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TouchTunes: Control Bar Music App User Positive Comments 2024

TouchTunes: Control Bar Music app received 72 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about touchtunes: control bar music?

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TouchTunes: Control Bar Music for Positive User Reviews

Steals your moneyThe first time it happened I thought maybe we just didn’t notice the songs playing, but last night I know they didn’t. Several times we have paid to play 3-4 songs in a row and not a single one EVER played. No texts saying our selected song was playing either. We verified the correct bar was selected too. After these few credits we have left are gone we’ll be deleting this app and just putting our $ in the machine. Wonder how many times we’ve been ripped of and didn’t notice..Version: 3.18.3

Skip option causing more arguments at bars.As a bartender your main goal of the night is to have everyone relaxing and enjoying their drink, having a good time. Every once a while a dispute may arise, but very rarely. When then app came out, it was great! The convenience of not having to go stand their picking out songs or having to mess with money! Now, with this Skip option, more & more arguments are stirring, people are mad, upset & either leave, or argue with me or other patrons because they didn’t get what they paid for. It gets to the point where I have to turn the jukebox off, in order to stop the argument. No one wants to hang out in a bar with a bad or negative atmosphere, and this Skip option is causing just that..Version: 3.15.0

Get with itI should be able to pay more and cut peoples songs off..Version: 3.33.1

They take credits and don’t play your songI never write a review but I just played a song and never heard it. Then one of the bartenders where I’m at did the same thing but she had a number to call since she works there.... she didn’t give me the number to call but told me it happens all the time. After witnessing this I will never use TouchTunes again. I’ve always wondered why some of my songs weren’t played and now I know why. This is B.S. I did get my credits returned but only because someone that has their number called to complain. I’m sure this has happened to me before. It’s unfortunate but I hope this helps. I won’t be using this app ever again..Version: 3.16.1

Fantastic idea !Such a great idea! So easy to save load and play! This is the now!.Version: 3.19.0

AwesomeLove the sound, endless choices and the crowd it brings.Version: 3.34.0

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 3.28.0

My account was removed. What’s up with that?Recently I noticed I was logged out of my account and now it says my email does not exist so I am unable to access my account. I someone able to assist? Other that this I loved using your app..Version: 3.41.0

Rock onDing ding.Version: 3.43.0

I guess I have to play Taylor’s mean againHands down the best way to appreciate the public spectacle of me and my music loving bipolar girlfriend breaking up and getting back together over a jukebox five nights a week. It will consume as much money as a drug habit if you let it. Also god help you if you’ve got credits left and you didn’t lock your phone before putting it away, you will come back to 30 paid plays you’ve never heard of. My third most played song I don’t even recognize, when I contacted tech support about it they gave me 4 credits back. Thanks TouchTunes, for helping destroy my life and bank account..Version: 3.19.1

Everywhere CreditsNot popular in our venue cheaper to pay with cash and it used to be a better deal on here 😡.Version: 3.28.2

Generates a great feelingI enjoy playing music for the pub. Everyone seems to love the music I play. I also love the music I play. It’s so convenient to use my phone to play stuff and get extra credits buying through the app. And I just wish there were more one credit songs..Version: 3.40.0

Doesn’t updateThe jukebox has songs on it that aren’t available on the app. I contacted the help via the app and was told it updates daily. It isn’t but I wasn’t given a satisfactory reason. Better off putting cash in the machine for now 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 3.19.2

Video access to monitor.Video access to monitor availability to Main 88 Hagersville ON.Version: 3.45.0

Anywhere credits not worth it.When you guys made the change to anywhere credits, I thought it was a great idea. However, changing the price so you only get half the songs at the same price is a scam. I’m a manager at multiple restaurants, and I used the app faithfully. Since the change to anywhere credits, I have not used this app, and several of my employees have stopped using the app as well. Please either change the prices of anywhere credits or return to check in only credits..Version: 3.18.3

Convenient appEdited review, customer service got in touch and refunded the credits, since then have had no problems it’s a great little app. The only criticisms I would make would be to allow fast pass as a paid for extra, and to try to get more music on there from lesser known artists..Version: 3.28.7

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 3.43.0

Easy to useOnly downside is your credits are linked individually to a jukebox so don’t transfer between pubs.Version: 3.16.1

App doesn’t workFirst off, I found that it had deleted about 20 of my credits after 4 months of non-use. That is thieving, plain and simple. Second, when trying to buy more, it does nothing. I select Apple Pay and all it does is return to the credit screen. I select CC and put in the information, select save, and again nothing happens. It doesn’t even save the info I just typed in. And dumps me back to the credit screen which still shows only 1 useless credit. I don’t use PayPal, so don’t bother pushing that. I even deleted and reloaded the app from the store, and it still does nothing. It did let me select where I wanted to play a song, but that was all. It won’t let me buy credits which makes it totally useless. I don’t get thrills just be able to see what others are playing..Version: 3.28.6

So desperateI was desperate And then you came to my aid Thank you God help you.Version: 3.32.0

Awesome service at the BedfordGreat way to get your tunes 5star brings you close together great app.Version: 3.19.6

YyyyyeerrI like touch tunes because I can play Scatman at a bar that I’m not currently at so everyone can enjoy scatman as much as I do.Version: 3.34.1

Fun wherever I goLove that it remembers my favourite haunts and works in USA & Canada..Version: 3.44.0

Please fix the refreshAvid user. Love the app. Would like to be able to scroll/browse “recent plays” without it resetting constantly. I’ll be trying to remember what I played last and what I want to play next but I scroll past three songs and it refreshes back to beginning of the ticker. Every time. Stop please. Just let me scroll through my whole “recently played” list… refresh everything else if you have to but not the list I’m looking through… while I’m looking through it..Version: 3.34.0

Easy sitting drinking appDrink sit and put on the tunes. Free credits the more you put on.Version: 3.19.6

Yaaaaa111577Xdnanna.Version: 3.23.0

Great serviceMusic is great for all ages.Version: 3.28.6

Simply the bestThis app is fantastic, imaginative selections can be made and nobody knows its you. Amazing..Version: 3.20.0

PerfectWhat a lazy but exciting way to listen to the music you love drawllim.Version: 3.31.0

Love it!Makes a visit the pub worthwhile!.Version: 3.19.2

Great AppFantastic app for the music in the pub.Version: 3.32.3

These weird timesEspecially during these weird times this is a great app so you don’t have to touch the juke box..Version: 3.26.0

Cool idea, confusing app designBeen using touch tunes since 2008. The app layout is very confusing. To the left where their should be your profile icon, there’s a menu icon that’s for both settings & your profile. Your profile is listed up top & then settings & activity underneath, this should be separated by having two sub menus. One for your profile & one for the settings. In the middle you have the venue which if selected brings you to the venue’s screen, the confusing part here is that instead of having a back bottom to the left, there’s a help bottom instead. You have to select the venue under the map to go back. That makes no sense. You get a bunch of other people’s or the venue’s playlists under what’a playing now when it should give you an option to sync your iTunes/Apple music or other streaming service’s playlist so it can find what songs are available on touch tunes & let you create a playlist with those songs..Version: 3.41.0

One of my favorite appsI love, love, love this app! It’s so cool to be the bar’s anonymous DJ! I’ve been using this app for more than five years. I wish more bars/restaurants/clubs had these machines and associated apps. So great! I would recommend a couple of improvements: - For the love of God, let us use credits across venues. Not doing so seems actually kind of dishonest and greedy. - Have a more complete library across the board. You have TONS of songs, but not all venues have access to those songs. Maybe that’s on the venues. I don’t know. - Make it more difficult for staff to just skip your songs because they think it’s on autoplay. I’ve seriously gotten in arguments with staff and managers, trying to convince them I requested certain songs. Somehow make it way more apparent when a customer has requested/paid for a song. - Keep being awesome! It’s a really good, fun app with great functionality! Please take these suggestions into account. I know for a fact I’ve spend thousands of dollars on this app, so please consider them..Version: 3.15.3

Credits anywhere?When you buy credits, is it only for the premises you’re in or for any premises with the jukebox? Seems to work ok so far, hence only 3 stars as it’s early days.Version: 3.16.1

Brilliant love itThe app we have all been waiting for.Version: 3.24.1

Love itThis is so neat.Version: 3.20.1

It’s okI was a little diapppinted the it took at lest 2 plays to play a single songs that’s more than $2 a song. I’m use to 5 songs for a buck or even a song a quarter. A cool app but expensive. Often the app would ofter me a play next song for double the cost when nothing was even playing next. App needs a lot of work. But hey if you can make a little money on some folks in a bar that have had a little to drink and wanna hear some music and still sleep at night, that’s between you, them, and Jeaus. welcome to America !.Version: 3.19.6

COVID 19 restrictionsWith COVID restrictions it’s invaluable to be able to use the jukebox without having to move around.Version: 3.28.0

I was irritated as well - they have great supportSo apparently I purchased credits to a place I have never been because I thought that the credits could be used anywhere. Finding out moments later, when you want to hear a song, that you can’t spend those credits is very frustrating. Then I get an email stating the credits were going to expire - oh man, now I am furious... So I finally emailed/chatted with customer support. Let me tell you, surprisingly they did not disappoint. They put the credits back into my account, and made them universal wherever I go. Thanks guys. You turned a 1-star review into much more..Version: 3.12.4

KirkIt good I lik musulmán.Version: 3.44.0

Gives a chance to play your fav songsUsually at restaurants they play there own music, not usually my style (my style isn’t weird) so this app gives me a chance to play a few of my favorite songs. The app also is also very fast running, most of the time. The only problem with it is it takes a long time to play my songs but it’s not really the apps fault, it’s just because a lot of people use it so when you pick you songs it takes a long time to play but it’s really nobody’s fault. Everybody wants to play their own songs.👍😊.Version: 3.39.0

MalcolmMalcolm is sooo good looking that he gave me a glance and I think I might be pregnant now.Version: 3.23.0

Love it.Playing my favourite tunes in the pub..Version: 3.26.0

Took my creditsPaid for them. Apparently you can pay and they expire. Sorry I don’t hang out in a bar every day. Sorry if when I go to the bar there are more songs playing than I have time to stay for and I’m not paying double to jump the line. I can see how TouchTunes profits do well from these tactics. All I can do more is warn everyone I talk to about something that I can only describe as a scam. Easier to have my account deleted than to get back what I paid for. Thanks for the rip off. Didn’t even notify me that there was a rush to use the credits. Just took them with no refund..Version: 3.34.0

App crashedI’m trying to bring up locations and it keeps telling me to retry please fix this asap!!!!!.Version: 3.41.0

Needs more songsPlease add more songs, everytime I come to put a song, it’s not there….Version: 3.28.6

KenThis is a great app.Version: 3.18.3

A ripoffThe website is so unclear and tricky that I kept trying to play a song and it never said that it was in line to play so I thought it wasn’t working properly and I used up all my money to apparently pay a sing 12 times! 20 min later it hasn’t even played yet and they took away all of my credit. Please give my credit back and make your website clear so it’s not extremely confusing and basically taking peoples money when they don’t understand what your app is doing. Thanks..Version: 3.28.7

GreatWow. Great app..Version: 3.28.6

Music selectionYou cant have artists like Taking back sunday and not have sink into me Or all or sharon jone or charles bradley.Version: 3.28.6

Where did my credits go?!?🤬Love the app but it’s not cool that the credits disappear after x amount of time. I usually use it in a bar, not an accounting office, so don’t feel like keeping track of when I bought them. Just today I found my account empty, not to mention post Covid lockdown..Version: 3.36.1

Good but need Uk English and more songsGreat app to save getting to the machines. Only issue is hard to search for songs. Also need to have language options where I can choose Uk English. Be good to find music music for Spotify and Apple Music but the integration is limited..Version: 3.43.0

AwesomeLoved it.Version: 3.28.6

Epic toonageThis app gets on the tunes you want to hear, when you goddamn wanna hear them! Awesome!.Version: 3.41.0

Great way to pick musicLove the app.Version: 3.24.1

JukeboxSo easy to use.Version: 3.16.1

LanguageMusic is the universal language. I love this app because I am looking at my phone like everyone else in the world does. I can stay seated near friends and play or excuse myself to the restroom and play discreetly. I avoid being at the jukebox and being accused of playing something and then being stereotyped. Sometimes someone else is playing a certain genre of music and it makes you think of songs in this same category and then I get to play one or two and we share the music and conversations ensue and friendships are born..Version: 3.26.0

Displeased heavilyDon’t like how the music can be filtered so that you can’t choose anything from a certain genre.Version: 3.42.1

JohnGood fun..Version: 3.41.0

Mostly fantasticThe fast pass feature get really really annoying. You pay for your songs. People keep bumping them back then the bar closes without you getting to hear your music. Even the poor bar tenders hate it. They get yelled at by people that wasted money. Other than that I really like not needing cash for the jukebox and most places offer a great selection. I understand everyone needs to make money so I get not eliminating the fast pass feature but it desperately needs to be modified.Version: 3.19.2

Best app everMenjou.Version: 3.20.1

WickedI love this app.Version: 3.28.4

Glitchy App, poor customer serviceSpent $10, started to select songs to play but they kept disappearing from the top of my screen. Only the first song played, and despite trying to select more songs, I kept getting a message that read “nothing playing here”. When I clicked “contact us”, I got an automated message on the chat screen, but it took 2 days for someone to actually reply to my message. And they gave me a whopping 2 credits, even though my songs never played..Version: 3.23.0

MusicLid approves the music.Version: 3.35.0

Top tunesLove the Xx app My wife works in the pub and when she’s quiet I put music on that she likes when I’m sat at home 👍😂.Version: 3.35.0

Why this is the best phone jukebox appNever fails, always works , never had a single issue, love this app LOVE IT!!.Version: 3.28.7

GreatGreat great.Version: 3.45.0

Not enough songs but does the jobNeed more song selection.Version: 3.23.0

Touchtunes app is awesome!Simply amazing! Love love love it! New version is even better! Syncs playlists with iTunes! :D haven't had to touch the juke in a while, but still playing tons of great music! My favorite app of all! There’s a couple bugs in experiencing, though. Scrolling through my recent plays, it jumps back to the beginning often and randomly. Also, many locations that are marked at 0 miles away show up way done the list of available locations to check in to..Version: 3.34.1

Amazing appGreat app, have not gotta leave my bar stool!!! I don’t think there’s not been a tune I have not been able to find 😎👌🏽.Version: 3.41.0

On the whole great but...Great idea, easy to use and great choice of songs but PayPal is only payment option. When can we pay with cards?? Otherwise would of given 5 stars.Version: 3.17.1

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