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Fun timeIve played this game multiple times since it came out and enjoyed it everytime!!!.Version: 3.0.21

All Awesome except a few thingsThe game genre was a great idea. Overall, Doodle God was an awesome game but a few things let it down: 1. Not long enough The game only takes a couple hours, if that, to complete. 2. Not enough elements or groups Why end the game at 196 elements and 21 groups? I'm sure their could be at least 500 elements and 30-50 groups. And besides, where's the 21st group? 3. There shoud be more levels/checkpoints in the mini game 'MatchTricks'. I'm finding it very difficult to make it past 160 elements, and returning to just 40 elements after an hours work is really frustrating. 4. Why no online MatchTricks? Other than those issues I point out, I found the game very engaging (addictive) and would strongly recomend it to anyone. P.S. I would rate 4.5 stars but I can't, and the game wasn't perfect so I just had to settle at 4 stars..Version: 0

Better than angry birds :)The minigames section is so great! And many of the new elements are also fun. However I do find that the third episode is much less intuitive than the previous two and that elements are sometimes a but silly, for instance, the fact that there is an element for music, one for rock, and one for death metal? Shouldn't they be all in music? Or maybe in a 'fun' category? Anyway, gameplay is as addictive as usual, and with the new minigame you can quickly get rid of the frustration of bot being able to create new elements..Version: 0

ErrrmerrrgrreeeredFun times to be had ❤️❤️.Version: 3.0.9

QualityThis has been thought out and is well polished it deseves its spot. Will keep you amused for hours!.Version: 0

It's good but not the bestThe game is good yes, but having to wait for hints, and tips does get pretty boring, you need a bit of time to actually complete the game ( it took me round 2-3 hours gameplay from 0 elements to 196) and the updates aren't really spectacular. It's a good game don't get me wrong but for 1$ or 59p there are a lot more games that are a bit less plot lacking and entertaining. All in all I'd give this app a go as long as you have time and patience it's good enough, though not the best ( I would suggest and prefer Pocket God) 3.5* 6/10. Good try guys!.Version: 0

Doodle GodOne of the best apps made. The downside of this is that it was over so quickly and it leaves one waiting for more - bit like a movie sequel. I hope they are able to make the updates as good as, if not better than the original. Well done .......Version: 0

Looovvveeee iiittttt👍👍👍👍.Version: 3.0.9

Simple and greatThis game Is really good, it's nice and simple controls make it easy to create really cool things but I wish u could bring back the old creations like the monsters and stuff.Version: 0

Doodle god!Challenging and addicting! Love it!!!.Version: 3.0.19

Good game but please fix this bugSo I had gotten all the way to the world of magic and then the next day I go to log in and my screen goes blank and nothing works then I try to see if I delete and re download it will work well It does but I’m at the very stat again.Version: 3.0.21

Awesome :DLove it.Version: 3.0.19

Brilliant!Doodle God provides a brand new idea. While it might be simple at the start, you really have to think at the later stages. The new hint system is nice how it doesn't give you the answers but instead points you in the right direction while still leaving a challenge to find the write combinations It's the #2 Top Paid App in New Zealand at the moment and I can see why!.Version: 0

FunReally enjoyable. Hard to put down once you start getting the formulas rolling!.Version: 3.0.9

Great game for anyoneI was a bit hesitant to buy this game at first, but after seeing my family enjoying it so much, it has to be the best buck I've ever spent. Will look forward to the next episode. Just plain awesome :).Version: 0

Get over urselvesI don't care what others say. This game is awesome!! It may just be a simple game of combining two elements but that's what is cool and addictive about it... What can u make next!!??.Version: 0

Love it!Well worth the money..Version: 3.0.9

Great, but..The game is great, good idea and the look of it is really inviting, another plus which can become annoying in other apps is that the music doesnt seam repetitive. However once you start getting around the 55-60 number the game starts to become a tap fest. I found myself randomly tapping elements in a sequence with no real thought in the hope something would react. The hints feature is also good but with only two types of hint it becomes un-helpful. I think that a well executed update could do this game wonders..Version: 0

Black screen?I used to have this game years ago and loved playing it, but now since I’ve downloaded it all I get is this black screen with blue orbs flying around, even if I exit out of the game and restart it it still does the same thing. Hopefully it can get fixed..Version: 3.0.21

Very goodFirst off great app. I play it constantly till I finish the episode and am eagerly awaiting the next one. Only one thing: I had much more fun in the first episode because things really made sense. For example: fire and earth makes lava. That's logical. But then in episode 3 everything started, or should I say stopped, making sense and everything was just random, most of the time was spent waiting for the next clue to lead me on some obscure path to the next weird combination. Like hangover and tavern and censor and b-52 are all elements where I think that there are many other things that would be more applicable. This would make the game more enjoyable. Overall, good job..Version: 0

AwesomeGreat game...wish it was longer.Version: 3.0.10

GreatGreat game Throughly addictive when you get the hang of it, mini games are great, it's good they have linked with openfeint in their most recent episode. Very good game I would highly reccomend mostly to people who would like science and physics and how things are made. Once again highly recommendable, a must have game..Version: 0

Awesome Game!This app is great. It is challenging yet not impossible to complete and the in-game hints stop you quitting the app and looking for all the answers on the Internet. I haven't yet finished the game but am enjoying every single element of it. It would be great if the elements could be combined to create a world that you could customize using the elements discovered. This would be great and make me want to play this already awesome game again and again..Version: 0

Awesome gameI love this game, it is totally fun and addictive.Version: 3.0.10

Great gameAmazing game.Version: 3.0.21

Great gameDefinitely worth the one dollar. Would buy again for 5 times as much..Version: 3.0.19

Dudes godPossibly the most entertaining puzzle game ever. Easily the best alchemy type game. Oh and did I mention I would love some updates?.Version: 1.6.1

DoodleGodLove it love it love it, the music is fab when you have made something, it's easy play, it's relaxing and fun and you just can't stop playing once you turn it on. I got onto level 3 and was very sad it was all over! My seven year old loved it although I am not sure knowing how to make cocktails at his she is so useful!! One note make sure you turn off the annoying voice which comments all the time, stick to just music and enjoy it with a great logical mind! It's amazing what you can make with some imagination..Version: 0

Worth itAlthough most of it is trial and error, it's for some reason very addicting. sometimes I used my brains and solved things quite quickly. The quotes along with no penalty for getting them wrong or time limit makes it a great game. Cons: Some things make sense but don't work i.e seeds + water = no plant/flower/tree It'd be funny if Nuclear Bomb + Human = everything gets destroyed and you have to start again XD.Version: 0

So much fun!Seriously recomend this game. I Absolutely loved it, the only downside was the fact that this game majorly drains your battery. Good job whoever created this. I can't wait for the updates!! :D.Version: 0

Doodle God Is AWSMIncredibly addictive , even if they need to update . There's loads of things that should be added though , like Energy + Wheel = Time , Time + Car = Time Machine e.t.c ... Fun to play I give it a five out of five..Version: 1.6.1

Great additionsI wasn't very into episode 3, but I really like episode 4 - the reactions are more straightforward and don't become too specific until you've only got a few elements left, so no more trial and error or relying on the two-part hint system. The new game Bejoined and the quest mode are also fun additions which I can see myself coming back to. My only wish is to be able to see the episode history properly and get to see all the element groups that have been unlocked in the past - something I wasn't a fan of in my last review, and I think still needs fixing - maybe for episode 5?.Version: 0

GoodGood game.Version: 3.0.21

Simple but addictiveA strangely addictive little game, infusing a simple formula with a lot of style. The music is a perfect fit, and the icons are beautifully drawn. There isn't much to the game itself, just pick two elements and hope you get a reaction. But there is a strong sense of discovery and achievement with every combination that works, which can be quite addictive. Unfortunately it can become a little tedious towards the end as there are far too many seemingly sensible combinations that yield nothing, and with only one hint every few minutes there will be a lot of trial and error. It's still well worth the price, though. To the developers: For a future version I'm hoping for many more reactions, also count the discovered reactions not just the elements. I guess it would also be good if there was a bit more of a goal to the game. Maybe there could be a limited supply of elements except for the basic ones. A few of the sounds have poor quality/clipping, but that should be easy to fix..Version: 0

GoodThe start is was easy and then it gets harder the more elements you make but it only took me about 10 minutes to finish so was a bit dissapointed but it was a good game..Version: 0

Only just 5 starsThis game is addicting and all,but the maker is too slow to make new episodes!!! Finished episodes 1 and 2 already and is waiting for 3!!!.Version: 0

Doodle godAbsolutely amazing solo addictive it soo needs more chapters please keep it coming it's soo Hard to put away totally AMAZING man lol keep them coming ;):):):):).Version: 0

This game is so good!!!!Doodle God is so addictive I play It everyday. I am nearly finished it now so I am now sad because I wont be able to play it it is well worth the money unlike most things I have bought. If you have money I recommend buying this game. My friend recommended this game to me and I cannot imagine my IPod without it. This game is alright on the computer but you cannot save it on the computer. Doodle God is great on the IPod. It is good how you can decide on the child friendly mode or the adult mode..Version: 1.6.1

What happenedYou guys NEED to make new episodes it's been years since anything new was added please do something cause I think I'll just have to delete it with how it's going now..Version: 3.0.19

Update Screen For IPhone X’sI love this game but I would love for them to make an iPhone X screen update because I hate the borders!.Version: 3.0.21

Good GameI love this game! I also really like all the expansions off of it and the different quests available keep up the good work!!!.Version: 3.0.19

GoodGreat.Version: 3.0.8

Great GameThis game would be better than angry birds if you's had more elements needed to create. Like I bought this game on the same day i finished it seeing there is only 140 elements. This is constructive Critisism I just want you developer people that I love it and that is why I finished it in about 10 hours including chargin up my ipod every hour or so. So please JoyBits Ltd. make like 300 elements in the next update..Version: 0

GreatAmazing game.Version: 3.0.19

Doodle god please respondI used to play this game quite a lot but I stopped because when I completed this game and did all of the main story and all of the quests and everything else I waited and waited for new updates which took forever to come out and then all the update would be is patches and making the game run better but on the game it says for example on the main story it says don't forget for new updates and then I think to myself what new updates because you never add any new main story or any new quests or any new artifacts so what's the point in playing a game that never updates any of them I'm tired of it advertising that it'll update and give you some new main story when it won't I'm just bored of waiting but it is a good game but giving us fans some actual new content will boost this game foreword so please read this and please take my request into consideration..Version: 3.0.16

Great gameIt's a great game but could be expanded a bit on some elements like music and metal,and you could also make a group called disasters like and tsunami, cyclone, earthquake and also there is life but not death and alot more jobs would be good like a doctor, teacher,builder etc. And lastly you need sports stuff like a ball could be leather + air and hockey could be wood + ball stuff like that,frankly I could go on and on but you guys could think of the rest your self = ).Version: 0

Best Game!!!First played this game on the computer. Best App to have purchased. Completed all 3 versions. You could also add as a group 'Historical Events' or maybe 'Ancient Myths' (prefferably greek). Best App and well worth the money. Constantly being updated with further inventions. Something that you can play anytime for 5 or 25+ mins. If you're confused about buying this game. Get it, it'll be one of the best decisions you ever make!!!.Version: 0

This is a great gameI give this game 5 stars because I could play it for hours on end without getting bored!!!.Version: 3.0.14

Simple and addictiveThe category images are a little bit confusing. It would be good if it didn't go through the whole process of showing the animation for an element combination that you've already found.Version: 0

Update it 2020I still like this game, I reset the game so my daughter can play at the same time..Version: 3.0.21

Fun, entertaining, and gets more challenging as you playIt's fun. It makes you think. It starts easy and gets harder as it goes. I love this game..Version: 3.0.19

GgGreat game, really creative. But I finished this whole game in 3 days.. Everything is good except u finish this game in few days and never play it again after 3 days.. Other than that, GOOD GAME!!!.Version: 1.6.1

Black screenGame won’t load..Version: 3.0.21

AwesomeI really love this game! Continue your updates so we can play again!!! Good job.Version: 3.0.7

An extract from my diaryDear diary, I awoke from my slumber to find my cousin writing a review on doodle god. He pursuaded me to buy it an when I did I found that it was a great buy. With it's nifty illustrations and even niftier plot, I found my self spending the whole day experimenting, discovering and occasionally laughing at the results. I love the idea of it, it is like a comical take on science (but not half as boring as it sounds). The game I quite long though and some combinations didn't really make sense. I also love the logo but I don't get what it has to do with the game. But on a more serious note; •you should have a story mode or something like that so you can use whatever you have unlocked and play as/with it. •create more things to combine and therefor mor combinations •make it so that combinations only work a certain way eg. Air+car= whereas car+air= plane Anyway great game well worth it, HOPE IT HELPS.Version: 0

FantasticGreat job on it must have taken a pretty long time but worked out great the only doubt l have about it is the inappropriate things in it it just makes it less exciting l know theres a child one but it would of been much better rated if it did't have that anyway lm not trying to be a hater but it should be removed great job great imagines to make this hope their will be more to this riddle good job 5 star rating *****.Version: 1.6.1

Incredulously AddictiveI'm always forced to resort to using a walkthrough to get through the literal billions OF BILLIONS of different possible combinations... Yet I always get incredibly excited every time a new episode comes out. :) Keep 'em coming..Version: 0

Excellent gameThe amazing thing about doodle god is not only can you exercise your brain to figure out all sorts of combinations, you are also in for a treat when you find out what you can create. But I really must know when the next episode is coming out, since the last 2 updates have only been for those mini-quests. This is getting quite off-putting, so I'm afraid I can only give it 4 stars. It's still one of the best apps ever though!.Version: 1.6

Episode 4 pleeeaaassseeeeThis is probably the most creative game I have come across so far in my 3 years of iTunes. I can't wait until episode 4 comes out..... :) BTW it says 21 groups not 20 because the 'mythical' category i.e. golem, vampire, treant etc. split off at episode 2 or 3 I can't remember. But it still classifies as a group found. Anyway.... what's up with this FanClub Pass I see on the preview pictures? I wasn't offered that update :( *pout* GREAT GAME - NEED EPISODE 4 NOW!!!.Version: 0

Awesome gameIncredibly addictive can't seem to put my iphone down. Make more games please lol.Version: 1.6.1

Pretty Awesome !Doodle God is like.. one of the best games ever ! :) i really like how you get to create your own elements + that there is a safe mode so if your kids or whatever are going to play that game, then they can't see the inapproprite ( can't spell -___- ) elements like the sexual ones and the killing etc. But i does get harder as you pass more and more cause you want to create more elements but its just sometimes annoying when you have NO idea what elements and what else go together.. and the hint bar takes like 3 or 2 or 1 minute to like refresh and i always have to wait.. But heey , BEST GAME MUST BUY :D.Version: 0

The best gameThistgrj.Version: 3.0.21

Great butOk well there is a problem now I dnt know wether this is a bug or u as the developers have miscounted but there are only 20 groups NOT 21 count it you will see it's 20 it would have been 21 if you had left the mythical being and cretures where it was. And another thing I re-try some combinations the ones I allready have and it does not combine? Like I know that human + computer make cyborg but it doesn't even combine no more? I even double checked in my combination history and it says so there but still Does not make a combination please can u sort this out sorry have to take one star away because of the bugs and some elements and groups have been taken away! Also some of the reactions made seem pointless what the hell is censored? And at one point all I seem to be doing is makeing alcoholic bevrages this is a game about elements not alcohol anyway you need to rethink some of your elements.Version: 0

GoodGood.Version: 3.0.19

Awesomly addictiveCant put it down till your done. About the only thing I wish for is that if you find an element for the 2nd time it shows you then takes you back to where you were rather than reset back to main. Common sense reactions well thought out..Version: 0

Good way to kill timeI bought this game years ago so every now and then I would re install it play around, kill some time to only go online for help 😂😂 it's not a bad game.Version: 3.0.19

Great! Brilliant!This app has a lot of hard work an knowledge behind it, it is evident that the makers if this app researched very well before they put this together. I took my iTouch to school just too play this app! After a while (2-3) days (without cheating) I finished this game, pretty satisfied with myself and how the ending played out, hope to see a brilliant update that gives more and more elements to combine. Pro: liked the easy and quick access into each group and rewarding feeling when u figure the combination before you do it (paper+feather=book). Con: not much bad about this app, quite humorous and easy to get addicted to. A++ work and looking forward to update!!.Version: 0

Doodle God is Awesome!This game is both entertaining and time consuming because it looks good, uses your brain and is lots of fun at the same time. It takes time, but is very rewarding and a good way to spend your spare time. As for the price, it is well worth it and when you look at the quality, it is great value for money. Overall I strongly reccomend this app to anyone, all ages, it is great fun and great value for money..Version: 0

Unbelievably good........NO!I have played and completed this game from start to finish, and I have to say that I love it. For just 59p and all the fun to be had, it's worth going out of your way to get. I'm going to update it as soon as I can. <------ that was the review I was going to give, and then episode three came out, what is all this rubbish, with "censored, absinthe, White Russian, and debt??" as things to combine and make. If you run out of ideas, leave it there. Buy this game, in the knowledge that it will go downhill in the last 56 elements or so..Version: 0

Amazing!!!I love this game, although there is some adult things in here, there’s a child mode and that’s a great addition. I love this game it is so fun to me, to play when i’m bored..Version: 3.0.21

Great funOnly category view is quite hard to navigate sometimes, would be good if had list view. Keep the updates coming - they are awesome..Version: 0

Doodle Gods Number 1 fanOk guys, you may be reading this and thinking, just what makes this game different? Well I shall tell you, EVERYTHING!!!! It is genius, amazing, addictive and inventive. You start out with the basics but it gets so complicated. You will not spend hours on this app, but WEEKS!!! Great game Joybits, keep bringing on the updates. If your reading this and asking why should i buy it? DONT HESITATE. GO FOR IT!!! You know you want to.... Thanks DG's 1# Fan!!!.Version: 0

AwesomeGreat way to pass the time and will keep you amused and thinking for hours. With every new update comes more possibilities. A must have game..Version: 0

UnusualI think that Doodle God has to be one of the best games on the App Store. The quality is superb, and it is very addictive. However, when you are stuck, it sometimes can be tedious. If you get Doodle Devil, some of it's elements are the same and have the same combination as Doodle God, a mini-hint (same with Doodle Farm). FOR FUTURE UPDATES: Make there be more episodes, but keep roughy the same amount of elements. Also, change some or add a few elements, e.g. changing sulfur to something else However, this is an amazing game..Version: 1.6.1

Taught me alchemyI know what your hiding JoyBits and I love you for it! 😄.Version: 3.0.19

Awesome gameIt's really addictive fun and entertaining but some of the things you make don't much up to the picture like the hut you use a human and stone and it's a wooden hut..Version: 1.6.1

AddictiveWaaaaay better than I expected, ridiculously satisfying when you find a new element, very entertaining.Version: 0

The best App I've played on a long timeAfter deciding to see what all the fuss was about I bought Doodle God and couldn't stop playing. Forget Doodle Jump, Doodle God is the new AAA iPhone game!.Version: 0

Worth the moneyThis isn't angry birds but doesn't purport to be. Amusing and creative puzzle, I will buy the upgrade/next level when it arrives, I'm hoping it will be combining more than two items. If you like science get angry birds, if you like magic and fantasy get this, if you like both,as I do,get both. All those detractors who say the game doesn't match the description need to read the full description. This is just the building blocks. The good stuff is still to come..Version: 0

It should be 1star gameThis is the most repetitive and pointless game I have ever brought, combine 2 elements together to create a new one, then repeat over & over again untill you have created everything. There is a few mini games to unlock, which you have to create by combining the correct items to break the monotony, briefly at least. BUT despite this Doodle God is brilliant, you can, and I have sent hours playing this game and the addiction it instills into you to find everything really takes a grip on you and before you know it your low battery warning will appear and you realise that you've spent hours playing. This game really should only get awarded 1 star but for some strange and unknown reason it deserves the full 5..Version: 0

Hmm...This might be just me but I sometimes buy games just because they were on the top 10 at one point. With this game, I didn't bother looking at the pictures or even reading the description... I'm not sure wether I regret that or not. It has no animations. No view of the civilisation you have created.. And no real point... Sure you make eliments out of elements... Great, for some; but not for me. 5\5 because my rating will alter this games overall rating which, as my opinion is not really clear, I don't want to do..Version: 0

Highly recommendLove this game finished it a couple of times and it gets better each time no problems.Version: 3.0.21

My opinionSweeet game!.Version: 3.0.9

5 starsAddicting!.Version: 3.0.9

Fun PuzzleA Fun god themed matchmaking game..Version: 3.0.19

Absolutely extraordinary gameI was left feeling lost yet completely content on finishing from start to finish.. The only bad thing about this game is the fact that I've finished all the levels and just don't know where to go from here.. This game is highly educational, it's been thought through by highly gifted ppl and I've honestly never felt so compelled to learn!!! 7 stars for this beauty.Version: 0

I want moreLoved the concept, loved the graphics, loved the idea that I could share the creative process with my daughter. What a great idea. We did the first 2 episodes in one day between use... where are the rest please? Can't wait for the updates. Currently playing the iTouch version on the iPad. Be interesting to see what the iPad version looks like. Be even "more interesting" to see the costing on the iPad version. I know that if the cost escalates for iPad I wont be getting it. It is the same for all the apps going down the iPad road, lets hope these guys aren't greedy like everyone else. Keep up the great work..Version: 0

Simply Brilliant!The perfect app to kill some time. Seemingly easy and innocent but it's not until you have the last 20 elements to find that it gets really challenging..Version: 0

A Good AppOverall, Doodle God is a good app. It takes the time to explain the process and has many quests and mini games to keep you occupied, with many sister-apps such as Doodle Devil; Doodle Farm and Doodle Kingdom. It is a lengthy game that can take a long time to complete, but there is also the option of using free 'cheats' if you do not wish to wait. There is a spin wheel which can grant hints and free reactions, solving puzzles for you. The graphics are good as is the reaction time of the app; with the small cutscenes in place, the app is overall a very smooth running one. However, spelling can sometimes be a problem. For example, in one notification I have received, the word "genius" was spelt "genious". Overall, though, it is not too much of an issue and does not impact the way the app is run..Version: 3.0.14

AAAHard enough to be interesting with a few easy ones to stop frustration. Has a good hint system that gives you enough to keep going but not so much there is no challenge. More please!!!.Version: 0

(The Best Game For Bored People)If youre looking for an addiction this is it.Version: 3.0.14

GREAT updates!A fantastically addictive game that lets you pair elements, making almost endless possibilities in creating civilisation. Starting with just water, air, earth and fire, you can mix & match to make volcanos, humans, vampires, dolphins, skyscrapers - the list goes on! Haven't played it in a while but after re-installing it there are now LOADS of bonus games & challenges that keep the game going long after you've finished the main Doodle God experience. Well worth the money!.Version: 2.0.5

Fantastic! BUT....Absolutely amazing fun. Always pull it out when I'm waiting for a bus or have some time to kill. 5 stars from me simply for it's ingenuity. However something for the developers to consider... I think the addition of a doodle animation of the world we have created thus far would be great in improving the satisfaction you get from creating new elements, kind of like the one in the app trailer perhaps? I personally think this would be the icing the cake as far as this app goes. 6 stars from me if you implement an animation idea!.Version: 0

I enjoyed thisI can see why some people don't like this.., but for me it was a good time waste for about 5-6 hours , like others have said they don't see the point in the game, but I didn't either, but kept on playing just to see what I could unlock next.. Very addictive , easy to use , should be longer If it's updated. And if you don't understand the game it's 59p .. Come on.. Thumbs up from me..need an update.. Completed it about 10 times over now and still play it.. Bring on the update ... Need more....Version: 0

Fun and educationalIn the beginning it was easy (combining 4 basic elements), but rapidly gets harder as you try to work out the various combinations of materials to advance. I was impressed with the educational aspects; demonstrating how technology builds on progresses that have come before. Graphics and gameplay are excellent - this is a high quality app. I'd like to see developers accept suggestions for new combinations eg humans + cigarettes = corpse. :) I appreciated the light bulb for suggestions when I was stuck..Version: 0

GreatSuper fun and different make sure to keep up with the updates.Version: 3.0.8

Original and addictiveUpdate was cool when it came too. Looking forward to next one!.Version: 0

Best game ever to come to the iPhoneI have an idea for the creators. I was thinking you could possibly follow on with fork off to the magical world and continue on from there. You could have castles, knights, kings, all the medieval stuff along with all their beliefs in witches and magic. You could split some categories up from the monsters and maybe get more specific in creatures and objects to suit their world. You could have the option to switch between the two worlds. Just an idea, hope it helps in future updates :).Version: 0

A lot of work well placedEccellent!.Version: 3.0.9

Pretty goodQuite a good app, very addictive however could use a few improvements. A better tutorial and an in depth explanation of the aim of the game would be great. The reaction history log could be a bit more detailed and there should be a log for reactions that found new elements and reactions for elements that the player already has rather than combining them in one. Also multitasking could work a little better due to the game having to boot up each time you switch back into it. Apart from that quite a good game, kills some time and is quite fascinating seeing what 4 elements can turn into.Version: 0

FunReally fun game..Version: 3.0.19

Very creative.Really enjoyed this game. It is incredibly creative and mind boggling. You need to keep an open mind, especially later on as the elements get more and more diverse and obscure. Keeps your brain working hard and it is truly addictive. Highly recommend! Note to Devs: I think that you should fix the hint/restart bug. I shouldn't be able to reset the hint timer when I restart the app. Also I think the 1st hint should have a shorter timer and the 2nd should have a longer one. 1st hint makes you think more. Would love to see emotions as elements too! Love, Joy, Sadness, Depression, Anger ect..Version: 0

No RegretsI first played this game on my Nintendo Switch and fell in love with it. Never knew it was on the iPhone so now I’m hooked on it on my phone as well! Buy this game trust me..Version: 3.0.21

AwsomeAwsome game, highly recomend it as it is cheap and has hours of intertainment. I just had to keep on playing until I finished it!.Version: 0!!!!!Great game, everyone needs it Please bring back the monsters, philosophers stone, wizard and everything else you got rid off, thanks.Version: 0

Just plain awesome.VERY addictive and challenging, it makes you think. You can play it in a group by sharing ideas. One of my favourite games! I recommend it. 😊.Version: 1.6.1

DoodleGod God!!!!!Love this game! Can't stop playing this game ! Have reset it twice just to Enjoy the game!.Version: 3.0.14

Best time waster ever!!Love it. Played though a lot. Kind of waiting on a next one or some thing.Version: 1.6.1

Good gameFun game to start with but gets a bit dull after a while. It might be a good idea to have a feature in the game where we can actually do something else with our creations other than keep combining..Version: 1.6.1

IncredibleThis app is so simple yet so unique. Indeed it does make you feel like a god by starting out with 4 basic elements and progressing into creating germs, trees, and eventually humans, but the creating doesn't stop there. Not by a long shot. I highly recommend this game. Well worth the money you pay..Version: 0

FunI liek it. ;).Version: 3.0.16

.A pretty fun game.Version: 3.0.14

FunGive your kid an old burner phone and put this on it. They’ll leave you alone. After they beat this give them Doodle Devil..Version: 3.0.21

Woah!This game is soooooo good, and sooooooo addictive!! I've been playiong this game for hours, and still not bored from it!! Definitely worth the money!! One of the BEST apps EVER!!.Version: 1.5

Really great game!I like the addition of all the quests. It makes the game hold its value for a long time..Version: 3.0.9

Awesome game and I would call it a 5 star gameIt is easy at the start but when you get to the end it gets really hard because you have nearly all the elements.Version: 0

Very original... ButI loved this game to begin with. Mixing elements was logical and really made you think. As you progressed however, the creation of new elements started to be formed from the most tenuous of links in particular the supernatural beasts. I managed to get through episode 2 using very few hints, but episode 3 was ridiculous. I had to use hints to work out 90% of the elements. Where is the fun in that? Shame. Great concept, great graphics. I feel I'm being a bit harsh as I did get well worth my 59p of enjoyment from this title. On that thought I will increase my rating from 3 to 4 stars..Version: 0

Best app eva (1.2)This game is personally my favourite game on my touch and in my opinion the best app out there so far so please keep the new versions and updates coming I can't wait!!!!!!! U guys rock can't wait for more. It deserves a lot more than 5 stars.Version: 0

Best gameThis is the best game ever.Version: 3.0.7

EntrancingAnd keeps you hooked! Cannot wait for the next part.Version: 0

Difficult to followThis game is great fun I run around telling people look at this i created this wood and stuff like that I can't stop playing it. It has a great concept and now that it's had been used I'm questioning whether it can be used again I think that it would be hard to use it again without making the exact same game with the exception of doodle devil but overall great game I would like to see another app that can match this but isn't the same game..Version: 1.6.1

Really great game!This was one of the first ever games I had on my iPod a few years ago, I loved it! I played it all the time and eventually completed it. When I got a newer iPod earlier this year I got the game again and it's even better than I remember! Any age could love this game, kids and adults alike. The graphics and animations are great, I really can't fault it. The only thing that makes me out 4 instead of 5 stars is that they try and sell you hints and things sometimes. But you can easily get these without paying at all. Overall it's an amazing game!.Version: 2.0.5

GOODI obviously don't have the mind of an alchemist like most people on here cause I find it quite hard at times even though the concept is simple it is strangely addictive probably down to the quality of the app itself and the way the developers have approached it certainly sets a benchmark for new os4 apps my only request is more and more ambient music for the update but no doubt everyone is anticipating what they have to offer :) well worthy of a place on your iPhone......Version: 0

Good game but over too soonThe game is amazing even offering side quests after the main game is over, but is over too soon with nothing but earning all the achievements left to do.Version: 3.0.21

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I LO❤️E this game❣.Version: 3.0.15

Very funWhat can i say? This game is so fun to play.Version: 3.0.16

Interesting concept with much potentialThis is a great concept for a game. It's unique gameplay really makes it stand out from other iPhone games and it has the potential to be an excellent game. Combining the elements is fun and requires some lateral thinking. However , as others have said as it stands the game quickly becomes repetitive and can be frustrating the further on you get and the fewer choices are left. What this game really needs is a story line. If the choices you made effected what elements you created and in what order that would give you a good base for a more role play game in which different choices gave you a different evolutionary path. If you could challenge other players online who were at the same evolutionary stage, but with different elements you could get a highly addictive form of elemental top trumps which could change this from a 2 day distraction to an overnight global sensation! They've created a great starting point, I just hope they can convert this potential to something worthy of the original concept..Version: 0

Really well madeThis game is very fun, and creative. I love the little mini games and challenges it gives you. It was 100% worth the money!.Version: 3.2.0

Brilliant!Brilliant! Simple concept that really drags you in. Can get a little frustrating once you have most of the elements but the clue system helps you out if you need it..Version: 0

FunSuper.Version: 3.0.8

LaxoraGreat! It's cute, kooky, a bit odd but simple at the same time. The categories can get annoying when you're trying to test heaps of elements between categories, as they switch off easily if you press the blank space. But definitely worth it. I'm sure this app will greatly improve as more updates are released!.Version: 0

Love itI love this game. It’s so fun and I am being completely honest here - I think it might be my favourite game app 😁 I love making new elements and using my noggin to try and work out what combinations you work. Highly recommend!!.Version: 3.0.21

Loved love then again loveI used to play this game when I was like 9years old and so on every summer during summer break also I had summer school.Version: 3.0.21

O.OWhen I first saw this game I thought it was stupid and worthless, however I had $1.20 to spare on a game and some time to waste. I think the concept of the game is just great and if you think of the elements instead of just smashing them together it comes out to be a fun game. If you buy this game and then buy a guide to go with it, it really ruins the game. What's the point of getting a guide to tell you how to make things? That's the whole game in itself. And I'm glade they've got updates with a lot more elements!.Version: 0

Love itAwesome game!.Version: 3.0.19

Elemental mentalVery interesting creating new elements, after creating about 70 elements I got bored. After a week I got back to playing this and haven't stopped since today when I completed the game with all 140 elements..Version: 0

Missing groups?For the record, this is a great game that will you send you to the nut house. It's frustrating yet rewarding and all round addicting. It truly brings out the OCD in us all, and will overcome you with an obsessive nature to find each element before you go to sleep! But, after updating a few days ago, I was playing this morning and was hinted to create a hacker. I immediately went to the computer element and started looking for the group that was on the old version which was represented by a picture of a skull, which was no where to be seen. Basically, the game tells me I have 21/21 groups, yet I can only count 20 on my screen. I noticed this also on one of the screen shots, where there is 15 groups on screen and the bar says 16/21. In both these instances, it is the skull group that is absent. Is this missing group a glitch or have I missed something? It's obvious the elements within this group still exist, as on the screen shot for 'Match Trix', the werewolf is shown which is apart of the missing group?.Version: 0

AddictiveVery cool simple addictive game. Could not put my phone down until I created all elements. Well worth the buy.Version: 0

Nice gameGood.Version: 3.0.9

Doodle godLike god.Version: 3.0.15

Totally awesomeHours of fun here, when I got it some of my friends got it too an it ended up being a race to who could finish it first. Only issue is that every time you exit te game and get back into it the hint returns without having to wait the full timer that is a pain when your trying combinations to beat your friends and they are just doing that lol fantastic game overall tho beat iPhone fun I've had since angry birds..Version: 0

Doodle GodReally good game! I always loved it..Version: 3.0.15

MoistYep.Version: 3.0.15

Great!This is a perfect game, both the gamplay and programming but there is one flaw. Replay value, I finished this game in two days and now I don't know what the he'll to do with it until an update. I'd like to see some of the things they tell you at the end of the game. Overall 4/5 just missing the icing on the top :D.Version: 0

Fun brain gameWhen you get bored and crave a challenge this game is perfect. In this game you mix many different combinations to make different elements..Version: 3.0.19

CmonUpdate it already.Version: 3.0.19

Updates????Keeps me busy!! Good little game, love the funny comments Iv completed though, wheres the updates???? Last one july 2016......Version: 3.0.19

Amazing Game! Great Pace!Love this game! It's really fun and has A LOT of play time, weeks, even months I would say because it definitely slows down a lot once you have lots of elements to try..Version: 2.5.3

Great GameThere is a lot of content in the game and it runs well. I found it to be worth the price.Version: 3.2.0

Hours of FunHighly addictive! Fun for all ages.Version: 3.0.7

It goodIt’s alright.Version: 3.0.21

Addictive asA highly addictive game that still needs more chapters. Can't wait..Version: 0

Five starsI think that the hints were good ideas because in the game if you're stuck on something the hints help you through. I like the story shortened to give an idea of what happens next for example, when god thought that magic should go to humans. All the other fans of this game I also recommend to do the quest like Run Santa run I thought it didn't make the game too small it just made it bigger. (This part is to the developer of doodle god) I would like to donate to you so you could keep developing doodle god but unfortunately I do not put credit card numbers on the Internet so I can't donate. :( My overall rank for this game is: excellent, fun, adventurers and awesome! Ps: Special thanks to the creators of doodle god.Version: 1.6.1

Love itSo creative.Version: 3.0.9

Doodle GoodI think this game is fun, addictive and challenging! The game starts off simple and coincidentally teaches you the controls and the theme of the game. It is a great idea and a unique style of game. Once you progress through the game, you have to think hard to find a new element (or you the amazing tip option)! I love how creative some of the ideas for elements are and since we've been told there are several planned updates, I can't wait to discover more elements! I was more than willing to give an optional donation to the company (an in game option) and it's an all round top game!.Version: 0

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