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Material Estimator Calculator App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Material Estimator Calculator app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Material Estimator Calculator? Can you share your negative thoughts about material estimator calculator?

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Material Estimator Calculator for Negative User Reviews

Love it HOWEVER it’s been crashing!!!I love this app however recently this has been a major impact on my business as a contractor and giving it a ONE STAR and the app does not function!!! The app will not open PERIOD! I’ve rebooted my phone and nothing, I click the icon and it starts to open then dies. I’ve left a email to support and nothing. It’s a calculator app not a VR or AR app that changes everyday it should function. So because of this I’m looking for other options and you should too!.Version: 11.0.0

Loved the older designI loved the older look of the app instead of the fake look we have now. The app works great and I highly recommend it to everyone. Much cheaper than the calculator but I use it everyday at work for flooring..Version: 1.2.0

Will not let me use free trialTried several times and wants to charge me… uninstall asap.Version: 11.3.0

Be honest pleaseJust so everyone knows you have to pay to even open this app I know the developer has it listed as free but it absolutely is not. In app purchases are on a lot of free apps which you can refuse but still use the app. You cannot even open this app without paying I’m sure it’s a great construction tool app but people looking for a free one this is not it.Version: 11.3.0

Subscription BasedThere’s absolutely no reason why a calculator should require a subscription..Version: 11.3.0

It’s subscription basedIt’s subscription based..Version: 12.0.6

Great idea, but hardNeed some more instructions with this guys. I got the app to speed up my estimates not make them take ten times longer and still have to double check it as you cant alter the sizes of the gear. Really struggling here guys. Little help please?.Version: 1.2.0

EstimatorVery poor value for money, not simple at all, no facility to switch to metric.Version: 1.2.0

No vale la penaMuy caro 30 dólares al año cuanto en android en 10 por vida no vale la pena.Version: 11.4.8

Dud for MetricDespite this app clearly saying it does metric it only means linear metric measurements. There is no volume measurement in Litres (L) nor is there a weight measurement in Kilograms (Kgs). Likewise Sq.m per L or Sq.m per Kg or any other such metric combination does not exist either. A complete waste of money as a metric materials calculator..Version: 1.2.0

PatheticSo i go to download it because it does t advertise they charge… they show it as free… waste my time waiting on download of f of hot spot go to use it and they want money. What losers. Look if your product is so good. You wont need to trick people into downloading it, they will use it find its great and purchase it. Or you could just put a price tag on it and be truthful. But no, they need to trick you cause your so stupid you don't know a good thing when you see it so they have to trick us. I get so fed up with this kind of stupidity..Version: 11.0.0

Won’t openFor an app that you have to pay for I expect it to actually work when I need to use it but it just flashes when I click on it and goes back to my home screen.Version: 11.0.0

App CrashesLoved this app for years, but recently it will not open. The app just crashes repeatedly when you attempt to open it. If it were free, I’d let it go… but I paid $10 for this app..Version: 11.0.0

Ok if you like imperialNot really a fan of this app. I work in metric and this app is geared up for imperial. I wanted to work out how many blocks for square meters but it's just a bit drawn out. You got to type the measurements in to get the square metres then press "blocks" and it'll tell you how many blocks you need but not sand cement or anything else. Could be really good, but it's not..Version: 1.1.4

Can’t use app offline!I’ve had this app for years, it works great to estimate materials, but the new update made it so if you’re not connected to internet, the app just closes. Un-usable from remote job sites! I have the old school calculator that I bought from Home Depot 10 years ago. Guess I’ll go back to that and delete this app. It’s a calculator! Why does it need internet connection to work?! Ridiculous..Version: 11.0.0

Waste of timeShowing in App Store like it’s free. Then only offers a free trial once it’s downloaded and can’t be used until you sign up to be charged..Version: 11.4.16

Free Trial Is A JokeI downloaded the app only to find out you have to pay for the FREE 7 day trial. If you advertise FREE, that’s what it should be. If your product is good, people will by it once they try it..Version: 11.3.6

HandymanUsed to like this but since last upgrade will not open just said waiting. Wish they would fix was a very useful app.Version: 1.3.0

Not very helpful outside USLooks good - but looks can be deceiving! Useless app if working in metric. I wouldn't have thought it would be too difficult to include a metric option to make the app more universal.Version: 1.2.0

PriceSays it’s free, soon as you open app it wants you to pay a monthly fee in order to use. What a waste of download..Version: 11.4.1

Keeps asking me to payPaid for a year,but app keeps asking me to pay again,and if I don’t I can’t use the app. I love this app,but this is crazy,I can’t ever use it without the subscription screen coming up.Fix this and you got 5 stars,other wise what’s the point..Version: 11.3.0

In response to review titled pathetic.He is correct. Your app does not say in app purchase. Maybe it’s you people who need to figure it out. Definitely tricked into downloading. Only download if your willing to spend money people. Other than that. Don’t bother..Version: 11.4.5

Please fix app update soonIt has not worked in months. I did like it when it worked. I payed for something I'm not getting and don't want to have to do something about that with an attorney if I'm not compensated..Version: 1.3.0

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