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Navy Federal Credit Union App User Positive Comments 2023

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Wish I joined a long time agoMy brother has been telling me for years to bank with NFCU but for some reason I was hesitant. The “no local branch” thing scared me. I finally gave in after another hellish experience with a major branch bank. And man oh man was this the biggest case of I told you so. My banking experience has been nothing short of a breeze. The customer service is fast the people are polite, they answer all of my questions and don’t make me feel like an idiot. There’s no unnecessary fees they refund ATM fees, so don’t worry about not having a branch near you. Mobile deposit is painless. Seriously I have no negative comments that’s far been with them about eight months. Open to cards with them low interest, no nonsense. Don’t be like me!! Join if you can!!.Version: 6.16.1

FinallyTotally revamped!!! More or less like usaa's app!!! Great, especially since im overseas!!!.Version: 2.0.1

One step from a 5 starThis is an honest review. I currently belong to two credit unions - The one I grew up using and then most recently Navy Federal. We will just say a couple things non app related but are essential to say. Navy federal’s customer service far surpasses all my and my wife’s expectations. That goes for app support as well. There have been times where we have needed help and just being able to call in and talk to an actual human being goes a long long way. This app is loaded with resources that help you in the app as well as redirect you to their website for more information. But the amount of things you can do in this app is incredible. The UI is intuitive and is fairly easy to maneuver around in. My only complaint (and its really not a big deal because you can do it from the website but it should be a feature in the app in a future update) is the ability to transfer a $ amount directly towards principle when it comes to the mortgage. On the website this is an option which obviously is helpful - I think that the user experience could greatly benefit from having this ability. Thanks Navy Fed, keep up the great work!.Version: 5.14

Hello DevelopersNFCU is an outstanding financial institution, but this app is aggressively bad. It cannot remember or process login credentials even after many months of this problem being known and pointed out. This seems like a very basic function to have down. How does this even get messed up and approved for release in the first place? Is there no function test? Work-around for fellow users: Touch ID, etc., is useless because the app won’t remember you. If you close the app and immediately reopen and try to use Touch ID it will tell you that you haven’t signed in for a long time and that your password is needed. Literally 1 second after you just closed the app. It will also reject your password as being wrong. Your password is not wrong; you need to navigate the menu and select the option to sign in as a different user. From there, and only there, you can log in with your credentials. Pardon the pointedness, but this is a stupid problem to have. And to have gone on for so long. Nobody cares about the color scheme. Listen to the first-hand user experience and fix the actual problems..Version: 6.9

Beyond ExpectationsThis Credit Union will take care of You and has your back All the way through. PNC, Chase, Bank of AMERICA, TD, I've had them. And they tend to be a jumbled mess and treat you like the same, from what their perspective is, as a ”Peasant” limping in off the streets. They make there hundreds to thousands of dollars off of you through Late fees and Interest and wait for the next $20,000 a year Annual earning man or women who walks through there Billion dollar a year earning double-doors. Navy Federal, seems to actually Treat you like you matter. Your Worthy of at least a Chance to have a and reliable and comfortable financial existence for your Service and Hardship that you’ve done for this country. And the App is downright Silk and Butter. Open, 4 digit password, Pay, see ALL activity within less then 30 seconds slight of one hand. And the customer service is amazing. They seem to treat you like your apart of a family. And you honestly are. We all cried, bleed, hurt during our times in the Uniform and Navy federal understands that. Navy Federal Credit cards, Loans, all are given to your person with a Very generous Amount and Very low Interest. I will be with this Credit Union until the end. Thank you Navy federal! I recommend this Union to ANY in-service or veteran!.Version: 6.11

Two step four step multiple account hopscotchI have two business accounts as a sole proprietor and a personal account. Each account requires me to sign in separately. But at the bank, all I have to do is show ID and give my personal access number to access all accounts. It would help to be able to see all accounts with one access number or ID password. Also just accessing one account is not a two step. It’s at least three because when typing in one of the accounts that is not the one your allowed to save, you have to type it twice since it purposely says it’s not recognized the first time. Then after the second time entering the same thing, you have to choose a confirmation text or email. That’s the third step. Then….Version: 6.14

One Of The Best Banking Apps & Banks In The USMy name is Sage Pitre better known as YouTuber, Boxer, Motivational Speaker, & Public Figure: Lit Wichi. I love this app & Navy Federal so much , they make banking as easy & accessible as possible. Everything you need is literally a few clicks away, the also makes sure you are doing well & finding everything fine , or need any further help. The only thing I want that’ll make Navy Federal & their app better is quicker deposit when turning in funds, or accepting funds. This would make the app better because I won’t have to worry about stressing if I’ll have all the money to pay my bills, finical needs, & wants in the time that they need it. Other than that I love Navy Federal & all the different offers they have , and the process for signing up is quick, easy, & very understandable. If you want a great bank & banking app download the Navy Federal app & bank with Navy Federal! , Sincerely Sage Pitre aka Lit Wichi.Version: 6.15.1

Latest update has another flawStill having the problem listed here. I saw one of my concerns was partially fixed, but when I log out and then log in with one of my other accounts, and try to make a mobile deposit it is still “experiencing technical difficulties “ . I only have so many different devices I can log in from. Please fix this. When I sign in and deposit into one of our business accounts and then sign out and into another account whether it is on the same device or another, it has been “experiencing technical difficulties “. This has happened a couple of days in a row. Please fix whatever the problem is. It already takes more time to switch between accounts without wasting the time going back in a few times so I can complete a task. Thanks.Version: 6.7.1

Easy and convenientI love this because it makes it easy to check my accounts. I don't need those paper statements mailed to me because I have it right on my phone..Version: 3.2

Rated 3 stars.The app is very user friendly and nicely displays the account information, however in comparison to other banks apps, I don’t feel the app nailed it. One extremely important feature customers need is to visualize the overall impact of funds deposited and withdrawn from their accounts. The best way to know the impact of each withdrawal and deposit is to see the balance of funds and how that amount has been impacted by each transaction. It’s great that the app provides an available balance, but if I’m not able to track my transactions to the ending balance after seeing both withdrawals and deposits, then it’s just a number. Bottom line is, NFCU should really consider displaying the balance of the account after each transaction so it’s clear how the available balance has been impacted. Hope this information was helpful..Version: 6.9.1

Won’t log in with correct info on first tryHave had this app for a long time. For about the last month or two I fail to log in on my first attempt every time. I have gone out of my way to make sure my information is correct and it will not work the first time but will always work the second time. This make me uncomfortable using the app because it makes me suspect malware and I fear my accounts being at risk. Since I have had this problem ongoing for a while now and have had no issues with my account I have concluded that this is not an error but instead an attempt by the app to get me to change my password. If that is true I feel it is a dishonest practice. I am quite sure, however, that if this is purposeful, the apps creator will not admit it..Version: 6.5

Update to 6.4 caused app to crashI have been using the app for some time and have been happy with it. Just updated to version 6.4 and that caused the app to “crash”. When trying to open it after the update, it showed the opening screen for 2-3 seconds, then jumped back into the background without completing opening. If you bring it back forward again, same thing. I power cycled the phone, same thing. I deleted and re-installed the app, same thing. Kind of hard to like an app that you can no longer use. iPhone 5, but shouldn’t make a difference. Update: I guess that the developers actually do read these reviews and take them in to consideration. A further update to version 6.4.3 has been made and my iPhone 5 is “back to happiness” with the app. Thanks, glad to be using the app again as I want and need. Back up to 4 stars now....Version: 6.4.2

Great app with even better serviceI use both Bank of America and NFCU, and NFCU’s mobile app and overall customer support combined with integration with the app is completely seamless and eons ahead of BoA. The NFCU app has an extremely user friendly interface, and I love that it has direct links to customer service chat and call. Overall its security and banking-tech integration is fantastic. There was an example of a time I forgot my PIN to my card and after speaking with a representative she informed me that I was actually able to reset my PIN directly through the app. In comparison for BoA I can only reset my PIN by going in person to the bank during their working hours, which obviously poises a challenge for customers with 9-5 workdays. I am so impressed with the apps’ highly secure, detailed and user friendly interface. Even today when I went to make multiple payments to my credit card, it prompted me with a screen checking if I knew I was making multiple payments. I really appreciate developers’ high attention to detail and clear care to make NFCU customers’ experience using the app as positive, secure, accurate and responsive as possible. Thanks NFCU! Amazing service as always..Version: 6.5

Great app but.......This app is awesome and allows you to control and do almost any and everything related to your account. You can even freeze and unfreeze your debit card if you lose it and find it later or until you have it replaced. I only have two complaints: 1) Sometimes the app and website show different info. Although my balance is the same, the scheduled transactions that show on my computer through the website aren’t showing up in the app on my phone. 2) In-process and pending transactions should show in the scheduled transactions list on the account page so you’ll know to deduct them from your available balance. Today I noticed my in-process transaction wasn’t showing up in the scheduled transaction list. This could be a major issue because if you forget about it and if you don’t check the bill paying tab you could think you have more than what’s available to spend..Version: 5.16

Happy BankingI’m very happy and satisfied banking with NFCU..Version: 6.17

Simple AppWorks well, does what it’s supposed to do and accurate. You can’t blame where you bank for overdraft fees and a poor accounting of your money. If you operate that close to the edge I might suggest keeping a paper ledger so you don’t cut yourself short. As a former USAA customer, Navy Federal is HANDS DOWN superior in customer service. This app, while it has less overall features than USAA, it simple and easier to navigate. An added benefit to banking with Navy Federal is if you have a problem, whether it be with the app, a debit or credit card, or whatever... you can walk into one of their many branches and speak to a HUMAN and get your problem resolved. USAA got too big for their britches... and Navy Federal hasn’t forgotten about their customers like USAA seems to have. I should have switched years ago..Version: 6.1.1

Won’t let me log in.I usually don’t write a lot of bad reviews, but my PIN number was the first thing. It was just randomly disabled one day, which isn't too big of a deal. I could still log on, but now they’re trying to add two factor authentication and whenever it asks to send an email to verify your account it says we’re having technical issues right now please call ***-**** for help. I called them and it’s over an hour wait to talk to someone. I actually started writing this review after being on wait with them for 47 minutes so far for what should be a simple problem to fix. Navy fed is a great bank, I’m just really disappointed with they’re technical division. Edit: I had that problem yesterday, but I am pleased to say that they tactfully explained the situation and while still frustrating it was understandable. They even sent an apology email which was a pleasant gesture and showed their understanding of my disappointment..Version: 5.16

SuggestionLove the app, it serves its purpose, not too excited about the recent updates, I thought it was just fine before but I do have a suggestion, i'm always wondering how much money I’ve spent in a certain period of time but to do that I have to pull up a calculator and bounce back and forth between the app and the calculator and it’s inconvenient, I would like to see an in app calculator where I could possibly click on certain expenses on my statement and it would add them together in real time based on whether they are a negative or a positive transaction and then maybe an algorithm that breaks those expenses down into a daily, weekly, or monthly average, it would give me view on how much money I am spending on certain things in certain time periods, I think it would greatly help myself and others budget finances and get an outlook on spending habits... hope this gets through to someone i’m pretty sure I made this suggestion a few years back as well Update: Navy federal has responded by email to my suggestion above and stated they’ve shared this with their technical team, I’ll probably keep my rating at 4 stars until they add this feature but it would be pretty awesome if they did.Version: 6.4.2

Best Mobile Online Banking AppNFCU app works great, I've not experienced any logon problems. I use an iPhone 8 Plus running IOS 12.4.1 without any problem. Some of the login issues could be due to software update 13, still fixing problems on that. Could be compatibility problem with series of new 11 phones. Anyway NFCU banking app is the best! NFCU has the best customer service in person or on the phone. Thank you NFCU! Good service, good online banking app with updates that have helped work my financial needs. I'd like to answer some of these recent comments here to let them know there is an answer to most of their questions. The last thing I need to add to my review is how well this iPhone app works, thank you to your software team for keeping up with updates, thanks..Version: 6.6.1

40 Year Happy MemberGreat credit union, great service, great APP! One suggestion; on APP mobile deposit, checks must be endorsed using specific wording. Yet, there is no indication of that until it is time to photograph the back of the check. At that time they show a checklist, and first indicate the required endorsement wording. However, by then I’ve already endorsed the check using the standard “For deposit only”. (Why else would I think it’s ready for submitting?) There is never enough room to cross out and correct that phrase, and I don’t do enough mobile deposits to remember the requirement. I’ve had to drive an hour each way to do counter deposits after the mobile deposits were rejected. Please, modify the APP to let members know up front the specific things required for mobile deposits..Version: 6.17.1

Best banking mobile applicationThe Navy Federal mobile app is the absolute best and incomparable. I can honestly say I boast about the features and functionality of the application. It’s extremely easy to use, the home page shows all your funds, you can apply for credit cards on the spot and transfer money easily. When I ask non navy federal users about transferring money, they cant do it using their mobile banking app or it cost money to wire funds to other banks. I love this app and customer to the full extent. I can make 1 suggestion, I have a prepaid Navy Federal Go card to provide money to my siblings, and that site is a blast from the past. I would like to see that incorporated into the navy federal mobile app. Thank you navy federal for providing excellent service..Version: 6.15.1

Awesome. Has everything the U.S. app hasThis is the exact same app as the NFCU app from the US and has all the same functionality. I was hesitant to use it at first due to the low rating but those are old and if anything went wrong I know NFCU would have me covered anyway.. It’s good to have all my same banking needs met while in Canada!.Version: 6.4

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