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MeetMe - Meet, Chat & Go Live App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

MeetMe - Meet, Chat & Go Live app received 170 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MeetMe - Meet, Chat & Go Live? Can you share your negative thoughts about meetme - meet, chat & go live?

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MeetMe - Meet, Chat & Go Live for Negative User Reviews

Meet meI can’t believe the amount or boys and men that have contacted me and don’t read read my profile or if they do are stupid enough to think that we are going to live happily ever after. Mainly American and European men that is, they have planed our life the first time we say hi. I really doubt that I will meet anyone from this site because there isn’t anyone real..Version: 12.6.1

GlitchyGlitchy + full of bots + rude girls + terrible UI.Version: 14.32.0

Poor.Poor customer service, poor behavior in general. I agree with one of the lower comments about losing your account to pushback. I was being harassed and sent several messages asking about physical interactions with men for money, as well as much more and I decided to report one “admirer” and was quickly sent an email telling me I was flagged because I was “fake” and my account was locked until I verified myself. Which I did. Then proceeded to tell me to change my password, which I did. The app now won’t let me get on without asking for old password/set a new password which - I DID and tell me it’s incorrect when I try to log in. I’ve emailed customer service and am awaiting a reply....which I fear I won’t receive. They’re still locking me out. This app is filled with ridiculous misogynistic shady behavior and I am praying my pictures don’t get used by someone else now since they’ve quite literally removed my right to handle my account myself and delete it. I’d be taking legal action if I could. I’m contemplating making a trip to their office space (I’m nearby) to confront this issue in person since customer service is so poor. As a woman in the dating pool, it’s unsettling to put even a minuscule amount of trust in an app and then to be blatantly disrespected in terms of my privacy and my right to deleting it or having proper customer service to help me handle it..Version: 14.20.0

STUPIDKeeps banning me for NO reason??!!? i even made a new account but it was banned within a minute and i have no clue why. so stupid.Version: 13.2.0

Locked out accountI have been using this app for years but on multiple occasions it has locked me out stating I have violated their terms and conditions. I know this is not the case. Tried to contact customer services multiple times and they provide no feedback or enter in to any dialogue to explain why the account was locked. Given up now and deleted the app, losing contact details of many friends I have made along the way. This is the least social site you will find..Version: 14.29.0

HiGreat app for streaming. however there neeeds to be an option to change username, for anyone who is unaware you are not currently allowed to change it. if this could be fixed as well as adding features to boost your profile/streams, it would be a fantastic app. developers-please consider these changes as i am 101% certain it would increase traction for more people to join this app and stay..Version: 14.37.0

CANT SIGN UPI have tried signing up many times and I keep getting an error message. I used to have an account but then I got logged out for no reason and ever since then I can’t login. I keep getting the same error message and when I reach out to support they aren’t helpful at all. Avoid this app,it’s trash..Version: 14.36.0

Why one star?When I used this app about 4 years ago I remember talking to new people and being interested. There were a few cases where some people spoke bad things, but I reported them and went on. However, now there are many people on this app that use names that advertise inappropriate websites, and apps like Kik or snap chat. When I downloaded the app this morning I wanted to see how the app changed but it seems the app has not changed. This is terrible if children were to download the app, and since there no child protection or blockage, these people advising these acts are exposing children to inappropriate and disgusting things. There is a 18-20 rule but when I got on this morning people were sending me inappropriate things and when I reported them they where still there. What this app needs to be safe and kid friendly is face recognition. Also it should have a free feature to block older ages from texting people that are to young to read and see any of those things. Also the company needs to check people’s posts and people’s names and make sure it’s safe..Version: 14.4.0

Please fix this battery draining featureI would like to see a better implementation of how to stop push notifications , I turned off all unwanted push notifications for the app(in the meetme app settings) to save my iphone from buzzing all the time , The only way to stop all of these unwanted push notifications is to actually turn off notifications for the whole app in the settings on my iPhone I would like to also see background app refresh added to the MeetMe App to make the app faster on launching Thanks from a MeetMe user.Version: 13.11.0

EhhWould rate higher, used the app before and now have redone loaded through boredom. It’s honestly a very good app, always have someone to talk to on it so for basic use, it meets all criteria needed. However, on my profile it says I’m female - I’ve tried everything to change it, yet it won’t allow me. Please can you find a way to edit this incorrect information, then the rating will go up..Version: 13.11.0

SuspiciousThis app only took photos of my identification for age confirmation and then never let me move forward. I think that’s pretty sketch if you ask me. Now I fear for my identity..Version: 14.32.0

DisappointedI loved this app and I met some amazing friends. I’ve even met my bf on there, if it wasn’t for this app I wouldn’t have met him and I wouldn’t be as happy as I have been. But now I can’t get into my account and I can’t create a new one, I think you have to be 18 now to use the app. I’m almost 17. I’m just really disappointed. All my memories have gone that I made on that app and I’ll never meet anymore amazing people like I have done. This app has helped me a lot with my depression, it may sound stupid but it has, its always have me people to talk to and I’ve had many weird but fun conversations, just really disappointed. I don’t understand why the age had to go up to 18 when the youngest age you could be on there before was about 13.. I think it should have gone up to 16..Version: 13.3.0

Customer service is literally a jokeThey ban accounts without warning , their stupid verification system is beyond broken and they’re incapable of fixing anything ..Version: 14.35.0

Not terrible - BuggyMy account has been marked several times for verification. I verified my account the first time, only for it to require it again. I messaged the support team regarding this issue, and to their credit they corrected this error. However, once again it requires verification. The problem is that my phone is broken and I now am using an older device - meaning I cannot verify again. The desktop edition does not allow you to verify, and it is also very buggy. This is more my problem, but the need to continually re-verify an account is theirs. I can no longer use the app and will not be creating a new account, as to avoid this headache again. Possibly a niche circumstance, but should be considered. The app was decently functional with plenty of real people on it, as-well as bots. The distance with these people is quite far, but this could be more an issue regarding the apps popularity..Version: 14.25.1

Too many fake people and spamThis app is filled with spam and fake members, this app needs more security and remodeling.Version: 8.4.0

Please add the mirror view effect on cameraPlease add the mirror view effect on the live camera so the viewers can see the exact angle the streamers are seeing too on their phone. Please!!! I really love the app I just wish you’d add that effect on the streamer’s camera!!!! please!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.Version: 14.24.0

Banned for no reasonI’ve been using this app for a while but I should have listened to the reviews..This app is FULL of bots, scammers and creeps. I never had any real issues until I talked to an incel. He had offered me money for “photos” and I declined. Then I got a notice that my account was flagged and if I don’t verify my account in 72 hours I will be banned. I tried doing what the app was telling me to do to verify my account but it just kept sending me an error message with “your account can’t be verified at the moment. Please try again later.” I am so full of rage right now. I was banned for FOLLOWING the rules. If you download this app, be careful. Anyone can report you for anything and get away with your account being banned. I tried contacting the support team as well but I got nothing. On another note, there’s WAY too many bots, scammers and creeps on the app. More creeps than anything. Not even attractive creeps... Just be careful pls :( and always keep your location private. I was being stalked for a while..Version: 14.19.1

AwfulI joined this last night and I’m about to close the account. They don’t filter for nearby potential matches and I have literally been bombarded with lewd, crude and disgusting messages. I’m no prude but what happened to saying hi and chatting, they wouldn’t approach a woman in a bar and say those things straight off! This site is full of pervs just looking to get their rocks off and the administrators don’t screen the users or messages. I pity any vulnerable woman logging on to this..Version: 14.8.0

Okay but,It is good but I prefer older version when you could get asked random questions when you were bored and actually look at peoples profiles without opening their message to you....Version: 10.7.2

Describing the app in one word: abandonware.This used to be a good platform filled with new and interesting people but they made some layout changes, ruining the app and then the bots came in. Now it’s impossible to use without being spammed by bots with malicious links. The bot problem has been a thing for years and MeetMe have never attempted fixing it. It’s practically abandonware at this point. Very sad to see an app I once used to meet countless new people has gone so far down the drain because the creators of it just don’t care any more..Version: 14.8.0

Not workingThis app sucks big scam you can’t even log in to your own account!! So stupid.Version: 14.31.0

CensorshipThese people read your private conversations and then send you a warning about inappropriate comments or messages. The first time I joined I got banned totally out of the blue claiming someone had complained about my language. Which I find dubious at best. Even ‘IF’ somebody did complain, you don’t just ban your members without warning or even investigating the matter. I bet they wouldn’t of treated me like that if I’d been one of those idiots who pay for imaginary coins to give away lol. The same thing happens in the video chat feature. Although streamers have the power to eject anybody from their stream if they want. MeetMe take it into their own hands to ban people for using any kind of colourful or suggestive words. Basically censoring conversations and treating adults like kids. If you do join remember.... THEY ARE WATCHING YOU!!!!.Version: 14.16.0

Stupid app.Your stupid app doesn’t work. I was signed in just fine. Then all of a sudden I was kicked and it won’t let me sign back in. Keeps saying my password is wrong. When I know it’s not..Version: 13.12.0

Fake profilesFake profiles alert!! The amount of men profiles that are fake is ridiculous some have a few profiles. There are the few that are real but by the time you sift through the fakes your had enough. App deleted..Version: 13.3.0

Fake as hellSome girl tried to blackmail me.Version: 14.39.0

Asks to scan passport and IDsIt asks for a copy of your passport and that’s shady af.Version: 14.31.0

Wow95% of women on this app aren’t real. Spam scams clean up your app dummies.Version: 14.31.0

Load of fake trashThis site has fake members wanting to make money for fake pics etc. If you don't play they report you and ur banned for 24 hrs then next time a week and then 29 days. You try to chat and it the immature girl/woman don’t like the look or sound of you they easily report you for trying to chat to them. A few reports and ur banned as mentioned above. Also young schoolgirls pretending they are older and Ghana chicks/men pretending they r in uk and eventually wanting money for fake problems. Site needs to be shutdown ur never get a decent female on this site. Don't waste ur time guys. Don’t waste ur time.Version: 12.7.0

Was fun decades ago, don’t know what to think nowSo I’ve had this app back when it was still considered Myyearbook and more of a social network. There were games, causes to donate to, etc. It was then turned to “meet me” and I kept it. I absolutely love the lives and love the fact that you can cash out your diamonds for money and give gifts. However, I found that there are a few things that really bother me. 1- it seems that there are a few features that are only available to some users. Some people seem to be able to convert their diamonds back into coins to gift users while others can’t. 2-Many of the users and some “top streamers” have been known for bullying, going into other’s live streams to cause problems, and simply make nasty and rude remarks. The addition of the “bouncers” has been great, but the overall bullying really makes cyberbullying a problem. 3-Simple features such as sharing one’s live stream link via a “blast” to your favorite list seems to only be available to certain users. Overall, the app is fun, but the lives seem to overshadow the app and other features could be integrated to maybe make it better again (as I really enjoyed Myyearbook)..Version: 14.16.0

A dangerous app Apple should removeThis app is dangerous. Fake profiles and trying to bait lonely people. They have taken it to the next level by having fake streamers. They recruit attractive women (married/not interested, only interested in making money from diamonds) advertise them like they are real women trying to find dates because they are just too busy at work. They are like the girls that clubs hire to bring in business. You enter these streams and they love bomb you and flirt with you make you feel like you are dating them and the amount of lonely guys falling for it is mind blowing. The attractive streamers make up jobs, fake names, make it look like they are something they are not basically trying to be a fantasy for a single guy so they fall for her, hang out in her chat, give very intimate details like date of birth to home addresses that I would suspect they are documenting for identity theft. If you use this app, be careful it is not what it seems. If you haven’t used this app move on, it’s a data mine for identity theft..Version: 14.35.0

DisgustingSo if you want an app full of bullying horrible and some racist people that is run but people who ban you for saying something inappropriate like what you had for dinner 🤷🏾‍♂️ but yet people who throw racial slurs around are just active so if you want to wander into a place that promotes conflict and has a very little care given to users if I could share my pictures of the chat with staff it would justify my rating, I’d strongly suggest reconsidering using this, pof, tagged a hostile all much better.Version: 14.16.0

Login issue and account hacked issueI enjoy using this app and meeting and talking to peeps I have met on it ever since it was my yearbook. But as the past three days I’ve experienced being logged out of the app without even touching it and my account has been hacked a second time now . When I tried logging in to my account it tells me invalid information when I know my information for my account is the correct information I use to log in in to my account every time I login in it . I’ve tried contacting meetme support team via email more than three times to report the situation and no one has returned any emails to me on how to fix the problem. It would be greatly appreciated if meetme support team would be more active to users problems and reply back to them the day it’s been reported to them then not saying anything to users at all . So if meetme group sees this please do your job and respond back promptly. I don’t want to lose my account all because things are not being fixed by support team in a timely manner..Version: 14.19.2

Wanna give 5/5 starsCame across this app by accident and at 1st glance it looked like Facebook in many ways so I joined up and was quickly making friends and having plenty of far so good , but there's a lot fake profiles and the occasional scam. They can easily be identified and blocked . But I've been locked out of my profile twice now by the site telling me in order to log back in I need to validate profile with the mobile number I set up account with , only problem is I'm no longer using the number I set up account with so its impossible for me to log back in and there's no way of rectifying it from what I can see. So it's starting from scratch and having to build up a new profile again and getting back all your previous friends. Sorry to pick holes but it's really the only fault I have with it and hope the developers read this and sort it out for all of us then I'll give it 5/5 stars.Version: 13.0.0

More scammers here than any other dating app I’ve been onThis app caters to the scammers. The only thing you have to do to start sending messages on this app is put in a name and a location. The location is not attached to GPS or anything else they can put in anywhere they want to and any name they want. Several times a day I can open up my request page and there be for pictures of the same person I’ll have different names and different locations. And there can be two or three people like that all at the same time. You can block him and delete them and they will be back on there with another name in another location three hours later. There is a place to verify that the person signing up for the account is the person in the picture. But not everyone is required to do that. I’m not sure how you get out of doing that because you can’t get past that page if you don’t verify yourself. Or I can’t anyway. They have absolutely no regulations on these scammers and there are more scammers than anything on this app..Version: 14.29.0

TerribleSo it would appear my last review was removed, well here is a new one. This now is the worst app I have ever used! It used to be great, one if the main ones I used all the tile but now I do t even login for weeks to the point I’m just gonna delete it now. I could deal with the fakes by just blocking them but then they started adding live streams and then removing the discuss away where everyone could see new people. I put up with the fact that the locations were always wrong or they started letting people say from the Philippines or Nigeria say they are located in the UK when they are not or the fact that the whole search thing is rubbish purely coz discuss feed was the main thing but now that has gone. Basically this is now owned by the meet group who have combined their whole database of users across Skout, MeetMe, POF etc all in to the same apps so I am deleting all of those apps as well. Don’t waste your toke downloading this app. Long time user deleting..Version: 14.12.1

Waste of timeThis app has some interesting qualities but overall it’s trash. For example, Users frequently go live and you are able to see who surrounds you. So this is appealing for quarantine and college students. However, it’s so much wrong with this app and getting in contact with meetme is impossible. For starters, it randomly kicks you off and you have to make a whole new account for no reason. You have to be beyond careful as to what you say or post because your account deletes so easily. Plus, once your account gets deleted your pictures will still float on the app. You just will not be able to sign in as yourself. Then you have users that are shady and thirsty that always hit you up hinting towards prostitution and blocking them gets annoying. Once you block them you still have to filter out the con artist trying to scam money out of you. Not to mention, the whole objective of the app is to build a page and gain diamonds or meet new people. Who wants to keep starting from scratch without warning ??Therefore, users shouldn’t be so easily banned, especially for not responding to somebody’s message or someone texting you referring to another social media app..Version: 14.19.1

GarbageThis app absolutely sucks. Way too many bots, way too many people introducing you to spotting them change via crypto currency..Version: 14.31.0

Can’t log inThis thing won’t let you create an account anymore. Useful huh?.Version: 14.31.0

AwfulI know its not the apps fault but absolutely full of married men and guys who send pics of their junk. But the most frustrating thing is. Ive created about three accounts now because after a few weeks it logs you out then tells you your log in is invalid and despite requesting to renew password it never send a new link and ive checked all my folders junk etc. Seems to me like they just want email addresses and details then kick you off.Version: 14.31.0

How do you give zero stars?I guess it deserves atleast 1 star someone has to create all those boys and add all. Those stupid links. Swear to god there is not 1 real female on this site. Do not pay for anything. Save your money this is 100% a sham.Version: 14.31.0

TERRIBLE.I was a live streamer for about two years then out of the blue the app asks me to verify myself by doing a Videos selfie. I tried this about 500 times for months and it didn’t work, and it wouldn’t let me access my account. I tried emailing the support centre but of course they were no help. I lost my account with all my followers and diamonds. No stars..Version: 14.35.0

Great pass timeI’ve met a lot of people here. I love the live streaming, but not the trolling. I’m actually really over and have actively been looking for other stream apps. I don’t intend on staying here if our accounts are not more secure and if reporting trolls is not made easier. I’ve spent too much time and money here to not be upset about this!.Version: 13.11.0

The worst customer service ever.The only thing slower then these CSR’S on this app is a sloth. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to the Nevada DMV. If your a first time customer here you probably won’t have issues. I recently came back to use the MeetMe App, when I tried to login it would not let me, I then proceeded to try to do a change password for the account are used previously, no change of password email ever sent to original email. So I had thought well long time no use maybe account is completely gone and I need to create a new one. Went to create a new one and was told I could not have multiple accounts, associated with same phone number, no account name from last email address. I have contacted the Mimi service support team several times going on five times to be exact. No response no show of concern for the customer and still cannot use app. After several frustrating attempts and no help given by technical support team, I have rated this app one store and in line to change my rating even after waiting so long, if only they were to fix this issue so I can actually use the app..Version: 13.17.0

Ok but could be betterI am a makeup artist and was using this platform for streaming. It would end my streams and make me reverify everytime I did my makeup so I’m slowly switching to a different platform.Version: 14.35.0

BlockingI've blocked multiple people, people who are creeps and what not but they are able to talk to me after 2 days. I would prefer if it was permanent, as I don't want certain type of people messaging me constantly. I also don't understand, you say any sexual content will be banned, but have u even seen the live streams, their all sexual. Obliviously you guys don't follow ur own policy.Version: 12.6.1

Waste of timeI've been using this app for a few years now. Tons more click bait social influencer wannabes when they added the ability to go Live but, you can stay away from that feature with no real problem. The main issue is spam accounts. I can't tell you how many times I'd see a notification saying someone viewed my profile and liked me then I go and see its from a profile with a young female, clearly in her teens, picture, the pic is a little blurry and the gender is Male. The second main issue I had was with gay guys messaging me constantly trying to turn me out. 9 times out of 10 they had a female profile with just one close up pic of their lips. I've met a few friends on this app but the nail in the coffin for me was this stupid security update they've added now. It completely removes the ability to log in... As soon as I try to log in there's a pop up requesting I verify my account with my phone number. I've never added my phone number to my account but that wasn't the issue. It won't even recognize my phone number as valid. I've had the same number for over 5 years and some stupid app is saying it's not real. Smh.Version: 14.12.0

Simply awful.Worst sign-up process ever. Confusing, convulated - supposedly for everyone’s protection. Funny, doesn’t seem to stop the tsunami of prostitutes (yes, they openly declare their profession!) that bombard me whenever I log on. The age-range selection is rubbish. For someone my age, it’s ‘40+’ - and that’s it! So yes, I get hit on by 73yo women (I’m a very young looking 50yo), and everyone else that has has a severe beating with the Ugly Stick. So if you’re after prostitutes or the ugliest women on earth, sign up! Or move to Tasmania..Version: 14.16.0

Great but needs Ask Me sectionThe app needs a place where you can see questions and answers instead of just getting a notification for them..Version: 10.2.0

Scammers and Bots will annoy you to no endI’ve been on this app a few times and this last time I got on it completely sucked. To be completely honest I was just on there to video chat with women or meet up and I’m not bragging or being arrogant when I say this but I’m a really attractive person I’ve heard it all my life I can pull just about anyone I want obviously to an extent but what I’m trying to say is I was completely caught of guard and blown away that I had all these people trying to get me to pay them for their nudes or videos or sex or whatever and I just couldn’t help but laugh and be in complete shock at the same time. No woman has ever asked me to pay to see her body or sleep with her. Isn’t that something you go looking for on the corner?? I don’t need all these people trying to hack my phone and accounts using someone else’s pictures to lure you in. It doesn’t work on me. But it’s really annoying that it happens constantly while you’re online and they always say the same stupid first line over and over and they don’t make any sense when they converse with you probably because they’re not from this country and their using google translate which isn’t accurate when it comes to American slang and especially Texas slang no way they can keep up with me. Avoid this app! It’s too risky for hacking and identity theft to even think about downloading it. DO NOT!.Version: 14.35.0

Fake account.Too many fake account.Version: 14.35.0

Use for jerking offBasic pornsite have never gotten a match that wasn’t a hot trying to get me to join their site..Version: 14.37.0

DisappointedHad an account for years then decided to delete the account permanently then decided to reinstall the app last night and made a new account verified did all the right steps that was needed used it for a while then went to send a message came back as failed then a box with a message came up and just logged me out now when you try and log in it always says invalid login even tried to change password to see if if would work and tried to make a new account but won’t let me do that! Disappointing!.Version: 14.25.1

Too many changes ruined the appMeetme used to have a really nice discussion feature that was useful for finding people to talk to with common interests. A couple months ago they decided to get rid of it to make room for new features that have to do with the new streaming feature they added, but that makes no sense because people get this app because they want a social media app and not a streaming app. It was already a very subpar social media app and it’s only getting worse now that they’re removing features that make their social media app a social media app. I guess if you want an app that’s similar to periscope, but is flooded with scammers and has micro transactions, then you’re stupid and you might enjoy Meetme. Lastly I must say that as of writing this, I am unable to access any streams. I click on them and it tells me something went wrong and to try a different stream. It really says a lot that the Meetme staff removed features so they can focus all their attention on the streaming, but it doesn’t even work. It’s too bad I don’t still have fun stuff to keep me entertained, like the discussion feed, while the streaming is broken so I don’t lose all interest in the app..Version: 14.16.0

Not worth itFilled to the brim with bots, perverts and scammers. Also, the only way it will let you talk to someone who likes you is if you blindly guess who that person is based off of a random pool of profile pictures. This is a stupid idea..Version: 14.12.1

I used to love this appI used to love this app and I have used it for years. But suddenly I can no longer log in and I have spent over an hour repeatedly changing my password. The only response I ever got from Meetme as to why I was locked out of my account that I had was apparently there was suspicious activity and I needed to change my password. Witch ended me up in a vicious cycle of never ending password changing because it would never let me log in with my new password. The site itself is good if you don’t mind all the underage kids and people from halfway around the world trying to marry you. Also lots of bots and people in relationships looking to cheat on their partner…now that I think about why did I use this app on and off for 5 years? Also make sure you never need support from meetme there is no such thing as support at all. Thou you can easily get banned just for upsetting someone or if someone decides to report your page in anyway and there is no way to get it back. I actually can’t even make a new account anymore since it atomically signs me into my account that I already have but yet I can’t access it without my phone number witch is considered invalid and unusable.Version: 14.4.0

Meet me new updatedThe old version is way better u can find ur type of guy.Version: 14.33.0

Don't bother downloadingGreat idea, terrible execution. It's a glitchy and broken app with non stop ads, it's not worth anyone's time..Version: 12.4.1

HorrificHorrible horrible and more horrible. All this app is are ads, fake profiles, spam, and battery sucking background garbage. Why is one star the only option? I despise the creator of this disgusting app and they should be sued for all this time wasting nonsense..Version: 14.12.1

Highly frustrating!!I got logged out while using the app and now I can’t access my account!! I tried to reset my password multiple times and I am still logged out of my account..this is highly FRUSTRATING!!!.Version: 12.12.0

Don’t waste your timeThis app has now randomly logged me out and scrubbed my entire profile and conversations and contacts four times. Don’t even bother with it because if you manage to actually establish any decent connections you’ll just be annoyed when the whole thing gets deleted! Has happened to loads of people..Version: 12.9.0

Account hackedMeetMe has very little protection on their sight, my account got hacked- I knew it was hacked but there was no way to change my password then I got kicked out of my account and got no response of the MeetMe team. I’ve tried to contact them at Least 10 times and I’ve heard nothing back. No way to change your password online, have to request a password change and even the you don’t get sent a link- I’ve tried to send the link to my account about 30 times. Very poor security for your personal information..Version: 14.7.1

Should be 0 starsI understand that many people on here are looking to hook up, but the behaviour is appalling. I was offered many times a couple of hundred dollars for you know what. That’s disgusting. I clearly identified looking for friendships and do nothing of the sort. This is like Kik but on adult steroids. No clue how this app has received such great ratings. The culture and the environment is horrific. Better to look elsewhere if you want to find real love or friendship..Version: 14.12.1

Won't startWon't start up says there is no Internet connection when there is..Version: 2.22

DONT GET THIS APPThis app is a scam I signed in with Apple and now it wants me to change my password even tho I didn’t enter it. Stupid not helpful app I am now locked out..Version: 14.12.1

Really upset- kept locking me outAt first i thought this was a great app was speaking to some nice people, within an hour I was logged out of my account and reset the password and then it still said my password was invalid? Signed up with another account and then the same thing happened within an hour and a half and theres no one I can even contact to get back to my account? All the people I was talking to and never got their socials or numbers? All gone. Turned out to be a waste of my time now I can’t get back into the account..Version: 14.12.1

RuinedI’d give 0 stars if I could. I had meetme since I was 13, I’m now 19. Meetme and I have been off and on over the years. The bots, scammers, and MEETME DELEVOPERS are horrible. Don’t get me started on the ads. The app is so run down- oh how popular this app used to be! (As well as skout) when things were going downhill they added the Live and that got everything going for a bit then it got dull again. The app itself and the way it’s set up looks old like they haven’t updated or had any bug fixes. I’ve been through a lot with this app and believe it or not, when times were good they actually did respond to emails. I can’t even log in the app cause some message is stuck in the way saying I need to put in my phone number but I don’t use a phone number for my account. This app just needs to die completely along with Skout unless they’re going to fix the problem. DONT BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION, you won’t be able to cancel!! The caption literally says you won’t be able to cancel your subscription during the sub period so that means you’ll never be able to cancel because you won’t be able to get ahold of meetme and you will have to contact Apple and your bank! Don’t just give 1 stars, say why you hate this app. Maybe it’ll give them some sense to shut it down or make it better!!!.Version: 14.7.1

GARBAGEI literally got signed out and now can’t get back in at all!!! Worst app.Version: 14.26.0

If has potential to be goodIt has potential it really does but like with all the other apps it lets bots in. I don’t get it. Is it that hard to verify people? The app allows verification but it doesn’t do anything. I don’t mind paying if it means I avoid the scammers but I haven’t met one actual person. Not one! I want a refund because it’s not good enough. The online dating app that can stop this will make a fortune!!.Version: 14.20.0

Fix your VerficationThis app is bull, you can’t even sign up because they need your driver license in order to meet with people really, you guys are really stupid to come up with this idea like what?!.Version: 14.32.0

This is frustrating.Please update the app so that it doesn’t send you to the App Store when an ad changes on the bottom banner. My live is constantly being interrupted by this, and I feel personally, that it is unfair of you to force people into the App Store to try and make them buy apps you are promoting. I also know that I’m not the only one who is experiencing this. Change it, please. If it’s not changed, I’ll have no choice but to delete the app out of shear frustration..Version: 12.13.0

App not working properly after iOS updateUsed this app for years and with the latest iOS update, I am no longer able to access the “discussion” it is the same on the mobile site..Version: 14.12.0

New Users BewareFirst, “verified” means you scanned a picture. Verification means absolutely nothing. Verified should mean real account, but obviously it doesn’t. This app has always had soooooo much potential, but the biggest issue has always been bots. I say bots and not fake users for a reason. I’m positive at this point the developers are creating fake accounts to keep up the user count, interactions, and most importantly the ad revenue. This was once a place to meet cool people, dating or not. Now it’s infested with fake profiles and the company does not care in the slightest. There’s a reason they automatically block accounts for you when you report them. What’s that reason? They run those bot accounts and you can’t see that account still exists once it’s blocked. This is such a sad collapse for something that used to be better than any other similar app. Yeah, we all know Tinder and Bumble have scammers, but this is being run by the dev team and it’s extremely sad. Maybe if they put money back into their company instead of pocketing it they could be successful. This app needs rebranding, an entirely new UI, and sophisticated algorithms to get you to interact with people you’d actually like to see. The REAL people are actually still cool to interact with, but good luck finding them. 2 stars for the potential. For the dev team? No stars. Happy hunting!.Version: 14.37.0

Not worth it, use a more reliable appMinutes after downloading the app, my profile had been flagged and required verification. However, this was before I had the chance to even upload pictures. When I try to verify, I’m told to upload a picture. When I try to upload a picture, I recieve an error message: ‘Oops, something went wrong’. It’s a catch 22. Deciding to give the app a second chance, I thought I’d delete and recreate my account. When trying to delete, I’m met with the same error message. To reiterate, I’m not able to delete my account. The software clearly needs work. That or this app is a scam. Tldr; use a more trustworthy app like tinder/bumble.Version: 14.29.0

No Support TeamYou are supposed to have a team to stop harassment. I sent them an email and have gotten no reply for weeks. This app is horrible..Version: 14.21.0

Hello Meetme.Everyone who’s considering this app should think twice. I am an adult individual who baits and reports pedophiles. Within 24 hours of setting a trap on that site I received bites from more than a handful of eager grown men, jumping at the chance to sleep with a 15 year old girl (you can find their names on a list near you). Now granted, these people’s actions are not MeetMe’s responsibility but securing the safety of their younger users is. And that responsibility has been woefully neglected. Meetme took down my page. Which I decided might’ve been because one of my marks flagged me. My other page which I used for myself at one point in time was also flagged, signaling a deliberate effacing of any trace I could’ve left. Any and all attempts to re-register were met with unexplained error and “spam prevention” pages prompting a number for verification. But no number actually worked. I even entered 10 random, locally based numbers, all were “used to verify an account in the past” which is statistically highly improbable. Not only does meetme fail to protect children, they opt, instead to protect the men who want to violate them. I intend to take this up with the authorities. It’s time to talk MeetMe..Version: 14.19.2

Power drainWhile I have no issues as to the purpose of the app and the crowd is generally reasonable, it has persistent issues as to the design of the app itself. My Phone seems to heat up to uncomfortable levels while using it (something I don’t face on any other app). It can be extremely laggy, hinders the typing experience. Lastly, the UI needs more attention. So the power issues of the app need to be looked up more thoroughly as it hinders the overall experience of using it..Version: 14.29.0

GlitchSo there a glitch in the app it kicks me off every time I want to read the question I get asked. It's becoming very annoying..Version: 11.6.0

Bizarre siteFull of sicko perverts and people using fake pics. You report the sickos who threat you they do nothing. They ban you for no reason and remove pictures yet they allow Thai women to strip on live and dance like pole dancers for money and also allow others that go live to have nude pics but any sign of a bit of cleavage they remove normal chatters pictures. With the except of KIK which is also a useless app for reporting issues this is another. I emailed with serious concerns with scammer and Paedo activity all I get back is a general message block them. They don’t care what these people are doing they will not protect anyone!!!! Of and it drains the life out your battery. Good luck if you’re not banned a few times like most you’re lucky. Oh also it’s a nightmare trying to set anything up numbers don’t works it’s a truly horrendous system that doesn’t stop the fakes and scammers. You should get Face ID and allow people to send you their picture and if they use anything fake remove them. There’s one poor mans photo being used by about 20 different guys. And I know this as I google every picture as 90% of them are using fake pics and if they are doing that beware they are predators or they are unfaithful lowlife. Stay away.Version: 14.29.0

Dating app with no localsI go on dating sites to find long term relationship, with this app I can't find anyone in my city, too many people in other countries messaging me, how are we supposed to meet each other if we're in different countries?.Version: 11.8.0

PatheticI’ve reset my password on my account like 5 times because I forgot it and I still can’t log into my account! Everytime I reset it and use the same password that I resetted it with it keeps saying “an error has occurred” or it’s saying “there’s been a problem” it’s really starting to annoying me as I wanted to delete my account and you don’t have any other option of contacting you through the app! Bit of a disgrace really. I’ve also tried deleting and reinstalling the app I’ve tried to log in through the browser and it’s still not working. I have just tried to send an email to “customer support” and it’s not going through either. I don’t know what kind of customer support this is but it’s absolutely horrendous. Never using this app again.Version: 14.37.0

Terrible 😂I've had 4 accounts in the last few years I keep getting blocked for no reason what so ever. Maybe instead of blocking people for nothing try get the fake/spam accounts off there. Complete waste of my time making another account. You should probably take the time to send people a email telling them that they are blocked too. ✌🏻.Version: 11.8.0

MeetMe Hijacking your account with no explanationHello to all good people MeetMe & Planty of fish & SKOUT are hijacking our accounts and bullying people out of there account and diamonds and they provide no explanation or answer to any emails to their supporting personal. I enjoyed there apps and found many new friends & family for almost a year..! But I find myself bullied Out of the apps..! I demand my accounts back and will continue to show your true Nature to all Real people…! May love and happiness be with us all❤️.Version: 14.31.0

Garbage juiceThis app sucks . like hell im gonna pay 25$ a month just so I can see people in my general area , you can’t do a thing unless you pay . 0 stars.Version: 14.12.1

Long time user honest reviewUsed this app for the better part of a decade on and off. Not bad for a free socialising app. Has some awesome features and has the potential to be in a league of its own as far as dating apps go but the huge amount of fake/spam accounts paired with the fact that there are a lot of gay/ trans catfish on there constantly harassing you makes it a fairly average experience(no hate just not what I’m into.)Met some great people on here but also been harassed by a lot of creeps in the process 😂 basically if these guys could sift out the fake/ spam accounts it would make for an amazing app ❤️.Version: 14.19.2

So frustratedI have had this app not that long maybe two months or so. Was recommended so I could meet new people with the same interests and hobbies as me but that’s definitely not how it went. Not the apps fault BUT I recently decided to delete it because I just went through a divorce and not ready for those kinds of convos yet. TMI I know. I also felt a tad unsafe. So many of these individuals wanted me to drive to them or pick me up. Almost every single one. So I tried deleting the account but every time I entered my password it was wrong. Even though I write down every password I have and I know it’s not wrong. Logged out to try and send an email so I can change it. Still won’t send me an email I’ve tried several times. Thought maybe I could login with my Facebook NOPE! Made an entirely new account for whatever reason. I know I didn’t have the wrong email initially because I was sent a confirmation when I made the account. Now I can’t get ahold of anyone for customer service. I’m so frustrated and angry that this “customer service” is this terrible. It took me far too long to even figure out how to get in contact and now I’m waiting for a response since I’ve made a “ticket” for my issues. Stay away from this app entirely. It’s pure crap.Version: 14.12.1

App has been broken for monthsI’ve been on and off meet me for ages One problem that never gets fixed is the fact it boots you, then makes your account inaccessible, then send an email stating you’ve been compromised. I’ve contacted developers to no avail and never hear backX I get this everyday/second day. Your data is not secure on this app. Find another one. Another is the quality of people. It’s just an app for people to sell illegal substances and abuse random people. Not a friendly place..Version: 12.12.0

The ageI’m new to this chatting thing and when I went to make an account for this app it says the year is 2563 BE. So is this supposed to happen?.Version: 14.20.0

MeetMe app full of errors and faultsGrrrr Sorry I don’t know if you will receive my reply but yet again MeetMe has crashed and I can’t log in to my MeetMe account because of a faulty log in system it’s locked me out saying my log in details are wrong when I know they are CORRECT plus parts of my profile page / chat page / friends list etc are all missing from my profile when I click on a option such as notifications or my friends list a error message comes up saying something has floated away problem will be fixed - one month has passed and the same problems keep happening with your website it’s still not fixed !!.Version: 13.1.0

What Happened. SMHI was on MeetMe when it was known as MyYearBook and moved on. Decided to give it a try and my experience has been really, really bad. Horrible! There are a lot of creepy men on who request nudes, who want to know everything about you, get mad when you don't send naked pictures, people threaten you on this app, men harass you, men call you names if you don't video call them, there are a ton of homophobic, transphobic, racist and misogynistic men on there! Where is customer service when a report is made???? At one point today I feared for my life. This app needs a safer place and section for LGBT members. Also safety measures for women. It can be a very toxic and draining app if you let it get to you. I think members should be screened, maybe require a psychological evaluation, background check or a no discrimination or stricter policy. I think the matching process is a joke. As far as in my experience the matches just do not work. I see this app could use major improvement. Please make it more gender inclusive and a safer community. Maybe someone of the LGBT community on your team could come up with some ideas. Or ask me. Contact me!.Version: 14.19.2

Scammers, scammers, scammers!Download this app and you will be greeted by hundreds of scammers in no time at all! About 1 in 40 girls will be real, mostly you’ll be interacting with scammers trying to get you to visit a sex website and/or getting you to move on to Kik or Snapchat so they don’t have to worry about getting booted from MeetMe. This app is OK to use for free but mark my words, don’t ever give these people money, not even the girls. When talking to them, broken English and repetitive introductions will be your red flag. Some scammers will even appear and sound legitimate but will later ask you to give them gas money because they are always “living with their aunts and taking care of their kids”. Lol They usually have very similar life stories. You’ll see what I mean if you continue to the app but I wouldn’t recommend it. All the 1 star and negative reviews are accurate, if you see a review saying the app is great or giving it more than two stars, that would be a fake reviewer, likely paid by the app developers. Lastly, good luck trying to delete your account, I’ve been trying for almost a year, it wants me to verify my account before I can delete it, however the verification process has NEVER WORKED. The developers are fully aware of this garbage app but don’t expect them do anything about it, they never do and never will until Apple steps in and boots it off the App Store..Version: 14.32.0

Can’t sign upOkay who ever reads this I recommend you not to waste your time Because I can’t even create an account due to stupid “errors” coming up with the date of birth thing so I highly recommend to just delete the app and just find something more workable and fitting instead of some low manufactured junk like this app that should really not exist. So yeah devs if you are also reading this I would choose 0 stars if I could but sadly I got to go with one which is close to 0, I wont be redownloading this app unless it’s fixed to a more reasonable workable state.Version: 14.7.1

Customer Service has ruined this ENTIRE app 🤬First of all, I literally made this profile just over 24 hours ago. Everything was fine at first...I had several normal selfies posted and even verified that I was who I was. Today, in the middle of a chat, I was logged out of my account for no reason. Tried logging back in and got an error message saying my login information was invalid. I LITERALLY reset my password 4-5x and it still said everything was invalid. I deleted and reinstalled the app, still invalid. I’ve already sent several emails to the support email address with no response. I messaged meetme on Instagram, still no response. I even called the phone number and that was no help. I just want to delete my account at this point and not even deal with meetme anymore but I can’t get into my account to delete, nor has anyone responded to my messages. Now my information and pictures are circulating around this app WITHOUT MY CONSENT. This is NOT ok. I’ve done my research and am now finding there are hundreds of other people going through this cycle with meetme. I DO NOT recommend this app to ANYONE!!! DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!.Version: 14.20.0

Too many shady people on hereI had met someone on this app and we had been talking for a while and they asked to Skype and I agreed. So while we’re Skyping she wasn’t talking but rather typing things to me and suggested we both get naked for each other on camera. So I foolishly agreed, well right after that everything changed. They proceeded to tell me they they knew all of my information and that they recorded the whole Skype video call and they proceeded to show me they had created a fake Facebook account based on mine and basically was black mailing me and extorting me for money because they told me they were planning on sending it to all my friends and family if I didn’t send them $500 over PayPal. I refused and deleted and blocked them everywhere and even had to change my password for everything! Also even though they did send the video to all of my friends knew it wasn’t me and the reported the fake page to Facebook, which thankfully was taken down. Between this and meeting a girl that lived one town over from me that started out sweet but quickly became a jerk and basically lied to me about being single and only used me for money, I will never use this app again because obviously the creators don’t maintain it and allow anyone on here!.Version: 12.7.0

SickeningDONT GET THIS APP! I wanted to delete this app because it seems like 70% of the population on this app are either Transexual or Crossdressers and unfortunately I’m not here for that reason although they all bombard you with their sexual desires which id rather not be told. The worst part is if you want to delete your account it’s close to impossible they don’t email you I tried 20x and not one single response..Version: 13.8.1

Not the ideal app for datingI’ve been using MeetMe ever since they were “MyYearBook” and it has gone downhill. First let’s get to the app details. I make sure to use this app while my phone is charging, it eats up battery life like crazy! And it also makes my phone overheat. It’s laggy and the ads can be very annoying. Now, if you enjoy getting random nude pics sent to you, profiles with fake pictures (catfish), only interested in hookups...then this is the app for you! You can get all of the above, the minute you sign up. Sure, I’ve met a couple of people who ended up being good friends, but it took to long to find. The block button is my best friend on the app. You must have the patience to tolerate the messy community that within MeetMe. I don’t recommend this app for minors, too many creeps and things you can’t unsee! I would like to make a suggestion for meetme, and that is to have a photo verification so it will be easier to distinguish who is a catfish and who is not..Version: 12.7.0

SadThis app needs better mods. People are allowed to say whatever they want and it’s outta control..Version: 14.19.2

Bot FestWay too many bots and fake profiles.Version: 14.16.0

Terrible!!!!Don’t download.Version: 14.37.0

Rubbish appI seen this app and thought I give it try but I wish I hadn’t bothered it’s completely rubbish your always going contacted On it by prostitutes give out their WhatsApp number or link to Snapchat I don’t know if the people running the app are aware of this if so way haven’t they done anything about it ? And to be honest I don’t think anybody Actually meet anybody in person from this app if was you I wouldn’t bother Getting this app there are better ones out there..Version: 14.4.0

What a terrible app this is.Slow. It changes messages do that I have been unable to tell someone my email address. . Keeps showing me the same ugly men as if they were suitable matches, however many times I swipe them away. Messages show in the list and don’t appear in the particular conversation until much later and sometimes not at all. I get lots of messages from Katherine thst are irrelevant and I would like to block them..Version: 12.10.0

No IPhone 11 support!This app works very BAD with the new iPhone 11 and Pro Max models. The back camera looks like it’s being filmed on a calculator and the front camera is also very grainy and low quality. Take note, although the updates say there is, there are no filters on iOS - not even the original touch up for folk that care for it... I get MUCH better results on my Google Pixel 2 which gives filters and has all the features needed for my stream, just a pity the app crashes every few mins on the Pixel....Version: 14.7.1

Cannot verify and support do not contact youGreat app until you have to verify yourself via a picture then it just fails constantly and the support team never get back to you! App is also full of spam users who solicit or try to advertise adult snapchat profiles and so on. Way to much spam given you have to verify the account!!!! When it works it isn’t bad, not great, but when it doesn’t it’s awful!.Version: 14.23.0

Bot centralThis is just full of bots and scammers..Version: 14.34.0

Cool app if you like robots....Downloaded it and started getting likes and requests and messages from girls within the first hour....they were all bots. Terrible app..Version: 14.12.1

MehMeetMe isn’t great. It’s meh. Problems with uploading photos all the time. Once had an issue signing up. It just doesn’t function well and it’s frustrating. You want a simple easy experience and meetme fails to give that..Version: 14.1.0

Makes Iphone FreezeWhatever they have done to the app after a recent update it causes my iPhone 12 Pro to completely freeze up and hang. I have to attempt to force close the app to fix the issue but even doing that can be difficult with the effects the app has on the phone. It makes it almost unusable. I certainly hope they are working on a fix for this ASAP. I could cope with the fake accounts and scam profiles but this just means I can't browse the app at all agthis point..Version: 14.36.0

One of the most disturbing appsThe app is gender biased. Ridiculous in it’s account banning. I was permanently banned for listing myself as a female though I appear to be male. I was also banned another time for having a photo of my arm as a profile picture. Yet there are many individuals streaming nude and flashing with crude names. I even had one girl send me a message telling me to kill myself in graphic detail. She was not banned. If you aren’t born female and are prone to abuse then this app is not for you..Version: 13.0.0

Good apps lots of bugsSo, this app is really good! BUT, it has so many bugs that need to be fixed! I had to verify my identity (I think someone reported my profile for being fake) which wasn’t the headache.. the headache was how long it took their support team to respond back... They made me change my password which leads me to believe that my account was compromised... I finally got back into my account (it wasn’t working with the app after numerous failed attempts) I had to do it through their webpage.// now that I’ve done that and solved that issue, I am unable to log into my account with my phone using the app!!! -____- I tried doing everything that I could think of and nothing worked and nothing solved my issue!!’ I deleted and reinstalled the app numerous times and I find myself still unable to solve it... The app prompts me to prove my identity and to change my password. (Even though this has already been done!) I think this app is very fun but when you run into issues such as these... something more needs to be done.... what’s the point of having an app available in the Apple store if it doesn’t work after awhile....Version: 14.6.1

Almost had 80k diamonds and they logged me out.This app is very much a new age social media. The live feature is what I utilized mostly while Being on here. I spent a large majority of my time on live in hope of reaching to the top. That is up until I had around 78k in diamonds and they logged me out and when I tried creating new passwords as mentioned it did not allow me to renter in to my account. This is the 4th time happening to me on this site, as soon as they see you becoming popular they delete you off in efforts of you not reaching the 80k which is when there suppose to give you a cash prize. As cool as it was to be on live they are very much liars , cheaters and thieves!!😡 , there countless amounts of emails I sent them and still yet no reply. Not only was my time wasted but I lost a lot of friends from around the world that I can no longer speak too. I have also spoke to top livers who said there is no way to fix the problem because the meetme team doesn’t answer anyone regarding this issue in which MANY people end of having.I would not recommend this app at all! Unless they reach out to me regarding this issue..Version: 13.3.0

Absolute jokeTried making another account because my other one was muted for no reason! Then they asked from verification which I had no problem with then it said I maxed all my verifications and had to delete other accounts but how can I when I’m literally unable to get off the account you’s want me to verify it’s a joke! I’ve emailed support and nothing back! Sort it out!! Used to love this app but all the new changes is just making it a waste of time and a joke.Version: 14.29.0

Won’t let you log inIf you change the password even if confirmed at any point it won’t let you log into the app despite being a verified member, and customer service is very poor and slow. Shan’t be installing this app again not only because of the functionality of the app but also because the users are all pervs, no chance of making genuine friends on here, all just looking for nudes and hookups but that’s a given really..Version: 14.26.0

LI used this app quite regularly, had made plenty of friends, met up with a few girls and even had a relationship. However, devs need to get this thing sorted, I received an email saying there was suspicious activity on my account (there was no such thing) and I was subsequently unable to access my account further and still can't!! I was actually considering upgrading my account but I'm so glad I didn't now, devs, do what your paid for or at the very least make the effort to respond to help requests, I seriously doubt that I'll receive any kind of response to this!! Fuming 😡😡😡 In an update to devs response I accessed my account, all chats and friends gone, after some trawling thru I did manage to find some of them again, but then, lo and behold, I'm blocked yet again!! How long are you gonna allow this to continue? Get it sorted!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 12.10.0

Customer support Is nonexistent and terrible when they do pick up..The app constantly has malfunctions during purchases and there are hackers too one must deal with.. getting the Meetme support team to assist is nearly impossible.. purchasing diamonds usually works however, sometimes it doesn’t then you have to fight with Apple to get a refund, when you don’t receive your diamonds; However, at least Apple picks up or answers the phone.. meetme does not pick up the phone nor respond to emails, if your diamonds do not come through on a purchase.. as a failsafe you may have to call your bank as Apple doesn’t always refund when you don’t receive your diamonds.. i’ve only had issues with Apple twice for refunds regarding this app.. I think it’s due to the fact the meetme app constantly has problems during purchases and maybe Apple is tired of issuing refunds for diamonds purchased and not received.. fortunately, I’ve never received any other problems with any other apps other than MeetMe.. I hope Apple forces meetme to tighten up and have better security, and better accounts receivable when it comes to purchases and diamonds received..I was able to correspond with Meetme one time via email reference to resetting my account after it had been hacked.. i’ve been hacked four times at the meetme app.. security is truly terrible there and I don’t know how the Hackers continue to get in???.Version: 14.16.0

Wheres all the real gentlemen out there? 🤔While have my own view on how ppl need to meet im here mainly chatting to kill time or sometimes just need to talk or possibly listento them. However - Majority of these male profiles are in other dating meeting sites too 🙄🙄 some double up under another name, plenty r manipulators n have split personalities. They know what they after n sell themselves well with true colors to follow not too long after. Be careful ladies..Version: 13.9.0

Not what it used to be.I’m not one for horrible reviews, but I feel something needs to be said. I’ve been an avid meetme user since it was formally myyearbook. After the name was changed to meetme, the site hasn’t been the same. Meetme used to be great! At one point it was a hot topic and was very popular, but just like everything else, it’s changed. I’m not sure if the developers are aware about this issue, but the fake accounts and spammers have got to stop! It’s become worse since meetme merged with skout. But skout is the same way. Nothing but spam accounts. This site and pretty much every other dating/social media site out there is nothing what it used to be. It used to be enjoyable, it’s nothing but enjoyable anymore. The only reason why I still have these accounts is because it’s a form of connection with other people, but it’s been nothing but fake accounts. I’m writing a review here simply because, I have tried to attempt to contact support personnel with various sites about this issue, including skout and I never receive a response, nor is nothing done to correct the issue. I would love to give input on how you could make sites like these better, but that’s nearly impossible when you can’t even get the right person to talk to that will step up and do something about it. It’s sad how much these sites have changed these days!.Version: 13.9.0

Very mixed feelingsSo part of this app works well and it’s not anything special. But there is a feature called match with what is a guessing game called admirers. You’re meant to guess who has somehow indicated you as a person they admire. The only problem with this is they are almost entirely bot accounts created by the app developers in an attempt to make this app seem more popular and interactive than it actually is. This wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t always encouraging users to spend money on credits to boost they’re popularity with these bots WITCH IS POINTLESS. I’ve spoken to my aunt who is a lawyer and has worked several class action lawsuits, she’s agreed with me that there is definitely shady business tactics at play here and there may be some leverage to show users being taken advantage of, and developers using misinformation to excel the amount of micro transactions. Meet Me team I will be in contact with you. This app needs a major overhaul. It’s worth your time to focus on making a better product for the consumer, and if you’re charging money for your product than it’s your responsibility to. This app has a lot of potential especially considering the amount of real people that are on here, but it’s gonna take the developers looking at it again and taking away all the features that are just bloating the app..Version: 13.19.0

Full of fake accounts and scammersI remember when this app used to be a fun place to make friends and not really date but no matter what this app used to be fun. But now this app is filled of fake scammers Who would say oh do you wanna be my sugar baby or do you want to do this it’s very inappropriate this app is not how it used to be at all. Every account it seems like it’s fake and it’s bad when you have to sit up there and question is this person real that I’m talking to or not. The amount of fake accounts is crazy and just so you know verification doesn’t mean anything on this app it doesn’t mean your account is real it doesn’t need anything you think it would like tinder but it doesn’t you can literally use a picture off of another device and scan it and be so-called verified it’s so easy to make a thick account and people get away with it don’t download this app be aware don’t give out your phone number don’t give out anything on this app because it’s so crazy how people can find information from the littlest things.Version: 14.38.1

The women All dirtyKind of escort.Version: 14.39.0

Glitchy / No feedbackMeet Me and Skout are good when there not glitchy. The lives seem to be getting worse with constant static and white noise which hinders the live stream experience and the not knowing who is watching you streams is annoying. You can see who’s viewed but not who’s watching so you never know who is actually live in your room. Have tried to offer feedback on ways to improve the apps but you never get a response from the support teams which is never good..Version: 12.10.0

“Admires”Alright. I’ve had experience with this app a couple years ago, then I got bored and deleted it. I stayed away for two years, came back, and nothing has changed, except the people. This isn’t the problem, as, well, people change. The problem I have with this app is the ‘Matches’ tab. Going in here is weird because you have 3 more tabs in there labeled ‘Meet’, ‘Admires’ and ‘Matches’. The one I will talk about is the ‘Admires’ tab and how trash this installment is. Basically it’s a nice idea that needs some major work. (In fact this whole app does). Anyway. Upon tapping the ‘Admires’ tab, it will give you an option of 20 people, and you have 5 guesses as to which one ‘Admires’ you. For the first few times, it was all well and good, but then it got to the point where I couldn’t go an hour without getting an ‘Admirer’. After a few times I noticed a pattern, THEY WERE ALL THE SAME PERSON IN THE PICTURE. And to make matters worse a few times more THEy HAD THE SAME NAME. I don’t think I’ll go back into this app, until recent positive reviews start popping up. There is potential to make this app great, however. Staff at MeetMe, clean up or throw it away. Thank you..Version: 12.9.0

RubbishLots of fake profile and cam whores no one talks no matter how much message you send people only interact on stream so you can buy them gifts amg their likes up so they can be popular to get some fam, the whole thing is a mess do not waste your time, it’s very similar to SKOUT or should I say it’s the same thing just name change everyone on MeetMe is on SKOUT theses two apps are a copy cat of each other Stay away do don’t download or download at your own risk, I promise you will disappointed oh yeah as a black man, the girls on there are racist lol white girls only like white men bkack chick only date white or mix men, Chinese only date their own kind you get my drift ? Lol.Version: 14.37.0

Bug issuesI am so annoyed with this apps. I’ve had several accounts and each one has been verified each time. I got on it about 30 minutes ago and it said I needed to verify AGAIN because my account was flagged for some dumb reason. So I verified it once again, and now it’s asking me to change my password. So I enter all the old passwords I can remember, and try to create a new password, but it continuously says “password needs to be 3-12 characters long” which it is and it still is not accepting the new password! I’ve tried everything I possible could but nothing seems to be working. This app gets updated so often because of so many bug issues. Apparently you need to fix it again because it’s causing so many issues. I’m like did they go ahead and just delete my account? Because I even tried going online from my computer to reset the password that way and it’s saying that each email I put it is not found. I’m so annoyed with this app and all I literally want to do is talk and chat with people. I’m not one to write nasty reviews but I’ve had nothing but continuous trouble with this app..Version: 14.36.0

GlitchesIt's a great app but I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it keeps saying I haven't read a message in my inbox, when I have. I also think it should have an option to view friends that are online. Other than that, amazing app, really like it, thanks..Version: 5.3.1

Tech issue after iOS update to 14 or15 plz fixI love the folks in this app but it has some issues. Won’t load the page to sign up for MeetMe after updating iOS tk version 14 or 15. Latest Apple version is 15. Plz fix as people on there I wanna talk to agin but can’t due to this plz fix asap so I can rejoin re- enjoy this app again. Thankyou Australian user.Version: 14.31.0

Face scanner?The app wants to scan your face and verify your identity? In no way is this safe for your identity. There are literal strangers all over the globe using this app and you want photos of my ID? Go **** yourself..Version: 14.35.0

Meet meUsed to be a really good app a few years ago, but now there is to many fake profiles. No point wasting time on this app.Version: 14.26.0

BugsThe apps it’s good iv met some great people that I actually have exchanged snap users with and we talk on the daily ! It’s been good , but now I don’t know if someone got mad because I didn’t reply or what but i keep getting asked over and over the verify my account and every time I do it , it says error , how can there be an error my face doesn’t change 😑so all the people iv met on there will basically never hear from me again 😒thanks.Version: 14.31.0

Don’t waste your timeI’ve been on the account for several years but I’m currently forced to make a new one because I’m randomly logged out of the account and not able to login again. I have been told by Men that they’ll Report me because I did not respond to them. I haven’t even broke any of the rules I literally make a post about going to a museum and then I’m forced I have the app and no longer able to login. I really used to enjoy the app but now the owners have become so controlling. I can’t even post A photo. No my photo weren’t nude or revealing. I can post a photo in a dress much like the one I just posted before you kick me off the app. Then I check my wall it’s removed. Also honestly the developers have stolen so much money for me it’s criminal. Im done ! I’ve been a customer for years in this app has honestly become draining. I only like this app because you’re able to make statuses, other than that this app is completely outdated anything that this app can do any other app can do. If you want to lifestream go to another app. I’ve noticed a pick up more streamers on other apps it takes longer for meet me so don’t waste your time.Version: 14.4.0

GlitchesApp is constantly glitching. I accept chat request and start chatting but it stays in chat request and doesn’t move to regular chat. Some chats are disappearing. I get essays but when I click on it there is nothing. Chat requests aren’t popping up properly. Other wise it’s not a bad app when it works properly. I will probably delete if issue is not fixed..Version: 14.39.0

Don’t even bother with this appSo it seems a lot of people have had a similar problem with this app and I don’t normally write review but I think it’s only fair that people wanting to get this know what to expect, I had an account everything seemed perfect, met A LOT of cool new people then suddenly out of nowhere I get completely blocked from my own account, I’m talking no email to tell me why, password no longer working, I can’t even put in my email as they won’t send me a password reset(not that I needed in the first place because I remember all my passwords) and I can’t even create a new account. If you want something more serious try elsewhere don’t even bother with this app, I even tried to contact but I got nothing from them, there probably just gonna put the same email response underneath my comment like they for all the reviews. I would give minus 1 as a review if I could I’m so disappointed..Version: 14.26.0

TerribleI’ve been on the app for over 2 months now and all I want to do is have a nice conversation and maybe find a friend. Maybe even more than a friend but don’t ever expect a reply. You know what I’m somewhere between a 5 and an 8. I’m definitely not the best looking guy on the planet but even the women on the sight who look like they have a missing chromosome won’t bother replying even if they read your message and it’s the apps fault. And now you can’t even view their whole photo album without paying the app to do so even if the account isn’t private. The only ones who bother messaging you will ask you to kik them so they can have a bot link you their nasty sex cams so you can give them money, it’s just trash. The app forces you to judge people at first glance and they promote that type of interaction by making you play this stupid guessing game to find out who liked your profile. It’s trash, everyone on it is trash, everyone on there is either fake or has unrealistic expectations and everyone is so pretentious they can’t even respond or look at your profile to see what kind of a person you really are and it’s the apps fault. Don’t get this app. Especially if your looking for date, even if it’s just for sex. And especially don’t get it if you’re lonely..Version: 12.11.1

It used to be good, now it’s filled to the brim with bots and scammers.So first off, I just want to say this app has so much potential, I’m not saying it still doesn’t but it has gone down the drain in a lot of ways. I’ve been on this app for approximately 2 years, I’ve seen it’s growth firsthand. The developers add in new things such as live streaming services to try and hide the faults that the app has such as the fake accounts, multiple scammers, robots impersonating actual people. In the time span of 2 years I’ve met friends, relationships, and even enemies. The only way I’ve noticed to even get anyone to “notice” you on this app is if you either pay or you’re outrageously good looking, I’m talking model status at some points. With that being said those said people who are actually on there to meet people either as a relationship or just friends. They always assume that other person is going to just want to, well for lack of better terminology, send naked photographs or buy photographs of that sort. It puts a bad light on everyone else that just wants to find people to hangout with in new cities. I’m dragging this on a while so in conclusion, I wouldn’t take this app too seriously at the moment. The developers need to work on better ways to phase out the bots and scammers. I’ve said my piece, do what you will with this review..Version: 14.0.1

Terrible contactI have tried over and over again to delete my account but it doesn’t let me and I can’t get any response from the customer support whatsoever Received a response from meet me about 10 months later asking if I had emailed the correct email from my profile and that it might take a couple of days to get through the emails. Well the answer is yes I have emailed the correct support email from my profile about 3 times and this was months ago so I’m assuming they would have had time to get through my emails by now.Version: 13.2.0

Expected so much moreI expected great things from this app. Good layout, easy to use, all was going so well until I tried to upload a picture. No matter how many times I tried, what pic I used or in fact loaded and reloaded the app it refused to show a picture. Bit disappointing as I imagine the idea is to ‘see’ what someone looks like before meeting them. I messaged to ask for help and 3 weeks on still no response. Quite disappointing ☹️.Version: 13.17.0

Scammers and fake accounts trollMeetMe is full of trolls and fake accounts and it’s not safe on the app.Version: 14.19.2

Needs a lot of improvementThis app needs a better way of separating those that are looking for relationships to those that are just looking for friends. It would also benefit from the ability to restrict which gender can message you. With the current setup it is just far too easy for creeps to fill up the chat log..Version: 13.9.0

Need fixing. Still.I like the app but it needs improving. Chews up a ton of battery in a short period of time. Today I realized it took up 5% in about 5-6 minutes....had everything else on my phone closed. Also location feed acuracy needs to be fixed. I always set it to people within 40km of me (I'm in Sydney) and it still shows up with people from QLD etc. so sick of it..Version: 12.13.0

Back after a couple years awayInstalled the app after being away for a couple of years (started using in 2006 MYB) The live feed seem to have disappeared, meaning there’s no status updates from yourself or others on display yet in your own profile page you can post a status ... weird, I have look all through the app with no success.... only that annoying LIVE video streaming 5% normal folk the rest are well .....Version: 14.16.0

Some issuesThe app needs to have an age range for people you want to talk to and where you want them to live around. I’ve gotten messages that are not please and couldn’t report them as well as people way over my age limit messaging. And this is coming from a teenager.Version: 14.22.0

Lazy developers let app be overrun by scammersThis app used to be pretty decent, but there has always been an issue with bots and spam. Now, the developers seem only interested in finding new ways to implement adds and push their useless live feature with all of its pointless microtransactions (how does a social/dating app benefit from this kind of stuff?). Meanwhile, other features, like match are unusable because 95% of matches are scam-bots, who immediately send links to illicit sites. You can report them, but there are so many that it is of no use. This has been the case for at least 2 years. I’m giving this app one star because, even though I have used it for a long time I have seen how lazy the developers are, and how they have put their own greed ahead of any attempts to improve the app or protect it from scammers. Case in point, my account was just deleted because meetme thought I was a bot.. even though I was helping by reporting every bot that messaged me. Congratulations meetme, you took a decent app and turned it into mocospace-tier garbage..Version: 14.16.0

——-AVOID THIS APP——-My account was deleted without warning two times for no reason. The first time I emailed support they gave me a standard response to breaking terms without explaining what terms I broke and than the second time they have not responded to my emails and it’s been over a week. I was a paid subscriber that was respectable to other users and followed all the rules yet my account was deleted!!! The fact that the customer service team does not want to respond to my email is unprofessional. And if I did do something wrong why no warning or at least inform me of what I had done wrong! The app itself is full of fake accounts trying to steal your information or trap you into going to fraudulent websites!! I can’t even get a refund for my subscription. I’ll be going to social media to let as many people know to stay away from this app and any other apps the makers might have..Version: 14.4.0

Meet meMy phone was hacked I didn’t realize it so I don’t know what happened but without warning you blocked all my emails even on my laptop which I haven’t ever used ... I have an Apple case number but nobody has unblocked me yet ... you should not be able to get into my private accounts and emails either according to my attorney... so someone needs to unblock me ASAP I haven’t violated any terms of service if so let people know what they did wrong not just hack into all their emails that’s unlawful... Correct your mistakes and if you want my case ID let me know ... been on here since 2014 with no problems ... You send me an email to write support but I’m blocked on all emails on this new phone and my laptop not even affiliated with no explanation but I violated terms of service after explaining I have a case number from Apple regarding someone hacking into my phone IP during the date you permanently locked all my accounts... how did you even get access to all my emails that were never used on your site ? Illegal to do ... on your end so fix the problem I’ve even been a premium member and been on since 2014.Version: 14.8.0

Great app gone badI joined this app when I was 13. I wrote my review at 20, giving it five stars. I’m now 25 and editing that review to share my level of disappointment. Upon joining, this site was amazing. There were games, bidding on “owning” each other’s photos, fun profile customization with themes and top friend spots. It was so much fun. Over the years, many many changes have taken place and all of those fun features are gone. It transitioned into some sort of dating/live streaming/scamming website. For a bit, there was still a “feed” section with different interest categories you could post statuses to etc. The last I checked (at which point I deleted the app entirely) the feed section was also removed! That was the last straw for me as it removed basically any socializing unless you wanted to stream yourself live within the app. Most messages are also scams or bots, not even real people anymore! It makes me extremely upset that this site, which was my absolute favorite through my early teen years, has been stripped of every single good feature it previously had. It’s a huge shame. - R.I.P MyYearbook -.Version: 14.29.0

AwkwardI will say this app experience. Luckily it screens all photos so nothing explicit will get to you, which is probably why so many people list or ask for other apps to be used in their chats. Still though, you will receive many “offers” and be annoyed almost constantly unless you can maintain a low profile, which they do have a few settings to help with that. Occasionally, you’ll meet someone nice to talk with so it gets points for that. However, just today when I was chatting with one of those rare people it stopped sending my messages, showing a failed message each time. And to make matters worse it stopped showing any of their messages and won’t give me a way to contact them. When I try to report the problem on the app, I get more error messages. Took a lot of work just to get on a site that would be able to send a message to the developers that wasn’t blocked by my security software. And I don’t even have a confirmation email that they received it. So now I am unable to talk with someone I liked, don’t know why or how the problem was caused, and don’t know when or if it will be fixed. But hey, if you’re just in this for you know what, you might enjoy this app..Version: 12.10.0

Always getting locked out of acc!I’m always getting locked out of my acc & when i send confirmation codes to my email, they never appear in my email therefore can’t log in. Very annoying..Version: 14.12.1

So frustratingClean up the cam girls ffs. they're so annoying. there's a creep with a million fake profiles bothering everyone. heck I'm a software engineer I'll donate my hours..Version: 2.22

HorribleIt kicked me out now I can’t get back in. When I ask to reset password it never sends an email. I never get codes. Now I can’t use the app sucks.Version: 14.12.1

ProblemsSaid they’d trend me and haven’t all year, also makes it so people can’t hear my audio, and the stream title glitches when you try to put in emojis. (i use the iPhone 8).Version: 14.12.1

Where’s the discuss feature.I used this app years ago up until they removed the discuss feature. I always thought it was bugged for phones since it was still showcased in the App Store. But I thought that it’s been awhile and gave it another go thinking maybe they’ve brought back the thing that made the app tolerable. Nope, the feature has been flat out removed for some reason and there’s literally nothing to do on it. It’s the most pointless app you’ll ever come across and the sad thing is, I’m not even surprised they’ve favoured streaming over the thing that made it “good” in the first place which was the discussion of different topics and the ability to post stuff in whatever topic you want. But sure, carry on peddling a bootleg twitch with no gaming..Version: 14.29.0

Meetme is predatory and dangerous app.I have been on and off meetme for years. Why? Because every time I make an account it gets deleted when I turn down sexual advances or solicitations from random men. It takes one report of me being “fake” for my entire account to be deleted. No questions asked. Unless it comes to reporting underage girls. Meetme is a mixture of sexually charged perverts and young girls being preyed on. There is no lack of prostitution or other illegal activity on this app and nothing is done about it. I have reached out through every possible way to express my concerns and they have gone unanswered. It’s a shame bc there are good things about the site for people who choose to meet people online. Again though the second anyone doesn’t submit to a sexual desire or pushes back at all, their account gets deleted indefinitely. I have found my pictures used on the site as catfish accounts as well right after my account has been deleted. Which of course is unsettling. Something is really shady about this app/site and like I said it all goes unanswered by the creators. I would stay away from this app all together. It screams prostitution, drugs, and human trafficking..Version: 13.12.0

Account verificationPeople will judge you people will report you for no reason and people will report you just because you are different. I was being nice and said hi back to my viewers on my life stream and my live stream just end immediately and said that it’s violating and my account got ban immediately. Why why ? Did I ever report you just because you are straight??.Version: 12.7.0

2nd time major annoyanceRecently, for the SECOND time, I created account only to be randomly logged out after a while of usage. When I attempt to log in, it says my password is incorrect (which isn’t true). So the only resort is to use the reset password link right? Well when I use that, the email hits my inbox hours/days later, and when I try to reset my password it says the thing is expired. Trying to reset password now doesn’t even send the email to my inbox anymore.. which is extremely beyond frustrating, considering that you don’t have access to your profile with YOUR pic. It’s even more frustrating that this whole thing I described has happened twice. And it’s a deal breaker that these people didn’t respond to my complaint. MeetMe was good in the past I can confirm. If this was 2013 I’d give it a 5 star because I met a ex gf through MM at that time. Now, It seems like it’s being run by some thugs. I do not recommend. “Staff” is pathetic and doesn’t reply or take serious the complaint you send. Find something else, I’ve met 3 women on tinder in the past and have absolutely never had my account there hijacked..Version: 13.11.0

RajRubbish app dont install. They will delete your incoming messages straight a way before you read or replay if you not paid member.🤮.Version: 14.8.0

SucksNo one responds and it’s full of bots..Version: 14.37.0

Don’t get the app. Deserves a 0 star reviewAwful app. New update makes it impossible to meet people which defeats the point of the app. They do absolutely nothing about the all the fake and bot accounts but delete real people. I Set up an account with one email with the account malfunctioning then when I tried to make a new account was told an account exists with that email address but I could not access it. Set up a new account and had to verify myself which I did then I go to use just hours later and could not log in. They spend all their time deleting real people with real accounts and do absolutely nothing about fake accounts. Definitely an app to avoid. They are useless.Version: 14.20.0

Verify account is difficultSome people on here are real and just when I’m in a deep conversation, I get flagged. Then can’t verify. I’m a subscriber but when I ask for help they can’t find my account with my provided email..Version: 14.26.1

Terrible appI used to live this app. Always worked on my Optus network and wifi, since changing to Telstra I can no longer view livestreams. I can do everything else except view livestreams as they don’t load. It used to work fine on Vodafone Optus and wifi networks but since changing my sim to Telstra I just can’t view live streams which is what I use the app for. Not happy. Seems like they have blocked Telstra or Telstra has blocked viewing streams on this app. Not happy..Version: 14.28.0

This site is full of botsThis site is full of bots and catfishes. I constantly get chat requests from fake profiles that lures me into other fake dodgy webcam sites. I have reported those profiles so many times that one my 1st day I reported 30 fake profiles 😱😱😱 I have even raised this issue with their customer advisors and I had no response from them. All what can I say is don’t download this app on your and if dating is your thing then DO NOT download this app because this app is for streamers who want silly crypto currency gifts who have no interest in meeting people..Version: 14.25.1

FrustratedMy girlfriend who I’ve been with for 4 plus years has had her pictures used several times with this app in the last year, this is discussing and is very dangerous to catfish individuals. I am frustrated with the admin as I’ve contacted them and received no feedback and have little guidance on how to resolve this issue. All accounts in the north west area (UK), using different names and pictures from her Facebook. Police will be contacted soon if this continues to be the problem as the app seems to not care about fraud. 😡👎.Version: 13.7.0

Meet me :)This is a really cool app I like it u get to meet new people and u meet new people!!.Version: 7.1.0

Less beautiful single women in nzNot enough attraction to this site, the women are far and few. The app is slow loading but the women on there are friendly and nice enough, that has nothing to do with the app tho..Version: 5.0.1

Worst APP ever !!Used this app for over a year, go to sign in and it gives me an error code it’s been months and there’s still no way to contact support and fix the issues that I’m having even if I make a new email and change my IP address it still doesn’t allow me to create a new account this app has been bugging for over six months and I’m tired of it either somebody from your support team needs to contact me and fix this issue or I’m gonna keep leaving reviews that are not very happy.Version: 14.31.0

Alo of fake peopleجيد الى حد ما لكن يحتوي على الكثير من الناس المزيفين.Version: 14.39.0

Terrible!I made my first ever account today and all went well and good until I was in a middle of a conversation and all of a sudden got kicked off of my account! When I went to log back in it said invalid login. I went ahead and created another account and within 5 minutes that one has been removed too! Honestly not worth downloading as every account you make will just get shut down! Waste of my time to be honest..Version: 14.23.0

Meh.This is an okay app. I like how you can video chat chat with people and go live, but there’s a huge problem with people making fake accounts and scammers. I think before you make a MeetMe account that you should have to verify your pictures. I feel that would put a stop to all the fake accounts on MeetMe..Version: 14.8.0

Fix The Bugs!!!!I don’t like writing reviews because it’s kinda a waste of time. But I’ve had SO many problems with this app I need to address it. I’ve used MeetMe in the past a few years ago and it was working fine. It was the best app I had used back then. But one day when when I was logging out of the app to take a break, I tried to log back in but it didn’t accept the password that I had been using for years. And then when i was tired of putting things in, I tried to reset try password, but nothing was ever sent to my email. So I lost that account. The second profile I tried to make, everything was running smooth. However after a few weeks I wanted to change my photos. The app had other plans. The app kept bringing back the photos that I was trying to delete. Then it wouldn’t let me update my bio. So I was frustrated at this point and closed that account. Now I’m here in 2019. For this account, I promised myself that this would be the last one I ever make with MeetMe. However with this one, while I was trying to sign up and it asked me to upload some photos, I could not upload any photos. And I tried and tried and tried for at least an hour. I tried contacting support but it always ends up going nowhere. This app has been a complete waste of my time and I honestly would not recommend. There’s a reason why other apps are doing better and this is slowly starting to fail!!!.Version: 14.0.1

The worst garbage appI’d rather pay for a girlfriend then be spammed all day and literally unable to delete my account OR my pictures..Version: 14.32.0

Horrible, Sexual harassment, BullyingI’ve been on this app since day one! I literally get messaged about ten times a day from fake users sending nudes saying to join there scam adult site's. All people do is make fun of people and harass them. People make new accounts to target people and be little them. The owners of MeetMe refuse to protect the site. This is called poor management and being cheap. I believe they intentionally allow this because they get kick backs from these adult site these fake users are trying to scam people on. The fact Apple condones this and is aware is upsetting and shows the lack of concern for Apple Users..Version: 14.37.0

Horrible glitching!I’m really disappointed with your app. Three days ago I set up a new account and 3 times I’ve had to reset my password because it constantly says it’s incorrect. I don’t log out of the app. Now when I touch the app it tells me to verify my phone number and when I do, it tells me that incorrect! Nothing but frustration!!!!!!.Version: 14.12.1

I CANT EVEN MAKE AN ACCOUNT!The support team is Terrible! They don’t help at all and don’t understand a word you say to them..Version: 14.39.0

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