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Groundwire: VoIP SIP Softphone App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Groundwire: VoIP SIP Softphone app received 63 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Groundwire: VoIP SIP Softphone? Can you share your negative thoughts about groundwire: voip sip softphone?

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Groundwire: VoIP SIP Softphone for Negative User Reviews

Good app but lacks featuresI like this app, convenient and well organized but I wish there was an Apple Watch companion app in order to receive the notification of the incoming calls live, instead of a post-call missed call notification.Version: 3.8.23

BluetoothMassive issues with Bluetooth, comes in at all different volumes. I’ll put it to play through phone but then it’ll just randomly connect back to the car halfway through a conversation. If I’m playing music through the car when I answer it, sometimes the music will keep playing in the background..Version: 3.8.9

IPadWhy no love for the iPad? I would be nice if the app would at least rotate. Long time user - waiting a long time for a real iPad app..Version: 3.8.16

Doesn’t work with VOIP.MSI am a Bria user for year and it worked perfectly except for heavy battery drainage. Groundwork is perfect on battery with push notification— but, when I pick up incoming calls it drops registration after about 30s. If you are subscriber, be careful..Version: 3.1

No Apple Watch support!!!Disappointed to see that Apple Watch integration is limited to a simple notification indicating that the app is receiving a call. No way to answer the call, no caller id until the call has ended..Version: 3.8.46

Almost really goodThe app works really well. I've used it for pure SIP calls and calls terminating in the PSTN. Call quality is good. I've tried other apps, and Acrobit's software is by far the best available if you want to actually -answer- calls while the app is in the background. That said? ZRTP encryption is turned off by default for inbound calls. It's a hell of a hunt to turn it on, too. This is inexcusable. Outbound ZRTP isn't available at all unless you shell out another $25. You know what? That just means I'll do it from another app--a free one, like Linphone. So the outbound price is just stupid greed--I'd pay a couple of bucks for the convenience of including it, but for $25? It means nobody gets my money. The turned-off ZRTP for inbound calls, though, and the buried setting? What, only geeks deserve private calls? It's pretty lame..Version: 3.2.5

Slow to respond and dropped callsInitially I liked this app, esp. with the background calling alerts. However for the past month I keep getting EVERY incoming call dropped, on 3G or Wifi, and have not been able to resolve it with the developer after nearly 2 weeks of emails back and forth. I've dumped it for Bria, which is working out really well so far..Version: 1.7.1

April 9 update broke SIP accountsAfter the update on April 9 all my SIP accounts are gone. Deleting the app does not unregister their PUSH server from your SIP server so now you can’t even use another service. Completely unacceptable..Version: 3.8.31

Doesn’t work at all on cellEven after update. And now i have Nothing at all. I want my money back 3 weeks of hell now..Version: 3.8.1

Crashing since updateCan't use, no longer works?!?!?!.Version: 3.0.1

Last update broke itThe last update completely broke the app. Now if you receive call that not in your phone book, it only show incoming from NOT FOUND, not the phone number! This is dumb..Version: 3.8.4

QuickdialOne of the latest updates just erased my quickdial list. can someone look at this to prevent it to happen in next updates?.Version: 3.8.26

App erases ALL configuration!!!This has been a great software for years, but today all of a sudden it wiped out all my configuration, saved recording etc. What the heck!.Version: 3.8.31

Horrible New InterfaceThe new interface is horrible you can now only see 6 calls in the history at once compared to 14 before everything is way to spaced out and the font is way too big and now everything is capitalized. They still did not fix the tab bar either why are there lines on the top and bottom of it no other app does this..Version: 3.8.3

Used to be good now rubbishSomething has been changed on this app have had to have our support out several times - not connecting and now evertime my screen lock comes on the app closes - the settings apparently removed on the update to stop this. Working from home and I cannot use my phone for anything else as it closes app now. Working in sales I have missed calls and I'm fed up with it, it's draining my battery - I have to take the lock screen and change to never sleep to keep app running. VPN is always timing out and when I'm working you don't check your phone every 5 minutes to see if it's connected. In trouble with work have to just divert calls to my mobile now app is useless!.Version: 3.5.6

ProblematicSame issues as almost all iOS sip apps I've tried which is to say inconsistent network performance (regularly won't connect to the provider), dropped calls, amateur interface design (the keypad is just all over the place on my 6S Plus) and basically something you can never fully rely on. Disappointed. Refunded..Version: 3.5

Update the version to work with iOS 16.6It still works on my old iPhone with iOS 15.7.6 but doesn’t work on iOS 16.6 Will appreciate you patch the app..Version: 3.8.48

Favorites - Phone Type now missingIn the last update all of the phone types of my favorites are now not displayed. You use to see a contact and then at the bottom of the contact image it would show “home” or “mobile”, etc. Now it shows nothing and you have no idea what number you are dialing. PLEASE FIX!.Version: 3.8.4

Good AppIt’s a good app, calls are clear and the push feature is excellent but it can be a great app if the few seconds delay of a call connecting can be eliminated, it’s not instant and can be frustrating at times.Version: 3.8.11

Doesn’t let me set up my acc$9.99 full price. I try almost 1hr to set up my account and no one works for me. Look like has what i need but setting up account its not so friendly..Version: 3.6

EljackOnce I updated to to last update the contact name not showing, it showing just numbers comparing to the previous version.Version: 3.3

This app’s time has passed(Review removed due to discontinuation of Gizmo5 SIP service).Version: 3.8.8

Worst SIP app ever!Just purchased the app and naturally ignored the one 1 star rating stating that the app crashes on startup....well, the app crashes on startup 100% of the time. And the irony is that version 3.3.1 was supposedly stability improvements....I am open to revising my review once the app actually becomes usable, but as it stands it's worthless. Just checked the website and many links redirect to 404 pages, which is suspicious - Acrobits, are you in this business or getting out of it????.Version: 3.3.1

New bugHi It is very good app but recently (maybe after upgrade to iOS 12 or updating my app) I have 2 big problem 1) sudden disconnect while talking (without any network problem) 2) transfer not working at most time!.Version: 3.8.6

It won’t authenticateI purchased this app and tried to insert SIP credentials for the fly number PBXX but it load and says error. I need help.Version: 3.8.23

Latest update blew out all the settingsNot just my account was removed but all the favorites etc. As you well know, there’s no way to restore settings on an iPhone so now set an all out from scratch again after years of use?.Version: 3.8.31

Outdated UIThe app is functional but looks awful. It is stuck in time. I gave feedback many times via TestFlight but it does not go anywhere. This app has so much potential but as far as I see it is forgotten. The website shows screenshots of a dream because it definitely does not look anything like it is for iOS..Version: 3.8.37

Laggy push notifications and bad UIPush notifications are a bit laggy, I often loose calls due to caller hang up. Both the UI and the overall experience while using this app are pretty bad. I also experience a giant lag right after answering calls (probably waiting for the connection to establish). Too expensive for what it delivers..Version: 3.8

Decent app, but terrible usabilityGroundwire is one of the better VOIP apps out there with great features, low battery drain for incoming calls, and decent sound quality. However, with the latest major revision (v3.x) the app had taken a major step backwards in terms of usability, even though call quality has actually improved. The usability issues have made me switch to Bria as my primary app - hence 2 stars. The all dark theme is impossible to see and use outdoors. It's very hard to see (even indoors) if Mute is enabled. Basic call related information like call duration have been removed, or hidden away. Thin fonts with low contrast are hard to read. Overall the app needs a high contrast theme. Bluetooth headset usage is now very buggy - once you mute a call, the unmute doesn't work. DTMF tones are extremely unreliable - have to switch off the headset to reliably enter numbers on the keypad. It doesn't handle multiple (merged) iPhone address books well. You might select a person's cell phone to call, but Groundwire will actually call their work number etc..Version: 3.0.4

WajidHi guys ground wire not working with iPhone 5s just calls breaking not going through need a update ASAP.Version: 2.5.3

Poor multi-call managementThe app is mostly good, but it's poor at switching between multiple calls. The UI for switching between calls is buggy (and bad), and it frequently drops calls that have been put on hold..Version: 3.8.46

Don't UpdateNow!!!IT goes bad and shuts off.Version: 3.3

IOs7 update CRASHES!I'm kicking myself for updating this...the previous version-GREAT. This iOs7 update CRASHES. Pleas fix. iPh5S iOS 7.Version: 3.0.1

Beware , cant run in backgroundThis app cant run In background. you have to open the app to receive calls when screen is on, otherwise you wont receive any imcoming calls..Version: 3.8.21

3/5So three major things wrong. 1) My phone doesn't vibrate when it's on silent and a call comes through via SIP account. Not helpful when I get a notification that I missed a call because my phone didn't ring. 2) DND should be per account, not universal! 3) This app has the most awful ringtones I've ever heard!! Seriously, fix this garbage in the next release!.Version: 3.5.3

Good outgoing, unreliable incomingThis used to be one of the best apps that I have found for the iPhone. Some of its options are arcane but help is quick and useful. However, recent versions have become unreliable with incoming calls..Version: 3.8.30

Last update v1.9-crashesCrashes after last update, all sip accounts are wiped, gone: and it happened several times already., needed to re-enter again. Twice crashed and closes on star up... Good thing that I saved previuos ver 1.8 and reloaded it. PS: Here is question for Acrobits - Why it does not work on 3G but with NAT monthly subcription it works fine?.Version: 1.9

Bugs reported but never fixedReports several bugs to support and they have been acknowledged but never fixed….Version: 3.8.34

Constant issues with the quality of the phone callsThe quality of the phone calls are horrible! If you are working in the customer department this application will make your company look extremely bad and will create a negative impression to your clients..Version: 3.8.27

Ups n downsThis is a potentially great app, but it fails in some aspects. For use w/ Google Voice, the integration is poor. This update (v1.3 - iPhone 4) had my hopes up, but when connecting an outgoing GV call to Gizmo within Groundwire, I'll get up to 5 incoming connect calls. On these calls the keypad is useless, and only picks up maybe 1 out of every 4 keys pressed. The push settings could also be more user friendly. Hopeful for resolution..Version: 0

Good if you don’t mind using your ipad in portrait modeThe compatibility section lists the latest ipads - but what it doesn’t tell you is that it will not work in landscape mode. I want to use my ipad in either mode, but mainly landscape yet virtually all these softphone apps are stuck in portrait. Why??? Annoying that it cost a tenner to find out. Seems to work fine other than that..Version: 3.8.20

No supportBe aware that if you have any issues with the app, you are on your own, no support!.Version: 3.8.31

IphoneDoes not work - can get to work for a bit then just keeps dropping link..Version: 3.2.3

Used to work.This software used to work well, but the quality has declined a great deal. I started using Bria instead, and I now have a flawless phone system. Groundwire started causing audio problem that I think are related to memory usage, as I noticed that quitting programs fixed the problem. I am giving it two extra stars because it worked reasonably well for two years..Version: 3.2

I paid 20$ and still get ads!!They now show an icon for a totally different product, a wifi finder permanenty in the title bar! You can't hide it! If you tap it, they want to sell you a subscription! This is absolutely unacceptable for an expensive paid business app! And now they made the design worse by spacing out the list items so much fewer fit on the screen. This is a productivity-App, not a design piece!.Version: 3.8.4

No textThe app is ok but gets rated down as there is no text feature.Version: 3.8.22

Could be betterThe app performs well but it never shows me the number of who is calling it just says my name..Version: 3.8.42

Fraud fraud fraud 👎👎👎Does not work with 3g unless u buy monthly Nat Bridge Subscription. Thats a pure rip off. 👎👎👎.Version: 2.4

Doesn't work what so ever on my ip pbxWon't register. Says there errors all the time, all the information was imputed correctly but still doesn't work. There are other sip phone apps that work a 100% better and are cheaper. Waste of money....Version: 2.0.1

AVOID - harvests credentials and phones home with themMy VoIP provider keeps logs of connection attempts. The logs show the expected attempts from my own network... and several unexpected attempts from IP addresses used by Acrobits. The only way that could have happened is if the application surreptitiously harvested the credentials and phoned home with them. Such a privacy and security violation would be bad enough in a free app, but Groundwire isn't free. I paid cold hard cash for it and have an expectation of privacy. Looks like I'll be in the market for an alternative..Version: 3.8.34

Push notifications don’t workUseless app. Push notifications don’t work. If you have the app on infront of you, it will show a call coming in but if you lock the phone it doesn’t show push notifications. I was using Bria before and it was working fine. I don’t know why did I waste money on this app.Version: 3.8.30

Good app, but poor support and technical issuesThere is no question here that Groundwire is a fully functioning and feature rich app for all your VOIP needs. however be warned it takes support 2 to 3 weeks to respond if they do at all and the app has some serious intermittent technical issues such as SMS support suddenly not working or working sporadically and data mysteriously disappearing after updates.Version: 3.8.30

Your latest update removed all my accountsToday (Apr 9, 2022), the app was upgraded automatically and all my accounts were removed. The app was like newly installed. I couldn’t receive any call from my office and clients right now..Version: 3.8.31

IPad app?The app runs well on the iPad bit is looks like it is running some sort of compatibility mode on the iPad. Please scale it so that it uses the whole screen. The same could be said about the soft keyboard. I think the small iOS keyboard looks a little lost compared to the one the iPad provides. Thank you.Version: 3.8.30

Best softphone out there ***edit***Finally a soft-phone that doesn't drain your battery in 1 hour. But for the love of god!! Pleeeeaaase give us decent ringtones. ***edit***. After a few days, it turns out its not so great. The push notification doesn't always work answering a call takes so long most of the time incoming calls end up in the voicemail. Not business grade a all. Too bad. 😔.Version: 3.0.5

From 5 stars to 1 with this bad UI update!This app is still the best functioning with the most options and I had previously given 5 stars but it's usability took a step backwards with the V3.x update. They removed a lot of useful and vital information from the main call screen and put it under a separate menu. The fonts used for the numbers on the header are way too small and thin to see in the sunlight. It won't let you bold the font or increase the size. The new scaled text for 6+ is very poorly done, it expands the dial pad to very large numbers but makes the header even smaller than it was before. They need to go back to the way it was. This is one of those cases where there were NO improvements in the update only downgrades in usability and change just for change sake. Terrible!.Version: 3.2.5

Totally brokenI'm already tired submitting bug reports to these guys, because they never got fixed. Basically it does not work with - it takes like 10 attempts before it will be able to establish call. It becomes worse with every update, because it used to work fine..Version: 2.3

Upgrade cleared all my settingsFor something I use occasionally, entering everything again is not worth the time. Deleted..Version: 3.8.48

Needs work, not as good as SoftphonePeople on the other end are constantly complaining of choppy audio. It crashes frequently, one time it required a hard reset of my phone and when it booted back up all the sound settings for the iPhone 4 itself were set to Apple factory defaults. I also can't really see what this offers over their previous app Softphone. I can't use TCP with my Switchvox PBX so I am stuck using their push or proxy servers or running it in the background where it won't let the phone truly sleep. I am not keen on registering my phone to a third party server, especially one in a foreign country and when I have done it in the past I was almost immediately flooded with brute force attacks by various foreign IPs trying to register every possible extension to my PBX. So, using the "always on" option, my battery life is cut in half. I usually don't condone plugging another app when reviewing and while I have been a long time fan of Acrobits Softphone for as needed use and not letting it run all the time, I must however say that if you want an app to leave running all the time and make your iPhone truly act like an extension of your PBX just the same as a desk phone, I would pass on either Acrobits apps and go with Bria from Counterpath. Never had anyone complain about call quality, it works all the time without crashing or resetting other iPhone options and it doesn't drain my battery anywhere near as fast. Oh and it's less expensive too..Version: 0

Good app - but latest update killed connectionBeen using for over a year and it’s great. Latest update killed connection and now stuck in registering. No idea how to fix.Version: 5.9.67

Failed appWhere is the support? Multiple emails and logs sent and no response. App does not work with mobile data anymore when free competitor still does. Acrobits wake up.Version: 3.8

Still Crashes on latest iOSCome on Acrobits! Test your software on beta releases of iOS before Apple releases their update to the public. Groundwork STILL crashes on latest version of iOS. Please fix. I depend on Griundwire for my business line. Your latest update 3.3.2 still crashes. Get it fixed and fire your developers and testers along with whoever they report to because they aren't doing their jobs! Also, why is this app still not a universal app for both iPhone and iPad? Get it done already!.Version: 3.3.2

Accounts keep resetting 😣Great app but when there's a new version you loose all your account settings and waste a lifetime trying to get it work again... Soo annoying!.Version: 3.2

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