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Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies? Can you share your negative thoughts about hulu: watch tv shows & movies?

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Not Accessibility FriendlyI’ve only had this app for a half an hour and I’m already so frustrated with myself for downloading it. I’m visually impaired, and while this app states that it has audio description it is impossible to use. I can’t find it anyway err on even the shows and movies it states has it, and when I go to the website to change it like it says I should it just gives me a description of what the feature is supposed to do instead of activating it. On this note, there is no way to find your continue watching. Where you can usually find shows and movies you have left off on other apps, this doesn’t have one, and if it does it need to be more easily accessible, even for beginners. It also didn’t save any of my shows/movies I clicked on that I’m interested in watching. Their “My Stuff” which I woul assume to be like Netflix’s “My LIst” only saved two of my shows I clicked on out of my eleven and one of my movies out of the eight. Over, extremely disappointed in the app and myself for having higher hopes in it..Version: 7.7

Latest update crashes instantlyHappening again. For a week now the app instantly crashes. Didn’t get any refund last time when it did it for nearly a month. Doubt I’ll get one now. This was my first streaming service but have enough others now that it’s time to delete. The app itself is pretty good. Wide selection. Annoyingly doesn’t have a skip intro feature and when playing picture in picture it won’t immediately load next episode but these are small things. Most recent update has screwed the pooch. Instantly crashes as soon as you open it. Have tried power cycling, deleting app and reinstalling. Please fix. Kind of annoying that subscription apps often take a long time to fix these things (looking at you HBO) but don’t give any refund on their monthly charges. A few days is understandable but it should extend your next billing date. Paying for an unusable service, especially when stuck in isolation with limited options for entertainment is not good..Version: 7.23.2

DisappointedLive, this works fine. I got this for watching soccer and football. I often need to record, and watch same day. Recording has been an absolute disaster recently with nfl games and World Cup. Recordings don’t show up. Other ones are chopped, with the endings missing. One game, they seemed to think was happening 8 hours after it was played and when I sat down to watch 4 hours after game, it said the game wasn’t played and then when it did show up, it was junk off the station. It’s frustrating, and at this point I’m giving up and moving to a different service. I’ve used competitors before and not had this much an issue. Don’t get me started on the gui, also. It’s difficult, but I’d deal with it if I got recorded what I wanted. Maybe this won’t matter to you, after all most people pick streaming for content. But look elsewhere if you need to record live sports. These guys are clueless..Version: 7.46

Up next fiascoI don’t understand the algorithm behind the episodes listed in “up next”. It is so annoying to have to exit that list and go back to “my stuff” to watch another episode every single time that I cannot give more than two stars. They’re not even in “my stuff”, and why would anyone want to watch random episodes of different shows one after the other instead of watching consecutive episodes of a show? Who does that? But that’s not even the point. I would rather see the new episodes of the shows in “my stuff” in the “up next” list than a bunch of episodes of random shows. For instance, I see the option of adding individual episodes to a list called “my episodes”, which cannot be accessed anywhere. Basically a blackhole. Why not add the episodes in “my episodes” to “up next” and give users the ability to manage the “my episodes” list? Just a thought....Version: 6.3.1

BuggyShows are good but delivery is buggy. I’ve only subscribed to version with commercials: coming out of commercials the sound is usually out for the 1st ~3-5 seconds, if you feel the sound was important & you rewind, it will make you watch all the commercials again (& the sound will likely be out on the other side of the commercials again— so there is no way to hear that part). Sound never goes out during the commercials (their priorities are clear). Sometimes a block of commercials will be presented & there will be a challenge loading the show after the commercials & the app will give up, if you restart it you definitely watch the same commercials, but you only maybe get to watch the show. Seems like the obvious fix would be to get the commercial-free version, but the difference in price is pretty steep & if they do such a poor job of delivering the cheaper version I have little confidence they would be able to provide an adequate premium product..Version: 8.2.0

UpdatesWhy do the updates have bells and whistles but no improvement in functionality? Now when I look at something to possibly add to my queue, when I return to the previous screen it starts waaaaaay at the beginning and I have to scroll again!! What a waste of time!!!!!! The queue doesn't update properly! I really hate to look at what I don't want to. The old version was much better. There needs to be a "revert to previous version" button for all of the updates on programs. Since when is it ok to make people use substandard products that you have to pay for? And, I will NEVER buy anything advertised because the commercials are sooooooooo obnoxious. The same commercial every time. No thanks! The November 22, 2014 update is worse now than before. And, it buffers all the time. The only streaming app worse than this is paramount plus..Version: 7.47.2

Make it easier to switch plans!As a new user i of course decided to go with the cheaper plan to “try it out”. i haven’t even gotten thru the first episode of the show i was dying to watch and i’m already so over all of these ads! the option to upgrade isn’t even on the app.. i had to go log in on the web which again requires way more clicks than necessary.. although after reading reviews i guess it’s a good thing it’s not so easy because apparently you have to wait until your current subscription is cancelled which completes a month later!??? OMG! you’d think you would want to make your new subscribers experience the best.. again you should make it easier to upgrade or start everyone out with the BEST plan first.. and then give them the option to switch once the free trial ends.. just saying.. i don’t plan to cancel right away.. i guess i’ll leave it on during the free trial and use the app if i’m that desperate to watch an episode i’m willing to sit thru the same ads over and over every few minutes while trying to get thru an episode. best believe my subscription will be cancelled as soon as the trial is up! so disappointing! ugh!.Version: 6.4

Wack af when it when it’s not allowed to play commercialsEver since I paid for commercials to be off this app it’s so hard to stream on GOOGLE CHROMECAST and my iphone. It’s doesn’t stream well at all. If leave the app on my phone I have reconnect to Chromecast. Whatever I’m watching starts over. Cant fast forward until I close the app three more times while still having to activate streaming to or just watching on my phone because there’s no in picture viewing. If I close the app to take a call or check a text the app closes. Show starts all again. This has been consistent since started paying for no commercials. Idc how many updates y’all have applied they still don’t apply to my issue with this app because I still have issue on my iPhone. Regardless of the fact I have a older mode Chromecast. Every one else’s app works just fine on it accept this one. Literally..Version: 7.19

New app design terribleI don't normally take time out day to simply bash apps on iTunes but this new app redesign was so freaking terrible I couldn't get the bad taste out of my mouth so here I am. Tiles really guys seriously and not just tiles poor and restrictive ways to view shows I can't just get a bunch of small icons like before that give me optimal information no I need to thumb through every single tile to see anything well I guess the days of me discovering new shows is over because even browsing your data base is a nightmare so on my iPad Pro 12.9 I see 4 tiles at a time where as before I would see like 20 or more on my old iPad 9.7 inch this is absurd I advise if you do not want to lose people just in the settings simply add a legacy mode switch to the UI so us who aren't mouth breathing idiots can enjoy browsing your selection. Ah I feel a bit better now we'll back to struggling through your terrible UI which will most likely lead to me cancelling my subscription.Version: 5.7

DisappointingThe most expensive streaming service seems to have the most flaws, in my experience. Unfortunately, the help forum is anemic and the issues do not seem to be addressed - at least not in four months. The app will periodically shut down or the playback pixelates. Sometimes, there just won’t be any sound. I’ve not been able to find a way to report problems. Other services make it very easy and have far less problems. Despite paying for the “No Ads” option, there are still ads. You have to dig in to how they define “no ads” to see they mean “less ads.” I call that a misnomer at best; it feels like misleading. If you want to answer a text, expect the app to work as an insert screen for a few secs and then stop working. When you reopen the app, it will either keep trying to initialize and just not work until you shut it down and restart, or it’ll have lost your spot. Never fret, it will definitely make you sit through the same ads, again..Version: 8.2.0

Over commercialization successful.I’m a capitalist I get trying to squeeze a little more profit out of your service, but this is taking it too far. Then you make it worse by making FF or RR anywhere near the commercials an invitation to watch the whole set of commercials, 200+ seconds of commercials to be exact, again! Oh and you manage to get through the commercials to start watching your show and the app locks up. You have to restart the app. Then you restart your show. Remember those commercials you watched right before the app locked up? Yep. Better get ready to sit through those same commercials again. Mind you all this is on the less commercials plan that costs extra. I was really happy with the live TV plan until you went nuts with the commercials. Now you want $90 dollars a month? I can get cable or satellite for that much. I’m gonna try other services like Direct TV, PlayStation Vue or Sling. Shameful..Version: 7.36.1

Tech issues galoreI have been paying for the most expensive live TV package, almost $100 a month and I have been having tech issues almost from the start. I have called them numerous times to try to get the issue fixed and nothing works. The issue is that out of nowhere, the sound stops working, I then have to get out of the app and go back in and try to find whatever I was watching again. This happens at least five times a day. For the amount I pay I should not be having so many issues as often as I do. I am tired of calling them, and they do not find why this keeps happening, and their only solution was to refund me the money and cancel my subscription. I am going to look into another service as of next month, given the fact that there are many others to choose from that happen to be less expensive. Don’t waste your money on the live tv.Version: 7.50.1

How hard is it to make a streaming app?A textbook display of mediocrity. Does it play your videos? Sometimes. Does it remember where you stopped your last video? Almost never. Is it easy to rewind 10 seconds to see that bit again? Sure, as long as you watch all the commercials again. I can’t figure out if the developers are just incompetent or purposely making it difficult to find your show so you have to watch more ads. The app never remembers where I stopped my last video and instead starts me 5-6 episodes back. Want to rewatch a show you’ve already watched? Well get ready because it remembers when you watched episode 4 last time 3 years ago, you stopped the show during the credits, so obviously that’s where we should pick up again. Letting a show autoplay? What episode comes after episode 7? Obviously it’s episode 3 so we can rewatch all those other episodes..Version: 7.39

AHHHHHHHOk so I don’t actually use this on my iPad but I downloaded it so I could write a review of what’s happening in my tv. Ok so I got it to watch modern family and mha, and every time I try to watch ANY show, it glitches and keeps loading and says it can’t play it. EVERY TIME. Usually I just have to completely go back to profile screen and my tv’s Home Screen to watch one episode of a show. But a couple times I’ve had to UNPLUG MY TV in order to watch a stupid show from this stupid stupid STUPID app. And then when I updated it on my tv I was so relieved that these problems would stop. But no, ALL THEY DID WAS MOVE THE OPTIONS TO THE OTHER SUDE OF THE SCREEN. They must not read any reviews, because from what I can tell on not just the App Store everyone is having this problem. So developers, I warn you, be better business people and read and fix what customer reviews say, or I will cry because it’s just making me more stressed..Version: 7.50.1

Don’t use it!!! Worst app and customer serviceHad to pick a star but they deserve zero!! Don’t waste your money! I used them 6 years ago and could never get anything to constantly play, ended up dropping their service. Decided to try them again now hoping maybe things would be better many years later and once again on two different internet providers we could not watch anything just within the week of signing up. Everything else plays just fine on our Roku and Fire stick, even live TV has no issue. Called customer service and they refused to refund me my 70 bucks because it shows on their end it has been at 100%. Interesting because all we get is “sorry not available at this time” and kicks you out constantly. Still they refused to help. Will never use them again. Learned my lesson after such poor customer service. Luckily there are way better provider apps!!!.Version: 7.39.3

Laughable Technical BugsNow that they’ve finally upgraded their library so that the majority of their movies aren’t straight to video titles from 10-20 yrs ago, as it was a few yrs ago, you’d think they smooth out their technical bugs. But no, they STILL have the following bugs on roku: -if you happen to fall asleep while bingeing a series, whenever you come back it will ALWAYS go to the farthest you’ve gone in a series, even if the last time you stopped at an earlier episode; - the rew/ff buttons are so slow that unless you want to wait a minute you have to keep your finger pressed down in the other buttons; “Continue Watching” excludes certain titles (no rhyme or reason as to which ones) so you either have to find the title again or go to “My Stuff” to continue; -if you watch w/ the subtitles on, it will overlap with the hard coded subtitles or credits (other streaming apps move them temporarily at the top). And on iOS, if you happen to use a different account later, there is NO way to log out of your existing account. The fact that they’ve had these same bugs for AT LEAST 3 YRS AGO is borderline hilarious. Especially as they’re charging close to the prices of Netflix, HBO Max, etc. Will never pay again for this service until they fix these bugs, which you don’t see on any other streaming apps, really..Version: 7.36

Buffering, Glitches, Selection or Movies and Shows, and ADSSBuffering and Glitches• The app has a nice selection of shows and tv shows. But it buffers and glitches A LOT!!! This makes it hard and annoying to watch stuff. It took me 20 minutes to get a movie started. I had to constantly restart the app and exit in and out of the app; to stop the glitches. I’ve checked my WiFi and it works perfectly. You would think with the updates it has they would have already fixed the constant buffering, loading, and glitches. It gets to the point where I can’t, don’t, or want to even bother to use the app. Selection of Movies and Shows• Another problem which isn’t that big is the selection of Movies and Shows. Don’t get me wrong it has an “okay” selection but they don’t update it that much. They don’t have much of the movies or shows I’m looking for. A lot of the shows they have aren’t that popular. I find it hard to not rewatch most of the same stuff. I’ve had this app for a year now and have watched mostly everything I’m interested in. Commercials• The commercials and constant ads in the app make me go CRAZY. There are so many commercials. I just want to watch something without commercials every 10-15 minutes. With all this I recommend Netflix or another app to watch stuff. But if you are looking for a specific show that is anti popular this app probably has it. The app has issues where it gets to the point you don’t want to use it..Version: 7.1.1

For sports on ESPN, not goodMany very frustrating glitches and bugs. We tag many sports on ESPN+ into My Stuff. After the game is over tho the game does not appear in My Stuff unless you force quit the app and relaunch. How hard is it to program a refresh of My Stuff content when I open the app? Worse, when watching the game suddenly stops and says “can’t play this content right now”, and the game disappears from My Stuff. Hours later maybe it reappears but forgot our place in the game. Now absolutely the worst, can’t use search anymore to find games and even put them into My Stuff because the search tab says “weak connection” even tho the app has a great connection and can access other content and live TV. So beguiling that they’re happy to take your money and increase the cost every few months while the app gets buggier and buggier. Please use that extra money to pay for some decent and conscientious developers!.Version: 8.3.2

Horrible serviceI been calling these people every month for the past 4 months always an issue with my account. They say they fix it and it’s literally a Band-Aid for the time being. Constantly having to reset my password. Can’t log in my home because it’s telling me I’m not home. Can’t watch on my phone because my home location keeps being removed. Somehow I called them and all they can say is they can give me a weeks credit when I’ve been dealing with these issues for four months now. Spoke to the highest customer service rep I can speak to and that’s all she can offer me as one week and after being on the phone for an hour, she tells me I got a call when I get home to do this all over so they can reset my home location. Worst service ever. As the time goes by their service just gets worse and worse but yet they want to keep charging more I don’t pay $100 a month to have such horrible service..Version: 8.2.0

Great Content. Terrible layout.I love the shows on this platform. But I run in to so many problems with quickly starting where I left off after my previous view sessions. It takes me a minute or two to get back to the episode I was watching, WHICH IS A PROBLEM I DONT INTO WITH ANY OTHER PLATFORMS. Very disappointed with the customer inference & the interaction I have had with it so far. The way the system works causes strain which SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. I am a very tech savvy person too. But this app makes it 10x more strenuous to operate. Using this app opposed to others is a terrible experience.. The only reason I continue paying for this is because the content is great. I am very disappointed with the customer interface being a new customer. Its 2020, hope you know how to fix it. Sheesh. I’ll be sure to be talking to my friend about this too. Hopefully they get this fixed up soon. Lots of potential. Terrible platform performance so far. Don’t even get me started when I get gypped by watching 2 long adds in a row. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 6.15

What in the actual f*&kHave you ever actually used you own app? This is the worst user experience I’ve ever, well, experienced. Nothing makes sense, nothing is intuitive, and everything is horrible. Other streaming apps have the pause button in the middle of the screen, and some even make it that when you tap the screen the show/movie pauses. Your pause button is hard to find and never works. The same with the back and forwards buttons. You really need to run this through some usability evaluation trials before pushing it out. You might find that nothing, from finding an episode of a show to scanning through a movie doesn’t actually work. And then you might find that it doesn’t work half the time anyway, and I have to restart it a few times to even watch a show I can’t find or sort through. Just a suggestion. You do have good content, and I appreciate that..Version: 7.34.1

QualityI like watching my shows on my laptop. At first, the show I’m currently watching (Naruto Shippuden) had great quality but towards the end of season 1, the quality was the worst it’s ever been. It’s very pixely. I tried restarting my computer and reconnecting to the wifi and when that didn’t work, I figured if I downloaded the app on my computer, it would didn’t. I checked to see the quality of other shows on my phone and laptop and they were normal. I couldn’t find anywhere else to watch the show so I just sucked it up and continued watching. However, when I checked again today (because it’s slowly eating me up) the quality on the app on my phone was just as bad. Please, PLEASE fix this on both your app and website. I’ve read other reviews with people saying they’ve been having this problem for months and it still isn’t fixed. Thank you..Version: 7.16

App almost never starts on the right episodeApp is super annoying! Almost anytime I leave watching a show even for 5 min when the app is still open, it can’t figure out where to restart my show! Almost always plays on an entirely different episode, most of the time 6-7 shows behind where I’m at, even in the middle of a show. I always have to search for the show again and go down the episodes till I find the one with half a bar indicating I’m not finished with that episode. Even clicking on the continue episode doesn’t work and you can’t view the other episodes unless you click on the correct show square since the show comes up in your keep watching and as a show on the homepage, yet keep watching doesn’t allow you to view all episodes. It’s super annoying and makes me want to go back to only Netflix.Version: 7.39.3

Please Either Fix Your App Or Be TruthfulHere’s addition to my last comment - we have an Internet speed up to 1 GB and my husband is a programmer/analyst for a living, so we know the issue isn’t on our end. But will you please upgrade your servers so your app doesn’t constantly idle and lose connection. We pay for no commercials but STILL get them ALL the time. Constantly buffering. I’m a teacher so I used to use this for documentaries but now whatever you did I no longer can. Don’t even get me started on your ‘Continue Watching’ section! I have shows I’ve never watched all over it and can never find the shows I ACTUALLY AM WATCHING! And what the hell is it with eliminating episodes after only watching them once?! I started watching a series, one was Nancy Drew, the rest of my family wanted to watch the older episodes to catch up and they’re gone! What the hell! This is a brand new series people! Either fix your dam app or be honest about how you have things set up! Seriously!.Version: 6.12

Doesn’t Like ChromecastIt utterly baffles me how this app can continue to be riddled with glitches in terms of connecting to Google Chromecast. This can’t be an uncommon method of viewing and yet the app cannot maintain connectivity for more than a few moments. And I don’t mean that in the sense of video disconnecting from the TV, but the app as remote quickly loses its ability to function as such. The pause function doesn’t respond on iPhone Lock Screen or on the opened app, and I have to exit out of the app to reconnect to Chromecast. This often results in either the episode starting from the beginning and thus losing my place and/or it repeats the advertisements again that I had just seen instead of resuming the episode. Again, it’s just maddening to me that this is somehow still an issue. Seems an easy thing to fix. I Don’t have this problem with other streaming apps..Version: 7.25

Not special needs friendly. Don't give them a centThey have the volume for the ads at triple the volume the shows are at. They don't care if you have sleeping children or a sleeping partner in the room. They don't care if they scare the living daylights out of people every ten minutes. They don't care if you're autistic or have sensory issues or have children with sensory issues or have trauma related to sudden noises. The difference in volume is so startling, you will throw whatever is in your hand, drop the baby, and pee your pants. Everyone needs to report them to the FCC, it's really easy. Don't bother reporting it to their customer service, they are very transparent about the dramatic volume difference being a scam to get you to pay for premium- which still has ads. I love Bob's Burgers but no show is worth shattering whatever is in my hand and I'm running out of babies to fling. They take ten months to grow, you wads..Version: 8.3.0

Even worse after newest update if that’s believableThe screen flip to landscape doesn’t always work and before it goes to full screen, I often change the show my accident because you guys insist on showing a list or que of shows beneath the playing video it’s really frustrating when a show just randomly changes because i accidentally touch somewhere i didn’t meant to by adjusting the angle of my phone just to get the screen size larger and make it actually go to full screen. On top of that problem, I can’t tell you how many times i have started watching a show by hitting next only to realize that the app has started me several episodes back and doesn’t track the episodes i have just watched instead of tracking the few i watched the night before it just starts me wherever it thinks i left off. And with the newest update, now I literally have to go to setting and choose the best quality streaming option when i am not on wifi or the audio will not work in the app at all. I usually have to do this several times to get it to actually work, and I have to do it anytime i start using the app off wifi. Why don’t your settings work correctly, why does this bug exist have not enough people reported it or does the developer team not care lol. So BUGGY almost as bad as the HBO Max app..Version: 7.49

Could be way betterAt first I loved this app then after using it for a awhile I found all the glitches. The time it takes to download a movie and all the buffering makes it difficult to even watch a show or a movie. I pay the extra for no commercials but by the time it buffers 25 times through the movie or show.... I give up. It never used to do this so much but now it’s all the time. I go to the other competition movie app and it doesn’t do it on that app so I know it’s not my internet. Did you get rid of someone that knew what they were doing tech wise??? Also they used to change the movie choices more often and have newer movies, even better that the competition, but now the movies are always the same and all OLD movies and horror film it’s boring and sickening. There used to be more choices, what about PBS, what about getting up to date history channel. I’d like to see some historical dramas and movies!! I pay my fee each month and I’m barely getting good use out of the app. I Really think I’ll discontinue my subscription..Version: 6.13.1

Hate using this to cast to a tvA lot of times I’ll start watching an episode on my phone and then move to the living room and cast it to the tv. It almost always messes up when I do this. Even when I start watching an episode by casting to the tv it often messes up. The main problem is that it will lose its place where it was in the episode and makes you start over. When you go to fast forward to where you were, you have to watch the beginning of show commercials, AND the commercials right before the spot you’re locating. I’ve also had it randomly change what show or movie I was watching but since it makes me watch commercials first, I don’t realize it until afterwords. Basically I just watched 6 minutes of commercials before being able to find the spot I was previously watching on my phone. And this is not the first time that has happened…It should not be this difficult when other apps have no problems..Version: 7.43.2

Yay an app that we pay for that doesn’t workLike everyone else says, listen to commercials (for an app we PAY for by the way), miss the first 5 seconds of the show we’re watching, hit rewind for 10 seconds but THEN you have to watch those 2 minutes of the SAME STOOPID COMMERCIALS all over again. This app is making me wish for cable again! Update now on top. This is getting OLD REAL QUICK! FIVE MINUTES — YES!!! FIVE MINUTES — of commercials for LESS THAN TWO MINUTES OF THE SHOW!!! And that last one was with only ONE FREAKING MINUTE OF THE SHOW LEFT! Yay. An app. That I pay for. That shows commercials that last up to 2:30 minutes every 2-3 minutes of video. This is beyond stupid. All day long today, every 20-30seconds you’re running adds for minutes and minutes. Why are we PAYING for an app that shows more commercials than the shows / movies we want to watch?! Update: more commercials than content. Literally. 2-3 minutes of commercials every 2 minutes. FREE TV IS BETTER. Continued. After 1 minute and 33 seconds of show, MORE COMMERCIALS CAME ON. 1.45 minutes of commercials!.Version: 8.1.0

Keeps getting worseDon't subscribe if you like live TV. In the middle of the action it will give an error message and either freeze or it will make you acknowledge the error, it closes and goes back to the main menu. Does this every 3 minutes so I missed the results of last weeks amazing race and todays Masters. Getting anyone at customer service is impossible and requires me to log into my acct via my computer and allow them to track my location. No other company requires that just to view my own account information. It's usually optional. One of their latest error messages says the problems could be due to the internet connection but we have Google Fiber so we're very stable there. I also agree with everyone else about the ads, it's way to frequent and way too many. I don't even bother trying to watch any of their series because it's so annoying. Don't companies know no one actually watches commercials? Too easy to jump on my phone or computer or leave the room to do something else to not pay attention. So to recap, don't get this if you like watching live sports or weekly episodes. You will miss all the action at the most critical moments. Not worth the price!.Version: 8.3.2

Objectively worst streaming appSometimes I have to restart the app three times before it’s usable. First the main screen doesn’t scroll, then theres no sound, and consider yourself lucky if the full screen button works. If you dare to use this app with an AirPlay device, you are likely to experience: No autoplay next episode, or if it does start a new episode it just crashes instantly. If the episode ends before you can open the app and press “play next”, it crashes. Crashes if you try to use the time slider on the app instead of your device remote. Crashes if you leave the show paused for more than a minute or two. And if you’re not using AirPlay? How dare you. Random bouts of video controls not working at all requiring restart. Never remembers where you are in an episode and restarts from beginning. Also, just randomly crashes in the middle of episodes. Maybe every other episode. How a multi-billion dollar company passes off an app this awful is stunning to me..Version: 7.50.1

Poor user interfaceThis app is riddled with bugs and faults that only seem to get worse with every update. The layout is poorly designed and often forces users to close the app completely then restart the app in order to get the “ continue watching” row to be available. I appreciate the ability to search for other shows but there needs to be a way to lock the bottom half of the screen in order to prevent accidentally selecting another option listed below the video. The app is often laggy or slow and downloads only work sometimes. Not to mention the lack of quality options for subscribers to watch, more than half of the movies are available on basic TV, the rest are newer movies that did not do so well in the box office. With all the money being charged to customers the selection of movies ought to be higher rated and newer. Am I ready to cancel my subscription? No, but if the user interface of this app doesn’t improve cancellation is next..Version: 8.1.0

Really should be Zero StarsReally, the ad system is completely fubared. One, the ad timer is now a lie. Ads timers are now never less than two minutes. And when that timer runs out, the ads keep going. Up to six minutes+ at times. And that is just one ad break. Really if I could find some of this stuff on sat or cable I would have to deal with less ads that way. Two, the ad timers are hard breaks fixed in the show. If the transition messes up from ad to show, and the show timer progresses while not displaying the show because it hung up at the end of an ad? If you try to rewind to see what you missed, well get ready for another four minute+ ad break because you rewound into the break. Three, the transition messes up at times, either delaying giving you the show, but the play timer is progressing and dumps you into the show at the point the hang up finally resolves. Or it resets the show to the start. Four, you can’t even effectively fast forward in case of a restart. Because the app will force you to watch each break you fast forward over trying to get back to where you are. Hit two or three, and you can run out to pick up dinner and still get back in time. Five, the ad algorithm is strange. I’m watching a dubbed anime, why do you think a Spanish language commercial will do anything but be extra annoying?.Version: 7.43.2

Several ProblemsMy biggest issue with the app is that certain episodes won’t download. For example, episodes 1-3 of a show might download then 4 will refuse to. For someone who relies primarily on downloads, this is a pain. Also, some episodes are missing entirely from certain shows. This may just be a copyright issue, but with all the other issues this app has, you never know. More recently, I’ve been having a problem where episodes I’ve downloaded won’t play. I end up having to close the app and open it again just to make the episode play. And often it won’t save my progress if I stop in the middle. Finally, when I try to remove things from My List, some shows won’t leave. It says they’re not in there anymore, but they still appear in the feed. Honestly, the only reason I’m giving this app any stars is that I enjoy the content. I would be much happier, however, if they could fix these problems..Version: 7.8

Glitchiest streaming app out thereI constantly have issues with this app. First off, the ads will double or even triple up sometimes, you can be stuck watching over 5 minutes of ads (each saying they will last only a minute and a half) in a row for about 3 minutes of show watching time in between. Secondly, the audio will occasionally not start up when beginning to watch a show, no matter what you do to start it up it won’t begin unless you completely get out of the app or even have to delete it and redownload it. Sometimes the ads will get skewed on the shows timeline so in the middle of a scene or dialogue the ad will begin without any warning. The shows will also occasionally just be a black screen (with or without audio it depends) for the entirety of the show run time. In addition, the subtitles will get messed up and pop up way after the dialogue has been spoken. I’ve never had more trouble trying to work an entertainment app before. If you’re gonna put so many ads in this app, make sure they don’t completely screw up the show watching experience, I’ve never been so frustrated trying to watch a show..Version: 7.49

PLEASE FIX, APP WONT OPEN,CRASHES EVERY TIME I OPEN IT!!!!How strange I write a review but App Store won’t post it‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😡😡😡😡😡 Ever since latest update of week of April 20th 2020, the app crashes every time I click to open it, it won’t open it closes fast, faster than in the blink of an eye!!! This is a paid subscription that I pay more than $130+ a month for, could the developers please fix this asap!! Why should it be necessary to leave a review and never receive a reply and for it to come this far? Don’t you get paid to supervise the application enough to know there’s this huge bug or glitch whatever it is that it won’t let the PAYING CUSTOMER watch the programming without the unnecessary stress?!?!? Will this issue ever be fixed?!?! Going on a week now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think you want your customers cancelling, let us know what’s going on, update us I think we have a right to know what’s going on and not be in a loophole!!!!! Way too many ads, I pay for Ad Free TV and it’s way too many repeated ads over again!!!! Kids filter should be updated for safer TV!!!!!!.Version: 6.15

Never ending issues once againBefore I start I’d like to say that it’s pointless for us to even give them reviews on ads or anything of the sort because they don’t care and only care about making money NOT giving us good service. MANY of us have said the same thing over and over again about the ads , even years ago. 💢And it still hasn’t changed if that says anything💢. I’ll change my rate the second you change me getting ads every 3 minutes/ every time a new episode comes on or even every time it gets interesting. It could at least be every 10 to 15 minutes. It’s really annoying that I can’t even understand what’s happening in my show because I don’t get enough time to even watch it without a ad popping up. So that’s for a freaking review. ❌No I don’t recommend this app❌if you can’t afford the best plan. which I cliched the wrong one so I have to deal with this now :), because I’m not paying them $13 to $15 when they do this when you have ads. Completely ridiculous..Version: 7.32

So many commercialsSince the majority of streaming apps have raised the prices beyond what many of us can afford I decided to try Hulu’s lower price option that includes ads. It is however pretty much unwatchable given that an ad appears literally every ten minutes. It’s incredibly frustrating. Also every time you rewind or fast forward you have to watch another group of ads before tuning back in even if you just finished an ad break minutes before. In the years past when I did pay full price the app still seemed quite buggy. It’s a shame since they do have an interesting selection of programs to watch. They do not however have enough selection to justify the crazy high price point. We the consumers need to stand up and stop paying such outrageous prices until these greedy folks get the message..Version: 8.3.2

Commercial overloadI really like the app but two things turn me off about it. The first is that when picking a show they play too many commercials. Once you pick a show they play 90 secs of commercials, then they play the opening credits for your show. Then they play another set of commercials before playing the show. Then they play 2 more sets of commercials during a show that is only 22-25 mins. After the show is over they play another set of commercials before and after closing credits. I know that it is only 90secs but this adds up and makes me disinterested in watching any shows. The other feature I dislike is that when trying to watch “live tv” even when you pick that option they will make you watch the show from the beginning. Then you have to fast forward to live tv, after watching commercials of course......Version: 6.6.2

Commercials and streaming serviceSo, for the commercials I don’t mind watching. However if you want to rewind to watch a scene before the commercials break you have to watch 3 minutes of commercials (1 min when you first pass through, 1 min when you rewind, and another minute when you pass through again). It’s kind of annoying that it does that and doesn’t save that you already watched the ad breaks like other video streaming platforms. In addition, I get a lot of problems with the streaming service. Like the episodes won’t load and it tells me to come back later or refresh. I know it’s not my internet because we just upgraded it to a faster speed and out of all the apps on my phone and TV this is the only one that needs to be refreshed. Lastly, episodes. Episodes on phones can only be watched two at a time. Then you have to go to the series list for the next two episodes, which is inconvenient because of the loading issue mentioned above. I love the shows on this app, but really not worth all the bugs and issues..Version: 7.13

Ads, ads, blank screens, and more adsWorked perfectly fine until a few weeks ago. I’ve been binging a show for about a month (at least I was until this app stopped working) and it worked well up until it started only playing ads instead of the show, and whenever the ads finished it would “play” but the screen would be blank and trio out until it was replaced by more ads that were even longer. I’ve redownloaded, updated, and restarted the app on my phone countless times but it still has not decided to work. Also even if the show plays for a few minutes, it never starts out where I left off and if you try to skip ahead then it shoots you back to the beginning with more ads and bugs out again. Watching it works fine on my computer, don’t have a clue what decided to happen to the phone app recently. Hoping they fix this issue soon. Oh also, there’s no sound… Unless it’s for ads.Version: 7.50

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