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State LinesA most useful and informative App for interstate travelers. I use it often and highly recommend it as it provides a wealth of information..Version: 2013.7

Great appPretty much everything we need to know traveling across the country. Please add state gun laws, that would make it perfect. Simple and easy to use..Version: 2019.8

The most important info, well designedI travel to 10 states a year and camp a lot. I also stay for awhile when I visit, which makes these facts and figures great to have on my iPhone..Version: 0

A real findAs avid RV's, my wife and I are on the road some 300 days per year. With diesel tax info, firearm carry info, who is required to stop for a school bus (on a divided 4 lane), plus other info, this app is a real asset to our travels. Have not been using it long, but it has already paid for itself. Needs an easy way to submit new info and new categories..Version: 1.4

Very useful appThis is a very good and useful app for travelers, RV'ers, etc., providing lots of useful, helpful information concerning all 50 states, especially regarding speed limits, towing info, rest area parking, etc., etc.. The info for every state is organized consistently from state to state. I highly recommend it..Version: 2017.4

Great app, very usefulReally appreciate Technomadia for making this available for those of us who travel across state lines frequently. Hey, Chris and Cherie, you might want to check those default speed limits in Louisiana—the County limits display as “Oct-45”. 😊🤪.Version: 2019.8

Great app, nice colorsI use this when trip planning to assure that my rig is in compliance. Easy to use. Well developed concept..Version: 2014.4

If you driveSome good travel info here on every state!.Version: 1.4

Some information outdatedTexas does have leash laws and many cities now prohibit using cell phones while driving..Version: 2014.4

Thank you!I really liked this app, but a while back the developers decided to stop updating it in favor of releasing another app that I'd have to pay for again. So I gave it a one-star review because it felt like a bait-and-switch. Now that they're going to keep updating this one, though, I'm happy again! The app really is useful when you're driving to/through new states. I'd love to see child restraint laws added. (IIHS has a good overview that would be easy to incorporate, I imagine.).Version: 1.6

Another great app by Two Steps BeyondThis app is a must for any RV'er….how lucky we are to have it and the other apps by them that are so RV friendly…..Version: 2014.4

Helpful information for the travelerGreat App to help you find out what to expect in different states. Goes over a lot of useful information. A+ for the time it must of taken to collect all the data..Version: 0

IPhone says that this app is slowing my phone down..I got a message upon opening this app that said it is slowing my phone down and needs to be updated. I see the last update was in 2014....there have been severa IOSl updates since then, it might be time to freshen up the app..Version: 2014.4

State Lines - a must have!Really handy application for anyone traveling! Easy to use...great information. I like the way the app is organized. And thanks for keeping the information current!.Version: 2013.7

Great for the traveling familyI do not travel as often as I would like, so when I do I need all the help I can get. This app is wonderful for knowing if you really are going to need that booster seat for your preschooler once you get halway to your destination. Or whether you can you call grandma back hands-free. My husband knows whether it is worth it or not to save some purchases for when we enter a new state with a lower sales tax. And Mommy can plan her alcohol purchases around individual state restrictions. It is ideal for a family road trip..Version: 0

Love this app. Trucker's friendLets you know the blood alcohol limit for each state, as well as speed limits for different vehicles and road types (and they're often unposted in many counties). A must have if you do any sort of inter-state driving. Tip of the hat to the developers. Well worth the price..Version: 0

Very nice with lots of potential!There is a lot to add but this is very much going in the right direction. Maybe a little more elaboration/clarification on gun laws and the other potential felony type offenses. A mistake in that situation is a felony, so let's make sure and get everything right! Thank you for a great app and I know it will only get better!.Version: 1.4

Very helpful app for our travelsThis has already helped us crossing 2 borders & will be great as we travel the country. Very helpful info included for each state. Great idea! I even learned new things about our home state!.Version: 0

Best app for travelers!!I travel full-time, and this app gets more use than any other. When approaching another state, we open State Lines to review traffic laws, speed limits, towing laws, helmet laws, sales tax, alcohol (state controlled or widely available) and the list goes on. I would give it 10 stars if i could. It is an absolute must-have..Version: 2013.2

Such A Find!This really is a great app. To have all of this useful and relevant information in one place is wonderful. If people realized that this app existed, and they drove in many states for work or travel, they'd have it. Thanks for making it! :-).Version: 2018.6

One of the Most Useful Travel AppsWow, so much info packed into a tiny travel app! You could look all of this stuff up if you wanted, but what if your 3G is slow? Or what if you can't find it when you need it - when you cross a state line! This app is fantastic as it has everything you could need, from speed limits to seat belts to liquor laws. Even if you're not the one driving, tips on emergy info, taxes and other state information are really helpful. A must have for any traveler..Version: 1.3

Great appGreat app, really informative. I've been able to answer tons of random law questions with state lines' help..Version: 2013.7

We Love The State Lines AppThe state lines app is an excellent tool during travel providing tons of need to know info that varies from from state to state..Version: 2013.2

A must for travelers of all kinds!As a full-time rv'er, I find the State Lines app extremely useful. A wealth of information about every state at my fingertips!.Version: 2013.2

New versionLove the new version and how you can customize the data on the main screen.Version: 2018.6

Great assist for road warriorsWhat a nice clean interface! Handy summary of many state laws that effect travelers. Lots of useful data..Version: 2018.6

Great stuff!I have only had to use this a few times so far, but it helped me pick when to fill up my tank twice before crossing in and out of another state. I notice the 2 1-star reviews both claim that the "gas price" is listed at only a couple dozen pennies. Clearly those two had trouble understanding that is says "Gas Tax" or don't understand the difference. Perhaps those bold letters aren't enough to grab everyone's attention..Version: 1.3

Bravo!Awesome app! You have totally captured the attention of the traveler!.Version: 0

Must Have for Traveling!I used this on a recent road trip of over 2500 miles and it was an extremely helpful reference when planning gas stops (because of the tax rates). I also liked being able to check speed limits and local laws like turning on red, hands free phoning, texting, etc. Before this app, I used to just wonder about these things and never got around to doing the research myself, always hoping I was within the law. But if you get pulled over, they will tell you that ignorance is no excuse. This app can prevent that..Version: 0

Great reference for travelersThis app covers everything from sales taxes to gun and alcohol laws - very handy for people who travel out of state..Version: 0

Fabulous appLove this app!.Version: 2013.7

Fuel tax rateWe find it use to check diesel tax rates as we travel, We have a large motor home so we like to save money when we can! We live in Ca. Diesel tax is very high so we fill-up in Nv. And hope to make it out, Before we have to fill up again. As we were traveling east this week we found that Wy. Taxes were much lower than Ne. So were able to top off are tank and, miss buying any diesel in Ne., Iowa is a lower diesel tax state..Version: 1.4

Nice app!Great info in this app for those who travel a lot. One thing that needs changing is the the term 'triple-tow'. It should be 'double-tow'! Triple towing is not legal anywhere. Some states mistakenly call it triple tow also but that is changing..Version: 2014.4

Excellent planning toolVery handy! You two are very encouraging as well which is what helps me feel confident to take this cross country camp-road trip!.Version: 2014.4

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