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AnkiMobile Flashcards App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

AnkiMobile Flashcards app received 57 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using AnkiMobile Flashcards? Can you share your negative thoughts about ankimobile flashcards?

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AnkiMobile Flashcards for Negative User Reviews

I want my money back...So I had this app on my regular computer, it was working ok, I found it hard to navigate in general. Downloaded the app bc I need to get something done to my computer, it’s so freaking expensive for an app, and I have encountered sooooo many problems with it. First, it takes a million years to sync, and then the syncing doesn’t even work right! You have to have the computer program in order to organize the decks and cards.. and then my previous cards lost all of there media!! All of it! I was like ok, fine I’ll just redownload the whole freaking deck and reorganize it ...and guess what? I finished what I was doing and it synced... I look on both the app and my computer and all of my cards disappeared... I am beyond frustrated. It was over 14,000 flash cards... I’m in Medical school, I don’t have time to keep downloading and reorganizing and waiting for it sync.... I know other people like this app, and good for them, but to me, it is not worth the hassle. Even people that like it, say it is hard to navigate as well..Version: 2.0.53

Good butThis is a good app but OMG, the syncing in the mobile version (I’m on iOS) is BY FAR your worst enemy. You can’t load images nor sound in any cards unless the syncing is complete. And guess what, the syncing stops at any thing that u do other than anki: close anki, go to another app, turn off ur phone…you guessed it! Syncing incomplete…gotta restart again! And cherry on top, my media sync log is stuck and only shows one message continuously. I really think you can do better for 35$….Version: 2.0.79

What happened??Was always great but since the latest update all the pictures on my cards no longer synchronise to my phone, saying there's an error with AnkiWeb....Version: 2.0.25

DisappointingI heard about Anki a few times before getting it. I really was expecting more but just disappointed. I debated between buying this and buying a language course and decided on this as to make my own flash cards but it’s literally just that…. $25 flash cards…. Idk I guess I’m the fool for not knowing what I was buying but quizlet is way more interactive. It’s a shame I spent this much money just to turn around and delete it but this is definitely not worth it. You can get a whole lot more for a whole lot less. Irdk how people can learn by just seeing the card and tapping a button with no quizzes or interactive learning that I thought this would give. Now I’m out $50 because I’m going to buy the course I chose this over. Thanks Anki.Version: 2.0.74

Super expensive, limited featuresWhilst the app itself and its spaced repetition matrix is very useful, it’s frustrating that this is by far the most expensive app I have purchased, and yet it has very limited functionality cf the pc version. For example I am unable to download shared decks using this app, none of the add ons work with this app etc. This means that it actually doesn’t really function as a stand alone app despite its hefty price tag..Version: 2.0.74

Useful but needs workOverall its an excellent app, it has improved over the years, but still has a long way to go. The main issue is that it is very desktop centric, you really can’t use this application without installing and syncing with a desktop computer. For example, if you have 1000 cards, and want to unsuspend them in batches of 100 (i.e. You have 100 things to learn for class each week), this can only done on the computer. Which can be a nightmare if you are on the train on the way to class, and want to study this weeks 100 cards, but can’t because they are suspended. Overall, probably the best flashcard app on the app store, but these small issues cause huge problems, (If I was able to un-suspend cards on the way to class last week on my phone, I would have done way better on my test I had that week).Version: 2.0.17

Problem syncingSpent more than $AUD30 to get the cross platform syncing functionality, only to find that it does not upload the new cards to Anki Web and I cannot use it on my desktop anyway. A real shame and disappointment..Version: 2.0.67

Too difficult to make decks on mobileAs a language Japanese learner, I’ve found this app extremely difficult to use. I rely on my phone to make flash cards and it’s basically impossible to make my own vocab or grammar decks that match up to what I’m learning in my irl classes. The shared decks I’ve tried are all to unfocused or not right for what I need and the learning curve to make your own using only a phone is waaaay too high. It’s disappointing as I wanted to support the original app (that I also stupidly paid for, I really wish I could get a refund) but now I see why the knockoff AnkiApp is more popular, as it’s really simple to make a basic deck. Maybe it’s better for other kinds of study, but really I can’t recommend this for language learning unless you have a lot of time to dump into learning how to use it and you also want to make cards on your computer and then sync them to your phone..Version: 2.0.87

Has totally crashed, too many bugsI cant actually use this app anymore after paying 20 quid for it. It is very frustrating, because i have invested alot of time into decks which now wont work on my phone. When i click on a deck to study, i just get a blank screen..Version: 2.0.83

Needs interface workThis app has a lot of great functions and is very effective if used each day.(you must use it every day) And of course, a flashcard system is only a part of learning a language. Learning to parrot a sentence is not going to get you too far! However where this app really falls down is in the interface. I find it very unintuitive and when you find yourself clicking randomly on anything to see where to add new cards you know there is a problem. Why, why would you not have a modify/add new card button?!.Setting up, adding cards, ranging cards, getting them on to your itching is tedious and needs work from the developer. Yes, I have read the "manual" and that is as tedious as the app. If you can put up with all that then go for it..Version: 1.8

Decent add on with very bad interfaceThe interface of the add on is the worst. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you use the “cloze” card feature you think you’re going to see your answers one by one with the other answers staying hidden? NOPE. The card only hides the first answer while revealing the other answers. For example your answers could be (1, 2, 3). Using the cloze feature allows you to only hide the number “1” while “2” and “3” are revealed. Once you reveal “1” then “2” is now hidden while “3” is still revealed. What is the point of that if you already revealed the answers then try and hide them? It makes the feature completely useless. I gave the app one star because this is the ONLY feature on the app that can make or break a well done flash card system especially when you have a list of words to memorize. Terrible....Version: 2.0.59

A joke.Just stick to desktop, or use the off brand anki apps available. It’s not worth the price in any way shape or form.Version: 2.0.78

Not yet satisfiedI paid my $30 which makes this the most expensive app I have purchased so far - believing Anki's promise to be a great learning tool. I have experienced nothing but frustration so far as I have not yet being able to download any packs or sync with ones I have already created on my macbook The tutorial and support information has so far sent me going around in circles. And i don't have time to trace through web forums, watch instructional videos etc. For $30 i expect a product that works easily and intuitively straight out of the box! - Is that too much to ask?.Version: 0

Wish to give it a higher rating, but...Just based on the function (and perhaps it’s just me), this app has not been doing it’s job properly. (1) I’ve consistently seen cards the next day when i’ve touched the button for 2+ days. (2) Even if I touch the button for 1+ days (let’s say it was “good” for 5 days), I see the same card again a few minutes. They’re just inconveniences, but enough that I only use the app if I don’t have many cards due because I don’t want to waste time going through twice the number of cards because they keep reappearing. Hopefully this gets fixed or my issue gets cleared up so I can continue using the app! :).Version: 2.0.38

Upload cards to icloud pleaseLove this app. I use it so much that my storage is now being used for Anki. I cannot install anything else on my phone. Please allow the cards to be on the icloud and downloaded when needed or with some smart local cashing method!.Version: 2.0.44

Not user friendlyDisappointed with this app. Definitely not worth the $40 I paid for it! It’s extremely complicated to use. After 5months, I still haven't been able to figure out how to do simple actions like delete a flashcard. I can usually figure out how to use most apps, computer programs, but only able to make the most basic flashcards on this app. I feel I’m not getting my money’s worth. Really wish I hadn’t spent the money for this app and that the programmers of Ankiapp would make it more user friendly..Version: 2.0.79

Don’t buy the app - web version on smartphone works just as good if not betterI’m quite frustrated after spending the money to purchase this mobile app, because it does not support images from downloaded decks. At the very least this should be a warning in the description of the app so that students like myself who hope to study while working full time to afford school, don’t end up wasting our money. Save your money - anki web works perfectly on safari and chrome..Version: 2.0.63

Great App, needs improvementsI am currently using this app for school. It is a great concept and has helped me learn a lot of information quickly. However, I do have a few suggestions: 1) I would really enjoy the ability to add subjects into folders. For example, after I am tested on a set of subjects I would like to be able to place them in an “old tests” folder. That way it is off of my main screen and reduces clutter. 2) It would be nice to have the option to create collaborative decks. Sharing a deck with a friend is possible, but it does not automatically update across all devices when cards are added. Even when you synchronize the cards, it only updates to the one account, not all accounts the deck has been shared with. 3) It is not possible to reset a deck on the iPad app. You have to go into the computer app to reset a study schedule. 4) I have not been able to share just one deck at a time. When I share something, it shares all of my decks. It also replaces the collection of the person I share the decks with. Just one subject at a time would be nice. 5) it would be nice to have more themes. A black mode would be nice in order to minimize blue light exposure. For $25 it seems like there would be a little more customization available..Version: 2.0.42

Very disappointedI synched my decks and the image occlusion cards don’t work.. kind of useless for 34$.Version: 2.0.83

Horrifyingly Slow SyncBottom line: Anki works great on a Win 10 PC. My advice: Use Anki on a desktop computer until sync problems are solved. I bulk loaded into a Master deck 3000 kanji cards using a custom designed template which works beautifully on a PC. Created a small filtered deck (100 notes) and imported that into a separate profile. On an iPad I attempted to sync that profile which contains only the small subset of the Master deck. Doesn’t matter that I’m using only a small deck on the iPad. The sync process behaves as if it needs to examine each of the 3000 cards in the Master deck. The sync process is so slow and so gums up my network that I find the app unusable. I don’t want to sit at a desktop to study flash cards, so I’m ditching Anki in favor of Flashcards Deluxe which has other advantages over Anki on iOS besides being able to sync multiple devices in a mater of seconds. Anki on a Win 10 PC is problematic for the simple reason that one is unable to redirect the media folder. All media are saved in a user’s profile which, for most users, is on the system drive. Say you’ve got a large media library on a NAS. All media from the NAS which you use on Anki gets copied to your Windows user profile. Now you’ve got two copies of all that media. This whole show is such a resource hog..Version: 2.0.67

Use the App for Memorization, but some flawsI use the app to memorize my flashcards and create them on my computer. What I realized from using the app, is that the only images that are supported are png images. Jpeg images show up as a small white box (not visible). Also the syncing between anki on my computer and on my phone is skewed. For example, on my computer it said that I had 90 cards to review from my deck. I synced it, and closed anki on there. I then opened anki on my phone, synced on there, and it showed that there was only 50 cards to review. There are some other minor issues, but those are the biggest ones. If you could fix those, I will definitely raise my rating to 5 stars..Version: 2.0.67

Do not buy this app!!!!If you are not good at computer, donot pay this app. It cost me $40, but very inconvenient. Once you reviewed the card. It will disappear and you can not review that again, also it is so complicated to edit the card on computer..Version: 2.0.42

No good for NT GreekI have found this app unusable and a total waste of money. I would like a refund please..Version: 2.0.59

Overly complicated and unintuitive.I really wanted to like this app, and the ideas behind it are great but it is sorely lacking in user experience design. I bought it in order to use latex markup in flash cards but after hours of trying to get this feature to work in the desktop version, and syncing to mobile, I gave up and just made paper cards. After all, I have class work to do instead of trying to master how Anki works. Before buying this mobile version, give the desktop version a serious trial and make sure you can work with the very strange workflow that it requires of you. This app needs flash cards of its own to understand how it is supposed to work, it is extremely unintuitive. By far the most expensive app I have ever bought and I’m not very satisfied with it..Version: 2.0.54

DisappointedI’m so disappointed by this app. I read the review, but desperately needed an app to study for school. It is not worth $35 in any way, shape or form. The UI is terrible. I made several cards, pressed good, and it just disappeared. Make it simple, I just want this app to be digital flash cards, with folders. So that I can have it for one class, and I could use it study. Don’t self delete..Version: 2.0.79

Not intuitiveI am sure this will be a great app if I can ever figure it out. It sounds like it is exactly what I’ve been looking fo, however there is a lot of time investment needed to figure it out. After buying it, I was able to easily download decks that others made—although I’ve since deleted them as they weren’t exactly what I need. I tired creating a few decks using my phone. A nightmare. I’m not really techie but I’m not too bad—I’ve had a smartphone for 10 years and I use tons of apps. I’m also a school teacher and I thought I’d be able to figure it out. Nope. As I tried reading the manual I couldn’t figure out how to creat a deck—it looks like a lot of programming instruction. It’s probably super powerful, but not user friendly. Not simple. Anyway, I was succeeding for a little bit but then I hit the word “translation” in the tools section. Not sure what it means, but it changed the face of the deck. I could not turn it off. I finally deleted the whole deck and started over. Translation mechanism is still in place. Rats. I will invest a bit more time but if I still can’t learn to easily use this, I’ll ask for a refund. Pretty sad. I was really hoping this would work..Version: 2.0.44

Thought it was a free appI downloaded this like weeks ago and it wasn’t a paid app because i can download it without having to pay for anything, it stayed in my device for weeks without even using it because i dont know how, and just earlier i saw in my emails, a receipt that says i paid almost $50 for something in this app at 1 am and i dont even open or use this app at all, so like im wondering what’s that $50 for and how did it pay itself? plssss any developer out there?😭 im a student and also struggling financially, is there a possibility that i can get my money back? i requested a refund on apple btw.Version: 2.0.83

Broken appIt syncs endlessly, so I can’t use it. iPad version is broken..Version: 2.0.83

Keeps crashing, other than that it’s goodKeeps crashing randomly when I try to add a new flashcard with pictures..Version: 2.0.59

Horrifying waste of moneyI see that the cost may be to tax those who can afford it, but there are those who need it also, so bad luck if you bought it and hoped the premium would pay off. For that money I expect something that is much less clunky and buggy. I have never got anywhere with this app so am reviewing as I consider deleting it despite the cost..Version: 2.0.83

Desperately needs add on supportA lot of card types don’t function correctly without add ons installed.Version: 2.0.87

Cannot use family sharingThis application is not available for family sharing. App claims this works but it is not working..Version: 2.0.79

Disappointed.I'm extremely disappointed that this product does not have a library of existing decks, the reason I was willing to spend so much on this app. Unless you create your own questions, this app is just useless..Version: 1.8

Disappointed - Anki can do betterI was surprised to find that the iPad version lacks a lot of the functionality of the desktop version. That would be fine if this app were free, but given the 35$ price tag, that's just unacceptable. For example, I can't use IO cards, and the card management section has been heavily stripped down. If you're going to charge such a high fee for the iPad/iPhone version, then I expect a high level of functionality. You can do better Anki..Version: 2.0.34

Good, but quirksAnki is well made. The program runs smoothly if you DON’T use any other apps in conjunction. As soon as you run it in split mode with other app (like notability), it is quite buggy. It won’t type at times, cursor would be missing, bold and italicize unintentionally pressed and so forth. I don’t regret paying for it, but the bug issue in split screen mode is definitely something you should be aware of. *EDIT: I have no idea how to suggest improvements on the website, but here’s what I found out. When trying to add a new card in a deck, if I hit left or right arrow on the keyboard when nothing is typed yet, Bold gets activated and the cursor disappears. Hope it gets fixed.. it is quite annoying.Version: 2.0.38

How do I get a refund?Hello, I would like to get a full refund on my purchase as the app is not user friendly enough for me, how do I get this from Apple? I can’t find a way to contact them. Many thanks, Lizzie.Version: 2.0.74

New update broke my deckAll the images on my cards have been deleted with this new updated. Tried restoring from a backup, and they're all deleted from the backup too. Tried doing a full one way sync, downloading from Ankiweb, and again all the images have been deleted. This has made my deck useless and left me with no way to fix it. For such an expensive app, this isn't acceptable and has left me really, really disheartened knowing I'll have to manually build my deck all over again from the start..Version: 2.0.26

Images won’t downloadMy images won’t download is that normal?!???.Version: 2.0.55

Better options available.Downloaded and imported flash cards. App is unintuitive and only has basic flash card functionality. Other apps at a similar price point are better looking. Easier to use. Have better learning options like games..Version: 2.0.50

Don't waste your moneyDon't buy Anki Mobile unless you absolutely need it (I did and still regret it), as it's horrendously overpriced and completely pales in comparison to the desktop version in too many ways to list. I build apps for a living and can't believe that I'm being charged $30 for what is a very standard iOS application. 100% dissatisfied..Version: 2.0.17

Disssapointed so farI must say, that for an app that you have to pay for , it is really poor customer service. For a week now I’ve been trying to activate online account, to synchronise decks between devices. I cannot do this, since the activating email has not arrived from the website. I have looked through the support forum (I can’t log in with my Anki details since i am not activated yet) their only response to similar complaints is - your email provider rejects our emails, try a different one. Well, I’ve tried two different ones. Really poor service. On a top of it, app itself has quite an unpleasant interface..Version: 2.0.70

Audio doesn’t syncFor $39AUD you think there would be active development to fix bugs. Lack of working audio on mobile is obviously something that is plaguing many users (simply google). It’s not worth the money and I’d like a refund..Version: 2.0.38

I can only view one DeckVery difficult to use interface especially for the price. I can only view one deck when I click “Deck” and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to find the other decks..Version: 2.0.63

BafflingThis is quite possibly the least intuitive apps or pieces of software I have ever used. I feel like I need to go into some kind of day-long workshop just to begin to get my head around it. I really regret paying the money for this. Maybe some time when I’ve got a whole weekend of nothing better to do, I’ll try to get my head around it all and read the pages of instructions, but really, I’m not sure this was designed for regular people. It feels like what an app would be in the 1980s (if apps were a thing then). I just wanted some flashcards. That’s all I wanted..Version: 2.0.70

How to make it work on iOS 11 on iPad mini 2¿It doesn’t download, can you resolve it please ¿ I just bought a new iPad to make it compatible with the iOS 11. Can the pictures be included too ¿ Thanks.Version: 2.0.49

Desktop level browser would be appreciatedAs a medical student, this app is a must on the go. Although this app does the job, it’s not perfect. A desktop level browser would be useful in being able to quickly look through cards. I hope that this feature will be added someday. Also, an AMOLED compatible true dark mode would also be appreciated. Also, it wold be nice if there was an option to make a shortcut to open additional hidden fields so that it could be programmed into a gamepad.I understand that this has more to do with the Anking card type, but I’m sure there is a large number of people who would be interested in greater compatibility on the go..Version: 2.0.87

Shame on youThe app works but charging $40 dollars for something that’s basically html? shameful considering the demographic happens to be students..Version: 2.0.63

Can’t you afford better graphic designers?For $50 per app the design is a joke. Whoever you have hired needs to go take another graphics design course or look at other things for inspiration and come back with a better looking and modern preface. I didn’t use this app for a long time solely because it’s hideous and I’m sure you would generate a lot more revenue if it had a rework. The concept is there, just work on design..Version: 2.0.72

Media doesn’t synch no matter how many times I’ve triedI cannot believe this is an issue coming from Anki. I’ve been using the desktop version for a while now and I wanted to be able to study on the go so I went ahead and downloaded the app. I can’t even begin to express my disappointment. I payed $36 on the app and non of the media is visible. No matter how many times I’ve tried synching it won’t work. I’ve changed the network connection because I thought that might be the reason and yet it still failed to synch the media. I applied for a refund through the App Store the same hour which was refused by the developer, so Anki themselves. A nice ploy though, making us pay for the app that doesn’t even deliver and then don’t give us the option of a refund. I even tried contacting Anki themselves and have had no luck..Version: 2.0.87

Not for meThe much vaunted learning algorithm gets in the way more than it helps - a wrong tap means I won’t see a card for weeks, impeding my memorisation. I think I want a much simpler flash card app. One that will just cycle through cards and never, ever, ever hide a card because it thinks I already know that. Is there a way to configure Anki to do that? (I removed my comment about editing cards. Thank you for the correction.).Version: 2.0.40

I’m very annoyed 😖I shied away from buying this app because of the price. I use Anki everyday on my computer and figured I should make the investment. I purchased the app to use on my iPad. I followed the instructions in the manual. I synced my decks only to discovered that my images didn’t sync . I have the cards with questions but can’t check correctness of my answers since I can’t see images on the card. I have the option checked to allow importing of sound and image. I have synced several times but it didn’t work. I paid $25 for this app (the most I’ve ever paid for any app) I need this fixed ASAP please and then I can raise my review rating from 3 stars..Version: 2.0.67

QuestionIs it 34 a month?? I thought I was a one time purchase which felt hefty but was nothing to every single month!.Version: 2.0.87

No imagesI bought anki to help with school and on app i cant see pictures or use anki properly.Version: 2.0.83

Would not recommend the mobile appI use Anki on my computer even though the interphase looks a little outdated and the program itself is kind of finicky, I love the purpose of it. I used to not be a flash card learner but Anki changed me! :) Having said that... I thought I was going to enjoy having the app on my phone so that I could study on the go but truth to be told, I don’t like it at all! I am unable to see the images associated with my cards and that defeats the purpose of my active learning. I do realize that I have too many cards that need to sync but everything time I sync it, it says that it’s completed and still, I have no pictures. I already contacted technical support. I’m now waiting for a response and hoping the problem is fixable. So far, I feel that I’ve paid for a service that is overpriced, and more importantly defective as it doesn’t work as expected or supposed to :(.Version: 2.0.67

Cannot figure it outOverall I love the idea of this app and think it has some great features but it’s difficult to use and I don’t understand it. I have multiple decks and each deck have about 20 cards in each but when I log in it only shows me the same 6-8 cards to review. I wait 24 hours after completing the deck and log back in and it hasn’t reset to allow me to review the full deck, just the few same ones. The user experience needs to be greatly improved..Version: 2.0.83

PronunciationI can’t add pronunciation to my flashcard. How to do that?!🥲.Version: 2.0.87

It’s okayAfter using the desktop one religiously and loving it i decided to buy this version, I’m a little bit disappointed because for the price i thought it was going to be better than the desktop version but instead its worse, because there aren’t really any addons, for price its just not reasonable because i was expecting something better.Version: 2.0.83

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