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AeroWeather Pro App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

AeroWeather Pro app received 80 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using AeroWeather Pro? Can you share your negative thoughts about aeroweather pro?

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AeroWeather Pro for Negative User Reviews

Apple Watch App doesn’t work wellApp works great on the phone. I purchased the app so it would work on my Apple Watch. Unfortunately the watch app stays wildly out of date and hardly ever shows live information from phone. It gets stuck in the past (sometimes by several hours) and takes forever to update, which means you can’t rely on the watch app at all. I hope they fix soon because I paid for it and it has big potential!.Version: 2.6

More TAFsNeed to add a lot more Australian stations. Def more Australian TAFs required!!.Version: 2.8.3

Do not work at all since the last update !Do not work at all since the last update ! I have losted all the airports stored. I can’t use the app anymore !.Version: 2.3

MrA useless app. A waste of money. No, or VERY slow data. Sometimes no data displays, other times TAFs but no METARS. Can't even get consistent TAFs for my home city..Version: 1.7

Need options to edit widgetWith the widget only showing UTC and having no options to change other than which weather station it is displaying it is hard to justify paying a subscription for a widget. The old widget at least showed a number of minutes showing how old the forecast was and didn’t have a background color that stood out..Version: 3.1.3

Not what it used to beUsed to be great when you had the metal/taf widget working. It stopped with IOS14 and you now require a subscription. Pretty disappointing..Version: 3.0.2

Not Practical at All...!!!Why doesn’t the app just auto refresh? Is it to hard to program it to auto refresh every 10 mins or so? Whenever I open the app, all the MERARs are always 167 mins old. The “pull down to refresh” doesn’t work at all. And the METARs on the widget are always old, and no button to refresh, so what’s the point of having a widget? I never see the latest data..Version: 2.3.1

Have a subscription but none of the features promisedI purchased the 1 year subscription for captain. I still don’t have access to the features that the subscription is supposed to come with. I emailed support multiple times with screenshots of my subscription and have never heard back. I tried restarting the app, deleting the app and reinstalling, and restarting the iPad. No luck with any. Will be requesting a refund..Version: 3.0.2

Can Be Improved for Australian UsersAs an Australian user of this App its ok. It is primarily designed for the USA and other European users. Case in point I have selected in Victoria, Melbourne, Moorabbin, Essendon, East Sale and Avalon. I can only get information on Melbourne and Avalon. East Sale is a RAAF base and there is no listing for West Sale which is the civilian airport out there. The developers of this App can improve it mightily if the get coverage of ALL the airports in Australia. Having TTF’s and TAF’s for every airport and location that is covered by Air Services Australia (NAIPS Locations) then you guys will have an outstanding App. Hope you get onto this soon..Version: 1.5.1

No data availableNice idea for an app, especially the plain English decoding. Unfortunately coverage seems poor. Important airports in Sydney (YSBK & YSCN) have no data available, despite the data being available in other apps..Version: 1.4.8

Problem connectionFor Canadian pilot metar don’t upload!.Version: 3.0.2

Used to be GreatUpgraded to Pro two years ago after using the basic app for years. This used to be a simple, easy and succinct app. As they have upgraded it they have added ads and in app purchases - now with subscriptions. It’s now another greedy app demanding more $$ just for simple functions. Don’t waste your time on this one. I’m really disappointed in the evolution of this once solid flying app..Version: 2.6.1

Too expensive for what's included in AustraliaHas everything required to be a great app, but missing many Australian TAFs of non international airports. Has no NOTAMS either. Pretty poor coverage and unlikely to be used much unless improved..Version: 2.7.6

Not For Canadian Pilots!Do not upgrade from pro to the captain or first officer subscription as a Canadian pilot. It provides no extra relevant information..Version: 3.0

I’m losing trust in this app.I’m slowly losing my faith in this app. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that amended TAFs can take a few hours to update after they’re released and SPECIs many times are also taking a while to show, with previous METAR data showing instead of a SPECI for up to 30min after it’s been released. I’m using the app in Canada. Hoping this can be resolved. I’ve been using this app for a few years now and have loved it, but now I don’t trust it as much as I used to..Version: 2.2

Declining valueNew upgrades are terrible. Data randomly refuse to update. Customer support refuses to reply to questions. Used to be good before they focused more on milking more money from the Pro customers with subscriptions..Version: 3.0.1

Unable to have Canadian metarUnable to get the Canada’s Metar.Version: 2.2.1

Everything now a subscriptionPaid for the app in full had widgets working, now they are a paid add on. Perhaps value early adopters and leave their app fully featured very poor form..Version: 3.0

Good and less goodI have been using AeroWeather since 2010 and I was very satisfied with the app. However, 6 months ago I started to pay for some options on the app and since then I don’t have an historical view of the METAR like I used too. I contacted the developer many times, but they never fixed it. I am not the only user impacted by this problem since I have seen this problem on my students phone as well. Very disappointed to pay for something not efficient..Version: 2.9.4

METAR History Not WorkingStill can’t get 12 hours worth of METAR history..Version: 2.4.2

BEWARE APPLE WATCH USERSThis app does not function properly on the Apple Watch. I specifically bought this app to have as a complication on my Apple Watch and the nearest function does not work (even though it is there) so you would have to manually input which airport you want the METAR for wherever you’re at. This kind of defeats the purpose. As others have said, I have ForeFlight for weather anyway, I specifically bought to have as a phone app. Even worse there’s no receipt provided by apple so I can’t even get even get a refund through the App Store..Version: 3.1.1

No TAFUsed to be a great program, now it rarely shows TAF information for airports where it is available (Australia)..Version: 2.3.1

NotamsThis app is great, but I wish the notams were updated more frequently. Especially, runway condition reports.Version: 2.2

ReviewNot worth the money..Stick to the Lite version, does the same job..Version: 1.4.1

Garbage now... everything disappears randomlyYou broke it with this update... has nothing to display everything is blank.Version: 2.0.1

Critical update needed!I am a professional pilot that has been regularly using AeroWeather for the past 5 years. One of the greatest strengths of the app is the ability to load the WX/Notams etc for all of your airports when you land and have cell coverage - then when you are at altitude (I regularly fly 4-5hr legs) you can pull up the app and easily review what the weather was before you left and look over NOTAMS. This no longer works on my work phone that has been updated to iOS 14.3. If you turn off your screen or are away from the app for more than a few minutes (and don’t have internet), the next time you open the app all of the previously loaded info will be BLANK. On my personal phone which has not been updated to iOS 14, this still works fine and I can view all of the previously loaded data at anytime regardless of internet connection. Please fix this so AeroWeather can continue to be a pilots best friend :).Version: 3.1.1

Can’t restore subscriptionLong time user and I’ve been subscribed for about 6 months. Recently changed phones and tried to restore purchase. My subscription didn’t restore and I have tried everything, even upgrading to see if perhaps I will regain paid features. Nothing works. I have emailed support and no response. Seems like most users don't hear back for months. I am disappointed with this app and will attempt to get a refund and use the lite version..Version: 3.0.3

No Canadian CRFIWould rate higher but this app doesn’t provide Canadian CRFI or RSC reports. This is pretty critical in my opinion when it comes to airport analysis. Add this and I’ll rate higher..Version: 2.1

Rip offForcing a long time payed customer to subscribe for a damn widget is unacceptable.Version: 3.0.3

What’s gone wrong?As a professional pilot this has been my go to weather app for years. It would update with one finger swipe in seconds and was totally reliable. Now, more often than not, it won’t load or takes an age in doing so if it does. Please sort it out or I will, very regrettably, have to go elsewhere as I can no longer count on it when I need it most. Please lose the adverts as well - I don’t pay good money for an app to have adverts popping up when what I desperately want to see is the latest weather!.Version: 2.3.1

LimitedThis only covers major airports in Australia - not much use to anyone other than those flying commercial aircraft..Version: 2.1

Aero weather proGreat program if only it showed the weather. I could not get it to show any NZ weathers..Version: 1.2.1

Latest update includes additional monetisationAeroWeather Pro has been the go-to app for TAF/METAR for years; I guess the devs need to make the app more profitable but the new business model may put many off. This update contains micro-transactions that charge for functionality previously available within the cost of the app. For example, helpful widgets that display TAF/METARs are now only available for a subscription cost. The use of widgets was previously included within the AeroWeather cost. Others comments have been met with a Dev response saying that old widgets are still available but iOS14 has removed that option. It’s still a fantastic app but being asked to subscribe to something you already paid for will leave a sour taste for many..Version: 3.0.3

Recent update makes you pay extra for the meteogramThis is a very good app, and I’ve been using it for years. I paid for the pro version to get rid of ads a few years ago. Then they added some extra features that require a subscription. That wasn’t a huge deal since we didn’t lose anything... Until recently. I had the meteogram widget and after a recent update I need to pay extra (on top of the pro app) to use it. Really disappointed they took away a feature and are now trying to get me to pay a subscription to get it back. I will continue using the app without the subscription, but I don’t like where it’s heading..Version: 2.7.5

Used to be great NOW rubbish....Bought the Lite version, loved it so bought the Pro version. This worked amazingly for the last year BUT now unless you have WiFi it won’t load. A great 4G connection is no good - why on earth didn’t you test this. App deleted and now using your main competitor. As a pilot getting accurate & up to date weather is too important to be messed about by this shoddy regression in your product. Real shame as every pilot I know is doing the same.........Version: 2.2.1

Still suffering regressive issuesSearch bar regularly obscures search result. Now having issue where all stations disappear, can’t search for any, and the database update says up to date however doesn’t show a database. App is great when it works, but so many issues at the moment..Version: 2.7.3

Really unhappy with latest updateCan’t email support as apparently I don’t have an email account set up on my iPhone?? Have purchased the Captain subscription but it does not sync across devices. On my second device it just says ‘you have already purchased this’ but it does not give me any if the features. Hopefully support is reading reviews and will do something about the fact that they have introduced a new paid for feature which does not work across devices and their is no support feature in the app if you don’t use Apple Mail. Please, if you are going to introduce a paid for feature, at least make sure it works before taking people’s money......Version: 3.0

Used to be goodSince the last update, all saved stations disappear each time you go out of the app. Used to be a very good and functional tool that I used all the time! This is frustrating. Please send out a new fix!!.Version: 3.1.5

Useless new widgetsThe new updated widgets are terrible. I used to be able to see the whole TAF on the old ones and the new formats don’t show the whole TAF. Downgrade!.Version: 3.0

App totally unusable after updateRecent update wiped all of my settings and saved airports. It also now can’t find my location or nearby airports, even though location services are on. And I can’t add airports. So it just completely doesn’t work any longer. I have the “ captain” version..Version: 3.1.5

App and support are deterioratingI am a long time app user, having purchased the Pro version years ago. I also purchased cloud sync and subscribed a few years back. This summer, the D-ATIS update started my issues. I sought support, but received no response for 5 months. When the Captain subscription became available, I decided to give it a shot in case it would help fix the issues with the app not working, but to no avail. Now I can’t access the features I paid for, and cloud sync stopped working. I have requested support multiple times, but my support requests are going unanswered. I wish the developer would have kept the core app working like it used to. All these added bells and whistles have only lead to a worse app. I am about to give up and move on. I’d recommend not purchasing this app until the developer gets it working properly. He’s taken my money, and all I ask is to receive what I paid for..Version: 3.0.3

Needs work on the iPadThe iPad version needs attention as it doesn’t display the information it should like METAR history and sometimes TAF information even though the iPhone displays correctly..Version: 2.1

Don't buy cloud sync option - it doesn't workI purchased cloud sync in-app extra on an iPhone but 8 am unable to restore this purchase on an iPad. So I have one device with it enabled, which by definition is useless. I'm sync 1 device with itself! I've emailed tech support twice with the issue but 8 have had no response. Generally it is a useful app but it's human nature to remember the bad bits and paying for something that doesn't work always tends to tarnish the user experience..Version: 3.2

Updates via WiFi okay, mobile data no good!!Weather updates using Mobil data doesn’t always (more often than not) allow an update! WiFi is okay. App is allowed to use data (selected in setting) so it’s not that!!! Otherwise a great app but this bug is letting the app down, big time!!!!.Version: 2.3.1

A shameUsed to be my go-to app for weather - I am a private pilot but also used it for general forecasts. It stopped loading using cellular, would only work on wifi so became useless when out and about (flying). Wrote to the developer and was fobbed off and told to change my settings. It still doesn’t work on my iphone. Cannot recommend..Version: 2.4.1

Canadian cities do not loadI have been using this app for years and loved it. However just recently it stoped working for all Canadian airports. This app is no longer useful to me if it doesn’t load both Canadian and US airports :(.Version: 2.2.1

IWatch integration issueWhen displaying aeroweather pro as a complication, it does not update. You have to actually launch the app on your watch and force touch it to refresh the data in the app. Even after the data is refreshed, the info displayed on the complication is wrong (old). Doesn't work that great on iWatch. Great on iPhone, but I use foreflight on my phone so....Version: 2.6

Airport list is emptyWith recent update the airport list does not populate or load even though a variety of airports are loaded in. Unable to re-add airports to fix the issue.Version: 2.1

Slow and terrible appI purchased this app 2 years ago when this app was a good one. Now it is really slow to update metar (up to 8 minutes...)!! The new widget (subscription required) is really terrible you can’t see the entire metar/taf so i’m gonna end my subscription..Version: 3.0.3

Useless watch face complication.I purchased this specifically so that I could have up to date weather from my local airport on my watch face. Unfortunately it does not seem to update all the time and it’s usually a couple hours behind so I end up having to look it up or mess with the app. Would not recommend..Version: 2.9

Apple Watch doesn’t workEver since they updated this app a few versions ago it stopped working with the Apple Watch. This is one of the main reasons why I paid for the app. I am now left with an app which essentially does the same as the Lite/Free version and doesn’t do what I want or what they advertise. Therefore I am now left feeling very let down by the developer as I was expecting that they would have fixed this issue well before now..Version: 2.7.5

In-app Purchases don’t workUpgraded to AeroWeather Pro from the Lite edition and also purchased the Captain Subscription only to find it won’t sync my subscription across my iPhone and iPad. Looks like I am not the only one with this problem. Tried contacting developer via their website Support form but no response 😡 Fix it....Version: 3.0.3

Can’t get METAR history any moreI used to get up to 12 obs per station, and the option is still there in settings. Currently I’m just getting the current observation. I’m using a new iPhone 11 with the current operating system, iOS 13.1.2.Version: 2.7.5

Use to be so much moreStation update reliability has really gone downhill over the last year of so. As a long term user I’ve kept the faith in the app but it’s becoming more and more unusable. The wait while on WIFI for the latest weather to refresh is terrible. Please look into this and correct it ASAP!.Version: 2.2.1

Please add more Australian airportsBest app just needs all the Australian airports! Also needs sig and signet charts etc.Version: 2.5

New Version doesn't work with Apple WatchThe app worked great with my watch before the update, now I can't get it to work. Finally after uninstalling and reinstalling several times got it to display new airports. I drained the battery down on my watch to zero then recharged it. Now it won't display the airports again. I hope with these "Big Changes" they fix the problem. When it works I love it, until then low rating..Version: 1.9.9

HorribleI paid for the pro version of this app years ago, and the entire time the watch complication has been a buggy mess. As other reviewers have noted the complication doesn’t show anything when you first install it, and requires some magical combination of force touch and hacks to get it to finally display the weather. Sometimes it won’t display anything for day until it decides to start showing weather. To make matters worse the developer, instead of fixing bugs, has now rolled out additional features that require an in app purchase (even if you already paid for the “pro” version). Maybe it’s time to fix problems instead of coming up with ways to scam more cash from your users..Version: 2.6.2

Fix this pleaseWhat’s happened??? Please can you solve the download issues when accessing through 4G! I can access via WiFi OK but over the last couple of weeks I cannot access via my phone service. I am using EE and noted the comment about an EE issue. I have contacted EE several times and also visited the EE outlet shops and all have assured me that no data filtering is active on my account. I have paid for this app, and up until recently it has worked OK. Whatever you have done to break it - please fix it! As it stands, this App is useless, so any one thinking about buying it - don’t!.Version: 2.3.1

Poor businessI have been with this app as a pro for years. I updated my cell to iOS 14 and now it does load.. I am not paying for a subscription. Where’s the loyalty to your long time customers. Sad that we don’t get grandfathered in on the cost or get free access to the subscription as we supported you in the past and now it’s going to keep costing us more!?.Version: 3.0.2

Used to be amazing. Now uselessI’ve been using this app for years. It was brilliant but since they updated it a few months ago it has become rubbish. Every so often it just stops updating the weather. Today it won’t even acknowledge that airports as a whole exist. Well done ruining your app..Version: 2.1

CAPTAIN upgradeLove(d) this app. Been using it for years. BUT, not so much now. Upgraded to Captain subscription and haven’t got to use any of the products available only in Captain because the app says I don’t have a subscription. But the charge and documentation says I have a subscription to Captain. $5.00 so not out much $$ but it doesn’t work as advertised. Tried to contact vendor to no avail. Do not waste you money on Captain subscription..Version: 3.0.3

Disappointed Pro SubscriberI purchased this app after seeing it recommended online. I wanted to build a dedicated Apple Watch face for flying. Having the METAR on my wrist was an awesome selling point. I’ve now been using the complication and realize how buggy it is. The complication NEVER updates on its own. It takes HOURS for the actual airport data to update on the Watch (not the complication, the actual app data). I have to constantly go into the Watch app, refresh the airport data (which loads the current info) and then re-set the airport as a complication (which loads the new data on the watch face). What a mess!! I’ve seen others have had Watch issues for years and the developer has ignored them. I don’t need a METAR app — most of us have ForeFlight for that. I needed a METAR Watch app and I’m super disappointed I spent ~$6 on it..Version: 2.9

Not for use in Australia!!!This app is next to useless, which is a real shame since the interface looks good and it promises great features. However, it fails to provide data for most of the airports I fly to, both in Victoria and in Queensland. Until this is remedied, I think this app should not be available for sale on the Australian iTunes Store due to false advertising..Version: 1.4.9

Money grabbersI bought the pro version years ago before the developers decided to switch to subscriptions. With every update the function of the non subscription pro version becomes less and less. Widgets used to work on pro version, now a subscription required. I’ve already paid for the pro version for functions that used to work, now you want me to pay again. Pay twice!! Forget it. This is just pure greed. App deleted, I’ll be using the “Airports” app from now on..Version: 3.1.2

App now has no dataSince the last update all saved airports and data are gone. And I can no longer find ANY airports to get weather. Not even KLGA. Please fix..Version: 3.1.5

Why change the App?Version 2 is dreadful, specifically designed to generate extra revenue for the developer and completely lost the clean & simple app that worked perfectly before. Now I need to look for a replacement. Change isn’t always a good thing as v2 proves. Update: the app rarely loads data over 3G or 4G. It really has become almost useless.Version: 2.2.1

Great app, but new data latencyI love your app, the UI is very easy to use and well organized but I find it takes too long to get updated METARs and TAFs. At times it takes 15-30 minutes to get the updated weather info when it’s already available on Nav Canada’s website. Is this an API limitation or is it possible to view new data faster in the app?.Version: 2.7.6

Expensive and Buggy since last updateIPad update has removed all airports on New Stations list despite having 7 stations showing when you open it there’s nothing. Also subscription rate is expensive..Version: 3.1.5

AustraliaMore Aussie TAFs required then it would be 5 stars.Version: 2.8.3

3 weeks and still no replyReviewed earlier. I’ve sent a multitude of requests for support over 3 methods. To date not a single word from the developer. They still have my money from the paid subscription and I still have NO access to the subscription. Stay away. Used to be a respectable App, now they are just another App that takes money and gives nothing..Version: 3.1.1

Won’t load Apple Watch complicationThis app used to work fine and load the latest data on my Series 2 Apple Watch as soon as said data changed. Since the latest app update the Watch complication will not reload after the first download of the day. Useless! Please sort this out sharpish..Version: 2.5.1

Taf loadingI’ve been using this app for quite a while with no problems, and then suddenly it won’t load taf’s for some airports, so I find myself using other ways. Unless this is put right, not really worth having..Version: 2.3.1

This app is greedy do not getI am all for this app adding features to make money. But I am not for when they take away features after you purchased their pro version of this app. The weather data use to be available on the today page I completed an app upgrade and that option is gone. It looks like I have to pay for it. This was included as an option on the pro version, which is why I purchased this app. Very frustrating. Greedy to take things away once offered and now make you pay for it..Version: 3.1.1

One important fix requiredThis is a great app in all respects. However one really annoying thing is when using the Apple Watch the data for my saved station (YSSY) constantly requires a manual update to show the latest METAR. Manually updating the METAR requires 5 presses on the watch in order for you to be able to get to the force touch screen and press ‘Refresh’. PLEASE code the app so as the Refresh button can be enabled directly from the current METAR screen!! Otherwise an excellent app. Thank you..Version: 2.8

Australian improvements neededPlease add more Australian airports..Version: 3.0.2

Often doesn’t updateThe complications on Apple Watch often do not update, despite opening the app on my iPhone. I’ve tried so many thing and it seems very random when the complications finally do update. Frustrating.Version: 2.9.1

Slow to update, Apple Watch app uselessInformation takes 15-30min to update when it is already readily available on AWWS. Apple Watch app only updates when it wants to and it’s largely unreliable..Version: 2.9.4

Broken. Customer “support” nonexistentAs others have said, this paid for app no longer works on mobile data. (Using IPhone X in my case). This has now been ongoing for months. Contacted customer support and in common with others zero response forthcoming. Since I paid for this app I regard this as ta tantamount to FRAUD. I am now using the StationWX app instead..Version: 2.3.1

Used to be great, now completely uselessI’ve used this app for several years and it was fantastic, however in the last few months it no longer updates via mobile data and needs a WiFi connection. It seems that all other users are having the same issue. I fly every day, and seeing that this app can’t fulfil its only function: displaying TAFS and METARs when you’re on the move, I will be looking else where for an app that actually works!!!! Don’t waste your time.Version: 2.2.1

Subscription serviceYour reply is not factual. Following the introduction of the subscription service, the widget indicated a subscription was necessary. I sent you an email indicating my frustration with your subscription update. As a result, you did an update yesterday making a widget available without having to subscribe..Version: 3.0.1

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