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PLEASE READ!I, too, came here to complain and possibly reach out to customer support about being logged out. I saw a review that stated to click on “Get Started” instead of “log in” which seems weird because get started is for new users but it worked. Get started > input basic details of your period and it automatically goes back to your account. Problematic, yes. But at least we haven’t lost all of our data yet. Hope this helps someone..Version: 4.7.7

So incredibly Sad 😭I LOVE this app- the interface updates and everything remaining relevant and useful has been awesome. Since I love this app, I’ve been using it for a really long time. It’s seen a lot of use through the years of my life. It had the first time I lost my 🌸, every boyfriend I’ve ever had, and could accurately track and predict my cycle to the day. Recently, I was logged out of my account when an update went through- and I panicked because I couldn’t remember the email used. After trying everything I could remember, I got a hit! The email came through, I reset my password- and all was well again. I logged in eagerly with my new information, and when the screen loaded it was blank- no information at all, like a brand new login. I am SO SAD over this, I wish there would have been some kind of notice that all our information would be erased? on top of this I’m having quite the emotional response, but I have no idea where I am at in my cycle- so I can’t tell if I’m overreacting or not 😅 If there is anyway for me to recover my lost information I would gladly rate this app 5/5 😭😭 UPDATE: App developer reached out, the day is SAVED! All information is returned ◡̈ You guys rock !.Version: 4.7.7

Pretty decentI’ve used this app for so many years, it’s had A few glitches lately and I was sad to To think I’d have to get a new app and all my data would be lost! All those years of period data which I trust so well! I saw it had a bug fix yesterday so I’m hoping this means it’ll be glitch free from now on because I don’t want to have to switch. We know each other so well!!!.Version: 4.5.5

Restore data tipsIf you thought you lost all your data in the update, try this (I never made a profile or logged in): Tap “get started” and put in your cycle length & duration as best you can, then go to app settings and scroll down til a tab “restore data” then tap “local data” (it looks greyed out but it isn’t). the app will ask you to “merge” so tap ok. voila!.Version: 4.7.5

GoodEasy to use.Version: 4.4.5

Brilliant appBrilliant app, love it, it is so useful and accurate. It's so helpful to get a reminder when my period is due. Can't speak for how accurate the info about ovulation is, it definitely works for tracking your period though. Thank you, menstrual tracker!.Version: 4.4.3

Great, simple to use calendarI’ve used this app for years to track my cycle pre and post pregnancy. It’s great to track my cycle lengths and was helpful in pregnancy planning.Version: 4.5.3

Cycle check for over 40This app has been instrumental in discovering a health issue I needed to address, by pointing out I have a shortened cycle, pain I experience is cycle related and increasing heaviness of flow. This has helped in communication with my GP and specialist..Version: 2.7.4

Keeping track of my cycleGreat app to log everything that goes with a menstrual cycle like moods, lifestyle & how you’re generally feeling. With someone like me going through peri menopause I can log everything and keep track..Version: 4.6.1

Loss of historical dataWas there an update in the last month? When I went to use the app today, it asked for me to login (which it has never since I first installed it) and on login, I see that I have lost all my historical data. Has this happened to anyone else? And can your support team help restore this data?.Version: 4.7.7

Newest update worked.I used to like this app until I opened it up recently to find that almost 10 years of my period tracking along with symptom tracking was gone. It would have been nice to have a warning. Update - the newest update from the developer gave me back all my previous data. Thank you. I’ve used this app for almost 10 years. Besides the temporary loss of my data , this app has been good for me. I like that I can get alerts when I’m about to start my cycle. I also appreciate that I can log symptoms. This really helps me with knowing my cycle patterns..Version: 4.7.5

Would be lost without itGreat app. Easy to use and really accurate. I’ve tried several apps but always come back to this one. I highly recommend it xXx.Version: 4.5.6

AverageUseful ✅ Notes ✅ Notifications ⛔️.Version: 3.3.3

Accurate!Love the app, very helpful in tracking my period.Version: 4.4.5

Good appThis app has been consistent. I like the settings and how it shows your ovulation. I have no need to use certain features anymore, but I still use it for keeping track..Version: 4.5.3

Easy and functionalThe ability to put it in pregnancy mode is helpful and the way you can update with ease and in seconds is what makes it so user friendly.Version: 4.4.4

Love the old versionI have used this app for years and find it to be brilliant. It does everything I want to use it for, which is track my cycle, and it is easy to use. However, I don’t like the latest update unfortunately and feel it has completely changed the app I used and loved. Also I can’t figure out how to log my latest period on the day it arrived, a pity all the good apps keep changing.Version: 4.5.3

Great appEasy to use and extremely helpful to track my heavy periods! Also great to see all the extra symptoms that go hand in hand with my period.Version: 4.5.5

MsGood for very busy ladies. The data report has the essential and best of all it comes with Classic theme backgrounds..Version: 4.2.5

So far so goodGoing well so far (3wks) I like it can track moods, symptoms and store notes. Calendar easy enough to read and can get a good overall view of the month too..Version: 2.7.4

Monthly CyclesWorks for me - does everything I need.Version: 4.6.5

Simple-exactly what i neededThis is exactly what i was looking for. They dont over complicate things, simple to use, read & understand. A much simpler way to keep record of things..Version: 2.6.3

Great appThe only annoying thing is the ads - features didn’t used to be restricted but now they are unless you subscribe. I’ve used it for many years so the restrictions are a bit annoying, but that’s the way of it now I suppose!.Version: 4.5.6

Very accurate and easy to useThey say the most regular thing about a period is its irregularity. Well this app helps me keep up with my period. Its easy to use and has been spot on all the time. It tracks my cycle to the bone!!.Version: 4.5.3

Fantastic appHave used this for a few years and it is definitely the best, most accurate, most useful and simple to use period/cycle app.. Would definitely recommend to everyone. Thanks..Version: 4.4.5

Re-design is not goodI have been using this app for years and suddenly they changed the style and design and it is taking a lot of getting used to. Saying that, the app does get used to your personal data and calculates the end of your period quite accurately so if you forget to update it each day the charts are not wildly inaccurate. There need to be more symptoms, events and moods. Why is having a tooth extracted even an event?! How often does someone have that! It’s so random. I probably don’t use the app to its full capacity as I’m not trying to get pregnant or anything and I don’t take my temperature ever (who does?) but overall it’s a good app for recording notes and symptoms to build up a picture over time and get more of an insight on your body’s functioning and history..Version: 4.6

Very Useful!I enjoy this app very much. Makes it so much easier to see what's coming up, how many days, etc. Keep up the good work!.Version: 3.2

Used it for yearsGreat app. Easy to use. I have the free version which is more then enough for me. I have had this app for years and will continue to use it for many more! Really helpful to keep track of when you’re time of the month is and it’s very accurate !.Version: 4.5.6

Pretty great!Helpful app! I appreciate all the information I can track month to month. Yet too many ads..Version: 4.5.5

It’s okayI really like this app because it helps me track my period. I mean that’s what it was meant to do XD anyways think that more girls like me should use this app. And I really like how you can have your own little secret diary in it 📓❤️ I think that’s a cool feature. And honestly when I was younger I had no idea about how painful this would be like oh my God I can’t get a moment please. But anyways I do think that this is a really really really really really really really good app and I think that more girls like me you should get this app.Version: 4.5.6

Very helpfulI’ve had this app for over 3 years now and it’s been so helpful. All the features are so great and really help track how you’ve been going. I would defiantly recommend.Version: 4.4.3

Best period/ovulation tracking app that you don’t have to pay subscription.No need to pay for monthly/yearly subscriptions. Admittedly adds can be slightly annoying but it’s well with it considering the app does the same job as the ones that require subscriptions but it’s free! I’ve been using this app for a few years. It’s very good. Very precise. I’ve relied on it as a method of contraception, to get pregnant and for things like booking holidays or knotting events like my wedding to make sure i’m not menstruating that week. I am always prepared for my period as I am sent a notification a few days before which gives me time to stock up on pads and tampons etc. It’s been a consistently effective method of contraception for my husband and I. We use the withdrawal method (I accept this is not completely safe so using protection during the fertile week will be more safe) when the app tells me I am at my most fertile. We do not use protection when I am not fertile. This has always worked for us. It have also used this app successfully alongside ovulation tests when we were trying for our son and I fell pregnant within 6 months..Version: 4.6.8

Love itIve used this App for years and I love it..Version: 4.5.3

Awesome appLove being able to keep track although could do with a. Few more options such as eat healthy food or homecooked food but I think you get more options of you pay maybe…?? Anyway the simple stuff is there and i can see my pattern quite well.Version: 4.6.3

So glad I found this app!Has made keeping track of my cycle SO easy. The free version is really functional, you can log your period, symptoms, baby-planning stuff, your mood, and add notes to your daily log without having to pay anything, you get the occasional advert but they’re really quick & don’t affect the functionality of the app at all. Was recommended to me by a friend, and I will definitely be recommending it to others too!.Version: 4.6.3

GreatFor what I needed it is perfect. Simple to use and easy to understand..Version: 2.6.3

Period cycleI really like this app. It shows me when I have ovulation and when I have period too. Now the app got a data from few months and it seems as I am on time with my period. It is useful to monitor your cycle. Highly recommend! Also handy when doctor ask you when it was last time..Version: 4.4.1

Loss of data after 5 yearsI’ve used this app for several years and found it great for keeping track of my cycles. I opened the app to find all data had been wiped away. I emailed the support Center for the app and they had it fixed in seconds. Excellent app, excellent customer service..Version: 4.7.7

Love this app but not the new updateI’ve been using this app since 2011. I’ve tried other apps through the years because there were some features in these other apps that I really liked. However I kept coming back to this one because overall I felt it had more of the features I wanted then some other apps. It was also very user friendly, quick and easy to use which was helpful because I could add things quickly while on the run so the basics I could keep track of constantly, and when I had more time I could add specific symptoms. It has been really helpful to be able track over the years and see patterns. I would have given it 5 stars easily. However having said all that with the new update the app is almost unrecognisable and not necessarily in a good way. I can grow to appreciate the new changes but certain aspects of the app that made me love it and stick to it for 9 years have disappeared which make me sad. It used to be so simple and quick and now it not all that user friendly. I also not the biggest fan of the aesthetic but hopefully in the future they will add different themes like in the old version to enable users to customise. I don’t know what the future holds for the app, I will definitely be giving it the benefit of the doubt and stick around to see how they update the app, as no initial design/redesign is the fully fleshed out model, nonetheless it has motivated me to search the market for other alternatives..Version: 4.5.3

So Far… GreatI really like the feature where I can edit and add things later on such as the time and date of when I took meds. Its been pretty good so far on different symptoms that can happen with your cycles and I appreciate that. Yes, there is a premium option with a whole other bunch of stuff that you can unlock and a pop-up ad pushing for it every time you login in but for what its worth, I don’t mind. The regular (not paying option) works great!.Version: 4.6.1

Best tracker app !I've tried eve and a lot of other apps but this one is by far the best, it's simple, not confusing and gets straight to the point. Very helpful and reliable.Version: 4.4.1

Clever little trackerI really enjoy this app from keeping track of my menstruation and ovulation to being able to track symptoms and emotions during either. The more information you provide, the more accurate the calculation of your upcoming ovulation for example. I highly recommend this app, as it allows everyone woman from young to old to keep checking and being aware of her own body. Thank you.Version: 4.2.5

Great way to keep track of when I’m dueI find it easy to use, although regular pop up ads are annoying. Like the you can record symptoms, mood etc.Version: 4.6.6

Everything you need to knowI don’t know how I ever kept track of anything before this app. Wish it was around when I was TTC, it would have really helped. Now my 14 year old daughter also uses it to keep track. So helpful, thank you..Version: 4.5.5

Thank you !Have never kept track or even known 'my dates'.Version: 3.1

Exporting period dataI like the app and have used it for years but I just went to export my data to provide to my doctor and it doesn’t allow you to export your actual period data. I’ve been using it since 2016. The chart it creates to export doesn’t include when your period stops and starts and how long it lasted. It only includes weight mood and symptoms. This is not helpful. The app itself has a chart of average length of the period and shows when the period starts and stops but you can’t export that chart. Please fix this..Version: 4.6.8

😍I love the new look the old look looked a bit childish now I love love love it well done !.Version: 3.0.1

Easy Use, helpful infoI’ve been using this app for over two years and it has made tracking not only my cycles but understanding my ovulation cycle so much easier. I like being able to look back at the symptoms that I had during the Maldonados at the time of menstruation and also helps to track sexual activity. The graphs and charts are really user-friendly to share with your medical provider.Version: 4.6.8

Data lost but now found!Like others lost my data after an update. Was able to re load it under the settings option. Phewww was worried but all good. It is a great app to keep track of cycles..Version: 4.7.6

Very useful appIt does what it's supposed to. Although, the layout is a bit too kiddy for my liking. It's also hard to understand some of the icons - what it means. I would like it to be more of a user-friendly app and maybe less girly-kiddy looking type. Nonetheless, I would recommend it to other users who are looking for a monthly reminder ....Version: 2.8.2

Love the app but oh the adverts...I doubt many women want to see ads for battle games when they’re checking on their period - maybe the bloodshed is the link? Advertising for fertility treatment can be upsetting for a lot of women, too. I wish the developers would rethink who their sponsors are and be a bit more mindful to their target group. Annoying is the fact that you can’t simply close these ads. I always have to log out and back in to the app to be able to use the app’s functionality. Apart from that - the app is fabulous and I’ve used it for years..Version: 4.4.1

Great app!I really love this app it's so quick easy and accurate an it lets me keep track of all those things u wouldn't think of keeping track of great great app!.Version: 2.6.2

Mostly great, but average cycle length does not workI’ve been using this app for years to track symptoms and my cycle since I can’t take birth control. It’s been almost a year since my cycle has been pretty steady at 25-26 days, and although I have the “Use Average Cycle” turned on, and I track everything religiously, it still defaults to a 28 day cycle. I have finally opted to manually changed my cycle length and do my own averaging. Honestly, I’m not sure why it doesn’t default to an actual average. Something to think about for the developers..Version: 4.5.3

Best free tracker app for periodsI have had this since 2014 and I love everything about it, I have only ever had the free version. I have no doubt the upgrade version is great. I would Definitely recommend 👍🏻.Version: 4.5.5

Great appI use it to track not only my cycle but also other symptoms I might experience which is great. Great app..Version: 4.4.1

Awesome!, but how about some features for “change of life”?This program is excellent, i’ve been using it for well over a decade. Feature rich, but also useful and efficiently navigable if you only use a fraction of the features. My daughter is going through menses and she’s already getting familiar with the app to better learn the rhythms of her own body. Ironically, I’m somewhere between Peri-menopause and menopause. Here’s my ask. Sometimes periods/spotting really are very close together but not an “extension” of a period due to wack-a-doodle hormone patterns. Can we please get an option that lets us designate a rare close-occurrence as an extension of a period OR as a separate menstrual event? That would be very helpful!.Version: 4.4.5

Very importantNeeds to be able to delete mistakes like entering period on the wrong day.Version: 2.6.3

Simple and user friendlyEasy to use, been using it for years..Version: 4.6.1

LOCKED OUT OF ACCOUNT (but was helped by developer)I have been locked out of my account and cannot reset my password. I put in my email and it told me error user not found. I’ve been using this app since 2013 and now I’m locked out. I tried emailing the company but my email bounced. I don’t know if this is due to the fascist Supreme Court getting rid of Roe v Wade or if it was due to the update, but either way I’m upset. To the developer: please help me log back in! EDIT Thank you to the developer for your feedback, I was able to log back in and access my data. :).Version: 4.7.6

Have been using for almost 10 yearsA few changes lately to get used to, but the concept is still the same. My trusted companion to log periods and symptoms for almost 10 years now. Love it!.Version: 4.6.8

Has Become a HabitThis tool has become a habit for me. It's a good monitoring system that complements my schedule. I plan activities around it to make sure I don't have anything important during the critical days (which only women of course will understand)..Version: 2.6.1

ReviewLove this app I’ve been using it frequently for years and it just got even better with the new upgrade I think I’m going to start paying monthly for it cuz it just blew me away, awesome! I sent feed back about wanting my symptoms with my notes and it was already on there with the new update. (Aka they new before I even asked!) Don’t judge by not wanting change. Looks great love the new design. I was like oh my gosh... at first since I was on the phone with my doctor when I discovered my app had been completely updated and I didn’t know where my stuff was!! Lol but after some grumbling on my part I delightedly discovered some amazing changes! Changes I wished they had previously! I’ve been with this app since I was in high school and now I’m married. That’s like ten or eleven years! Totally love it! 💋😘🤪.Version: 4.5.2

Great toolI wish this could have been around yrs ago!.Version: 3.0

Been using this app for years!!I actually love this app, I’ve been using it for years. I’ve seen it go through some major changes in the preface of the app, but I get used to the little changes and add ons. The only thing I don’t like is that I used to have access to certain features that I now have to pay to upgrade in order to use, like the graph chart, this is a little annoying. But overall this is the app I’ve been using since 2015 and it has the last 5 years of tracking my cycle on it. This makes it so much easier whenever the medical question comes up in appointment. Also I like that it notifies me when my period is about to start soon, it’s normally pretty accurate within a day or two, sometimes I get the notification the same day I start lol. But I do love this app, and it’s pretty on top of everything else☺️.Version: 4.5.3

A great period appThis app is great because it’s so easy to track my periods and it gives a guess when your period should start. If I could give this app 6 stars instead of 5 I would!.Version: 4.8.1

Great app BUT....Great app to keep a track of your cycle. I’ve used this app for years. Unfortunately due to purchasing a new phone I’ve had to re-log back in and forgotten my login/password. I’ve attempted to reset password, but no email is been sent? Nothing in spam/junk box. There’s no option to speak to app developers/or customer service to resolve this. Help! Apart from this glitch the app is great, just keep your password /login details safe or you’ll be stuck like me..Version: 4.4.5

Love it!I’ve been using this app for years & find it so helpful to keep track of my monthly cycle..Version: 4.6.3

GreatA++ it’s great and easy to use. I’ve been using it for years.Version: 4.4.3

Monthly cycleIt's really good for 11 12 yr old if u want to know when u get ur period :D.Version: 3.0.1

Awesome!Easy to use and really convenient having the reminder txt message a few days beforehand:).Version: 2.7.4

Thank youI just love this app. Is wonderful to track your monthly period and add the emotions and actions and whatever you like. Would be siiiiiick to have the moon fases in the app! How beautiful would be to understand your cycles together with the moon one..Version: 4.4.5

Best appI love this app have been using it for a while now and never lets me down. When I forget it always reminds me so thanks you..Version: 4.1.1

Restoring dataContacted app support who replied promptly advising on how to restore past data. If you go to import data then click on local data you can retrieve past information. Hope this helps others..Version: 4.7.4

Thank god for this appI love knowing when my period is due and being able to track and log symptoms.Version: 4.7.7

Amazing but..It’s such a helpful app but there is one thing The premium things Without premium I can’t put multiple emotions bc I feel more than just one and I can’t get the best of the best. And not everyone can get premium so I think you should remove it so we can all have the best period tracking app ever..Version: 4.5.5

10+ years of tracking- GONE!!This app was great for so long, but with the latest update ALL of my 10 years of period tracking history is gone without warning. To say I’m upset is an understatement. Update- I received a response from the developer letting me know how to resolve the issue and retrieve the info that was stored in my phone— I had to try a couple ways to get the latest update (in the App Store it was showing me the App had been updated), and once I was sure I had the latest update I was able to restore all data! I’m editing my review and giving a full 5 stars! Thank you!.Version: 4.7.5

Simple and easy to useLatest update confusing on how to confirm my period. Bit otherwise pretty good. Lots of choices to track mood and symptoms.Version: 4.5.3

Still good, but old version was easierI used to love this app as it was so much easier to use compared to others. Now I’m finding it’s harder to log cycles. Especially since the “has your period started” button is not as noticeable (in my opinion), therefore, when I’m trying to log it through ticking the calendar instead of realising that option is there, I’m getting confused. In turn, I’m not logging all of my cycles and it’s throwing off the calendar. This might just be an issue for me.Version: 4.6.2

McyclesGood app to keep track of when period is due also can see when ovulating helpful tool. Essential for keeping track of your body's functions..Version: 4.4.5

MonthlyGreat app easy to use and track my period..Version: 2.6

Pretty handy.Think it needs a little more to be perfect but it keeps date of what I want so that's enough really..Version: 2.6

Long time userI’ve been using this app to track my periods and sexual activity since 2014. I still find its user interface a little counter-intuitive hence the 4 stars and the recent updates have been a long time coming, but in general it’s a fantastic tracking app. My favourite feature is being able to export all the data into excel..Version: 4.5.5

Ideal app to track periodsBeen using this for years. Made notes throughout time using it, so I can always check in and see why I feel eg. Heavy, tired etc. Helps with being aware of your body.Version: 4.5.3

A very handy daily appsEasy to use and different kind of layout is available to choose from.Version: 2.7.4

Great app!Great app! I preferred the old layout when I could pull up the calendar and click on the dates but this works great too! I’ve used this app for yearssss. I like that I can track all my symptoms and add in notes as well. You can add your weight, your temperature, any and all PMS and during your period symptoms. I really think this caters to everyone because you can input all the data or just choose what you want to add. I wish the ad for premium would stop popping up for me though! I love the free version!.Version: 4.8.0

Best tracker I’ve usedI have tried many period tracker apps and although this one isn’t the top suggestion I have found this the most user friendly, it’s simple and does exactly what I want, I will definitely keep using this app.Version: 4.4.5

❤️I've tried so many other apps and this is far by the best! I've also told many friends to use this app, It's so useful and it predicts future periods, if you are late or early is changes the dates and re predicts your future periods. It also tells you when it's fertile week and ovulation day, it uses different colours so you're never confused and you can also plot down information about your periods, very handy and every girl would love it, great thing is it's Free!!.Version: 4.4.3

NOT WHAT IT USED TO BEI have had this app for years and have loved it at how simple and easy it was to use. Now since it has been updated, it’s annoying. Too many adds and colours and bells and whistles. I have missed tracking of a few months now because the format has changed and saving my data isn’t as straight forward as it used to be. Sponsors and Ads always destroy a good thing. Bring back the original user friendly app..Version: 4.5.5

Great app, good UI and accurate predictionsI’ve been using this app for a few years now and I love it. The user interface is pretty and easy to use and the app has lots of easy features to track and predict the different stages of your menstrual cycles (ovulation, period) and also record your temperature, symptoms, mood etc if you wish to (there is also a pregnancy mode for those trying to conceive). I spend very little time on it and I find it very useful and accurate in predicting my next period..Version: 4.4.3

Great AppI really enjoy this app and 🖤 how it syncs with the section of apples health app under menstrual. The app is great for notes too for other medical info you can record even though you’re not currently documenting your menstrual cycle. I do however really dislike the ad you have when you’re first opening the app. If you don’t get you password or the facial recognition button pressed, the ad will block you from being able to close the ad, move around the ad, or succeed in anyway to login. Sometimes it takes me up to four tries to get the facial recognization login to activate. I also wouldn’t every pay to use this app, because I have an iPhone and my health menstrual tracker works great. I did use the free trial, and made sure I canceled before my card was charged. I did this to see if there were other paid options I might choose to use in the future to see if this would allow me a bigger advantage with the app..Version: 4.6.6

GreatHaven't used for long but pretty awesome and easy to use.Version: 4.1.1

Does not sync with apple devices :(Hard to keep track when out and about..Version: 2.7.4

LOVE THIS APP…I have used this app for about 7-8 years- after my first baby and before my second. Super helpful to track my periods in between. I studied my cycles down to a science & got pregnant from the fist ovulation - 3 days after my Mirena IUD was removed. Which my Dr said wasn’t going to happen. At my 6 week prenatal check up she said, “anything’s possible!” Everyone has a different child bearing story… This app is super helpful tool to chart cycles to try to conceive!.Version: 4.6.3

Easy to use!Great app for tracking your cycle and most fertile times. It is easy to use and very straightforward. Easy process for recording your daily data..Version: 4.2.3

Fix itI like this app a lot but since the last update I did it just crashes before even opening. Can't open to report bug so doing on here. Prior to that I found it useful..Version: 4.3.2

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