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Construction Master Pro Calc App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Construction Master Pro Calc app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Construction Master Pro Calc? Can you share your negative thoughts about construction master pro calc?

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Construction Master Pro Calc for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t always openGreat calculator but since one of the updates, it doesn’t always open when not in service areas or connected to WiFi..Version: 11.3.6

Recently very disappointedI used to absolutely love this app... But recently it now needs cell service to initiate.. I work in very rural areas without cell service often... And now the app won't work in those areas. I paid quite a bit for something that now does not work all the time..Version: 10.9.1

Beware : SubscriptionBe aware that this app has been changed to a subscription based model, rather than the outright purchase it used to be. The text description has not been changed to reflect that fact..Version: 11.4.2

Cannot redownload using family sharingThis app is very expensive and now it was removed from my family members because they didn’t make the purchase and won’t allow redownload. Fix it please!.Version: 10.8.0

Expensive paid app has *advertising*!After paying ~CDN$35 for the app, the first thing it displays upon opening is a full-screen advertisement for another product that has to be dismissed to use the app. That’s just greedy! Very negative first impression. Paid apps at this level should have NO advertising at all..Version: 1.5.2

Not impressedI purchased this app some 6 years ago. Now they switch to a monthly or yearly subscription?? I have used this calculator a lot from the time I bought it. I am really disappointed they made it this way. Just another way to get more money out of people. Don’t waste money on the subscription!! Just going to go buy the real calculator….Version: 11.4.2

Gone downhillThis app started out great, after recent update it opens extremely slow and crashes. iPhone 11..Version: 10.9.3

Subscription? Are you fkn kidding me.Purchased this years ago, and now they are trying to charge a monthly or yearly subscription. Will be taking my business elsewhere and hopefully others will see this and do the same..Version: 11.4.2

Recently crappyWhatever has changed with my calculator presumably since the last update is frustrating as hell.That stupid white bar at the bottom keeps causing thedecimal to not register..Version: 10.9.1

Great calc, but….I love this in the mobile app. Problem is that an internet connection is now needed to use the app - it’s a pain as a result. If I didn’t already own it, I wouldn’t purchase it..Version: 10.9.3

GARBAGEWhy are you charging a subscription fee of 62$ per year for a calculator?! Make it a reasonable 1 time payment.Version: 11.4.8

Way overpriced!Bought this app a couple years ago for £27ish and now they’re charging nearly double that for a yearly subscription, what a joke!.Version: 11.4.2

Rent your calculatorSeriously, I have to rent your app to use this calculator? I purchased this app years ago on my other company iPhone. Because that Apple ID is tied to the other phone I can’t re-download it and now I’m just noticing today that I have to RENT your app! Are you crazy? I think it’s time to make a competing app..Version: 11.4.2

Can’t understand why it’s not got full metric supportIt’s a great app, well it could be, if only you could toggle it over to full metric. I can’t for the life of me understand why this still hasn’t been added. It needs metric and there should be a selector for currency and the ability to add custom sized items such as brick and block, caber flooring etc. This app is seriously missing a few tricks..Version: 10.7.0

Subscription is a scamI have the hand-held calculator and it’s awesome! Downloaded the app thinking it would be a simple purchase (and it used to be, I just didn’t act on it earlier), but now they’ve joined the subscription scam movement where you can’t just buy something and use it, you have to continue to pay them, basically renting the thing. It’s one thing to pay a subscription for an actual service but you shouldn’t have to pay for a subscription to use a product, you should be able to buy and not rent. My advice, buy the hand held one, it’s $75 on their web site, it’s great, don’t give in and pay way more to rent the thing on your phone..Version: 11.4.2

I hate subscriptionsPaid for pro version now they throw this subscription crap. Time to delete. Great app but not worth the subscription.Version: 11.4.8

No freaking wayThe first thing this $35 app does is throw an ad in your face as soon as you launch it! Are you freaking kidding me? I just threw a bunch of money on this Ad-Calc that’s supposed to have some industry reputation?! That reputation went way down for me the moment I launched it..Version: 10.7.0

Deceptive: subscription fees are required!Immediately deleted due to subscription fees that were not mentioned anywhere in the description. The app may work for you but I cannot condone these underhanded bait & switch tactics. Cannot imagine paying $25 then finding additional “required” subscription fees that were not disclosed ahead of time. *Buyer beware*.Version: 11.4.2

Subscription!!??Really, you want a subscription fee, @ $62 a year!!?? Thanks but no thanks, downloaded the app to try, saw this, immediately uninstalled. I’d rather buy the actual calculator at cost of $60-$100 depending on model and have no recurring charge.Version: 11.4.2

Subscription FeesOur company loves Construction Master however renting a calculator is the worst investment a contractor can make. You are better off buying one of their physical calculators. Will happily change the review to 5 stars once they change their subscription to one time purchase..Version: 11.4.8

Was a good deal with app purchase till updateWas a great tool with a simple one time fee till the last update . Now I get the pleasure of having to login in to apple each time I use it cause they decided to make it a subscription . Sorry I’d use my real construction master over that any day of the week . I would like this fixed but I’m sure it’s gonna take a long time . I’ll use it till they will not let me , but I regret not waiting 24 hours on any updates. I paid for this app along time ago already..Version: 11.4.2

Don’t waste your time unless you want to pay for an over-priced subscriptionI had used the standalone calculator before and really liked it. When I saw the app I thought I would try it. Unfortunately, it would not let me run the app without choosing a subscription plan. Sure I could cancel in 7 days and not get charged - if I don’t forget. However, the price was so outrageous that I just deleted the app. 50 bucks for an annual SUBSCRIPTION is ridiculous! The calculator is good, so I might pay $30 or $40 to BUY the app, but I’m certainly going to pay forever for a subscription when you can buy the standalone calculator that will last for years for $50 or $60. Sorry I wasted my time..Version: 11.4.8

SubscriptionJust out for more money, this app used to be just a one time purchase now it’s monthly/yearly subscription based. No thanks!! Deleted it immediately.Version: 11.4.2

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