrong”. Like I really needed to use Uber and it wouldn’t work it was so stressful I literally lost a 10 hour shift tonight because Uber wasn’t working for me. Anyways I need my account to work because I love Uber and my past trips were always on time and quick so I would really love for the staff to fix this problem immediately so that I can happily use Uber whenever I need quick transport, thanks from Sarah..Version: 3.275.10000

Better customer service please!Uber was the ridesharing app that I used from a day to day basis. The Uber app itself was very easy to use, the fares were very reasonable and the drivers were very friendly and understanding (for the most part). Unfortunately, although Uber was my go to ridesharing app, there became a time when I was charged a different amount for a trip in which I had paid the amount fully beforehand (the fare was shown and I agreed to pay with my personal debit card). I was shown a price upfront of $7 and later I received a notification from my bank that I was charged $33 from Uber in which I was very confused and a bit fustrated. I tried reaching out to Uber Support upon their app, but it was a painful experience. The messaging system itself is automated so I received the same response over and over without much help. It asked me to pay the “Outstanding Balance” on my account in which I did, first using a relatives card and later my girlfriends. Yet even then, my account still read “outstanding balance” and BOTH my girlfriend and relative were charged the $30 with my account still being blocked. I then decided to simply delete the app but Uber did not allow me to delete it. I now cannot use the Uber app and I am completely blocked away. Support was absolutely terrible, they stole my money and honestly did not help at all..Version: 3.306.10003

Bad Delivery System- Shocking Customer ServiceOn average you can expect to not receive 1 in 5 orders. This is pretty bad considering that as a delivery person you don’t really need an education to do the job and they still stuff it up. Service from Uber is pretty bad as well. It is very difficult to get your complaints looked at. I had two orders this week that did not arrive. That is 2/2 orders in one week a 100% stuff-up. And i still got charged. The problem is that most delivery drivers are foreign and either can’t identify the street or houses or they cannot be stuffed looking around and it seems that the app doesn’t allow for the delivery person to communicate. Other issues is that you pay before the order is confirmed. What proof is there that the order was received? Maybe the GPS system and old maps is an issue. I don’t know but if there is a 1/10 chance that you don’t get your order or in my case, 1/1 then the service is not worth it..Version: 3.398.10000

Cancellation land!If the App looks great and is easy to use, if the concept is great and the prices perfect (for usage in London mostly, even when prices are bumped up in high demand times), the App uses a lot of battery (I run an iPhone, with a new battery) when searching for a driver and it is not uncommon to have the drivers cancelling. This happened to my family, friends and me on many occasions, last night once again, few cancellations in a row, which can leave the person ordering in a very, very awkward position (as it happened many times to ladies family and friends, or me). This sounds like a small issue, yet, when you rely on a safe means of transport to get home and this happens, it is very enticing to go back to Black Cabs and Minicabs... And if London’s Uber drivers I have encounters so far are always very polite, the cars clean and the service good (with a couple of exceptions over the years), Paris’s one has been a real disappointment (dirty cars, bad driving, no sense of the direction and knowledge of the city and sometimes not even the registered driver). That point of multiple cancellations should really be reviewed, as it won’t be long before we shift to another service provider....Version: 3.322.10004

Driver fraudI have been with Uber for around 4 years and in most cases have good services. However, I met bad things and fraud at the beginning of this year. Here is what happened and hope everyone who read it take extra care, I come back from my trip overseas and request a Uber at the international airport Sydney, and then one driver accepted my order. After I waited for around 3 mins, the order became complete and charge me 8/9 dollars( I don’t remember the exact amount, but it charge me the minimum charge). What the hell! I don’t even see the car coming then the app already told me it completed and charged. I was so shocked, and go to the app to dispute and find nothing to do. There is no choice to report this kind of creepy and disgusting fraud of driver. The only fee I can dispute is canceled fee not the normal trip cost. After that it takes me months to get back confidence in Uber and believe that most of the drivers are decent. And more importantly, I really hope Uber can pay attention for this kind of unusual trip which play tricks with customers and the Uber platform. I guess the driver must use some cheating program or scam..Version: 3.318.10001

Unreliable! (I gave 5 stars so my complaint appears on top)Dear Uber, I am really annoyed by the services you had given me. When i called for a ride (like this one) you made me wait for my driver for 8 minutes, then you kick off my driver (when he is just 1-2 mins away) and give me a new driver which i had to wait again for another 7 mins! That was past 11pm and i was waiting in the dark, cold and agitated! These didn’t just happened once! Most of the time it’s when i am in a rush. One time you gave me 3 drivers (kicking off the first two) that made me wait for more than 30 minutes to finally picked me up. The thing is, you kick off my previous driver after you made me wait that long and he is just a minute away. And you didn’t even compensate my wasted time and no promotions at least to compensate me. You only gave $2 compensation when the driver arrives late (from your estimated ETA) at the destination. I am going to work. What excuse do i give my boss? That the Uber app is unreliable? And does the $2 compensate for the late arrival excuse at work? No! Why can’t you do your job properly? And why don’t you list all the supposed to be driver that you kicked off at my history so that there’s a better track and explain why you kicked them off? obviously that driver didn’t cancel me coz he is just a minute away to get me! You are useless and unreliable! Very bad service! From unsatisfied agitated rider..Version: 3.271.10001

Recent changes make it worse!I noticed a couple of changes throughout the first half of the year that make the service significantly worse - for ones the algorithm that used to connect the customer to the driver has changed and now seems to be based on a matching process no longer driven by proximity. I assume this is driven by the wish to guarantee a certain number of jobs throughout the day to drivers, but this certainly happens at the expense of customers (and drivers alike) as I had more cancellations now from drivers where it would be inconvenient to drive into my direction. Secondly the pre booking functions is gone, probably driven by the above change in job-distribution, significantly restrict the functionality of Uber's services. Lastly, I no longer receive a notifications once the driver has arrived, making the 2 minutes waiting time a laugh (I still receive the first connection notification, confirmation of estimated arrival time, sometime (!) the 2 minute warning until arriving but no longer the "your driver has arrived" notification) - please fix this or people will almost certainly consider other services!.Version: 3.356.10001

No Way To Help Uber ImproveI’m a very active Uber rider (up to 100 rides per month) for at least 5 years. In general it’s been a good experience. However, I see all sorts of issues with the way the app works. I’d love to be able to provide this feedback to them in the app and help them improve and avoid several situations where they’ve been unintentionally making it more difficult to use. There is no way to contact Uber to let them know these things. As a result there have been issues that have existed for years and create annoyance on a weekly basis. This is not the type of customer centric experience I’d expect. One of many examples. When booking a ride to the Atlanta airport, the app only displays the first characters. These are Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson... then it gets cut off before being able to select the only information that really matters - which terminal? As a result, ever ride defaults to the international terminal. Every passenger and every driver I’ve talked with about this has experienced the same problem. I’m sure this happens thousands of times a day. Probably worth the minute it would take to fix this. This App Store feedback is the only way I’ve found to actually communicate this to Uber. That’s just scratching the surface. My suggestion is that Uber actually figure out a way to pay attention to and act on their customers suggestion..Version: 3.298.10000

How do I get help if you don’t have a helplineWhen trying to order a car from myself, partner and pup, my card was decline on multiple accounts. Thinking this was just an overdue fee, I paid it, card being successfully charged. So therefore I thought problem solved ! Much to my disappointment, I was still unable to use my card. Trying to go around this issue and make it work, I went to the store and bought $175 worth of gift cards in hopes to avoid an more time wasting as I had been battling for over an hour to figure this out. Even after getting the credit on my account, I was denied the ability to book a ride. So in a desperate cry I called my friend and borrowed her card details to see if it was just my card being banned (as it wouldn’t work on my partners account either) but alas, this didn’t work either and I had to give in after 3 hours, leave my pup behind, run late to my partners parents birthday party, go with a different driving service and waste $175 to not be able to catch an Uber. I’m so extremely disappointed and would’ve called a customer helpline but they don’t have one and only offer assistance to their drivers. I’m so outraged and expect better from such a big and well known company..Version: 3.419.10001

Disgusted isn’t even the wordI used to love using this app but recently it has become shocking, first of all I get charged for trips I haven’t even made as the driver cancelled them? How is that ok to do, then when I ring up to resolve the fact they have not only took payment for this trip they then take it twice? I finally got this refunded after an hour of arguing over the phone to the customer service! a week or so after me and my partner decided to give them a try again however this was a BIG mistake the driver accepted the trip to them message us saying we’re too far? Why accept the trip to begin with and to top it all off he wanted us to cancel the trip!! Knowing fully well we would be charged for that, the driver then began to argue with us as we said we was not cancelling the trip as he knows it charges and that he should cancel it as he shouldn’t accept the trip in the first place. He began to then drive further away from where we was with shocking attitude! i began to try and ring the driver and all he did was hang up!! How can you as a massive company allow drivers like this? I have deleted all forms of this app and so has my partner as we are beyond shocked with the behaviour of some of the drivers within this company, I will not ever be using this app again and I will also be informing family and friends to not use them too, I’ll be sticking to the good old taxi company’s from now on..Version: 3.390.10002

Terrible Customer ServiceI received a gift card for $20 and shared a ride with my sister 2 times. The first time the gift card paid for my half and the second time the gift card should have paid for my half and then another payment method cover the remainder. On the second ride, my sister (who had also received a $20 gift card) was able to use what was left of her gift card balance and her backup payment method was charged the remainder. My backup method paid the entire trip and my gift card balance was not used. When I submitted a request for Uber to look into this, I was told that you have to purchase more Uber cash to use the remainder of the gift card. This would not be a big deal if my sister - who in the exact same situation - would have had to have purchased Uber cash to use hers. Obviously this is a lie since it worked for her. I was then told that due to my issue my gift card balance would be refunded to me and to provide a mailing address. After a month had passed I followed up on this and was told that I cannot get a refund for my gift card and the prior employee had lied. Now, I am being told the same story that you have to purchase Uber cash to use a partial gift card which is back to the same lie I was told in the beginning and can prove wrong based on my sister’s half of our shared receipt. This company has no idea what they’re doing and can’t keep their lies straight..Version: 3.338.10003

Some features need some workLook, uber in itself is great. What isn't great, however, is the fact that a) drivers don't actually care about picking passengers up from specified locations nor do they care about getting us home (they're more than happy to cancel our trip if the fare isn't high enough for them - and before people get on their high horses about 'people needing to earn money', I think we need to have a little think about WHY people use rideshares rather than public transport late at night by themselves) and b) sharing my trip with one of my contacts doesn't actually do anything. I shared my trip with my partner and he didn't receive any notification or prompt to track my trip. What's the point in having safety features in the app if they don't work or it isn't clear on how to activate them in a discreet way..Version: 3.324.10003

Worst experience!Been using Uber. It used to be a lot easier and convenient. This is my 4th time recently, having difficulty dealing with the app and the drivers. In short, worst app and worst drivers! They can’t even locate you, can’t find you and the pickup point makes your life difficult. Drivers should know at least where to find a passenger who seems lost and not for the passenger to walk an extra 10-15walk to find a driver, where the driver is behind wheels and has a map, and for sure could check where is the location of the passenger. This company should be shut, sounds horrible as it is, but cab drivers should make a passenger’s life easier than make a worst experience for them. We hire a cab after a long day at work, or from a tiring flight or it could pouring. In short we book a cab to make our journey easier. Please make your service a little better, show compassion to your customers and not just making money. App deleted, never ever using UBER ever again, and will tell it to people I know..Version: 3.320.10004

Suffers from terrible billing issuesThe app is very poorly designed compared to NZ alternative Zoomy, or even to Ola. Before a ride is even confirmed, your credit card will be charged the full amount - and if you cancel the ride, there’s no refund. The app doesn’t tell you this, and misleads you into thinking there’s been no charge as it shows that $0 was billed from within your ride history in the app. But checking your credit card shows they’ve in fact taken the full amount and never refunded it. This happened to me at Wellington airport. I put in my trip and nearly $30 was immediately charged to my card. After I stood in the freezing cold for at least 5 minutes and finally got tired of the perpetual “looking for your ride” message, I cancelled the trip and went and got a regular cab off the rank. The app tells me the cost of the trip was $0 - my bank shows the amount they charged was never refunded after waiting nearly a week. Uber lost around $5 billion in the last quarter, but lying about how much they’re actually billing to their customers credit cards in order to make up the difference seems like particularly sociopathic behavior, even by the low ethical standards of American tech companies. Avoid the app like the plague and use Zoomy instead..Version: 3.364.10003

Uber cancellation system is a rip-offI was in a hurry because I was late. I ordered a car from uber because it estimated arrival in 3 minuets. After I ordered the estimate change to 8 minutes; then 15 minutes. I was around the corner outside a mini cab firm called south west cars . The controller told me a car would be available in 5 minutes but I thought uber would be more reliable. When the estimated time of arrival changed to 15 minutes. I cancelled the car from uber. I got a message from the driver who said too far. I texted back and said I couldn’t wait. I took the mimi cab and got to the appointment on time. Then I got the nasty uber special. It chargers me £6 for letting me down. This is the fourth time uber has done it to me. The other times are even more ridiculous. On one occasion the uber car stopped across the road, facing the wrong direction. After a few minutes I went across the road and ask if the car was for me. The driver said it was but it had been cancelled and refused to take me. I had to order another car and of course I got the uber rip off as usual. The good news is that uber has so far refunded the cancellation charge but it is so time consuming, stressful and avoidable..Version: 3.320.10004

Uber used to be goodSince the “short walk” reform Uber had just made us customers pay the same money for lower quality services. UberPool makes you walk even if you don’t want to. Sometimes it gives you the option to pay almost $2 more to get a door-to-door service which makes it about the same price of getting an UberX so it loses the purpose of booking a Pool. I remember when you just initiated the new UberPool system, you told customers that it will decrease prices. What we actually got is the same prices for having to walk to get an UberPool which doesn’t bring you on time to where you need to get. Driver arrival times are misleading, destination arrival times are misleading, and us customers just keep cooperating with inflating prices while the service we actually get is worse. It would be more fair if at least we customers could now upfront that we get worse service and have the option of reaching a better decision whether we should call an UberX or a Pool. If the ETA of the driver is said to be 9 min, it cannot arrive in 20min (assuming he didn’t have any unexpected obstacles in his route) and if the ETA to your destination on a Pool is a window of 20min but it actually takes 40min to get to your destination, you should notify the rider upfront on the actual time window of arrival so he can reach a smart decision whether he wants to use the service or not. We want the old UberPool back and we want honest ETAs..Version: 3.353.10002

Was 5 star now 2 starsFirst time using Uber because of an operation on my foot I can’t drive. First 3 journeys were super. Drivers really nice, professional and courteous. My 4th journey this morning was accepted and then CANCELLED approximately 10-15 times by the same 4/5 drivers! I tried for 50 mins to get an Uber to return home with my daughter. Each time the request was accepted and within a few mins the driver had cancelled the journey. This isn’t right! I’ve had to ring a friend and relay our problems to them and they came and picked us up as we were stuck without a lift. Uber you should have controls over this. If a driver cancels a job it should not get resubmitted to them so they can accept and cancel again! If a driver doesn’t want the job then don’t accept it in the first place!? That’s only logical yes? Very disappointed this morning. Will Uber be implementing an option for a user to block a driver? So if I request a ride again the time wasting drivers won’t be able to accept my job? This really raises safety concerns to me as I was discussing my options for ordering an Uber to take my daughter to her different swimming lessons if I was not well enough to accompany her. So if the same thing happens and my 13 year old daughter is waiting for the Uber to bring her home safely what do I do? If I ring a local taxi firm they don’t cancel like that so why should Uber? Very very disappointed..Version: 3.347.10001

Cannot schedule rideThis app is fundamentally broken. No matter what I try I cannot order a “scheduled” Uber. When I click the schedule icon it just shows a screen asking “Select a payment method”, and nothing happens if I click one. I can’t get past that screen. It’s a persistent issue and no updates fix it. My husband can order a scheduled Uber but I can’t. So, I have gone back to using a normal Taxi company everyday instead of Uber. Too unreliable if I can’t schedule my pickup..Version: 3.434.10005

Driver was driving away from pickup pointVery unhappy with Uber driver today, requested an Uber and when I accepted the ride he was 3 minutes away, 4 minutes later I could see driver driving away from where I had dropped the pin for pick up, two minutes later driver was driving in circles still showing 5 minutes away, without coming any closer to me, at the end I had to cancel the trip myself as I was getting late to my appointment and driver was showing 8 minutes away by that point, I wouldn’t have accepted the ride if he was going to be that long! I hope you can reimburse me for the cancellation fee as I don’t think it was my fault that driver got confused and was driving further and further away! Managed to get another Uber driver straight after I cancelled the first one and everything was ok but extremely disappointed with the first situation. Not giving up on Uber though, we can all get better!.Version: 3.359.10001

Appalling lack of customer serviceDespite a confirmation 15 minutes before pickup the ride never happened and my disabled female partner was left isolated and without help. I’d set up her own account as it wouldn’t accept a scheduled ride under the Family Member part. Her own account and payment method via myself were accepted and the ride scheduled. Id sent loads of messages to Uber over the weekend but none answered. Works if your cab turns up but a bloody nightmare if it goes wrong and nobody to talk to in order to resolve matters. It’s a liability for someone like myself as a carer and I won’t stop letting people know how dangerous this situation was and is. Shame on Uber UPDATE Finally received a response and it’s pass the buck time. They say they have sorted it and to test by booking a ride, which is what I did in the first place. The issue is that ride doesn’t turn up and we are left standing there like a lemon. Avoid this crap by not downloading in the first place. No resolution and no confidence that this is a reputable and reliable service. Don’t be fooled!! You have been warned.Version: 3.305.10004

Use at your own risk!I heard so many good stories about people using Uber and being pleased with its service, but when my wife and I reached Los Angeles and decided to use it I found out the harsh reality. Unfortunately, Uber has become a master of deception using its large user base to suggest confidence, but after getting a quote for a little over 40 dollars, my wife and I ended up getting charged almost 100 dollars because of difference in “time” and “distance.” I would be fine if that were the truth, but instead we had a driver that wasn’t focused and missed his exit, then his phone died and we had to use our own phones to guide him. This resulted in us having to drive another 30 minutes just because their own driver didn’t plan ahead or pay attention to the road. I will NEVER use Uber again because the only thing they did to “fix” the problem was give me 5 Uber bucks without any notification and then ignore any requests sent via app to find a proper resolution. So much for customer “support.” UPDATE After a few days of trying to find out how to talk with support staff directly I was able to reach a satisfying solution. I believe the best way to avoid situations like this would be to make the app send a notification when support staff message you, instead of you having to dig and find out where to talk to them. Because of their understanding I may use Uber again, but just be wary about knowing where to contact anyone in case of a bad ride..Version: 3.371.10002

Used uber for over a year, and probably never againExtremely, extremely disgusted with an experience I had with a driver and the customer support services. My drop off location was somewhere I go almost everyday, I know all the routes going there, I’m very acquainted with the area. My uber driver took a route that was absolutely outrageous, I had mentioned to him about how late I was and regardless, he continued to take a route that made me want to scream because it was insane, we were going in circles and I was so angry. When we arrived to the destination, I told him my destination was just in front, but he drove right past and turned onto another street, and made me an additional 10 minutes late to the 15 minutes he had already delayed me by. I ended up arriving 25 minutes later than what it would at that time of day, and would have been much better off with public transport. To top it all off, when I expressed my horrible experience, uber sent a response that was Obviously prewritten or computer generated because it literally had nothing to do with what I had complained about. Absolutely horrible..Version: 3.314.10002

Going downhillUber was so much better when they first started. Currently, at times they are worse than taxis were prior to Uber. Each app upgrade is more glitchy than the previous one. Many times I receive wrong pick up location from my home and other locations. Pickup at the Atlanta Airport are only getting worse every week. First, the passengers have to walk unreasonably long distance to the pickup location, which are poorly marked and require passengers to walk thru a very creepy garage. Then the wait times for the ride is getting longer and longer. The drivers take longer than estimated pick up time. I fly every week and the decline in service is very noticeable. Not to mention the fees keep going higher and higher. Uber is getting worse than taxis. At least with taxis I don’t have to walk unreasonably long distance and wait for the driver. One more thing, Atlanta airport installed heating lamps in the Uber pick up area, which is the most idiotic thing to do in 90 degree weather. Furthermore, more and more Uber drivers install obnoxious air refresheners that are overwhelming and headaches inducing. Can Uber develop air refreshener policy. Because if I cancel the ride based on smelly car then Uber will charge me cancellation fee - not fair. Taxis don’t do that. If I don’t like the quality of taxi then I don’t get in without paying fees..Version: 3.319.10004

Dishonest AppIn many occasions, Uber deducted money from my cards unjustifiably and their customer service is usually unwilling to solve any issues. They’re just defensive and will respond with lies, which are proven lies by my bank. Using this app is just a waste of time in addition to being a waste of money..Version: 3.447.10000

Uber’s gotten a whole lot worse*EDIT* It’s nice to know that Uber like to regurgitate its replies as a ‘one size fits all’ response. However, it doesn’t detract from the fact that we had a deeply horrible experience. As someone travelling home alone, I found my driver to be aggressive and intimidating. I can give you his details, Uber, but it’s made nervous about using your service again. Couple that with the fact you can’t get one. So it’s almost a loose- loose situation that I don’t want to find myself in. I use a black cab app now, it was such a personable and safe experience. Nuff said. ******************************** It’s weird, since the whole ‘getting rid of Uber’ thing in London, then the subsequent reversal of plans, Uber’s massively gone down in terms of service/price/time efficiency. Everyone I know is saying it. I ordered an Uber X this evening and waited 20mins, 5 different drivers popped up. Then nobody ever turned up. It never used to be like that. I hate to say it- black cabs are safer, more reliable, quicker and are THE SAME PRICE. Sorry, not hard to argue. Also, the last two times I’ve been in an Uber, the guys been nasty and weird. It’s a shame because there are a lot of hard working Uber drivers out there. Still, wouldn’t use anymore. I don’t trust it and it’s takes way too long to use..Version: 3.285.10003

I used to like this appI used to like this app, I really helped me out when I missed my bus or couldn’t get on because the bus was full. Are used to like the fact that I gave you an estimated price so if you decided to go a different rout for what the Uber GPS said and still get charged a reasonable amount. But now it is a set price and you can only go with the GPS says that the GPS isn’t always right, sometimes it will take a completely different way which is way too long and will make me get late even if I go very early. Then I’ll have the driver say “the GPS is calculating traffic jams and stuff like that” I know the route into my work I know when it’s going to be traffic so I know what time is the schools are always take that route. This is very frustrating and I’m starting to think about uninstalling this app, Uber you need to get your act together because this is atrocious :( You should give us the option to chose the different routes we can take so we can select the route that is most likely one we want, most of the time the route that is suggested is too long and a waste of time.Version: 3.426.10001

A. GattaI was involved in an incident where I felt I had to leave the car before the journey started. As soon as I left the car I realised my bag was still inside. I went to open the car and the driver began to drive away. I said “I’ve left my bag” but the driver (having clearly heard this) continued to drive. I sprinted after the car for at least 100 metres in slow traffic. For the most part being right next to the driver. Shouting at the top of my voice “my bag” he just looked at me and drove away. At 4 am I was stranded with no wallet or house keys. I called Uber and after 2 hours of being on hold or cut off. I was finally told it was being treated as a lost item and the driver had 72 hours to return my belongings to an office where I will have to go to collect them. I was charged for the booking. I’m still currently without house keys, wallet and car keys and it seems Uber have very little sympathy in regards to the situation I am in because of one of their drivers. No one I speak to there after the barrage of phone calls I have made. Seems to actually care. They are just bumbling on about procedures and such. I am appalled at their reaction to such a serious incident. I hope people are aware that Uber will immediately try and cover themselves if a partner/driver’s behaviour results in loss or damage to their customers’ property..Version: 3.352.10002

Cancellation feeOn Sat night I requested a ride to K-road in Auckland. The street was very busy and trying to locate the car that had been assigned to take me home was very difficult as everyone was looking for their vehicle too! When I did manage to see the license plate of my vehicle on the opposite side of the road, the driver continued to drive and turn the next corner and to my dismay I got a cancellation notice and was charged a $10 fee. There was no phone call from your driver as I have had in the past with other Drivers, so I really don’t feel that I should have been charged this. Even the next driver that I requested gave me a call to tell me he was on the other side of the road..... Not impressed!!.Version: 3.336.10001

Wish I could give less startsI had a really awful experience with Uber and all they keep doing is try to take money from my account after refunding me for a trip I was abandoned on in an unpleasant situation on an abandoned street with no housing and no shops just 2 random men and then leaving me after I asked to pull over due to feeling ill I wasn’t a bad really drunk customer I was polite and quiet I asked to pull over and was asked to stand away from the car so I did that and he drove away door wide open leaving me a young girl alone and at risk with two men in hoods who were staying very close even after calling a taxi after telling me they didn’t know where they were. Then they try to take £40 from my account no warning and now after it’s all been sorted and I deleted the app they have tried to take more money from me. I will never use this app again and I’m considering contacting the police as they should not be allowed to continue trying to take money from me without my permission or at least a notification.Version: 3.395.10001

No payment option ?!My credit card attached to my account has expired, but the app won't allow me to edit or delete my form of payment. I guess I won't be using Uber then....Version: 3.260.3

Driver cancelled trip but charged me still.I had never ever been treated that way until I booked a ride a few days ago. The driver neither came to the pick up point as booked nor gave me a call telling me his current spot until I called him. He declined the phone and called me back, telling me to come to him but I refused as it was a long walking distance. Unexpectedly, he started yielding at me and was saying loud that he could not pick up me at the point and he had been waiting for me so I had to find his spot. I just hung up the phone and intended to cancel the ride, however he had already done it before I decided. UBER charged me $8 for that nonsense ride without any care for their frequent customer. After I lodged a request for a fee review, they credited me the amount I lost. But I wanted is to be refunded as I would not consider using UBER anymore and turned to OLA as they offered some promotion as well as better service..Version: 3.346.10002

Cancelling jobsI am a regular Uber user and while I enjoy using the service for the most part, there is one thing that always frustrates me, as the paying customer I would expect a certain service level to be adhered to. I have noticed A LOT of drivers accepting jobs and then cancelling them at a whim. I don’t feel this gives the customer enough control and to get anywhere in an emergency is out of the question. I really think this is something that needs to be reviewed as it is an unfair policy. Also, customers get rated down if they cancel however drivers cancel as much as they wish and still get jobs?! I have found this to be a good enough reason to not use Uber as much as I used to as I’d be better off getting a black cab! I believe that drivers should complete the job they bid for once they have accepted. Also, if I cancel, I am liable to pay a fee for potentially wasting a drivers time, why do customers not get part of their fare back if a driver cancels on them? Not good at all. Very one sided..Version: 3.329.10002

Be careful with extra chargesWoao I’ve had so many issues with this app lately. This issue has happened twice already: I have taken an Uber express (it is supposed to be cheaper than all the other choices ex: $9), and both times I have been charged double next day...ex: $19. It ends up being more expensive than Uber X. It doesn’t make sense. Always check your bills. Also one time a driver canceled my ride when I was still inside the car. I dont know if it was unporpuse or not, And my bill was double the price as the original amount. I think Uber doesn’t have a reliable service. It used to be good when it started but now it is terrible. mostly when customer service does not even have a real voice. I would wait for my refound then I will definetly cancel my account..Version: 3.329.10002

Race to the bottomGetting worse and worse. Now the ride schedule is showing just sometimes and its giving me a dumb error about declined payment. My card is fine for everyone else but you so you can get paid when you figure it out. —- I am a user and a driver. When it works it works pretty well on both ends. When it doesn't, it fails in spectacular ways; stranding you at airports because you trusted it to work and made no back up plan for your 11:00pm arrival and subsequent 1 hour of troubleshooting the app. To make it worse, support is U. S. E. L. E. S. S. For some reason every response is from a different person who has zero access to previous communication. Last night I picked up a rider, the app crashed on pick up. The rider had to verbally direct me. Then I spent five minutes fixing the app. Now support is 7 emails deep even though I literally told them everything, sent screen shots proving the ride (a habit I am now in because of the app). It should have been a $4 ride for the user and $3 for me but they charged the user $0, then $13, and now $5 in 24 hours because they can't read the details I've sent now three times (pick up, drop off, time, miles and even did all the math for them). All this gets them 25% of your rides. Like I said, when it works... it is the future. When it doesn't, it makes you kick a puppy..Version: 3.270.10001

Charged a Cancellation fee for wrong address!I ordered Uber several times and this is the first time when I put in my destination address as usual, when I got into the car I gave the driver my destination address to make sure he had it right. When he checked his client book he said the company had given him a different address and he couldn’t take me unless I changed it to the right destination address. When I told him to get in tough with the company he said he was “new at this and didn’t know how to do it” and asked me if I could change it on my end. They had given him an address in Richmond Road, and I was going to Lake Success on New Hyde Park Road. I had an area on my phone that showed the same destination address as his. I was so frustrated and knew I was going to miss my appointment. Then I was an area where I could change the wrong destination to the right one. When I did that the driver said that he finally received the same address on his pager or what ever it showed on, and he finally took me to the doctor in Lake Success. This morning - Saturday August 31st I received a note from Uber saying that “ to my cancelling of the Richmond Road address I am being charged over $6 as a cancellation fee!” I can’t find a phone number to contact them so I wrote my reply in the section where you can give a note of your experience with the driver. This was the worst experience I have had so far with Uber! I just hope I get my refund without any haste. Be wary folks..Version: 3.366.10001

Misleading advertisingPromo code discount for the first free ride advertised on Google Maps isn’t working. Just misled me causing to download the app and create an account..Version: 3.434.10005

Be more transparent about price surges pleaseUber has been great. But the new hidden price surges feel deceptive. It asks you to know how much you’d be willing to pay to get from point A to B rather than being transparent about their base rates. When there’s a surge, you won’t know about it unless you travel that route often. When you go to query it through the app, the process is made as discouraging as possible. It’s a shame that a company that built itself on great technology and transparency has changed its model to increase their profits. I hear the argument about dynamic pricing being commonplace, like with airline companies. But the refreshing thing about Uber was that they didn’t go for that model. It felt like more of a Co-op than a company. Please return your transparency over prices. Update: I received a reply from the developers about dynamic prices being fair. I am not arguing their fairness - just how Uber chooses to communicate when there is a surcharge. The old way of seeing the surcharge before agreeing to it was more transparent to the consumer than the current hidden practice..Version: 3.368.10004

PriceI Was aware of the increased price due to the high demand of Uber drivers in my area but I was not told by the Uber driver that the high price continues when my friend got dropped off at where the original location was and I continued the Uber. So if we all got out at the original location then called another Uber it would have been quite less due to the low demand of Uber’s needed in the location of that house. A lack of communication caused my bill to be quite a lot more then it needed to be. I paid $118 for a ride that really could have been a lot less if the Uber driver was fair and explained a cheaper option for me. I thought the cheaper option would be automatically used but it wasn’t and the Uber driver decided to not tell me about it. I get he’s trying to make as much as he can but would honk a company this big and one I use quite often would try and help me out as much as they can for a fair price.Version: 3.329.10002

Just overall bad experienceI love the idea of ride share like Uber or Lyft. Sometimes it’s way more affordable than cabs. However, I have not had a good experience with Uber. Over two years ago I was in NYC and was waiting for the driver forever who never came so I had to cancel the ride and wait for another driver. Got charged some fees which after some digging for customer service (since they make it so inaccessible) I was refunded in the form of store credit. Well years go by I try to log in to my account and it asks me for the first six digits of my card and there is no way to overcome that step to log in. My card expired years ago! Was I supposed to hold on to it? Anyway, now I’m unable to log in to my account and when i send the message to them it asks me to verify my email by clicking on the link sent to my email otherwise they won’t process my request. Cool. Well when I click on the link the server is down so I cannot verify my email so my messages to support aren’t going through. I cannot log in to my account or create a new one because it is the same phone number and there is no phone number to contact them. Thank god there is Lyft. Even though it is a little pricier than Uber, I guess you get what you paid for. Honestly, Uber was cool when it was the only app , now there are so many alternatives so if I were you , go with a better alternative. Uber went downhill :/.Version: 3.381.10002

Discontented Uber user todayAdan Abdullahi charged waiting time this afternoon which made my short ride from 765 Meadowbank Road to Ngapuhi Road very expensive. Did he do this because I’m an older woman? And not likely to complain? My pickup address was 765 Meadowbank Road and I was clearly visible (sunny weather) waiting and waving on the footpath in front of that number yet he sat waiting at a petrol station way over on the opposite side (even numbers all along that side) of that very busy road. No pedestrian signals nearby for me to use to stop the traffic and allow me to cross. I’ve used Uber many Times and been completely satisfied. My son has now asked me to switch to Zoomy. Please let me know what action you are taking. Elizabeth.Version: 3.347.10001

Useless.Can’t even get past signing up for an account keeps saying it’s sending a code to my phone number and it never sends anything. Waste of time I’d give it zero stars but apparently I have to give it one. No way to contact anyone about it unless you have an account just ridiculous. I’ll call a cab and save myself the frustration..Version: 3.422.10001

Your driver will arrive... maybeAbsolutely absurd that a company of this maturity hasn’t figured out customer service yet. Consistently I have been caught waiting for over 10 minutes the driver to cancel and me have to reorder another uber pool and wait another 10 minutes. Definitely they don’t seem to understand that once they have committed to picking you up in a certain location, at a certain time the transaction has been finalized and they have committed to their end of the bargain. If the app recalibrated and found you another driver that could drop you at your destination at the agreed upon time that would be fair. Instead, if you actually need to be at your destination by the original time specified by the Uber Pool, you need to order an UberX after the pool cancels to make up all of the lost time. Time absolutely has a monetary value and therefore I am fully transitioning to Lyft as they are far more sensitive to customer satisfaction..Version: 3.382.10006

Unexplainable fare chargeI take uber at least 3-5 times a week to get to work and for the past 5 months, everything has been great until yesterday. I took an uber pool and I rarely check the uber app after getting into the car. We picked up another passenger and I got to my destination no problem. But then I got a notification from my uber app saying the driver has cancelled which makes no sense since I already arrived at my destination. But according to the app, apparently the driver never started the trip. Which makes me wonder how she knew to pick up the other passenger. But that’s not my problem, my problem is that it is the driver’s fault for not starting the trip. Yet somehow, I got charged for $15: $5 for cancellation and $10 for the trip. Which is just unbelievable, this was an uber pool, so the price was shown to me before I booked it and it was $8 not $10 and I can’t even get started on the cancellation fee because I never cancelled the trip. And how about the driver picking up another person despite not starting my trip? She was possibly driving for uber and lyft at the same time. And when I try to click on “review my cancellation fee” it says I can’t because it’s already been reviewed. I am just beyond livid. I want my money back, uber, this is unacceptable.Version: 3.389.10002

Not intuitive. Cost me as a resultI have the latest version of this app on my iPhone. I wanted to previous. It looks nothing like the screen shots on the help pages Uber provides. As as a result of trying to work things out I inadvertently ordered an Uber. It was not clear how to cancel. In the end the Uber arrived. The driver had no idea how I cancel so he cancelled on his phone. That sent another Uber. He also had no idea and did the same thing as the last Uber driver. I finally found the help pages and activated the cancel (not only on intuitive but way too many steps in the process). I got charged a cancellation fee. It is way too easy to inadvertently order an Uber and difficult to get cancel. Seems a great way to pick up fees..Version: 3.306.10003

Poor quality app from a dishonest companyThe app is very unclear with how to cancel the ride. I had planned my ride 20 minutes ahead of pick up and only 5 minutes before pick up, a driver has accepted my trip and the app instantly set to surcharge app without my approval. I was charged more than 2x the normal fare and when I contacted customer service about it, they only refund 25% of the price that I did not approve. After contacting customer support over the course of 2 weeks, they only refund little my little, nothing close to refunding the entire surcharge. They just want to waste your time to make you give up and keep your money..Version: 3.356.10001

Uber is racistUber is discriminating upon people based on their skin colour. Hope a class action lawsuit kills it..Version: 3.407.10000

Service went way down hillWhen I first started using uber it was fine, but now it takes 10+ minutes for my rides to get to me even though I live part time in a really popular city (Phoenix) and there have been MANY MANY times where a driver is driving away from me, sitting in one spot, WASTING MY TIME, and I can’t cancel the ride without a fee. I have places I have to be, work being one of them, I can’t have drivers wasting my time. I already have to spend money on a ride, I shouldn’t have fees for bad service!! Right now as we speak my driver has been “completing another trip” sitting in the same spot for the last 10 minutes and I shouldn’t be charged a fee because my driver doesn’t want to do his job. And now he’s driving AWAY from his drop off spot for his other trip, making my wait time way longer. I’ve been waiting 20 minutes and he’s still 13 minutes away. This is ridiculous!!!!!! I’m paying this guy $23 he does not deserve!! By far the worst experience I’ve had. I’d use lyft more if I didn’t have some of the same issues sometimes and if they weren’t occasionally more expensive. I don’t know why these services went so down hill. I dread using uber to get places now because I know I’m probably going to have an issue. You bet my current driver is going to get an awful review. Give people the option to cancel rides without fees!!! We shouldn’t have to deal with bad drivers!.Version: 3.302.10003

Bad serviceThis Uber app is stealing money from customers. They owned me 10.97$ for additional charge but instead of giving me my refund, they charged me another 10.97$ then they refund me 10.97$. That’s not refund. That’s trick playing, they never refunded..Version: 3.434.10005

Uber app doesn’t work for any paymentsI have been using Uber for about 2 years I used to love it but not anymore I have so many issues with it payment method doesn’t work when it shows my Uber cash it still won’t work it happened too many times wasting money on it for it not to work not happing anymore.Version: 3.423.10001

Horrible...ive already switched to lyftI requested a trip for the 11th and the driver drove 10 min away from my house🤦🏽‍♀️so i ended up canceling the trip so i could call another one. Uber took out over $30 in 4 payments from my account as a result of me cancelling the one trip. There were 4 different payments taken out for 1 cancelled trip and noone else used my card or had access to it. Uber keeps sending me the same message when i contact them in the app saying its an authorized hold and ill get it back? But my bank has told me these are charges and not authorized Holds like what was stated. As well as the fact its been days and all theyve done is refund me 19 cents for a waiting fee from a previous trip (which i never asked for?) ...a hold doesnt hold for longer than a day as stated by my bank and today is now the 21st. None of these payments have been returned yet and i took no trips that day. It was a cancellation. They cant explain why i got charged 4 times for a cancellation and theres no customer service line to actually talk to a real person and get this resolved. im reporting this to my bank as fraud so i can get my money back and I encourage everyone to check their bank statements if using this company because just reading the reviews this is a regular thing for this company. A bunch if thief's smh.Version: 3.440.10003

Higher costs than taxisI used to use Uber, but no longer will I use Uber because the average cost of Uber is significantly higher than local Diamond taxis; it used to be the reverse...Uber rates were less than taxis. With all kinds of supplemental charges now Uber rates are higher than calling for a regular taxi. Sorry, Uber, you’ve lost one good customer to your competition, the local taxi service..Version: 3.429.10001

Are there any humans working behind the scenes at Uber?The app itself is ok. The directions are not always the best for drivers. When trying to get support for the app, there is no way of speaking to a person or a support team and the FAQs do not always have the answer. One gripe I have is the rating system. I pride myself on being a courteous and friendly passenger. I had a perfect history and then one day, a driver selected my request for pick up and then decided to cancel it. No issues there. These things happen. But it then showed up as a ride in which they needed to rate me as a passenger. My rating dropped to the point that I realised they must have given me 1 star for THEM cancelling my trip! Trying to get this reviewed as this affected my rating. I don’t expect the anonymity to be removed (I like that it is anonymous) but there should be a way for a rating to be reviewed. This must be especially hard for drivers!.Version: 3.307.10001

Very frustrating !I loved Uber. Never had an issue with it until recently. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but now I see a wait time fee on my receipt. I understand there is a wait time charge if the Uber driver arrives and they are obviously kept waiting but recently quite often the Uber driver can be at the corner of my block stating it arrives soon and I’m waiting outside and at the end of my trip I see there is a charge for wait time. How can that be if I was ready and they weren’t even in front of the pick up location. Or I’ve have a few times where the driver states it’s here but they aren’t at the correct pick up even though I put the address and they are a few buildings away and then I have to walk to them and that causes them to start charging a wait time fee. Not sure if that is their GPS issue but it’s annoying. Just the other day I requested an Uber and I was outside and the driver instead of heading straight which is where I was he drove around the block before arriving to me and then headed my way, mind you there was no traffic or others cars there for him giving him reason to go around the block. And what do you know I was charged a wait time fee. This is very frustrating and I have reached out to support which they have helped but it’s annoying to constantly be going thru support. I hate to be that type of person that always has a complaint but they need to address this issue ..Version: 3.394.10003

Payment Method unavailableI’ve just started using Uber and I’ve rather enjoyed riding with Uber. I use it a lot because I ever since I moved houses I haven’t been able to use the bus to go out with my friends, because the nearest bus stop is 3 kilometres away, so I moved onto Uber and it makes my parents life so much easier because they’re very busy people and can’t take me out on the time. However, suddenly one of my dad’s credit card has been declined. I didn’t see that out of the ordinary because my dad tends to forget to pay his bills so I used his other credit card. The next day neither of them are working. My dad then pays his bills and says the credit should be working however it still isn’t working. This is really frustrating because there are times when I really needed Uber and it hasn’t worked. I looked at the reviews and this has happened to other people before. I’ve tried deleting the app and I reinstalled but it still hasn’t worked. I tried deleting the credit card so I re enter the credit card but it says I can’t delete my only method of payment but I have 2 credit cards on my account. Please get this fixed soon.Version: 3.339.10002

MehBooking a car is easy enough but the overall experience not so much. There is no way to contact the driver. The pricing structure lacks transparency and seems to be based on how much battery you have left on your phone and your handset make. Why give me a price range? I want a fixed price. Otherwise, I might as well book a mini cab or a normal taxi and not giving Uber a carte blanche charging me whatever they want. Arriving at Manchester Terminal 2, the app told us to go to the short term parking on level 3. There is a level C but no level 3. The confusion led us to go back to the ground floor and asking staff before returning to level C. Looking at the app map animation, I could see the driver driving around and around although, I was not able to contact him. The driver claimed he tried to contact me although my phone never rang. He apologetically explained that he had just dropped somebody off at the usual drop off point which was further down the road when he accepted our trip but claimed he struggled to find us. To pick up passengers from the short term parking, he had to pay £4 on leaving. This extra cost was understandably but annoyingly then added to our bill. Why could the app not inform me that I would save money by walking 50 meters and be picked up outside the parking house?.Version: 3.322.10003

😡🤯I really really wish that I didn’t have to use this company. The app itself is so inaccurate, the pick up points are off, the waiting and can arrival times are off and it seems to allow drivers to accept a new fare before finishing the one they’re on without letting the customer know so the map just shows the cab stationary or spinning around and the arrival time keeps jumping around. I’m not sure what kind of checks they do on their drivers but they need more. We’ve had racist drivers, rude drivers, drivers that try to go in the wrong direction in order to ramp up the fare. Drivers have cancelled jobs because they didn’t want to transport bags or whatever we’ve been carrying or didn’t want to find a way around road works. 9/10 of the drivers don’t turn into cul de sacs or side roads and I regularly have to walk at least 2 mins to get to the Uber car and when you’re older or have any mobility issues this is not easy. Whenever I’ve tried to contact help they are less then helpful and only seem to supply scripted responses... “we’re sorry this happened” “your feedback is important to us” and on the odd occasion they might refund a fare but nothing seems to change..Version: 3.311.10001

Lost lots of money with uberI have used uber for work only on an almost daily basis for about a year. This means that I had to keep my uber ride receipts to receive the money back from the government as well as having proof to my employer for ever taking these rides. When I logged into the uber app from a new phone however the app would first not let me sign in at all. After I could finally contact someone about this struggle I received an Email in which uber stated that I had two accounts running at the same time which is why they deleted one and erased the complete ride history of the other. Now this might have been the case as I have had several email accounts and phone numbers and moved overseas in the past years. But I am certain that I was using the same uber account for the past 3 years of my life. So it was really unnecessary (and expensive) to delete anything off the active account. I sent uber another Mail regarding this issue but it was unanswered. I lost a lot of money because of this stupid app and there is no phone number one can regard to.....Version: 3.397.10001

Uber tricksGuess what, Uber is manually controlling trip requests now, that means the closest driver do not get the trip from the closest passenger requesting, passengers would have experienced that, that they often don’t get the closest driver. Price surge on Saturday and Sunday mornings are not due to high demand, but due to the lack of drivers in the area, (Drivers normally work Friday and Saturday nights till mornings then go home for rest, Uber sees that there’s not many drivers left in the city, Uber surge the area they want to, to get drivers and make the passengers pay for it, that’s why surge disappears when driver makes it to surge area, once Uber knows there’s enough drivers in that area, Uber make the surge disappear, you as a driver see surge is gone and left waiting for hours without getting any trip but you don’t wanna go home, ever wonder why? I will leave it to you. Now for the passengers; there are always more drivers available in the area than the trip requests made by passengers in that area, yes any time anywhere, you as passenger are paying more for nothing. I have to be honest Uber does not do this all the time, but at least 80 % of the time. There’s so many other tricks they play like geo fencing, constantly sharing your data etc, As a human being i had to share some of their tricks, you want cheaper rides but constantly giving away your freedom, your future and your kids, just like once upon a time the bankers fooled us and now we are stuck..Version: 3.307.10001

The fareMy fare increased from $31 to 36. Very disappointing. If a men’s wear store had only one jacket, the retailer does not put his price up to make up for lost profits due to the shortage of jackets....as Uber does when there are few drivers about the same area. You increase the availability of the number of drivers in the road. That’s called recruitment. I like the service, but disagree with the reason for additional charges. That is misleading. Those extra charges appeared AFTER the ride. Unreasonable. There should be no surprises of that nature..Version: 3.298.10000

Waiting stood next to the taxi on mapSo I’ve had good experiences with this app and also really bad one, the good ones are based on just normal service, get picked up get dropped off. But it’s the bad ones that shine stronger with this service. Reason for my review today is just overall being fed up with the way the app works. I live close to the city centre just a 10 min walk but on days that we have bags or days that it’s raining it’s nice to be able to click a button and have a taxi arrive. Tonight I waited 10 mins for the app to show me 15 different drivers that were between 1-10 mins away and each time it showed me how close they were, I could see the actual taxi but the trip got declined. After the £6 taken out of my account 15 mins later it told me it was now £8, and I went ahead and paid it but still the exact thing happened, all the taxis so close but none of them wanted to pick me up because the trip is so short. They are not taxi rank taxis that have to wait in a queue and lose their place for a trip that’s not worth it, they’re free roam taxis that were all in different areas. The part I don’t agree with on this app is that after the 10 time of the trip being declined there should be a must deliver option so they don’t let us down. I understand that it’s a short trip but come on, £8 for a 3 min drive why should we have to wait for that..Version: 3.424.10003

Uber servicesI have called for Uber twice today. The first one drove past me and never come back, so I had to walk about a kelometre in bad stormy weather. When I booked a he second one, it drove past me as well and went down the road about 2000m. I had to walk and find him where he was waiting for me. If I didn’t see him driving past me, he would have waited and then gone away saying that I couldn’t find the passenger. You need to improve your map or talk to your driver. I think the drivers are playing smart for short trips. Coming but stopping way beyond the given address so they wait for 5 minutes and then cancel the trip and charge $10 cancellation fee. I need to be compensated for my cancelled trip as well as my time waisted dealing with your drivers, or I will lodge a formal complaint. Thanks, Akram.Version: 3.303.10001

They charge twiceIt’s so disappointing how an app like this that is used everyday does not have customer service. They sometimes charge twice and when you try to make complaints there is no customer service to talk to. Absolutely ridiculous. If I could give them 0 stars I will. STOP EXTORTING MONEY FROM CUSTOMERS!!!!!.Version: 3.422.10001

At times frustrating.Uber at times can be amazing as it's a cheap reliable way to travel. Have taken probably hundreds of uber trips now however, recently there has been an issue for me as it seems that there is a constant surcharge every time I want to go anywhere making my journey way to expensive. For example getting to work used to cost £6 now it says surcharge £15-18 because it's popular but that could be a Monday night at 10pm I doubt it's that popular. It's actually become cheaper to just hail a black cab or use conventional taxi firms which is a shame because I really did like using uber before. As well as this I've had a few drivers say it's been hard to find me as when you select where your location is and put the pin down it doesn't matter where you put it on a street the address is always the same just a generic house number e.g. 12 for every house on the street. If uber could sort the pricing problem I would highly recommend them but unfortunately charging almost 3x the usual price has just completely eliminated them as an option for me anymore. A cap on surcharge pricing would be a helpful solution..Version: 3.260.3

The cleaning fee charge - Proof tabUber need to put in place a better system to prove when someone is causing damage during a journey. I had a bitter experience when I realised that I was charged £80 for someone’s misbehaviour resulting in paying the cleaning fee. There is no step for users to access before getting charged - to prove that this incidence was not caused during your ride. The problem is any drivers can report an incident by taking a picture and Uber will of course charge user straight away but without verifying whether the incident happened in your ride OR IN THE RIDE NEXT AFTER (Which was my case). Should there be cameras in the cars then? Or should user of Uber App take a picture after each ride to dispute the false accusation? How frustrating now trying to resolve that problem through the app on “help” tab which can take up to days before a problem can be resolved. In the app, Uber won’t hesitate to show us the facts: images of the damage which was vomit all over the place. How nice to see someone else intoxication when again this was not caused in your ride. Why cannot we have a message inbox involving both the driver and a third party from Uber to resolve an issue quicker. Until now this problem is still not resolved and I have pay for someone misconduct..Version: 3.302.10003

Account DisabledMy account has been disabled for more than a year. When I contacted them to find out why, the company informed me that I owe them $80 bucks for orders made in December 2019. First of all, I didn’t use the app during that time period and I could have been stranded somewhere!! Like I need my account active. So stupid!!.Version: 3.425.10000

Extra chargeI book Uber from home to airport and the Uber literally pass through my home and I had called Uber driver as well he didn’t pick up and canceled the trip and charge me And same thing happened with airport pick up with Uber. Uber guy called me and I told him my location which was wrong according to him when he was literally 1 or 2 mins away from me and charged me and I even told him if I am in a wrong pick up position can you please come and pick me as I can still wait and pay for waiting time as well. I told him to come and pick me up from T2 departures as I can still wait for him and I can pay for wait time but he was insisting that T2 location was not for his customer which means I was not his customer but he charged me for $10 a strip cancellation fee, about which I am really not satisfied and when I told him to come and pick me up he said I will have to wait 15 mins but he was away from me for 1-2 mins, which was not ethical and a way to treat customer..Version: 3.338.10003

Terrible customer serviceThe app is ok minus a few battery drain issues (if you keep it open while waiting for your ride). However the customer service is awful. I was waiting for a coach to another city and decided to get an Uber to make sure I’d be there on time. The first driver was 3 minutes away, then 4, then it went up to 6 as he started to drive in the opposite direction. I thought maybe he needed to turn around so I waited. Eventually the driver cancelled and I had to wait for a second driver. The app originally told me the driver was 4 minutes away. I waited 22 minutes for it to arrive and as a result missed the coach and incurred a lot of charges and hassle (I’ll probably have to sleep in the bus station now). I contacted Uber support and their response was basically “sorry you missed your bus, if it happens again you can cancel”. The benefit of Uber is that it’s supposed to be quick, cheap, convenient and reliable. In this case it was slow, costly, extremely inconvenient and extremely unreliable. This has never happened to me with any of Uber’s rivals.Version: 3.318.10001

Needs some improvementsI want to say that I have only had one major issue with Uber as a rider and I personally like Uber. However, I still think you need to improve the service. First, the location feature for the rider is subpar to me. I use Uber a lot to drive my to college and I have to put in a specific address just to have my drive take me to the part of the school I need the drive drop me off. It would be a lot easier to have a satellite view of the map give the drive an exact location of my destination. Second ,you are now starting to charge all these ludicrous fees such as the waiting fee if my driver has to wait more than two minutes at my pickup location. I understand that having to make the driver wait on me when I sometimes have to get ready when I should have done that before the driver arrived at my location is rude, but Lyft doesn't charge me a waiting fee. Third, I do not like the rating system. The idea that giving anything less than five starts automatically assumes that the driver did something wrong. If I give a driver a four star rating you assume that the driver must have done something. When I give a driver a four star rating I am telling the driver that I enjoyed the drive. I do not imply that I had a horrible experience with an Uber rider..Version: 3.267.10002

Useful but ....Uber is undoubtably useful but also frustrating. I’ve read some wonderful criticisms of the app and phantom drivers appearing to accept and then cancel at will or in some cases leave you hanging/waiting for several minutes prior to cancelling!! Sigh. One of my bug bears with Uber and there are so MANY aid the sharing a ride option. It hardly ever works and work arounds are preposterous and exceedingly vexing. Suggestions to try alternative payments whilst trying to share a ride are pathetic and lengthy. I’ve recently tried to share the cost of a ride only for the notification to disappear once I selected it. Nothing happened. This went on for several minutes. In the end I had to send payment via PayPal leaving the Uber app completely. Can someone please do something about the sharing a ride option? And for that matter how drivers accept rides and then disappear or appear to be near but the app advises you to walk several yards away which isn’t possible on a busy main road in the rain!!!.Version: 3.377.10002

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  4. If you are a Uber - Request a ride customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Uber - Request a ride.

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