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Accountant Calculator app received 41 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about accountant calculator?

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Accountant Calculator for Positive User Reviews

Keeps me on trackWhen adding or computing a series of confusing numbers it keeps me on track..Version: 3.1.1a

Good, but missed an opportunityI just bought this app. It seems well-designed, and I like the sharing and PDF options. Those sold me. But when I used the app, I was surprised that the sound effects were so lame. I expected a traditional adding machine sound, but instead it gives me a little "beep" like a Casio watch. If you are going to use realism in your user experience, as this developer has done, then complete the picture by providing realistic traditional sounds. Happily this can be corrected with an update, and I encourage the developer to do so. It should be easy to get a recording of a real adding machine in action..Version: 4.5a

CalculatorI needed a calculator with a tape to add totals from invoices. If I make a mistake it's easy to fix. I'm not an accountant but I like this app, well worth the $..Version: 0

Excellent!!!Exactly what I was looking for.Version: 3.1.1a

Almost everything Works as Stated but...I'd like to be able to change tape background to notepad yellow which is easier on the eyes. Hold to Vlear backspace does not work..Version: 4.2.1a

Great calculatorI’m an accountant and need a calculator I can carry with me. I like the paper tape so I can look back at my entries. This calculator meets my needs..Version: 8.20a

Great App & ServiceDon’t hesitate to purchase- Solid app and the company that supports it is great. I have have other apps from this company over the years..Version: 7.6a

CalculatorIt’s one of the best.Version: 7.6a

Great appI really like this app, love the big keyboard and it's versatility....Version: v3.24a

Great appThis app has come to be very handy. My real 10 key calculator is starting to collect dust.Version: 5.5a

Love it!Love the fact that I can look back on the "paper".Version: v3.24a

Just rightI use this calculator all the time to figure percentages, it has all the major functions I need to figure quantities in my shop, and the display of running totals is nice..Version: 7.1a

Pretty Good CalcExcellent calc love it tech support responds quickly with answer on how to use questions highly recommended.Version: 7.6a

ExcellentVery pleased well worth the money, I have been using it for a couple weeks..Version: 5.7a

GoodVery happy with this app..Version: 6.1a

Does what I need!It seems there are very few apps that let you put a note in the column beside the figures. Sometimes I need to add long lists of items and this helps. Save function could be better because it's never really clear what's being saved and I had to redo a budget a couple of times because it was wiped clear..Version: 6.3a

Normanus PiscatorExcellent Checktape useful..Version: 3.1.1a

Love it. Easy to use, quick fire-up. Exports calcs.My favorite for quick, simple calcs. Ipad version is great too. I like that i can export the tape, and that text can be added to each line. Remembers calcs between launches..Version: 4.5a

One of the best apps I haveThis app works exactly as they say. If you need a app. to take care of the daily totaling of receipts, checkbook, meals or anything else that needs to be totaled and keep a record It this is the one to have..Version: 6.3a

PouringBest accounting calculator App I have ever used, bar none.Version: 6.3a

Time to pay for GREAT supportI have bern using free version and love it. After all of Richards work to be compatible with iOS 11 & 12 it was only fair to buy to support him. Great app. Keep it up..Version: 8.20a

As advertisedThis is what I was looking for...well done.Version: 3.1.1a

The BEST PeriodI seldom review apps and almost never give "5 Stars " but, this calc is a keeper! It everything you need and more. You won't find a better one..Version: 7.2a

Everything I was looking for and more!Wish all the apps were this good!.Version: 5.5a

DianaLove this calculator!.Version: 8.20a

Great job!When I first downloaded this app, I couldn't get sound to work. I sent an email to the authors and I have to say that I have never had such great feedback in my life. They worked with me until they got the bug fixed. All this help for an inexpensive app. I was and still am, very impressed. Great job!.Version: 3.1.1a

Paper tape calcStable,User friendly, love it's many features such as Email options, file saving etc..Version: 3.1.1a

The bestThe best paper roll calculator available..Version: 4.2.3a

AccountantLove the ap. Easy to use ! Where have you been! Great ap.Version: 8.20a

Best calculator/adding machine app everBy far the most robust and comprehensive companion to keep track of calculations. I use it everyday at work and home when I have to perform calculations: the paper roll function is genius and allows me to verify my calculations easily and effortlessly. A must have!.Version: 5.0a

This is great. Works just like it was presentedGreat app..Version: 3.1.1a

Really usefulJust like using a adding machine tape to see each calc step. Can delete / add step caption too. Very good..Version: 8.20a

Calculadora casi perfectaDemasiado versatil, un poquito complicada en unas cosas, quisiera quetuviera posibilidad de cambiar esquema de colores y botones en 3D.Version: 3.1.1a

Great AppLove having a full function calculator in the palm of my hand. You thought of everything! Great features!.Version: 6.3a

Use it regularly!Works great! I love that I can correct and edit columns. It's my 1040 tax buddy!.Version: 4.1a

Nice - works as advertisedThis is a very nice addition to my set of applications that I use at work on my Touch. It's a real alternative to my spreadsheet laptop in a tight spot. The Excel attachment in email worked perfectly where I brought a tabulation directly into my work PC through the email attachment. First time power-up and use was intuitive. Mistakes are easy to correct, and it turns out adding or deleting lines from a running total are simple. The application is both basic, but there are also a lot more features. There is a good help menu and prompts seem to pop-up conveniently, but maybe sometimes too often. The prompts can be turned off, which I did. This is a great calculator for tabulating numbers and as a general calculator that does what it says very well..Version: 4.2.4a

Excellent productIntuitive, well designed and extremely easy to use..Version: 6.15a

Ruban très utileIl ne manque que la fonctionnalité de conversion d'unités diverses (poids, longueur, devises, etc.).Version: 7.2a

Excellent CalculatorThis calculator makes it real easy to efficiently work with numbers. You can easily check your work and correct errors. It eliminates the doubt and resulting recalculations, when a simple adjustment is all that is required. Well laid out and easy to learn. Plenty of help within the app..Version: 3.1.1a

ExcellentGreat, functional and easy to use..Version: 6.3a

.Opens a little slow but does exactly what I wanted. Nice..Version: 3.21a

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